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8 Sneaky Offenders that Cause Weight Fluctuations 1. YOU DRANK A TON OF WATER It’s true that staying well-hydrated is a good move if you’re trying to lose weight, but the 2. YOU STRENGTH TRAINED YESTERDAY Lifting weights can speed your progress in the long run, but it can also temporarily 3. Healthy Lombard mission is to motivate kids (and their parents since adults are children’s role models) to start, or continue physical exercise, learn about healthy lifestyle choices, participate in healthy group activities, and practicing healthy habits. 8 Sneaky Weight Loss Mistakes That Are Holding You Back No one’s weight loss journey is going to be perfect. You’ll almost certainly experience some setbacks and even weight loss plateaus. read more > 8 sneaky offenders that cause weight fluctuations WORRY THAT IT’S “NOT REAL” When you have lost weight in the past and later regained it, you may think you “can’t” lose weight. Here are eight reasons you might be experiencing sudden weight gain, and how your scale might not be giving you the whole picture: 1. You chowed down on too many salty foods.

You probably know that sodium, the main chemical in salt, causes water retention. One of the things that makes mold toxicity so insidious is the myriad symptoms it can produce, such as brain fog, sleep problems, weight fluctuation. 8. Medication. Certain common prescription medications can cause a cough.

One medication class, in particular, the ACE inhibitor family, is notorious for this side effect. If you have recently been started on an ACE inhibitor for high blood pressure, and you are experiencing a cough, follow up with your medical provider for reevaluation. Weight Fluctuation – What Is Normal And What Is Most Certainly Not? We all experience weight fluctuation on a daily level due to various factors that we intend to discuss today.

So it is safe to say that weight fluctuation is a normal thing. In fact, five the considered being the magical number when it comes to normal weight fluctuation. So don’t get too excited–or freak out–if you notice weight fluctuation in a day. “Weight gain due to water fluctuation should normalize in a day or two when you resume exercising and eating a healthy diet that’s low in salt, refined carbs, and simple sugars,” says Dr. Petruzzelli.

If need be adjust what you are doing then to match the weekly weight loss goal. If you are losing too fast the obvious place to start would be to eat more of.

List of related literature:

For example, Heatherton, Polivy, and Herman (1991) indicated that higher levels of dietary restraint were related to greater weight fluctuation.

“The Psychology of Eating: From Healthy to Disordered Behavior” by Jane Ogden
from The Psychology of Eating: From Healthy to Disordered Behavior
by Jane Ogden
Wiley, 2011

For example, it might well have been a discrepancy in the form of an expectancy violation, such as the inability to fit into a favorite pair of pants, which served to trigger the 10-pound weight loss goal in the first place.

“Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Core Principles for Practice” by William T. O'Donohue, Jane E. Fisher
from Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Core Principles for Practice
by William T. O’Donohue, Jane E. Fisher
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Similarly to the cross-sectional studies, two prospective studies showed how Disinhibition predicted weight gain over several years and predicted current BMI (Hays et al. 2002a), with the strongest predictor of weight gain being habitual susceptibility to Disinhibition (Hays and Roberts 2008).

“Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
from Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition
by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
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They also determined that there was inconclusive evidence of a workplace PA intervention effect on body weight or body composition.

“Handbook of Obesity Volume 1: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Physiopathology, Third Edition” by George A. Bray
from Handbook of Obesity Volume 1: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Physiopathology, Third Edition
by George A. Bray
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Maglieri et al. (2000) measured the occurrence of food stealing by weighing food in a session room before and after each intervention session.

“Handbook of Crisis Intervention and Developmental Disabilities” by Derek D. Reed, Florence D. DiGennaro Reed, James K. Luiselli
from Handbook of Crisis Intervention and Developmental Disabilities
by Derek D. Reed, Florence D. DiGennaro Reed, James K. Luiselli
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This possibility has been suggested by studies of rats, some strains of which will double their weights when fed a high-fat “supermarket diet,” which includes generous portions of junk food (Sclafani, 1980, Sclafani & Springer, 1976).

