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6 Diet Traps That Sabotage Your Results Just like training, nutrition can sometimes be a little more tricky than just knowing the basics. It’s evident. Everyone knows what good foods are and what bad food is.

I can bet you know that curly fries with buttermilk ranch dressing that is magnificently paired with the double western bacon. Learn about the 6 Fat Traps that can sabotage your weight loss efforts. What are considered “normal” eating habits may actually be making you FATTER! Fat Trap #6: Surrounded by Advertising. The results showed that adults exposed to food advertising chose 28% more unhealthy snacks, compared to those who did not view food advertisements.

Let’s take a closer look at these ten common diet traps 1. Cutting too Many Calories from your Diet. While it is true that the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in, drastically reducing your intake does not speed up the process. Diet Sabotage – it’s far too common these days. And most of us don’t even realize we’re sabotaging our own weight loss. If you find yourself asking ‘Why can’t I lose weight?’ chances are you may be suffering from one of these common diet sabotage trap.

But what about all those lesser-known acts of food sabotage that could be creeping into your everyday eating habits? Some, like eating too fast, could seem rather benign at first, but in fact can be a big reason your physique is more doughy than chiseled. Read on for nine surprising—yet all-too-common—diet traps.

5 Ways To Deal With (And Prevent) Diet Saboteurs. When you’re trying to get fit it feels like everything and everyone is working against you. But guess what? You’re not alone!

More than 75% of women say they “never” or “rarely” get any support from friends or family.; And in a 2017 North Carolina State University study, researchers interviewed 40 participants and all 40 said they. In order to accomplish your weight loss plan and avoid a new failure, you need to avoid these 10 common mindsets and diet traps. 10 Diet Traps And How To Avoid Them. Below you can find 10 of the most common diet traps and errors you might be doing, that are sabotaging your weight loss results.

1. Your Portions Are Too Big. The first step in dealing with diet sabotage, Spangle says, is to recognize it. Your saboteur may want to guard the status quo, keep you under control, or prevent your leaving to find a new life. 9 Thinking Traps That Will Sabotage Your Weight Loss Nine common thinking mistakes that will impact your weight loss. Posted Jul 18, 2012 The Beck Diet Solution, and in it, I discovered that.

Diet sabotage—the things we do to mess up our own diets. Here are 10 ways we sabotage our own diets, and 10 ways to turn yourself from your own worst enemy into your very best cheerleader. When you cause your won diet sabotage—when you get in your own way—it can be really frustrating.

List of related literature:

For example, the magazine article might claim that the diet will cause those who follow it to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

“Wellness and Physical Therapy” by Fair, Sharon Elayne Fair
from Wellness and Physical Therapy
by Fair, Sharon Elayne Fair
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The “Evidence Review” section helps show why most diet plans would fail to curb cravings.

“Processed Food Addiction: Foundations, Assessment, and Recovery” by Joan Ifland, Marianne T. Marcus, Harry G. Preuss
from Processed Food Addiction: Foundations, Assessment, and Recovery
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Investigators compared the effects of four different diets in obese adults with an average BMI of 34 kg/m2: a control diet (with placebo), a control diet supplemented with 21g of psyllium (FIB), a healthy diet plus placebo (HLT), and a healthy diet supplemented with 21 g of psyllium (HLT-FIB) [35].

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity” by Ronald Ross Watson
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In the pages of this book, you will find the eight traps that tend to challenge dieters most.

“The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good” by Judith S. Beck, Deborah Beck Busis
from The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good
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These types of diet biases will be your worst enemy if you hope to finally break through the diet trap and see lasting change.

“Lose Weight Here: The Metabolic Secret to Target Stubborn Fat and Fix Your Problem Areas” by Jade Teta, Keoni Teta
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This is something I can actually see in my own gut lab panels and in Bulletproof Dieters’ uBiome results when they share them with me.

“The Bulletproof Diet: Lose Up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Energy and Focus, Upgrade Your Life” by Dave Asprey, J. J. Virgin
from The Bulletproof Diet: Lose Up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Energy and Focus, Upgrade Your Life
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In the next paragraph, the professors say that the letter ‘is not the forum to debate details of diets’, and then list all the aspects of the LCHF diet that require investigation.

