9 Mistakes You are Making in your Weight-Loss Journey


Why you are not losing weight? | 7 hidden mistakes you don’t realise you’re making & Its Solution

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9 Weight Loss Mistakes You’re Making

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TOP 4 Diet Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

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9 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Weight Loss Journey

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9 mistakes you’re making on your weight loss journey

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9 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Weight-Loss Journey. chevron_left PREV: Open-Faced Steak Sandwich chevron_right You’re taking control of your fitness and wellness journey, so take control of your data, too. Learn more about your rights and options. So, we like to share Nine Mistakes you’re making on Your Weight Loss Journey. 9 Mistakes you’re making on Your Weight Loss Journey.

Skipping Breakfast: In Your Weight Loss Journey, Skipping breakfast makes your stomach more hungry and more likely to reach for higher calories. So, you get the result of weight gain. So you’ve worked your butt off and despite your best attempts, those stubborn pounds just won’t come off.

Could it be that you’re unknowingly committing one or several of these common mistakes while on your weight loss journey? The good news is you can easily kick these harmful habits right now. Honestly, it could literally be anything. But there are common mistakes that people make during the battle of the bulge. We chatted to celeb trainer and body transformation specialist, Corey Calliet, about the possible weight loss mistakes you’re making and.

Lack of sleep actually messes up metabolic and hormonal processes, making it more difficult to achieve weight loss. Keep striving for 7-8 hours of sleep every night. 9. Obsessing about Your Outward Appearance. Maybe you’re on a weight loss plan because you want to look thinner, but sometimes the visible results happen slower than you like. 10 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making on Your Weight Loss Journey Wellness.

By Ikwuegbu Ihuoma. Friday, January 31. Those were the 10 biggest fitness journey mistakes I have to share today1 Remember to stay motivated and live life healthily. Thank you for reading.

Follow my blog to keep updated with my recent posts and articles and you. Three Mistakes That You May Be Making on Your Weight Loss Journey April 9, 2019 October 7, 2019 The Long Run If you have been following us for awhile, you know that I have 25 years of experience with the term “weight loss journey!”. 9 common mistakes people make when it comes to weight loss, according to a celeb trainer Do you ever feel like your weight loss journey is basically you just running on the treadmill – you. The key to weight loss is also calorie counting.

Know how much you’re putting into your body as well as how much you’re burning. Downloading apps like My Fitness Pal always helps in knowing how much you’re consuming during the day. 8.Dehydration.

Water is an essential when it comes to weight loss. But snacking isn’t an automatic win. At its worst, it can be the culprit for deterring your healthy progress and ultimately sabotage your weight-loss goals.

Here, experts discuss the biggest snacking mistakes you’re probably making and how to fix them.

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The truth about exercise and weight loss didn’t fully hit me until I went to Paris shortly after I lost 60 pounds by fasting and following a low-carb diet.

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7 The 10 Absolute Worst Fat Loss Myths and Mistakes 18.

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The weekly weighs-in made me feel like a failure and led me to start bingeing.

“The Goddess Revolution: Food and Body Freedom for Life” by Melissa Wells
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I was inspired by a close friend who had had great success doing a Whole30, and started my journey in February 2011.

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And last but not least, it’s a resource full of helpful information and tips that I’ve learned during and after my 120-pound weight loss on the ketogenic diet.

“Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes” by Suzanne Ryan
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Thank you so much for reading Mini Habits for Weight Loss.

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While I didn’t follow Ferriss’ diet plan, I did glean mindset advice and a few hacks from his book.

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
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Instead of focusing on losing weight because I hated the way my body looked, I switched to honoring and helping my body get what it needed through what I was eating.

“Healthy Is the New Skinny: Your Guide to Self-Love in a Picture Perfect World” by Katie H. Willcox
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OMG, I lost fifty pounds; I’m going to start a blog on weight loss!

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Therefore, a diet aimed to cause weight loss was designed as a fruit diet punctuated by episodes of bingeing: “If you have loose bowel movements, hooray!

