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When we begin a weight-loss journey, we often have a vision of what our body and life will be like when we reach our goal weight. But the reality is typically different. 8 Common Side Effects of Weight Loss Nobody Talks About.

8 Common Side Effects of Weight Loss Nobody Talks About This is a great article from MyFitnessPal I thought I’d share. 8 Common Side Effects of Weight Loss Nobody Talks About body fat excess skin relationship weight loss. 7 Side Effects Of Weight Loss That No One Talks About; Loose, sagging skin is one of the most common side effects of losing weight too fast. It usually happens because the skin is not able to shrink as quickly as the body, therefore, most health experts suggest focusing on slow, steady weight loss to give enough shrinking time to your skin. Jealousy, insecurity, frustration, relationship problems, and even potential harassment These are all side effects of weight loss that society doesn’t prepare us for.

Nobody talks about what. 15 Things Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight. Unexpected effects of weight loss Getty Images.

Losing weight does more than give you an excuse to buy new clothes. says Dr. Tsai. Weight. 3 Sexual Side Effects Getty Images This is one of those side effects no one wants to talk about, but it can affect at least a third of patients on SSRIs, says Murrough.

Shutterstock. One downside to losing weight is that you might be hungrier than usual until you figure out the best ways to fuel your body. According to the Cleveland Clinic, in order to lose weight, you typically have to eat fewer calories—and/or burn more calories—than what you need.If you’re not doing that the ideal way—as in eating a healthy, well-rounded diet—you’re going to be. According to her, it’s one the reasons the ketogenic diet is often praised for quick weight loss.

Trouble is, rapid water loss can lead to dehydration and a host of unpleasant side effects like. While Farxiga isn’t approved as a weight-loss medication, weight loss is a beneficial side effect of the drug. In clinical studies, people taking Farxiga lost up to about 7 pounds over 24 weeks.

Losing weight is hard, but these side effects—from sadness to saggy skin to anger—don’t make it any easier. Here are the best ways to lose fat while avoiding the negatives.

List of related literature:

Diarrhea and weight loss are the most common complaints.

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  • Another excellent discussion; thank you both. I think it would have taken an 800 pound Gorilla interviewer to keep Ray on task…….

  • thank you, very interesting. i just wonder in regards to inflammation-aging correlated, do we have any evidence to causality? because for instance reverse causality seems to also be quite reasonable an explanation, doesn’t it?

  • It took me about 2-3 weeks to get adjusted. Now I can fast wothout any sideeffects. To help a bit to sleep,I d take little gin and lemon. Knocks me down fine

  • Cutting down is the absolute worst thing you can do…all that does is make each smoke that much more important. You just need to realize that smoking does absolutely nothing for you, once you realize that, quitting is easy as pie:)

  • You know as a person who suffers from PVCs and constipation and then menopause and lack of sleep and just an overall feeling of blah. I’m going to try this intermittent fasting thing and see if I can’t lose about 50 lb that I’ve gained since I’ve hit menopause. I love cookies and I sometimes crave lime and chips. I am really digging all the interviews that I’m watching that you’ve done dr. Rhonda. Chronologically I’m probably a 71 year old in a 57 year old body. How’s stinking sad is that! I’m about to get on the bandwagon and start taking charge of my health.

  • Doing keto, or a carnivorous style diet makes intermittent fasting so much easier. You can stretch it out for so much longer when you’re fat adapted

  • Try it 48 hr,.. have been doing 16/8 for 1 years, time to time 24. But 36 and headache was really bad so I drunk my soup to break it, very uncomfortable, 16-8 and some times 24 work well for me

  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick thank you!  
    One thing: It’s amazing how informed someone can be (s.a. Ray Cronise), whilst making an ignorant comment: “everyone thinks if you don’t eat, you’ll have an eating disorder, or be Anorexic.” Here’s the thing, I don’t think it’s that black and white, but I do have a particular perspective that has influenced my opinion on this matter. I’ve known DOZENS of people in their 20’s and teens to die of Anorexia and other eating disorder related illnesses.  
    We need to be aware that a true eating disorder is not just a mental condition, it is a physical illness (partly genetic). Just as some people may be able to drink alcohol socially, there is a percentage of people whose brain will be triggered (many confounding factors incl. genetics) and they will be susceptible to alcoholism. The same idea goes for how Anorexia ruins and takes the lives of so many young (and elder) people -who, mind you, started off in innocent desire to better their health (oftentimes). 
    Though it is an outlier, there are those that find themselves coping with situations by not eating. For many, this is (mostly) innocent, but for a percentage of people, the physical (genetic)/psychological illness associated with Anorexia (as well as other eating disorders) is triggered and as a particular pathway in the brain is reinforced over time, and the reward circuitry of the brain is hindered. Now, a genetic illness has been triggered with a psychological component with many comparisons to that of an addiction. We talk so much about dieting in the US, but there’s an entire cohort of individuals struggling to eat. Eating disorders are the most lethal of all mental illnesses (and i’d as well as others categorize it as a physical illness as well).
    So, in response to Mr. Cronises’ comment about how if some people fast or do not eat for lengthy periods of time, that we do not need to worry about developing Anorexia, well, He is only “50%” correct.
    There is a middle ground, though we need to be aware of both sides of the coin, because no-one that actually deals with anorexia or faces a loved one dying of it had expected it in the beginning.
    I hope this made sense.
    I appreciate the alternate perspectives and thank you for all the wonderful info!

  • Does something like a basic 15-hour intermittent fasting, with a 9 hour eating window, actually induce autophagy? Can you get rid of senescent cells this way or do you have to fast for several days??

  • This video absolutely amazing!!! So grateful!!! I’m really interested in changing from keto to more fruit basedback and forthto switch the burning mechanisms. The cold therapy is amazing info! Ty!!!!!