“International Handbook of Behavior Modification and Therapy: Second Edition” by Alan S. Bellack, Michel Hersen, Alan E. Kazdin
from International Handbook of Behavior Modification and Therapy: Second Edition
by Alan S. Bellack, Michel Hersen, Alan E. Kazdin
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They should be warned that they may gain weight, but that watching their diet and increasing their exercise can minimize this.

“Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider E-Book” by Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, Maren Stewart Mayhew
from Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider E-Book
by Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, Maren Stewart Mayhew
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2008

Techniques commonly used by clients to project a false increase in weight include drinking large amounts of water just prior to weighing, or hiding weights on their person.

“Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing E-Book” by Ruth Elder, Katie Evans, Debra Nizette
from Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing E-Book
by Ruth Elder, Katie Evans, Debra Nizette
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While some newer and/or onecomponent trials suggest improvements to weight using these strategies (e.g., James et al., 2004; Schwartz et al., 2016; Bonsergent et al., 2013; Melnyk et al., 2013), the effect sizes are modest, and additional evidence is needed.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition
by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
Guilford Publications, 2019

For instance, when a person finds that their weight fluctuates by 50 pounds from one day to the next, they are likely to assume that the scale is wrong, not that their weight really has changed that quickly.

“Well-being for Public Policy” by Ed Diener, Associate Professor of Psychology Richard Lucas, Richard Lucas, John F. Helliwell, Ulrich Schimmack, John Helliwell
from Well-being for Public Policy
by Ed Diener, Associate Professor of Psychology Richard Lucas, et. al.
Oxford University Press, 2009

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  • If I eat 500 calories a day and ride a mountain bike about two miles after my eating window, will I lose weight? Please help. I’m tired of being 270 when I was previously 203

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  • You are AWESOME, really grateful for this video Greg!I was literally so upset today,with those scale fluctuations!now I will weigh myself daily and take the average��

  • I wish this video had been 6 month’s earlier, but now I’ve learned the hard way. IF is not carte blanche to eat what you like ��

  • Hey, I was wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before?

    https://nplink.net/gsrgsrhk it looks like a great program to help people lose weight. I was just

    Looking for some options before I made my decision. By the way, I love to the content you have

    Been posting lately!

  • watching a bunch of these types of videos makes me confused on what to actually eat to lose weight because im more of a picky eater

  • What can u suggest for someone who is a bread lover�� do its fine to eat 3 slices of almond bread a day? (100 cal per slice nd 1g of carbs)
    Thank u so much��

  • Autumn, I would love to see you do a video on sugar replacements like Stevia, Monk fruit, sugar alcohols, etc. I’ve been using different things on a Ketogenic diet and While I am aware of the effects of many of them, I’m very interested in learning about things that make us stall on weight loss. Thank you.

  • Hi Paul, can you please typed out the name of your favorite supplement to reduce stress level which you mentioned here at the end?
    (for people who are not native english speakers like me it was quite fast ) Thanks in advance.

  • Why do you demonise bread? Sure, store-bought refined white bread is not great but it’s also disgusting, but tortillas and whole grain breads can be a good choice and not have a particularly marked effect on your blood sugar levels as you suggest. Besides, as you know, it’s the total glycemic load of a meal that defines the effect on BS and insulin. Adding healthy fats and fibre will slow gastric emptying and keep blood sugars from going on a roller coaster. As a nutritionist I wish you wouldn’t lump in bread when discussing ‘refined carbs and sugars’ when the real offenders are snacks like doughnuts. Bread is ultra convenient and relatively healthy if you choose well, so stop demonising all breads, please. Restricting people with poorly measured advice like this is only going to make people unhappy and unhealthy in the long run.

  • Content is great, no doubt about it. If only the male host were to control that stupid smile of his after the intro �� I’d say just keep a normal face, Paul.