“The Psychology of Eating: From Healthy to Disordered Behavior” by Jane Ogden
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  • I was dabbling with a move to a low carb diet when I found you then got sold on intermittent fasting & keto. It changed my life! Thank you! I love your videos and I no longer feel alone in my quest for better gut health. In fact, I feel stronger and empowered. I traded my sugar highs for a strong sense of, “I got this!” when I fast”. Now I’m a hunter and gatherer as plan out my meal(s) and look forward to the reward of a well balanced no/low carb existence. My friends think I joined a religious cult…but, thanks to your content, I feel like I joined a sports team and we are winning! My energy and excitement levels are soaring! Thanks again!:)

  • The beauty of the video is that
    It comes handy just when I want it and face similar problems.����
    Also can u pls make a video on how to control usage of digital gadgets��

  • i want to know, what if you dont make the rules and you’re not the one who cooks the food you eat and they dont cook vegetables… am i not gonna loose weight if i dont eat vegetables? am i just gonna be this fat ugly depressed mess forever? which i dont mind no one cares but im just asking

  • Dark chocolate is NOT lower in sugar!! If it is (may vary from brand to brand) it is not significantly much. Dark chocolate tastes like it has less sugar because there is less or no milk and more bitter cocoa.

  • The problem with vegetables is that people don’t know how to spice it up. I’m Nigerian anyway so eating vegetables is normal for us

  • Hi I have started my weight loss journey and yr so helpful.i can’t get any snack during the day I get full by eating two meals a day but I’m drinking a lot of water is that wrong please help me in this matter thank you.

  • I have an important question, Please Answer… Does the guideline for the amount sugar women should have a day count for honey and milk? Because surprisingly milk has 12 grams of sugar and I eat oatmeal for breakfast every day with milk, honey, cinnamon, and a banana. And with that being said does it count for fruit as well?

  • So.. I have eaten vegetables with my meals since forever, but I have a question: is it critical to eat the veggies before the meal separately, or can i eat them together? thanks, new subscriber here struggling with belly fat since forever!!!

  • Luckily I love vegetables, and I get upset when I can’t have that bowl of veggies.
    I am careful about condiments, so I don’t worry about the amount of vegetables I eat: I need them because they help me feel full so that I don’t feel the need to eat more carbs or proteins.

  • I love to eat oatmeal for breakfast and it keeps full until the afternoon….is this good? People keep telling me it’s high in carbs. ��❤���� I’m confused.

  • Hello, as i watched most of your video and i am following your steps. Your videos helped me alot to understand about weight loss. Hopefully i will get my results. Thank for motivating us.

  • So would I be eating the bowl of vegetable to get full or just because they’re good? Because I’d eat the bowl and still want to eat everything that’s in the fridge

  • Heyyaaaa! When doing these kinds of vids, there’s feature here on Youtube where you can put timestamps in the desciption box to make it more convenient for viewers to navigate through the vid

  • Oh my god! When I was younger I was obsessed with Tuna pasta and I gained a shit tonne of weight… It was my favorite food though ��

  • I’ve trained myself to go after veggies when I get the munchies, which I do a fair percentage of nights because “grass” helps me sleep lol

  • For some reason I have raised a habit of getting to bed at around 2-3am and failed trying to go sleep early many times now. Watching videos from this channel teaches me the danger of it, so it actually gives me more stress�� now every time I failed to go to bed early it’s like an “oh shit” moment for me

  • I eat two bowls of veggies, and my lunch. I can’t seem to lose weight even though I count calories like crazy. I recently found out that all my life I have been eating almost 5 times what I was supposed to eat. And no one never told me. I struggle a lot with portions. I hope I can change my lifestyle for a better one.

  • Is it okh to take sometimes jaggery’s made food during weight loss journey? Bcz i love sweet dish therefore i replace sugar from jaggery.

  • 1 Calorie deficit exe + diet
    2 No sugar
    3 Late night dinner max 7;30

    4 Variety of exe
    5 No one type of food diet
    6 Give some time to your body
    7 Stress

  • What a great ���� video!!! Answered a bunch of questions I needed a little guidance on. I’m down from 170.2 to 158.8 this morning after 3 weeks! Woohoo ��

  • Great content, even if indeed the constant cuts can be a bit “jarring”. Just wanted to say, quality pasta are actually a good ally. What I mean by quality pasta is everything made with “grano duro”, Triticum durum, which happens to totally NOT be what is referred to as “hard wheat” in the USA even if that is, confusingly, the direct translation. Grano duro wheat pasta has both a lower glycemic index and overall delayed effect on blood glucose pathways compared to those made with other, more refined or new/recent wheat cultivar flours. Naturally they are not gluten free, but aside from that they are nutritious and do not deserve the usual demonization of pasta (may I add that in Europe, servings of pasta are generally way smaller than in the USA, so there’s that too)…