“Lore of Nutrition: Challenging conventional dietary beliefs” by Tim Noakes
from Lore of Nutrition: Challenging conventional dietary beliefs
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Many of these are effective, but no single diet has been shown to be more effective than any other.

“Physiology of Sport and Exercise” by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
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In reality, these strategies need not be mutually exclusive because most commercial exclusion diets are also formulated to be highly digestible.

“Canine and Feline Gastroenterology E-Book” by Robert J. Washabau, Michael J. Day
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In truth, the only elimination diet most people should be trying is one that eliminates myths and superstitions about food.

“The Gluten Lie: And Other Myths About What You Eat” by Alan Levinovitz
from The Gluten Lie: And Other Myths About What You Eat
by Alan Levinovitz
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  • i feel like i have to take two showers.. sometimes i take two showers and i still feel like i’m not clean enough… then i go to school late because i chose to take two showers.. and then i worry all day about whether i am clean enough or if i smell bad.. even though i took two showers my negative thoughts and worries cause me to want to take more showers..
    is this ocd?? or is it probably just my anxiety?. or is it both??? i also do this thing that I make boxes of memories just in case someone dies and I regret not valuing them. i also made boxes and kept all kinds of stuff from my childhood and present so I won’t forget anything when I’m older. i also unconsciously sabotage my relationships because my biggest fear is never finding love or that someone will leave me just like my real dad and stepdad. i realized i was unconsciously sabotaging my relationships when i had told my cousin about all my problems and how i just leave the relationship with a childish excuse or talking to someone else to move on or leave. i also hate (like HATE) feeling out of control. i feel the need to always be in control even when certain situations don’t even involve me and i have a terrible;e breakdown when i realize how out of control i am. if you actually read all of this please let me know your thoughts, opinions, and advice. Thank you

  • 1:18 not using full range of motion
    3:26 not keeping your core tight
    6:07 stiff-leg dropping
    8:04 landing on flared elbows
    9:19 not breathing properly
    11:51 not progressing with the movement

  • You and Dr Eric Berg have made me into the beautiful and healthy woman that I am today. Thank you so much. Please continue with these videos… Maximum appreciation ✌️

  • The other day I caught myself running up the stairs without holding on to the railing. A year ago before keto I pulled myself up the stairs. Food first and sleep is key. I sleep so deeply now! No getting up every hour to pee. I look forward to your videos. It’s nice to have someone who gets what I’m doing and how important it is. Thank you.

  • from last few days I started doubting my past memories like if they really happened or my brain just
    dreaming. I am not sure. I wanted to be sure. I know all my past is real but
    my mind is creating doubts. I am trapped in this. Please help.

  • Why is it wrong that i use the leg position in the picture? I don’t quite understand the explanation i think u get a better balance and have a better control of the weight with a leg in the front and back

  • I like your cheat and recover system for breaking plateaus. It applies to every muscle group and explains other people’s programs. Cheat, slow negative breaks plateaus.

  • I don’t know if this is OCD but I wanna ask, I wash my hands often and I keep washing them to the point my skin dries. I try my best not to wash everything so I don’t take hours in the shower. When I wash my hands, I check the soap if it’s clean and has nothing on it, and then I wet the soap all over on it. Then, when I do wash my hands, I repeat abc’s multiple times. Because I always feel like it isn’t clean if I don’t sing or count “properly” and I ALWAYS wash my hands in the showers. Please, I wanna know what’s wrong. I always try to sing it normally but it always slows down or I feel like it’s too quick, even if I am AWARE it’s long enough. And I repeat it again and again and again.

  • For the past week, out of the blue I have been getting racist intrusive thoughts and all I can think about is the colour of someone’s skin for example the colour black.It’s making me feel awful and like a bad person, do u have any tips on how to not get these thoughts

  • First of all thank you! I really need your help: when I started high school, I didn’t know nobody and I had this feeling of anxiety especially around girls, I still have anxiety but it’s a lot worst because I attended my first year of university and it was really tough, I was stressed out and a lot of things happened: I thought I had cancer, I thought I had problems with my eyes, all type of sexual rumination and fear of harming others.
    I’m going to be honest with you: since I was young my family really wanted me to study hard this implied no girlfriends… I never kissed a girl or even had a girlfriend even though I want one because I feel lonely but every time I talk with a beautiful woman I feel like I’m detached from my body it’s like seeing my self talking with someone but I’m not in me, I think is derealisation.

