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Making healthy habits stick. It’s not easy to kick a bad habit like smoking or eating too much sugar. But it can also be a struggle to incorporate healthy habits like exercise and meditation. Starting new habits is hard. Some changes take longer to become second nature than others; there is no magic number.

The key to making a long-term change is sticking with it and making it a habit as soon as possible to avoid expending willpower. Here are eight ways to establish long-term healthy eating habits — especially after a relapse. Learn strategies for making healthy habits a regular part of your life, including starting small, repetition and celebrating daily accomplishments. 3 ways to make healthy habits stick. Experiment with the strategies below to learn how to make healthy habits stick.

Check them off as you go to record your progress. By Stacy M. Peterson. 5 Ways To Make Healthy Eating Habits Stick. By Micaela Karlsen, MSPH Here are five tips to strengthen your habit-formation around healthy eating and make your transition sustainable and permanent.

1. Avoid Making Decisions as Much as Possible Celebrate summer the FOK way with our fresh and fab recipes. Healthy changes need to become healthy habits in order to have the long-lasting wellness impacts you’re after. But until a healthy activity has become an automatic part of your day, one of the most helpful ways of keeping on track and moving toward habit formation is with proactive reminders and intentional scheduling. Hydrate and Hydrate. Consider this as the number one rule.

Staying hydrated is very crucial during summer as it ensures that your body keeps functioning normally. As the heat. Try to make sure to keep structure in your child’s routine during the summer.

Doctors recommend 10-12 hours of sleep a day for children between the ages of 5-12, and 7-8 hours for adults. Sleep plays a vital role in the overall health!It’s totally possible! If you really want to keep your health intact this summer, take a look at these healthy habits that can keep you moving in the right direction for better mental and physical health all year long. Pick Up a Book.

Summer is a great time to pick up a book and catch up on some reading. 5 Strategies to Make Your Healthy Habits Stick by Daniel Dowling February 07, 2017. Wellness is a mindset.

But how do you change a mind that’s been set for years—decades even? For most of us, we have to battle against disempowering habits and beliefs to achieve the life we want. And that can seem like an uphill affair.

But, the truth is if you already have healthy habits, such as eating a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables and a little lean protein, and you have been moving your body in a way that you love, then you are ready to enjoy and become healthier and happier this summer — and all of the seasons — regardless of how you look in a bathing suit.

List of related literature:

Example of four activity-based mini habits: Eat one serving of fruit once you arrive at work, eat one serving of vegetables during your first work break, drink one glass of water when you get home from work, and chew each bite 30 times during your daily work snack.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
Selective Entertainment, LLC, 2016

The book lists all healthy habits that I had to inculcate in myself and how I did that.

“From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom: A common man’s journey...” by Manoj Arora
from From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom: A common man’s journey…
by Manoj Arora
Jaico Publishing House, 2016

#1 Make new habit really Create a swarm of new specific easy to do.* habits you could do instead of #2 Make old habithard the bad habit.

“Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything” by B. J. Fogg
from Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything
by B. J. Fogg
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019

4 Plan to do the activities that require the most self-control earlier in the day.

“Child and Adolescent Development for Educators” by Christi Crosby Bergin, David Allen Bergin, Sue Walker, Graham Daniel, Angela Fenton, Pearl Subban
from Child and Adolescent Development for Educators
by Christi Crosby Bergin, David Allen Bergin, et. al.
Cengage Learning Australia, 2018

I’ve already shared this, but it’s worth repeating: You don’t have to add time to learn new habits, you just have to replace the old habits.

“Millionaire Success Habits” by Dean Graviosi
from Millionaire Success Habits
by Dean Graviosi

For you, this book will be a welcome reminder, and its fresh tips can help you to further fine-tune the good habits that keep you balanced and energetic on all levels.

“Mom Energy” by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
from Mom Energy
by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
Hay House, 2011

Sample Checklist for Forming New Habits

“Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change” by Sara L. Orem, Jacqueline Binkert, Ann L. Clancy
from Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change
by Sara L. Orem, Jacqueline Binkert, Ann L. Clancy
Wiley, 2011

We hope this book helps you become an agent of change for people wanting to embrace healthy lifestyles.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

Every tip provides ideas for getting and staying healthy, not just mentally but physically, too.