  • Hey Autumn, great content as always… Open to doing a collaboration with me? I have a fitness channel and my audience would love you. find me on instagram @ericwsutrianer and DM if you are open to collaborating… thx:)

  • 1)Create calorie deficit 2)balanced diet don’t eat processed food from packets 3) incorporate different body part work outs 4) no sugar drinks 5)don’t eat after 7:30 6) be patient to see results 7)stay stress free try meditation… her one pro solution for everything -plan this all out!:p

  • I have also started my weight loss journey and I am sharing my weekly progress on Instagram…I just shared my first photo and tagged you Didi….and thanks for liking my photo Didi…you are my biggest inspiration and I will not stop till I achieve my goal of at least 50 kg…I was 68 kg and I am just 17 yrs….I loved junk food but due to quarantine I did not have any of those for at least 1 month and I lost 3 kg naturally…I got motivated and now I lost 2 more kgs and now I am 63kg…I will try to become 50 kgs no matter how…Love you Didi and always support you…please make more inspirational videos����

  • Hi didi, Ur video was really helpful. But I want to ask something. How much calories should a fat teenager girl(15years) should burn everyday to reduce weight.

    Plz reply.

  • hey autumn i was wondering about not pairing high carb withdrawals fats.
    can you pair sweet potato with avocado or cook sweet potato with oil like olive oil?

  • But after all these why I am always bloated ������. Can u plz make a video on this soon mam ��
    Can we eat rolled Millet oats that is organic from packet?

  • Hello ma’am..after watching ur diet videos…and then..I have started my weight lose journey.. And..I strictly followed your all points..( no sweets, no fried, packets, no soda )…and sometimes I have seen that..a little change in my body..I m so happy�� that u r making such type of weight lose videos for us…��.aap Har ek choti se choti points no itne se tarike se batate ho…it means a lot ma’am….. Thank you so much.��..u r the great����

  • try this, compare it? @a0j0 Written by ex Army Pti… loads more on the channel too, may not be as slick as these, but content is SOLID…try both,? see which is tougher, aiming to simply add to the masses of great and FREE home workouts with NO catches. just enthusiasm shared

  • Di pls reply ky weight loss or fat loss mai difference hai kya…..di jaisey weightoss mai 80% diet se or 20% exercise tw sme ye fat loss mai hoga kya

  • Great video, awesome guidance!! Can you please make a video about fruit intake? (What are the good times to eat them, when it is not recommended and the fructose benefits/cons)?

  • I do sometimes watch tv or on the ipad right before bed…but i try to make sure i’m off by 8:30/9 as i get ready/read in bed for a total of 45 min 1 hour (goal to be asleep by 9:30/10 as i am up at 5). So i feel like this is ok as i am still having downtime away from electronics but while laying in bed. My favorite sweet after supper is almond butter and a little dark chocolate melted and eaten with a spoon soooo satiating:)

  • Tech before bed is a big one for me. I need to work on that!! Fortunately, I rarely do dessert, and it’s usually a social thing when I’m out to dinner with someone:) I just don’t keep it in the house, no chocolate or anything sweet (processed sweet, not like fruit)

  • 1. Eating pasta/ fake pasta daily
    2. Drinking water before bed
    3. T.v before bed
    4. High intensity interval training (HIIT)
    …Eating high carb and eating high fat at dinner
    6. Late night snacking
    7. Not having enough fiber
    8. No protein

  • If you’re a peanut butter lover like me, I advise Adam’s Peanut Butter, it’s healthy and organic.

    ( I’m not advertising, I’m advising)

    Lol see what I did there

  • Just to spread some facts here in regards to HIIT apparently messing with melatonin production, here you all go: “In fact, the researchers believe that HIIT may actually help you sleep, since it triggers a larger release of the stress hormone norepinephrine, lead author Penelope Larsen, Ph.D.(c) of Charles Sturt University’s School of Exercise Science, Sport, and Health told Runner’s World.”

