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Video taken from the channel: Mel Robbins

With pre-resolutions, there’s no need to save healthy changes for the new year. Are Resolutions Just Another Form of Procrastination? chevron_left PRE. New Year’s resolutions are infamously difficult to stick with long-term. In fact, more than half of us give up on our goals before January 31st arrives, one survey shows. This is where pre-resolutions, or resolutions you set right now instead of on January 1, can help.

Think of it as: “Do 1 Thing” — but every day, all the time, for the rest of your life. Make all your resolutions immediate. Maybe you just want to.

Procrastination is an automatic problem habit where you put off a timely and relevant activity until another day or time. This process normally starts with a perception that an upcoming activity. In a 2013 study, Dr. Pychyl and Dr.

Sirois found that procrastination can be understood as “the primacy of short-term mood repair. “Doesn’t reincarnation strike you as just another form of procrastination?” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby. Read more quotes from Chuck Palahniuk. Share this quote: Like Quote.

Recommend to friends. Friends Who Liked This Quote. To see what your friends thought of this quote, please sign up! 80 likes. Procrastination allows you to say to yourself, “It’s not that I’m incompetent, it’s just that I didn’t give it my best shot.”.

We are all guilty of procrastination at some point in our lives. We get caught up in other activities and put some of our most important ‘to-do’s’ on the back burner only to feel crappy about not acting on it earlier when it comes around to bite us on our lazy asses. Good thing for you we have a list of the 6 different types of procrastinators.

Give in to your desire to procrastinate, but instead of watching videos of kittens on YouTube, start another item on your to do list. By starting another item first, you’ve made the dreaded task a lower priority which (in theory) will make you dread it a lot less, and in the meantime, you’re still being productive. It’s a win-win.

3. We must fight procrastination to its core. And we can do this if we become more aware of ourselves and this bad habit called procrastination.

Only then can we succeed to crush it and reach our goals. 5 Types of Procrastination (And How to Fix Them) There’re mainly 5 common reasons why people procrastinate.

List of related literature:

Like many of you, I made resolutions in January.

“The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money” by Carl Richards
from The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money
by Carl Richards
Penguin Publishing Group, 2012

Resolutions and plans are meaningless unless there is a decision to carry them out.

“Becoming a Helper” by Marianne Schneider Corey, Gerald Corey
from Becoming a Helper
by Marianne Schneider Corey, Gerald Corey
Cengage Learning, 2010

Why do questions motivate us more than resolutions?

“The Book of Beautiful Questions: The Powerful Questions That Will Help You Decide, Create, Connect, and Lead” by Warren Berger
from The Book of Beautiful Questions: The Powerful Questions That Will Help You Decide, Create, Connect, and Lead
by Warren Berger
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018

But it is good to make resolutions throughout the year if the need arises.

“The Full Moons: Topical Letters In Esoteric Astrology” by Malvin Artley
from The Full Moons: Topical Letters In Esoteric Astrology
by Malvin Artley, 2014

This month’s strong resolution becomes next month’s malaise, unless we keep renewing the resolution, reinventing it, refocusing ourselves on it.

“Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience” by Sally Kempton, Elizabeth Gilbert
from Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience
by Sally Kempton, Elizabeth Gilbert
Sounds True, 2011

It is after I have made my resolutions that the battle begins.

“My Daily Bread: A Summary of the Spiritual Life, Simplified and Arranged for Daily Reading, Reflection and Prayer” by Anthony J. Paone
from My Daily Bread: A Summary of the Spiritual Life, Simplified and Arranged for Daily Reading, Reflection and Prayer
by Anthony J. Paone
Confraternity of the Precious Blood, 1954

I determined to make no resolutions until the expiration of those three months, but to try.

“The Personal History of David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens
from The Personal History of David Copperfield
by Charles Dickens
Pollard & Moss, 1885

I’ve had quite a successful run of Resolutions the last few years.

“The Sweet Potato Queens' Big-Ass Cookbook (and Financial Planner)” by Jill Conner Browne
from The Sweet Potato Queens’ Big-Ass Cookbook (and Financial Planner)
by Jill Conner Browne
Crown, 2004

The results we’re picturing when we make sweeping resolutions are also too far away.

“Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges” by Amy Cuddy
from Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges
by Amy Cuddy
Little, Brown, 2015

One key to sticking to a resolution, for me, is constantly to hold myself accountable.

“Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon Self-Control, and My Other Experiments in Everyday Life” by Gretchen Rubin
from Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon Self-Control, and My Other Experiments in Everyday Life
by Gretchen Rubin
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2012

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  • if you procrastinate on watching this video read this comment
    1-acknoledge stress
    2-count 5-4-3-2-1
    3-interrupt the procrastination habit
    4-do 1 thing for 5 minutes

  • Tqqqq so much mel from India
    I know every habit has a loop
    But I surprised by knowing procrastination is also a habit now it seems easier to over come

  • Although I don’t agree that procrastination always comes from fear (I think for me and for others procrastination often comes from laziness and lack of discipline and bad habits), I think these are really good tips! I’m excited to use these tips, thanks ��

  • I’m grateful for your golden advices mel robbins. I could understand that you were not well your voice was cracky and deep and still you appeared in front of the camera and these people so that they can truly get the help that they need.

  • I watched this a year ago, and it’s stuck with me. Every time I feel stressed out, I go and do the thing that stresses me out. ‘Coz I feel more stressed knowing that I wasn’t able to finish or progress with my goal.

  • It’s true whenever I have a deadline and I feel like I’m not gonna make it the fear makes me to escape to youtube more and more wasting so much time

  • useful information is procrastination is habit. being aware of it, is a good start. i think everyone has own methods (or has to discover) to deal with bad habits.

  • I f i have your beautiful house and desk and laptop i ll be surly productive not living in a trashy house with f** people and be productive the environment is very very very important for people to be productive

  • Hello) I highly recommended you read the book “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ), it’s about Deep focus

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    Yes physics Ice on sun ☀️ I’m walking I’m seeing I feel air reactions all day I see
    Yes chemical we don’t have any stuff to chemicals s together or even do something useful with it if we have it yes I’m
    Not English yes I have to be English language my language history movies or book?

  • I disagree stress is the absolute cause of procrastination. For me and I’m sure a lot of others, it’s laziness or boredom. Why do something boring when I can do something fun? Even if that fun thing is a waste of time and the boring thing is important/beneficial.

  • strength is learning to be strong happy appreciative and contented when you have no money or possessions and only the bare bones of necessity. The small things are actually the big things in life. Thinking you need something external to be happy is weakness that should be overcome. “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time” TS Eliot

  • Now what is suffering from chronic procrastination is the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 which would be put on later times maybe next year of 2021 due to prolonged COVID-19 corona virus outbreak albeit the advertisement logo for Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 are put on some places.

  • Go to Google and search for the global truth project and read the
    book named The Present so you will discover all the answers of the big questions of life and discover the truth of life based on evidence.

  • yeh don’t know why i didn’t think of this but it is definitely stress relief. this is a habit i will take on -to acknowledge that it was stress. thank you.

  • Procrastination put you down in the loop, procrastination is a kind of stress…I must change my behaviour for to get a more happier and fulfilling life…,,1)Acnowledge the stress,2) Count down 5 4 3 2 1, 1)Interrupt the procrastination habit and nr 4)Do 1 thing..
    Procrastination is not a healthy habit, you get stuck and depression waiting around the corner..
    I want to CHANGE that habit ��❤️��, THANK you ��

  • What..? Did anyone understand how to avoid procrastination.. I just understand that she kept on saying it’s a habit.. Tell us solution..hit like if you agree

  • Exactly!.. mine is always the starting problem.. once I start, I keep going onnn… but starting is the hardest part.. and I get guilty and stressed that I don’t start either..

