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9 Practical Weight­ Management Tips Inspired by Japan 1. START EATING SOY. Japan’s reliance on plant-based protein, especially soy, pays off in terms of weight loss, 2. SNACK SMART. The typical Japanese food pattern consists of three meals per day and an “oyatsu,” or afternoon snack. 3. FILL UP. 9 Practical Weight­ Management Tips Inspired by Japan.

1. START EATING SOY. Japan’s reliance on plant-based protein, especially soy, pays off in terms of weight loss, according to Katie Ferraro, RD 2. SNACK SMART. The typical Japanese food pattern consists of three meals per day and an “oyatsu,”. 9 Practical Weight­ Management Tips Inspired by Japan. 1. Start Eating Soy.

Japan’s reliance on plant-based protein, especially soy, pays off in terms of weight loss, according to Katie Ferraro, RD 2. Snack Smart. The typical Japanese food pattern. Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke recently discovered an interesting method that helped him to lose 13 kg (28.7 lb) and 12 cm (4.7″) from the waist in just a few weeks. This result was a side effect of a back pain relief exercise prescribed to him by a doctor, and this exercise takes him only 2 minutes a day.

Bright Side invites you to try this technique and understand exactly how it helps you. Purchase the Weight Management and Wellbeing in Japan country report as part of our weight management market research for October 2019. Euromonitor International is the leading provider of strategic market research reports.

9 Practical Weight­ Management Tips Inspired by Japan Unknown August 01, 2018 When it comes to living the longest, and the healthiest, the Japanese are Number 1 — quite literally. 9 Practical Weight­ Management Tips Inspired by Japan. by Aleisha Fetters June 28, 2017. When it comes to living the longest, and the healthiest, the Japanese are Number 1 — quite literally. Children born in Japan today enjoy the best life expectancy of any country in the world: 84 Read More. 31 Comments.

June 26, 2017. Cr. 9 Practical Weight­ Management Tips Inspired by Japan.

Cr. 13 Japanese Diet Tips For A Healthy And Gorgeous You. share. share. share. Disclaimer: หากมีข้อสงสัย กรุณาติดต่อทีมงานมาที่ [email protected] 91/1 อาคารไชโย ชั้น 5 ถนน.

9 Practical Weight­ Management Tips Inspired by Japan | MyFitnessPal When it comes to living the longest, and the healthiest, the Japanese are Number 1 — quite literally. Children born in Japan today enjoy the best life. Make Weight Management a Lifetime Goal.

What happens after the diet is over? Get expert tips for eating and exercising to achieve long-term weight loss.

List of related literature:

I’d been sure to pack healthy snacks such as crackers and canned tuna in my suitcase because I knew that low-calorie food might be an issue in Japan considering the difference in language and limited access to foods.

“Off Balance: A Memoir” by Dominique Moceanu, Teri Williams, Paul Williams
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To be successful at weight management, some of these had to be changed.

“Handbook of Intellectual Disabilities: Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice” by Johnny L. Matson
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Decluttering has even been presented as a literal way to lose weight in Japanese dieting culture.

“Beyond Kawaii: Studying Japanese Femininities at Cambridge” by Brigitte Steger, Angelika Koch, Christopher Tso
from Beyond Kawaii: Studying Japanese Femininities at Cambridge
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Some of these can be useful, such as specifically formulated diets that can help with weight control.

“Run, Spot, Run: The Ethics of Keeping Pets” by Jessica Pierce
from Run, Spot, Run: The Ethics of Keeping Pets
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Yet none of these are likely to do much to either lower our weights or improve our health because of their whole approach.

“Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America's Obesity Epidemic” by J. Eric Oliver
from Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America’s Obesity Epidemic
by J. Eric Oliver
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So can the Perfect 10 Diet change the health of people around the world?

“The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!” by Michael Aziz
from The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!
by Michael Aziz
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Appropriation of the Chinese-derived medical system is common for weight reduction pills, teas, and formulas, such as Miracle China, a diet drink powder.

“Beauty Up: Exploring Contemporary Japanese Body Aesthetics” by Laura Miller
from Beauty Up: Exploring Contemporary Japanese Body Aesthetics
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Although the Japanese are not nearly as overweight as Americans (24 per cent as compared to 65 per cent), there is concern over changes in eating patterns.