  • M so happy to see ur regular uploads. I hv adapted No Packet diet and No white diet recommended by u. Feeling lighter n better, its been a week will definitely post my results after a month…thank u cinnamon kitchen

  • What about if your kindle is on your phone to read can you read a book on the kindle? Xxx thank you so much your life changing I love it zz

  • Di mai regular exercise krti hu and calorie count krke khati hu fir bhi weight gain ho rha hai and period bhi regular nhi aate hai.please teenage ke liye diet plan and kuch weight loss tips dijiye

  • And my brother gets annoyed at me and brags that he only drinks fruit juice almost everyday when i drink soda for at least once in a blue moon

  • Really when I feel down…I would like to see your videos bcoz it’s movitivating a lotzzz…. Thanks for your efforts to make others life happy & healthier…. Waiting for your video on how to plan sissyyy…❤️����

  • I’m from Sri Lanka. I also follow you. Please make video about diet plans, how we can make our calory deficit per day, how we can calculate calories in our diet. Plzzz����

  • I really don’t care for dairy products such as milk, cheese etc so after I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and my meals don’t be a lot or crazy but still feel bloated after and I drink water no soda at all all I want is for my stomach to be toned / flat

  • Autumn, my nutritionist guru:) what is the optimal time of the day to have our treat meal? I’m a little confused about eating pasta at night. I always thought that it would be extra detrimental in the evening, however you state “starchy” carbs are better at dinner so we continue to burn fat all day. Please clarify:)

  • After my pregnancy I put on so much waight and now I want to reduce it…but I can’t….�� I m watching your videos from 3-4 day’s…I hope I follow you ��

  • Hii.. there! Ur video is really good
    I also wnt to loose weight but i m not consistent n not fully commited
    What to do…
    Nd one more thing why cinnamon kitchen?? What is the mystery behind it..��

  • Which exercise is effective for weight loss cardio or strength exercise (weights) or yoga make video on that and
    How much time u should work out plzz make video on that
    Btw nice video so helpfull��

  • The Whole Excersise routine for 7 days ka video baniye di,,, it is highly needed… Full excersise according to 7 days ka ak video…

  • Thank you for putting good info out. I wish there was a discreet way to tell you this. At 7:00, I think you meant “can’t over emphasize.” To estimate is to guess. I didn’t mean to nitpick. I just didn’t want something silly to block your way to 1M subs. I wish you all the success.

  • Hi dear, I started following your tips very recently….it’s so effective that I can already feel some good changes in me…thank you����☺️

  • The thing about tech and TV is the blue light that troubles your sleep, if I recall correctly. I mostly use flux and true tone to mitigate the blue light.

  • I find your videos difficult to watch. It seems each view is jumping around. It doesn’t seem smooth to watch. The content is excellent. The information is great

  • Uh… the point of reduced fat stuff is not reduced calories ���� it’s… you guessed it… REDUCED FAT.

    Also, in terms of sugar, so basically what you’re saying is not to eat fruits right? Because 1 apple already had 19g of sugar.

    Hope you answer

  • Mam 8pm to 9 pm walk karti hu par walk karne se pahle or bad me weight same rahta h 100 g bhi kam nahi hota sham ko walk karni chahiye kya

  • This is soooo confusing!!!! If am doing fasting 16/8 and if I start eating at 1:30 pm that means I have till 9:30 to end eating!! So how how

  • Which exercise is effective for weight loss cardio or strength training (weights) or yoga
    And for how long should u workout…make video on that plzz
    Nice video very helpful��

  • Autumn can you do a video about how to control your diet and not fall off the wagon when your menstrual cycle hits:(? I feel so frustrated of this going back and forth every month….

  • Wow what a positive video… I’m just following you and you know it’s not so difficult too. I was just a die hard sweet lover but within two weeks, I’ve completely left it resulting weight lose every day and the process is on.
    Thanks for uploading videos frequently and motivating us. Take care ����

  • Mam m doing skipping daily for 1 hour its helping me a lot
    Is that OK please suggest mam
    N also I do 500 jumping jacks
    2 minutes plank
    N rest all exercise are changed every day

  • I’m 18 years old and I’m 80 now I think this was the best channel I have seen in the you tube it’s help me alot I saw all your vedios to start making me healthy thanks alot

  • I’m a senior, 20 years retired. All your tips are right on the money. And i have been making those mistakes and not losing the weight I need to. This video will be a good guideline for me. Thanks.

  • You are really an inspiration ❤️.. One can observe, you put so much efforts in making such motivational videos and a sincere concern for everyone to be in healthy state.. Kudos to you❤️������

  • I always get confused in my workout planning and end up doing same exercises daily so can you just help me out with some workout plan please

  • Everytime I am finding some problem in my head you come up with a video which give me a solution to the same. Every video of yours has given me a solution to one of the problems I have!♥️
    Thank you so much.