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Jill’s answer: The term “set point” is used to describe the weight at which your body likes to be and you stay there with little effort. Maybe you’ve lost. Once your weight dips below — or above — the natural set point, your metabolism adjusts in an attempt to restore the set point weight. Each person’s set point is different, and based on factors such as heredity, height, and body frame. According to The Diet Channel, some experts believe you can “reset” your set point.

1. Change your gut. This is amazing news for any of you desperate to slim down and change your body’s set point!! You 2. Lose Weight Slowly Another way to permanently reset your weight set point is to lose weight slowly. Slow and steady 3. Change Up Your Exercise If you’ve been heading to the.

4 Ways to Change Your Set Point. The following four strategies can help you lose weight. More importantly, they can help you permanently change your body weight set point. 1. Change the composition of your diet. If your diet currently includes a lot of sweets or refined carbohydrates (things like white bread, cereal, pasta, and pastry.

4 Steps to Lasting Weight Loss Transformation Step 1: Get Your Head Right About Your Lower Setpoint Weight. You would not climb a mountain without bringing the right Step 2: Get The Correct Information Backed By Science To Lower Your Setpoint Weight. The amount of junk science out Step 3: How.

The set point theory suggests that your weight may go up or down temporarily but will ultimately return to its normal set range. The signaling system helps maintain weight. The weight set point theory is that the human body has a specific weight at which it is comfortable 1. The body will automatically regulate hunger and metabolism in order to keep itself at this comfortable weight.

Your weight set point will drift, and often increases as a person gains weight with age 1. Omit complex carbs at breakfast and dinner. Protein-load in the morning. Aim to get eight ounces first thing (try four eggs, or two eggs plus four ounces bacon or Focus on healthy fats. Add one serving (1/4 avocado, 1/4 cup hummus or.

A slower metabolism will ultimately impact your body’s set point and increasing your chances of weight gain. One of the greatest ways you can maintain a. weight set point. This run-down is the very quick spark-notes version of the podcast. But to get to the answers, on how to lower your weight set point, you must know what your set point is. So let’s define that.

Your body’s weight set point is the homeostatic number that your body prefers to stay at.

List of related literature:

This observation underlies the set-point theory, which posits that body weight is predetermined so that weight loss (or gain) promotes a decrease (or increase) in metabolic rate that acts to restore body weight to a preset level.

“Williams Textbook of Endocrinology” by Henry Kronenberg, Shlomo Melmed, Kenneth S. Polonsky, P. Reed Larsen
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This observation underlies the set-point theory, which posits that body weight is predetermined such that weight loss (or gain) promotes a decrease (or increase) in metabolic rate that acts to restore body weight to a preset level.

“Williams Textbook of Endocrinology E-Book” by Shlomo Melmed, Kenneth S. Polonsky, P. Reed Larsen, Henry M. Kronenberg
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These findings indicate that the set point is not completely “set” and that the point at which weight is regulated is significantly affected by diet and exercise.

“International Handbook of Behavior Modification and Therapy: Second Edition” by Alan S. Bellack, Michel Hersen, Alan E. Kazdin
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Set point mechanisms counteract individual efforts to change weight through dieting; in fact, repeated dieting may result in a higher set point, as the body adjusts to this modern form of “famine” by storing more fat (Brownell, Greenwood, Stellar, & Shrager, 1986; Polivy & Herman, 1983).

“Feminist Perspectives on Eating Disorders” by Patricia Fallon, Melanie A. Katzman, Susan C. Wooley
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If body weight decreases through dieting, the set-point either triggers appetite or makes the body conserve energy—lowers the basal metabolic rate—to maintain the fat cells and a set weight.

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
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Keller and Hunt employ a fuzzy class membership function to improve the algorithm and modify the weight update equation to incorporate membership based gain control:

“Neural Networks: A Classroom Approach” by Satish Kumar
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Notice that the exact values for the weighting to each joint are given, and that they all total to 1.You can type in values for an individual point or use the Shift key to select the weights for many points.

“Maya Character Creation: Modeling and Animation Controls” by Chris Maraffi
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You calibrate a standard platform scale by moving the large and small weights to zero.

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A number of behavioral change theoretical models and tools were applied during the counseling process to promote dietary adherence including self-monitoring, motivational interviewing, goal-setting (daily fat gram goal), targeted messaging, and tailored feedback (Fig. 19.3) [55].

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As shown in table 9.2, the program variables that should be considered when designing resistance training programs include choice and order of exercises, training intensity and volume load, rest intervals between sets and exercises, repetition velocity, and training frequency (Fleck & Kraemer, 2014; Ratamess, 2012).

“Essentials of Youth Fitness” by Avery D. Faigenbaum, Rhodri S. Lloyd, Jon L. Oliver, American College of Sports Medicine
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  • Paul im stay at around 10 percent year round vasculairty and all abs visible BUT it i cant get to 7 range fully shredded..i dont want to lose more muscle or weight than i look emaciated…so any tips? Below 10 is where you lose muscle

  • My set point is approximately 20% body fat on a low carb diet max weight is 190 lbs at 5’7″. Clearly not optimal, so I started eating 2 times per day and then fasting 48 hours once per week, which can oscillate the weight from 190-180 lbs. But it is hard to sustain for sure. I’m trying out a carnivore diet, no vegetables allowed, very little dairy, and so far I seem to be changing body composition for the better, however, no change in weight only extra muscle.

  • My set-point when I was 14 was at 60kg (I´m 173cm tall). Then like almost every teenager I started dieting for some reason. After the food restriction I binged on food and gained 10kg. My new set point was at 70kg and it stayed there, no matter how hard I tried to lose the weight. But now something interesting starts: I fall in love, I forget about dieting and enjoy life. I´m 19 years old by that time and like almost everybody at my age I eat a lot of junkfood. AND: My set-point suddenly goes back to 60kg.

    With 23 I got pregnant and my weight raised up to 80kg, then through yoyo-dieting to 60kg -> 70kg -> 65kg ->75kg -> 70kg -> 80kg – 85kg

    My new set-point stayed at 85kg. Last year in October I started my recovery and gained a lot of weight. So now I´m at 100kg. What ist the set-point my body wants to go back to? Is it the last set-point (85kg) or my natural set-pont that I always had while NOT dieting (60kg)? A lot of people say that a set-point can only be increased, but never be decreased. But why did I go back to 60kg when I was 20 without dieting and by eating a lot of fastfood???

    I feel healthiest with 60-70kg. I feel very sick and exhaustet with at least 80kg. So now I really feel terrible physically. I have edema, I feel like I´m close to a heart attack, I can´t move properly. THIS is not my healthiest weight, that´s for sure.

  • Thanks for the video! Good stuff!

    One question came to mind: How do you know if you have reached your set point weight when you should not use a scale? Are you only measuring by how you feel?

  • I have wondered about this subject for quite a few years. I had lost 50 lb 3 years ago. Things happened I gained my weight back felt so rapidly until I hit my original weight before I started losing weight and never gained another pound over my original weight. Last year I started doing keto in February and I’ve done it really slow I’ve lost 40 pounds, which doesn’t sound like much compared to some people I’ve read about. but I’m thinking the slower you lose weight the more your body can adjust and stay at your desired weight I’m thinking if you lose weight too fast your body doesn’t like it, and it fights you the whole way. and the first chance it gets to go back to the original weight, your body is going to do it. Thank you for confirming my suspicions on a set body weight.

  • If we sent you an email, do you reply, or is it just for the channel?:)
    (Don’t mean to sound rude, I think it just looks bad in text:( Sorry.)