“When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens” by Bev Cobain
from When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens
by Bev Cobain
Free Spirit Publishing, 2010

15 easy ways to be healthier.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Hi! I am from Spain and saying “muchachos” equals to saying “guys” so I think it is no necessary to be worried about this word nor the unnecessary comments you receive about it ��

  • I just realized this video was filmed yesterday. ��. Sam you always deliver at the right times. Just when I need some positivity and ideas. Awesome video gurl. ����

  • I’m a little confused. by a 30 day habit. Does that mean you quit dong these things after 30 days? I thought it takes longer than 30 days to develop a habit,

  • I’m so happy that I found the “tamed course” by Improvment Pill one and a half years ago. It was my first introduction into how to change habits and I had so much benefits from this since then.

  • I researched habits/forming habits last year & discovered Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies quiz, I completed the quiz & went on to buy her book (same title).
    As a rebel tendency, habit forming doesn’t work for me, however challenging myself to do/be better, learning & change really are. The 2-day rule really resonated with me as a way to build on doing something I belive in, ensuring momentum at all times, without it feeling like an obligation. Thank you, I’m glad I’ve found this channel.

  • Lol “muchachos” is masculine-plural, “muchachas” is feminine-plural. But ☝��when it’s a group of both males & females, you always go with the masculine term! Therefore, “muchachos” is both, plural (when both genders are present), and it is also masculine-plural, when just males are present!

  • You’re honestly the only lifestyle advice channel I can watch and not get bored �� thank you for keeping these videos succinct, entertaining, and to the point. The visuals are really aestheticly pleasing, and informative.

  • spinach is one of the worst calcium sources as it contains high amounts of oxalates and other anti-nutrients that prohibit calcium absorption. this is coming from a vegan. edamame, soy, tofu, tempeh, kale, collard greens, spring greens, broccoli, tahini, blackstrap molasses, and black beans are some of the better sources of calcium.

  • Matt I procrastinated in watching this video leaving it in my watch later list. Personally as someone with ADD I need hacks and processes to trick my brain into being productive.

    Thankyou for the help your videos give me and thank you for your donation. Tom, Canberra Australia.

  • I get nervous when you talk about certain foods/teas preventing cancer and such… there is no denying fresh produce is the best thing for you, but evidence suggesting any links with preventing cancer are not concrete and are not something to throw around lightly

  • What challenges will you have this year?
    Some of the past chalanges as cold showers and make more exercises/go to gym more often and be mininalist i did it too, and i must say, taking you as an example for self-improvement really was a good ideea

  • I have never liked meat that much the only meat I eat is a hamburger but I would LOVE to go vegan it is just really hard to give up some things like chocolate but I am lactose-intolerant so that does help me to not drink milk. I hate the fact that people kill animals for money. But I do try to eat more vegan things. I guess it will take a while but I hope to eventually become a vegan I watch people go vegan for weeks and sometimes a month! Well maybe one day I will give up meat and animal products entirely. Well if Wengie ever goes vegan I’ll watch her meal videos until I go vegan ( PS I love you Wengie! )

  • it’s definitely true about changing the environment. You see, as long as i have sweets at home, it would be so difficult to resist the temptation. But if sweets don’t flash before my eyes, i could even forget about them.

  • the biggest thing that’s preventing me from doing habits rn is i just can’t stop looking at social media. youtube, instagram, twitter, tumblr, etc. i feel like i’m missing out on so many things by not looking at it for a few minutes. does anyone have helpful tips???

  • Hey Matt! Sharing this video with my family, I guess everyone can pick up on habits they’ve always wanted to.. especially while social distancing. Take care folks! Stay safe!

  • Hi, random scroller

    Does this lockdown have you in a funk?

