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Video taken from the channel: Autumn Bates


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It’s common to try to keep snack calories and portions to a minimum because you’re under the impression something’s wrong with reaching in the pantry in between meals. “But that’s not true,” says Kristen Peterson, RD, owner of PrimeLife Nutrition. “Snacking helps you avoid getting hangry. Plus, eating 4–5 smaller and more. Weight loss: For healthy weight loss you need to choose your snacks. You might not know but you end up making several snacking mistakes.

Here are some of these you need to avoid. Snacking is sometimes looked down upon when you’re trying to lose weight, but when done the right way, snacking can help you reach your weight loss goals! It keeps your metabolism going and cravings at bay until the next meal. However, eating the wrong foods during snack time could significantly obstruct your goal to weight loss.

Trying To Lose Weight? 5 Snacking Mistakes You Need To Avoid – NDTV. Aug 18th, 2020.

Many fail to choose the right snacks. When trying to lose weight, it is advised to choose fibre-rich snacks as these help you keep full for longer without adding many calories to your diet. Fibre-rich fruits are one of the best options to choose from. The number one, quickest, effortless way to drop weight, avoid snacking! When you stop snacking, you will lose weight!

People feel threatened when I recommend cutting snacks out of their diet. When I started talking about not snacking for weight loss, I was not prepared for the criticism. It’s as if eating between meals is what is keeping us. 1 day ago · Why it’s so difficult to lose weight: The hard truths.

If you can’t seem to lose weight and keep it off, you might be falling victim to these six big mistakes. Shutterstock. Carbs have been demonized as the culprit behind weight gain, with low-carb diets being all the rage.

While it’s true that refined carbohydrates such as sugar, white pasta, and white bread can spike blood sugar and lead to weight gain, complex carbohydrates can actually help you lose weight. Jim White, RD, ACSM, and owner of Jim White Fitness says when people cut their carbs. Seven’s a lot, but I’ll try. And this is about meals as well as snacks.

All from my own experience and may be more appropriate for women. One: avoid snacks and meals without protein and fat. A small bowl of cut up veggies is healthy and very low c. If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll know sugary soft drinks are a no-go. But some of the easiest mistakes to make are those in liquid form.

Many people aren’t aware how many kilojoules. Snack time isn’t just for kiddos: it can satiate hunger between meals and prevent overeating. Not only can snacking help you lose weight, but it can also fill nutrition holes in your diet.

List of related literature:

Practising portion control is still important when eating from this list.

“The Banting Pocket Guide” by Tim Noakes
from The Banting Pocket Guide
by Tim Noakes
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Five subscales are reported: Emotional Eating, Exercise, Craving Sweets, Overeating, and Food Preparation.

“Handbook of Assessment and Treatment Planning for Psychological Disorders, 2/e” by Martin M. Antony, David H. Barlow
from Handbook of Assessment and Treatment Planning for Psychological Disorders, 2/e
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That said, nightly snacking habits are tough to beat—especially sugary ones.

“Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!” by Michele Promaulayko
from Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!
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The third bad habit you’ll lose is (to put it bluntly) eating too much.

“The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!” by Connie Guttersen
from The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!
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Along the same lines, the author in Passage B suggests using sweets sparingly in your diet, but cautions that you must not completely cut them from your diet as going “cold-turkey” can result in failure.

“Master the LSAT Ebook” by Jeff Kolby
from Master the LSAT Ebook
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A third study showed that persistence drops after dieters have had to overcome the temptation of forbidden foods.

“Handbook of Consumer Psychology” by Curtis P. Haugtvedt, Paul M. Herr, Frank R. Kardes
from Handbook of Consumer Psychology
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Number 1 says don’t ‘cheat’ too much — eat a chocolate bar if you fancy one but don’t eat ten.

“Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet” by Zoe Harcombe
from Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet
by Zoe Harcombe
Columbus Publishing Ltd,

Discovering that snacking can aid in weight loss/maintenance was a revelation to me.

“The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life” by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
from The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life
by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
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I have quit sabotaging myself——the wrong foods are like drugs for me——and when I think about not eating healthfully, I remember my goals andI don’t eat them.

“Food Over Medicine: The Conversation That Could Save Your Life” by Pamela A. Popper, Glen Merzer, Del Sroufe
from Food Over Medicine: The Conversation That Could Save Your Life
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Only in a small box on “sensible” portion sizes do we find the single “eat less” suggestion—a good one: “Be especially careful to limit portion size of foods high in calories, such as cookies, cakes, other sweets, French fries, and fats.”

“Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health” by Marion Nestle
from Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health
by Marion Nestle
University of California Press, 2013

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Hi just finished watching your video..very informative!!!.slowly�� getting back into walking…had to stop because of plantar fasciitis ☹…definitely need to work on my diet

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  • This is so helpful! I’ve been struggling to loose 10lbs & get back down to 125lbs for so long now. I love sugar & noodles too much & I can’t get away from them lol. So starting in April I’m challenging myself to have no sugar for the whole month of April. It’s going to be hard, but I think I can do it.

  • Your walking to fast! I can’t keep up!!�� Ok, I’ve been sick for 12 yrs, just found a Doc that figured it out. I figured smooting,juicing would really help being I doing have an appetite, and I can’t stand long. So I think i’m picking you, but yer going so fast!

  • Just made the pancakes and only ate half and now have breakfast for tomorrow and im full. Coach what about shiting monkey brains or rabbit pellets?

  • I walk 30,000 steps a day. Even more when I’m working. Because of covid I’m not working as much so decided to walk more…
    5 days in and i feel so much better and I can tell im loosing inches. I do not weigh myself often

  • Absolutely fantastic, clear, concise and to the point.
    You should be really proud of your work and I’m very thankful for what you do. As we say in Ireland, Go raibh mile maith agam agus ta tu go halainn.
    I wish you nothing but success.
    You’ve got a subscriber for life

  • Does cycling count as walking? Im dutch so i cycle anywhere. Can easily do it for 2 hours on most school days. Is is worse or better? Cause your sitting which i guess is unnatural but your still active without it being intense (it’s just for transportation)

  • I just found your channel and I like the consistency in your points. No magical voodoo tricks to give me false hope. Thanks.

    “Walking fast an incline for an hour. It’s not overly taxing on the body. It’s easy”. xD my 253Ibs self would disagree with that doc. I see your point though, I now walk anywhere from 2h30 to 3h30 every day. Just a month ago walking half an hour was extremely hard.

  • I went from 200 to 120 in less than a year by drinking 5 shots of espresso a day and 500-800 calories with no exercise. Not the healthy way to do it but oh well ����‍♀️

  • Doubled my outdoor walk today��. I’m 70 years old and haven’t been great at getting moving. Today a 6000 step walk was a real achievement..

  • This is the video I needed to see so badly! I’m so confused by this not eating carbs and fats together situation. How far apart should they be? If I was to eat something like berries, sweet potato or brown rice (the main carbs I eat), should I be avoiding any fats so they are not stored?

