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Achieving your weight loss goals involves so much more than just saying no to dessert. For many, the journey to becoming healthier and dropping to your goal weight is a lifestyle change. 6 Ways to Motivate When Weight Loss Gets Tough.

Here are 16 effective ways you can motivate yourself to lose weight. People often lack the motivation to get started or continue on a weight loss diet. If you’re aiming to lose weight, it’s going to be easier on some days, harder on others, to stay excited about what you’re doing.

Whether it’s because you’re fatigued or stressed or you didn’t get. 5 WAYS TO MOTIVATE WHEN WEIGHT LOSS GETS TOUGH. 18th May 2018 18th May 2018 sabhindime inspiration. Weight loss goals achieve karne ke liye sweets ko na kahana hi involve nahi hai.

Iske alawa aur bhi bahut factors ise affect karte hain. For many, healthier rahne aur apna goal hasil karne ke liye lifestyle change karte hain. Quarantine weight loss tips: Motivate yourself to shed those lockdown kilos Though lockdown rules have been eased in many parts of the country, many of are still locked up at home.

We’d all love to lose that extra five, 10, or 15 pounds. And while we invariably begin attacking our new weight-loss goals with gusto (hello, “new year, new you!”), the bigger problem is sticking to said healthy goals and finding the weight loss motivation to get through the tough days.. Too often we find ourselves sliding back into our bad habits and seeing our goals fall by the wayside. 6. Get screened: Despite everything else you may do, weight loss can be difficult if you have an underlying health condition.

Nutritional deficiencies, hypertension, frequent infections, hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, reproductive health issues all of these can affect your metabolism and ability to manage your weight. Shutterstock. Yes, seriously.

Positive reinforcement is a great way to stay motivated toward your goals. A study in the Frontiers of Psychology tested different motivational practices on 44,000 people to find which was most effective, and, as it turns out, using self-talk had the best results. Saying things like “I can do better today or next time” will keep you more motivated and on-task to. A great source of weight loss motivation is to show the transformations that other regular people have managed to pull off in the past.

25 Amazing Body Transformation Pictures What you’re about to see is an incredible collection of body transformations, which are bound to motivate you to lose weight and start exercising. Before we get into 9 ways you can realistically lose weight, stay in shape, and feel like you’re 25 again, it’s important to understand why keeping the weight off has suddenly become so difficult. → If you’re 65+ and are enrolled in Medicare, there are plans that offer free gym memberships as a part of your health insurance. It’s never.

List of related literature:

Finally, look for small victories in the form of gratitude and little daily “wins”—for example, losing a pound or two, having more energy, sleeping better, or making yourself a healthy meal.

“The Hashimoto's Healing Diet: Anti-inflammatory Strategies for Losing Weight, Boosting Your Thyroid, and Getting Your Energy Back” by Marc Ryan, LAC
from The Hashimoto’s Healing Diet: Anti-inflammatory Strategies for Losing Weight, Boosting Your Thyroid, and Getting Your Energy Back
by Marc Ryan, LAC
Hay House, 2018

Another approach to lifting motivation on this list is the tough love approach.

“Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best: Motivational Interviewing in Sports” by Stephen Rollnick, Jonathan Fader, Jeff Breckon, Theresa B. Moyers
from Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best: Motivational Interviewing in Sports
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Patient motivation is essential to weight loss success.

“Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider E-Book” by Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, Maren Stewart Mayhew
from Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider E-Book
by Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, Maren Stewart Mayhew
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So I started writing this down and came up with her list of “Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Weight Loss.”

“The Art of Solution Focused Therapy” by Elliott Connie, MA, LPC, Linda Metcalf, PhD, LPC-S, LMFT-S
from The Art of Solution Focused Therapy
by Elliott Connie, MA, LPC, Linda Metcalf, PhD, LPC-S, LMFT-S
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Each step forward—each accomplishment—or in my case, each bit of measurable weight loss increased my enthusiasm and bolstered my confidence that I could succeed again and again.

“See You at the Top” by Zig Ziglar
from See You at the Top
by Zig Ziglar
Arcadia Publishing, 2010

And one of the first steps is to give up on the idea that deprivation equals weight loss.

“The Doctor Is In: 7 Easy, Positive Steps to Take Right Now to Transform Your Health” by Travis Stork M.D.
from The Doctor Is In: 7 Easy, Positive Steps to Take Right Now to Transform Your Health
by Travis Stork M.D.
Gallery Books, 2010

Motivation is strong at first, but often wanes as soon as weight plateaus.

“Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness” by Dawn Clifford, Laura Curtis
from Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness
by Dawn Clifford, Laura Curtis
Guilford Publications, 2016

Most people who are really motivated to lose weight are bound to succeed.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
by Fitzgerald Matt
VeloPress, 2012

How to Think About Weight Loss These are a series of general mindsets for weight loss.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
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Plus, drastic diet plans powered by away-from motivation are pretty darn miserable.

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
from Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out
by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
Atria Books, 2011

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  • Hello sir..thank u so much sir……mai sochti thi k logo k kahne k motabik..operation se dilvry hone k baad wet km nahi hita kabi…mai ne b kabhi km krne ki koshish b n ki…lekin bahot c problem face krne k baad m ne wet km krne ka pakka irada kiya…app ki video se b motivation mila.February 2019 se journey start kiya.aaj wet kiya 90kg se 76 kg pr aagai hu.

  • meri ak buht pyri seeeee jekt pari hai ju bary chaaaa say li wo nhe pori aiiiii abbbb roze dekhti hun or khti hun ak din ye main pahno g

  • Good morning to all. I am happy to see that you are promoting good health for seniors. Thank you for inspiring all of us. Growing old gracefully in mind, body and Spirit. Namaste

  • Sir maira waight 85kg hy 2 baby hy 2 9 opration sy huwy hy or choty baby ko feed b krati hu too kya main green coffe use krskti hu

  • I lost 32lbs by becoming a bit more selfish in the kitchen. I made bean and lentil stews and had them with interesting rices or noodles. X

  • Air me phle bht jada sugar khati thi…..but ab…mene kam….bilkul na k barabar kr di h khani……..me har sbji me shakkr daal k khati thi…but sb chod diya mene..tnq

  • Sir muze pcod ka bhut h problem badh gaya…plz koi solutions batao 18 oct ko 2 month complete hote hai… pregnancy bhi check k lekin nahi hai..plz koi solutions batao

  • You ruin this video with your stupid editing of the words you find uncomfortable. Profanity is part of the intensity of Goggins message

  • I have started eating better and I need to work more on exercising each day. I do clean my house weekly and a tad of walking but want to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. So I recently started eating better going on my 2nd week now. Hope to make it a lifestyle for myself. Just wanted to mention the pink blouse you had on is a beautiful color on you.

  • Thankyou Thank you Thank you for helping the world family making us healthy beautiful beautiful beautiful souls blessed world caring world from Kenya love heaven on earth wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh������������������������������������������������������

  • Goggins is the true def of hey…. get on it. I love this guy. Yes i am fat…. yes I am depressed. I used to have his mentality now i am almost 50….. and I have to go there again. Thank God for Goggins… yet your shit on man….

  • this guy can preach at a church and i would shut up and listen over a fake preacher any day. this guy is real as can be love this dude.

  • You can do it! At 65 I weighed 254lbs… I decided to just change my lifestyle. By walking at least 1.5 miles a day and cutting out soda and junk food and fast food n eating sensibly, I now weigh 170lbs. I am doing a big push for the month of September and I’m determined to lose 20lbs this month by modifying my calorie intake. This will take me almost to my goal from two years ago. I’ll be 68 in a month, and losing 84lbs has changed my life. It was making up my mind to stop making excuses. All you gals out there, you can do it!

  • Thank you I totally agree with everything that you are saying. I train cycling and and it is my mind that holds me back not the body. Everything you have described is true. It called hitting the wall when we do we need to climb over that wall and keep going and don’t stop.

  • I splurged on a rebounder for exercise. I had one many years ago, but donated it when I was downsizing my possessions. (Silly me!) Along with rebounding, I am eating for health first. Weight loss has been a perk of my eating/rebounding lifestyle. It hasn’t been a lot, but every pound counts!!

  • Damn! I was just saying this to myself the day to motivate my ass. I was wondering why am I tell him I said I’m a fucking loser? Well this is why. I need to push myself more. Fucking works.

  • David is an inspiration and displays insane dedication and perseverance but the way he trained is excessive and unsustainable. He developed serious issues after overtraining in an extreme way. We should look at his dedication and use it as inspiration but we shouldn’t think that the way he trained is a good way of reaching our goals.

  • OMG THE QUITTING MIND PART IS MY FAVORITE PART OF DAVID GOGGINS EVER. So whats the quitting mind? You’re mind’s getting softer! review that sh*t with everything in life. REPITITION EVERYDAY. STAY HARD! Nothing beats those words right here.

