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Add speed drills to your morning run or tack cardio onto your weight-training routine. In the meantime, to keep you going strong to the other edge of that plateau, pay extra attention to these seven signs that you’re getting healthier even if you’re not losing weight: 1. YOU HAVE MORE ENERGY. 7. YOU SET A NEW EXERCISE PERSONAL RECORD. The ability to achieve new fitness goals is perhaps the biggest indicator that you’re getting healthier even if that needle isn’t moving when you step on the scale.

When you’re signs something is wrong disappear there’s a better chance you’re absorbing all the vitamins and minerals you need to optimize health and fitness. Aches and pains that were usual are less frequent or gone. How it helps even if you’re not losing weight: Inflammation in your body is an obstacle to your optimal fitness.

Here are a few signs in which you can tell you’re getting healthier even though you’re not losing weight. You have more energy ; One of the best things about working out and dropping the pounds is that your energy increases. Even when you’re not losing weight, but are continuing to. If you’re losing weight at a healthy pace, you shouldn’t notice major changes in your cycle, Young says.

However, if you’re not consuming enough calories, it. Not Losing Weight? 7 Signs Your Hard Work Is Paying off If you’re just starting out your weight loss journey, chances are you are going gung-ho and making a complete change in your life, right? Fortunately, losing weight doesn’t take drastic changes to.

Here are seven signs that you’re actually healthy, even if your BMI says you’re overweight or obese. Just remember your health should be considered holistically and not based on any one factor alone. Waist circumference might be the most important indicator of your health.

Waist circumference is more important than BMI. 7 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Calories Yuki Kondo / Getty. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or gain more not even long-lasting weight loss. 7 signs you’re not overweight or obese, even if your BMI says you are.

Ann Schmidt Nov 22, 2018, 2:37 AM. facebook; Depending on your age, having a little extra weight can be healthy. 1. You feel always tired. If you find yourself reaching for an extra cup of coffee to get through your afternoon or yawning in the middle of meetings, you might have lost too much weight.

If you are on a strict calories restriction diet you might not getting enough nutrients and calories.

List of related literature:

3 You lose something when you have less of it than before: You look thinner; have you lost weight?

“Harrap's essential English Dictionary”
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These figures should show substantial improvement, indicating that not only are you losing weight but you are becoming healthier in general.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
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There are four physiologic categories (Table 7.1) for weight loss: (1) decreased caloric intake, (2) malabsorption or maldigestion, (3) impaired metabolism or increased requirements, and (4) increased losses or excretion.

“Textbook of Physical Diagnosis E-Book: History and Examination” by Mark H. Swartz
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That’s why true, lasting weight loss is dependent on lifestyle changes.

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In the last three weeks, I have seen many physical changes, such as weight loss all over my body down to my feet!”

“Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!” by Michele Promaulayko
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Other signs include weight loss, polyuria, polydipsia, melena, and shivering.

“Manual of Canine and Feline Cardiology E-Book” by Larry P. Tilley, Francis W. K. Smith Jr., Mark Oyama, Meg M. Sleeper
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But something has changed, and I know that part of the reason I shed so many pounds and got healthier was that I became curious about what was going on in my body.

“Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health” by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
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3 I’ve noticed a big increase or decrease in my appetite and weight.

“Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook For Dummies” by Rhena Branch, Rob Willson
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Ironically, I found this truth out when I was getting upset with people for not noticing my weight loss.

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
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Example: I’ve lost weight before, and it always came back.

“Mantras in Motion: Manifesting What You Want through Mindful Movement” by Erin Stutland
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  • sometimes age plays a big role in loosing fat, we should aim at being the best version of ourself instead of merely losing weight, when you’re bulky nothing looks good on you

  • A lot of people today are trying to figure out the best method to drop weight. Then again, having the ability to discover a diet plan that can work for you is hard to discover. A crucial factor you want to understand is that a diet is effective for one person might not work for another. So you have to understand what your getting into before you start one of these diets. Therefore we have opted to give you a fantastic look in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. This may give you enough information to learn whether this really is something which is appropriate to your requirements. Read more here shorturl.at/fjtMU

  • you’re overweight, then I suggest starting with a keto diet first. Basically fatty meat with veges, as much as you want to get your body habituated to burning fat as a fuel source. If you want to lose excess weight (fat), then you have to train your metabolism to get used to burning fat. No sugar, no bread, no noodles, no carbs AT ALL. Carbs have an interesting metabolic effect since if it’s not used soon, then it get stored as fat.

