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7 Major Causes of Weight Fluctuation So you’ve been on your weight loss journey for a while now. You’ve started cooking and eating healthier meals, you’ve started to feel alright in the gym, and you have been taking your supplements. 7 Major Causes of Weight Fluctuation. By.

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Pinterest. WhatsApp. So you’ve been on your weight loss journey for a while now. You’ve started cooking and eating healthier meals, you’ve started to feel alright in the gym, and you have been taking your supplements.

Diet plays a major part in daily weight fluctuation, but other factors can also contribute to the scale moving up and down. Exercise. Expending energy by burning calories can result in weight loss. Weight fluctuations of five pounds are more are uncommon among men.

Dr. Lawrence Cheskin explains common sudden weight gain causes, and what to do. 73% of African Americans said they did not have. #weightloss #weightfluctuations #waterweight FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO: FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO: CAMERAhttps://amzn.to/2znlJe7 FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: h.

The thing that you are experiencing is known as weight fluctuation. And to be honest, there is more than one factor that can contribute to weight fluctuation. In fact, in today’s article, we decided to explain the eight most common reasons for weight fluctuations with the hopes of calming your nerves the next time you experience a weight. The scale does not always give a clear picture of your weight.

There are actually several factors which contribute to the fluctuation of your weight. What are the causes of weight fluctuation during the day? 1. Water retention. People seldom consider that the amount of water in their body can contribute to weight fluctuations.

So don’t get too excited–or freak out–if you notice weight fluctuation in a day. “Weight gain due to water fluctuation should normalize in a day or two when you resume exercising and eating a healthy diet that’s low in salt, refined carbs, and simple sugars,” says Dr. Petruzzelli. Type 1 diabetes also causes: frequent urination dehydration fatigue blurry vision excessive thirst excessive hunger. 8 Sneaky Offenders that Cause Weight Fluctuations. 1. YOU DRANK A TON OF WATER.

It’s true that staying well-hydrated is a good move if you’re trying to lose weight, but the first few days of 2. YOU STRENGTH TRAINED YESTERDAY. Lifting weights can speed your progress in the long run, but it can.

List of related literature:

Your body weight changes constantly even during a single day depending on how much and what you eat and drink, your level of physical activity, the temperature and humidity, and the presence of health issues that may cause you to retain water or be constipated.

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The most common cause of short-term (i.e. over days) weight fluctuation is gain or loss of fluid.

“Crash Course Metabolism and Nutrition” by Olivia Vanbergen, Gareth Wintle, Shreelata T Datta, Philip Xiu, Marek H. Dominiczak
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d. unexplained weight loss of 5 pounds or more.

“Family Practice Guidelines, Third Edition” by Jill C. Cash, Cheryl A. Glass
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While in the short term changes in caloric intake or expenditure are unlikely to cause significant changes in weight, chronic positive energy balance eventually contributes to overweight and obesity, while repeated negative energy balance leads to weight loss, and potentially, underweight.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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Lack of thyroid hormones (Hashimoto disease) or excess pituitary and adrenal hormones (Cushing disease) can also cause weight gain.

“Mosby's Pathology for Massage Therapists E-Book” by Susan G. Salvo
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Involuntary weight loss in the absence of other symptoms is most frequently caused by gastrointestinal (GI) disorders; cancer, especially GI; dysphagia; depression; social factors; alcoholism; and medications.

“Differential Diagnosis of Common Complaints E-Book” by Robert H. Seller, Andrew B. Symons
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Hyperthyroidism, extreme exercise, cold weather, lactation, and cachexia caused by chronic illness can produce weight loss from increased metabolism causing excess calorie usage.

“Canine and Feline Gastroenterology E-Book” by Robert J. Washabau, Michael J. Day
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However, in this study, the most consistent predictor of weight loss-induced changes in appetite, in both men and women, was changes in fasting plasma cortisol levels.

“Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
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cause weight gain and ultimately lead to metabolic syndrome, a combination of negative health measures (e.g., excess body fat around the waist) that increase risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
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Conditions such as congestive heart failure and renal disease cause weight gain; dehydration and conditions such as cancer cause weight loss.

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  • Hi Respected doctor I lost my weigh 12kg within in 3 month. While I was taking exercise but I feel weakness in. My legs due to weight loss. Give me some suggestion how can I remove my weakness and tell me, is this a serious problem?

