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7 Reasons You Gained the Weight Back. by Brittany Risher. November 6, 2017. 1 Comment. Share it: If you’ve lost weight (yay!) and then regained it a few months later (ugggh), it’s important to recognize a few things. First, you’re not alone.

Regaining about half of what you shed a year later is not only common but also expected. How to lose weight without gaining it back. To maintain weight loss for good, Dr. Griebeler advises focusing on these four areas: Advertising Policy. Diet. How can you create a.

Here, he and other weight loss pros share some of the most common reasons we gain weight back. You’re setting unrealistic and excessive workout routines. To truly find success long term, Justin Blum, CEO of the Raw Fitness franchise, explains the importance of setting realistic expectations for yourself in the beginning. Are you plagued with unwanted pounds, despite your best efforts to eat healthy and get fit?

You’re not alone. Millions of others across the globe, just like you, are struggling to shed weight in an uphill battle. Here are 7 Sneaky Reasons You’re Gaining Weight some of these might surprise you. 7 Reasons Why the Scale Says You Gained Weight Overnight.

Before you freak, read this. But don’t worry, after a few days of hydrating properly your kidneys will get back to normal, along. Daily weight fluctuation is normal. The average adult’s weight fluctuates up to 5 or 6 pounds per day. It all comes down to what and when you eat, drink, exercise, and even sleep.

5 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight During Your Period Every Month so if you don’t get pregnant, your body will go back to normal. 2. You’re having a ton of cravings, therefore eating. Little did I know that 4 years later I’d have gained all the weight back, and then some. MORE: How To Start Walking When You Have 50+ Pounds To Lose. Undoing the progress.

Here’s the real reason why you gain weight as you age and 5 ways to prevent it. #1 Reason for Middle-Aged Weight Gain. A major reason for middle-aged weight gain is the loss of muscle. The amount of lean muscle mass in your body is the primary determinant of your metabolic rate.

But if you’re just getting back into fitness, you may not. Most of us have enough trouble losing weight, but the constant battle of maintaining your weight loss is even more difficult when you face the possibility of gaining all of the weight back. A new report recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine examines the claim that over 80% of dieters regain lost pounds within a year or two of losing them.

Is this just a battle of wills, or.

List of related literature:

Not only had I gained back the weight I’d lost, I’d added more.

“Fat Girl: A True Story” by Judith Moore
from Fat Girl: A True Story
by Judith Moore
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

The five pounds I’d lost after my last hospital visit had slipped back on, and I’d added a few more.

“Get Me Out of Here: My Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder” by Rachel Reiland
from Get Me Out of Here: My Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder
by Rachel Reiland
Hazelden Publishing, 2009

I had made up my goal weight in my head, not yet accepting that every body is different and that losing the extra five pounds wouldn’t make me any happier or healthier.

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
from The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence
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I reverted back to all my bad habits and gained pretty much all of the weight I’d lost.

“Natalie Jill's 7-Day Jump Start: Unprocess Your Diet with Super Easy Recipes-Lose Up to 5-7 Pounds the First Week!” by Natalie Jill
from Natalie Jill’s 7-Day Jump Start: Unprocess Your Diet with Super Easy Recipes-Lose Up to 5-7 Pounds the First Week!
by Natalie Jill
Hachette Books, 2016

I lost the extra pounds and am maintaining the weight loss.

“Cracking the Metabolic Code: The Nine Keys to Peak Health” by James B. Lavalle, Stacy Lundin Yale
from Cracking the Metabolic Code: The Nine Keys to Peak Health
by James B. Lavalle, Stacy Lundin Yale
Basic Health Publications, Incorporated, 2004

I wanted to lose the extra break-up pounds before I bought any new clothes.

“The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart: The laugh-out-loud love story of the year!” by Anna Bell
from The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart: The laugh-out-loud love story of the year!
by Anna Bell
Bonnier Publishing Fiction, 2016

Since losing weight, I have more confidence, more energy, more joy, more happiness, more clothes, and more dates!

“The Belly Fat Cure#” by Jorge Cruise
from The Belly Fat Cure#
by Jorge Cruise
Hay House, 2015

It was getting more difficult to lose weight as I got thinner, so I needed all the incentive and motivation I could muster.

“Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain” by Portia de Rossi
from Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain
by Portia de Rossi
Atria Books, 2010

I needed to improve my eating habits for more reasons than losing weight.