  • I believe body fat setpoint recalibration may be true. I decided at age 48 to get myself back to the condition of my early 30s. Over the course of 13 months, I went from 222 pounds to a low of 175 pounds. (I am 5′ 7″) I did a moderate, consistent cut and have been consistently lifting for 10 months of that. I am now reversing. The end of my cut was at 1800-2000. I began reversing 3 months ago at 45 kcal per day per week and now I am at 2950 calories. The interesting thing was that I was in the high 9’s by 7 caliper method at the end of my cut and this past week registered 8.9% by the same method with the same digital calipers. I believe I first exceeded maintenance at about 2750 kcal/day, so although weight ticks up about 0.2 pounds per week (I average 7 days of weigh ins) over the past 3 weeks, weight gain is not yet linear with kcal increase. I am very anal regarding tracking so I have good data. There may be something to the setpoint theory. I should know when I attempt a maintenance period following my reverse.

  • So the best way to avoid this it to not over eat after a diet, and reverse diet, so that you avoid the sudden influx of energy that leads to your body creating millions and millions of new fat cells. Pretty much just slowly edge up to your maintenance calories so that your body achieves homeostasis and a body fat set point at your new dieted down body fat?

  • Well done for making the point near the end that there isn’t a one size fits all solution to health and weight loss/maintenance. We’re all individuals and what works for one might not for another. My body doesn’t do well on high carbs, so low carb high/moderate good fats and protein with minimum of 4 workouts a week I have found work great for me.

  • I say 100% yes you can change your set point! I yo-yo dieted for about 11 years.. from age 11 to 23, at 23 (2014) I prepped for a show and learned about nutrition, after the show I ate like an ass just like any newbie does, but then used my new knowledge and skills to hone in on my diet and got back to training normally. My weight is now about 8 pounds over stage weight and has been there for over a year now. during the year where I maintained I was eating intuitively so I know the homeostasis was not created by exact tracking. There’s hope ya’ll!

  • I loved this! For those of us going through reverse/cut cycles it was def. helpful. I weigh now what I weighed as an obese 5th grader, but now carry a much more muscular physique. That might not be the best example but it definitely makes me feel good! Lol

  • I used to be 120 pounds no muscle not maintainable for myself but I just got done with my bulk in December and I obviously put on fat but got up to 145 pounds and I look learner that what I did when I was 120 it’s crazy to see that number be high but you look skinnier but it’s awesome

  • I feel like there’s something that happens after a certain amount of time with those who are consistent. I notice a common theme with alot of people I follow who are in it for a long time & stay consistent, where at a certain point something clicks, some switch flips, some balance teeters just far enough to one side, & suddenly it’s like their body hits a threshold of muscle maturity/density & leanness where it just decides that’s how it exists now & it’s nearly impossible for them to take more than a step back out of it. Like a level up, I’d love to know why it happens but it seems like a very real & specific thing that happens & I think it has to do with muscle population/maturity.

  • I couldn’t agree more!!!! About 2 years ago, I was the same weight as I am now, but now my body looks completely different even at the same weight. 2 years ago I looked a lot fluffier, but now I’m much leaner and I’m probably eating double of what I used to eat before!!

  • to lose weight do you really need low fat? Lots of seeds and fats have so many good nutrients. I find 60carbs and 20fats/proteins is good for me but will this prevent me from losing weight?

  • i started keto jan 2017 and by sept lost 19 lbs. I am 5’3 and started at 151.0 and was my lowest at 132.2. I am 56 and hadn’t been that weight since high school. I was strict, and didn’t intermittent fast till later in the year. second year tried more keto breads, intermittent fasting, bulletproof coffees in the morning, a little more lazy keto, didn’t track, etc. Slowly over this whole year gained 12 lbs back. So, I starting logging my food the first of this year again, dropping my fat, no intermittent fasing, so eating breakfast every morning, 3 meals a day, no bulletproof coffee, sort of going back to real food. I was probably eating more dark chocolate and coconut butter (my favorite desserts) so am limiting that also. I was down 3.2 lbs in 7 days. I plan on writing my food down every day which I think really helps me visually see if I am eating to much. But only weigh once a week and see how this tweaking for me will do. Oh and i had added probably more cheese into my diet the 2nd year. So limiting dairy, I do still have a little heavy cream in my coffee, but am limiting only 1 or 2 cups daily. I’m testing to see if fasting just isn’t for me, or don’t do it everyday. also think just because we like an aesthetic look, our bodies probably have a set point it likes to have the functions in our bodies work efficiently?

  • i think the real truth here is, when you get down to a certain level of weight, it takes more work and more effort in micro management of nutrients to keep losing.. Most people haven’t got the time or inclination to take it that far or your life would be taken over by food management.. I really dont think the body has a set point, if you think of starving people in the war how skin and bone they got…

  • When you say “if you have more lean body mass but the same amount of body fat, you have the appearance of a leaner physique”. Wouldn’t you technically look “bigger” because you have the same body fat and gained lean body mass? I dont know if I understood what you were saying here. thanks!

  • For anyone else trying to do research on this subject and jumping from video to video, he actually starts the subject at 3:04 lol.

  • Fabulous video. Excellent information. I always thought it was genetic & environment related but I am not a dietitian or nutritionist so depend on experts like Emmie that have reliable and accurate information.

  • I think it does to a certain point. I’ve heard the set point described as what your body weight was when you were 25 years old and in your prime.

  • I’ve been on Keto for 4 months and at 5’8” got down to 147 from starting at 168. This past week I gained 3 lbs in 3 days, with no change in diet or routine. How is that even possible? I didn’t consume 10,500 calories period, let alone extra calories during that period. I don’t track calories, but the app that tracks my macros does, so I know about where I am. Maybe my body doesn’t like being below 150.

  • Can anyone help me: I have yoyo dieted for the last four years going from my lowest weight of 60kg to 107kg (doing low calorie restriction to eating only junk food I have not been able to maintain a weight for longer than like a month). I am currently 102kg I dieted for like 3 weeks lost like 4 kilos, then binged on junk food for like a week, have been eating normal (no crazy calorie restriction just healthy food at 1600 cals) for the past two weeks. I’ve slowly lost 1 kilo over those weeks. What should I do to get to my set weight naturally?

  • I started Keto on Monday and I been loving it. However I noticed about 3 pimples in my face. I don’t ever get pimples do you know if my new Keto diet his causing this issue. If so will this go away or is Keto not for me?

  • I really struggle with this just because I really struggle eating a lot of fruit because of the texture I think I’m just a sensitive person. I love veggies but I don’t feel as satisfyed as maybe I would with fruits but I struggle to even swallow them.

  • @biolayne, I’ve been searching for the follow up video regarding what to do if you’ve obtained new fat cells and what to do but I cannot find it. Do you mind posting the link here?

  • I tend to eat too low calorie on this diet, which makes me not being able to fall asleep:( even a little calorie deficit makes me stay awake, it seems. Do you have any solution? ��♥️��

  • I think we DO have set points for body weight. Years ago, I had gastroenteritis (vomiting, diarrhea) and lost 7 pounds in a few days. After I recovered and could eat again, I was STARVINGLY ravenous until I gained all the weight back, and then my hunger went back to totally normal.

  • OK, so by increasing the # of fat cells, their bf set point changes. The question is: there is a way (not including surgery) of decreasing the # of fat cells, therefore changing their bf set point? Or the only change biologically known in bf set point is incremental?

  • I’ve lost 54lbs since April of last year, but have been stuck at 145 for over a month now. My goal is 130-135… definitely looking forward to seeing how you overcome this challenge. I’m thinking of playing around with my diet a bit and going back to strict keto since the holidays are over. I hit another plateau at about 155 as well, but am not entirely sure of how I got past it the first time. Good luck to you both! I’ll be watching!

