6 Methods to Prevent Constant Hunger When Slimming Down


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Whether you’re facing nagging cravings or extreme discomfort that makes it difficult to think clearly, constant hunger can become a major distraction when you’re trying to lose weight. “Hunger is one of the main reasons people have trouble losing weight and maintaining weight loss,” says Dr. Angela Fitch, associate director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight. To ward off hunger bells, include high-protein foods with every snack and meal.

A few powerful combos: Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with cucumbers or berries, veggies with hummu. If you’re trying to lose weight, constant hunger can seem like a necessary evil. You’re cutting down on calories, so naturally you’re going to be fending off cravings all day, right?

Not so fast. Decide which healthy meals and snacks you love, then go ahead and eat them as often as you like. “Relying on the same nutritious foods over and over is an easy way to keep your weight steady. In 2012, U.S. Agricultural Research Service food scientist David J. Baer, PhD, found that pistachios had about 6% fewer calories than everyone once thought, putting them at 160 calories an. Having hyperthyroidism, an overactive thyroid gland, is the most common hormonal cause of constant hunger, says Peeke.

When thyroid hormones are too high, the body’s vital. If you are experiencing constant hunger or eating excessive amounts of food yet are losing weight, you may have a serious medical condition. Recognizing these symptoms and consulting with your. 6. Exercise regularly.

According to a 2008 study published in the American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, any form of aerobic exercise helps regulate appetite to control hunger pangs. 7. Snack strategically. Weight loss diets like The Mayo Clinic Diet manage hunger. 6 Ways to Stop Feeling Hungry All the Time. Now that we understand the brain chemistry of hunger, we can now “hack” our hunger to keep ghrelin, cortisol, insulin, and neuropeptide Y levels low and allow our brains to shut down the hunger signals by being able to sense leptin.

Here are my 6 very best ways to stop. Leptin is a key hormone that tells the brain when to eat, when to stop eating and when to speed up or slow down metabolism. However, research suggests that leptin functioning is altered with weight gain.

List of related literature:

Strategy Many of the strategies already provided for controlling appetite and hunger are a defense against night-eating as well.

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By reducing or eliminating them, you lose your hunger as you lose your weight.

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Perhaps the biggest one is avoiding extreme hunger which can occur when meals are spaced out too far.

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eating, increasing awareness of hunger and satiety cues, taste satisfaction, and decreasing impulsive tendencies to overeat when experiencing negative emotions.

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Conversely, it is possible to satisfy the hunger need in part by other activities such as drinking water or smoking cigarettes.

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Diet advice that ignores hunger.

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2 Eliminate hunger and tiredness (see Chapter 2).

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Tricks your mind so you stay hungry longer.

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I had to overcome all of those things that advertise your hunger: the growling of your stomach or a headache or visions of your favorite foods.

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Instead of three meals plus three or four snacks a day, I typically eat two or three meals and no snacks because I am no longer hungry.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
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  • Because of how my grandma raised me, ive had a high appetite and low hunger since childhood. What’s helped me has been drinking water when I want food, but I’m not physically hungry.

  • I always feeling sick when I eat too much protein (protein-based meal, e.g. chicken breast with grilled vegetable)… what can I do to prevent that? When I eat rice with it, I’m fine…

  • Refined carbs are pretty straight forward imo but I feel like a big flaw with studying glycemic index is that most people aren’t diabetic and this glycemic load is more applicable to the general population! I would love to see a video on it from you!

  • Great to see legitimate nutritional science! This info is gunna assist me greatly as I dive a bit deeper into a calorie deficit. Thank you:)

  • 7:35 the beginning of the small intestine is also responsible for the most absorption of nutrients from the food. Ability to absorb decreases as you go down the small intestine which is why they bypass the first part. If food isn’t absorbed then it can’t be used/stored hence weightloss.

  • Watching all of your videos! Big fan, thank you so much for the perspective on why I have been yo-yo back and forth so much! I will do so much better thanks to you

  • You make such a good informative high quality videos and I don’t get how you don’t have much more views. Ugh. Pls don’t stop the videos, keep on doing more weight loss related videos. You help me get through my hard weight loss journey ����

  • I’ve been in a platou with my weight for months now and I’m certain it is due to my sleep schedule. My sleep schedule is awful and for 2 years or more I have gotten an average of 6h a night, it’s just not enough. I’m taking this as a cue to finally fix my sleep schedule

  • I train well and eat really well but I don’t know why the hell do I wake up about 3 am and get into the peanut butter jar,
    Please help me please im very upset about it ����������

  • Hey Josh. It’s true, you really have to pick a strategy that you will stick to. I’ve been doing IF for 12 months now and once I got past the initial stages of hunger, it has been relatively easy to maintain. I have some days that are tougher than others, but for the most part it works well for me. That, coupled with a very small increase in activity, has helped me drop about 60 lbs over a year and a half. Now I am at a weight that allows me to take on more activity. I have plateaued for like 3-4 months so now I am starting a new group training regimen with a trainer. It officially starts this morning. He has me on a new “diet” that includes breakfast! So weird. Just had my first “breakfast” this morning and I am so full! I am going to give it a try and see if it is what my body needs to restart the fire and start dropping pounds again. Wish me luck. Haha

  • You are an healthy man, muscular and with proper hormonal balance. If I am old woman with hormonal havoc, much greater obesity level, it wouldn’t be so easy

  • I completely agree with all these tips. I drink a lot of water instead of snacking. Most of time I was only eating because I was bored at work. I also do have specific times that I eat that help me stay on track with my diet now. I’ve learned for me it’s better for slow results where I can pace myself better and not starve.