“Comparative Health Policy” by Robert Blank, Viola Burau, Ellen Kuhlmann
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Worldwide epidemic of obesity: Hope for Japanese diets.

“Bioactive Foods in Promoting Health: Fruits and Vegetables” by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy
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The composition (list of ingredients) should be listed on the product label in order of decreasing weight percentage.

“International Food Law and Policy” by Gabriela Steier, Kiran K. Patel
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  • Hey everyone! How much do you weigh? �� What is your dream weight?

    Here’s a Japanese method to lose weight. It’s unusual but it does work! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PE4nLROBng&t=1s

  • I am 5’8.5″ tall and I am Japanese, weighing 110 pounds.I’m not gaining weight, what should I do?I often eat sushi, natto (fermented soybeans), miso soup and white rice.

  • Exactly! Totally correct… I agree. Also: Hara Hachi Bun Me; eating only until you’re 80% full.

    Japanese philosophy is also about eating while using all of your senses and appreciating every little thing in connection to the food.
    Meaning: having a deep appreciation and thankfulness for the whole process that has gone into making the meal; form start to finish, having respect for each of the things in the process. This is also done by saying “Itadakimasu”.

  • I never understood why people eat salads for meals.. it’s not supposed to be the main course. It’s supposed to be a snack or something quick to eat whilst you’re waiting for your actual meal. It’s low in calories but can fill you up in a pinch. However it won’t last long.

  • AHHH BEETROOT IN SOUP YES! My grandmother made a chicken beetroot soup a few years ago, and my sister and I still talk about it sometimes! But all the chicken beetroot soup recipes online are borscht….. D:

  • I am currently living in Japan.. I don’t eat so much Japanese food because I am Filipina. I eat a lot as in a lot. what made me slim is my work.. We should work work work like a robot in Japan. everyone works fast and efficient here so that’s why people are thin. Work is our boyfriend/girlfriend here. and not all Japanese people are eating small my Japanese workmates eats a lot and they are slim as well. They drink a lot of soda as well everyday..

  • I know people who go super overboard on protein powder. I can’t seem to get people to understand that too much protein can wreak havoc on the kidneys, but also excess protein will be broken down into sugar.

  • はい、そうです。Hai, sō desu.Yes, that’s right.1 EXAMPLE ▾野菜yasaivegetables1 EXAMPLE ▾日本のNihon noJapanese (item, thing)1 EXAMPLE ▾お菓子o-kashisweets, snacks, candy1 EXAMPLE ▾これkorethis1 EXAMPLE ▾魚sakanafish1 EXAMPLE ▾ようかんyōkansoft sweet red bean jelly1 EXAMPLE ▾日本NihonJapan5 EXAMPLES ▾肉nikumeat

  • Bright Side: No snacking
    No One:
    Literally No One:

    ShinChan every time he goes to a store with his mum: MOM CHOCCO CHIPS MOM CHOCCO CHIPS!

  • Again mistakes by Bright Side, false information…Australia has small portion sizes…I’ve lived in USA, Japan, Australia and China….Australian portions are small

  • Just FYI. Asian Americans have a life expectancy of 86.3 years, which is even higher than the Japanese (85.03 years). Life style is certainly the most crucial factor. Meanwhile, is genetic difference also plays a role here?

  • Respect respect respect respect respect respect to foods is heaven on earth love love love love love love love love love love love from Kenya

  • Respect and honour his soul journey from Kenya heaven on earth love love love love love love light from Kenya beautiful beautiful beautiful soul

  • I’m from the Netherlands. I’ve lived in Japan for six years. I never looked and never felt better as I did over there.
    My mom always has hot flares due to menopausal issues.
    When she came to visit me in Japan, they went away and when she was back home, it started again.