  • What about recalculating your macros based on your new physique? I’ve heard that’s something to be done every 3 months or when you reach a plateau.

  • At the moment you stop thinking about weight, and continue with your lifestyle ( like now) you wil get your weight, keep going Keith

  • I’m scared my set point is going to be like the YouTuber Stephanie Buttermore. She is beautiful and amazing but for myself I would not want to gain as mich as her.

  • Thanks for vid. Very interesting. As your weight I assume is healthy. Wouldn’t it be worth just sticking with the set point? However, will be interesting to see how you reset that point at a lower level. Thanks again. Blessings Martin

  • Can’t wait for that keto video!!! So many I know do it just for fat loss however people don’t ever reverse properly & they gain it all back
    I have Hashimoto hypo so I feel it’s something that can help me metabolically
    I don’t we well with carb cycles & my doc keeps saying lower carbs higher fats so I recently gradually transitioned swapping less carbs & gave those macros to fats
    I feel amazing! But I won’t g full keto till I know more
    Plus what about when I ever want to compete then what do I do lol so yes the video would be immensely helpful

  • The more bodyfat the more it messes with your metabolism and endocrine system, the more your metabolism and endocrine is messed up the more bodyfat. It’s a viscous cycle. Fat people whom diet exercises with little to no change over years and I mean years. They don’t eat more than their peers because what their body does metabolically is all wrong but it doesn’t know that the body does what it does, it’s just the way it is. Liposuction? Can everyone afford it? No.

  • So, when I binged at Christmas and gained 35 lbs in as many days, I really fucked myself… is there a way to lower the cell numbers? Is the only solution lypo? Lol

  • I read that at this point in a low carb, low calorie way of eating that your leptin is now too low and lipoprotein lipase is elevated. Eating whole food carbs up to maintenance calories or above for a couple of days in a row can reverse these two biomarkers, and then you can go back to low carb, lower calories after the “reset”. Each time you hit a plateau it means your leptin is too low and your lipoprotein lipase is too high to let your body continue burning any more fat. Can’t hurt to try it out!

  • Try 2 tablespoons of peanut butter to see if it’ll break a fast. A 2 tbl serving is 190 cal., 16g fat, and 6g net carbs. I prefer Jif Extra Crunchy, but the macros are the same for major brands.

  • Among other strategies which have worked for me
    a) drink apple cider vinegar in the evening
    b) do high intensity exercise 2-3 hrs after the biggest meal. High intensity on bike is only 30 minutes long and very good for your heart and also losing weight.

  • Good on you dude. Courage is not being fearless but rather moving forward in spite of your fears. While I did not revell in you losing your marriage I can appreciate the video for what it truely says about you. Keep running that race!

  • So we change our BF set point by increasing the number of adipocytes in the fat tissue, as all adipocytes will tend to go to a certain “adipocyte size set point”… then the question is: can we change the “adipocyte size set point” or reduce the number of adipocytes in the fat tissue (without surgical intervention)? If not, how do we prevent gaining more fat cells during the transition from cutting to bulking?

  • This video is gold thanks for that. I would love to know your thought about the effect of a slow and controlled reverse diet after a cut on the body fat set point. Does it maintain the initial set point or does it lower it??

  • I am 5’8” and started keto at 221. Got to 195 in 2 1/2 months. Have been 195 for 4 months. It can’t be my healthy weight but my body just stays there. Not sure whether to just give up and start restricting calories or not.

  • Man this video was awesome. I know you said this was done in rats, but if this mechanism exists in humans it would be HUGE in regards to explaining why so many people have trouble keeping weight off and actually gaining MORE weight back afterwards.

  • Lost 85 lbs last year on Keto. I have not been able to lose anymore over the 6 months. My goal weight is 200 and I still have 53lbs to go. I am at calorie restriction of 1650. I run now about 4 miles every other day so my activity level is up. What are your thoughts on Cardio vs Lifting weights for impacting weight loss on Keto. I believe that my running is preventing me from losing weight, but I like the cardio benefits that it gives me. Your thoughts.

  • I have to do some prolonged fasting if I have a plateau week….I have got to 75% of my goal….only 30 pounds to go so hope to get the finish line in another 12/13 weeks then do maintenance….

  • I was under the impression we were born with a set number of fat cells and they simply swell or shrink. Contrary to the increase in the number of fat cells. Scary:D.

  • The evidence for this is so weak though. Is it possible that this mechanism is present in humans? Sure, but you should be careful before drawing conclusions from rat studies as they often do not carry over to human physiology.

  • Hey Keith,

    Love the content… I have watched all your videos. Dr Benjamin Bikman talks about how fat loss requires sufficient Carnitine (either from red meat or supplement). That’s helped me.

    And he talks about getting sufficient protein at every meal including breakfast and especially before (extended 8 hour fasting) sleep! Not Necessary a lot of protein maybe a single egg in the am but still some protein at every meal and 100 grams daily especially if you’re getting on in years.

    Shifting to one meal a day or one meal every two days (!) may have triggered an extended-fast slowdown in your metabolism. Going back to IF and carb restriction might work better than aggressive calorie restriction. That worked for you for many months. Aggressive calorie / protein restriction seems suspect. I’m very eager to see how you solve this.

  • First to comment! Woohoo! I changed my way of eating by eating more whole nutrient dense foods and it helped me digest better xD and exercising is becoming a lifestyle for me <3 and I feel great. It feels weird to me if I miss the gym one day

  • So this is the scientific proof that people who yo yo diet actually get fatter when they stop dieting and return to their normal way of eating? This changes or increases their “Set Point”? So would a bodybuilder that “Bulks” and then “Cuts” be considered a yo yo dieter? and does bulking and cutting change your “Set Point” So are your Adipose cells inert?

  • I have gained 20 lbs over the last 10 years, with 10 of those being since we went into quarantine restrictions in Mid March. I feel gross. This needs to go away.

  • I am so EXCITED to learn more about this. So fascinating and HELPFUL! I didn’t know that I could love science. Enter…..Layne Norton hahah. Seriously I am sitting at my computer working through your fat loss series advice and turning it into a meal plan. THANK YOU for having the heart of a teacher and for not letting people shut you up:) I am so grateful.

  • anyone feel like giving me their opinion on my macros? i eat 200p/650c/115f, train 6x week, weigh 175lbs for 6’1 inch, and i’d like to keep bulking, the problem is i don’t know what to increase next, i think protein is already high enough as it is. and most people say cover your base fat then input rest in carbs… the thing is carb is already super high so i don’t know if it’s the right approach. also worth mentionning, i kind of do care about body composition since i come from a weightloss background, used to weigh 400lbs and dropped to what i currently weigh.

  • watched you on youtube forever ago when you were talking about how you bulk for 3-4 weeks and cut for 1-2, looks like those principles are still put to use! glad u popped up in my feed

  • Loving your videos!!! During this quarantine I stopped tracking after counting points for 14 months and began eating more. I now eat what I am serving my family and have found that I am still maintaining my weight. Maybe I am at my set point?!?! Thanks for your videos…I am learning so much. Plan to find Healthy at Every Size and keep learning.

  • I am 56 and have beenon some sort of “program” since I was 12. I am looking forward to the freedom!
    #1 thing I am going to do is stop tracking every stinking bite eat or think about eating!

  • I’m hanging in there at 195lbs, and I’m 6′ talk, medium/large frame, nearly 72 years old. I do have some love handles but nothing serious and probably an inch of belly fat. But I’m ok with where I’m at. I love your videos though because they keep me inspired and on the right track. ��

  • Uh oh. She lost me with the DNA plug. Stick to science, not marketing.
    Never give up your DNAonly way you’ll get mine is to be related or with a warrant

  • Ive never been able to get lower that 120 since i had my daughter 22 years ago, at highsschool i was 105 lbs,…….. I’m 5 ft0 in tall and medium built.
    should i push on from there or considered it my new set point (120lbs)

  • What is metabolic ID? Are the quizzes I see a hoax or is there something to figuring out your ID number? Could you do a video on that?