    Let’s be honest… These past 3-4 weeks have been pure hell for all of us. And being locked down in our homes certainly makes matters worse. For the first time in forever, peoples’ true colors are showing. With so much chaos going on you need to remember

    Here’s something to remember…

    It’s important, especially in times like these, to not let bad circumstances demotivate you from learning and growing as a person. You can either utilize this free time by taking aim at your goals that will improve you as a person and make your life more joyful or use this free time to:

    ❌ Kick back and take it easy

    ❌ Eat junk food and get fat…

    ❌ Waste your time binge-watching Netflix…

    We have a rare opportunity to step back, reset, and take aim at our goals from a whole new starting line. We have more “free time” than ever, now. What will you do with yours?

    ‘Live Intentionally’, a 90-Day Self-Project is the solution to your problems. With it, you will be able to take control of your thought patterns, increase your focus, attention span, and emotional control.

    It includes:

    1.) Live Intentionally (PDF / Digital download)

    2) A workbook to track your progress (PDF / Digital download)


    Thank You. Have a nice day.”


  • Hi Sam, love your videos! I was wondering if you have tips for privacy as a female Vlogger. I have a channel and friends have been telling me all the crazy dangers…but I also don’t wanna live in fear. Any advice? Thanks!!

  • Muchahos work for both genders, but
    feminazis like to cause trouble, so it´s better if you use muchaches o muchachxs hahahahahaha

  • Hey Matt, been watching many of your videos and podcasts, great stuff. What is your everyday tech bag that you use when your out and about for the day?

  • Muchachos means “boys and girls”. My mom is a teacher here in Panama and “Hola muchachos” is how she greets her students. If you’d like to greet women/girls specifically, you could say “Hola chicas” or “Hola muchachas”.

  • Do not donate to the Red Cross do other places, the Red Cross never uses the money properly some goes missing or someone gets payed more then they should.

  • If you are a vegetarian but you still eat seafood, that is called a pescatarian
    (I’m a vegetarian and I eat a lot of vegetables, they’re really good!) (I also like tofu)

  • going to try your protein powder. the one i have from costco, I dont care for now, for some reason. I use the same almond milk as youCalifia. Thanks Sam

  • PLEASE! Stop giving food advice without really knowing what that does to your body! There’s people who study this delicate subject for a reason, and I’m so over this trend that everyone can give advice on whatever they feel they can. Go to a nutritionist, or a doctor, but please STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE WHO KNOWS THINGS BY READING IT ON THE INTERNET!!

  • I love being apart of the Samily!!! And I love your healthy habits videos!! My fav. Hope your fourth of July was great. Love ya and have a fabulous weekend.

  • The thing is “muchachos” does mean boys, but in spanish we use it for a group of women and men. However, this is something we are trying to change because when a men enters a room full of women, automaticly this group becames “muchachos” or men, this actually makes us woman fell invisible. So next time please try to incorporate “muchachos y muchachas” or men and woman, this is the polite way of saying it. Greatings from Chile (sorry for my horrible translation)

  • I know 6 things about you

    1. You are scrolling the comments all the way.

    2. You all love wengie.

    4. I know that you skipped number 3.

    5. Now you are watching that did we skipped number 3.

    6. And you will like because it’s my birthday..


  • The fire in Australia is reported widely at Japan. I’m just a fun of your channel but I wanted to help Australia and did donation from your link. I hope the fire will go out soon.
    Sorry for poor English…

  • Guys after the first 100 comments I think she realised she is a pescatarian and not vegetarian can we not focus on the great video instead of a little mistake geees

  • Hi Matt, I love your channel and your content! I found you recently, and your challenges of 2019 inspired me to do something similar for 2020. Some are inspired by yours, some maybe you’ll want to explore as well!

    This year I am doing:
    -dry January (currently)
    -flossing every day for a month (should already be a habit, right? But come on, everyone slips on this one!)
    -meditating every day for a month
    -practicing/studying a different language every day for a month
    -no social media for a month
    -write every day (journal or blog post) for a month
    -get 8 hours of sleep every night for a month
    -practice my instrument every day for a month
    -draw/sketch something every day for a month
    -read 10 pages every day for a month
    -listen to a new song/piece of music every day for a month
    -work out every day for a month

  • First of all, LOVE UR TOP and Second of all, Thank u for making such entertaining videos to watch for us because today I’m going through all ur video and rewatching them because they’re just that entertaining so I just wanted to appreciate everything u do for us!!!! And re-liking videos i didnt like or comment on

  • You should look up “Effective Altruism”. You already make a difference to many people’s lives with your excellent YouTube channel and I think if we all embraced some of the principles of effective altruism then the world would be a much better place for everyone.