  • This is a great video we often unconsciously overdue it with healthy food such as fruits and veggies so this is interesting and an eye opener and I’m the one you mentioned who will find a flavor I love and stick to it.

  • I walk to my mailbox 3 blocks away, I have stairs to climb up to my townhouse and have to carry all my veggies up their…lol I am getting a lot of exercise every day! Thank you Carlo!

  • Was following AthleanX, if it was not because Jeff vs the world about fake plate, i would have not found this channel. Thanks Greg.

  • Is yogurt a better base then Juice… or all natural drinks? I work in a warehouse, any wear between 11-13 hours. I eat threw out the day, whatever I can find. Gaining weight like crazy. I thought maybe. If I make smoothies, one morning and one for the afternoon. Then just eat a better lunch and dinner… maybe I’ll stop ALWAYS being the fattest guy in the room. Probably not tho. Sorry, your video was great!

  • And use coconutoil or water to cook or boil with instead of margerine or butter or frying oils. If useing oil the use coldpressed italian eco olive Oil. Or use other coldpressed healthy oils, when in doubt go to healthy veganstore and talk with someone who know best ��������������.

  • Super simple and easy way to lose weight fast and it also provides  effective ideas, tips, advice on How  to lose your weight quickly


  • These following tips really workable and effective in weight loss.

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  • Thanks for the great videos as always! It’s so hard, but eating early is so important. My husband and I have struggled with weight forever and we are finally on a better schedule and it’s showing. We track our sleep and my heart rate and HRV are so bad when we eat late, even if it’s 7:30pm! The earlier the better. Working from home because of Covid has allowed me to start dinner early and get it done which has been sooo nice! Sadly all those years of late eating definitely has taken a toll on our bodies and minds.

  • Amber, such good info. But just some feedback as a viewer: Watching your videos is like us sitting in the kitchen across the counter from each other. It’s such a great conversation but if someone had this many hand movements and jerky hair motions and so many fast editing type visuals, it’s disorienting. I wish these videos were smoother or contained more still videos just to give our eyes a break. I subscribed and appreciate you sharing such great expertise!

  • This video is very interesting I have been eating healthy for a month and I have lost 80 pounds but I know it is not easy and I am complementing it with. https://bit.ly/2SZJMv2 to have better results

  • Slow-cooked oatmeal with raisins, other diced fruit, and honey most mornings energize and is filling. One or two small balanced meals during the day as needed, drink plenty of water, a small cup of low fructose juice as a boost. Greek yogurt to replace ice cream. Apples, carrot sticks, mixed unsalted nuts, raisins make great snacks. This is my lifetime diet. I have been on it for three months am losing weight and feel great. If I want a slice of pizza, I buy one slice, not a whole pizza. This diet cuts cravings for sweets so they are a non-issue now.

  • Best Tips to Lose Weight

    The best tips to lose weight ultimate guide


  • I have hypothyroidism n I am walking 3 hours a day n sometimes more than that n I don’t feel tired after that. Will I reduce weight?

  • Intake of two boiled eggs and a small cup of black coffee daily two times a day is the secret that works for me n keeps me slim smart.

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  • Thanks for the vedio, I have a question, every one is advising to walk in the morning but If I can’t walk morning because of my working schedule, I can still get same benefits if I walk on fed stomach ( 4 hours after meal)??

  • I walk 5 miles a day been doing for almost 3 weeks my last meal is at 6 pm and I eat after I come back from my walk which is round 11 am I have been seeing a different no rice or pasta or bread I am 44 years old.

  • My advice as an athlete:

    Adjust the ingredients/macros (carbs, protein, and fats) to YOUR OWN dietary plan.
    => I’m an athlete and fuel my body with lots of carbs and protein. A pre-workout smoothie can have lots of short-chain carbs (sugar) to boost performance. Generally, long-chained carbs (oatmeal, rice, quinoa, pasta) are preferable throughout the day and a few carefully selected fat sources. Others found a low-carb diet to work well for them. Adjust your food intake to what works best FOR YOUR own BODY and lifestyle. Do not simply copy what others says works for them.

    If you want to loose weight it all boils down to a single factor: the caloric deficit (independent of energy source). That’s all. You could even consume sugar exclusively and loose weight given you have a caloric deficit. Really no rocket science here:)
    Healthy energy sources are important for other reasons than weight loss but that’s another topic.

    Be healthy and happy,

  • What about eating 3 meals in 9 hours then start to fast?? That’s what I’m doing.

    What about drinking calories from blinding the fruits or vegetables??

    What about the scale which shows your muscle and fat??

  • I noticed that I feel like snacking when I have a high carb dinner. When I include nuts and seeds, I have a lesser urge to snacks.
    Except chocolates. ��

  • Nice tips.. but i would suggest that avoid pushing your face on the camera.. it felt like anytime you were going to pop out of my screen.. ��

  • i mostly eat at around 6:30 with my family
    but when i eat a larger lunch at 3 in the afternoon and skip dinner, i feel awesome.
    i should really try to do more of that.

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  • You have to exercise too. I will combine with this diet that I follow: => weightlossin3weeks. com <= (Google it) I lost about 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

  • This is such a great breakdown to the big question I’ve been having for months: “Why do I feel stuffed but not fueled?” I’ve been struggling with what I think could be persistent low blood sugar. I’m a fairly athletic person and love being active, but in the last 6 months I’ve lost all of the fitness and strength I worked for years to get:( All because I stopped feeling fueled enough for my workouts no matter what I ate. I’m been trying to improve my eating patterns, but this issue hasn’t gotten fixed yet. I do like how specific your tips are and I’m going to implement them. It’s hard because there’s SO much contradicting information out there. But you do have the degrees and experience so I’d say you’re a much more reliable source:)

  • I’ve heard you talk about fat burners before, I’ve heard others say they don’t work, so which is it? And most important which would you recommend?

  • Awesome video. I started walking in my room while watching it. I am wearing a fitness tracker. My heart rate is under 127 where I need to be. I am doing a Mediterranean style eating plan too. Thank you.

  • I alway loved the idea of moving through all day and eating just during the evening like The Warrior Diet. But as someone who likes to sleep early this wasn’t working for me. I always felt incredibly stuffed and bloated after my meals. Sleep and even lay down was nearly impossible. The sensation would only go away after about 5 hours of my meal where I would feel confortable to sleep. If I forced my self to sleep anyway, the quality of it would be bad with stomach pain and discomfort in the morning.

    Maybe the reason is that I was eating too much, but considering that I only do one meal a day, I have to. Now I always try to eat 16 or 17pm.

    I probably should also be more calm and less anxious while eating. Chew too fast and eating too is also a problem that i need to address. It’s hard.