  • OMG IM IN MUGGLES BEWARE thank you so much cause i was getting scared when i dropped 4 pounds then went up again but ive been graphing my weight and its the exact same pattern. Earned a sub ������

  • Dr. Weiner, thank you. I was pointed to your book by a woman while sitting next to her at the bar just before the Covid19 pandemic began:) My family has a high instance of obesity, heart disease and diabetes, so I have many reasons to have purchased your Pound of Cure book. When Covid19 began, with the fears of food availability, everything missing from your recommended foods was showing up in my Kroger clicklist; especially processed foods. I gained weight (above weight I already needed to lose) and more severe inflammation problems to boot. I’m pretty motivated now to embrace the learnings from you book and these really helpful videos. In just a week of removing bread, processed foods and dairy, I’ve noticed a positive change in inflammation. I just wanted to thank you for the wealth of information you provide here on youtube. Ps. I used to live in Commerce Twp and the intersection of Commerce, Commerce and Commerce always threw me! Not fun when you’re towing a boat and trying to find an address. LOL

  • A calorie defecit is the only way to keep losing. As you lose weight your maintenance calorie lessens so you have to always adjust your defecit to 500 less to keep losing.

  • I have watched so many videos on this topic, and honestly this was the best one! Now I understand the fluctuations so much better. Thank you!

  • I was skeptic about Next Level Diet because I thought that I would have to eat only broccoli to lose weight. I am eating only food I like and still losing weight.

  • Green Juice =The juice that started it all: 11 of the world’s most powerful superfoods designed to kick-start the body’s processes of daily detoxing, energy production, and stress management.Ideal for the following audiences/pain points:Weight Loss,General health lists https://tii.ai/r3Pa

  • After struggling with weight loss for years, I was able to lose 16 pounds in my first month as I finally found a solution that targets weight loss in 5 different ways. If loosing weight is on your list of resolution this year, watch short review video in my channel to see how I did it. Don’t just read/watch all the success stories, become one. Stay motivated always!

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  • Aoa…sir I do walk for 30 min even not consume such junk foods sweet.. but still my weight not loosing it gaining��what the reason of this

  • I could listen to you forever. Thank your for this video. It makes a lot of sense. Medications are the WORST in weight gain. I wish I had a doc like you that could help me change my meds to help in my 2.5 hours of fitness training daily. I feel like my weight training and cardio can be all in vain. ��

  • It’s been 4 months since surgery and I’ve only lost 61lbs. I think I’m not eating enough. I have a protien shake breakfast, lunch, then I eat dinner. Weekends I eat about twice a day. My workouts are a cardio, and abs dance, glute workouts, weights, and jogs.

  • hey! please help me out!
    I consult a proper dietician and do weight training and cardio exercises…
    I lost weight, however this week when I weighed myself, it again increased,,

    can not maintaining proper sleep cycle and constipation be the cause???
    or what else??

  • I love this! INCREASE the RIGHT foods without depriving yourself, this works WITH the biology rather than against it. This is what I have been teaching for nearly 20 years with a tone of success!

  • I really appreciate this. For many years I heard restrict calories and exactly as you’ve said I was able to do so for short periods but inevitably regained the weight and more. I had RNY six years ago. I was near 500 pounds and have been able to lose almost half my original weight. However, I have regained about 20 pounds over the past year because of medications that I have been on-steroids, and a variety of pain medications and other meds. I would love to find out how to speak to my doctor about adjusting these medications because I can’t be given just a shrugged and I’m not going back to being 445. I also have peripheral neuropathy which I got after my surgery-this has severely affected my balance and exercise ability. I’ve been going from doctor to doctor for help and I am currently doing physical and vestibular therapy…if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. Thank you for your vidoes.

  • Dr. Matthew Weiner, Thank you so much for these very informative videos. I had weight loss surgery 15 months ago and I lost 75 lbs in the first 6 months and have not lost anymore since. I want to loose 40-50 more lbs. I have been at a loss as to what to do and finding myself going back to yo yo dieting to try to eat like I did after surgery. I just downloaded the caloratio app and ordered your book. I hope this helps me get back into the mindset of health living and eating and to get out of that helpless panic feeling that I have fallen back into. I was trying to eat 800 calories a day which would result in 1000 but now I see this might be to little? Im so confused. I will continue to watch your videos and read your book. Thank you!!

  • Dr. Matthew I am 41 years old 23 mos out from RNY I weigh 170 my height is 5″7. I feel I been in starvation mode for a year because my weight has not moved. I eat 1200 cals a day 96 protein 76 carbs I workout 4 to 5 times a week I burn 284 cals each workout session i lift weights and do cardio. Are my cals too low? I been eating 1200 calories for a year and I feel I am fighting against my body. How can I figure out my BMR the amount of calories my body need to function so I know how much of a deficit to create to lose weight. I want to reach my goal weight of 145lbs

  • hormones in beef are not allowed where i live. i have chronically low ferritin levels (menses every 3 weeks) so i have been told to eat more dead animals.. am i doomed?

  • Hi Dr. Weiner, I listened to your video and heard you mentioned energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull when discussing Sugar Sweetened Drinks, but what about their Zero Calorie counterparts, which do not have any grams of sugar listed and sucralose is not one of the main ingredients (it’s further down the list on the can)?