  • I’ve always enjoyed cooking. 1 1/2 years ago I decided to learn how wo cook healthier. It was almost like I was learning to cook all over again. I was definitely out of my comfort zone, but it was also exhilarating to learn something new! It’s now second nature for me to eat a whole food plant based diet. I learned how to make so many absolutely delicious sauces & dressings. I don’t miss the way I used to eat. I went from 158 pounds when I started my lifestyle change to 128 pounds. I’m not telling others what to do. Just wanted to say what has worked for me.

  • Thanks for the video.
    I find cutting back on the carbs works best for me.
    Also, I joined a Kickboxing class 3 months ago. I didn’t know I could sweat, LOL!…. it’s not something I’m used to doing. Always lived a very sedentary life. I’m 67 yrs. old and I’m doing it….Bad Ass now, right! ��

  • Check out my new podcast about fitness and finance

  • Mind you, there is a difference in making personal sacrifices and pushing your yourself to the extreme against the natural elements and pushing your personal fitness to reach personal goals and posting them online but the whole time, you control your fluid/food intake and the outcome of the race etc. But its much different when you test yourself against the un-known and there are enemies (warriors) who will meet with equal deadly force (kill you) in combat and its a different story; they dont’ care if you ran 150 miles 3 times in a year or did 1000 pullups in 24 hours they just want to kill you as fast as possible. When special operations soldiers and infantry soldiers go into combat (during real combat deployments) thats what they face, they face an enemy that wants to kill them tactically and as efficiently as possible. Unless you actually went on a combat deployment into a real combat zone you have tested yourself against the unknown, and you have prepared yourself to die (you sang your death song) and you either died gloriously in combat (for their teams and country or you lived another day and you saved your death song for another time, respect will be given to you by others but you don’t say ” respect me” because I did this or that, thats cheap. I have seen both types real warriors who are quite professionals and those that ring their own bells; I am 3rd generation of military (combat) veterans and I know when I see a real warrior.

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    I love you and I need you.
    I promise that I will never hurt you again.”
    But the boy just laughed and said to her, “Only a fool would take back someone who hurt them so much.”
    The girl felt hopeless and
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  • David goggins takes the soul of every person who follows his mindset. Because you can’t truly appreciate goggins until he’s taken your soul

  • I used to be quite athletic and strong but once I passed through menopause my cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength took a nose dive and now after I do strength training exercises and walk up some hilly areas in my neighborhood I am sore the next day. It’s discouraging but it’s a fact of losing muscle strength as I get older.

  • Jinko bhi 32 baar wali aadat banane mein problem ho rahi hai wo plz fat loss motivation part 17 dekhein… Unko ye habit banane mein help mileygi ����

  • They should do a special program for the lazy and unmotivated and put David Goggins chips in there brains and see where they are in the next few months I am sure we wont know them son

  • For whatever it’s worth just because your fat doesn’t necessarily mean that your lazy, there are plenty of fat athletes who do things like strongman (Brian Shaw) or MMA (Daniel Cormier) who work very hard and aren’t lazy at all. I know David didn’t say that being fat makes you lazy, but it was arguably implied and I just felt like clarifying this point. Also sometimes people will need help, which David acknowledges, (although if you try to motivate someone in the way that David suggests that won’t work for everyone and some of them may just flip you off, although some will keep going) but I feel like this bares repeating since this is so often individualized. I’ve got nothing against motivation, but there’s some additional context that bears mentioning. Also there have been times when David threw in the towel as well for whatever that’s worth, not that I’m trying to judge him or whatever, but that bears mentioning also.

  • I’m now at the end of his book “Can’t hurt me”. Its a really good book. It pushed you forward as long as you commit. I recommend it to everybody. This guy has been through some shit and the way he keeps pushing is really, really inspiring

  • Sir l have lost weight in fasting and eating one meal a day lhave become very tall and beautiful beautiful beautiful thanks sir for caring from Kenya

  • I would recommend taking up golf. You’re out in the fresh air, walking for four hours and the social life is great.
    I also like hill walking and gardening.
    I did the Fast 800 diet and lost half a stone very quickly and kept it off.

  • One.of the motivational speakers who actually does have what it takes.
    Most talk a lot this man has done the lot and won. Also a rocky fan the man is rocky in real life!

  • Whatever your goals are:

    Continous training is the key!
    -> make it a habit:)

    There will be hard and unmotivational days.
    Just keep your goal in front of you and your eyes open!

    A poster with your personal motivation slogan/goal, will remind you to get back on track!