  • 1. Three positive thoughts
    2. Take your vitamins everyday
    3. Protein everyday
    4. Drink water!!
    5. Sunscreen ☀️
    6. Having greens for 2/3 meals a day
    7. Sleep

  • In love with your shorts. I been trying to loose weight. I’m trying out a clean diet with chicken and fish with a lot of greens.. have you heard of intermittent fasting? I’m trying that too.

  • honestly, as a latina person, when i’ve found you said hola muchachos at the beginning it just sounded cool to me and i like. But yes, muchacho-muchachos is guys

  • If your a first time protein shake drinker, should we still eat after? Or could we jump in drinking the protein shake without eating breakfast? I hope that made sense ��

  • You actually don’t need to drink protein shakes as a vegan,if you are eating a balanced diet. Ezekiel toast and hummus actually does have a lot of protein because hummus has protein from the beans it’s made of. Nuts and seeds have protein, as well as soy products.

  • How bout for households with many people other than yourself such as large families with children who eats those sugary snacks? Or going to the gym if you’re the primary caretaker of the kids and can’t afford a babysitter?

  • if you have a protein shake for breakfast, do you eat any fruit later on (like a smoothie) or just not have fruit that day since it would no longer be on an empty stomach? I’m wondering in terms of food combining. thank you!!!

  • You look so cute and radiant in this video!! ✨ I definitely need to be taking some vitamins, good tip!! You’re so inspiring to me!! I love your positivity and all around energy!! Much love babe!!��

  • Another great video. Matt, you are my favorite youtuber, your videos have been contributing a lot in my life. I’m really happy about my routine and I keep watching you because I know there is always room for improvement. I’m even helping out a friend that wants to be more productive showing him your videos and he’s really enjoying them. Also, he is into recording and told me that admire the quality of your videos.
    Again, thanks a million for everything, wish you guys the best. Stay safe.

  • Hi I have been seeing your vedioes from Last 20 days, I am very happy to see you routine.i am also person like living simple but need to change few things in my life style. just want to wish good luck.

  • Well if you ever have a hard time not procrastinating with your cardio just try to remember, if you’re trying to gain muscle mass: Cardio has plenty of benefits to increase your muscle mass gain rate. Do cardio and you’ll get better gains.

  • Hello wengie! Great videos and congratulatons on 11 million… 11 million!!! subcribers. It’s sad because I have three… anyway, have a nice day, and great video.

  • a vegan is some one who doesn’t eat animals or animal products like milk. a vegetarian is someone who eats animal products but not animals summer victoria

  • 1.      You need to control your environment. Do not bring junk food to your house to begin with if you want to eat healthy.
    2.      Hold yourself accountable. Make promise and stick through it.
    3.      Use the 2 day rule. Don’t let yourself take 2 days off in a row, it can easily develop into 3, 4, 5 days off.

  • sorry, Wengie I can’t join because I’m too young to pay and my parents don’t let me! I still am a subscriber and I love your videos! Please, keep making videos! 😉

  • I loved the unique haitats becasue i never heard them before and i’m looking forward to maybe make them my habits or at least try, LOVE U XOXO, please reply it’ll mean the world to me

  • I’ve been dieting for a couple of months and all I eat is healthy foods all week and go to the gym every week day and on a Sunday I have a day when I can eat unhealthy foods like crisps and chocolate and I’ve found that for my body,, if I give myself a break once a week then I lose more weight and I’ve been losing at least 5 pounds a week and the most I’ve lost in a week is 11 pounds which I personally thinks that’s good

  • EVERYONE WHO SAY “UUUHUHUH YOU ARE PESCETARIAN! NOT VEGETARIAN!” SHUT UP! DONT SET A MARK ON HER!!! If a vegetarian sometimes want fish it is OKAY!!!! so you guys just STOP!!!!