  • Dr. Weiner, I am a post op gastric bypass patient and a graduate student earning my Master’s in Counseling.  I am currently working on a literature review regarding whether calories are truly an important factor on the long term successful weight management of gastric bypass patients.  I love your philosophy regarding this topic and how it’s the source of the calories, not necessary the number of calories, that is key.  I understand you are very busy, but if you would allow me to make an appointment to just talk with you regarding your book and your belief system on this topic, I would greatly appreciate it.   Thanks

  • Thanks for the reply, Dr Weiner.  I have tried the CaloRatio app and the problem I have with it is being able to add my homemade soups to it, which are a large part of my diet. On other calorie counting sites I can list all my ingredients and then the total calories/nutritional information and then break that down by serving size.  Any suggestions on how to do that with CaloRatio?

  • Thanks for sharring the info will be waiting for the next video on the female hormones one u mention on this video.Becouse even though i have a marena IUD on and even before having it. I have always had a problem with gaining upto 7 pnds before having my cicle.☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  • Very informative.What I take away from this podcast is not to eat too much meat,non processed foods,and eat or make stuff at home. Thanks Dr.Wiener!!

  • so I was feeling all kinds of ways about my weight loss. This video made so much sense I just shared it with everyone I know that is trying to lose fat. Really made me learn something here but more than thatI am feeling better about my own progress. I’m not going to freak out anymore. Thank you!

  • Bingo……..
    My body follows the second one…its like mirror, pictures and my eyes are showing that i am leaner than i was 6 days ago but the weight is exactly the same….
    Plus i am among those few lucky ones who lost 120+ pounds in 8 months but haven’t gained it back in over 2 years

  • Thank you sooo much!!! I can’t believe I’m stressing out over this 2lb weight gain lol…. it’s been 3 days & the scale is not moving

  • I love your videos…I’ve been in the fitness industry for 33 years and did a few body building competitions…and your facts on weight loss versus fat loss is spot on….a good thing to do to track your progress is to do weekly measurements as well…its always nice to listen to someone who knows what he’s talking about…..thank you for posting such informative videos

  • My biggest goal during my weight loss journey has been to EDUCATE myself! There is so much conflicting information online, it’s hard to know what’s right. But your videos have been so helpful. They make sense and your presentation on the different types of weight loss is excellent and ties in with the fact that everyone is different. I’m really glad I found you. Thank you:)

  • This was fantastic! Thank you. I needed this. I think I may be in the Horace Slughorn’s Downfall. Not sure yet because I just started. I’ve been lifting 3x per week, counting calories, and doing an hour walking/cardio EVERY DAY! And nothing since I started 3 weeks ago. I’m just going to keep on keeping on because I have definitely been able to up in weights with my lifting etc. And my mood is better. Hope I’ll see a drop soon. This is my first video I’ve ever seen of his and I’m probably typing into space but I’m subscribing just because he made me look at and wiggle my butt at the beginning! Ha.

  • Thank you. That explain so muchhhh on why my weight doesn’t seem to move at one point & suddenly gaining sooo much! (which eventually freaks me out)
    I’ll stop weighing daily from now on. Note to myself: ONCE A WEEK! ��

  • I dont know that you will see this comment but this video gave me hope and I must have said like 5 times oh thats me! says “im in a plateau” or im doing everything 100% wtf, why arent i losing fat. Could you give me some insight on my pattern? Im 5´2 and hit my highest weight of 62kilos during quarantine. I got a fitness buddies group together, excel, tracking calories, water, exercise, you name it. in the first 2 weeks i dropped 1 kilo, the week after that from 60.8 to 59.5, next next week 58.9, so half a kilo a week i was so pumped. but then a week later 59.4, i put on half a kilo, ive been at 59.1kg for 3 weeks now, and the weird thing is its 59.1kg even when i eat more or less, or drink wine, if i go to the toilet afternwards it still says 59.1kg. People have said your body just likes to be at 59kg. So ive been pumping up the cardio, the rest, drinking more water and tracking my calories so im eating below maintenance. From watching your video what I got out of it was that I just need to keep on going, keep doing my workouts (i do tae bo, t25, body weight training with resistance bands) and just dont give up cos eventualy my body will get rid of the fat. Is this it?

  • It’s weird how my weight is fluctuating on this 21 day meal plan and it’s completely no salt & I drink a gallon of water! Soo what else could it be? It’s so frustrating!!