  • Whenever I eat more I lose weight ����‍♀️ whenever I eat less I gain weight idk why�� but I love it I eat whatever I want and I’m on weight loss journey I lose 2 pounds in a week

  • Which mistake are you most guilty of? Check out 30 Day Healthy, my 30 Day weight loss Program that provides daily meal plans, healthy lifestyle education, support, and motivation if you’re looking to finally get back on track and stay on track! https://www.asweetpeachef.com/30dayhealthy/

  • Is it better to use chia seeds or oats in our smoothies? I know there is more carbohydrates in oats, but there is still no sugar in it. In one of her video she said something about oats but I can’t find it no more. I really want to be careful with my insulin going to high.

  • Much like the hunter gatherers before ourselves, I’ve found peak performance eating only when you’ve successfully completed your day fully. Moment I eat there is no productivity but rest.

  • How does adiposity change if instead of time restricted feeding you’re doing OMAD? Does it still require one to follow a circadian rhythm based feeding window??

  • Hi Carlos. Brilliant video with fantastic advice. Just wondered, do we walk as we normally do or does it have to be brisk walking? I keep reading that you must walk briskly to lose weight.

  • This is awesome!!! Thank you so much. Smoothies have been the easiest (and tastiest) way for me to change up my diet and take steps towards being healthier. This video was super informative and helpful. I’m going to check out some of your other vids!

  • You completely rock!! I was completely mind blowing �� because everything you said I was doing it! No wonder why I gained more weight ���� but now I need desperate help… what would you recommend to don’t gain weight during pregnancy? Or which smoothies should I take to lose weight since my BMI it’s super high! I’m obese!

  • Im 200lbs, already lost about 70lbs and just started weight lifting. Lifting weights about 4 times a week and about 5 cardio sessions a week. 2000cals per day good? I always have a pretty big cheat day per week aswell.

  • I make 2 portions ( me and mom) 2 glass milk with 4 tbsp chia seeds in the evening and in morning I blend 1/3 frozen banana + 5 frozen strawberries + 5 pecan nuts + 1/3 tsp spirulina. I used to put vanilla and stevia but now I think this is sweet enought as I reduced sugar intake:)

  • I am currently on weight watchers and also doing intermittent fasting. I’m a little worried to let go of weight watchers and just do intermittent fasting with just healthy eating. WW keeps me in a certain amount of calories, but I feel like my body needs more fat because I am an endomorph (I believe) and I am having such a hard time understanding how much of each food group I need and how to not overeat. Also, I am a breast cancer survivor and need to take a daily maintenance pill that blocks estrogen which then in turn is making me insulin resistant, I believe. Can you please help me understand what I need to do. I love your protein shakes and coffees, but on WW they are so high in points that I cant really fit them into my points system everyday. TIA

    Add healthy fats to your diet. 0:51
    Watch the number of lost calories during physical activity. 1:41
    Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. 2:29
    Breathe in the smell of olive oil. 3:19
    Eat with pleasure. 4:02
    Choose the right pasta. 4:48
    Take calcium supplements if you can’t digest dairy products. 5:47
    Eat solid food in the morning. 6:34
    Eat dark chocolate. 7:20

  • Thanks to COVID19, I started walking again! I live in a hot spot and many family/friends have been directly impacted. I also have some serious immune diseases and am high risk. I really started to struggle mentally, had difficulty sleeping and comforted myself with food.
    One day, I realized I was having a full blown panic attack while running my weekly errands and pulled into the empty parking lot of a big office complex near my home. I was shaking and having problems breathing and got out to get some air. I made a loop around the complex, about 2.5k steps, and felt better. I wasn’t wearing proper footwear and by the time I got back to my car my hips, knees and feet ached and I had a blister.
    I came back the next day suitably attired with an Audible download.
    And the next day. And the day after that. I’ve come back every day.
    It’s been nearly a month. I average 14k steps on most weekdays and 25k steps on Saturdays and Sundays. I feel so much better in myself, physically, mentally and emotionally. I am able to average 7 hours of sleep nightly. I’m eating less comfort food and have just started a basic 16/8 IF protocol. Instead of “rewarding” my body with treats, i feed my mInd and soul with audiobooks, sunshine and fresh air. I can’t wait to get outside every day! even in hot/humid weather and for the first time in a long time, I am not obsessing over a number on the scale, just focusing on taking care of myself but I have had to get some new clothes.
    One day at a time.
    One walk at a time
    One foot in front of the other.

  • Love your tips and advice! Studying nutrition as well and I’m glad to see I’m doing it right. I’m doing smoothie videos for my channel: https://youtu.be/IlU4XYEmSIY

  • Thank you for video. Very informative. Checked out the link to the studies. If understanding correctly if I stopped eating at @4pm and start my day @12am (I take a nap later in the day) I should stop eating 4hrs before bed? For me I need to stop eating then between 2-3pm. Since I do IF with OMAD I’m going to tweek my schedule and stop eating around 2:30pm. ����

  • The censorship is SO bad. We really need internet reform to reel in big tech. Noticed your doctor vid got pulled. Totally support real health info from you! Keep up the good work, Mike! (Probably lay off Saladino though… he’s sketchy af. Sorry but if you’re promoting BS one moment and then switching to carnivore for the $ that’s gross. Keep your eyes open).

  • This is all so true and I could’ve avoided $300 for a dietitian had I have seen this earlier!!! I was crash dieting and my lifts suffered from losing muscle. I was able to perform better and lose more weight as I increased my intake and eat every 3 hours to let my metabolism recover.

  • For me, it’s all about portion control, and eating only when hungry. Oh, and FYI, it’s not “less calories”, it’s “fewer calories”. Any noun that you can count individually needs “fewer”. Any noun that you can’t count individually, like “money”, “food”, “health”, etc., needs “less”, when you’re noting a decrease in quantity. I hear this grammatical faux pas over and over again. Commercials are the worst for that! I was an English major in University. Hence, my stickler attitude towards this. Good video, though. Lots of great hints.

  • I am from Pakistan. Struggled alot with weight loss. But you inspire me to love my body and work hard on one’s body. Instead of binging to REWARD ONESELF. THANK YOU SO MUCH GREG ��

  • Do you think that would help type 1? It can be really hard to regulate blood sugar at night for my partner. It’s rare to have a good night’s sleep, without waking up in the middle of the night to manage insulin.

  • Autumn! I love all your info. Question: what protein powder do you recommend? Im not vegan, just wondering which you think is all around highest quality for your IF lifestyle? Also, does ACV sipper after smoothie mess up not eating between meals?

  • Big meal(which breaks fast and is often the only one) at noon but I’m retired so I have the time to prep it then go get 20m of sun

  • I’m trying to lose weight, I’ve stopped eating after 8pm so during the day I eat a healthy amount and I exercise, but it’s not really working, so I decided to work out more and now it’s helping I was litteraly working out for like 5 minutes now I work out for like 15 minutes

  • How about we do it harder but still not eat junk food and processed food high in refined sugars wouldn’t that make a great difference?