  • Thank you Margaret. I put on a lot of weight while in the UK this summer. I’m now trying to loose about 12 lbs. I walk lots and try to do 10,000 steps a day which is no easy feat. I am trying to completely cut out wine and bread. No snacking. One main meal per day. Lots of salads at the moment too which I love. But no ‘ low fat ‘ anything because these foods have no flavor. I try to drink plenty of water which is difficult for me as I don’t tend to feel thirsty. And I don’t weigh myself very often as the fit of my clothes is a good estimate of where I’m at.

  • Love u….sir….i like ur personality and ur videos….thanks sir for ur motivates videos…..ur singing is superb….it’s my favourite song….tum jo milaga ho…..


  • Exercise is so beneficial to your overall mood. I have struggled with anxiety and depression especially through premenopause and menopause. I tried several medications but they left me flat. I didn’t cry all the time, but I didn’t laugh either. I started walking. I watch my diet, but I don’t deprive myself. I eat the cake, enjoy it, but really the first bite is the best and I only eat half. Be conscious of every bite you take of something. Enjoy your food. Often we just eat to be eating because we are bored. Portion sizes are huge today. Stop when you are full. If possible save it for later. I would rather eat a little bit of something good than a whole bunch of something I don’t like. Walk. Take the stairs. Change it up, but keep moving.

  • I did not watch the end of this video. I actually literally swear to God got my fat ass up off the floor and went downstairs to the gym in my building and worked the #%@& out.

  • There’s a point in life where you start getting no difference between these motivation videos and stand up comedians, and you then know life happened you are just so much broke, destroyed you have went far away to recover, slowly and steadily it starts breaking you from inside and you start surviving life not living it

  • What works for me to lose weight and keep it off is to not eat anything past 5:00 in the evenings, absolutely no snacking between meals and since I don’t like to use a treadmill walking outdoors weather permitting is the best exercise for me. We are going in to my favorite season autumn with cooler temperatures so the perfect time to be out walking and enjoying nature.

  • I walk forward and backward in my little living room and spend that time talking to God right after breakfast. I am letting go of all the “weight,” physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. I also cut down on my portions of food. Simple things like, instead of having two toast, I have one. I don’t deny myself my ice cream treat. Instead of having an adult scoop on a sugar or waffle cone, I have a kiddies scoop in a cup. Also I try to eat dinner earlier and not have heavy or abundant food as the evening progresses. The most important has been me trying not to lose weight, but to be healthy. Mindset is key. I stopped trying for the usual reasons and made small simple adjustments. Sorry this was long. I just hoped it would help someone as it has helped me ��❤️����!

  • I’m a sugar addict but have lost weight this year by eating low carb/low sugar and increasing walking and work on the elliptical. I intend to continue, as my a1c was high and I want to change that.

  • I have no plan to lose weight right now. I’m just trying to recover from my fractured spine. I attend PT twice a week. I love dance but am not allowed to twist so have not picked that up yet. I enjoyed using my WIi for exercise but much of that is not allowed yet. As I improve, I will be able to do what I love most. In mean time I’m walking sometimes with walker. I’m thrilled I can walk. I try to do half mile a day but am not always able to accomplish that goal.

  • I limit carbs, sugar, and processed food. I try to eat whole foods. I lost 7 lbs. in 2 months. I know it’s not a lot, but I could tell the difference.

  • I have 70 pounds to lose to get healthy. I’ve already lost 20. I started Keto in July, and in a few days I’m joining a gym as there really isn’t a good place with level ground nearby to walk. I used to walk at the high school running track until they remodeled the area and now lock out the town residents, even though we’re paying for the bond that funded the remodel. I keep a food diary of everything I eat every day so I don’t get off track. While the weight is slow to come off, having plateaued for the past 2 weeks, getting exercise and building up some muscle tone along with minor food adjustments should produce results as long as I’m patient and just keep with it. Wish me luck! I have an auto immune disease with inflammation, so Keto should help with that, too. I get lots of medical tests done in two weeks, and will be curious to see the results. In the past year, I’ve lost 11 friends who have passed far too young, so I’m taking my health very seriously. I find Dr Ken Berry (and a few others) here on YT are great at educating for Keto, and Dr. John Bergman for all sorts of medical issues taking a natural approach rather than tout drugs. If all this doesn’t work, then I’ll throw in the towel and cave in to a giant Princess cake.

  • Good morning Margaret. I have been watching your channel for awhile and really love your messages. My biggest issue is having RH in my feet. It keeps me from walking and most types of exercise. I have also just been through 2 years of colostomies. I have just had the reversal. Been home only a week so still feeling the effects of the surgery. I am 69 and not in great shape. I also use a wheelchair most of the time especially when we go out. Do you have any suggestions for me?