  • You’re skipping over the ugly truth. People AREN’T eating the wrong foods. The fact is, there are VERY FEW foods in the average supermarket. The majority of items are processed textures infused with addictive chemicals designed to yield the manufacturers high profits at the consumer’s expense. America only LOOKS affluent. The supermarkets offer an IMPOVERISHED selection of food.

  • With regards to the study mentioned at 1:39:57, it’s fascinating why the protective effects occurred only in subjects that were exposed to cold stress in their early life (how early?) and those that did in midlife could not reap any such effects from exposure. It blows my mind.

  • what a shame Ray Cronise ripped off over $88.000 from followers in kickstarter for a book he never delivered. I guess he is too busy, writing recipe books and doing podcasts. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ourbrokenplate/our-broken-plate/comments

  • 00:00:12 Ray Cronise shares how he feels on his 23rd day of fasting.
    00:01:40 Through a combination of fasting and cold stress, Cronise was able to lose weight and eliminate his type 2 diabetes.
    00:05:55 After 21 days of water fasting, all of Cronise’s blood panels returned normal.
    00:09:07 Cronise reconsiders our perspective of meeting daily nutritional to a longer timeframe.
    00:14:04 The paradigm of being simultaneously overnourished and malnourished.
    00:20:40 Inflammation, But Not Telomere Length, Predicts Successful Ageing at Extreme Old Age: A Longitudinal Study of Semi-supercentenarians.
    00:22:34 Take care of your gut and your gut will take care of you.
    00:26:25 With Cronise’s diet, one loses 0.6 to 0.8 lbs of fat per a day.
    00:27:23 What is metabolism and how do we measure it?
    00:30:50 We use to eat to support our activity, and today we are active to support our eating
    00:38:40 Meal timing to match nutritional needs and optimize health.
    00:44:17 Caloric restriction vs Intermittent fasting.
    00:48:30 Can food addiction be mistaken for hunger?
    00:59:48 Ray Cronise argues that we should not talk about protein, carbs, and fat but instead whole foods.
    01:08:44 Ray Cronise and Wim Hof’s cold experience.
    01:15:22 Temperature contrast therapy may help one stay awake during the day and sleep better at night.
    01:23:40 Cronise surprisingly did not lose lean muscle mass during his fasts.
    01:28:42 Ray compares the similarities of cold stress and exercise.
    01:39:00 Physical activity delays hippocampal neurodegeneration and rescues memory deficits in an Alzheimer disease mouse model
    01:39:00 Impairment of Rat Spatial Learning and Memory in a New Model of Cold Water-Induced Chronic Hypothermia: Implication for Alzheimer’s Disease
    01:41:25 Tips to using cold stress to get off the glycogen treadmill and increase fat oxidation.
    01:50:00 Anecdotes and fun facts about melatonin.

  • Plants actually CAN yield significant amounts of healthy fats if they are in high nutrition with good soil and no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers in the system. See the “plant health pyramid”. I get my exercise from farming… it is a great way to stay in shape and grow healthy food.:)

  • Vaping nearly got me off smoking, im smoking since im 15 for 2 years, but vaping had some side effects like full sinuses and nose dripping, also i had some coughs after 10 days… i dont know what to do. Why do i get these side effects? I really want to stop smoking since my mother stooped and my father stooped and i dont have much money.

  • I am a fan of your Dr. Patrick, and I am an intermittent faster, so was very keen for this episode. I must say this guest is very poor. He seems to not be able to provide answers to your actual questions, I think his comment that “sushi brings my diabetes back” is ridiculous, and I didn’t get much out of his “eating from the right side of the food pyramid” description. It is especially poor how he stated at the beginning of the interview that he isn’t interested in debating eating animal products versus plants, but then goes on to consistently promote eating plants. It would also have been interesting to push back against the idea that fiber is always good all the time, as I certainly don’t think it is, and quite a few other people do not as well.

  • He is mistaken the human body’s limits that allows us to live 30+ days without food IF WE HAVE TO,,, as a way to say “see food isn’t important as we thought”

  • cant believe idiots are still suggesting eating more fiber and plants and LESS meat and fat, exactly the reverse of what is actually healthy. Try it and see for yourself.

  • I cant take advice from a guy who sits the way this guy does…hes like a child who got molested and is at the psychiatrist office

  • We’ve done something similar to the hot/cold showers since I was a child. Where I’m from it’s traditional to sauna year round. In the summer, we would go from a hot sauna right into the lake and then back into the sauna. In the winter, we would go from the hot sauna straight outside and have competitions as to who could stay outside the longest.

  • I water fasted for 4 days straight. Did not eat much and Lost 20 pounds and Realized I messed up that I have anxiety and panic attacks, chills and trouble falling asleep

  • Don’t think too much….just don’t smoke…20 day will feel like hell…but after 20 days you will forget it, but you have to remember to not to go parties

  • i would like to if i dont get any sign of anafylactic shock in 2 hours after taking the antibiotics, should i be worried that i may still get it?

  • I love listening to these smart nutrition longevity nerds geek out on all of these open minded, out of the box health and wellness concepts. I fell like I’m slowly becoming one of them. ��

  • I did not understand how come he did not think of eating sushi would increase his blood sugars due to all of the rice. and how come he did not realize that he should eat sashimi instead of sushi (only raw fish cuts without the rice)?!?