  • Whenever I’m minding my own business I suddenly can’t tell if I did something simple or not like open an app on my phone. I start thinking about that the whole day on repeat, did I open the app or did I just imagine that I did.

    What would you do to recognize the real thought?

  • You make a good point about getting healthier before losing weight. We always hear that you have to lose weight (the wrong way) to be healthy, but I’m more and more convinced that losing weight is an effect of being healthy.

  • I think i have ocd and i repeat or re check almost everything i do such as locking the washroom door or switching off lights.With this i also have thoughts about anything and i try to explain things to myself even if i have explained before but those thoughts are completely useless but if i dont do i get anxiety attacks. I have also become very image conscious.I also run towards perfection.I also regret doing things mostly. please tell me what is this and how to finish this thing,please help

  • Great Job!
    PS 1) I have never seen such two identical person as He & Athleten X. I thought first that he is lip syncing, then body syncing, then mind syncing. Amazing!
    PS 2) At the high knee I felt that the next level is back flip. I mean salto. Bruce Lee Burpee. Please include in the next video.

  • I think some people think keto is hard because they are still trying to eat in an extreme deficit. I start the day with 5 whole eggs and 9 oz of ground beef cooked in butter. Keto is extremely easy to do! (Almost 5 years for me)

  • When I know something is bad for me I start doing it more and on purpose, for example My friend told me that the more I frown the more wrinkles I get, I started getting sudden urges to frown on purpose and I can’t stop, I’ve been like that for 3 months. I keep lowering my head and it hurts my neck a lot but I just keep getting the urge to do it. I don’t know what this is, I’ve been trying to find a solution for so long but I don’t really know what’s wrong with me, it’s mentally and physically exhausting

  • My left shoulder clicks (like a first thing in the morning strecthing out sound so no pain) when i do this move after front squats so i must not be rolling my shoulder back on the negative

  • Great vidoe Sir I feel like my ocd thoughts are real I feel like thoughts have some powe and value also I have religious ocd does God wil feel my thougts? Sir can you please help me

  • Hi there! Thank you so much for this video! I think I might have OCD. I experienced an anxiety attack a while back where I couldn’t breath and ever since then I haven’t been breathing properly and my mind can’t stop thinking about it, I was sick at the time and got so scared because I thought that the breathing problem had to do with my illness, but I’m not sick anymore and this breathing problem won’t go away, is like my mind is telling my body when to breath and it’s not doing it automatically. Also my throat feels soo tight and i think it has to do with the same problem, please help. Thank you

  • (Is this apart of OCD?) Okay, I didn’t say this in my last comment but I really want to ask about it and if it’s rational at all or not. This is a little embarassing but I need it off my chest. When I was a kid, I used to be very unhygienic. I touched everything and it was completely stress free. I was able to wash my hands for under 10 seconds. Which..present me will have an entire ritual happen if I tried to do that. I think I had symptoms of OCD since I was a kid, it didn’t go to cleanliness till a few years later. I remember before this all happened, my teacher taught us how to wash our hands, “Wash your hands for 20 seconds and sing happy birthday twice, don’t quicken it because that does not count.” I started having issues with how fast or slow I’ll do so and I started repeating and repeating it over and over again. Now I have sooo many thoughts and so many things trigger me all the damn time and I’m getting exhausted. I want to say that I don’t shower my entire body, because it takes so much time and makes me so stressed and anxious. I only shower my head, face, arms, (besides my elbows cause those just…make me so fucking anxious) neck, ears, and sometimes legs. I have this thing where…water scares me. Toilet water drives me insane, and unknown water that I don’t know where it came from, used water that I washed my hands in etc. And whenever I feel water (or my mind is playing games with me to feel water or something) it makes me immidiately think that the water was from a toilet or something dirty. Which starts rituals 99% of the time.

    I don’t dry my entire body, because it might start a ritual and make me wash my hands again and again. Which when I touch my clothed body, it makes me think that…the clothes soaked up all the water, and most of the time it makes me assume that germs will seep through the clothes and then be on my hands. I am afraid to hold things like taps, doorknobs etc. It drives me mad when people sit down and just place their phones where they sat on. I can’t do that. It stresses me out.