    Make sure you’re eating enough salt, potassium and magnesium in the diet: critical. All available as supplements. After 2 weeks on the keto diet, you’ll notice that your appetite has diminished and your cravings for random food goes down to zero. Next step is intermittent fasting so have your last meal at 6 pm. Don’t eat until the next day @ 10 am.

    Keep on doing this for a week, then have your first meal at 12 noon (so 18 hours with no food). Just a regular keto meal, enough to make you feel full. 1 week (or 2 weeks) later, have your first meal @ 2 pm. Only eat at 6 if you’re hungry.

    When you’re ready, eat only 1 meal @ 1 pm. Now you’re on the OMAD (one-meal-a-day) fasting routine.
    Record how you feel, energy levels, cravings, sleep quality.

    Then attempt a 48 hour fast, and finally a 5 day fast. BUT! You MUST drink lots of water with potassium, magnesium and salt throughout the fast. Usually the first day is easy but day 2 and day 3 can be really tough. If you don’t feel good at any stage, then go back to OMAD fasting. Fasting is not unhealthy if you do it right think about it: our ancestors didn’t have access to supermarkets/refrigeration and going without food for days was not unusual.

    Dr Berg, Dr Mindy Pelz and Dr Fung all have solid videos on keto, intermittent fasting and long term fasting. Check them out

  • Joanna, thank you so much. This video in particular really helped me focus on what really matters and enjoy the process of reaching my fitness goals. It should be a journey where I enjoy the process. You’re so awesome and have such a beautiful heart. Thanks again.

  • I lost 6 to 7kg in a month..then i stop losing weight..my diet still ongoing but the scale just wont move…it is frustrating…but i do feel my body looks slimmer now…hope i wont lose my motivation..ive been dieting for almost 3 months now

  • I just found your video and I wanted to let you know that it was a huge help. I am coming up on my one year anniversary of my lifestyle change. I have a Christian YouTube channel and the Holy Spirit was telling me that our bodies are created by God which are temples and I am 5 foot 7 and I weighed 260 pounds at one time so I was so overweight. I have lost over 50 pounds but I work out six days a week and I have added a lot of muscle. I’m 53 years old and I found muscles I haven’t seen in years and I love the way I look. I feel great but for the last four months I have not been able to lose any weight. Now of course my diet is strictly chicken tunafish some vegetables and I do cheat every once in a while. Like I said I work out six days a week and every single one of those days I do cardio with my weightlifting. It has become extremely frustrating and I wouldn’t watch videos like this because I just can’t simply understand why a lot of people eat every two hours, but you have really broke it down For me and I greatly appreciate it. And I’m going to follow your steps and I am hoping that it will allow me to lose the other 40 to 50 pounds that I need to lose. God bless you and thank you so much for taking the time to teaching all of this have a wonderful day

  • I have learnt that I will need to lift more weights
    And cardio for 45 minutes
    Protein intake should be increased in my diet….
    Eat more….
    Drink more water…..

  • It really made me realize that i was actually losing fat without losing my weight. I just have problem with my thighs not with my belly but when I was struggling to lose belly fat, drinking water was the very thing I do 30 mins. Before meals. And as time passed by, from 84 kilos. I now weight 75kg. It was a long journey but it was actually worth it. Not too much dieting but just being conscious. Thank you for more information about fat lose.:).