  • Please do not get pissed if you’ve already answered this question somewhere….You’ve probably been asked a million times. I have not gotten to all the videos yet. Does it matter if you are eating LESS calories than your allowance according to the weight loss formula. I have a lot of weight to lose. I have been doing weight watchers before now. I have been concentrating on not over eating and listening to my body when it says its hungry and when it is satisfied. I have also been utilizing WW. ( I know what you think about programs but I hadn’t found you yet! ). Now that I have decreased my calories…I am having a really hard time increasing my calories to almost 1000 more than I have been eating. I have been working so hard and do not want to slide backwards. I guess my question is can you be eating too few calories..or should you not worry as long as you are at or below the calories found by using the formula?

  • Im glad that i found your video!! I just started to freak out seeing weight going up and down and up again�� but now im cool. Just need to keep going on what ive been doing. So informative. Love it ��

  • Paul… I love your videos! I always come back to this video..I know this…yet the reminder makes me feel more comfortable! Thank you so much! You are amazing!

  • Hi I am from Malaysia. Need to ask, I calculated my calorie intake your way in IBS. Its 3300 calorie a day.

    However when I count using app its 2300.
    However doesnt age matter for calorie intake. I am 54. I don’t think I shd have too much calories. Pls advise.

  • Amen screw that bloody scale invest in a measuring tape ��

    I’ve been eating right and training and the scale is not responding, I guess the changes happening in my body can’t be explained by the scale!

  • I found you today and im binge watching your video’s! I frigging love your harry potter refrences and your no b.s. but kind attitude. Thank you for what you do.

  • Omg I needed this video I spent 3 weeks without losing anything and then 3 pounds down the next week and then with no change again. I was like there is noooo way I’m not in a deficit ��

  • Yes please do a video on hormones for some reason I can’t stick to my diet before my. I get very bad PMS and a lot of cravings??☹️

  • Did you hear about NextLevelDiet? These guys deserve a medal. Their customized training and diet plan helped me change my life. I can’t thank them enough

  • I needed this… I’m on a journey to 150lb weight loss, I’m down 80-85lbs and the first 60 was within 4 months but in the last 4 months it’s gone really slow and I keep seeing spike ups and it freaks me out! I’m sticking to my diet and workout either way but it’s frustrating

  • wow! superbly explained! I feel so much better! I’ve been loosing weight very inconsistently but loosing weight regardless; and that is what matters! one day I may work my ass off and no weight loss, and all of the sudden days later I loose 3 lbs out of the blue!? weird!!

  • I gotta say it… You really need to do your research. For one thing, keto is NOT 100 grams of carbs per day or less, it’s 20. Also, if you eat too much salt you actually end up peeing it out. If you are going to provide health information for the masses, do your research first.

  • Its crazy, literally lost nearly 5 pounds overnight once. I bloat so fucking much throughout the day, its crazy. I never look at my body in the mirror after i eat, only in the morning lol struggles

  • I’ve just started tracking again after maintaining through the winter (successfully ended at the same weight I started, didn’t regain any of last summer’s 40lb loss!) and my first week back at it made a perfect Dumbledore’s Ladder. It almost looks fake, it’s so spot-on!

  • Someone told me about site called *Next Level Diet*. Let me tell you something: This sh*t is really next level!!! Fat cells are leaving my body like never before. Goodbye belly fat. Welcome six pack.

  • Wow, the best video I’ve seen on this subject! For me the key to getting through this is to make sure you are getting positive feedback in other ways. Regardless of what the scale might say on a daily basis, eating healthier makes me feel better, walking an hour a day makes me feel better and my waistline is smaller.

  • 296/5000

    Hello! Is the process the same for weight gain? Why eating the same calories there are weeks that I gain weight about 600 grams and then the next nothing? What should I do? Increase calories? At what time? And the weight gain also stops even if you keep eating a lot? Thank you!

  • question, would you suggest that if a person wants to track and yet tracking every single thing can be obsessive, tracking protein, is that just a basic way to track in order to adequately know that one is getting enough protein>? your thoughts please.

  • I feel like this whole video only applies if you’re a psycho that weighs themselves everyday. I weigh myself every Sunday morning, and my trends are just straight down. I don’t see my spikes and whooshes. If the scale says I didn’t lose at least 2lbs that week, I assume it’s one of those factors you talked about, stick to my guns and weigh in again next week.

  • this video has motivated me to another level! I was sensing a “plateau” during my current deficit program with good training. Thank you for this!!!!

  • Wow I needed this. I’m a new subscriber. I’m Not fit, I don’t exercise. I’m just trying to lose weight and be healthy. I’m loving your videos. This one gave me peace of mind. Thank you so much.

  • This was so helpful to me. Especially the part about the carbs. Scale was up 2 lbs today after working out hard but looked at my nutrition from yesterday and was more carb heavy than usual. Thank you!