  • (as a Russian who gained more than 11-15 kilos or 30-33 pounds for one year in Japan)
    1. Fish is good, but only fish I can afford on a daily basis now is surimi.
    2. Genetics! The first thing I was told to forget about by Russian nutritionist was white rice. It really made me frustrated that I couldn’t eat normal Japanese bento or had to leave the rice… Don’t eat any rice now.
    3. The oil thing is true! (tonkatsu and karaage tho)
    4. Gonna ignore escalators from now xd
    5. Envy those who lose their appetite in summer
    6. In my case, low temperature in the room causes weak blood circulation and swelling
    7. Big plastic bags everyday is kinda zeitaku xd
    8. Moyashi cabbage! Other vegs are zeitaku
    9. Same with white rice
    10. This one is definitely healthy. But neither green tea nor black oolong helped me to lose weight xd
    11. Always using drying machine xd
    12. I’ve got 2-3 plates and two cups, don’t even wash them every day
    13. Not sure about the US, but in Russia food is sold in much bigger portions, but you’re not supposed to eat it all at once.
    14. McDonalds portion sizes must be the same in Russia…
    15. That’s true, not only portions are small (but I guess cakes served in fancy oshare restaurants are small everywhere), the whole cakes are so small and super expensive!

  • 1.) Fish
    2.) White rice
    3.)less oil
    4.) Train
    5.) So hot
    6.) House is cold burns own fat
    7.) Shopping every day
    8.) Eat more vegetables
    9.) Healthy sweets
    10.) Drink Green tea
    11.) No Drying Machines
    12.) No Dishwasher
    13.) Food amount is small
    14.) Fast food is small
    15.) Delicious yet small and filling

  • Living in America the foods and sweets there is insane because in the store the amount of foods sold to us is more than the serving size. Also the fast food places are everywhere, there are less convenient stores than fast food places. Less healthier opinions. Everything has perseveres. Rice here makes us gain weight easily but the worst thing is that we are lazy and wouldn’t exercise like we are supposed to.

  • My culture is based on potatoes I simply do not like rise or pasta, actually I´d rather eat rise, than pasta and also we are the milk and beer culture, I hate the taste of green tea and black tea to me with lemon and honey is what I drink when I am ill. Also I hate the taste of meat and fish specially. It doesn´t help that I am autistic and have problems with new tastes, but I have cut out the brad and pastry and also do all the cooking at home and as I started to study Japanese I also started to eat some of these things and I have bought the special seasoning for rice via ebay not to eat it plain and since than I feel much better. The sugar and things made out of flour were hard to cut out, but the best thing is going cold turkey. So great that fast food is so expensive where I live. I also do not eat fried things.

  • Dr. Mike, what is your take on 0 calorie products such as diet 0, Walden syrup, Aspartame, etc. I would love to know your opinion since these products are surrounded by a lot of controversy.

  • I came back from Japan yesterday. I walked 3-5 hrs each day, took the stairs at train station. Ate Japanese food for 35 days. There servings are smaller than Australia. They do have dishwashers and clothes dryers but their accommodation is very small so most don’t have room for them. They eat vegetables for breakfast lunch & dinner. Using chopsticks slows down food consumption so your stomach says I’m no longer hungry,(if you listen) after all this I lost 1kg!!! That’s right only one!, it’s genetic they are small people. I’m not tall but I was a whole head taller than most (not all) females. In the onsen (public bath) I saw lots of chubby Japanese women my age. We can look fatter being bigger in bone and height but American do eat much too much sugar in their diet and the servings are huge.

  • Japanese lifestyle, they’re used to walk. The subway/metro in Tokyo, the stairs are very high and quite steep for Indonesian like me.
    Compared to Jakarta, the weather is colder.
    They serve food in small portion.
    So, I’ve proven that spending holiday in Japan, you’ll get slimmer. Or at least you won’t gain much weight ��

  • Thank you for the good information, I follow you from Iraq, take a look at our Iraqi food, it contains around 2000 calories per meal! =)

  • I believe everything you said, I lived in Japan for 2 years and it was so awesome and amazing, I miss the food and the shopping for my kids I wish to go back������

  • genetics, genetics, genetics!! fat percentage differs drastically from ethnicity to ethnicity. japanese body fat is lower than many others such as german, polish, italian.

  • I found you through the suggested videos. First your videos are very informative.
    I just made YouTube channel so I’m definitely doing research. Thanks for all your
    help. Please keep it up! Just Subbed!