  • I try to make sure I am eating enough protein and fat at each meal to keep myself feeling full. I have also figured out my body doesn’t feel right if I load up on carbs. I also have my water bottle by my side all day long. I hit the 80lb mark Sunday man. Have a great week.

  • I dont think coffee and green tea are good for us. Animal products cause cancer (The China Study has proven that). Protein rich diet can be dangerous for our livers.

  • i don’t know but in my case, i eat rice so that i can stop myself from binge-eating. i eat atleast 1 spoon of rice to keep me full. maybe because this has been a habit since i’m in an asian household but i can’t cut it off in my diet ☹️

  • Best tip or strategy to prevent hunger? Realizing that being hungry isn’t the end of the world.

    Honestly, is it uncomfortable? Yes. But just close your eyes and feel the hunger, meditate on it. Then just move on with your day. Recognizing that hunger isn’t going to kill you has made a huge difference in the way I approach weight loss.

    Thanks for the great video, I really love your style!

  • Great advice, Brad! I don’t usually read books on nutrition but I listened to you. I checked out Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? from my library. It is packed with great information. This is the day my husband and I stop mindlessly eating things that are making us unhealthy. Thanks Bob and Brad for all of your videos!

  • IF and eating lots of greens and other filling vegetables and fruit along with a little plant-based protein and fats helps sustain me between meals. For example: half a plate of green leaf lettuce, 1/4 plate of alfalfa sprouts, 3-4 ounces protein (mock chicken salad, or grilled tofu with sauce, 1/2 cup seasoned beans), 1/21 cup fruit for dessert. I also sprinkle a good amount of nutritional yeast over greens for flavor and B12. Lots of water helps too. And I’ll have that occassional pie or vegan donut if I want, just not all the time.

  • I eat so much fat, however much I want as long as it’s good quality fat and I’ve lost and kept off 73 lbs for two years. My hubby has lost 60 lbs. We also cut carbs, grains, sugar…that’s the key! We don’t eat often though. There’s no need to because we have the high fat, love it, such a time and money saver.

  • I am a biology teacher and I am going to make my kids watch this as part of an assignment on digestion and the endocrine system. Great work!

  • hi…it looks like that this vid @ 0:07:42 is in conflict with earlier vid 10 Foods You Should Never Eat @ 0:06:06…or am I missing something here???

  • I hv started
    ur suggestions
    coconut oil coffee in the mng.
    banana before gym
    I eat oats after gym.
    smoothies before gym.
    spinach banana.

    blue berry is costly so sometimes I skip

  • Eat less, move more, but perhaps most importantly, DRINK WATER! That is how ‘I’ lost over 270 lbs. Consistency. I have plateaued around 444 lbs, but I continue to improve my physical abilities. Bob and Brad have been helpful and much appreciated. It has been E A S Y! do not put it off any longer!

  • Alright Brad, I’ve order the Fast Metabolism Diet book. Hoping this works for me as well as it did for you. I’ve got 10 stubborn pounds that need to go, and I’m hoping this will also help with my BP, and elevated cholesterol. I’ve studied nutrition for years, but maybe having an actual plan to follow will be the missing ingredient for me. Congrats on your weight loss!

  • I think for me the most helpful tips are… # 10 Have a Mantra.. when I’m craving something sweet I tell myself this little indulgence isn’t worth sabotaging my fitness goals and I will just feel crappy (guilty) afterwards. #8 Get your body moving..  it’s one of the best ways I know how to reduce stress!  #3. Eat more protein to burn more calories.. I find that really helps prevent those hunger  cravings. Thank you Brad for another informative Nutrition video.

  • I bought the Ekberg How Not to Die book on your recommendation. You also mentioned other books you could recommend. That might be a great topic for a future video…

  • I want to send u my pics.
    And take suggestions.
    I feel that the day i hv started following u both.I m getting the benifit.i luv ur both.

  • i always eat at least 2 eggs with veggies for breakfast and that can last me for a good 5-6 hours. protein and fibre are so underrated smh

  • I absolutely love your channel. You’re doing an amazing job, are very engaging and informative. Keep it up!! Cant wait for future videos! Would also love to see info about your personal weight loss journey if of course you’re comfortable sharing it at some point. Take care xx

  • it would be amazing to talk about your own weight loss journey and what started it and mistakes u did <3 you are amazing and im glad i found your channel.