“The Bible Diet: 40 Days to Cleanliness” by Rosemary Sue Ellis
from The Bible Diet: 40 Days to Cleanliness
by Rosemary Sue Ellis
Elijah Publishing Company, 2003

My clothes are fitting better, they’re even a little loose, yet I weigh more than I did six months ago!

“Target 100: The World's Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps” by Liz Josefsberg, Jennifer Hudson
from Target 100: The World’s Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps
by Liz Josefsberg, Jennifer Hudson
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  • You really motivated me….I lost some pounds and reached my goals…I started becoming careless but your words hopefully will bring me to a certain structure again…awesome video��

  • It’s ok. I’ve been there I’m actually there now. I’ve lost and now I’m back. �������� Lets do this together. ☝��☝��☝��☝��☝��☝��☝��☝��☝��☝��☝��☝��☝��☝��☝��☝��

  • I have always been thin but on reaching about 55 the same foods and activity. Kids still st home, I did the shopping, cooking, cleaning and washing and worked full time. But the weight gradually crept up. I went on a ketonic diet and lost 10 kg slowly over 4 months, kept it off for two years and gradually it crept back. Arghhh!

  • Damn this is so relatable. I gained 10 pounds after getting in the best shape of my life and it’s been HARD AF. Quarantine truly messed with everything!!!

  • this is the first time i am seeing ur video..i have only two weeks to lose weight..i am 66kg now..1 year back i was 48kg.. i gained weight by taking antidepressants..now i have stoppes ot..but i can not bring my body back..can i follow intermittent fasting..pls rpy me..

  • I’m in the same boat girl, when it seems like the world is falling apart the last thing you want to eat is a cold salad �� I lost 10kg and haven’t been able to lose any more since the lockdown. I think working on maintenance of the current weight is also good, that’s still success, thanks for keeping it real

  • Girl you could be 500 pounds or 50 pounds you are still beautiful as I don’t know what. Please don’t ever feel like you have to give us an exclamation for your weight gain or weight loss. We rock with you no matter what,and that’s on period!��

  • Only the second video, I’m feeling like your under rated as a YT, I love how you articulate your thoughts…
    “about me, video coming?”

    Also, you ignored the thunder like a pro, I would had to reschedule my recording cause I woulda jumped one to many times lol

  • Many people around the world benefited from your videos. The way you speak motivates most of us!!! I know you are passionate and help us do the same.

  • That’s exactly what I went through—yo yo dieting doing unsustainable programs and now my body composition is much worse, and I’m like ugh! I wish I was “fat” like I was back then…I like the driving analogy—once you get to where you’re going you stop driving. It’s the actual life style changes, changing your relationship with food and stopping the binges/emotional eating that will keep you at the destination

  • I really like your perspective and how you’re not beating yourself up. Body dysmorphia sucks and so many women struggle with it silently, so thank you for being open about it

  • I really enjoy your wisdom and approach without the “fluffy��!” Thank you for calling out the youtubers that spread misinformation! When people are desperate, they’ll believe anything.

  • yes…yes…yes you are the best of fitness that ive encountered and thank you again for being so responsive to my DM about cardio and im planning on this week to reduce it:) i only got confused if you ment to only do cadio 15-20 min a week or to reduce it that much a week from where i am now:) which like in the dm i said 30 min 5 times a week. Im really wanting to raise my BMR and you are the best when it comes to this topic and i had to stop following all these bikini girls who had no knowledge of the subject. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Hey Paul,
    I am in this exact process right now. I lost a lot of weight at the end of last year, started bingeing and gained about half back… I now feel the difference in how I have to loose weight. I have now stopped binge eating and hope that I can lose weight for good… although I doubt whether that is a good idea when I hear/ watch your videos. The reality of weight loss and gain is setting in.
    Always thanks for the advice!

  • Hey Paul, im not sure if you will be able to answer this, but could you perhaps do a video on the psychology of over eating? I have anxiety and mild depression every now and again and i find i’m over eating way too much, even though i know what to do etc. I lost around 27 pounds thanks to flexible dieting, but now i’ve found myself slipping back into my old eating habits. Just wondering if this is something you could talk about?

  • What if you had an eating disorder and you gained it all back? So will I have to completely starve myself again and do exercise all day everyday to loose weight?