  • Definitely eating healthy in Japan is easier to do. I lived there for for years and I can attest to that. Thank you for this video

  • Can you tell us how Japanese clean their house and how they keep it clean and what the rules and how do you keep everything organized

  • My diet plan for eating every 2 hours is
    6.00 am wakeup
    6.15 am 200 ml of boiled cumin water
    7.00 am green tea
    9.00 am Indian breakfast idly/upma/dosa/poha/vada/puri / waffles with blueberry jam
    11.00 am lemon water
    1.00 pm 1 chapati with any Indian veg or non-veg curry
    3.00 pm 1 medium glass of buttermilk/ 5 tablespoon curd (since my body is heat body )
    5.00 pm any kind of fruit/ nuts/ greentea/ lemon water
    8.00 pm Suffola masala oats 1 small cup/ 1 chapati
    10.00 pm sleep

    My daily Selfcare:
    8 hours sleep
    3liter of water
    Fitness chloe tings programe
    Meditation for 5 minutes
    no sugar
    no junk food/street food

    Note: If I get a little bit starving in between evening snack and my dinner I mostly eat a small or medium banana
    If you ask why banana? Banana will reduce our food starving and gives instant energy to our body.

    Iam 18 years old.Iam suffering with PCOS from 1 and half year. So I cured them by following 3 days egg diet and after 3 days I started above diet and I cant find my pcos…so its cured…Iam getting regularly

    Hope you guys are safe in quarantine…hope it helps

  • Genetics. A bigger reason.:) I love fish also. Depends on genetics. I really think its nice to watch your food but its life. Love different foods. It’s funny. But I believe some of this is partly true.:)

  • I love you.

    For clarification, what makes Japanese slim are:

    Stairs and not train
    Poor airconditioner
    First world problems like lack dryers and diswashing machine.
    Middle eastern countries are not slim…though its hot…

    These makes me laugh… I do and lacks this things but l’m still fat

  • America is a bit too dependent on cars and fast foods and not too worried about sidewalks and less cars. Maybe if we take out most cars, make places easier to walk to, and cut a large amount of calories off of the food we eat and start making the food ourselfs, we can be how we want to be without too mucb effort.

  • After watching this video many times, I’ve been trying to incorporate more healthy options like you XD also, I know this isn’t related, but I really like that blue shirt XD I want to know where you got it loll keep up the good work <3

  • Ok. It’s a lifestyle that individual’s possessed and adapted. Every human, different lifestyle they lived for. No matter Japan held the title with long expectancy based on a survey, that doesn’t mean they live that longer than any other countries. I don’t believe any of survey without my eyes took a picture out of it and analyze in my mind if it’s true or false or maybe tralse.

  • Could you please do some more weight-loss tips ect! I need to lose weight and I have been cal counting! Could you do a video on more of this topic?

  • I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  • Counting calories are driving me nuts! Then I’m over exercising to the point of exhaustion and end up being feeling so starved at midnight!!! I have to eat!

  • I’m blasain and my parents are asking me why I’m more Asian i eve have the accent and I eat Asian food and I said it’s bc of YouTube

  • THANK YOU FOR THIS!! I’m originally from HK too and I never want to sacrifice any good chinese food for the sake of being healthier but this was so nice to watch and relate to!!

  • Im so happy this is a video because all these healthy videos I see are people eating avocado toast and fruit smoothies and protein shakes… and as an asian, I don’t really eat any of this stuff. I was concerned about not being healthy, but I saw this, and it helped me relax more.

  • hi emily just want to. thank you for all the work out youve shared everyday. i feel energetic and your work out always complete my day keep. up. the good work more. subscribers to come. Godbless

  • what a success. very honest. here are some other effective recipes that can even reverse obesity, diabetes, high blood, and other diseases from dr. terry shintani’s peacediet.org or see his videos from http://www.AskDrShintani.com, please see them too!

  • In my case, I eat too much at a time from stress and trauma. I tried the chopsticks…. I certainly couldn’t eat as much! I would love to learn more about Japan and Japanese culture.

  • In Japan, there is the word “Moderate eating keeps the doctor away”. It means moderate eating will not make you sick. We are taught this word by our parents when we are children. That is one of the rational reason. Sorry for my poor English.