  • Wonderful video.. I appreciate your help and guidance… I am stuck right now and your short video gives me hope… Thank you Dr. Becky… Judy in Tennessee…

  • Great video! My number one goal above all is to change body composition. I’m curious to watch each improvement season over the coming years how my composition changes from previous improvement seasons.

  • I did the DNA Comprehensive report. I found out that I am at higher risk of obesity and diabetes (which I already knew lol). It picked up on my Vitamin C intolerance. Also said I would be more suitable for a high protein diet (25% it says). And it also said that I have slight impaired glucose
    tolerance with a late dinner time and slight increased risk for type-2 diabetes. My IF schedule is 7am-3pm so this fits perfectly. I also lowered my A1C from 6.8 to 5.4 from a keto diet. Very interesting info, thank you!!

  • Another useful video, thanks Dr Becky! Although I am still far from my goal weight, it is interesting to know that I might not get below a certain weight. Very motivated to learn more from you.

  • So what is in meat or dairy that causes weight gain?
    Because starches and grains are fattening too.
    Potato chips are plant based and whole foods if fried with skin on.
    But they’re fattening.

  • Really nice video, I just have a quick question though about set point theory. It’s that, can I still eat as much as I want but in a whole foods, minimally processed diet with meat? I do like the idea of going vegan but it just isn’t going to work for it at this certain time. I do include some meals that are plant based though. So basically, can I reach my set point even if I eat lean meats?

  • my body set point is fucking obese…..i get RAVENOUS any time I dip below 154 and I hate it. literally the point at which i drop into the overweight rather than obese weight..

  • The thing is I answered yes to a lot of the questions on both sides of the equation! So am I over my set point weight, under it, or at it? Or am I just obsessed with food because I love cooking?

  • This was more than a year ago. I understand your passion for losing weight. People often say to me, you look thin now, you don’t need to lose more… I weight 188 lbs about. I want to get to 165 or a little less. My most driving factor is health, not appearance. However, being lean as I was coming out of high school is a good goal too. I started around 260 lbs. I am an inch taller than you 5′-10″

  • So interested in this information….short story….55, menopausal weight gain of 25 lbs…..been Keto IF….16/8….truthfully about 80% of the time for 1year and a half….only lost 6 lbs….Stuck!!! Has to be.hormones? Not eating enough maybe messed up my metabolism??

  • Thank you Emmie this is so helpful☺ I used to be a heavy meat eater and nowadays I’ve been incorporating vegetables and fruits, slowly but sure ☺

  • I’m stuck at 155 down from 178. I’m hoping that’s because I wasn’t able to exercise for a while due to surgery…but I fear I’m just stuck here. At least 155 is better than 178.

  • Thank you. I love your calm, clear manner. I am doing KETO and IF….and apparently need some tweaking. I am 70 yrs old, 5 ft 6, 157 lbs. How do I join your coaching program?

  • My body has always gravitated to 250 pounds ever since I was a teenager. The only difference is over 20 years of training I have turned that soft overweight 250 to a much leaner and muscular 250. Keep up the great content Paul!!

  • I’ve always felt this way. Whether I was gaining or losing weight at around 195 lb my body would stick so to speak. It was as if it wanted to stay there and I would have to have some kind of breakthrough to get larger or smaller. Thank you so much for sharing the information.����

  • Great video I sent it to everyone. I especially needed it I’m still going up and down in the 170s hello just can’t get over the hump down in the 160s.

  • So I had an eating disorder and was once underweight. During recovery I gain weight but I kept gaining. Then with birth control and then pregnancy Now I’m “obese”. I think I now how to lose or gain but not maintain. Now I’m so sad and hate myself. Being obese is not healthy either but I’m afraid that if I go on a diet I will relapse. Mind you I am muslim so I do Ramadan but that doesn’t affect me because it’s for religious reason not for weight loss. So is there hope for me? I don’t think that obesity is my set point for me.

  • Hi Colleen, I know this video is a little old but I have a burning question and I really hope you can help, so, if I have pcos or any hormone imbalance do I still have a set-point weight?

  • My frustration is that at a certain plus size weight or body shape at this weight, I know is not my true self and the fashion industry does not help. There are not many clothing choices that flatter a plus size body or that are affordable or age appropriate (for those of us in our 40s). I think this is the reason many of us have these body image issues

  • what are your thoughts on being in a 200-300 cal daily deficit and then doing one fairly giant cheat meals a week. would that sort of recalibrate the metabolic rate and the leptin levels? I feel perfectly comfortable in a 200-300 cal daily deficit knowing I have a tasty meal waiting for me. from my personal and current anecdotal evidence I’ve noticed that I don’t have to keep dropping calories and my body still feels comfortable and maintains a level of body fat that I would consider to be below my set point. what are your thoughts?

  • Sooo, I have never worried about what I eat. I ate anything. Then, menopause came. I don’t like my new set point weight. How do I wrap my head around that?

  • My set point is set at 195! Ya no! I’m fighting what my body wants to be at! I need to lose weight per Dr! So I can’t keep my body at 195 set point! What can I do!

  • I have not heard you recommend a supplement before. I hope you will do a video on supplements—multivitamin, chlorophyll, beet root, or others you might recommend and/or not recommend.

  • I read that our body’s set point can increase with weight gain holding us at a higher point than in the past. How common is it for an intuitive eaters set point to decrease with time?

  • I cannot wait to hear/see that video regarding ketogenic diet. although I’ve never attempted a ketogenic diet (only have attempted a low-carb diet in the past). I have found when I introduced carbohydrates into my diet I significantly saw muscle growth it could have been a combination of the carbs themselves or just a surplus (not really too sure) but none the less I’d love to be educated on it:)

  • Very interested in this topic. I started out in June 2017 at 263 lbs (also 5’9″) and got it down to 210.6 lbs at my lowest in August 2018. But I floated around that number for months with July-October being consistently between 217 and 212 with that one day where I hit 210. That number is also within a handful of pounds of my lowest weight since say 1994 or so (I’m 45 and graduated HS in 1992 around a weight of 185 lbs). Due to changes in my diet and well the holidays I’ve gained weight again and I’m currently at 221 lbs but back on focusing on my diet and eating properly. But I fully expect to hit this wall again just a bit above 200 lbs.

    So, really interested to see what happens with Keith and what strategies you come up with to break this barrier.

  • I maintained a weight of roughly 125 pounds for two years and then after I started working midnights thus messing up my body clock, making me more sluggish and making me overeat and I got to 172 pounds (45 pound weight gain in 4 years)

    How do I get back down to my previous set point? I don’t feel healthy here at all and I know this can’t be my genetic set point; I used to be able to bike across the city with no problems now I feel gross and winded biking down the street

    When I noticed how bad my weight had gotten (I’m only 5’2”)I started eating 2000 to 2500 calories a day and I lost 14 pounds in 3 months but I’d prefer to get back to my 125-130 pound range

    How do I do this? I can’t stay at a weight of 150 + pounds I feel gross; I’m not sure if I’ve
    lost weight I’m too scared to check but I know I’m not at my heaviest because of the way my clothes feel

  • I’ve lost 107 lb and I find that I have to keep getting more radical as my body hits set points. Going Paleo enabled me to lose my first 45 lb pretty easily. Then I added in 16/8 fasting + low carb/keto and I dropped another 40 lb. I also am shooting for 155 lb, and I have been hovering between 163-158 since November. So I decided to significantly ramp up my fasting for January. I completed a 3 day bone broth fast, and now am doing alternate day fasting for at least 2 weeks. I pretty much have decided to stick to a hardcore fasting schedule until I reach my weight goal, period.