  • just don’t give him any money for one of his projects. he will just spend it and not do the project. i would say got the t shirt but didn’t even get that…

  • I wish you would talk more about cold therapy as well as saunas. A Iong time ago I lived by a river where I could jump into cold water year round, even while snow was on the ground. I’d just jump in and thrash frantically till my body started warming up to meet the cold, and then I’d get out after a minute or so. Then I could walk around in my wet bathing suit in 25 degree weather and not feel cold at all, rather I felt strong and energized. I said to myself way back then, “If I could do this every day for the rest of my life, I’d live to a hundred easy.” Anyway, a video documentary was just put up on Youtube called “Swimming In Miracles” about a man with leukemia who decided to swim the entire length of the WIllamette River in Oregon (189 miles) to raise money for cancer. It took him 22 days, and the doctor tested him afterward and found the leukemia had disappeared. The documentary is all about the spiritual experience of learning how to flow like water and being grateful for every moment and so on, and that surely was a factor in his healing, but just briefly in passing it mentioned that, even in a wet suit, he was getting hypothermia. Several times a day, IIRC, he had to get out of the river and warm up in the sun to get out of the hypothermia. In other words, in addition to his spiritual lessons, he was getting short-term hypothermia every day multiple times a day for over three weeks. (My own river jumping didn’t give me hypothermia, I was out too fast.) I just had to report this to you, so I looked for one of your videos that mention cold, there aren’t many. I am surprised that not more research is done on it. In all the research on saunas, do they ever look for the difference between just taking a sauna and jumping from sauna or sweat lodge into a cold river? Anyway, if you are interested in the case do a Youtube search on “Swimming in Miracles.”

  • I absolutely must Implement fasting into my lifestyle. I feel both an emotional dependence on food but also insulin resistance physiologically wrecks my body and mental state. Ironically, I feel most alive when I don’t eat for about 36 hours.

  • I’ve hade to become reclusive to stop smoking as all my friends smoke and it becomes to tempting when I see someone smoking a cigarette

  • It occurs to me they are both espousing eating to live whereas I find food is part of our social make up. The analysis is very sterile and critical for us to further the science and better understand what humans should consume to live longer and healthier. There are also 2 discussions that are confused in this discussion: dieting (eating to lose weight) versus just establish a healthy diet. Fascinating resource for own search for eating better but I also wonder, “do these people ever go out and have a good time?”

  • I’ve morning fast till 12 noon for the second day and found a reduction in shoulder and back inflammation and didn’t have any hunger at all.Ate at 12 because I felt I should fasted for over 17 hours amazing stuff

  • Is there a comprehensive list of the food these people eat with maybe the nutrients they are eating them for? Searching on my own has not been very efficient and like Ray says everything that is easy to find is centered around fat carbs and calories. Rhonda has some great videos but they are all just a part of the big picture.

  • I’ve always, since I was around 20, tried eating foods very high in nutrients… i.e., basing my meals around so-called superfoods. For the past 1.5 years I’ve been doing a lot of fasting. Most weeks I do a 60 hour fast. I’ve also done some 5 day fasts. My gut level feeling is that we should balance out a diet VERY high in micronutrients (on our feasting days) with periods of fasting. I know this is subjective, but I can feel good things happening in my body when I fast for 60 hours, then resume eating, and eat the best foods in the world at that point…. very high nutrient superfoods like sardines, onions, garlic, mushrooms, pastured eggs, salmon, grass-fed beef, salads, fermented foods, and broccoli and other greens.

  • Imagine the amount of reduction of resources we’d be preserving from not having to nourish the growing live stock supply to match the demand… plus the reduction of animal suffering, land usage, and total greenhouse gases. I’m never gonna give up a good steak dinner but fasting like this can have more of an impact than your personal improvements of health.

  • How does such a lengthy fast affect gut enzymes that have been built up thru saturation? I’ve seen the rather stupid method of checking whether or not somebody is gluten tolerant by abstaining from gluten based foods for 30 days. Sure enough most people have a reaction when they reintroduce gluten foods. So does fasting for that length of time create dietary intolerances? And regarding blending and “drinking” your food are you not taking out the amount of saliva you’d normally produce if you were chewing those foods?

  • I have recently being doing 13 to 14 hour fasts, from evening to late morning, and heard Rhonda say drinking coffee switches on the metabolic enzymatic processes. I dont drink coffee but my morning drink, i have warm mineral water with half a tea spoon of Celtic grey mineral sea salt and wondered if this would switch on the enzymatic processes that negate fasting?

  • High body fat will make low in testosterone, and that will make you age badly. i’ve seen a lot of depressed fat people but never know any fat people who depress when they getting thin.

  • I think Ray is on a fasting high. I’ve been there after 72 hours of fasting which I think is one of the reasons he talks so much and doesn’t allow Rhonda to speak very much! Good informative video. Thanks to you both!

  • I wonder if long water fasts crank the adrenals so that the person seems like they’re on speed. I don’t think Ray blinked once in the video. I wonder if his IGF bounced the way it did because of his diabetes. Interesting n=1 discussion

  • For me its more the habit/ routine of taking a puff the cigarette and also having something in my hand. If I have something in my hand it doesn’t help because I still wanna take a puff of something. And for me the habit is harder to brake then the addiction to the nicotine idk why.

  • if u have headache, it might be lack of sodium or potassium.
    Not eating junk food, means less sodium ( = salt) per day. A good way to balance that, is by drinking water that contains half a teaspoon of salt once per day. High quality salt is recommended.
    As for potassium, its about nutrition. U have to google that stuff.

  • As always, incredible interview Dr. Patrick! The depth of knowledge, with the addition of notes/explanations, beat any educational video on the net. Thank you for the incredible work!

  • I have shed around 17 pounds of my bodyweight immediately after I put to use this kind of diet system.It is miraculous to have a potential effect out of this. This works truly quick and I adore it. There is certainly a big difference on how my t-shirt fits at this moment when compared Six days before. Find a right program is not easy, you can discover by Google. Program’s name is under.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • Int fast completely takes away all your cravings and makes you master you food cravings and urges. It turns food into a after thought.

  • Weight loss can affect facial appearance for the better-but-not so much when you get older as the weight actually keeps wrinkles from forming and your face from dropping.  But I have found how to reverse that NATURALLY with no creams or surgery: @ataU

  • I was trying to quit smoking. Got myself down to a half pack a day. Finally took the big step and stopped, I went 14 hours without one. I got so excited and confident that I could do it and told my wife not to buy any more I’m quitting and she said I doubt that… got me so down I wound up buying 2 more packs and I’m back to 1.5 packs a day. My wife did realize what she said a couple days later when she seen how my smoking went up and felt terrible. I told her its ok and not to worry about it, I’ll give it another go and really do it this time. So starting tomorrow no more cigs, wish me luck!!!