  • Something i can recommend based on my own experience is to slow down. 1 step at a time. Build one habit and dont complicate it by trying to do too much at a time. For example i wanted to build habits for cold showers, i also wanted to work out more but because a healthy diet is important for working out aswell i tried to plan it, lay out that perfect plan of a diet and being super motivated for working out and it went nicely for like 3 weeks and then i quit because i got overwhelmed by all these new things i need to pay attention to every day. But if you take it step by step, its way easier to make it stick. Just start working out. SUre a diet is important but working out on a non optimal diet is better than not working out at all. Once the work out routine becomes a habit you might notice that after working out you really need to cool down and a cold shower is actually pretty nice after that so the second habit builds up itself by building up the first habit. And once that one is in place, then you can start to expand on it and work on your diet. But even for the diet i would say step by step. make it a habit to have a healthy breakfast and work on the other meals later. Slowing down and taking every habit as a single project to work on is so important, at least for me. Working on multiple things at the same time does not work for me

  • Muchacho: guy
    Muchachos: guys or group of ppl with a minimum of one male.
    No it’s not offensive bc A, you are talking to your viewers as a whole where a Spanish person would always use the male plural because it is including men and women and B, bc lets be honest.. when we talk in English we also say hey guys let’s go, not referring to only males in a group but the whole bunch.
    Conclusion, you re fiiiiine, don’t worry!

  • I would like to know how u became vegetarian, I like meat, but I dont want to eat it bc the thought that they killed an animal, to get this food. I just think its not fair to those cute animals out in the world. So, Yeah I like to know how u became vegetarian.

  • Who’s here looking at the cute kids and she playing with them instead of listening to the benefits.. I was literally so Ingrossed in them sweet little babies playing along with her. 😉

  • 0:37 hard stuff first
    seth godin, war of art, art of possibility, 4 hr worjweek, the game by neil strauss, total money makeover dave ramsey

    2:26 untill action is taken, all uselss
    2:54 control ur environment, not urself
    3:33 stick notes beside environment, sometimes all u need is a reminder
    6:53 natalie now goes to gym without matt, her Social anxiety regarding gym is gone thanks to Matt
    8:37 never take two days in a row
    9:51 it will becone hard to not do habit soon
    10:06 there will always be a struggle, always, get used to it

  • I like your videos but I think you have to do less of talking and more of filming yourself doing things you talk about. Talking part should be more of points

  • Super ćwiczyć Fitness muzyka dziewczyo ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • These Ideas are from the book „atomic habits“ Gotchaaa�� great video man, just read the book and you helped me reflect on the knowledge!

  • I have been working out for the past 3 months. When i started it was really hard for me to follow through. Day by day i started to discover the joy after working out and moving my body. Its very true that when you build a habit there will a point when its difficult for you to not to do the habit. Now working out has become a part of my life and its hard for me to not do it!

  • Hey Sam! I’m vegan too, and recently found an amazing protein powder that really isn’t well know yet. It’s called Kos. I’d recommend looking it up! I have both the chocolate and vanilla and they’re both yummy!

  • eating dates during lunch is a tradition in my country, its been in our culture for 100s of years i really love the taste of it, but don’t eat a lot

  • I love how you started with changing your environment! It seems so simple, but when you stop seeing all these cookies and sweets around you, you are less tempted to eat them! Thank you for going through this journey of trying out 12 habits for all of us to learn from.

  • Wengie please can you make a video on how you became vegetarian. Like this if you want Wengie to make a video on how she became vegetarian.

  • I actually think that, when you really want something for yourself (lose fat, get fit, start a business) you should do it quietly, because, at the end of the day, you are the only one who cares about it. Talking from experience, i used to brag about how i was getting results from some new habit i was trying, but in reality, by doing this i was trying to justify my laziness looking for external validation from people that do not give a shit about it. I learned that the best way to do it, is to do it quietly and letting results speak for yourself, and also, not comparing with others.