  • Your home food looks so healthy and wholesome, at home we have alot of rice with black sesame and very meaty meats with lots of sodiums and good veggies like fermented cabbage with spinach or sweet potato but the meats and rice plus we have lots of big portions makes the foods feel unhealthy

  • Japanese are following the rules of prophet hazrat muhammad (S.A). In islam says that when you eat your you sit down in flat places and not fulfill your stomach. Which people following this rules they aren’t sick.They always expect a healthy life.

  • Actively spoiling food is the most horrible advice I ever head. There’s people out there that go hungry or even die of hunger and you’ll throw perfectly good food away?!?! It’s stupid enough that slightly damaged or short before expiration goods are thrown away at food stores while it’s often still good for days to come (at least here in Germany) are you actually willing to throw away something that you bought from your own hard earned money?

  • So am I the only one who noticed how uncomfortable she looked with that guy when he was getting affectionate…are we just ignoring that?

  • live in asia
    mom: why u don’t eat
    me: mom i’m diet
    that’s why i never get a slim body

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  • Love the way u present �� she’s not loud this is her natural way of speaking with full of energy and potentiality wowww ❤️❤️bravooo

  • Mam Jo Aapne ye 4 chz btayi h( Amla powder,flax seed,ginger powder, cinnamon powder ) vo kis ratio m Leni h Orr kitne din tk Lene h…. Mam plz reply

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  • Jab body me blood he nahi hoga..to wo pass kaise hoga..pcod sirf aur sirf..blood ki kmi ki wajah se hota hai..npt harmonal imbalnace…aur blood na hone ki wajah se weight badhta hai..aur doctor ye batate nahi…sirf laaal chize khaiye

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  • Agar ap apni zindgi bilkul badalna chahty hain tu ye video zarur dekhain

  • I was actually annoyed since it seemed you’re shouting for no reason. My friend forwarded me this video as I’m suffering from PCOD. While I was about to skip the rest of the video due to the incessant loud screams, I happened to see your channel’s name!

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  • नमस्कार मैं मध्य प्रदेश से हूं मैंने अपने शरीर से वजन को भी कम किया है और वजन ज्यादा होने से जो परेशानियां थी
    डाइजेशन खराब रहता था 12 महीने मुंह में छाले रहते थे
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  • Your detail is good but pls focus on voice control, your are like shooting.
    Will get better if your speaking softly.
    Pls take it positive

  • Plzz ek aisa diet plan video dijiye jinko pcod pcos hai or
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  • Japanese never had a problem with weight until they started eating American/Western food. They used to live on mostly fish and rice dishes.

  • घर रहकर बॉडी को फिट करें। फेट लॉस प्रोग्राम का हिस्सा बने 100% फिटनेस की गारंटी हमारी ऑनलाइन वर्चुअल क्लब ज्वाइन करें बिल्कुल फ़्री हेल्थ की जानकारी मिलती रहेगी। मुझे सीरियस लोग चाहिए जो अपना 5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 30kg वजन / फेट कम करना चाहते हैं मै उनकी हेल्प कर सकता हूं एक अच्छी डाइट प्लान के साथ।
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  • Pcod me bhut bar underweight rhta h…uske bare me bhi baat krlo yr koi…koi to pcod me wt kaise gain krna chahiye ispe video bnaoo

  • Thank you so much Gunjan i really appreciate your advice n will start to apply to my life style, i am always stressed coz my periods are not coming on time every month and also i am trying to conceive baby.

  • Abby Sharp did a video on NOOM and how it promotes disordered dieting. Did you do research into the app, or did you just take the ad as it was? Your support of the app seems inconsistent with how it actually works according to Sharp’s more thorough review of the app?

  • @gunjan ji.. special PCOD related exercise video provide kro it’s humble request… please on video on PCOD exercise………….