  • I’d say you’d be more restless if you aren’t using all the energy you have from food and fat. If your diet gives you all the nutrients you need you won’t have any excess energy, and if you exercise you’re burning that energy and fat energy off.

  • When I lost 15 pounds in 6 months I started to notice lying down on my bed was uncomfortable, I would feel my blankets against my ribs and even the springs in my mattress digging in my ribs and it was extremely uncomfortable because I like to have blankets on at night.

  • The temperature one isn’t true it’s your skin and nerves that react to hot or cold it’s a signal to the brain like touching a boiling hot kettle you instantly get your hand away. It’s not weight it’s reactions how your brain wants your body temperature to be

  • My first 3 days I did 16:8 fasting today is my fourth day of fasting and I’m trying out 18:6 so far it’s a piece of cake and I’m already feeling good!!

  • I have a question… if you are fasting would drinking something such as diet tonic with a splash of Pom juice result in the fast not doing what it needs to do?

  • Thanks alot for such a great video….

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  • There’s nothing better than finishing your day with a sweet and soothing red tea latte that’ll
    keep your metabolism burning all night long, right? So…
    Try out this delectable red tea latte tonight and let me know what you think…
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  • I watched this thinking the worst like “no matter what you do, its all lies and you can never lose weight” or something like that lol eats chocolate bar

  • From my own experience I can say that loosing much weight (like I did, 15lbs in a week) can have side effects like addictions, not just speaking about alcohol or cigarettes, but the addiction of weight loss. As I’m struggling with bulimia and anorexia right now, I suggest exercise instead of not eating or vomiting.

  • I know if I feel the cold I need to eat. I can set the clock by it. But after my 50’s I gained weight on the same diet and same busy life style. I was really stumped! But then I found out about hormones. I am now 70 and an ideal weight for my height so happy. I must admit always being thin to start with.

  • 16 years ago I weighed 310 pounds and now I’m 125 pounds. I’ve kept it off, but it’s definitely harder to keep it off vs losing it! I loved this video!

  • My friend was overweight and she lost of weight but then she started not eating enough and she got anorexia. It made her really depressed and she had lots of anxiety and panic attacks. She even tried to kill herself. Luckily, she survived but she’s not herself anymore. She hasn’t come to school since the beginning of October and her doctor said she was getting worse so she couldn’t to come to school. But recently, she’s been eating way more and doing well.

  • When you’re too early and can’t think of a good comment!����!!! A JOKE IF YOURE SAD


    WITH AN ONION RING!!! Not funny?ok. But I wasn’t shouting ok!

  • I smoke first because I’m bored and I want to stop craving food because I’m fat, been a while I want to stop in order to do that I eat a lot so that I don’t crave nicotine, I don’t know will I’ll be back smoking if I’m getting fat lmao

  • I started intermittent fasting a week ago. No hunger pangs not headaches just a little acidity sometimes. BUT i am crazy itchy around thighs and lower abdomen since 4 days. No new edible added to diet or climate or clothes change. Just started IF. Is there any relation between intermittent fasting and crazy itching? Read a little about keto rash. I am not on keto as well. Is there something called IF rash? Please help.

  • In fact, nutrition is spread out over the seasons, because various foods are only available in their season, except if dried or fermented. One meal a day should be enough for an adult ® as for hydroponics, the nutritional value depends entirely on the plantfood used. ¢ waiting for a more appropriate time to eat is an excellent idea. @ WHM since 2016.

  • Yes I was a grazer before I started intermittent fasting. The coffee does reduce my hunger the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning I have a cup of black coffee with four drops of organic Stevia and after that I am not hungry. If I drink green tea it makes me sick to my stomach. Then I’m really hungry. I try to go 16 to 18 hours and then break my fast with a cup of bone broth soup and then a little ways later I will have a nice salad and vegetables and some type of protein. It is the only way at 63-year-old woman could lose weight. I work out every day but menopause put that extra 6 pounds on me that I fight with continually. I feel much better doing this fasting. Wishing everyone the best that is watching this

  • Using nicotine replacement doubles the quit-rate. It helps with withdrawal symptoms and cravings and can be tapered off easily as withdrawal symptoms improve. There are many forms available over-the-counter or with a prescription: patches, gum, lozenges, nasal spray, and inhaler. The highest dose patch (21mg) should be used in the smoker smokes more than 10 cigarettes a day. The patch delivers nicotine through the skin over 24 hours, but can also be removed at bedtime. The other short-acting forms of nicotine replacement can be used alone, or used with patches as needed for cravings or on a regular schedule at first (e.g. hourly while awake).

  • I heard if fast long,,, you can lost ur hair bcoz u dont get enap nutrients,,,,,,, im 24 hrs fasting and want to try 36 hrs later,,, my question how long can I fasting,,,

  • Ive had issues with anxiety in the past but ive gotten a handle on it but when I IF my anxiety is super high is it worthit to fast will the anxiety only be in the beginning?

  • First week your body will ask for it but after one week of not smoking u just have to deal with the mental part. Its easy for people with strong mental and harder for those with weak mental

  • I add salt to my water, one teaspoon to 1 gallon of water. It’s good to not over train hour body on these days. I often do a 3 day fast, then I eat very lean for 1 day & fast for another 12 hours. I do it once a month.

  • For reducing hunger and blood sugar I drink apple cider vinegar with lemon juice and maybe some sparkling water and it’s amazing. Just find some good organic brand like Bragg. Also to reduce coffee I am starting drinking Matcha green tea.