  • I think I get what you’re saying. Set point = behavioral nutritional habits that match it as long as hormones are in normal ranges.

    Only thing that could change it dramatically is lean body mass, but if you’ve been in the game for a long time, it’s most likely maxed, which leaves a range for that set point.

    That’s my thoughts anyway.

  • Ok so I answered “no” to all of your questions relating to possibly being over my set point weight, but I am 39 yrs, 5’2” and weigh about 145. So my question is, how does the idea of a set point weight fit in with physical activity? If I have a healthy attitude toward food, but yet I am not active enough, is it reasonable that I would be over my set point weight? Thanks!

  • I love your encouragement gift!!!! Lord bless her with supernatural strength to do your work to bless others and keep her safe and favor in 2020

  • I need rules around my food since I am overweight. I ate whatever I wanted for a long time and gained lots of weight. Rules give me structure and guidelines to follow. Having no food rules when you have a food addiction doesn’t work. I am eating more whole foods and have cut out a lot of processed foods as well. I’m healthier now than ever before!

  • Can’t wait for your next video. I hope you are able to figure this out and share it with us as I’ve been stuck here for a year now (last 10-20 lbs). I’ve even fasted for 5 days and only lost 3 lbs. As soon as I refed, I gained it back. This is so frustrating! The first 80 came off with just a low-carb, low-effort manner. The next 30 not as fast, but these last few just refuse to go away no matter what I do….anxiously awaiting your next update. Thanks for all you do!

  • Love love love this! I’ve been on my intuitive eating journey for just over a year now and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I don’t believe I’m at my set point yet but I have faith my body is figuring it out. Thank you for the great resource ♥️

  • until post menopause my weight didn’t fluctuate, then I got into a stressful situation and was quite sedentary for 3 yrs; 5′ 4″, eat low glycemic 16/8 hr regime of whole unprocessed foods no animal products right supplements, and for a year still stuck at 130lbs; swim and do some resistance training, get in my walking and biking but it’s all around my middle and drives me nuts. There are other factors like sleep and dealing with stress that may come into play … very interesting video indeed!

  • Timely video for me. I have been wondering about this concept. My story and plateau similar to Keith’s. I first heard of this idea because of my brother who has been on Very low carbs for 3 decades. He told me that my body would find a level it is good with and I would not go below it on low carb alone. At 61 years of age perhaps I should agree with my body and be content with a BMI at the top end of the “normal” range?

  • When I started taking a particular medicine three years ago, I gained about 25 pounds. I’m able to manage the side effects better now, but I feel like if I didn’t restrict myself I would gain even more weight and any that I’ve lost since then. Unfortunately I have explored all options but I absolutely need this medication…I would love to let my body take over but I don’t think it’s capable of regulating on its own at this point.

  • Hello �� I have a question, when you are coming out from the diet restrictions and overshoot your weight, how long does it take for your body to find the set point? Thank you for your help ��

  • I really don’t think leptin and ghrelin have anything to do with anything except control hunger.
    I don’t pay any attention to hunger, I can sit with people eating pizza during a 24hr fast.
    If I get hungry I’m like “okay bitch eat some fat and stfu”.

  • I am 77 years old, 5′ 8″ tall, and weighed 160 when I decided to lose weight. No diet worked for any length of time and always stalled at 155. Then I heard of Keto, and cutting out the sugar, grains (which I love) and starchy vegetables were the answer. It took me 5 months to get to 145. Now the goal is to stay at the level. You videos were a big help and still are. Thank you!

  • Hi Docs, Have you tried the beef and butter fast? I did a 5 day beef and butter fast with Jennifer Marie on beefandbutterfast.com and lost 2.5 pounds. The average from 500 people lost 5 or 7 pounds.

  • I want to go vegan but i am in ed recovery (bulimia) so everyone is kinda afraid i might Use it for restriction but i am 100% not…
    Do you know what to do?

  • I cannot get below 170-169. I track calories w a coach and do HIIT workout 3-4 times a week…..eating 1300 cal a day….my coach believes I am over eating….but I record everything! I’m stuck

  • Yeah. I’ve been stuck at 155 for a few months (after having lost 20 lbs)….but I can’t work out right now. I’m hoping when I can start working out and putting on muscle again that I will be able to break through. I was steadily losing weight when I was working out regularly. The fact that I’ve at least been able to maintain makes me happy though. Let us know what works for you.

  • Hey Colleen! I am 20 years old, underweight, and have amenorrhea. One day I decided I had enough and read the Intuitive Eating book. This and your channel have really helped me keep a positive mindset about gaining weight. I feel more nourished than ever! I really needed this video because i have been looking into the whole set point theory. Thank you!!❤️����

  • What about hormones messing up your appetite? I am 50 years old and perimenopausal. My doctor told me to start eating less, because my declining hormones will “betray” my body with weight gain in the coming years. I was told weight gain in the abdomen will lead to heart disease and diabetes. So, I’m trying to avoid these problems, and I don’t want to gain weight, period.

  • I would argue that he did not change his set point at all. It is not possible. The reason he was able to get down so easily to that new weight, is that he has been eating above his set point, just out of routine, for a long time. When you are above your set point like he was, if you stop eating when you are not hungry, and just eat intuitively, your weight will come down to your set point easily��

  • I agree that nobody is predisposed to being overweight as such. Not as simple as that for sure.

    WFPB I was definitely not sitting at my healthy set point. I was bloated, overweight (almost into the obese category), anxious, depressed and beyond miserable.

    But we aren’t all the same. Do what works ��

  • Question for Dr Keith: It’s hard enough to consistently lose weight, but is there so much more pressure when you have to broadcast your successes and failures to your YouTube family? Great job, so far though. Keep it up! BTW, your channel has helped me lose 30 pounds, so thanks!

  • This is been a great video for me. I started out at 236 pounds a year and a half ago I dropped to 185 pounds within six months and have been able to maintain that weight or a little less for over a year. I am 6 feet tall and I’m 72 years old and was very slight as a young man. I hope to get down to about 175 but I feel like I’ve reached my setpoint.Your videos have been informational and inspirational thanks for the good work.

  • I think you can. It probably has something to do with metabolism. Muscle requires more nutrients than fat cells to maintain. So if you never lifted before maybe you need 2500 cal to maintain. But if you’ve been training for 10 years you probably need closer to 3500 cal to maintain. And for some people it’s hard to eat that much so they just naturally end up eating around maintenance. That’s my theory anyway.

  • Good vid. I have cheat days and when I do, the next day, I extend the fast a bit. Hormones are definitely powerful and sleep or lack of sleep, stress, and eating can activate or shut them down. I guess the key is staying relaxed, not eating often, get some sunshine, eat real food/limit refined carbs, and do things you love to do. Diet is part of it, but overall well being is important too I think.

  • WOW! I do watch the scale even though on keto I should know better. This is exactly what I’m going through. I’ll have a nice drop for a couple days, and a lovely number on the scale, (so excited!) and the next 2 days you can see my body regaining it no matter what I eat, fast or do! I’ll usually have to claw my way down to that number again for the next week or so (sometimes longer!) I also have to struggle for a high ketone number. My afternoon ketones run about 1.4 even if I’m totally fasting. My weight is coming down gradually, but it looks like a stock market graph! LOL! I’d love to know the mechanism that can gain weight on a fast. It has to be the water, right? Damn! I hope it’s not the AIR we Breathe! That would put the cherry on top of the frustration, eh? LOL!