  • Ok so no refined foods that only leaves some good ole home cooking. How about salt or sodium does it spike up insulin I’ve gained weight with seasoned foods’

  • Great content Paul and Dani! It is so critical to know why the scale goes up so we aren’t making unnecessary changes. I just started a channel about eating out while accomplishing your fitness/nutrition goals. Things like sodium, water, etc can play a roll in water weight, but not necessarily fat gain. Thanks for your content and support!

  • I do intermittent fasting and eat keto. I really haven’t lost anymore weight just maintaining my weight. I do take supplements at night. Could this keep me from loosing weight?

  • You should talk about the true body building doses for ifbb athletes. Do you really need more to get as big as these guys? Also info on an off season diet would be fantastic!

  • I would say people need more sodium in their diet. I don’t get enough, my body retains fluids. I take more, my body lets fluids and bloating goes down.

  • Who else stopped this video and weighed yourself? Last night before bed I was 248… This morning after peeeeeing and no food was 246.4…..Enjoying your videos Greg thanks for making them.





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    We are free

  • I agree. The goal is lean muscle mass weight and body fat ratio. Not overall body weight. It’s easy to confuse because when we think weight we generally think the latter and not the former.

  • I eat banana Almost everyday like juice with oatmeal sometimes with bread but I’m still losing weight ��‍♀️ even Now I’m going to have banana with whole wheat bread for breakfast

  • Thank you so much for all of your great information!  Quick question I know it should be obvious, but how do I count my fasting time?  For example, if I stop eating at 8pm, and if I wanted to go 16 hours for my fast would I end my fast at 12/Noon or 1:00pm the next day?  THANK YOU sooo much for your support!

  • Oh my god she is soo right I started eatting dates last month. I loved it and stopped eatting kitkat and chocolate after my meal, as a thought I cant go wrong with module dates so I had dates with everything. Sometimes I would pop them in my mouth and feel really good like I am eating healthily. so where can I go wrong. But six extra pounds later on my tummy and thighs I have chosen not to even look at a date again. And just listening to Autumn has confirmed it for me.
    To be honest I couldn’t have 1 or 2 Dates so I just stopped it all togethers

  • Intermittent fasting of 18/6 or 20/4 is the best tool when it comes to weight loss or wellness in general whereby you can eat in moderation everything you like and still lose weight.
    I lost 24 kgs with IF and exercise and feel great. Do IF along with moderate exercise while fasted and keep a check on the amount of something you like to eat.

  • Having IBS my weights fluctuates so much due to digestion. Sometimes I don’t even feel like eating my cutting calories and it can feel like I’m force feeding my 1800 calories. Usually going lower on Carbs helps when I experience that

  • She overcomplicates things too much. If you’re simply in a caloric deficit then you’ll lose weight, regardless of how much sugar you are or aren’t eating. That’s it.

  • The more I look into health and nutrition the more depressing it is. Guess what, that thing you thought was healthy, is actually loaded with sugar. Oh yeah, and that thing you found that has a good amount of protein in it and it doesn’t taste like crap, yeah that terrible for you:( It feels like there a study for EVERYTHING that says it’s bad for you.

  • I started WW about a year ago. I have always eaten as much fruit as I want. Lost 25 pounds and have been on maintenance for six months.

  • Pretty much all these foods are good nutrition for human performance. You always mention your masters but never speak on performance nutrition.

  • What are some plant based proteins you recommend? ☺️ I do not eat meat and really struggle with knowing which protein is good for me. Thank you for this video. Very helpful info!

  • NO FOOD WILL MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT, BEING IN A CALORIE SURPLUS DOES i despise videos like this, you can eat anything you want in moderation, stop giving people negative mindsets when it comes to food and eating, its so beyond dangerous

  • Autumn, please when you talk a bit slow down when you talk. You don’t let information to process and gets to tiring. Please, looks like it’s a good channel, but a bit slow down. And one more thing, if some products are not good for a diet, what are substitutes for it? And if you dedicate a video about sweeteners, cuz some of them are natural like” Stevia “?