  • Anyone trying to loose weight fast
    Try one meal diet i do it for 10 days and loose 5 kg, my brother also follow that with me and loose 12 kg in 20 days ��
    It’s not that hard we go for morning walk for 1 hour then i go to school by walking to burn more calories and we drink a lot of green tea
    Don’t do it for long time or it harm your body

  • What if I am already doing all of them except weight lifting but still fat I am healthy weighted but I want to that loose belly fat

  • That part about being able to just show up to my friends wedding in a dress and not think about it sounds so liberating, however i think even at my perfect weight my friend look at me weird #mentoo

  • Drink cinamon in boil water and add lemon��/lime�� its an easy fat burner ����i weight 181.4 on the 18
    19 i was 180
    20 i was 179
    21 i was 178
    22 i was 177
    23 i was 176
    24 i was 175
    25 i was 174
    Today i am 173 im not stopping of course exersice would boost my progress also eating a boil egg in the morning toguether with a green juice and salad in the after noon…..i agree with everything she says on her video but this might help try it

  • Hi Joanna.. Thanks for the video. I have a doubt.. I have been working out my arm muscles as I have upper arm fat.. My muscles have been increasing but my arm flabs aren’t reducing.. What should I do?

  • Ms. Joanna Soh, May I ask if should i do lose weight exercise before doing exercise for body shaping?? And how many days a week should the glutes be work out? Cause ive heared too much exercise on the glutes can cause misallignment? I dont know if that is true.

  • I am so happy that I came across your channel! I have to say you actually changed my serial dieting ways.. building muscle is my priority now and I’m looking forward to next year me but taking the necessary steps take better care of me on the way to my goal! Thank you!

  • I’m actually crying right now. I’ve been working out for almost like two weeks, and the workout is two times a day.. which i thought it could really help me to lose weight easily, but still i feel fat for myself, day by day i feel that i hate my body seeing and thinking that it dont change at all… And the result of my restless workout, ends up giving me body pain, I’ve gain injuries and yeah still i lose weight, but for me it is still not enough �� watching this video really help me and answer some of my doubt to myself and questions to my body. Thank you. Love yourself more guys, and yeah I’m always doing it, loving and accepting your body isn’t actually easy. ����.

  • Someone told me about site called *Next Level Diet*. Let me tell you something: This sh*t is really next level!!! Fat cells are leaving my body like never before. Goodbye belly fat. Welcome six pack.

  • Hii mam,.. As u said same happening in me trying to loose weight but started 5 months from now,.. But past 1: 5 month not loose weight in was 90.5 to 87follwed low in carbs,.. But 1.5 month 87 only but 2 inches lost, what’s should do recently I have changed workout but what diet I should try please reply mam… Is it bz of muscle gain not loosing weight?? Waiting for your reply mam!!!

  • I was on a dieting from last 2 months. Usually eat sprouts in morning, at 2 pm 2 chapatis, in night milk woth honey with morning workout but i gained weight. Why..??

  • i have been not losing weight these past few weeks and it is frustrating me. I tried omad and I lose 10kg for 1 month and 1 week. From 81-70/71 kg. I’m also working out 30-40 min per day. Now i’m not losing weight. So i tried working out like 4-5 times a week. And have a rest day. I also tried egg diet but nothing changes. Please help meee i’m losing motivation to continue:((

  • I lost 16 pounds..But my problem is, I have the same waist measurement as I did before I lost the weight..Is Stomach sit-ups (exercise) the only way, I will lose my stomach?

  • i lost about 20kg. in 7weeks i don’t know if this is healthy though i feel great..i do lowcarb and intermitent fasting..but on my 8th week i lost just a pound..�� but i feel smaller though..anyways i’m happy overall…

  • Last tip: you’re on antidepressants and once you get off of them, you will shed weight. This was me over here. The past 5 months my weight stayed stagnant even tho I increased my exercise from 3 days to 7 days. My pants got tighter, specifically at the waist, no matter how much exercise I did. I also adopted a stricter plant-based diet. Now off the toxic medicine, my waist is more trimmed and my legs are more muscular.

  • What’s the best creatine supplement you would recommend? I dont wanna waste money on one that’s full of artificial junk! I’m sure you’ve probably mentioned it on a video somehwere! I’ll try to find it if I can!:)

  • First of all, an example of “honorary” is not nor ever will be obama. He was illegal himself from the start. Second, we did not evolve from primates who later turned into dumb hunchback humans. We were created by God who made every creature including humans after it’s own kind. Just ask science when it comes to what kind of animals and every seed on earth brings up, different species, or the SAME. And not losing weight is enough to stress you.