  • Thank you for this. This is what I have been doing for years. I don’t lose and I give up and eat whatever. I felt like my big belly is a result of high cortisol. It is really frustrating. I will add I’m a woman in my 40s and I think it is especially difficult and slow for us. Our hormones don’t want to let go of the fat ��

  • Thanks for this. I was wondering about these weight fluctuations. I’ve been tracking my food, coffee, calories, macros, sleep and weight. For 4 days I was holding 170 lbs dropping once to 169 lbs but this morning woke up at 171.6 lbs, with a slight headache and didnt sleep well last night but the previous nights slept really well. So trying to figure out whats going on. So far this week did 3 hrs of weights and 100 mins of brisk walking. So I am monitoring a lot. Probably will need to do all this for 2 weeks to see whats going on. The trend like you say is more important.

  • My understanding of the cortisol impact is not water weight, but its impact on insulin. And therefore it can cause fat gain because insulin is involved in fat storage.

  • I’ve been stalled for 6 MONTHS!! I can’t even call it a plateau anymore:( I lost 15 lbs over the course of about 4 mths, then August came and it was like I hit a brick wall. Granted, there was a vacation and holidays over those 6 mths, however, I didn’t give up. I’ve tried adjusting calories and workouts, but still the damn scale has not budged. It is beyond discouraging. I keep telling myself to stick with it, the weight will eventually continue to come off, but honestly I don’t believe it. I’ve been overweight most of my life and also have Hashimoto’s disease, it’s like I’m fighting against nature.

  • Thanks for your video, I am stressed at the moment. Found that on the weeks that people were giving me hassle
    (over the fact I was skinnier) I gained 3 pounds overnight. Also have an issue in my home life. I assume if the stress remains the weight does too, maybe I should look into staying away from everyone for a while. I needed to lose weight for health but the crap I got. Subject to discrimination for a small frame which can be a nuisance in and of its self.People often try to measure my arms even when I make it clear not to 2 older ladies scowled at me and made a bee line for them. It upsets me as I am also autistic. Cannot even go into a restaurant without being glared at to pick up a cake. Tried it did not work. I downloaded a bus app to cut out my coffee habit so now instead I can shoot hoops rather than deal with that misery at restaurants. I will probably cut travel for a week or so.

  • Thanks for this! I drop mean, picture-worthy dookies once a week and I’m on the Muggle’s Beware rollercoaster… I’ll just see the “PHLATHEAUS” as dookie incubation period!

  • Dude I love your neat presentation and maybe it’s your voice, but I can listen properly and everything gets in so easily. I was frustrated with my stagnant weight or slow progress and just needed some reaffirmations again so your video helped a lot. (Btw I’m guilty of getting moody about pLatEAus and your voice and face was so annoying HAHA)

  • I went from 129 back to 134/135 in 24 hours… I was so confused. I eat a well balanced diet, I had also just donated blood and been hydrating more

  • This video is a psyche saver. Have been flexible dieting consistently for couple weeks now after years of crash/yo-yo dieting and was confused about my progress. Im not weightlifting at the moment (pandemic) but do train jiu jitsu 2-3 xs a week. One thing that caught me off guard was me gaining weight or it remaining the same after a day of intense training, even after adhering to my diet. The point on inflammation and water retention made a lot of sense and really made me rethink about how patient I need to be going forward. From now on, look at the mirror more often and stop being so creative with my meal choices.Thank you so much!

  • Hey Paul,

    Awsome video as allways! And your dog is really cute, I love labradors:)
    I have a question: While reverse dieting, how much weight regain can be expected (if I stay on track)? (Including the restored glycogen, water and ofcourse the fatstores).


  • i have understood that measuring weight several times in a day is useless. But just for Curiosity I want to share something. I normally eat at 10pm and after that eat at 2.pm of next day. When I measure my weight at 6 am I geat one weight, after that whenever I measure weight in empty stomach, it shows decrease of wsight. When I measure weight after eating at 2pm, I find that weight increased. After that whenever I take weight I see increment in weight. But next day at 6 am I find less weight. Can explain this matter.

  • I need accurate scale readings so that i know that i am not losing too much or too little weight every week but my brand new digital scale fluctuates so much depending on which hard surface i put it on.

    In one room i am 3lbs heavier, in another room i am 2 lbs under!? WTF!? I just need the scale to be correct. I dont care if i gained weight. How do i get my scale to give me accurate readings? Should i get one of those big gym scales?

  • When my husband and I are planning on taking our dogs on a walk we have taken to actually spelling the word out so all hell doesn’t break loose ����

  • My opinion, which granted isnt worth much is to do a bi-weekly weigh and a monthly measure. Also DO NOT pay attention to lbs it’s like trying to hit a constantly moving target. Instead invest in a scale which shows BMI body fat water and muscle percentage and focuses on those numbers instead as they are more stable

  • Dear friend, currently i am on my weight loss program..i already lost 5kg..and yes, it does freak me out when my weight fluctuates a couple of grams especially in the evening. ����

  • I just have a question to ask you jordan.
    See according to my height,age,gender that is 6 feet 1 inch,my healthy weight is from 73-80 but then why i feel not truely lean at 68kg?
    I am completely lean at 63kg or 61kg weight which is surely way too low below my healthy weight.