  • I also found intermittent fasting very helpful in weight loss. Like eating 1 meal in 16 Hours. Usually, post lunch don’t eat anything till next day brunch. Only one time a week.

  • Hi Makayla, I can totally understand you, 3 years ago I lost 88 lb and over the years and now with the quarantine I’ve put on 50 lb..:( I’m back on track now, hope you guys manage to crush it! Love from Portugal

  • Just watching one of the last flying Spitfires in England fly over my home,,,know that sound a mile away £3000 gets a flight in it,,,it’s eye Candy and that Merlin engine as fitted to some Mustangs is awesome,,,,,but hey here’s another one of your vid’s and I’m mega interested,,,,, Great vid,,,,,, I’m only one Jean’s size from my 32″ goal,,,sure a longer term goal is not quick fix and is the way to goal,,,,,,, I thought sod it weather’s nice here and I know that I got to do this last Jean size over next month or two,,,,,,I noticed quick fixes backfire,,,,,cheers for the vid wishing you a great week ahead,,,,,,

  • You’ll be ok, you will drop the extra weight in no time. Hey just wondering what’s happening with your foundation ��. Why did you decide to not put any above your eyebrows… and why did you choose such a different color than your face…I’m not good at make up and now I have so many questions lol

  • Weight gain after weight loss is a common problem among us. Thanks for your tips to prevent them. Learned a lot from your video. I appreciate your hard work.

  • Thank you so much for this very informative and helpful tips. on preventing weight gain. I really need this. Appreciate your videos. Keep it up!

  • Hi Paul, in regards to Michael Phelps and how he eats 10,000-12,000 calories yet trains so hard and so regularly to maintain his physique I was wondering is it possible for the average Joe to out train a high calorie diet like Michael phelps? Thanks hope to hear from you sir✌️��

  • Aspiring YouTuber and I had lost almost 90 pounds before my son and basically gained majority of it back but about 20/30 pounds it’s hard but I’m definitely getting back on track.

  • I had a friend try HCG and she kept taking the shots, but didn’t lose weight because she kept drinking wine. It was ridiculous also she’s a fairly thin person already, but she wasn’t looking to get fitter in anyway it was a bit hilarious to watch because I think the doctor chaged $300-$500 for it.

  • Girl thank you for sharing! I am literally in the same boat, let’s get it this is still our year �� can’t wait to see you shine bbygirl

  • Sis I lost 30 pounds. Was in a car accident Dec 1st and from then to now gained it all back and then some. Now I need to drop 65 pounds!

  • Thank you for being transparent, I’ve really loved using your last video as motivation to loss weight the healthy way. There’s so many videos promoting short term diets/workout habits that aren’t sustainable. Talking about their weight and food in dysphoric ways, thank you for being different! ������

  • Where did the HCG diet originate? Is it a craze, fad, science-based, faith-based (e.g. Adventists, Moslems)? What gives it authority over eating according to one’s physical needs, whether one wishes to drop fat, gain muscle, improve biomarkers? I hear your frustration with dietary mis-information, Paul.

  • I think the tip to reinvigorate with a new body challenge really stands out for me and it’s something i’d like to try. But I would suggest adding a ‘k’ to step 2 keep watching your videos they’re really motivationalthanks!

  • When the information in a podcast is true, like this one, why can I never see a comment from the person who gave it a thumbs down. Love to know what they were thinking.:/

  • Well, your weight loss wasn’t the most healthy one. It was clear you would get the weight back as soon as you couldn’t keep that “routine” anymore… losing weight in a radical way with bad habits is never good, and the quarantine is making it hard for everyone. Please be nice to yourself. And maybe try to find a healthier way to lose the weight again! ❤️��

  • Couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said here. I went through a few different iterations of dieting strategies in the past… but the thing here was that I put my training in the forefront. While a bit overweight and looking to be lighter, I never wanted that to compromise training.

    By that principle alone I knew that restricting calories to an excessive degree for fat loss as well as keto dieting and intermittent fasting were ideas that didn’t work out with my training. I noticed my performance had been getting worse.

    It took a bit of reading for me to figure out the best plan in that regard, but now that I have it I definitely notice improvements in both body composition and my training performance. Sometimes I wish I heard advice like this sooner, would have saved me some time, lol.