  • Thanks so much for this sensible information. I am finally taking my health seriously but I am at a point where even walking hurts. Looking forward to dropping some pounds so I can get started walking! I’m going to folllow your advice and get a fitness tracker for starters.

  • I just use plain water in my smoothie I use to put protein powder in my smoothies but it upset my stomach so for protein I just put Greek yogurt in my smoothies and it is really delicious and sometimes my family will try a little bit of my smoothie there love it ❤���������� I love your video’s there are really helpful and I want to thank you Autumn ❤������

  • Thank you for the lesson, Autumn. As a vegan, I find it very hard getting non processed protein food. What can you recommend to eat instead?

  • Me layin on mAh bed
    Eating chocopie
    And watching video on how to loose weight cause it was a recommended by YouTube

    I guess yt wanna say something to me

    And aff course the video maker would say am I a joke to uhh ����


  • Ok this vidio says eggs are good for you the vidio on 10 worst food that you did said eggs are bad for you make up your mind, this destroyes all credibility in your vidios in my opinion.

  • Hi Greg! I have lost 33 lbs since January 21 to July 7,2020. I started at 257 and I’m at 224 now I try to stay away from fat burners but I am def teaching a plateau! What burner would you recommend? My goal is to drop to 190 lbs.

  • Very simple. (i did not say easy). Cut sugar to 10 grams a day and simple carbs to a tiny part of your diet. Live life. No gym needed. No schedule interuptions. First 72 hours is tough. Afterwards hunger goes away…body gets slimmer.

  • In COVID 19 era starting April I started walking 2 hrs a day two scheduled walks of 45 mins in morning and evening and 30 mins during my meetings, helped me a great deal to loose 10lb in 3.5 months. Eating home cooked meals made weight loss even faster. I took few more tips from this video about eating and going to follow. Thank you for the video was great help to me for me.

  • I normally eat my last meal before 3pm. Makes it nice if I am doing a 20-24 hour fast. Most other days I eat my first meal about 10am and then again between 2 3 pm.

  • How to manage it when someone trains late 9 PM. Should a post workout meal be avoided? I hate eating too early to my training 3h is a must for me.

  • I dont feel intermittent fasting works well for women i with 2-3 friends of mine started doing IF and we have started to have irregular periods. I did it for 3 months and now i have stopped it. Any of you ladies out there take of your body. IF doesnt suit all

  • When you pulverize raw kale in a blender/Nutribullet/etc., is it still really hard to break down? Seems like it’s great at keeping you regular.

  • oh I never used juice I user a tea LOL I use 2% milk and water. I shake in cinnamon and ginger powder stevia. if I do fruits it’s just 2 strawberry 2 pieces banana and 3 blueberries not a lot.. frozen fruit or few peices. ice I use almond butter… or hazelnut. almond coco spread

  • Am I really watching a video to tell me how to walk? I seem to have forgotten how to after sitting on my fat ass during Covid watching Netflix, YT and eating Cheetos ��

  • I sleep soundly when I stop eating at least 3hrs before bedtime. I even helped my coworker on eliminating his acid reflux, by having himself doing the same. He knows that it works because whenever he didn’t, his symptom returned that very night.

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  • Thanks love you for this video it helped me a lot I do 10000 steps a day for the month of April and May I’m feeling a lot health and I have been fasting also just2meals a day and I have lost 10.8 pounds it was hard but honestly I feel so healthy better than before thank you for all your help!

  • Hello! You talk a lot about high levels of cortisol creating weight gain around the belly….but I tend to gain weight in hips and thighs. Can this be related to my specific body type mesomorph? What are your thoughts on eating/working out with a focus on individual body type mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph???

  • Coach Greg I know you hate HIIT and most people aren’t doing “real” hiit. What about just regular interval training? My husband and I don’t have space for a treadmill or anything, we work out when the kids are asleep. We do weights following your 3 best weights exercises for each muscle group. For cardio we do Sydney Cummings cardio hiit videos. Is there better cardio without a machine we should be doing since we only get to work out when the kids are asleep?

  • Your welcome-

    1Don’t use fruit juice base, instead use an unsweetened nut milk base.

    2Don’t use too much protein, use one serving recommendation on a good quality protein.

    3Don’t add Raw kale to your smoothies. It causes bloating and digestion issues. (if you want to use kale in your smoothies then steam and freeze for later)

    4Fats are important and should be included in your smoothie.

    5While you should include some fruit, too much can cause increased insulin.

    6Have varieties! Alternate fats, proteins, fibers and more.

    7Include spices in your smoothie. Cinnamon can reduce insulin and there are many spices that are anti-inflammatory.

    8Make sure your nut butters don’t have extra ingredients like sugar.

    9Make sure you are getting unsweetened nut milks.

    10You don’t need to keep smoothies low calorie. Having a good balanced smoothie can limit snacking throughout the day.

  • I learn so much when I watch your videos. I also appreciate that the video is short and direct, as I find I understand and retain more of the info that way. My current biggest struggle is that I hate to cook. I’d rather have a root canal without novocaine than to cook. I try to make myself, but I can only keep that up for so long. There are only so many things that require minimal prep/cooking and I find I eat less healthily because of it. Eating out daily is not an option. Do you have any suggestions for a person like me?

  • After watching some Satchin Panda videos in the last month, I’ve shifted my 6-8 hour eating window from 2-8 pm to 9 am to 4 pm. The circadian rhythm apparently favors digesting glucose in he morning. I’ve started adding legumes to my low carb diet, so I now eat them in the morning. I used to take berberine supplements, but stopped most of my supplements when my ALT (liver enzyme) marker started rising. Now it’s dropped back down. Hard to pin it on any one supplement, but I have recently read that berberine was linked with higher A:T. But a cursory google search reveals no consistent pattern. Maybe it’s just me.

  • When I was living abroad I easily surpassed 10k+ steps per day and probably lost around 10-15lbs throughout that time period (6 months), I was eating somewhat healthy and was able to drink alcohol and the occasional fast food meal without gaining weight. It was the best I ever looked! Unfortunately my lifestyle is different now and I work a desk job ��

  • Yeh who can walk that much when u work fulltime? You all walking that long dont have a job…just walk at work…walk thru out day…yeh u will need to break it up

  • Wow!!! Thanks so much…I have been so lost in this walking thing, whether to jog, or power walk, or just walk in a normal pace but longer. Thanks

  • Intermitent fasting actually works. It’s been proven time and time again. It worked for mysel. I’ve been fasting Wednesdays and Sundays for the last two years. The body adapts to it. YOu’re not gonna be hungry forever. SO you’re not gonna be binging like you say. Give the body time that it adapts. Hunger is an illusion.

  • I totally didn’t understand what he meant by plants until he said the word munchies �� as a smoker and a weightlifter I’m disappointed in myself

  • We usually eat between 3-5pm….in bed by 9pm. Works for us.

    Since getting my Oora ring, I definitely see the impacts (and feel them) from eating big meals before bed.