  • Wow how serendipitous this video came out today! To test your theory that keto coffee doesn’t break your fast, I tested my blood sugars after finishing my keto coffee. I followed the recipe exactly, 1 tbsp kerrygold butter and 1 tbsp of coconut butter, but I do like to add a couple of teaspoons of lakanto monkfruit to it. I dash some cinnamon, ginger and cardamom powder on the top. The keto mojo said I was 82 which still is in the blood fasting range. I’ll try measuring it again tomorrow without the monkfruit but yes, it seems keto coffee keeps your fast, and I always feel energized and focused when drinking it.

  • I love that I’ve followed and watched your vids for so long that I guessed about 6 of the things you would talk about before I clicked. ���� Love getting the nerdy deets from you. ❤️

  • I always smile when I see people parked near my gym but in their cup holder in car I can sometimes see Starbucks cup from latte or bottles of coke

  • Loooove your videos! I watch it for 3 hours ahahahahha, so… Can i have 1/2 banana per day? And 30 gr of outmeal per day instead of Chía! Please let me know!!! ❤️

  • Abt the dates… they also have a lot of soluble fibre in them, so the sugar gets in to your blood stream much slower, causing less of an insulin spike that say table sugar. I’m not saying go crazy, or to not watch your overall sugar, but I would still argue they are healthier than refined sugar. They are also rich in polyphenols and potassium, so you got some good micronutrients in there too. ☺️
    Also just wanted to mention that you can get ripe jackfruit and “young” jackfruit, the young jackfruit that usually comes in brine and is used as a meat alternative generally doesn’t have any sugar in it. When fruit ripens the sugar develops. For example the jackfruit you can get in brine at Trader Joe’s has 0g of sugar.

  • I eat 4 dates with pecan nut inside it’s lush.. that’s my treat ������. Is.. listened on headphones the music in background annoying ��

  • I loooooove jackfruit but surprised that anyone thinks of it as a protein swap… I mean it’s an obvious carb bomb and should be treated as such

  • I don’t know what facts you looked up for a mango to have 46g of sugar. Maybe for a processed dried fruit. But for a fresh yellow mango no way or what about a unripe green one that tastes sour. Where did you go to school?

  • Re: switching to a 3 meal structure / not getting ENOUGH food. Would love your ideas (maybe a future vid?) on a weird problem I’ve been having, which is the fact that I’m NOT hungry with IF? This sounds so obnoxious to say! But is this common? It’s almost like I’ve turned off my hunger hormones so well I feel like to eat enough, I’d be eating without hunger. But then…I worry I’m not eating enough calories in the day and wondering if that’s why my body seems to be holding onto weight…

  • Great videos:3 generally fitness chanel not see the hormonal issue as u do, but I got a question hope u can answer, if u’re in a “bulking” diet is it good to stay in a insulin(fat storage mod)? Or u can build same muscle as u have low insulin peaks?

  • Saying sugar makes you fat cause it causes an insulin spike is so short sighted and stupid. As you lose weight by being in a calorie deficit, your body will naturally use less insulin while resting, and need to release less insulin for the food you eat. Eating fruit isn’t going to make you fat just because it has sugar in it.

  • Well, I was actually eating a lot of bananas and other fruit, including pineapple and mango on a 7 day cruise because I didn’t want to gauge myself on the bad food that’s usually served on the ship and when I came back home, everyone told me that I had lost so much weight. So all the free fruit actually helped me and I felt so much better.

  • Do you have any videos on the OMAD diet? I’m really considering it. I don’t get hungry until the evening anyways. I’m doing the 16-8 intermittent fasting currently. Wondering your thoughts on this!