  • Man the first week I was fasting I ate a salad or thin turkey slices for my meal that day and I had crazy diarrhea(squirts) an hour after I ate. I’m on my forth week and I’ve been throwing a little more carbs in with my meal like some saltine crackers or a couple slices of whole wheat bread and it’s been a lot better. Seems to help with the headaches too.

  • Huge problem: Having a girlfriend who loves to eat, and wants me to join her. Other social gatherings pressure me to eat, or risk looking aloof.

    “Are you anorexic? I’m worried.” This again…

  • m into IF for over 8 mos. i losed pounds at the beginning. m problem is i developed the habit of eating a lot during the eating window period. thus, inspite of ave a.regular 16hr daily fasting i feel like reagining weight slowly:-(

  • Im watching this smoking a ciggarete i actually gained weight when I started smoking I was used to not take any sugar but when i started smoking i just need something sweet because i didnt feel well

  • Can you keep fasting 8:16 for the rest of your life? Or do you actualy sometimes need to break the routine to a normal day schedule once in a while?

  • I am on a 20/4 schedule now after initial 4 days of 16/8. Already completed my first 20/4 without much drama.

    First two days are hell. I got headaches and had a irritating feeling all day. Best way is to sleep it off.

    Drink plenty of water. I’m having two gallons a day and that alone has prevented any hunger pangs and your urine will be near.

    Break your fast with protein and fats first followed by a main meal 2 hours later which has everything including carbs. Don’t overeat and eat until your hunger is not there. After this have fruits, yogurt or even coffee with cream, a scoop of ice cream for the last few hours of eating window. End your window maybe with something filling like veggies. In the 20/4 routine I have a break fast meal followed by a main lunch and then an ice cream scoop.

    I feel so fresh after the initial mental block, no cravings for sugar and I don’t even feel tired during the fast period anymore. Plus in able to eat what I like which is mostly chicken dish prepared with Indian spices along with lentils, yogurt.

    Now next step is to slowly increase my exercise. I did not exercise during the first few days as I knew it would make me miserable and then snap out of this attempted lifestyle.

    Good luck to whoever is starting!

  • Rhonda.. let Ray rock.. nothing like researching with ‘skin in the game’, health not profit, global not obsessive specificity in learning. Great video. #language mattes.

  • Can someone answer the question that I have I’ve been fasting but why is it that each time I brake my fast I get like sleepy/headache

  • I’m on a 20-4 diet and it’s f-ing incredible! Killer workouts, out-sparring millennials and overall good feeling. It took me a while (a year) to get there though. In the beginning a woke up hungry at 5am. Not any longer. I can’t see myself ever doing anything else.

  • I’d recommend checkin out Cole Robinson and the snake diet if your a fatass an wanna actually loose the fat quick and learn how to keep it off for good. Also lots of good info for people who ain’t fat but wanna “bulletproof” their body.

  • This was so incredible. Dr. Rhonda love your approach this was riveting from beginning to end. Thought it would have been hilarious if you both busted out big macs like mid discussion just for shock value.

  • I currently do OMAD, one meal a day, but I did it gradually. I started with replacing 2 meals with Meal Replacement Shakes. Then started moving breakfast later into the day. Then finally stopped dinner. I eat a big lunch that keeps me full all day. The shakes will shrink your stomach or appetite. The hardest part was I always used to snack. I get hungry at 10am an hour before I eat my lunch or OMAD.

  • Thank you very much for these wonderful lectures. I noticed a possible correction: with drug serum monitoring, trough correlates better with the frequency not dose. And peak correlates with dose. So if somebody’s vanc trough was low, you would look to increase the the frequency from q24 to q18 for example with the same dose.

  • I fast from Thursday night to Saturday mornings, 32 hours. I also have my meal food portions premeasured to keep me from over eating after fasting. My goal is to lose one kilo per week. It’s been working for three weeks, but it’s early days yet. I have 13 more kilos to go.

  • IF has always been my natural pattern of eating. I simply am not interested in food until about 5 PM. Then, I eat exactly what I want and as much of it as I want at one meal (usually around 6 or 7 PM-no junk).. Then, I’m finished eating for the day. The reason that IF works is that it keeps your insulin levels low most of the day. You need insulin to store and support fat storage. That’s why unexplained weight loss can be a symptom of diabetes. I’ve always been criticized for the way I eat. Breakfast is “the most important meal of the day” don’t you know…. I’m in my early fifties and my lab results and treadmill scores are more in line for someone in their late twenties than early fifties. Of course, I practice veganism for 40 days each year. (Lent) I’m doing that now. That probably has something to do with it too.

  • I’ve always been hungry and with intestinal disorders. I’m one week now on 16/8 fasting and I feel much better right from the beginning. My intestines are more calmed and m hunger is almost completitly gone. Before i felt hunger almost the hole day

  • I have no probs going to sleep. Keep room cool body warm and asleep in a couple of mins. I get body cool before bed but warm in bed.

  • Is Custokebon Secrets useful to lost a lot of weight? We’ve learn a lot of good stuff about Custokebon Secrets (google search it).

  • You have to cut out carbs and sugars if you do that you won’t be starving while you’re intermittent fasting in your body will get all the fuel it needs from your fat, if you’re not doing it right then it’s not going to work and you’re going to feel like you’re starving because your body is looking for those carbs and sugars it’s used to using for fuel, if you follow a keto regiment intermittent fasting is very very safe it would be unsafe not to do

  • the transition didn’t take that long took me two days to get into the full swing of things been doing IF for 4 years i do 24 hour fasts once a month ill do a 16.

  • Similar to how there’s instant natural-gas hot water heaters for the shower (ex. Marey).. does anything like an instant ice-cold water chillers for the shower exist? I’m looking into remodeling and have found several interesting products.. for example, Scott McGee’s Ice Bath Set up.. and the PIONEER Air Conditioner Pioneer Mini Split Heat Pump Minisplit Inverter, 9000 BTU-110/120 V! BTW, another way to do a cold water therapy tank, without the use of ice bags, is to use a (hydroponic / aquarium?) water chiller.. for example, Penguin has a 1.5Hp R134a, 15k BTU water chillers that can go close to 5C!