  • Wow Paul! Just subbed to you! I have my own channel focused on my journey to transformation and sharing what I learned through my experiences and I just made a video called Weight Loss Motivation| Are You In Tune With Your Body Weight Set Point?

    After it being uploaded, I decided to see what other videos were out there on youtube and found your channel! You are very inspiring and I loved how your explanation and perspective on this topic. I linked your video in under the description box of my video on my channel for people to have more clarity on this subject. Your video rocks and really aligns with what I have experienced on my own weightloss journey:)

  • Does Dr Keith do any weight/strength training? I have been through a weight loss journey too, and tried many different diets. When I was obese, it was easier to lose weight. Now, in the past 2 months or so, my weight has not moved much at all. But, I have lost probably 5-10 pounds of fat in that time (I do dexa scans every 4-6 weeks to track this), and my waist measurement is decreasing. If I was only tracking scale weight I would be in total despair right now, but knowing that my body is gaining muscle and losing fat helps enormously. I am 56 years old and my strength training is not that radical. Most guys in the gym lift heaver than I do.

  • Good Video Keith. Really a suck and see approach. I may have missed a previous video of your both but did you have a good visceral fat loss when you dropped your original weight?

  • You are dealing with the same issue as me. I have followed Dr Bozworth and Keto blogger Jennifer Marie with some success. Worth your time.
    Just a 61 year old female trying to lose more weight. Have lost 45 lbs on the ketogenic diet and have no problem folowing the lifestyle. Good luck, Dianne

  • Are you saying then, that the answer is… liposuction? To physically remove the fat cells so we don’t have as many?

    Does anyone know the answer to too many fat cells? (Yes, I’m fat, and I don’t wanna be!)

  • I’m not advocating it but I’ve been curious from a mechanistic standpoint if something like liposuction permanently changes your set point because it reduces fat cell count by direct removal.

  • So the calorie-reduction over time lowered their metabolism or their body adapted to it. I guess that means they have to do more and more exercise which would be exhausting and wear the body down. So With intermittent fasting, you maintain calories, but you eat in a window and give body time to burn the stored fat and you level out your insulin or you improve insulin sensitivity. Yes, hormones are important. That is why stress and lack of sleep can be problematic with weight loss. Anyway, good information. quick question: i drink cofee in the a.m. Would you recommend Half & Half over Whole Milk (to add to it)? half and half has less sugar, but i think the whole milk may have fewer calories. which is more nutritious?

  • My husband and I went through the same thing. We are about your age and hit a plateau on Keto. Four months ago we switched to carnivore. The weight fell off of both of us and we both packed on the muscle. My husband is doing a six pack ab reveal on his 54th birthday this week on our channel. We have documented our progress from keto to carnivore. Keith, I think you need to get rid of the carbs, at least for awhile.

  • Hmmmm.. Are we trying to loose weight or body fat? A scale’s reading is only one of the markers used for measuring body fat %. Why not go back to helping your body use fat as fuel instead of calorie restriction measured with a scale?

  • I stalled out on keto but I started to track my fat intake to make sure I was getting enough,because when I saw how much I wasn’t getting I was shocked, after that the scale started to drop and I have never stalled out sence

  • You know that couple who can’t conceive, until they adopt-Then poof…Pregnant. I think something similar can happen with weight loss. I am 5’10” and 175 lbs seemed to be my set point for the longest time, until I took a spinning class at the gym. There is definitely something hormonal that happens with HIIT (High intensity interval training) that melts away pounds and seems to reset that set point. You might want to consider giving it a try Dr Keith. Alternatively, you could just be happy with the healthy and phenomenal self that you already are!

  • ‘ve heard people talk a lot about the bodies ‘set point’ and how we have a range of around 5-20lbs that is where each individual body is healthiest. I have recently begun working out more and doing a bit of strength training, purely because it’s something I enjoy and it’s a good way for me and my partner to find more time to spend together. My question is this, if I lose fat but build muscle (as a by product of the added exercise, it isn’t a hard and fast goal of mine as I do try to live intuitively) am I still at my set point? for example, if I weigh 160lb now and in 6 months I still weigh 160lb but my body has changed because that weight is now muscle instead of fat, is that still my set point? or will it then change? Hopefully someone in the comments can answer this!

  • Good video. I’m currently trying to achieve recomp. Carb cycling appears to be effective for me for now. Speaking of composition… can you shed light on Core Hard Extreme hardening powder?

  • So a solution may be to end your cut with a controlled, extended period at new maintenance before slowly increasing calories over time to create a surplus, right?

  • I started keto in August, lost 45lbs and kind of naturally going to OMAD because I wasn’t hungry. I’m 6’4″ down from 305 to 260 as of Monday I started an extended fast, currently 60 hours and down 5.5 lbs and as of this morning feeling AMAZING. I am in a autophagy with a 4.2 ketone and 68 glucose last night. I’m planning on continuing until Friday for a 96 hour fast. We’ll see how it goes, this is my first time doing an extended fast. I was finding on my OMAD days I was between 1200 and 1800 calories and still not hungry but goal calories were 2300 per my guidelines. Shock your body with a 5-7 day extended fast. I would start Thursday after dinner so that you go through the worst of it on the weekend, the 3rd day was the worst for me.

  • This is the perfect example of why people are so frustrated. There is no help here for people who want to lose weight sustainably, just versions of the sentence “it’s really hard” over and over again. How. Do. I. Lower. My. Setpoint? You say at the end you’ll tell people how to do that, but don’t offer a link to any videos that do it.

  • Set point? I only wish I had set pints as low as most of these comments. In my 20s my set. Seem to be about 220. As I couldn’t get any lower than that no matter how much I dieted or exercised. In my 30s I couldn’t get below 230. As you see I keep gaining weight when I stop dieting. In my 40s it was 240 and now I’m in my 50s and I cannot get below 250. I’m so frustrated I stop dieting or year ago and I’m way above 250 now. It seems my body wants to be extremely obese which makes me extremely depressed. As I’ve aged it’s become harder and harder to do this high intensity exercise you talk about. There is no way I can even do anything like that. I’m lucky that I can walk. And yes I’ve talk to my doctor etc. etc. etc.

  • I eat bad during December, always. Coworkers made banana cream pie, potato salad, cookies, conchas, enchiladas. We have foods, cake, pastries for the whole month! I gained 12 pounds lost all the added weight with 4 days waterfast.

  • I think you look great at your current setpoint. 155 lbs for a man who is 5’9″ seems very low to me. Muscle is what you should be adding to your frame at the current weight that you are if you’re unhappy with the way your body is.

  • Damn that shit is scary. Definitely going to be tuning in for more info. I bulk and cut every year in about a 15-20 pound range. I wonder if this is considered yo-yo dieting.

  • Keith i feel for you. I’ve been at this for 5 years. I started at 345. I’m 6’3″. Diabetic, insulin dependent. I’ve been stuck between 215 and 220 for 2 years. I do OMAD every day and fast 36 to 48 once or twice a week and just can’t lose any more. I don’t cheat because if I did my blood sugar would go haywire. Keep on plugging bro. I’m also 59 maybe that has something to do with it.

  • Nice! I actually prefer Keto to do a cut with. I practice CKD, Cyclical Keto Diet. I have been doing it for a long time though. My Chiropractor suggested it. I definitely want to do a recomp once I drop at least 30 more lbs.

  • Nice content. Thanks. I’m curious about Keith’s exercise regiment. The two of you talk about his diet a lot, which is great, but not much talk about movement/activity/exercise. Possible you can create a video on Keith’s exercise routine and how you think his muscle mass (or lack of) might contribute to his current set point?

  • Have you considered a bone broth fast? I did one for 72 hours and it broke my plateau. According to Thomas Delauer it will also promote autophagy AND reset your hormones. Hope this helps!