  • gunjan di I am so much inspired by you, kitni fit ho aap and sabse achchi baat yeh hai ki aap yeh tips share karte ho taaki doosre bhi fit reh sake, yeh pcod ki problem mujhe bhi hai thanks for suggesting oziva

  • Muja 3 saal se pcod thi, sab medicne try kiya kuvh nahi hua, Last me Our Ayurveda name ki company ka ayurvdic medicne le 4 months, 4 months Khana ka baad meri pcod ki problem thik ho gayi,
    Ummed nahi thi muja 1% be But acha results mila

  • I don’t eat any of the processed food. only ghar ka khna with 2 chapatis only and maggie once in a month. but still i am overweight and unable to lose weight

  • I loved intermitted fasting but sadly it caused me to pass out randomly. I don’t know if it’s because of my G6pd or sickle cell but I lost weight at a moderate and fair pace but sadly the consequences outweigh the benefit for me.

  • I think when they said “It’s okay to be hungry” it means that you shouldn’t feel bad when you get hungry, because… everyone gets hungry at times. So you shouldn’t feel bad if you feel hungry (I don’t talk right after you eat). I know this feeling, as somtimes I eat and hungry again after two hours. And it’s irritating.

  • Here’s some advice, DON’T EAT GARBAGE! Sure you can calculate how much exercise it would take to work out that candy bar OR… you can just not eat it. BAM weight loss.

  • Please dont recommend tuna nor salmon as a main protein source. Tuna is severely overfished, many species are the red list; same goes for salmon, and salmon from aquacultures are overtreated with antibiotics and other things.

  • I have lost about 30Kg of weight in 8 months this year. Is there anything you can do about having a bit of loose skin in your stomach area?

  • Try eating sunflower seeds… I just sat here overeating cookies, then switched to sunflower seeds and now I’m not hungry anymore at all! ����

  • Doctor Mike, review chubbyemu if you can. His channel have been my go to for entertaining but informative medical videos. It’s also a great life hack to watch before SGDs. Might help some struggling medical students who view your channel.:)

  • if i plan on making something like pancakes, that’s when i’ll add un-flavored protein so then it’s not just all carbs and sugar. i do the same with mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, etc. i did have bariatric surgery 6 years ago so protein is important for me to stay full. i also have had a lot of eating disorder therapy to figure out the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger. sometimes people can’t tell the difference. it usually has to do with past trauma and people using food as a coping mechanism. a good test would be to drink a protein shake with at least 25 grams of protein and take 20 minutes to drink it, then check in & see if you are still hungry. if you are, it’s probably emotional hunger. then it’s important to fill that void with a hobby or exercise or anything until you forget you were still hungry. Noom sounds like a great app vs. just tracking your food intake. the therapy part of losing weight is essential. i think that’s something that is lacking when people have bariatric surgery. we are required to do a psych consult beforehand, but the years after are just as important. a lot of people gain the weight back and then people think it doesn’t work. it only works if you figure out why you gained the weight in the first place and deal with it. thank you for coming to my ted talk. lol

  • one thing that helped me lose 20kg ( I was doing gym 5 times a week, 1:30 hrs cardio + weights) was that I was hading all my lunches in a buffet style restaurant (college restaurant) so I could weigh my food and keep it to a max of 500g, mostly protein and veggies with not a lot of carbs

  • Noom is not really great. It is expensive. Bad customer service. Difficult to cancel subscription. There is calorie restriction. I was told to eat 1200calories a day. The personal coaching is ridiculous. They just throw at you very general information on your very specific question.

  • what are your views on using virtual reality for weight loss? i have seen a lot on the calories you can burn with certain games. i have tried it a few times and i get sore muscles in 20-30 minutes with FitXR. it’s purely cardio, but ”better than nothing”

    also i have been looking at natural movement (movnat) to increase mobility. a lot of it seems to be ground movement like crawling on all fours, balancing and hopping of obstacles. (and apparently playing tarzan in the trees for more advanced people.)

  • Should generally healthy teens try to lose weight by themselves because of insecurities? If not, why? What will the consequences be? Asking for a friend…

  • I know this video is old but I would love to know about the customs of Japan… I’m under the impression nearly everything has some meaning or superstition. Is that for everyone or traditional families?….