  • Though do acidic fruits like oranges, grapefruits or pineapple raise your level of cortisol too if eaten as a whole?

    Btw thank you so much for always giving a scientific explanation behind every tip! ��

  • For those who really want to be fit, use L carintine and Apple cider vinegar. You can use apple cider vinegar as daily bases which helps in decrease the overeating habbit and maintain low appetite. And those exercise daily, can take 2000mg of Lcarintine.
    Consult your doctor before using this. I hope you will achieve your goals soon…

  • I’m 300 pounds and this is what a plate of my meal look like.

    25% of Carbs (mostly sweet potatoes), 25% of protein and 50% of the plate is filled with veggies. It made me less hungry and feeling energetic all day.

    I eat the same portion 3 times a day.

  • Hey Mike, maybe this is something for you: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11388776/
    Applied this years ago and got great results. Didn’t know anything about fasting back then but realized it was essentially IF (dinner cancelling) plus the supplements.

  • Hello.I just found you and thank you for the information you provide. I am however searching, desperately searching for information o gaining weight in a very healthy manner.It seems almost impossible to find such information.My Dr. actually gave me medication to increase my apetite.I do have an appetite.I promptly stopped taking this medication ☺ That is by far the very last thing I want in my body, more medication.Believe it or not my friends, being underweight can make one feel as self conscious and equally as badly as those feel that struggle greatly to lose weight.
    I would be so very grateful to begin to see information to address this issue in a healthy manner.I am unable to workout as I once did due to 11 spinal surgeries however I still do some of the exercises Im safely able to do.I do miss the muscle mass I once had and it did, most definitely add to my weight. If at all possible any information you can provide I would be most appreciative.
    I did learn much from this video as you are and seem quite knowledgable.Im actually very surprised I wrote ☺
    I thank you for your time and consideration in someday making a video addressing this issue as well.Until then, you have a new subscriber ☺
    Wishing everyone well ��

  • I buy green bananas, peel them, cut them in half, and the freeze them immediately. This drastically reduces the sugar (I think?).

  • I do empty stomach cardio, because when I eat I feel slower physically and mentally, also I tend to get sharp pain in my abdominal side. Not because I think I’m gonna lose more more calories, but to improve my performance.

  • Dr. Satchin Panda talks about how your gut will heal up to 10% every night if there’s no food being digested so finishing eating 3-4 hrs before bed is important for gut health. A good hack is to sip sparkling water once your done with dinner if you start feeling the need to eat. Sparkling water will keep the hunger or need to eat at bay.

  • Because we’re in quarantine, walking outdoors is not allowed. Would it be okay to do 20 minutes of indoor walking plus 10 minutes of ab workout by Chloe Ting?

  • I definitely need to round out my steps a day. I work in a fast paced environment & I walk to work and back which is 20 minutes each way, I usually clock up around 12,000 20,000 steps on my On days which is 3/4 times a week, but then on my days off, my local shops and park are on my door step so I dont go very far, and that’s when my numbers drop to about 3,000 a day. So yeah ��

  • I’ve lost over 30lbs and I’ve only moved 2 dress sizes… so I’m a bit dubious of the initial claim. But walking does help, I have a lot of fatigue and I can only do 2000 steps a day which combined with a healthy diet I’m loosing 1/4 lb a day at the moment. Anything helps, slow is fast when you have fatigue issues. You can track your steps on your phone, I even check my heart rate on my phone so you don’t need a fancy tracker to get started ��

  • i love how you explain things in your videos but i always end up thinking that keto is like the best diet to follow in order to lose weight, but everytime i try it i get like super low blood sugar and feel awful (and its not because of the ‘keto flu’ or whatever)

  • I love riding my bike to work. It’s awesome. No matter how stressful it is at work.
    My 20 minutes on the bike to and then 20 minutes from work home, are my daily cardio no matter what happens.
    I really love it and it makes me kickstart the day right away.:)
    But I really enjoy walking as well

  • This dude is awesome! Cuts the chase and gets to the point!
    Tired of all the gazillion different workouts, diets being taught and advertised. ��

  • I run and do HIIT cardio. I alternate between the two. Running has been a bit taxing on my shins since I can only run on pavement since quarantine. I don’t have an at home gym so HIIT is my best alternative for cardio right now. I burn quite a bit of calories from just 45 mins of HIIT so it’s been effective for me so far.

  • While on the “fetching tuti space” (Google it) plan, a couple of my colleagues shed over thirteen pounds! Figuring out about this intrigued me to Google such program too. After giving it a go, I was also able to accomplish weight loss. I`ll keep updating to let you know if this gets much better or worst being that this has just been a week after all..

  • I thought artificial sweeteners are horrible for your actual overall health? I was told they don’t break down the correct way..? I mean how can you eat all this fat and sugar and lean up? I don’t understand. Calories are everything apparently but that is so hard to accept when I’ve been told MACROS MACROS MACROS, watch your protein carbs and fatand sugar of coursenow I’m being told that’s all irrelevant.. I’ll give it a try..

  • Hey coach can you move over just a couple inches to your right please thanks 😉 Wait now to your left. Thanks:D You are a lucky man!

  • Well, I started at around 92-93 kg a few months back and I’m down to 87 kg, without any muscle loss (no strength loss, in fact some gains here and there, in the 5-10 rep range), with IF. I always hated breakfast, I train first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and eat my first meal usually around 14:00. Occasionally I break my fast earlier, at 11:00, or much later, when I fast all day and eat only dinner. A friend of mine lost 10 kg and KEPT them off using IF, when every other thing failed, miserably I might add. An OTHER friend lost more than 20 kg, without even trying really. IF works, to some people, especially those who I) hate breakfast II) are very active. My 2 cents:)

  • Love your continued reference to the fact that if something is working for you that’s fine. I feel we can get caught up in what “the rules” are and don’t take enough time to listen to the signs our bodies send to us.
    …and yes I am much better in many ways when I eat main in the day and light or just bone broth early evening. Thanks for details on the study’s ��

  • In my smoothie I put almond milk, one banana, and a couple blueberries. Is this fine?Also I think I’m going to start adding spinach or black chia seeds

  • I smoke cbd bud. 0% thc. It stops you getting high all the time but you’re still relaxed and you don’t get the munchies! You can sleep and you still fulfill the physical habit of rolling a joint.
    Obviously I don’t recommend smoking at all but it’s the lesser of 2 evils and a good first step to kicking a drug habit. I used to be lazy as shit when I smoked weed with thc.

  • bull been intermit fasting for 4 months have lost 4 st in weight got another 4 stone to go it works for me and I have not lost muscle I train 4 times week on weights never been stronger

  • It’s not even what you eat it’s how much you eat. It’s about caloric deficit. So you can eat pizza and donuts as long as it’s under your maintenance calories. I don’t suggest it tho, eat your vegetables and don’t drink sugary drinks

  • I’ve lost a lot of muslces because intermittent fasting ����
    and I simply didn’t figure out until I put my ass on the scale.
    Since then I eat my breakfast and I start to see results again

  • Fuck yeah, ill be watching this again in 10 seconds. i want to absorb it properly. i’m morbidly obese, yoyo diet and cant lift 30% of what i could before it all.