  • Thank you this video helped.
    I dont watch cat videos I watch narcissistic CPTSD, trama, how to be a minimalist and procrastination videos I’m trying to motivate myself, I want too its really hard I’m am very stressed & depressed…yes time flys zoning out for hours. Then I look at the time, then look at my room it’s still a mess nothing got done, anxiety builds, stress & depressed.
    I really need help.
    I’ve set a timer for 15 mins but my OCD I go off to do other things rather the the stuff I really need to get done.
    Anyways, TY maybe 5 mins will work better ������

  • I have an updated productivity/organization video! → 10 Habits to Be More Organized & Productive |
    What are your latest productivity habits that are working for you in 2020?

  • I’ve been in that flow state and it’s truly amazing. I just listen to my random playlist of songs and do each step by step it’s so fun

  • great tips! you kind of said it with the journaling stuff. but it can help to find and remind yourself of why you need to do what you are putting off and think of how good you will feel when you get it done, the sense of relief to get it done, or the pride of a good result. sometimes it can help to also think of the negative things that will happen if you don’t do what you need to do, but just don’t get stuck there, use both to your leverage.

  • Yeah I fear dentists so I have not made an appointment in years and now that I’m actually having a toothache… I just can’t… get myself… to call ��

  • I’m sitting here at nearly 6am in front of my laptop when I first sat down at 11pm and haven’t even wrote a sentence yet all the while browsing YouTube and staring at the screen ��

  • I just procrastinated watching this video ��
    But I finished it now..!
    I’m gonna work on your technique and get back to you in a week.
    I am willing to see if there’s really a cure to this major problem I’ve been having.

  • I can’t work till I clean my room, like I physically have no space, so that’s what’s stopping me cause I really don’t want to clean right now:/

  • Chinese, Czech, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish & Vietnamese subtitles are available! Click “CC” and check the video settings. Thank you to the contributors listed in the description ��

  • When she said ‘it’s the habit of avoiding’, it really hit me. Because I’m an avoidant personality due to family situations I grew up in. The best way for me to survive was to avoid saying anything, avoid doing anything, avoid reacting to anything the way I feel, only to say yes and do and react the way I was expected to, so now I even avoid going out and meeting new people, even calling or picking up a phone call even when that person is my friend, is a huge struggle for me. I’m trying to work on it, but when you grew up like that it is just so hard to think you are worthy and you are enough. The biggest struggle is the procrastination, I used to think it is because of my fear of failing, but now I think the root cause is the pattern of avoiding. If I avoid a phone call from a close friend without even thinking, then it’s not hard to believe why I avoid actually working on my goals and projects. I wrote down couple of her quotes from this video, and I will read it out loud everyday to myself to remind myself, and I will come back here in couple months to report, maybe this can motivate myself and someone who is reading this comment.

  • It’s not only the large tasks but the little tasks too. Once you have started you are in the flow, at times, and then you can finish it

  • 1) take action
    2) what is the smallest easiest next step that I can take towards this goal?
    3) procrastination is resistance because the task is so important that you are scared of doing it
    4) set a time deadline for yourself “I’ll only work till this time….”
    5) your goal is to reach the flow state
    6) using music to set the mood (deep focus, piano in the background on Spotify)
    7) create your ideal space
    8) forest app is useful
    9) journal or mediate before you work

  • Thanks Aileen, first video on procrastination that actually did something for me! Normally I just procrastinated by watching video’s on procrastination, but with your video I really got inspired to do the work.

  • What is suffering chronic procrastination now is the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 although there are logos somewhere and it may will be put off until next year of 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Great video! Very informative! This really motivated me thanks for the tips! One thing I do is reward myself with a snack to get my mind off of something just for a second if I need to think something through just do something where I can zone out for a bit. Some quick excercise works too.

  • It’s 4:07 am i have a 6 page essay due at 11:59 am tonight! I have been thinking about starting it for the past 2 weeks! I took an Adderall and had 2 cups of coffee! IM DYING HELP! I CANNOT LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE!

  • Thanks for sharing!

    My recommendations based on many fails is to:

    1. Become aware of what you do

    apps that tracks activity

    habbit tracker

    2. Ask yourself some questions like:

    Why you don’t do what you specified?

    Is there any fear associated and maybe that’s why you procrastinate?