  • Hi, some beans and legumes have around the same NET carbs per 200 calories as vegetables ( around 20 to 25 net carbs per 200 calories). So Does beans keto friendly like vegetables? �� ( hummus ❤️) https://www.myfooddata.com/articles/beans-low-in-net-carbs.php


  • You are vilinizing some really healthy foods. Eating too much fruit for someone eating a standard American diet may be problematic, simply because they are eating too many calories to begin with. I have been eating a whole foods plant based diet for years, with a ton of fruits, and actually lost weight, and healed autoimmune diseases along the way. I’m not saying cane sugar being added to a chia pudding, or a protein bar are good healthy options, but to say bananas and mangoes are going to cause weight gain and are unhealthy, is spreading fear of foods that should Never be feared!!

  • 1. Dates
    2. Sweeten Yogurts
    3. Mango
    4. Honey & Maple Syrup
    5. Chia pudding at restaurants
    6. Bananas
    7. Protein Bars
    8. Jackfruit
    9. Original Tea and Coffee

  • I feel like you are calling me out by name in this video….I love me some dates…and dried mango…dang sugar you get me every time!

  • It’s annoying people pretend to know more than a professional like you, they just said what the think is true, instead of searching for information and compare. True is that yes, those fruits have a lot of nutrients but at the same time a high amount of sugar, so if you really want to lose weight, you have to avoid them, that´s it.

  • Let’s not forget fruit has fiber which helps lower the insulin spike. And while honey and maple syrup are sugars, they do not belong in the same league or sentence as refined sugar. They both have an impressive amount of nutrients and healing properties. Just stickin to the facts.:)

  • Good thing I dont like any of those fruits, but isn’t fruit like those a better option than other non natural foods? I’d rather someone eat a banana than banana chips or ice cream.

  • How does the stored glycogen turn into fat? I heard that denovolipogenesis is very inefficient compared to converting dietary fat into fat… Thank you:)

  • I was so excited when I first found your channel, I love your old videos. I find the new ones are just shortened versions of the same information. Sorry. Love ya, but I’m getting bored, wanna learn more! Teach us something new! That being said all of your protocols work! And I thank u very much for sharing.

  • Hei Greg, saw you on “The 40-Year-Old Bodybuilder: SWOLE Ep.1” and wanted to say some words you are impressive. The dedication, the attitude and the results good job man.
    Wish you all the best and future success as well, that is all.

  • Do yourself a favour, skip the bullish!t video. If you’re gaining weight, you’re eating too much. There you go, there’s the answer. It doesn’t matter whether you count calories or not, your body will be counting.

  • I was used to weight myself on a specific day of the week because I was cheating on my diet that night. Then it would take many days, even a full week before all the water goes away. The Friday morning was always the day I was the lighter lol.

  • This erectile dysfunction treatment plan 4NaturalEdCure. Com ought to be used by individuals who endure related issue also because it can offer immediate results. Basing on my experience, I can confirm this really works. My stamina has 100% enhanced. Not only my performance in bed has considerably boosted, my blood flow too. This was after Three weeks of faithfully following the guide. My significant other has noticed the main difference as well…

  • I have MDD and anxiety. Whenever I have an episode I crave sweets. I will eat more snacks and desserts than meals. I become uninterested in prepping meals and desire more tasty food.

    I recently lost 80 pounds over a year. Now I’m regaining some weight back. It the just about always been overweight. I’m 5’1″ and my heaviest was 258 now I’m about 180 and gaining.

    Does antidepressants increase appitite? Sometimes I feel famished and will eat anything in the kitchen.

  • Good video greg,i was wondering what you think of the keto diet as far as getting lean and how long should you go before you have a carb day? I’m 165 Lbs and around 14 percent bf.

  • Believed I owned a seesaw, not a scale! Each one of these 8 is obvious, but putting them all together in one video was a wow moment for me. Thanks so much. Also you saying others deal with scale fluctuations to the point you advise them, gave me the emotional boost of ‘not alone’. Bigger thanks for that. Love your content.

  • Paul and Dani, this was very insightful. I noticed a lot of these variables when my weight stalled. Very nice that you touched on this. Thank you.