  • I don’t understand why you would want to get to 155? You look lean enough at 170. You’ll look frail at 155lbs 5′ 9″ In my opinion.

  • You said that under eating can increase your set point weight, I have restricted in the past, does that mean my set point weight now just higher? Is there anyway to lower it?

  • You talk about a set point weight, I don’t diet or count calories, I am 5ft 2inches and weigh 13 stones 6 pounds, so therefore I am classed as morbidly obese, and yet I eat exactly what I want, when I want it and don’t put on any more weight, I don’t lose any either, but I am considered grossly overweight, could this be my ‘set point weight’, doesn’t seem right to me as my brain tells me I should be at least 3 stones lighter than I am. I don’t eat biscuits, cakes, etc, or lots of processed foods as I consider these ‘bad’ foods, I eat fruit, veggies, only white meats or fish, oatmeal for breakfast, my only ‘obsession’ is chocolate, but even then I don’t eat it to excess as again I don’t consider it a ‘good’ food or choice. I have followed calorie restrictive diets in my younger years (I am now 68), so perhaps I have raised my set point weight, so if it cannot be lowered is this what my weight will be from now on and unless I eat only lettuce on a starvation diet, my weight won’t go down, obviously not a healthy way of eating ��, perhaps I have to be happy the way I am, confused ����

  • Dr. Kieth, since you follow Dr. Jason Fung, I would suggest a 5 day water fast. Not only good for weight loss but other amazing health benefits. Naomi Whittle is also a big proponent of this. I have done one 5 day water fast per month since last Sept. always helped me lose weight when things were going slow. Also, since you have been fat adapted for a long time, this should be a ‘walk in the park’ for you! Love you and Dr. Becky’s videos. Keep up the great work. ������

  • Maybe I’m missing something. Toward the end of the video Layne seems to say that fat cells in adults can split and multiply from overeating as they do in children. Which isn’t true. All you have to do is google that fact. I may have misunderstood what he was saying. Thoughts?

  • Hey Keith you still look great, as a personal trainer I highly suggest you go straight carnivore, carnivore Keto is badass…. if you don’t start dropping weight doing that I will give you one of my houses!!!!! I guarantee you my friend that will put you back on track…p.s. i Own THE FIT PIT and when I have clients stuck in a keto rut that’s when we switched to the carnivore diet AKA meat eggs fish.and it works every single time and let me say that one more time EVERY SINGLE TIME….

  • Totally agree with all of this, the number of ways WFPB activates satiety mechanisms and promotes appropriate weight loss is crazy! Great content, subbed!

  • LAYNE DOES IT AGAIN!!! These series just get better and better!! So glad you’re doing this one Layne!! Keep it coming!! Can i plz plz plz beg you to do one episode in relation to this and an obese person who loses weight…….i.e. a 330lb male/female going to 200lbs or so, who also builds some muscle mass, then what happens, would his leptin signals keep pushing for more food till he returns to 330lbs, like…are you going to be forever hungry battling to maintain 200lbs??

  • Can you make a video on how to prevent body fat cell and setpoint increase when dropping bodyfat?? I’m scared now as i heard that body fat cells never decrease after they increase

  • I would recomend eating mostly whole foods, with treats here and there, rarely.. otherwise, I doubt all in would work. You would just be working against your health but in an other way.

  • Really hit the nail on the head with this one layne.�� Big fan of all your work and so greatful to have you share your knowledge so we can make the best progress not only for ourself, but spread awareness to our clients about these issues. Looking forward to hearing more on this topic ��

  • My heart goes out to you. I suffered from binge eating for several years. I hid in closets and binged and then punished myself for days starving it was a very unhealthy way to live. I was so afraid when I started keto and intermittent fasting because when I did my first 18-hour fast I was so hungry by the end of the 18 hours that I had a binge. It took forever not to fall back into that trap. I simply had to back up a couple hours and instead of 18 hours I just kept it at a 14-hour fast for a few weeks once I became comfortable there I bumped it to 16 hours. I find it is incredibly important to have someone it keeps you in check. I 100% believe in the benefits of long-term fasting however it can be a slippery slope for someone who is desperately trying to reach a specific weight on the scale. I admire you for addressing this topic. I’ve talked about keto and intermittent fasting with binge eating. Thank you

  • The only thing that eventually ended my stall and helped me start losing weight again was doing a 5-day Fast Mimicking Diet. Since I have two chronic health problems that can benefit from it, I now plan on doing one set of FMD a month, eating keto the rest of the time. [Btw, Keith, you look great at this weight.]

  • Can I suggest you take a look at Ginger’s post here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCsvcasMqNk&feature=youtu.be she’s an extrovert Italian living in Wales. She’s extremely knowledgable.

  • what ive picked up doing research, is that over time the body eventually settles down to whatever you are doing. in other words it catches on to your sneaky tactics and regulates itself… the only thing i found to jolt the body into action again, was interval training… which basically means, steady cardio with short sharp shocks of 100 percent effort for say 30 second intervals.. So warm up a bit by jogging on the spot for 5 minutes, then carry on jogging on the spot for 60 seconds with a sharp sprint for 30 secs, then back to jogging for 60 secs then 30 secs sprint.. etc… it also helps if you hold small 2 to 5 pound hands weights while you are doing it…

  • my hight 5,1 n w8 should b around 55,,, bt my set point is 80 kg,,, on 80 kg i did keto, carnivore, if, omad, 24 hours hard dry fast, 3 dy n 10 dys water fast bt no w8 lost… im over all healthy MA,,, no health issues,,, can anyone guide me wt the hel i do to lose w8????

  • Yo man! Where is the rest of this series? If it’s all in your ebook can you confirm that? You have me hooked now! It’s been 9 months so I don’t think another one is coming

  • Hi Becky, I just found your channel! I love it. The information is great, but the presenter is even better! You have a sweet, calm way about you that makes it easy to follow and listen to. Blessings to you….and much success! Great hubby too��

  • Both of my parents were lean other than the “child baring” hips that all women have. I’m trying to get my muscles toned while losing the weight but it hurts!

  • Wow, very interesting video…. ��

    I have a question… out of all of your clients that have followed your plan, how many (or what %) of them have been able to keep the weight off for 2+ years?

  • I’m in the same boat Keith 100 pounds down 15 more to go been stuck over 6 months.When I try to maintain I gain weight I try to lose weight to maintain now…Be careful

  • Aren’t you also strength training? Wouldn’t it be more productive to lean more on fat percentage rather than numbers on the scale, which can be very misleading?

  • really interested in hearing more about this set point. there have been some talks about how your set point can change up but not down. i don’t know if that is true but it sure feels like it when you are trying to lose weight.

  • Stoked you made this video on this subject. I am in process of cutting after putting 33lbs on after my 2015 cut. My goal is to do just that, change my set point. Was thinking it would be cool if you or Layne did a video on how disorders effect your workouts/nutrition/hormones, i.e., ADHD.

  • I feel like you only describe the positives, like you might not actually feel the best in your set point, you might hate your body and feel fat, the important thing is you don’t have to love your body because it does so much for you. Maybe you could touch on that? It might be hard for you to understand because your body is naturally very privileged and slim. Great video tho.

  • I think it’s possible. Look at Gavin Mehl videos…. He struggled to get shreded, but finally he got to 5 % body fat and he maintain it all year long with intermittent fasting one meal a day…Well… He obviously smile to camera and seems to be happy, but at the end of the day, we don’t know what price he pays for it? What will be ideal: get shredded to six pack ( with not big muscles big muscles are passe this days they just don’t look nice), and have physique of greek God, or Roman legionst all year long… What i found not many body builders can do it, but many people in calisthenics doas…

  • Wow, I’m really looking forward to this series! I’m scared to eat a big meal right now until I hear more. A couple questions I hope you can address:

    How long was the open feeding period where the number of fat cells increased? Are we talking a meal or two or several days of straight binge eating to before this effect is triggered?