  • Im so scared

    I dont really have any problems at all with loosign weight, currnetly ive lost 13 kgs since oktober 23rd 2017, but i always feel liek i might be doing osmethign wrong even though the number is and has been going down rapidly for almost 2 months.

  • I increased my workout to 1hr 5 x weekly. Eating healthy..Seems I am only maintaining and not losing. Seems my clothes fit better. Just going to stick with it. Don’t give up everyone. Try increasing your workout intensity or switching up your workout routine. I started that last week and feel better. Also aim for at least 6 1/2 to 8 hours of sleep. Drink plenty of water!

  • I’ve been eating balanced meals and working out, but gaining weight (muscles) even though I’m still the same size. It’s so weird that I’m not trimming. I’m happy I’m not gaining weight but I’m not trimming either ��

  • Ok I HAVE A QUESTION �� so basically I was kinda not eating enough and I was 108 pounds which is healthy for me. During that time I skipped breakfast and lunch and then had a healthy big dinner. I wasn’t hungry ever! But during that time I didn’t workout. Then, I walked and ran and worked out daily AND ate breakfast lunch dinner snacks. But during that time I was so hungry.�� yet I also gained 4 pounds? ���� muscle? Fat? Should I go back to my old ways?? I am so confused, anyhelp. Also I was really stressed during the time I mentioned first

  • People are too impatient, they don’t think about the long term goals, the BIG picture…you make so much sense to me. I’ve been following this intermittent fasting group on FB and they are so impatient. For example, “I only lost 5 lbs this month, what am I doing wrong?!” Here I am thinking, “what?! that’s amazing!! you LOST WEIGHT! It’ll be sustainable because you’re obviously making changes slowly, lifestyle changes.” Nope, they think they have to drop like 10-20 lbs in a month. Sadly.

  • I lost over 20lbs in two months. Just visit a website called NextLevelDiet, choose the foods you like and they will provide you with 30-DAY diet plan and training plan. Finally I got my six pack:D

  • I started to change my lifestyle recently because of my PCOS. I watched your videos and learned why it never work and how to do it right. Wish me luck!

  • I LOST 40lbs!!! You ask how? I visited website called NextLevelDiet. I selected only food I like and they provided me with DIET MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PLAN, FITNESS TIPS and HEALTHY RECIPES.

  • Hi! I would be so grateful if you could give me more information on where you got the rat study about stress because I could rly use it for my school project! Great video, i learnt a lot:)

  • I really needed to hear this! I keep yoyo dieting until recently I reverse dieted. Then one week I had a knee injury and ate SO much. I checked on MyFitnessPal and I overate by around 3000 calories ������. And now I can feel the fat on my body. Anyhu so now I’m 29 lbs away from my goal weight. Grrr. Now I’m three weeks into my deficit and I haven’t lost ANY weight on the scale. My stomach looks flatter but I don’t know if I’m imagining it. Marisa I am 5’ 4”, 25 year old female with a goal weight of 129 lbs. I have 29 lbs to lose. Tell me, shouldn’t I aim to lose 1 lb of fat per week? I exercise 5 times a week, with a mixture of resistance training, HIIT and walking 9000/10000 steps a day. If my TDEE is 2420ish then I should be eating 1920 calories?

  • * me who started eating healthy and work out to lose stress (and weight) but has had chronic stress and generalized anxiety for years *
    Well, i’m fucked

  • Been so stressed lately that I can’t lose weight…its pretty ironic the thing causing me stress can’t happen because of the stress! And the gyms are closed right now. But thanks to some of your advice getting a punching bag soon ��

  • I am F**ed because I am in massive stress at work and at home. 3 weeks with no sweets and very little carbs just two spoons of out brain in the morning in my eggs. 3 kilos lost only from the 20 I need to loose.

  • I turned down the stress in my life and have been living in a super peaceful zone for a couple years now… This was after 7+ years of EXTREME stress. I am at a loss. Is there a switch inside that won’t flip? I can’t figure this body out.