  • I eat around 5kg of food usually in one go, taking digestive enzymes to go with it. The weight from that tends to usually go away the next day; but I’m wondering, if I decided to eat like an average person: with small increment meals throughout the day that are calorie dense and don’t go up too high in volume, would I weight less than I usually do the following day?

    I’m 128lbs / 5’9 Male btw.

  • Not to be negative, but seriously: With all the content on youtube, why should I take this information for granted? You give these reasons but cite no science. I’m not saying you’re wrong. But, give me a reason to trust you as a source.

  • So, let me get this straight. A video about why people are gaining weight doing IF that doesn’t discuss people eating a surplus of calories??? I like getting into the details of hormones and insulin, etc, but most people trying to lose weight/fat aren’t at that point. They need to learn the basics, like understanding calories and the macronutrients that make up those calories. #BackToTheBasics

  • I’m having a hard time losing weight below 81kg (160lbs), I’m doing cardio everyday for 1 hour, and weight lifting harder than last time for 1 hour. Maybe I’m too impatient. Eating 1500 Cal everyday.

  • I use no calories sweeteners but only in my eating window, when you’re fasting you should stick to black coffee, tea, water and apple cider vinegar. It can make a huge difference.

  • Another big reason for me is water retention due to air travel. I travel a lot for business and will typically not weigh myself for at least 2 days after my return trip. Otherwise the scale could show up to 5 pounds heavier. Better for the psyche to skip the scale for 2 days.

  • I know this is a difficult question, but what approximately must your waist size be to start seeing your abs? As a 6ft individual, ectormorph frame slim build

  • Hi Paul, like another comment on here I have IBS/IBD so my weight is always all over the place and I can’t tell if I’m on track even when I average my weight over the week. Any advice on other ways to accurately track weight loss/weight gain if your bathroom habits are very irregular?

  • Oh wow! There exists another human being who literally eats just like I do. I’ve been watching a few of your videos and love all that you teach. I’ve been following a few of these principles intuitively but to hear you explain the science behind what’s happening is amazing ��

  • Thank you, thank you and thank you. Woke up two days ago and weighed as I normally do for the last 2 months and the number was higher last my last week’s weigh in. That put me in a real funk and I considered revamping my whole nutrition plan. But listening to this really put somethings in perspective so now I’m back on track. Thanks again lol

  • Mine was getting enough sleep or having an inconsistent sleep schedule. Now I’ve been taking Ashwagandha and I feel so much more calm, since taking it. I sleep much better with this herb. Thankful that one of your subscribers recommended it to me, on one of your previous videos. Ashwagandha helps to reduce cortisol, which is what I needed for so long!

    Now I just have to sleep on schedule! I enjoyed this video.

  • I think ur an awsome guy Gregg u know ur stuff bro some times I even let ur videos play all day bro while I clean do my errands people don’t realize guys if u look up to the man atleast watch the adds for the guy I appreciate the time u put in so I watch the adds a Gregg and everyone else should to

  • Can you do a video on Periodization for bodybuilding and how it differs from other strength sports? Also do you think it’s possible to still compete at a high level in bodybuilding while including calisthenics and Olympic lifting?

  • People! Please read the title of her video! Don’t be mean and also don’t put words in her mouth. She never said fruit is bad or that you shouldn’t eat fruit.

  • Paul, do you have a link you can share about your 2500-3500mg recommendation for sodium in athletes and how it influences performance?

  • Hey Autumn! Big fan, but a little confused at the moment. This guy’s video I’ve pasted below has a few videos about intermittent fasting. A few of which contradict what you say in your videos.Would you mind watching and clarifying some of these contradictions?


  • with patience and time you can lose weight. Losing weight was a challenge. but I managed to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks by following this guide: the2weekdietnow (search it on the internet) you have to download the guide.

  • I had lost my cycle for a long time and have only been having a period for the past 3 months, I forgot how much it would make the scale go up and I’d find it so weird to lose about 3 pounds in the span of 3 days ��

  • Thanks Autumn, I love that you call out the fake health food industry that preys on our weaknesses for junk food and high carbs to make a buck. Marketing is not your friend so never forget the age old axiom, caveat emptor!