  • Does anyone hear know a good weekly food plan for diabetic people? I need it! I have chicken salads and smoothie bowls they are very healthy anything else y’all know?

  • I lost weight for my wedding last year and have been maintaining my weight for a year give or take 5 pounds but would like to lose a little more does this mean I would need to take a more aggressive approach than I took last year

  • Speaking of caloric deficits, if you went over maintenance by say 1,500. Could you go below your normal diet range by 500 for 3 days to off set. Say you diet at 2,000 could you be at 1,500 for 3 days then back to normal numbers? Thank you!

  • Well explained, I’ve utilized some of these tips myself. For me it was all about staying active and avoiding fast food and soda pop. Best of luck to anyone out there trying to drop some weight. It can be challenging but doable with some time and patience.

  • I really hope people take heed to what’s being said in this video. I’ve lost Over 100 pounds twice and regained it back both times. Due to binging. When i lost weight i was doing too much cardio and not eating enough. Now my body won’t lose any weight and I’m at 300
    Pounds �� don’t be like me. Listen to him! And i doubt a reverse will help because technically I’ve been binging for a year that is a reverse

  • Hi, I really need someone to give me an explanation, I have nooo idea if I am in a yoyo diet or not.
    A couple of months ago I suddenly got really self conscious about body image and started eating less/ counting calories
    Some days I would eat 800 but most days I would eat 1000-1100
    I feel full because I eat huge amounts of roast vegies but I know I’m not loosing weight the right way but Google says if I eat a BIT! more ( still healthy food) I’ll gain like 10kg!?!
    Is that true ( I’m freaking out��)
    I don’t know if it’s starvation mode because sometimes I feel hungry but other times I’m full but I still am eating low even though I’m at 1000 cal, but I’m full
    Will I gain weight if I go to 1300
    Keep in mind I excersise daily
    Pls help I’m confusedddd

  • I lost 100lbs and gained 20lbs back. Everyone around me just says “control your eating”. When your hunger comes back 3x it’s not that easy lol

  • Wish I had free info like this a decade ago when I was in my teen years. I did a bad way of losing weight, gained it all back and then some. Well, I’m on the right track now!

  • I like your honesty you are still young I think your being to hard on yourself give yourself a pat on the back girl you still look good remember you are number 1 in your life and don’t let no one take that away from you keep up the good work

  • Girl I’m subscribing. I GAINED some weight back BC I WAS ON A CHILL MODE FOR MONTHS, thinking: Oh im okay im not gonna gain weight that easily:’)

  • So Paul you said that you can loose the regain weight by redo the fad diet but more extreme this time and reverse diet after that or just fixing your metabolism first and then deficit about 500 calo ( if i don’t rusht to loose weight) is enough?

  • I’ve done those things you mentioned the overly restrictive & unsustainable diet, the mad dash to the finish line, the binge eating & the harsh rebound.
    I changed my mindset & now I’m losing weight slowly, eating in a sustainable way. Thank you for another helpful and insightful video.

  • Not sure if you’ll see this but

    Do you have any issues with your skin being looser? I’m around your age, and have been heavier pretty much all my life, I’m shorter but I have the same amount of weight to lose, and loose skin is something that slightly worries me.

  • perfect timing, just the type of video I was looking for, number 2 and maintaining the structure is the most challenging part in preventing weight gain, weekly check-ins is wonderful advice.

  • Your wisdom A++. I know I definitely struggle with focusing on the past too much and I often have to sit myself down and just telling myself “I can’t go back to the past/how things were before”, and it’s just really helpful to calm myself down. Like I don’t want to prevent myself from grieving or feeling, but I just wanna stop myself from getting stuck in a pity cycle <3 I'm still terrible at it, but I am learning to do that and to not let myself get stuck in those negative spiraling cycles as much as before. Everyone's on their own journey's, but it's still really refreshing to see someone talking about their journey the way you are in such a self reflective, but also positive way. But, also not just being like "I love myself and I love exercise now"...like idk, I can just relate a lot better to it because it feels a lot more like a journey with small steps that lead to your conclusions...and I feel a lot less bad that I've never liked exercise now. Like, so many people are like "just keep doing it, and trying new things and you'll fall in love with exercising"...and it's nice to see that, that isn't necessarily true, and that, that's okay. I've often felt like I'm just failing to do it hard enough or whatever...but I think I can just accept now that I don't like it, because it just doesn't feel like I'm achieving goals when I do it, and I'm a goal oriented person...but if I make my goals about "getting a certain body" or like "losing weight and getting skinny", then it starts to become so unhealthy for me because my goals/motivations aren't with a healthy mindset. But seeing your videos I feel better about
    not liking exercise, just for the sake of exercise, and I feel more motivated to just very slowly try to add it into my life, naturally and without expectations as much as I can.