  • The EECG in green tea does increase metabolic levels according to test done in metabolic Labs at NIH. Not a miracle but it does boost metabolism three to four cups a day

  • Whey protein and scientific studies has shown to help women especially burn fat and retain muscle do your due diligence in your research dr. It also provides many critical amino acids such as L-glutamine. Like most doctors it doesn’t seem like you know very much about nutrition

  • Stop consuming refined sugar & processed carbohydrates. This will also reduce inflammation caused by ingesting these poisons:::)) also do not drink alcohol & only have black coffee or tea with no sugar (green & white tea is good). Intermittent fasting is super best practised a few days per week with a few days break between each one. Start the day with fruit progress to starchy & end the day with high protein and fat content food such as nuts or eggs. I no longer exercise as long or as hard (just occasionally) but I have lost a lot of FAT and I was around 9-11% before. I feel better & look better. FYI I have never drunk alcohol but just cut all that baloney out!

    You also have to hold yourself accountable & be honest with yourself: the above is a life style not a fad or a diet. You do not treat your prize possession with disrespect so why treat yourself with disrespect?

    Peace & Love!

  • Can we just add that reaching a “healthy weight” is not always about loosing weight. Smaller does not equal healthier, everyone’s “healthy weight” is different. Which is something I really think you should talk about in videos like this as eating disorders is a thing and it can lead to death if not treated.

  • Does taking proteolytic enzymes with protein (e.g. whey protein shake etc) increase absorption of the protein and therefore mean you can build muscle more quickly?

  • and the world is crazy about intermittent fasting which is so bad for people with gastric problems…….lol. attributing it to religion bla bla bla….

  • My issue is binge eating, a couple days ago I ate a whole box of kraft Mac n cheese at like 1am. I feel like I went from one extreme of having anorexia to the other. Went from losing weight rapidly to gaining weight rapidly. I went to inpatient treatment a year and a half ago now I always am hungry even after I eat when I was super anorexic could go days with no food and not feel hungry I don’t understand it. I don’t know how to maintain a weight without gaining or losing

  • Can green tea be drunk during intermittent fasting periods? Also, at best I’m only able to push myself 12-14 hours when I fast. ):

  • Dr Mike…when you were talking about water keeping you hydrated….does the drink Body Armour as good as water or better or worse?

  • I am weird. Don’t need to worry about what I eat. (It could be because I did sports till I was 18.) If I walk two miles at least once a week I lost weight without trying. Went to 3xl shirt to xl shirt in about 4 weeks. (that be 22 of this month)

  • Hey Dr. Mike, I was curious if you had any healthy tips for gaining weight? I’ve heard a lot of “advice” that isn’t very healthy. Like, EAT ICE-CREAM AND CAKE ALL DAY! lol

  • How old are you doctor M? I know it’s too personal, so you don’t need to respond. Do you have someone special who you may be thinking a long term life’s journey together, either male or female? It is because we like you so much that your audiences are curious.
    Thank you. Have a wonderful days and weeks, so on.

  • I lost 60 pounds by counting calories on my phone it is in my estimation 90 percent diet. I looked it up and at 200 pounds you can burn about 330 calories spending about a half hour on a rowing machine. You can then go home and undo all of those calories burned by eating 2 sugar cookies. Exercise can help and is good for a host of other reasons. But it’s extremely difficult to out exercise a high calorie diet.

  • My son had strep throat when he was a toddler (he is 26 now) and about a week later was diagnosed with Scarlett fever. My jaw dropped! I was told later that strep can lead to this condition. Is that true? It has been bugging me for a while. Thank you so much for all you do����

  • Dr. Mike, thanks for the quick, humorous clip of you fixing dinner in the kitchen. Many (including me) can relate to you! Three quick ideas for quick, healthy, and affordable eating: a) having a traditional Turkish breakfast-for lunch-has been a great option for a packed lunch (hard-boiled egg, fresh black olives, feta cheese, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, Greek yogurt with fruit, french bread, and tea); b) for dinner have a good stash of greens (fresh spinach, romaine, kale, spring garden mix) in the fridge and, then, bake or broil a filet of steak, salmon, or chicken breast; and c) while the oven is on (for point B), in another pan include another portion of meat with carrot, onion, fresh pepper, and potato slices-you’ll multi-task and make a small roast. This food prep should provide simple, healthy, and tasty leftovers, too. Bon appetit!:)

  • I didn’t know what intermittent fasting was until now, and I just realized that I always been eating like this (eating nuts and vegetables all day and having one normal meal a day) this is always been my way of eating cus I love fruits, I didn’t know it has a name!!