  • You are so captivating when you speak, that’s priceless, it’s so hard for me to watch a video until the end.. With you I always wish there was more 😉

  • I am living in hostel for my studies, I m not able to do cardio there and there is no gym near it and out is too much cold and snow ( Russia),how I should loose my weight, because without cardio I think my body will be more muscular instead of it I want to loose fat…
    If you have any suggestions the please tell

  • There are several reasons people put on weight overtime without really realizing it here is a Answer I Found on Quora

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  • I’ve been on keto deit for 1 month and lost only one kg im very sad. YOUR video was cery helpful. I really dont knw whats holding my weight. Let me try cutting out nuts butter and cheese. Can we use a lil bit butter just to cook?

  • Wat? I am actually eating less and exercising day and noght and i still aint losing fat. Or anything. Ive been doing dis for more than a week like dis is sad

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  • Find a long steep hill and run up that hill 3 to 5 days a week. Trust me you won’t need a diet or have any trouble losing weight.

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  • So basically when I eat like loads of sugar and ice cream and brownies, my body actually stays skinny, but when I eat like Mac n cheese or a salad I look like I’m built like a key, please help me

  • This is good advice. I started my diet in April and I do must of these things discussed. So far I have lost about 40 pounds. I am pretty big and got some ways to go but it works.

  • I’ve been eating alright, and binging on chocolate every few weeks. I run every day 2.3km, get thrashed. After a year, my weight hasn’t changed. I float around 74kg.

  • Hi, I do not overeat fat, don’t eat nuts, cream, of any other snacks, etc. the only fat sources I use are coconut oil, olive oil en MCT oil echt one tablespoon a day. I also fast for 23 hours but I DONT LOSSE weight. This is really frustrating and I begin to loss the motivation. I am also in ketosis…whats here going on? plz help me.

  • I have lost 32 lbs. since July and still have 30 pounds to go. I was on abilify and I think it has ruined my metabolism. I would excersise over 2 hours a day and diet on a clean keto vegan diet. I have hit a plateau and have weighed the same for 3 months. Could pushing myself at the gym until I am vomiting from back pain every week be the stress doing it? I am disabled. I have been eating healthy but it doesn’t matter the weight won’t come off now. I am still very unhappy at this weight.

  • I ate clean yesterday and I have been exercising 5 days a week an hour a day and yesterday I friggen gained a damn 1 lb!! Un friggen believable!! I have not lost any inches!! I have been working out 2 months going on 3 months!!

  • Losing weight is a real struggle for many people. Many people are trying their best but their efforts do not avail much. Honestly, I came here to inspire someone who is going through this. Here is how to build a better body image. We need the confidence sometimes to go about our daily activities. Here honest tips to help anyone https://youtu.be/r1eGyxitncI
    Thank you so much.

  • …yeah I’m sorry but I’ve said this for awhile and I’m really coming to see it as it is. The weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry for a reason. If it were just as simple as calorie in/calorie out, exercise and strength training then we’d all be slim with no issue. There are many factors that play into the scientific equation of weight loss, the biggest being genetics. What we eat on a regular basis (“healthy food” included) doesn’t help much either with the many hormones and additives that are injected in our foods.

  • If your are struggling to lose weight, check out our products. We have something for everyone. I recommend our Harmony oil for stress and anxiety, which is 100 full spectrum Hemp extract https://retail.totallifechanges.com/cbdplug/shopping/itemdetails?itemCode=1602

  • so here is another confusion point on KETO, eat fat and less Carbs but at the end of the day we do not know if our body is burning old fat or the fat you we eating, nice no I am lost

  • i love your channel…your lectures are great help for me…im on my menupausal stage and suffering body bloating…thank you so much for the enlightenment…

  • Weird. I dont know whats wrong with me then, I look the exact same as i did when i first started trying to lose weight…I don’ t think i’m stressing about anything, i use myfitnesspal to track my calories. I measure and weigh EVERYTHING I eat. I don’t eat processed foods. My diet consists of chicken, brown rice, whole wheat bread and pasta, natural peanut butter, eggs, tuna and I love it. so im not upset about what i am eating…my calories are restricted to 1500 which is almost hard for me to get to sometimes because what i eat keeps me full. I do resistance training at least 4 times a week. i drink a lot of water. Im just messed up i guess.

  • Dear lady, if someone is trying to learn English listening to you, their effort is in vain….but that’s what must be in these days… I’m moving on to another video! Lord, help us!