    Back to my childhood, I touched everything, literally everything, and I know for a FACT, that I did NOT wash my hands properly when I was younger. And when I touched those things now? It gives me so much anxiety. I don’t even know what’s rational or not. No one ever discusses this, or I’m too blind to see it. Please…just…please…let me get better. Please I’m begging. Respond please.

  • I was just really in stress all day thinking “did I hit the cyclist while I was driving” you solved my problem. You answered my question. Thank you so much sir. May God give you more grace ። this video was made for me. It will make some change in my life.

  • Very good definition. So far everyone is descrebing OCD as a mental condition. i also have OCD perfectionist i had anxiety since I was 6 year old…This is the most professional video I listened on OCD. really makes sense to me! i am in the category ” Stay at home prisoner ” This describes me 100%

  • Sir, Whenever I take a glass of water to drink some bad thoughts come about my future and I got scared that if I will drink it the things will come true in the future… Or whenever I see water I get scared that if I think something bad the water will make it come true…. Sir can you please tell me is it also a ocd because whenever I see water I get scared….

  • YOU ARE and absolute genius!! YOU…described MY OCD almost to a TEE and…for the FIRST TIME in MY ENTIRE LIFE, gave me a NEW perspective on this miserable condition I have had most of my adult life!! You, are a TRUE GIFT and your pointing out that anxiety IS the ROOT cause and that ADDRESSING anxiety is the BEST way to get this miserable condition O-U-T of ones life is just PRICELESS!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • I always check my whatsapp to see whether I have sent a weird message in a group by mistake what to do?
    There is a group of our class which includes teachers too so I am always scared that whether I have sent a weird message by mistake

  • I don’t know what’s wrong. I keep having intrusive self harming thoughts. I’ve never contemplated whatsoever harming myself, only improving myself. But when I was at the beach, I kept having intrusive thoughts of throwing myself off of the balcony and it got so bad I went inside and went to sleep scared, also happened the next day to the point I couldn’t look at the ground. This is however normal, I have horribly violent intrusive thoughts that I’ve been dealing with for months, it’s been accompanied by a bit of depression, but it’s all getting better. Everything gets better. Conquer and overcome. Your thoughts DO NOT manifest in your action, you are sane, you are perfectly normal. How can I stop intrusive violent thoughts though?

  • My compulsion is a head twitch and a loud sniffling of my nose and it’s so embarrassing. I hate that I think it helps my anxiety. I need to find the root cause for my anxiety.

  • Hey I’ve searched up symptoms for schizophrenia and I’m convinced I have it from thinking I’m hearing things I think I’m seeing rats now I think I’m going crazy I don’t know if it’s my imagination intrusive thoughts I went to the Er last night cause of anxiety and the specialist said it’s anxiety I’m very anxious she said she couldn’t diagnose me in that 1 hour we were talking. I’ve also had satanic thoughts

  • Hi, I dont know if this is OCD. But I feel like I have intrusive thoughts, like how someone walking behind me is trying to kill me and sometimes in the bus, I come up with scenarios in my head subconsciously and having a toxic verbal argument with an imaginary person. I also feel very stressed when I am doing average(barely passing and not getting excellent marks), compared to others. I also feel like everyone in my surroundings are judging me and secretly dislike me. Vile and nasty thoughts also appear when I am near people Im close too. Is it possible that I have OCD, it would answer alot?

  • Four days, so far, since I’ve had carbs—or any solid food. (I’ve had a little MCT oil in my coffee, and had 8 ounces of bone broth at the first midday.)

  • As a powerlifter, this explanation is okay but some key factors are wrong. There is strength involved in this lift but it has technique to it as well. We call it the rebound, we present the chest to the sky which gives us an arch and we rebound that with the hips, not just bending your back and cause an injury. The cue is to have the spine neutral and flex the glutes and use the hips core and back as one and spring it up like a piston. Striaght up and down is great but once the weight gets really heavy you need to incorporate more techniques to get the weight up and keep you as safe as possible.

  • Hello, I have been writing things down probably for the last 6-8 years. I’m so tired of this. I think of something, anything, and then I feel like I have to write it down because it’s either an important or interesting thought. Or it could be something that I should do, or would like to do, almost anything. When I try not to do this I get even more anxious. It just stays in the back of my head. If I forget what I wanted to write down I get upset and anxious for the whole day, or at least, again, it’s in my head the whole day that I forgot something.