  • + 40 outside? Greg, you never seem to realize most of your viewers are Americans and Americans use farenheit. And Americans call soda, soda. Not ” pop “.

  • But I’m reading about how hunger should not be suppressed, that it’s your body’s natural way of letting you know you need food for fuel. I love my keto coffee and it does allow me to eat later, but maybe I’m actually ignoring the natural hunger cues to my detriment? Pondering this. I’ve heard your argument for lowering insulin for the first part of the day. Is suppressing normal morning hunger just about weight loss? I’m less interested in weight loss than I am in learning to listen to my body and responding to the needs being expressed. I really enjoy hearing your well researched arguments. I’d love to hear about this in relation to general wellness practices rather than weight loss if you have time. Thanks for sharing.

  • As someone with a bio degree and finishing my master in nursing I so appreciate the evidence-based and biochemical info. Really helped me explain to my fam why the keto coffee isn’t going to increase my already high risk for heart disease.

  • Finally! I have been in a plateau for a long time, and recently started gaining, I have been searching for answers, trying so many different things. I teach exercise classes, I eat very healthy. I’m pretty sure hormones are changing, but I had no idea about jackfruit! I should have realized the date/coconut energy bites are high in sugar!!

  • I knew I saw this video before. I have seemed to stall this past 2 weeks, will ramp up my activity. My median is down by 0.8kg and I’m aiming at 1-1.5kg per week (1-1.5%BW).

  • I put sweetener in my keto coffee and in a month put on 10 lbs, despite eating only 1000 calories a day, Must have been the reaction to insulin that caused it, despite eating hardly anything. That calories in calories out theory, as we know, wouldn’t have caused it.

  • Hey coach Greg have you ever water cut because I have a powerlifting meet and I need to cut at least 8 lbs and thought I would ask the best (aka you) to make a video about water cutting

  • Bro so far your the best on YouTube hands down fuck rich paina and those other dumbass who arent smart enough to not use the word fuck in every sentence finally someone who has a damn brain when he speaks.. Your awesome dude no homo bro love lol

  • Ok I know it doesn’t matter
    I agree with everything he is saying and love his videos
    Please tell me you just highlighted that 20 year old paper. Just please say that’s what you did.

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    thank you

  • I’m watching you on you tube for the last several days and i can say that you’ve become my favorite non doctor i’m not supposed to listen at all:)

  • Good video! I was eating in a pretty solid defecit for a month, I had a bad day where I ate fast food 3 times, I woke up 12 pounds heavier and was losing my mind. One solid week of dieting I was back down that 10 pounds plus 2 pounds. Water is such a major component of weight gain.

  • Hmmm, I’m gonna have to disagree with you on alot of this. I ate 5.6 oz of bananas daily prepping for a bodybuilding show. I also ate a ton of sweet potatoes which added up to much sugar as well. I was easily staying under 10% bodyfat and weight dropped several pounds. I even had great blood work and some of the best cholesterol my doctor has seen. I’ve seen many bodybuilders eat lots of fruit and burn tons of fat. There’s even a bodybuilder who ate fruit only from carbs and was in insane shape. From my experience and seeing what many others eat, while being super lean and drop weight, sugar doesn’t make a big difference as long as calories are in range. I’ve even seen another nutritionist eat snicker bars all day, but stay in a calorie defecit. He wanted to make the point that he’d still lose weight and he did. I’m sorry, but this in no way convinced me that sugar is going to prevent fat/weight loss even if calories are in range. If it does I wouldn’t say its enough to make a big enough difference to care either.

  • Awesome video! I was wondering if you’re too busy for lunch on time, should you eat a snack until you can eat a meal? Or skip the missed lunch and have a big dinner? Not an a consistent basis, but some say are just busier than others…?

  • This sounds like you are against anything with flour. I love an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat bread. I thought you said once, “eat the pasta” why no bread but pasta is fine?