  • I started with 3 thousand steps, moved to 5 then 8, then 12, then 15, now I’m at 20 thousand a day. I am a lady in my 50s, I lost 70 pounds simply by walking every single for a couple hours. Meeting that weight loss goal was the best feeling in the world.

  • hi’ would you recommend doing an indoor walking workout if we cannot go out to complete 10,000 outside? Joanna Soh has a youtube video on 10,000 indoor steps, is that something you think would be beneficial? ����

  • I always try to have my last meal before 6pm, most of the time however I do one meal a day which is somewhere around 2:30 to 3:30 PM. I do have to say I get very good sleep when I am fasting for at least 8 hours before I go to bed.

  • I feel like when I lift weights, its like doing Hit. Since I am lifting weights for 30sec to 1 min than resting for 1 to 2 min. That’s why I like to do steady state cardio. For the variety rather than the calories.

  • Any exercise that gets you up and going and more important that you enjoy it. Carlo makes perfect sense to me. He seems to know,what he is talking about. I enjoy listening to what advise he has. It makes dance that if you put stress on your body by doing stressful. God gave us two feet so we can walk. I also went fast on my stationary bike and did not see any results. So yes walking is great!!!

  • stop looking like a peter pan and do it dont be a candy ass about it lol he burning cals doing these videos and dont lift fake weights. Greg knows his shit most anyone that preped for show knows what to do

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (do a google search) help me lost crazy amounts of weight? I notice lots of people keep on talking about this popular weight loss secrets.

  • You’ve mentioned that starches and grains could have a major impact on the insulin.. I thought that grains and complexed carbs is the main carb source that were supposed to eat for that satiating feel. As it’s also a source of fibre-that doesn’t raise blood sugar levels that high.. I’m a little confused

  • Diet “pop” as you call it saved my life haha, loved Mtn Dew, herein Australia sugar free Mountain Dew only came to woolies like last year lmao

  • Hi Autumn I know you always stress how bad protein bars really are and I have been noticing the ingredients in many I used to buy that are really not good.. but I love protein bars! So I’ve been trying to find brands that actually are healthy alternatives. Have you heard of or eaten the Kirkland signature protein bars from costco? It seems to me that they are the best Costco has to offer and I have really liked them. Just wondering what your thoughts are? Or if there are any brands for protein bars that you think are actually healthy?

  • My buddy wants to go to sleep after I eat. if I eat in the morning my cortisol and adrenaline levels are too high and I get Disturbed sleep. So my compromise is: eat late eat less

  • I enjoyed this video. He made me laugh with not taking any breaths between sentences. Love the fast pace talking as well as the walking ������

  • Intermittent fasting benefits:

    Weight and body fat loss.
    Increased fat burning.
    Lowered blood insulin and sugar levels.
    Possibly reversal of type 2 diabetes.
    Possibly improved mental clarity and concentration.
    Possibly increased energy.
    Possibly increased growth hormone, at least in the short term

  • Great timing! I have been trying to monitor my protein intake to increase satiety. Would you be able to do a video on protein and fat portions in terms of actual foods? Thanks!

  • They should play Greg’s videos in every high school for health class…. Champion genius….pay attention to every video people!

  • I make my protein shakes after I work out a scoop of whey 24g of protein a scoop of PB2 a whole medium banana milk and a handful of almonds good balance of protein carb and fats for me k

  • Your videos motivate me so much. When I watch your videos I can see through all the bullshit from other youtubers. You’re more grounded, straight to the point, no beating around the bush, no over complications.

    Fuckin love it. All the knowledge you’re giving me is so important man. Thanks.

  • Getting into this diet was so easy and the results were so fast. After only 1 week on the Smoothie Diet I weighed myself and realized I had lost 5 pounds!


  • i have been worked in Mcdonald, eaten mcchicken and fries every single day for 2 months and have not gained any weight.. so that i would say ppl should consider burned or not the kcal u have got a day also exercise and walking fastly is important


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  • Watch Dr Jason fung, dr Eric berg,dr ekberg for intermittent fasting and dr Robert lusting for sugar. You’ll be enlightened by the knowledge they posses. With facts and figures. This guy is good entertainment and (also has good physics) nothing much.

  • I have a question if the hit does not help to lose weight, it helps to activate the glutes and that right? I think I heard it in another video about that help to work your glutes

  • I’m so impressed with how well u structure all of this information. This is the best channel I’ve ever experienced. U need an Onlyfans!!������

  • I gained weight doing IF and making sure I am satiated during eating window like she is suggesting. It’s wrong. IF is good, but eating until satiated will lead to weight gain.

  • Over the years I have personally known many avid distance runners, many at the very least you’d consider kinda chubby. I’ve known many sprinters too. Funny thing, I’ve never met a fat sprinter! They’re all ripped! HIIT?

  • Plantar fascitis is all that is getting in the way of me walking. I don’t think you’re supposed to walk when you have it (plus it hurts). So for now it’s biking until it eases up, which can take several months unfortunately.

  • I walk for about 15-20 minutes going to school and another 15-20 minutes going home. Morning and Afternoon. Eat only biscuits and drink coffee in the morning because I don’t have time, half cup of rice and whatever dish it is in the afternoon as well as on the evening. I loses weight because of that. In just a month many people notices the changes in my body.

  • Coach, what about alcohol? I’ve been waiting for your expert opinion on alcohol and dieting. I’m trying to watch as many videos as possible but haven’t come across one regarding alcohol. I’m looking for a hack here. Not.always.a.moron.

  • I walk 12500 steps every morning, it takes 2.10 hrs, my weight is 120kgs and height is 5’11 is it enough or I need to walk more?

  • I find that smoothies just ferment in my gut if I add any fat or protein or whole grain (like oats). If it’s just fruit and vegetables my body can digest it better.

  • Oh no i’m just walking at least 2 miles a day �� (thank you for your explanation!!) Basically i’m walking three days per week. If i’m not walking i have to do exercises for at least 40 minutes and also eat clean diet and IF. From 126kg to 119kg. My journey to achieve my ideal weight still far. Slowly but surely.

  • I’m new to healthy eating and every time I stray away, come back and listen to your video and I get motivated again �� thanks Autumn! Love your video ♥️

  • Nice video. Enjoyed simplisity of it. 1 cheat meal per week is how I managed to stick with my weightloss journey and I am still going. Currently 14 kg down ��

  • Thanks for the vid. It is easy to follow. Can one live predominantly or wholly on smoothies that will still be overall beneficial for health, build muscle, loose weight, get lean and above all convenience.

  • Hi. Had a question. I am doing IF. Finish my meals by 4pm. I have 3 meals a day. I have hashimotos thyroid. Not losing weight inspite of being active. What am i doing wrong?