    When I work I think of all the things that I have to do and start typing what I need to do over and over. It’s getting progressively worse. I don’t know where this anxiety comes from, perhaps I’m afraid I will forget something important. I usually have a lot of things that I must do. I type things down on my phone, on sticky notes, papers, anything I can find.
    As a child, I had OCD, I washed my hands incessantly and organized my toys so they would stand. Somehow I got rid of that.
    I’m not sure how to stop the writing down things part.
    What’s funny is that I don’t even reread these things that I write afterwards. They just get written down and then forgotten.

    Please, can you suggest something that could help?
    Thank you.

  • I dont know whether this is OCD or another problem but I always get negative wishes upon myself for things I don’t want. For example, I usually get thoughts that start with “I want” and end with many horrible unpleasant words and fears such as COVID-19. And obviously I become worried that those things might occur and also be fearful that the intrusive wish will come true. I usually counter these thoughts by resisting them and not allowing them to come inside my mind by saying “I don’t want that to happen” (the opposite of what bad things are wishing to come true in my head). And when I’m unsuccessful and these thoughts do end up in my head without me stopping them then I become very visibly worried and I do mental compulsions such as praying to God to not accept that wish in my head for something bad to happen to me. So if anyone has any insight on how to deal w this or if anyone is suffering with the same type of thoughts can u plz help me cope.

  • I’m not sure if this is OCD but everyday i always have a to do something in a way or pattern or i feel distressed or angry and it becomes time consuming and exhausting.

  • Probably no is going to read this but I think I may have sexual rumination ocd anything that taboo sexual stuff and then I get these weird movements down there like I’ll be afraid I’m into pedophilia or incest beastiality etc. And then when I think about it too much I get these movements like down there and I know I’m not into these things it’s so horrible it’s like my mind bullies me into to this or I’ll get the movement and have the thought and just agonize over it it’s so exhausting What I would do is say in my head po*n to replace the image or thought I have in my head for it to be that rather than the thought or urge. And if I don’t respond to it I feel like that I’m into it please help me.have you ever had any patient like this? would this be ocd or am I just a freak?

  • if anyone sees this please respond | idk if this is ocd but when i misplace things, i completely freak out and my brain forces me to look for it or else i can’t be calm. also the fact that if i put, for example, my earphones on the ground, in a few minutes my mind automatically asks me where i put my earphones and i do remember where they are but my mind convinces me to look for them or else i won’t be calm so i look just to see them in the same place but i tend to forget and always have to check to see if they’re there. it’s not even just my earphones it’s many other things, i know where i placed these things but my mind forces me to make sure they’re there or else i can’t be calm at all. i will literally freak out so bad and it won’t leave my mind until i find them. that’s the only way i’ll be calm lol. also, when my door is closed sometimes im just watching my phone and automatically i start questioning if the door is actually closed right and i have to get up to open it and close it cos if i don’t my mind tells me something bad will happen. i also take long showers cos i feel dirty if my showers are short, i also have this tendency to wash my hands after i do anything and i have to do it for at least 2 minutes or i don’t feel satisfied. i dont want to self diagnose but i’ve been wondering for awhile. ive been looking at the symptoms and i do have some other ones but this was mainly what stood out to me

  • Took me about 200 reps of burpess to make this video… that was the 7th mistake… #SoreAsHell
    ( 0:15)6 Dumbest Push-Up Mistakes Sabotaging Your Chest Growth! STOP DOING THESE!

  • Interesting, in this video I mention that I eat 7 grams or less a day. Keto is 20 grams or less but I often eat ultra low carb because I am very close to carnivore most days. I do occasionally still eat about 15 grams when I feel like it. I just wanted to clarify that point.

  • I need help with my son. He is only 9 and he fits into many of OCD traits. I live in NYC. Do you know any good psychiatrist we can see regularly?

  • Im dealing with HOCD/SOOCD I hate all of it I wish this never even started, its like ruining my life and happy moods and I feel like it’s affecting the others around me… my siblings my parents my girlfriend… I wanna try the erp method but I just don’t like it cuz I feel like ima end up being the thoughts and they will convince me. I’ve had good days and bad days. Never questioned my stuff never imagined doing gay things never imagined having gay fantasies any of that gay stuff… all I ever liked/loved was girls. Any other way I can overcome w out the erp method

  • I’m giving up excuses like you mentioned, getting in my own way. I’m not going to say oops or oh well I’ll try again tomorrow. I’m in control, no excuses for myself from here on.