    3. Be specific (time & location). For example: I will read for 10 minutes at 7:00 am on my couch. This helped me:)

  • Love this! My twin and I made a video with tips on how to be productive
    and ace your classes (if you are in hs, university, or college).

  • Love this! My twin and I made a video with tips on how to be productive
    and ace your classes (if you are in hs, university, or college).

  • Love you so much!! I’ve learned so many nice things from you ����. Thank you for your share!! I wanna say that these videos can help me so much!!!!!! Hope thật you will be always happy everyday ������

  • The core cause of procrastination is low self-worth (which triggers the stress response(s) that results in procrastination). Neuroplasticity (changing your un/subconscious limiting beliefs) and releasing the associated trapped emotions from your chakras will eliminate procrastination and every other form of self-sabotage from your life, including illnesses, diseases, addictions, poverty, homelessness, etc. Sending you all Infinite Love and Rainbow Light �� �� XXX

  • The universe is inherently hostile to life… Earth is blessed with a weak sun for its type, being out in the boonies surrounded by a large void… We have massive gas giants further out from the sun when we find they can be quite close and we have a kickass moon. We are the luckiest sentient species!!! We have the ability to light a fire, our ancestors lost their trees!

    We slept around with our relatives! We almost went extinct several times! We have the ability to launch things into orbit and we have continents!!! The dinos were wiped out and the last ice age ended giving us a long warm period!!! Gama ray bursts are horrible and the universe is full of dangers!!! i think that the fact we exist at all is rare!!! We are so lucky the list goes on!!! Take for instance having continents means we have wave action that stirs up nutrients!

    We very much could be the first in this galaxy!!!!!!

  • My estimate of the probability that we are alone is fairly simple: it’s 1-F, where F = What fraction of possible alien civilizations of interest would have been revealed by our observations so far? The more we search, the more ways we find to search the more certain I become that we are alone. Even odds say we’re alone in this galaxy.

  • I think I found the solution to this problem….. and it makes sense that no one thought about it because it takes science and flips it on its head.

  • I’m researching how to get things done so I can finish all of my work before I go back to school from quarantine (which is the 29th june!)

  • Thank you! I’m a student who has so many non-academic interests and goals, but school has completely taken over my life. Your videos have really helped me stop procrastinating on schoolwork and make the time to chase my dreams! Thank you!!

  • I think the biggest filter in the FP is biological evolution of intelligent, tool-building species. Most scientists who talk about the FP are astronomers or physicists and don’t have a deep background in biology, so they tend to minimize the importance of biogenesis and evolution. Would other planets develop DNA-based life? Would eukaryotes evolve? And would non-sentient animals evolve into sentient ones that are physically able to build sophisticated tools and machines? To do that you have to have hands, or something very close to hands, and out of millions of animal species that have lived on Earth, only the primates have developed this way, and only one small branch of the primates developed speech and sufficient intelligence. What makes us think this will happen on lots of other planets?

  • I will finish watching this video later, ok i am back, lets see if I can speed this up for everyone….. #1 Stress. #2 it’s a habit. You have to forgive yourself, and the 5 second rule ( I thought that was for only when you dropped a slice of pizza on the ground, if you pick it up with in 5 seconds it is still ok to eat. ). some how the 5 sec rule means you have to work for 5 minutes. You are welcome

  • I have all the bad things in my life
    Introvert,don’t like people,not good in studies,not good in social skills,not good in hard work,not good in life style,not good in punctuality,
    Whatever a good student should have that I don’t seems like others got way better life than me

  • I am totally agreed… I am wasting my time since last year more than 15-16 months, but today I found out the true reason of procrastination. I hope from today I will be more conscious about this reason and strive hard to stop procrastinate. I am saving this screen shot for my future. When I can prove that you are 100% right.

  • Nice video by Lavendaire. This video will give some easy tips that will help you stop procrastination and get work done. Click here to know more

  • Go to Google and search for the global truth project and read the
    book named The Present so you will discover all the answers of the big questions of life and discover the truth of life based on evidence.

  • Free advice and beneficial if you want the procrastinating for GOOD. Semen Retention / NoFap. On the 3th day you will notice a HUGE difference in energy, energy you going to spend doing things that needed to be DONE asap. a lot of youtube videos on this topic. Btw it’s voor the “male” person specifically.