  • “Getting in shape is hard, maintaining it is easy.” Was the best advice I had ever gotten. There are no “miracle” pills or short cuts. Just good old healthy eating with exercise and plenty of rest and sleep.

  • It’s just genetics….. i visited Tokyo for 15 days and i gained 4kg….and i walked a lot….
    I guess eating carbs is not good for my body..

  • most of these bad tips are ALL OVER anorexia blogs and accounts…..and I’ve done almost all of them. Having Dr.Mike react so negatively to them honestly makes me feel better. Thanks. Sometimes you get in this mindset where this kind of thinking is actually so normalized you can’t even see how terrible and abnormal it really is….yikes.

  • मेरा नाम मुकेश है और मैंने अपना 16 किलो वजन घटाया है अगर आप भी अपना वजन को घटाने या बढ़ाना चाहते हैं तो संपर्क करें
    सिर्फ सीरियस लोग ही फोन करें व्यर्थ में फोन करके मेरा और अपना कीमती समय नष्ट ना करें

  • Wanna loose weight? Quit your job during a pandemic while simultaneously planning a wedding and applying for other jobs. Officially just undid all the weight gain from quarantine ����

  • Hey Dr. Mike, I love your channel. But, I want to share with you my experience with Noom. I tested out the app, and it recommended that I only consume 1200 calories (as a tall, VERY ACTIVE female in my late twenties), if I logged a workout I was then allowed to eat 1500 calories a day. I have perfectionist tendencies, so even though I knew this calorie range wasn’t right for me, while I was using the app I felt like I had to stay within the recommended range. There is no way to change this within the app.

    Noom also rates very healthy, but calorically dense foods as “red” (aka bad) foods or foods a person should eat rarely. This made me feel guilty every time I ate nuts or avocado, for example. Noom recommends that a person eat low calorie, high volume foods, or “green” (aka good) foods most of the time. This black and white approach to nutrition makes no sense. I understand that we should all aim to eat more veggies, fruits, etc, but people also need to eat quality sources of protein and healthy fats.

    After getting off of Noom, I started following a diet of about 2,000 calories a day and lost the 5 lbs I hoped to lose. If I had continued with Noom, I honestly believe I would have developed a very unhealthy relationship with food. This is not an app I would recommend to ANYONE. Much better to research good nutrition advice online or work with a dietician, if a person can. People really trust you and the advice you provide, so your support of this app can really affect if people use the app or not. You often say that diets are not a one-size-fits all, so should you, as a medical professional, really be promoting an app as a one-size-fits all approach to better nutrition and health?

  • Tips for vitamin D deficiency!!!!!! My doctor have given me supplements for this but what are other natural ways for increasing vitamin D???!! I think this is interfering with my weight loss..

  • Can you review those products online that claim to lose weight? Like that heat wand that burns away the weight or the vibrating girdle that shakes away the fat. You’re awesome! Great videos

  • Thank you for the video from my heart. Whenever I try to eat healthy my ED habits get to my head and you remembered me to give things time and to let things go (like eating a bit too much one day):) I do your workouts 6 days a week and you’re my biggest motivation towards a better me. Thank you❤

  • If I struggle to get enough protein and I shake during gymnastics. Is it a good idea to use a protein powder or do I need to force myself to eat more chicken?

  • Dr Mike is really similar to my doctor (Dr Rosanda), I’m amazed and happy that doctor has yt channel which uses to help all of us. My heart is full ����

  • Hey doc
    please make a video of vegetarian food protein source food and the benefit of fish oil if I am vegetarian I can use that supplement

  • Yep, I hate fasting. It really doesn’t work for me, but the smaller plates trick is one I really recommend. I don’t ban any foods from my diet but I do choose bowls and plates carefully so portions can’t get too big.

  • Can you do a video on people who have the opposite problem?

    I’ve always been one of those people who would eat like crazy, because I was so active and didn’t sleep. I wanted to gain weight.