  • This pattern of eating that u represent for a regular (5 dayz a week fittnes) person is very bad u got to eat if u want to workout and go to job and one other thing if i get up at 5 am and my working day starts that early how can i eat cca at 10 am and untill 6pm only. This is not only bad this is dangerous and u might be held accountable for some peoples health and u charge for this Hahaha funny ppl. Dont forget ppl with diabetis it is dangerous if they dont eat regular and propper food. This way of eating is not for everyone. We are all so different.

  • My friend said fasting is bad for you. But she couldn’t provide any sources. Do you agree? Looks to me like these are nothing but side effects, and nothing permanently damaging. Maybe she’s thinking of starvation.

  • I love how realistic you are. We have to look at the big picture. Yes obviously half the calories equals weight loss. But we have to be realistic and realized that there is more to it than that, and why people fail, and then if we just try to go right into it, we are going to binge on candy bars etc and negate the whole thing. Big picture.

  • I have never eaten breakfast so I guess I have always been doing intermittent fasting. Maybe that’s why people always comment on how I can eat whatever I want and stay my size. I highly disagree with them, but this makes me wonder if skipping breakfast has something to do with part of that. I guess I never realized that everybody eats breakfast haha. Breakfast just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Smoking dehydrates you. Part of the weight gain is the body rehydrating itself. Make sure you get plenty of fruits and veggies for the hydration your body needs.

  • The best gift I’ve got from my cousin, a book “The easy way to quit smoking” for Allen Carr. With the last page I quit smoking after 30 years of 40 cig a day ��

    Its somehow funny. Everyone read the book stopped smoking!!

    Also I learnt how devilish is nicotine addiction. It changed the way I looked at smoking.

    Read the book. You will thank me

  • “…when it comes to being sued…common perception usually carries greater weight than scientific truth.” (at around 8:53). Well said sir.

  • Based on Dr David Sinclair seminar, most good genes don’t work after mid age. So need nmn or nr( as fuel), to make these genes response to exercise, or cold.

  • Around the 13 minute mark, you discuss the interference of antibiotic therapy with warfarin. First you state that concurrent antibiotics therapy leads to an over-anticoagulation, so a prolongation of the INR. Antibiotic therapy causes a disruption of normal flora that produces vitamin K. You then state that this antagonizes warfarin effect.
    I think you mean that vitamin K antagonizes warfarin and that antibiotic therapy decreases vitamin K production, thereby increasing the anticoagulation effect. Did I understand this correctly?
    By the way, thank you very much for these lectures. They provide a very nice overview about this difficult topic.

  • I have brucellosis and the doctor gave me antibiotics for 4 weeks such as argumentin and broxocyclin and im expriencing itching and tongue problem what should I do???

  • I get that the format of this is a clinical conversation, and admittedly I’m probably just not learned enough, but I’m having trouble turning any of this into a basic plan of action. I get that its not ‘bro fitness’ or a diet plan per se. I’m just wondering if there’s a bulleted list for those of us who are struggling through the latin. It’s an honest question, I’m not poking fun at smart people. I’m glad Rhonda Patrick quests as dutifully as she does to avail others of scientific understanding. I have learned many things I didn’t know previously. I just need a bit of help with summary, again, not asking to dumb it down. Just looking for the take-aways.

  • My mate laughed when I told them I was gonna become slimmer with just implementing Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed these people amazing results right after I used it they’re begging me to share with them about it. Of course I won’t tell them the detail about this diet plan, lol

  • When i stop cigarette 4days ago i got sorethroats right now drycough, lack of sleep, headaches.. is drinking lots of water effective?

  • I smoked for 15 years. I’m 8 days away from 7 months smoke free. Therapy helped the most with this final attempt. I miss it sometimes, but I won’t be going back.

  • After struggling with weight loss for years, I was able to lose 16 pounds in my first month as I finally found a solution that targets weight loss in 5 different ways. If loosing weight is on your list of resolution this year, watch short review video in my channel to see how I did it. Don’t just read/watch all the success stories, become one. Stay motivated always!

  • I read a lot of great opinions on the internet about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can help you lost tons of weight. Has any one tried using this popular lose weight method?

  • Is Custokebon Secrets helpful to lost tons of weight? We have read a lot of good things about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • Well as someone who isn’t addicted atm, the nic rush is what most people my age smoke or vape for apparently, and I can attest there is a nice “high” even if it is the very first time smoking

  • Hello there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will work for me? I notice lots of people keep on talking about this popular lose weight diet plan.

  • One of my close friends had a weight loss problem. He tried many things, medicines, and supplement but not get rid of baldness. But in the end, he used Ayurvedic Medicines from Planet Ayurveda and got relief. After that, I also always preferred Planet Ayurveda and recommend this to everyone.

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search. On there you will find an awesome tips about how you can lost tons of weight. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it’ll work for you too.

  • I lost at least 15 pounds in 2 days. I’ve been actually on calories surplus. I’m 16 years old. Everything I built for in year’s Im loosing in a matter of days. What the heck is going on

  • I know how it is difficult to play dual role Dr.
    Timing, camera, lighting, editing,script,etc all should be in a proper sync for the double action role,, and u have rocked it ��������������������the best video of yours

  • bro na ennoda workout start panni one month achu but past two days aa fever vanthu chu athu ennoda progress aa affect pannuma. illana entha workout than ennoda fever ku reason aa erukkuma..?

  • interesting points,if anyone else wants to discover tips on how to give up smoking try Smoker Recovery Tactics( http://smoker.RecoveryTactics.com )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my buddy got cool results with it.

  • Ray Cronise scammed $88,271.00 out of “investors” on gofundme…in 2015.If you go to the comments thread there you will see they never received any refunds and Gofundme doesnt care..