  • Last November I was 153 with abs. Then, I herniated a disc into my sciatic nerve and became unable to work out, but even to walk a normal distance without being in extreme pain for days. 8 months later, I was able to get back in the gym…close to 200lbs.

    Breaking bad habits and reinforcing good ones was a long process to get back into a good routine. I’m currently dieting pretty heavy, 1000-1500 calorie deficit a day, generally consuming 1500-1800 calories a day. Its the most unfun thing I’ve ever done. Not because it’s hard, in fact, its very easy. Its because I was in such great shape and was taken out involuntarily. Though I know I cant run this deficit forever, I needed buckle down and lose some weight fast. Videos like yours have been truly inspirational. I appreciate the content and think you’re on point almost 100% of the time

  • At 3:00 u tryna to say you feel accomplished Right? Me too I look at it as I’ve actually came a long way and I should be happy at that even thou the quarantine doing me dirty ��

  • I do the yoyo with my weight journey it is frastrating but we just have to keep going. I love your energy �� my inspiration. New subscriber ��

  • We are literally the same person I cant even haha every time you say something im like OMFG ME! Birthday blues bruh my birthday is my least favorite dayyy:(

  • This hair and makeup omds ���� I’m in love! And dw 1) you still look so good! 2) you will lose it back especially because you know how to do it now it will be a lot easier. Good luck ��

  • I agreed up until you started talking about insulin. I have insulin resistance / PCOS.. have dealt with it for 20 years. It is a FACT that my body will not allow me to lose weight when my carbs are over 100g consistently. No matter how much training I do. It’s never been possible. ����‍♀️ Thankfully, Ive found what works for me & understand that the “science” of weight loss isn’t absolute. I’ve been able to keep off 100+ pounds for about 5 years now. My problem is the rebound of 15-20 pounds outside of that.

  • Extremely useful tips. Best video on how to maintain our weight after weight loss. Loved them all!! I particularly liked #3 and #7. Thank you so much! ����

  • Totally agree w/ everything that you said love the message. As someone is currently on my weight loss journey i appreciate this so much ❤️❤️

  • This right here is everything!!!! I absolutely agree there will be a revolution. I can confidently say that because the smarter approach works!!! I eat way more now reversing, have kept the weight off, my body keeps changing and I have the damn energy to train like an athlete. I’m so sick of the BS info. Every time I see it now I want to just cringe. Thanks Paul!

  • Also I appreciate this video. I feel like everyone makes weight loss seem so easy. But it’s really not especially in the conditions we’re in right now. I have been slacking and haven’t been losing weight this whole quarantine. I pretty much stayed the same weight, maybe loss a few pounds in the last two months compared to 30 lb loss in 3 months ����‍♀️����‍♀️

  • UGH I weigh 180lbs and I’m 5’2…

    I feel so fat and I know I should be at least 40lbs smaller. I tried to diet an excersise at the begining of quarantine, and I lost 4lbs in two weeks and then I had one bad say and I gained it all back plus more ��.
    I just have such a problem with food if I see it I wanna eat it, and since moving home due to covid (from university), it’s reall hard because my family don’t eat right. Plus I think schooling at home had stressed me out. But I plan to take it seriously once my semester is done, and after my 20th (which are both next week). I’m sick and tired of hating the way I look, you inspire me to work harder on myself x

  • Thank you so much for being brave enough to be open and honest about your journey, and it’s ups and downs! Totally unrelated though— I know this isn’t a beauty channel but can you drop the link and details for your hair? It is soooo gorgeous on you! You look amazing

  • Thank you. I needed to hear ALL of this. I realised how much I’ve backslided after I had a huge motivation boost because of my husband’s depression and it’s impact on me. I wanted to loose the weight to set my mind on more positive things for myself, our kids and him…after I lost my goal weight I lost focus on why I started in the first place. This morning I woke up feeling terrible for all the weight I put back on and I needed to find out why….just adding key words into the search engine got me to your video. I needed to hear all of your words. Thank you. Start date was May 1, 2019 @ 94kg after already lost 5kg by fasting on and off for a month prior. Stopped at 83kgs by July 27th. Now it’s September 2nd and it’s creeping back and I’m at 87kgs…sore and slow. Today I start again. Sept 3rd.