  • Homework due in 20 minutes.
    set a month ago.
    0% completed.
    will take about three hours.
    ah…. let’s watch a video on procrastination… get that dopamine.
    I’ll just stay up until 3 am and hope that complete by the 5th of june means when the sun rises, not midnight.

  • OMG.. Mel’s on point.. so true! You put off doing the things you need to do to advance, to move on, to propel yourself.. so you look at Youtube videos, pitter patter around to help ease that stress, that fear, the not knowing if the thing or things you doing or need to do is going to make you better, happier, healthier, richer. So you post postpone the “possibility” of it not going your way.

  • “Stress” is a euphemism for FEAR. The physical symptoms of stress/anxiety are caused by the fear you’re feeling just thinking about doing the thing you’re avoiding. The fear is caused by underlying negative beliefs”People are going to criticize me. I’m going to embarrass myself. This isn’t going to turn out the way I want it to. It’s going to take forever…. etc….”
    I’m dealing w procrastination by:
    1. Saying to myself, “Fuck the critics, I need to make a living.”
    2. Dedicating a certain time to do my work & eliminating distractions.
    3. Doing a little bit at a time so the task doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Even “I’m going to work on X for 5 min”, helps me get started.
    4. I try not to beat myself up for not being perfect.
    All of the above takes time & practice.

  • I asked the universe how to change this about myself so I don’t blow up my chance to ve accepted to medical school this application cycle. Your so right so wise. I listen to your talks all the time to help improve myself and my life. Really admire appreciate you.

  • Nice info.. I’ll try that out. Also similarly to this, I’ve been trying to use the timer, and it works like a charm… Some things I hate doing, I set the timer for the amount of time I am comfortable with and which is not stressing me out so much, and go do it. And I feel less in pain about it because I know that after that half an hour or whatever, it will be over. And suddenly from endless resistance it becomes only half an hour of annoying task, I can deal with that..:D

  • Procrastination is: LACK OF SELF ESTEEM. SIMPLE. The proof: If you believe that you can do ANYTHING and do it RIGHT….You won’t procrastinate, as a matter of fact…you will be the first to do whatever it is you have to do. BUT: Since you have LOW SELF-ESTEEM…you hide behind ANY excuse you can find to avoid what YOU think will be a failure. SIMPLE. Man-Up…or Woman-Up… If you don believe in you…WHO WILL??????? GROW UP AND HAVE SELF ESTEEM.

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  • Am currently taking my professional certification (CISCO-CLCOR exam), it has been 2 weeks i havent even study or working my way to finish the books and do exam, but procrastination made me to come to this video, Thanks Mam i have learned the 5 min rule and i hope it will help!

  • Often times I’m faced with tasks that appear impossible and I just don’t want to try. Funny thing is when I start I get some energy that keeps me going. One approach that I have found that really helps is drive and conquer. Break down the task into very tiny tasks.

  • PhD students are the worst… Watching Oxford quantum physics lectures without any purpose, you tube put this video in recommended to watch…�� Procrastinator… txh YT

  • … this is a habit. Seeing this like that seems easier to do something about it.
    Does anyone having seen this, let say a year ago can comment.
    I really think this will help me a lot. I’d love to hear what you think.

  • Question: Why do you procrastinate?
    Me: lol
    Me:well it’s easy just to sit and do nothing.
    Me:What mystery is why you ever get up and do anything at all.

  • Lmao this is why I’ve just allowed myself to take breaks when I feel like I’m starting to procrastinate. Because yes! I need to rest but while I’m procrastinating I get stressed out about doing it so I don’t end up replenishing myself, with the breaks it’s actual quality rest.

  • Yes exactly I’m doing bec. Its freezing me totally ����….I was writting my papers now and yet instead of finishing im here flipping YouTubes..thanks I will try this now��❤��peace love for all

  • I’ve been feeling this for many days that when I am stressed or worrying about my work I procrastinate and now I know the reason for sure…thanks Mel ❤❤