  • Hey beautiful you might want to check your camera for focusing some of the parts are a little blurry lol Ilove you and God bless you and your family! you are awesome and stay awesome!:))

  • I think changing your environment is good for training but ultimately in order to stay on course, you need to change You. The ultimate goal if you don’t want to eat those cookies, is to retrain your brain to NOT WANT those cookies. If you want to be a peaceful person for example, you might train in a peaceful environment at first, but the ultimate test is being able to remain peaceful in any situation. And of course remember to “Be the change you want to see in the world”

    You are so full of energy and make me feel motivated and ready to face the day with confidence to concur my goals!!����❤️

  • I just wanted to pass on that many studies have been done showing lavender to be an estrogen mimicker and is actually not safe to use. It can increase your chance of hormonal cancers, such as breast cancer. In young boys it has been shown to grow abnormal breast tissue. I had breast cancer. So I stay completely away from it.

  • I am taking Spanish 2, and I think muchachos refers to all because in spanish when you refer to a group of people you use the masculine plural -os. Even if it is a group of girls with one boyo in it, it is muchachos. It is only muchachas when the group is all girls I think. I hope that helped!

  • Must make sure I wake up and think of a positive thought. So guilty of letting my whole day be ruined by starting off the day thinking about something negative.

  • Sorry I usually pay attention to the contents of your videos but just this one I couldn’t stay focused because your children are way too adorable…

  • I inadvertently made out a habit to go to daily aa meetings for an entire year. I stayed sober but doubted the effectiveness of the meetings. Then corona happened. I was truly distraught without them. I’m still sober, and truly shocked at what a difference these meetings have made in my life

  • I really wish I could drink tea it would probably help with my skin but unfortunately I have a really high iron deficiency and as tea minimize the absorption of iron so I can’t drink it ��

  • After taking three years of Spanish I can tell you that muchachos plural can refer to a mixed group, not just containing men. You are using it correctly!

  • In Spanish, basically everything gendered! So if you’re speaking to a group of all boys you’d say muchachos, and if it’s a group of all girls you’d say muchachas. HOWEVER, when the group is of mixed gender, the neuter is the male version of the word, so “muchachos” includes everyone. People love policing languages they know nothing about. Glad to see the greeting is still around a year later, I promise you it is in no way offensive (:

  • I hate how people comment the same thing dozens of others have already said. Just like their comment -_it doesn’t add to constructive criticism it’s just annoying.

  • 1 Stretch every single morning.
    2 drink your greens.
    3 use cedar bags with essential oils.
    4 find a tech free hobby.
    5 wash pillow cases regularly.
    6 have fresh herbs ready.
    7 drink lemon, lime, grapefruit water.
    8 open windows.
    9 sleep well with essetial oils.
    10 drink tea.

  • Hey Sam!! loving your videos! was just wondering where you get your hella cute sports bras and active wear from? As a bigger chested girl i find it hard to find good sports bras

  • The 2-day rule is really a great way to relieve that pressure of feeling like we have to be perfect. Your videos are always so AMAZING. ��

  • Nice video! I love how you are consciously looking for habits to build and chasing after them. So many people don’t put enough thought into this!

  • I usually don’t comment on YouTube videos, but this video just hits you so well. Very easy to follow, simple tips and such inspiration to do better yourself! Keep going Matt and hopefully I can adopt 1% of your lifestyle to become more efficient.

  • One day rule: realizes that yesterday he/she didn’t go to the gym
    Welp I broke my chain. Time to not do this ever again.

    Two day rule: same thing occurs
    I can go tomorrow therefore I will go tomorrow. Today is a treat.

  • Hola a todos.. Would be More accurate. Since when yoy Say muchachos you refer to everyone. But nowadays theres a New inclusive language so that noone feels left out. That would be muchaches or chiques. Theyve replaced the letter “o” or “a” with an “e” 😉

  • That grapefruit, lemon and lime water looks beautiful. What natural products can I use for washing clothes? My daughter has very sensitive skin but my partner has a very physical job so I need something gentle but something that can get rid of strong odours. X