  • Hey girl love you and keep going!!! How tall are you? Bc weight looks different depending on height!(: that’s probably why you still have the same dress size. hope you reply haha

  • I’ve gained my weight back after prep �� last year. I’m 5’2 and 145 lbs. I’ve maintained and I’m up and down 1-3 pounds. I’m tracking my macros and was doing about 1480-1500 calories a day. How extreme should I cut that? Is 1101 too low? I wanted to carb cycle this week, and see how my body responds. Any suggestions?

    Love your stuff by the way! Straight to the point and very informative! Keep them coming!

  • I think I’ve been dieting too low; Male 5’9″ been lifting for 7 years, start at 183, went down to 169 in a month-ish and I ended up binge eating every other day, now back to 174lbs. I am completely overwhelmed and not sure what to do at this point:'(

  • I lose some weight and gain it back. This is one of my biggest struggles. I often joke that I gain and lose the same ten pounds on a regular basis.

  • I feel like once you’ve lost it (not a shitty detox or terrible diet with restrictions to the “bad” foods) you’ll have already built a habit and will continue to live a fit life.

  • Ugh I’m in this boat. I have an ED and I regained the weight over three years (I lost the original weight from my SW with an approved diet from a nutritionist & my physician). I’m four months in and I’m having difficulty seeing results—4 hrs of cardio and cutting my calories by 500 everyday

  • It happens �� You’ll lose it back. There is so much going on in the world right you’ll be back on track before you know it ����������

  • Hi everyone so just to clear some things up: I’m still a size 8/10 and around the weight I was when I posted my weight loss video, in this video I was bloated which I mention. Also, even though I said it in the video, I just want to say again that I am in no way trying to put down my body or anyone else’s that looks like mine or different. I just wanted to discuss my weight gain before making more videos on the topic for you guys. Weight fluctuations to a point are normal and nothing to panic over! I love you and remember you’re beautiful!

    ***If you guys have any questions or video recommendations on fitness challenges, diets I should try in videos, etc then feel free to let me know!

  • Thank you for being honest about it all and educating from your professional standpoint. So, are you suggesting it would be smarter to lose that regained weight by increasing energy expenditure instead of cutting caloric intake?

  • You should try the Chloe Ting 2 week shred challenge! Its a free program she has on her website and so many people have seen great results from it. I’m currently on day 5 of the two week challenge and I love it so far!

  • I lost much of my weight, and kept it for 2 years now, I eat better than before, I just don’t eat the trash I was eating, but I still need to lose some, then I will move more cos I wasn’t doning cardio during my weight loss, wish it would help me.

  • 2016: 109 kg, 2017 end: 63 kg, 2018 end 80kg, 2020: 95 kg. I regained it all back �� I’m struggling to loose weight. 2.5 months into dieting and in on 90kgs. Help me what am I doing wrong?

  • Hello Dr. Becky. My aunt warned me what happened to her, where she went low carb 2-4 years ago but now she has unbelievable craving for carbs and gained weight. Will I have that kind of reaction, not now but around 3 years later?

  • Thank you for posting this. I’ve been gaining so much weight and I am at my heaviest I’ve ever been in my 24 years on this earth and at most times it feel like ok whats the point of trying to lose weight. I’m trying to get out of that negative mindset, but it feels like so much weight that I will have to work off. I’m excited for your journey and I want to join the journey with you!

  • I always look forward to your videos. Thank you for taking time to explain how our body processes food. I was wondering if you & Keith could do a video on things that he’s experienced after weight loss. I’ve lost over 142lbs. People treat me different, my balance was off due to rapidly losing, and I want to move more! It changed me in ways that I didn’t expect. For the good ☺ I don’t watch T.V. as much. Just a bunch of little things that made a big difference in who I was before. Just wondering if others experience these things.

  • Wow. A great video Becky. I love the way you break everything down for better understanding. Thanks for guiding us and keeping us focus thru the holiday on what we should be looking out for.