    Please do answer this

  • Thank you for all the great videos. Going through this now and it really helps to hear your insight on what’s really happening! ��

  • Then why on high carb low calorie diets can we not lose weight but on Ketogenic higher calorie diets we lose fat? Insulin puts on fat. That’s it’s job.

  • I go by the scale, I weigh once a month mid-week and at the right time in my cycle. I also take measurements once every month or two. It just helps me have the right perspective. If I see the scale doesn’t say what I was hoping for I can see progress with the tape measure. Thank you.

  • I am fluctuating a lot lately. Yesterday at work I must have walked 5 miles and I was doing physical exertion all day. Now I drank a ton of water because its really hot. Yesterday before work I was 204.6 and today after busting my hump at work doing physical work, this morning I was 205.2. I was huh, WTF? I guess it is what it is. Just keep on trucking.

  • Hi there you doing a great job keep it up. My weight changes throughout the day why is this so like sometimes it’s 161lb in evening is maybe 168lb why does it fluctuate within a quite big range from 160 to 170lb.

  • This is probably why I haven’t been seeing my weight go down after my reverse diet.. I’ve been in a 500 cal deficit for the last 3 weeks and one day I lose 3.5 lbs. The next i gain 4. The next I lose 3, etc. It’s making me a bit scared. Lol. I’m gonna try eating the same things every day, and will not weigh myself when I’m sore. We’ll see what happens. ��

  • Is a 4 week plateau normal? Going back and forth between 129-131 kgs?

    Keeping a check on my food and going to the gym 4 days a week but I’m stuck really bad.

  • Too long of a sales pitch in the beginning of the video. Need to get a hook in first on the topic you are covering. Establish trust and provide some info before you weave in your product endorsement or you lose the listener.

  • Great video. I have lost 49 pounds so far with just 22 more to my goal weight. It was pretty much a straight shot till about 40 pounds. This last nine has taken longer and is all over the place. Could be down 3 on Friday which is my weigh in day and the next doing the same thing, eating basically the same I will be up 2. Then up 1 till the next Friday but then all of a sudden drop 4 pounds. Like I don’t know what to feel about that. It freaks me out a bit but I know I’m doing anything wrong do what can I do but just keep going. What do you think?

  • If I’m doing cardio 6-7 days a week for weight loss and I’m fluctuating should I reduce the cardio? I’ve noticed a little bit of Inflammation

  • I drink around 6 liters of water a day and yet somehow my weight doesn’t fluctuate. If I drink any less or eat a lot of salt or drink alcohol I do feel my fingers swell like crazy.

  • Paul, thank you for this video!! I always wondered why I would gain weight after a hard lifting session!! inflammation and water in the muscles! I really appreciate the explanation.

  • Have you guys heard of Healthy Wage? It’s a really cool weight loss program which pays you to lose weight. Basically the way it works is you set a weight loss goal and establish a time frame, then bet a certain dollar amount per month that you will reach your goal. If you reach your goal you get all your money back plus a substantial cash prize. For example I’m betting $75 a month that I can lose 90 pounds by February of next year. When I reach that goal I’ll win a prize of $2,100. Crazy, right? But legit. Check out my referral link. All the details are explained and if you use my link you get an extra $40 added to your winnings. https://hwage.co/1998722/

  • Ok I’m starting to really believe you have some special power lol! I’ve been wondering about this each time I would try to lose weight. I go from looking bigger as if I’m retaining water to looking leaner the next morning. It’s so weird, has anyone heard of this whoosh effect thing?

  • Thanks for the video. As a competitive ultramarathoner, weight is always an issue. I did a 53 mile long run (-4500 kcal) on Tuesday and weighed 152 lbs on Wednesday. I took two days off to recover and ate around 4000 kcal both days and weighed 159.5 on Friday. I’ll go for a long run and will use all that stored glycogen and be back to my normal 155 within a day.

  • I bought a scale. The first try the weight is 72. And when i move the scale to another place. The weight becomes 74. Idk whats the problem

  • Store bought quinoa salad, more macronutrient friendly for me than rice, and makes you feel fuller than the same amount of rice, yet after a week of eating it the scale said i gained 2 pounds, turns out the quinoa salad had quite a bit of sodium in it. I know water weigh is just one factor, and doesn’t mean I gained fat, but GOD I hate it what it does to my mind!

  • Once again, great video with invaluable information. Thanks for shining some light on a subject that tends to drive us nuts! Also, love the cameo appearance from the Madeline:-)

  • I watched this at the PERFECT time!  Thanks Paul, I am two weeks out tomorrow.  I had a feeling I needed to chill on the flexibility of my diet and be more consistent for my own piece of mind.