  • I had oat meal because I want to lose wait and I did now I’m really skinny I used to be 50.3 k but now I’m 20.1 k yay I’m so happy

  • Im insulin resistant along with PCOS. For 2 month already I changed my diet myself and I eat low GI food,3 meals per day, 5 hrs between meals,6-7 hrs of sleep everyday, Vitamin D,exercise and cut out all medication, all of it. I never felt so good in my life, I have energy all the time,losing weight, my periods are back and regular, I dont feel tired or bloated and most importantly I like the way food tastes and makes me feel. Im glad I listened to my body.

  • I don’t understand why you have just few thousand views on your videos.Your camera work and editing is outstanding and advice that you give is solid. I always share your videos and do everything I can but nothing is happening. Its making me sad and depressed everytime I open your new videos and see just 50views. But I also admire your persistence and will to help other people that are on their weight loss journey even tho you make hardly any money off this. Its kind of motivating and depressing at the same time. I wish I could be like you someday, dedicated. And not just procrastinating on everything everyday. While I was writing this and idea came to my mind, you know, maybe people want to see more of you, your personality and opinions and not just weight loss advice(even tho its excellent). For example a lot of weight loss yotubers are talking about that girl on cover of a magazine. Obese to beast always talks about such topics. Okay I should stop rambling now I just like you and wish you good luck.

  • Very good, Brad. I agree with you! I am your age and follow pretty much the same beliefs. Though I am a retired athlete, I stick to it. Not easy, but ya gotta learn balance. Thanks!

  • If losing weight is your only goal, then eating meat is fine. I you want to improve your overall health, look at the research of Dr. Esselstyn in How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (also works for diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, and all other degenerative diseases including obesity.)

  • Check out the YouTube channel “What I’ve Learned”. He has a few videos on this kind of content, really well done and everything is cited with relevant studies and data.

  • haven’t tried it brightside always right um sure every morning I have to eat spinach and sugarless tea for breakfast with spicy chicken. And I might eat green tea eggs and avocado for snacks. I guess desert includes my dark chocolate…

    Thank you Cherub Kharbanda

  • Good advice. And you don’t have to pay big bucks to anyone else for powders, food products, etc. Eat Whole Foods, lots of veggies, get your fat in, don’t eat after your last meal. Stop eating something like ice cream or the couple glasses of wine each evening. Incorporate exercise. No mention of water, but drink 64oz or more.

  • I lost 10 lbs. in 18 days last October/November I hiked 142 miles on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. ��

    It’s nearly all back now. ��

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As long as I have a good breakfast, which includes Maca tea I do alright. Plus, I eat a lunch and a dinner at regular-ish times.

  • I wish I had the money to buy one of the mattresses and pillows x my husband is bed bound with fibromyalgia and rulers danlos syndrome and it would help change his life xx

  • love you guys. I discovered you when I was recovering from a shoulder dislocation (my second on the same shoulder) and your video(s) on the topic were crucial for my recovery.

  • At first I was freaking out when she was talking about rice but when she explained how insulin react differently, I understand how Asians can have rice every day feeling full without becoming obese. Seriously guys for Asian if they don’t eat rice they don’t feel full.

  • Hi, your videos are really good. Maybe it would be great to at a summary at the end of the video of all the important points you said.

  • Well Brad seems like you have never tried fasting and haven’t experienced any of the benefits. Fasting is the best thing you can do if you want to be in calorie deficit and lose weight. Haven’t you experienced the feeling of hunger when you can’t eat at that moment and how it goes away after a couple of minutes? If not that is so sad! Fasting really helps you with your insulin resistance hormones immune system brain functions and etc. Check the videos about fasting on these 2 channels https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC70SrI3VkT1MXALRtf0pcHg ; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3w193M5tYPJqF0Hi-7U-2g. Fasting is lifestylethe best one out there!
    Ah and also I got 3 more tips to help you with the hunger:1. Drink apple cider vinegar (2 table spoons combined with water about 300ml or a glass) and 2.Brush your teeth 3. Drink a lot of water

  • Good job, guys! Congratulations on the weight loss! I force myself to eat in the morning and I eat something savory since I usually can’t stomach anything sweet, particularly on an empty stomach.

  • I have done intermittent fasting for 3 years along with a low carb way of eating. Lost weight but decreased my A1C and diabetes meds medications which is the more important thing! I found it was the easiest plan I ever tried.

  • I am writing an academic paper on food addiction and I would love to interview you, there aren’t many people who talk about what you do! I see that you have kept your accounts of private and there is no contact email on your YouTube. Would you be willing to get in contact with me?

  • I like step five: just eat:). Water intake is defo important. Good tips my dude. Like those cut scenes along your walk for each number. Very classy!

  • I haven’t walked in 13 years wheelchair (manual) I eat a boiled egg every morning and only weigh 167 lbs eggs I thank for making me fill full! just so ya know the whole eggs do work