  • I would like to know where is the scientific bas for all these because is just plainly stupid. I have been overweight for a long time time and I am the one who freezes to death every day of every winter and autumn. no matter how much fat I’ve got. brrrrrrrrrr

  • I have spent months studying stopping smoking and discovered a great resource at Quit Smoking Crusher (google it if you are interested)

  • Day 7 for me, i have quit chewing tobacco after 25 years. Doing a tremedous amount of damage to my gums, stopped it before it’s too late for myself and my family. It was crazy for the first 3 days, but getting better ever since. Not easy but i have to do it. Whoever wants to quit, quitting won’t kill you but keep smoking will.

  • You will always want a cigarette. You will never be able to escape from the addiction of cigarettes. The cigarette has power over your life you gave cigarettes the power over you.you will forever be a slave to cigarettes because they are bigger than you.You are powerless to cigarettes, they rule you till you die.

  • I noticed you mentioned in a few times, mid age mice, got none benefits from workout, or cold. But can still get benefits from fasting.

  • Well I started to quit with the vape pen did that for a couple of month then I change my liquid to the one with no nicotine in did that for about a month and then just stopped and I have not smoke know in two years and it like a new lease of life.

  • I am a hypnotist, and have helped 100s of smokers become and remain a nonsmoker. Please restudy your data about the success rate of hypnosis for smoking cessation. I smoked for 30 years and was a 3 pack a day smoker. in September 2005 i quit with hypnosis myself in less than an hour.
    Please avoid misinformation where possible.

  • do the feelings of hopelessness, impending doom and all-around dissatisfaction of the inner workings of society fade with age, or am I trapped in this hellscape? either way, fuck it not paying rent again gonna live in a van till I have enough money to buy some property then gonna grow my own food and produce an export

  • I dont wanna be a smoker but I always think about it.

    Its crazy how it just hits me like that but I always know when its time to light one up.

    Ciggerettes just feel like my friend.

  • Im so confused about IGF-1. Some say fasting increases it; others say it decreases it. Some say an increase is a positive; others say it negatively impacts health.

    Also, will having tea with lemon and stevia put me in a “fed” state?

  • I’m watching this because I quit smoking weed 2 days ago, hopefully for good this time. I stopped smoking cigarettes when I was 20, but I continued with my marijuana usage. I smoke joints with tobacco, so in my system there is nicotine too, and other bad stuff, so I’m finally ready to be completely sober and I can’t wait to start studying again! Good video, well done.

  • Never say “im trying to quit”. Say “I’ve quit”. That difference in confidence on the brain is critical. You have to believe you. Saying im trying to quit is temporary. Saying I’ve quit is alot more permanent. The main thing is you convincing yourself. Because that’s when you can convince yourself its easy. If you have to try hard at something, your brain is relaying the uncertainty to your body. Its false hope. The key is convincing your brain that its easy. Confidence is everything.

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  • Incremental steps yes. But if you DO cut carbs, the assumption is that you will have a fair amount of healthy fats and protein, which will actually help curb your appetite and will satiate you so that you will not be as hungry.

  • I love my new lifestyle diet. I have been fasting 23 plus sometimes..But when I do eat my one meal.,even though im vegan and its healthy I feel full, like a little too much was eaten. gym performance was down. what do we drink? are electrolytes or berrocca type drinks not ok coz sugar? I don’t drink coffee. water is underrated!!������������������

  • There are many components to stopping smoking including eg motivation and help from friends.
    One resource I found which successfully combines these is the Quit Smoking Crusher (check it out on google) definately the best idea that I’ve seen.
    Check out the website QuitSmokingCrusher.com and extraordinary testimonials.

  • Its still amaze me just how lots of people have no clue about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google) despite the fact that lots of people lost a lot of weight using it. Thanks to my mate who told me about this. I have lost lots of fat.

  • I tired to cut carbs, restrict calories, and do keto all at the same time and suffered huge 2 day headaches….this was a very advanced strategy, not for beginners. moral of the story work your way up.

  • This method helped kill my urge to smoke coulc.it/quitsmoke. I am finally free from smoking and loving the feeling. I highly recommend this.

  • Start vaping 20 mg nic salts…get some nice tiny pod system and vape the shit out of you. Cover yourself in thick vapor clouds. These devices can deliver very satisfactory sensation, being it the realistic mouth to lung draw, taste, clouds, fast effect of nicotine etc. Anything negative you may have come across is tobacco companies lobby and propaganda. Dont try to cancel your 20 year old habits, just replace the burning stick with an electro one.

  • I quit for 6 months or so, but the returned as I thought I could always quit again, which is BS if you think @Nitrobas quote on quote” “It’s gonna be a challenge now, and it’s gonna be a challenge in 5 years. So why not do it now?” My challenge was about changing the entire daily routine, then your life routine, and substituting the smoking habit with other habits.

  • Some of you who thinks they are addicted, you don’t know what addition is, so quit before you really get addicted.
    I have seen people who can’t go to shit in morning without smoking, they have to smoke like every half or one hour, or their hand will start trembling, they become irritated. You can’t live your life like that. Think about going to Bali or Hawaii in 10 hour flight with such addiction. If want to smoke say goodbye to everything good or SAY NO TO SMOKING.

  • This info-graphic is really outstanding, it just encapsulates the entire story of a smoker, who wants to quit..Thanks to dr.M.Evans

  • Does Custokebon Secrets really work? I see many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im not sure if it is good enough to lost tons of fat.

  • Hello Dr. Sathish at the outset good video on keto. I am not practicing keto, but read articles and u tube video and I felt its difficult for Asian especially south Indian to practice owing to our diet regime. However low carb diet works for me. I take carbs one time in a day. I do time restricted feeding. 16:8. Results are good highlight is my insulin sensitivity very good(low insulin resistance). No more hunger or graving. Thanks

  • I had a weird taste on the tip of my tongue, it was like having a coin in my mouth, it was for a couple of weeks and then just vanished

  • I got some important lessons from this video. As the Japanese say, according to the video, you win by failing seven times and trying and retrying eight times. It really is a journey to stop smoking, and to do other things too. And I also like how he addresses the helplessness by that, ie you are not helpless in that you can always try again after a failure, in fact you probably will need to fail in order to succeed later.