    Are certain types of intermittent fasting schedules at risk of this? Squeezing your calories into certain sized windows sounds in theory like a “short term flux of energy across the fat cell”.

  • I have been on a ‘set point’ for about 6 months, but have persisted with the keto. I decided to be satisfied with where I am although still roughly 10 pounds from my goal. I’ve gone slightly below my set point at times, then bounced back to slightly above and seesawed like that until 5 days ago. Since then I have lost at least 100gms (we’re kilos and grams measurements) per day on a steady loss instead of bouncing back up. I have no idea why! Nothing is different! So I will be very interested in your journey and results.:) Thanks so much for your videos. They’ve helped a lot over the last year. Just a quick thought… are you still working out for building muscles (for those abs)? Muscle weighs more than fat. However, I’m sure you are checking all of that!

  • It’s easy to say all of this when your set weight is naturally skinny. My parents are both naturally ‘overweight’ and they eat relatively healthy foods my mom decided to combat her being naturally overweight by always yoyo dieting and having food rules and my dad just embarrassed it and is obese with a host of health problems

  • I went from 279 to 222 to 240 now. He’s right, after a diet cycle, you eventually over eat. I wanna get to 200. I’m 6ft 2″ gotta do this.

  • How about just merely “being okay” with where you’re at?” You’re healthy now correct? For a male, 5’9, 170 is a functioning healthy weight? The video series could continue with learning maintenance, overall health benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle, and the mental aspects of not becoming obsessive in a culture that is constantly about weight obsession.

  • I finally broke under 220 (started 235 August 24 2018) by increasing my fats, almost trying to have a fat fast, no more than 1200 calories. Did this for three days so far however my totals were higher than I wanted, mostly because of my evening meal. Have you tried fat fasting?

  • The moment where you been on a diet since age 9 and now you are 281 lbs at age 24 and you are like wow years of dieting has caused this set point to go higher

  • Starvation mode is not a thing unless you are literally starving. Set point theory is also fairly flawed. You seem like a nice person, but I think it is extremely irresponsible to recommend a book with such a well documented misunderstanding of scientific studies as “Health at Every Size.” The average American is overweight or obese. This is NOT healthy. I appreciate that you encourage people to pay attention to your hunger cues and to be aware of your hunger. I think that’s good advice. However, many of us have a disordered relationship with food and unreliable hunger cues. Being aware of your energy needs and expenditure is not inherently bad.

    Linda Bacon is not a reputable scientific resource.

  • Thankyou from the bottom of my heart Emmie for helping keep my bmi in a healthy range. For years I’ve been told by doctors and dieticians that my weight would not dramatically change because of my genetics. However since being on your diet for a few months now, the weight is flying off and finally my bmi is constantly in a healthy range. Seeing this video justified what i thought, that all i needed was someone who knows what their talking about and to make it achieveable. You have guided me to more success in 3 months with my weight then others have in years. I can never thank you enough and like everyone else i adore and admire what you have achieved in your young life. You truly are a gift hunny and so glad im connected to you.

  • Aren’t you concerned about nutrient deficiencies? I’d be thinking about omega-3 fats, which are vital for brain health. DHA is not readily obtained from plant foods. And aren’t fats crucial for hormone and neurotransmitter production? I think you can lose weight on this diet but long term you are going to have problems.

  • This is such an interesting theory. I thought that when I stopped dieting and stopped my food rules I would just exponentially gain weight. That’s the thought I had for years and why I kept going back to dieting. It’s so great to know that it won’t happen. I’ve been diet free since October 2019. Yeah I’ve gain weight, but eventually it stopped. It fluctuates but i haven’t gained exponentially like I thought

  • Very in depth and scientific. I believe it for sure. Let’s just make it simple for people though, get on the snake diet and fast your bag off and none of this will
    Matter. ������

  • I can’t find the video series that you mentioned that will talk about how to prevent a set point increase and what to do if yours already is increased.

  • Holy shit. Your videos are now like a series you just get hooked on. Now I can’t wait for the next episode.

    Great video, interesting info, important topic. Full groupie again, but thanks!

  • I ate like this for most of my life but I never managed to lose weight, the medicine I’m on for health just bloats me out weight wise…. I also am bed ridden half the time and struggle to cook for myself at al… large amounts of allergies like citrus’s, chillies, raw tomato’s, fish, meat and most florals… what do you suggest someone with lupus, MS, arthritis etc and asthma allergies, eczema etc… I eat almonds as a snack and watermelon or cherries usually but I’m a sucker for the odd piece of chocolate every night and cheese is something I struggle to give up… but meat and fish always made me quite sickly…. any suggestions?

  • I’m 16, I’m going to try to lose weight in the next 90 days, this is probably my only obstacle, I hope it doesn’t effect me, but hopefully not.

  • In his book, “The Obesity Code,” Dr Jason Fung states that he believes that the body fat set point can be changed through intermittent and multi-day fasting to rewire our brains.

  • I find this fascinating. AND I can so relate. I was doing 0123 and IF, was losing a pretty solid.33 per day at first then that edged down to about.20 per day. About Thanksgiving time, even though I thought I’d been eating the same way, my weight loss stopped dead right before I got to the 30 lb lost mark. I struggled through the couple weeks after Thanksgiving and tried longer IF and even OMAD etc. Kind of right along with Keith’s videos. With the next holidays approaching I decided to stop stressing over it and do the best I could without sticking to any plan and hoping to maintain through Christmas. It’s been really hard to get back on track and I gained a couple lbs which came off overnight once I got back on the 0123. This week I’m back to my 0123, 50/25/25 and 12:12. Lo and behold, I’m back to losing about.33 per day and have surpassed that 30# mark. I really do think that my body needed a break and to catch up to the weight loss and to have a little calorie and macro change up for a couple weeks. Plus since so much of this is a mind game, the break helped my mind get back in the game too. The interesting thing is that even though I wasn’t losing during that time and actually gained, I did lose a little bit in inches which I think was just my body continuing to adjust to the fast weight loss and hopefully finding a new set point.

  • Hey I’ve been researching this and I am wandering if you could help me with some questions!: as a kid I was super thin!!! I weighed 85lbs at 14 and then I hit puberty and gained weight! So I started restricting�� now I am 16 and I weigh 135lbs: #1 if I am naturally a thinner person does that mean my set point will be lower??? And just to let you know my eating disorder was never extreme I usually ate between 1200-1400 cals + cardio + fasting and yo-yo dieting (I tried every diet under the sun!!!) so if I was never extreme #2 does that mean I’ll find my set point faster?????

    I feel like I have to unlearn a lot diet culture has “taught” me!!!! But yo-yo dieting and restricting brings short term success and I am looking for long term success!!!!!

    #3 am I even sick enough to try to recover????

  • Thanks Colleen really interesting video. Do you think it’s almost inevitable you may put on weight (if you’re coming to this after prolonged dieting) before your body finds its set point? And also I am 50 so can I expect my set point to be higher than if I were in my 20’s?

  • I CAN’T WAIT for the rest of this series!!! Sharing this with my personal training clients. You’re still my #1 go-to guy for all things nutritionmy clients hear about you ad nauseam lol Thank you ��

  • Hi everyone:)

    In this video I would like to show you the scientific background of the set point theory. Everybody talks about it but it always seems to be such an mysterious thing where nobody knows if it’s really true or not. I tried my best to bring a bit of a light into this topic and hope it is helpful for you. The links of some of the scientific articles I used, I will put under my video in the description box.
    Take care!:)