  • One very highly neglected cause of weight gain is emotional eating. When you deal with your emotions by eating food which are usually high caloric food, you end up gaining weight. So for conquering your weight loss you need to conquer over emotional eating.
    Find more such information on the YouTube channel named Food medicine and lies by Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal, a functinal medicine expert and author of a book based on cyclic keto.

  • Hi Paul,

    Recently found your channel and I really love your approach. No broscience just the facts! My question is Paul im currently trying to change my body composition and I’ve set my macros and Im tracking with myfitness pal. Previously my training consisted of a body building approach “Chest/Tri’s” “Back/Bi’s” “Legs/Abs”. Ive recently changed this approach and I now train 4 times a week and just do my heavy lifts, Squat/Deadlift/Military Press/Bench Press. What do you think of this training method compared to the traditional bro split. I would really appreciate your input. Thanks!

  • I can gain 10 kg of weight in 30 days as well as loose 10 kgs in the next month.. I can eat a lot of food in days when I am gaining weight cause of my flactuation in apatite…I can also survive without any problem which just about 100 gms of food when I am loosing weight…and it’s not me that decides my apatite but my body that does it.
    Does it have to do with enzymes or harmonies or insulin


  • I have been having serious meltdowns. I started weightlifting about 2 weeks ago. I track my meals and eat within my point limits but my weight is severely fluctuating. I also am eating healthier but I always feel hungry. I wanted to just quit but you saved that. 4 weeks in and I loss 7 but every other day, I feel like I’m back up and it’s not a true loss. Thanks��

  • I usually gain weight during ovulation and lose right before my period and the. Gain few days during and after my period. Then I lose it again a week after. It sucks. I’m still trying to lose the three pounds I gained from last period. ��

  • Thank you so much beautiful. I was so frustrated this morning. I weighed myself after weeks & saw that my weight was up. I was so upset. It is the week before my period & just 1 week ago I was feeling very confident & then I weighed myself & got so sad. Thank you for the informational video girl.❤️❤️

  • Defintely experienced the salt intake, eating a big meal, and DOMS. I try to remind myself of these things when I see my number go up. I go get my fat and lean mass done at a body scanner. This helped me so much. At one point I weighed the exact same as I started but had more lean mass than body fat and could tell the difference in my body! Since then it’s been a lot easier to remind myself that

  • 3:37 Finally I have the answer. I am trying to be consistent with exercise but, due to my work situation, I travel a lot and it can happen that I stop my training completely for a week or two. Well, every single time I start using weights again, I “gain” at least 2kg (4lbs) in the following 4/5 days.

  • The number on the scale is a hard one to overcome. As a society, we tend to think that “weight loss” can only be measured by getting on the scale. I know that I have a bad time looking at that number go up and down and thinking that I have not made any progress. Thank you for this video. Ill be sure to save it so I can come back and watch it on my self pity days!

  • Philly girl represent!!! I’m so glad to have found your channel, soooo much amazing, educational info provided in such a candid, straight forward way! I’m binge watching all your videos and going to tell everyone I know to subscribe!!!!

  • and depending on how often you weigh yourself, if you’re doing weight exercises you might’ve gained muscle rather than fat. totally agree with weighing yourself less than once a week, 1-2 times a month is enough. if you’re going to weigh yourself multiple times a week average the numbers to compensate for fluctuations. but really, like she said, you should be focusing more on measurements and beyond that. if you’re losing weight for your health focus on how you *feel*, your vitals and what your doctor says.

  • ITS LIKE YOU READ MY MIND two days ago i lifted weights again after almost a year of doing nothing and now im experiencing DOMS, I was so scared I didnt know that was why I was retaining water thank you sooo much for this video I needed it so much <3

  • I think my problem was not enough water and secondly regular bowel movement. When I was on my 20s and 30s I could eat whatever I went in the gym sometimes twice a day or even everyday. When work hours took over my time at the gym to make more money, I went to the gym less and gained weight over the years. My problem too much carbs, rice, cereal, potato’s, sandwich and not enough fruits and vegetables. Im not much for too much junk food or cakes or sweets.
    I had to go back and get to the gym and lost 40 pounds and want to lose 20 more pounds and tighten up and slim up a bit. My hormones and metabolism have played a big part. When I was in my late 20s early 30s I was 122 pounds, I was literally in the gym everyday. I’m between 160 and 165 and only 5 ft 5; size 10. I like to be at 135 to 140 again which I think is a good weight for me.

  • I needed to hear this!! I think I’m suffering from the extreme exercise, carbs, and maybe water weight…I will keep on pushing! I can tell I’m leaning out, I just wish the scale would budge a little.