  • Wait so if I’m ever stranded on an island then I should make myself really stressed and I won’t get skinny and die from starvation

  • Hi there, Thanks for this video, happy to have found your channel. I have very recently started exploring/doing a Low Carb/High Fat diet. I came to it via a weight loss forum, and I am trying to adopt a very low carb way of eating, and adding more fats. I am interested to see you saying that it is possible to eat too much fat as this is what I thought, but folk don’t always leave you with that impression! I will proceed with caution!

  • I don’t know why to do I do cardio 4 times a week and lift weights 3 times a week I have a Fitbit and I lose 2500-3000 calories a day and eat a healthy diet and don’t starve myself I might have 2 Oreos or a little icecream but I don’t see results or anything I’m just so mad because I try so hard so idk what to do

  • I am eating healthy and I am trying to gain weight but I still workout a little bit

    What I ate today

    Breakfast Omlette:
    3eggs 2 handfulls of cheese and 100ml of milk with 2 tsp extra Virginia olive oil (ik that it isn’t the best)

    Lunch salad: 2 small bell peppers 2 leafs of letece 1/4 cucumber 2 table spoons of balsamic vinegar with about 10 olives which are already dipped in olive oil and some Greek feta cheese

    Snack:10-ish almonds with some while wheat crackers

    Drinks:I need to drink more water

  • Or have lots of sex…aka exercise, massage, stress release + free! And if you get hungry just eat a ��

    And I said all of that cus I just gained 4 pounds after 2 months of eating healthy and exercising!!! Darn it ��‍♀️

  • 5 reasons why you’re not losing weight. Let me know your thoughts below!
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  • I like how you introduce the hormones into diet and nutrition. I actually looked into hormone role in labour and birth and understanding those lead to painless birth for me (imagine if animals can give birth silently and some humans can too)

  • Hello,  I am trying out a moderate low carb diet  (20g 50g). I downloaded the Carb Manager App to use as a guide and for tracking. The App calculated a -35% deficient, at 1208 daily kcal with 50g net carbs, 126g protein and 56g fat. So my question is if I go over on lets say my daily calories or my protien but still under my net carbs if that matters. Or if the main focus is just not to go over on my net carbs and ill be fine? For instance, I stayed under my net carb but was over on my daily calorie ending the day at 1552 kcal. And was over on my fat at 90g.

  • Really love your advice……thank you. I love to workout but I think I might be overdoing it. Let’s see how this goes! 30 more pounds to reach my goal. I have lost 35 lbs so far but it has been a slow process. Time to switch it up! Thanks! I do 16 /8 ITF. I work late…from 2pm to 1:30 am. I usually have my eating window from 7pm to 1am. I can control my eating due to the fact I can only eat on breaks. Would you suggest something else??

  • Thank you Carlo! ❤️ I am on low carb diet for almost a year, i lost 23kg. Your videos keeping me motivated to continue this journey and it is really helpful. God bless you! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Thank you! Another great video. I joined the gym last October, 6 months in, no weight loss! Then I tried IF and keto for 6 weeks… Boom! ��������⭐️

  • Thank so much Carlo! I can keep progressing to loose my body fat because tips and knowledge from your informative VDO. And now this new one will add up to my journey!

  • YAAAAASSS!!. from a 3-Week Plateau at 75kg…now am 72kg!!
    I added a 2 day OMAD in my
    7 days of 16:8!!!. Been doing this since last week of May 2020..started at almost 200lbs..this July,am now at 160lbs!!

  • I fall for the guilt all the time in the past, I’d just be like will I didn’t work out for 2 days that means it’s over I give up ����‍♀️ ughh I hate that I used to do that to myself and throw away all my hard work

  • Honestly I feel like artificial sweetener doesn’t help that much because it allows our body to still miss that sweet taste, and switching over to cutting down sugar without it would be so much harder afterwards.

  • Carlo, You are my super fitness hero coz I used to be bloated and super heavy…I am 80 kilos before now a happy 70 kilos guy….way 8 kilos away from my target weight. Thank you….btw not only do I enjoy hearing your fitness wisdom but also waiting for the trains pass-by become part of watching your vlog. Cheers

  • I dropped down from 211 pounds to 180 but not below that. I’m not consistent.i cheat and I’m finding difficult to get back so I wander from 176 to 180 pounds and I don’t go below that even if I’m clean in my diet so I get fed up. Guide me
    I like ur videos and I’m a new follower.