  • Weight gain and loss is mostly about eating/fasting and hormones and not sports. But I agree that aerobic walking in fasted state, when fat adapted, is a powerful tool

  • I felt it recently. If I eat late I can even sleep better and wake up unnecessarily as you said. I am also seeing some fats around my stomach which was not the case before

  • I lost 7kg because I don’t eat meat.
    I eat rice with fish sometime with vegetable every day.My snacks are fruits and nuts.
    I eat ice cream for my snack twice a week.
    I drink hot tea or hot coffee making myself in the morning.I drink hot water after my dinner. Especially I love to eat eggs.��������

  • Hi,
    I do a 18/6 fast really easy. I don’t want or miss food, however when I done fasting and eat, I always crave sweet things immediately after my meal, and just keep eating wrong foods. Eat a snack at the end of my 6 hour window and if fasting again.
    What am I doing wrong to crave sweet food for dessert and how can I stop it.

    IF to loose weight and hold off diabetics.
    Thanks for any help.
    Thanks and love your channel.

  • “I’m not gonna teach you science, imma teach you things that work in the actual real world… cause you know… scientific studies don’t”

  • So weird.. I was just telling my husband that late last night I woke up hungry and wanted to snack on something. Then this video pops up. Like did my phone hear me? Lol… anyways I ended up eating a couple of peanuts.

  • This is such a huge issue for me, this is where all my hard work usually go down the drain, I often feel like eating sweet stuff at night. Thank you for the education part. ❤

  • Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping from diet plan to others as well, I think that I must have tried every single weight loss method that was available, however in the end not one of them made it easier for me to shed and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Custokebon Secrets mainly because my friend who told me great things about it and so far to date I have effectively dropped 16 lbs within 3 weeks!

  • I’m at 152lbs, but because I’m only 5’1″, I’m considered overweight. BMI doesn’t take into account bone density/weight. I have strong and heavy bones like my dad. My mom has light “bird” bones and beginning osteoporosis. However, I’m still trying to lose 10 more pounds as my goal.

  • I jut realize that I am off by ten years in the MAF method. I should be running (Jogging) 10 beats per minute slower. I stopped wearing my fit bit all day because I don’t like the marks on my wrist. I wear it only during my 1 hour run each day. With the 5 minute warm up and cool down I am able to get 10,000 steps in. My diet is good and the weight is coming off. I/m comfortable at the rate I’m jogging so I think it may be harder to go slower. Oh I’m 55 so I was going at 135 but staying under 140 BPM. When I’m taking it easy I’m usually at 128 so I’ll make my adjustments tomorrow.

  • Drink lemon water, say no to any junk food, work out at least 30 minutes a day, skip dinner or dont eat after 7pm, but must importantly D R I N K A LOT OF W A T E R!! Drink 2 cups of water before eating so you can be able to eat less���� AND REMEMBER IT MIGHT NOT BE EASY BUT ITS DEFINITELY WORTH IT �� I know you can!!!

  • Nice data Mike. I have a doubt and I hope you can answer me. I have low fat body percentage and I’ve been told that fasting is unhealthy for my case. Do you think it’s true? Should I breakfast until I gain more fat percentage and then start fasting? Thanks in advance!

  • I eat my only meal of the day (massive meal, I should add) in the evening/at night. Usually finish eating 2-3 hours before bedtime (but sometimes eat right before I hit the sheets). Despite the evidence suggesting otherwise, I’ve never looked & felt better. Best shape of my life, but more than that, most enjoyable & rewarding routine I’ve ever followed.

  • Is using coconut water a “no go” in smoothies?? I’m not much of a breakfast eater and I LOVE smoothies, but I just don’t like the taste milks bring to them, so trying to find some alternatives without using fruit juices

  • Go to bed hungry. In the morning not hungry until about 10. Those two hours from 10 to noon get the body in clean up mode. It’s a good plan.

  • My protein shake is oatmeal ����‍♀️ and half banana It keeps me full all the day even half of the next day because I do intermittent fasting I don’t feel hunger at the same time Losing weight but no matter what whenever I had oatmeal i wake up early at 7:00am and drink 2 glass of water

  • While I agree Keto helped me kick start my health journey. I went from 270-200 in 3 month on Keto then starting working out, 3 years later still doing and feeling great.

  • Just made a smoothie, strawberries, 1/2 banana, 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt, spring water and ice, not sure if it was bad but it was delicious lol

  • Dr Berry is my number one guru. You are number two. But…. dr Berry stresses The proper human diet, you don’t really need supplements…ok maybe some minerals, electrolytes. That’s it�� ok I’m done. Thanks Mike very informative, you get into the science more than Dr Berry.!

  • Do ankle weights make much of a difference or not really? Also, does anyone else notice that their Fitbit (or otherwise fitness tracker) counts steps when you’re not actually walking? Like when I drive on even a slightly bumpy road, i notice it’s counting steps with each tiny little bump! �� what do you do about this?

  • 2:22 LOL
    We’re not approaching the longest days of the year.
    The days have been decreasing for some time now.
    So we’re approaching the SHORTEST days of the year. ��

  • Unfortunately this isn’t always a reality for me. I work on the rigs and tonight for example we never finished until 8pm, I was back at camp at 9 and just finished eating at 925. And ill be up again at 5. I take breakfast with me and try not to eat it until noon but for me eating before 6pm is just not possible all the time. I wish it was.

  • I honestly never thought I’ll keep watching your videos! But here I am implementing everything you say in all your videos. Changed my look at carbs and body fuel and which burns faster than the other and blah blah..! Oh thank you!!!! So relieving to listen to facts
    I now eat everything without too many restrictions especially bread and pasta not to forget those French toasts ��lol im staying healthy while I eat what I thought was unhealthy and got rid of cookies in my cabinets ��I’m much leaner and slim and most of all not hungry
    thank you Mr Greg and Keep these videos coming ��

  • I walk an hour a day, hit at least 20k steps daily, and practice 2MaD (Breakfast and dinner)

    I’m healthier, fitter, and enjoying the time to myself!

  • Hi Mike! Thanks for spreading this info. This eating window really works, especially for optimal sleep like you said. I find that if I eat dinner at 7:45 ish to 8pm I can’t sleep until 2am. Also my digestion is very sluggish at nighttime. For me I feel good and sleep better when I stop eating before 6 pm.

  • I’m unable to make sense of this, if you eat say exactly 2000 Calories in 24hr cycles, why does time of the day matter? Law of thermodynamics has to be broken to make you fat.

  • Does speed matter when you walk or you just need to colmplete that 10,000 steps or more? I really am curious cause I have really sensitive knees due to an injury and running and sprinting is really painful for me but I can manage walking. Hope you can reply back Thanks!