  • I have that pair of non-strech jeans that tells me honestly if I am fat or not. Also Yoga is brutally honest because it “tells me” where the fat is as my poses change.

  • I know you mentioned intense exercise in one regard, but also just gaining muscle. My scale that measures weight but also body fat percentage. Even though it’s not a perfect measure, it helps because I can see BF% going down, even if weight is same or going up, and then I know it’s muscle gains, which I want!

  • My weight fluctuates when I run or when I implement a new exercise routine. It also happens when I have my period, but it’s not so much (1 kg or 2) and I notice that because of the way my breast feels (“heavy” and sensitive). I don’t pay so much attention to that. But I have to say that I don’t retain so much water as a couple years ago when I used to eat processed carbs and fast food. What I also notice is that my body retains water when I eat food seasoned with artificial flavors or condiments with “weird” ingredients I can’t pronounce; maybe it happens because I prepare my food with “raw material” and I stopped using those artificial condiments ca. two years ago. Of course, I need more time to prepare my food because I have to be creative to season my food with aromatic herbs, but it is worthy.

  • I just ordered the 6 week shred and I saw that we can’t have a cheat meal. Realistically for me I just don’t see myself going 6 weeks without a cheat lol if I have maybe 1 a week will that be detrimental to the program? Honestly I’m more doing the shred to learn to eat better and Lose maybe 10 pounds or so.

  • Right on time! I just lost 15lbs in 1 week… and I’m trying to gain.

    Edit: okay so I watched the video and it was very insightful but spoke more about weight gain but any of the 7 cases could just be it but in reversed. Going to check my thyroid checked though just as precaution.
    Thanks for the video ��

  • I want to say besides being hysterical you and your videos are amazing and inspiring. Honestly thank you so much I found you at a time in my life that I desperately need food advice and guidance. Please please tell me if there is anyway I could speak to you personally I’d like your help with a meal plan and I truly believe you could help me so much in my journey. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you privately and thanks again I’ve watched your videos and all of them are fantastic.

  • Thank you for posting this! Sometimes it’s too easy to get frustrated; this was exactly the reminder I needed.
    Alsoovertraining can tip the scale in the wrong direction as well ☹

  • I really need your help, I’m a 16-year-old girl and I’ve been trying for soooo long to lose weight but I just can’t! I’m really desperate for any help I can get! please give me some advice!:) thank you ♥

  • The timing of this video is perfect for explaining why I’m having scale fluctuations this week! For me, excess salt always seems to
    Get me. I agree and think finding what works and doesn’t for your body is key in understanding hydration effects on your body. Thank you Paul!

  • I started eating a plant based diet at the first of the year, mostly fruit, vegetables and legumes, very little grain maybe once or twice a month since I am diabetic. I initially lost 6 pounds and then another 4 pounds but now I keep going up and down those same last 4 pounds and I seem to be stuck. Is this my body lowering the set point? I am tempted to begin to calorie restrict. I am sedentary and can’t exercise much because I am coming out of a flare up from ankylosing spondylitis. I think I am eating between 1800-2000 calories and anywhere from 55-75 grams of fiber a day, should I cut the calories back to about 1300-1500? Would I start to lose again? I am 5’4, weigh between 215-219 and am post menopausal.

  • Great video. Very informative. Bulking right now and I gained 5lb in a month, guessing it is mostly water after I increased my calories after a mini cut. Makes me feel better mentally haha.

  • The more weight I lose the more water I drink and I noticed my numbers on the scale always stop at 180lbs……it gets frustrating:(.

  • I love to push myself with cardio and weights at the gym. I bloat very easily. Since water helps with muscles, would taking water pills be a bad idea? I plan on taking them consistently for a month and a half.

  • Thanks for the great video Christine! I also enjoyed your other video about the causes of weight loss struggles. I’m definitely a “type A” that falls off the wagon over a small mistake! So I will work on overcoming that. I think I am also dealing with the “delayed onset muscle soreness” you spoke about in this video. I started a new workout 3 weeks ago and my weight went UP right away! How long does this muscle soreness situation last? Thanks!

  • How do you minimize the fat gain effects of having a special occasion “cheat meal”? (Ie. Valentine’s Day lol) if I missed by protein by a landslide and ate a high percentage of carbs due to this meal, what is the best way to bounce back? Maybe having a low carb day the following day (like carb cycling?)

  • I drink over a gallon of water, I sometimes skip a snack late in the day and end up eating a big dinner, and I still get Doms sometimes.
    I have gained about 8 pounds in 2 months but I also lost 3 inches off my waist and about 1/2 inch my thighs in that time. It’s hard not to look at that number and be like omg a lady shouldn’t weigh that much! But I’ve learned to scrap preconceived notions of how much I should weigh and just put in the work and look in the mirror.