  • Could you make a video with your thoughts on the insulin resistant population dieting to get shredded on a high protein/ moderate fat and low carb diet vs keto which is higher in fats and keeps protein at the minimum. Example be Dave Palumbo’s diet 275P/60F/50C vs something of 175P/110F/50C. Layne Norton mentioned keto can be catabolic if followed too long of a duration and protein is a lot more muscle sparing than fats.

  • Greg doucette I’m taking testosterone propionate, winstrol 50 mg orals, maxterone 400 mg a week, halotestin 40 mg a day,can I take sarm S3

  • Hi Autumn, i just wanted to say that your videos are great. I have also bought your IF plan and lost 3 kg while increased muscle mass. Most importantly, I got pregnant during the IF ��. Could you please make a video on IF and pregnancy. Thank you very much! Fellow science nerd ��

  • This appears to be one of the best antidepressant, depression lectures I’ve seen in a very long time. Great presentation. But couple of questions/observationsAt 12:41 she states with SNRI’s there is some mitigation with regard to sexual dysfunction and SSRi’s and attributes this to noradrenergic function. Okay, sounds consistent with previous info, but look at the odds ratio versus placebo for venlafaxine. Also paroxetine showing relatively low odds ratio based upon my understanding of high potency, as well as anticholinergic and a release of nitrous oxide. which should make it one of the more robust inhibitors of sexual function. I would appreciate any further thoughts, something a little off with Prevalence of Antidepressant-Associated Sexual Dysfunction slide

  • If you use maple syrup or honey to activate yeast in a low-carb bread recipe when is the maple syrup considered an added sugar because it’s used to activate the yeast and they used to turn it into the carbon dioxide in the fermentation process

  • For 2 years I have been working out and trying to get my body to what I like and after listening to your videos of body recomposition I have been on the right track thank you for your videos you are so amazing.

  • One thing I noticed that helped me still lose weight drinking keto coffee while “Fasting” was I took a chromium pill 10-15 minutes before drinking it. Chromium is meant to lower your blood spike, which is why it’s also helpful to take before you break your fast. You can also try apple cider vinegar if you don’t have chromium.

  • freaking out over daily weight fluctuations is comparable to worrying over daily stock price fluctuations. look at the trend over time. weekly average. monthly average.

  • Autumn.. I found your channel this morning and I have been binging on the content for hours..so helpful. Thank you for doing this.

    Qq for you. Do you think IF will impact milk supply for a breastfeeding mom? Do you know.

  • Just eat the same foods each day for 1 month, use the scale the morning before breakfast/drinking water then do a average of each week OR put each day in a 30 days graph (my bluetooth scale is doing this in a phone app.

  • I dont see drinking the same amount of water and consuming same amount of sodium is a good advice. When dieting people are restricting themselves enough, why worry about water and salt as well. So what if it makes the scale results less consistent, as long as the calorie intake is on point fat will for sure be lost.

  • The thing with the median is so good.
    Im struggling with my weight. Having more carbs (avrg. 100g more) in for 3 weeks now (switched to your diet plan). Really low in calories with 2200 cal. but my weight is just going down 200g a week!! every calculator says iam in a high deficit, but the changes are not high at all.
    What do you recommend?

  • I would love a video on building muscle while eating at maintenance calories and what science there is to back it up. Greg Doucette is always preaching this and I would like to know what studies there are confirming this could be the case. Also, if you are building muscle on maintenance calories would your body be using any excess body fat as energy for then building the muscle then leading to a small amount of fat loss? Thanks Paul, love ur channel x

  • I sometimes put liquid stevia in black coffee and plain tea just to make it a little sweeter. It doesn’t make me hungrier, and coffee and tea can actually help curb my appetite. I would recommend using sweeteners if you still like your drinks sweet but don’t want those extra calories.

  • I have been on intermittent fasting (6hour eating window) since January. The keto coffee works great. I have lost 15 pounds which was my goal. My question is it ok to continue the keto coffee indefinitely??