  • Think on different times. After 1 cigarette you wish you didn’t stink and your house too. As a woman you wish your hair smelled better and your breath, yes, everyone can smell it. Your skin dries out quickly and you lose fitness. You look older really fast. In five years you will wish you had saved the money. In 30 years you wish you didn’t get lung cancer or a stroke. I used to smoke and sometimes I buy a pack, maybe once a year, for very controlled, voluntary smoking. I don’t need to buy it, I don’t feel like it. I have many other activities. Eating more and lowering cortisol in other way also helps. It satisfies my body. Cigarettes increasy my adrenaline like a bitch, and sure it makes me lose weight but it is not worth it. I’d rather eat more and go jogging more.

  • Trying to quit vaping. It’s definitely the nic and not hand to mouth for me. It’s also the routine and reward. At least I got off cigarettes 6 years ago. Now I’m ready to stop vaping. Glad I’m only on 6mg and not not 60mg like kids who juul lmao.

  • IF is too much of a challenge for those working 9-5, any tricks for those sedentary jobs cause it gets boring and your hunger talks all the time

  • I used to smoke around 20 cigarettes a day sometimes more than 20 or less than 20 I gave up after 18 years of continuous smoking I smoke my last cigarette on 17th October 2019 at 8:45 pm with my cousin it was a biggest challenge that i ever accepted in my life in result I started eating toffees and bubble gums but I gave up it too because I had to go once for teeth scaling.. on 2nd January 2020 my boss suddenly fired me from the job that was such a difficult time to control myself because I was going to buy a cigarette to release my anger my sorrow and stress but I controlled myself instantly and didn’t touch any cigarette.. in starting months I was not meeting only smokers now I can feel free to meet anyone.. that’s all depend on your intention your strong initiative one thing only keeping in your mind you can’t give up eating food drinking water you can’t get rid of like your built in needs of your body we were not born for cigarettes when a baby comes in the world he doesn’t know a cigarette we adopt this addiction willingly when we become addicted we give excuses to people that we can’t give up

  • Im 21 and have vaped for 2 years, and i quit cold turkey 2 months ago with wellbutrin. Its not hard. Its all about if you have will power and arent a weak sad human that wants to die.

  • Officially 2 hours of no smoking while i am not sleeping:) thats an achievement for me and my first baby step towards quitting…

  • ALAN CARRS EASYWAY TO QUIT SMOKING. No questions asked. This book/ dvd should be given out by the nhs and all healthcare systems across the world. Me and many people i know are have been happy none smokers for years. We dont miss it what so ever, and the best part is… its the easiest and best thing ive ever done. You simply realise that “you dont need to smoke anymore’.

    Try it, and share it! You will thanks me later.

  • I went on a 40-day water fast when I was 61. I could have gone longer but that was my target. The last week I was like a 9-monts pregnant woman: I just wanted to get it over. Two years later I am the healthiest person I know.

  • Great video. There are thousands of dumb ‘how to quit ‘ videos where good looking people act mature and advice as if they know everything, but yours talks from experience and addresses every tiny point.

  • Let me tell you something. So, I wrote down in a paper foods that I love and that I could eat many times. I wrote what each dish contains. I wrote the healthy things that were in there and I planned meals that I could cook with them. (You must make the food handmade)

    1 month after eating the only healthy things, I lost 15 klg!

  • Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about “smoking cessation programs houston” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Mackorny Smoking Escape Blueprint (do a google search )? Ive heard some great things about it and my colleague got excellent results with it.

  • Many thanks, I have been researching “smoking cessation posters uk” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Mackorny Smoking Escape Blueprint ( search on google )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my colleague got amazing results with it.

  • I stared intermittent fasting 4 days ago. 14 hour fast, 10 hour eating. I didn’t want to lose weight but I went from 117lb to 114lb. Usually I eat frequent small meals spread out the day. I even wake up at 4am to eat. Fasting is causing A LOT of anxiety from low blood sugar. I’m dealing with absolute hell now.

  • Okay, this is how stressful it is to be a teenage girl.
    Fyi this is just my experience:
    I know I’m not even overweight but I’m not as skinny as most of my peers either. They wear tight mini dresses and show off flat stomachs and slim legs. I can never wear what I want because of my own insecurities. Boys only want to date skinny girls and other girls judge you really harshly for being a bit thicker and talk about you behind your back if they see you in anything other than baggy clothes. My best friend used to be pretty much the same size as me developed an ED and she’s skinny now everyone compliments her but she still isn’t happy with her body and thinks she’s fat, never wearing tight dresses or anything without sleeves. I tried puking up my food when I was 12 but it hurt too bad to continue. I’m trying to copy what she’s been doing which is only eating dinner and doing loads of working out but I don’t have enough energy. I’m just really annoyed that I have to go through all this and naturally skinny girls have it so easy:/ sorry for the rant

  • Smoking less worked for me. I went from 30 cigarettes a day to 10. Stayed there for 8 months, then 3 a day for nearly 2 years. I don’t remember quitting.

    Now I occasionally have one or two a month and go months without. I’ve been this way for 20 years. All I recognize is the desire and I let myself buy the package and have one. I will not bum a smoke. I also force myself to throw the entire pack away by the end of the day. I will not give it to anyone lest that set up feelings that I can bum a smoke from them. So now, the occasional smoke isn’t something I get down on myself for, but I make sure I have to pay the full 10 bucks for it. That makes me think about it long enough to realize I really don’t like the withdrawal and soldier on. I am an addict. It is okay. Sometimes I need the crutch and that is okay too.