  • Bruv what should I do? I’m like 16 years old and I live on this shit-school where they only serve you vegetarian food. Their “fake meat” contains more carbs than proteins. I wanna shoot myself. Do I have to wait till I become an adult before I can really get lean and shredded? @picturefit

  • Hey buddy I am ready to change it again my name is Steve Stancill I’m from Chesapeake Virginia I lost 60 pounds a year and a half ago when I did it I’ve got down to 190 I am 54 now I’m at 2:30 do I need to get like a 48 hour fast or maybe even longer to the boost up my system I’m eating good I’m eating one meal a day and I don’t really eat anything else after that I don’t know what’s going on?

  • I have been a plateau for a year now. I fluctuate between 128-131 at 5 2″. I am ok with it, but still have a double chin and face fat so would like to lose a tiny bit more. Or at least lose the bloat. I did get down to 124 twice when avoiding carbs for a week but then went back to bad eating. I just am having trouble being consistent with my eating. I feel that I have been ok since I really havent gained in a year after coming down from 160, but still know I can do better.

    That “everything in moderation” sounds good until you realize that its not easy to just stop at two tortillas, or one piece of pizza.

  • Carlo, you’ve always been my fitness hero. With your over-the-top-informative videos, I lost 22lbs. You just said that the 8-week change won’t wow you but rather the 8 months. So now, I am motivated more than ever to continue following you and get fit even more for the next six months and beyond. I HIGHLY appreciate you. Love you, C ��☺️ Stay safe and awesome as always ��

  • I needed this video so bad! I’ve been feeling so down and discouraged lately, but this made me rethink some of the thing i’ve been doing!

  • Hey! Would love to see a video on your thoughts/tips regarding consistency. I think that’s been the biggest stumbling block for me so far have been changing small things at a time, but things like working irregular hours and socialising with food are destabilising to building a routine

  • Hey Marisa!

    I loved the video. I think the thing I am struggling with is that I have been watching your videos A LOT (like binging them) to learn more about how to continue my weight loss journey in a healthy manageable, maintainable way. I started with a working on my nutrition. I do follow a moderate low carb “diet”, and have increased my healthy fat content, because I noticed I seem to just generally feel better with less carbs, and I was losing weight amazingly at first. About a month in (2 weeks ago) I started incorporating exercising, once I knew my diet was on point. I eat about 1300 to 1500 calories a day, and am very satisfied after I have eaten, but when I started to incorporate weight training into my healthy living routine, I noticed weight gains. I was wondering if this is normal, while the body adjusts, or if there is something different i should be doing as well, or something I’m doing wrong. I started at 245 on March 2nd, and got down to 229, and am now at 231. Most of the initial weight loss was water weight. I have lost about 5 pounds of fat so far (in case this helps with your answer) thank you!!

  • Well, this makes sence. As Dr. Sten Ekberg says, every exess will turn in to fat. I tried several macro calcs and was shocked of that amount of fat that I should eat per day. Even on carb diet I maintain my weight by 46 kg for over 30 years.

  • habit. I have not felt hungry in 2 months since starting keto. has been amazing. all snacks are due to habit. Sometimes i eat meals just to get calories in.

  • I suffer from stress and anxiety and after loosing 42lbs I’ve put on almost 14lbs. I’m still eating what I was when loosing weight,this is causing me more stress,I just don’t know what to do. Help!

  • If you haven’t I would would love for you to talk about the 8-16 diet. You also look like a young Mandy Moore, never noticed that before. ^^

  • I LOST 40lbs!!! You ask how? I visited website called NextLevelDiet. I selected only food I like and they provided me with DIET MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PLAN, FITNESS TIPS and HEALTHY RECIPES.

  • i’m on a diet and eating 1,200 calories a day and i was doing great the first 3 weeks but it’s been 4 weeks now and i remember going from 126 to 128 in just one day and it’s stayed the same for a week now and i don’t know what I’m doing wrong.