  • I don’t like eating at work. I get home after 6 and go to sleep at 10. So if I eat it’ll almost always be 2-3 hours before I sleep. My solution: just don’t eat ����

  • First of all that wasn’t a macaroni, and basically the only difference is the shape. Don’t eat pasta if you’re trying to lose weight

  • I didn’t see the link for the “hemp-dried…”??? you take right before bed. Is that different than the Berberine supplement? Thanks! I’m a newbie. Thanks for your great content!

  • This rings true to me. If I eat late after a long fast, i can’t sleep until 2-3am from all the food energy. Was actually already in the process of moving my clock back; great timing.

  • What exactly is Custokebon Secrets? How does this thing really work? I notice many people keep on talking about this popular fat burn method.

  • Yasss!! Ive been trying to do my 10k steps a day which is hard coz i work in the office. But i try my best everyday.. walk during my breaktime even though its hot outside ����
    And I’ve been doing 16/8 daily for years and do longer sometimes

  • Defo going to consider this! I have a family so, while doing OMAD, (but 2MAD on the weekends) I try to eat my meal between 5pm 7pm. That way I can eat around the same time they are eating. But after listening to this, I may just have to adjust this and if I’m not getting my desired results. Thank you.

  • Thank you for bringing the science to us:-)!
    I wish the 2nd study would be repeated with different nutrient macros. As a proponent and user of low carb / keto / carnivore, I find the findings of the 2nd study limited in their applicability, albeit the general advice of not eating late is sensible. When I eat 80-100g of carbs at 10 pm like done in the study for some reason (let’s say cheat day), I can’t even fall asleep properly and sweat like crazy during the night. I don’t seem to have the same problem when I eat 80-100g of fat that late (let’s say coconut milk).
    Mike, if I may ask, how many hours before bed time does your wife finish her OMAD? Maybe other watchers have also input on this, I am trying to structure my day better so that digestion doesn’t interfere with sleep (too much).

  • I found when I am done eating between 4-6pm I digest proper. Elimination is not an issue. Post 6pm bloat and issues with elimination.

  • I agree
    I’ve experimented with this lately. Even though you go to bed a little hungry you wake up well rested and your body feels lean and energized plus your not hungry after waking up and realize what hunger is really like vs cravings.

  • Intermittent fasting has helped me SO much with cutting out late night snacking. So happy I’ve found this tool! I don’t eat past 8, and it’s a hard rule for me. This mental switch combined with a satiating dinner has contributed to reaching my weightloss goals! Thanks Autumn, love your channel!

  • 1500 calories a day, lifting weights for one hour a night taking most sets to failure, zero cardio, lost 24.5 pounds in 30 days. Edit Starting weight 392lbs. I am hoping my weight lifting will counter act any metabolism slow down. I guess we will see.

  • I’m OMAD and I fast from lunchtime to lunchtime. I tried 2MAD with a 4 hour eating window but during work I eat my lunch and forget that other meal around 6pm so I’m automatically back to OMAD. I only eat when I’m hungry I could fast during summer 6-7 days in a row without eating but my doc changed my blood thinner (genetic thrombophilia) to one which is hitchhiking dietary protein to get where it is needed, so I have to eat and since I can’t sleep with a full belly I eat my one big meal at lunch. My gut has enough time to digest cause I’m Carnivore before I go to sleep

  • I eat 7am breakfast, between 11 to 12nn lunch and skip dinner. First week its a bit challenging, can’t sleep properly at night because I can feel my stomach asking for food. Now its the opposite, no longer craving at night.

  • I’m glad I discovered your channel! I’ve been walking almost everyday for about an hour. However, I have a physical limitation, femoral nerve/muscle weakness. As a result, I have difficulty with stairs especially going down, inability to raise my leg/knee up in a sitting and laying position plus I can’t go on my knees. So walking is great, I just can’t do it for longer duration as my affected leg will get tired triggering in buckling in my knee. I have a stationary bike and I try do hiit training on it but it can get tiring. But I haven’t been doing much strength training which I’m trying to work on. Thanks for your channel and your useful tips.

  • 6 to 12 hours after waking is the best for me. Going to sleep empty stomach takes getting used to but once it becomes a habit it’s easy.

  • I’ve been walking on the treadmill at 4.7km/ph for about an hour a day which is classified as a slow pace. According to my fitbit I’ve noticed I end up going into anaerobic and even reach vo2max sometimes. If I have to stay in aerobic zone I feel like I’m walking too slow! Do I really need to slow down?

  • I recently searched for “fetching tuti space” and found the outcomes fascinating so I tried it. When I tried using this diet plan, it wasn`t long before I began shedding pounds! In just a period of three months, I was able to drop 20 lbs. I`ll use the plan to lose another 10 pounds. I attained success even with a week of consuming a great deal of oily foods numerous times a day..

  • 3 WALKING MISTAKES that’s preventing you from losing weight. Let me know your thoughts below!
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  • question: what bout Penne, Ziti, Rigatoni, & such? do you consider those ‘Macaroni’? because technically, macaroni is curved pasta as used in Mac & Cheese…

  • I like to have my biggest meal in the middle of the day, because I’m too weak-willed to wait too long, and if I eat too early, and start fasting, I get heartburn when I try to sleep.

  • I am sure you not believe me if you see my old photo….I loss 45 kg in 3 yrs with great diet plan & workouts…��… alhamdullh..
    Tnx to my trainer..

  • the evidence is piling up: frontload calories in the morning and stop eating a few hours before bed. (there’s no need to call this intermittent fasting or fasting. it’s eating during daylight hours and stopping before sunset. the most basic eating for a diurnal animal.)

  • I actually love the fast editing and cutting out any slow parts. Almost every body edits like this nowadays and for a reason, people like it! if you didn’t I wouldn’t have watched the whole video.

  • Thanks for the video! It was interesting to listen to your thoughts on protein in smoothies. It would be awesome if you can do a video on what is the right amount of protein we should have in a day. There is a lot of mixed research I have found on that subject. Your thoughts would be appreciated. ��

  • If personally been experimenting with the window, and I have also found it beneficial to have the eating window earlier in the day. If done both for long periods of time 6 months + and it’s better in the morning.

  • this was very helpful! thank u for this video, i’m gonna definitely check out the meal prep ideas! thats what im most guilty of! i can drop sugar, drink a lot of water, etc but then i can never decide what to eat, especially as a picky eater!!! thank u! ��

  • SMH. There is not wrong way to walk. If you are getting up and moving, you are doing fine. Eat sensibly and walk as much as you can or enjoy. Oh, and I eat bread and I have lose 20 pounds, so stop demonizing bread and grains.

  • You are totally right. I have always stopped eating at least 6 hours before I go to bed (that would be TDM of about 9 hours). I have always done that even before I knew about intermittent fasting. I do not sleep well when I have anything in my stomach.

  • Great video with some awesome tips, Lacey! I admit that water intake is still difficult for me, but I’m improving slowly. And I think one tip most people overlook is the strength training. It does work! Thanks again for the great video!