  • I walk from one end of my apt. to the other, taking many trips back and forth several times a day about 5,000+ steps. It’s meditative and also gives me time to think about what I’m grateful for, and talk with God. By doing this activity on a more regular basis, and eating smaller portions of foods and snacks, I have lost 6 lbs. in 2 weeks. I don’t deprive myself of certain foods, because I know that doesn’t work for me. Good luck to all on your journey to better health!

  • Break the gover and surround yourself with motivated folks cause if your team or you aren’t moving forward something or someone has to change so either trade they player or trade and change your mindset and life for the better. Just try and put your best foot forward every chance you get

  • Funny, we have a pool we have cleaned twice a week and we sit next to it but never swim in it. I best remember it was built to swim in, not just look at. ��

  • Thanks so much! I needed this encouragement this morning.
    I hate all the preparation to go out to a fitness class, trying to remember everything, changing clothes, driving through traffic then having to shower and change again when I get home. So now I’ve found I will actually work out every day if I do it first thing in the morning in my pyjamas. I bought a bunch of Jane Fonda’s videos for seniors and I absolutely love your yoga series as it helps so much with my stiff joints and poor posture. Then I can shower and just dress once. Saves so much time and I can’t make those excuses anymore. Now if I could just get my evening eating out of my life…I did it before and I can do it again. I really liked what you said about accepting that it’s hard and there will be pain or discomfort and all my bad decisions brought me here.

  • i am from nepal sir i always still watch your video 2-3 times in a day because your videos make me a motivate i can do anything what i want in life not only for body in all the things

  • I grabbed a cookie to eat while watching this… lol. Low-Income well-being is a great topic. Yes, I walk; no, no extra $ for supplements; make myself do short (8 to 10 minute) youtube exercise programs between TV show indulgences; Take the stairs instead of elevator sometimes; youtube yoga stretches; favorite songs and dancing in my apartment, yes! free is key! And, yes, I need to love my choices. Thank you!

  • Its been one year since I downsized to a second-floor apartment. The only exercise I do is; I take every opportunity to go up and down the stairs. I haven’t lost any weight but then again, I haven’t gained any either❗����

  • I’m 5’2 girl turning 20 in October, currently 54 kg I will drop 8kg by the end of July. Skinny Legend is what they’re gonna call me.

  • Sir plz kuch aisa tips dijye ki weight kam ho mai daily excerice kar rahi hu or diet bhi thik le rahi hu but mujhe lag nhi raha h ki mera weight kam ho raha h

  • This year I completed the C25K running plan. I see quite a number of over 60s writing in to the web site
    Although I have graduated from this programe I want to keep it up and am working towards running for an hour three times a week. It’s really slow progress for me, seven months for a nine week programe to run for thirty minutes, and I’m a really slow runner too, but at least I get out there and it’s only the price of a pair of shoes., so give it a go.

  • I paid one year fee in advance…my trainer only focus on those client who r monthly paid..and do not focus on those clients who paid a long term fee…i left that gym now..and doing all that at my home now.hope to loose some fat…

  • Tip: If exercise turns you off, turn on your favorite music and dance in your home while you’re cleaning. If you’re eating right and make this a habit, you will lose weight at your own pace. Thanks for this video, Margaret. ��

  • Dear Margaret, I really loved today’s video. Taking a holistic approach is the way to go. In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. I started taking a “one day at a time” or even a “one minute at a time” approach to my life following my diagnosis. I started treating my body like a temple, before surgery and after. I upgraded my eating habits, I slowed myself down by not multi-tasking, practicing presence and meditation. I walked every evening after dinner (weather permitting) after dark, and I walked slowly while breathing deeply, looking up at the night sky and marveling at my place in the Universe. In summary, I calmed myself down; I reframed my thinking about stressful situations. I learned to love myself. I was not focused at all on weight loss, only on taking really good care of myself. Since I wasn’t focused on weight loss, I was surprised when my clothes got really loose. I lost 40 pounds without even trying. The weight loss was a by-product of treating myself better in all ways: Physically, mentally, and emotionally. That was the irony for me. I wasn’t focused on weight loss at all – just living better and being more present.


  • Good morning! I walk a lot and include hills for my heart. I’m trying to cut out carbs mainly because my sinuses don’t like wheat. Trying to fill my diet with more fruits and vegies.

  • Hi Margaret, I set my mind on losing 10lb. I planned out my exercise time, my meals and most of all my attitude! I have lost 11.6 and setting my sights on losing an additional 5. Thank you for this video. Very helpful!