  • When I was a kid, I didn’t even know what OCD is, but I was washing my hands all the time, I have always stepping on the cracks “connecting” them with my foot, always checking locked door, self hurting… all of that because my parents were always telling me how I’m stupid, worthless or filthy, making them ashamed all the time, and they often looked me with disgust on their face.
    Today, after breaking all connections with my parents, the only thing which remained is obsession with doing things with perfectionso I avoid starting anything because I always get lost in details as it takes too much energy and time. My each day is very exhausting

  • I think I have OCD too. I’m always having these thoughts in my mind and I’m worried about doing certain things. I’m 13 btw. Like for example I want to learn to backflip, so that I feel like I fit in with others, but in my mind I’m worried I will break my neck. I also have worries about my future when I become and adult and worries about school. I think it’s getting worse and I can’t control it but I can sometimes.

  • interesting, i wasn’t sure if i had OCD, its been pointed out to me and i have wondered for a while now. i identify with a lot of this video and you’ve spoken about my ‘habits’

  • I’ve had bathroom contamination confessional OCD, that my clothes get soiled by backsplash from going to the loo or my backside, it’s so bad the obsession that I avoid touching where I have sat on the chairs of end up cleaning the remote control ect if someone throws it on the chair where I have sat, I have to wash my hands if I touch my bottom back of my tee shirt I’m wearing its driving me nuts, my marriage has suffered going on at my wife about it.i was taking seroxat, ( paroxetine ) 60 mg for years but recently stopped them it took 15 weeks cutting down a third off a pill a week. They were completely useless I dont know why I stayed on them so long all they did was make me fat and addicted.

  • plz read my comment..

    sorry for my bad english

    when i try to do something.for example downloading a game or doing some thing else.then bad thoughts automatically come to my mind..and i stop doing..for example stop downloading game..because of the fear of bad thoughts will connect with this game.and whenever i will open this game this thought will come in my mind again as a memory…….due to this i stop doing many things in my daily life..

  • Can you tell me what’s happening to me bc Because when I was young, I experienced trauma that I thought I might not forget but it didn’t take long for the thought to disappear after years those past experiences pop up in my head and now it’s wrecking my life i cannot go out of my house BC my biggest problem going out and socialize is I’ve always thinking “what if” everyone is whatching on me and sometimes just walking in the street those kind of thoughts will just pop up in my head and I’m scared looking at people BC the kind of thoughts that I have and now I decide to not going outside my house BC my thoughts are turning into action and I’ve been depressed for so long BC of these sometimes I’ve been thinking to die BC it’s almost impossible for me to think that I can talk to a group of people without thinking those thoughts I can talk one on one if I go outside my house but just walking on the street and looking at people or hanging out with a group of people is just a big deal for me I suffer a lot I lost everything and even washing my plate or taking a bath turning the water very slow thinking what if my neighbor is just listening to me waiting to me to get mistake and my neighbor’s did notice that there is strange happening and it’s getting worse it’s killing me I don’t know what to do how to fix this every action I do is a mistake can you please help me what is happening to me and what should I do

  • A great video, thank you. I keep having recurring thoughts of my death and others. I am currently looking at talking therapy methods and hopefully that will be the start of recovery. Thank you again.

  • hi can u pls respond to this
    A couple weeks ago I had a symptom of OCD. It was like “if I don’t drop this my family will die “. I talked to my mom abt it and she said she had some problems when she was younger too but it went away. The next day and for the next couple days it went away.
    Now abt 2 days ago I started having these thoughts in my head and they were like making me think of people committing suicide or doing drugs and now my mind is making me think of theses things. And they go away when I’m at soccer or with friends and kind of kept busy, but when I’m not busy I start thinking abt it and can’t stop. I have a wonderful life and would never want it to end Bc of this thought forcing me to do something. Yesterday I told my mom and she understood how I felt and I felt a lot better abt it she also said when she was in my grade (which I’m in 7th) she would have to flip the light switch a certain amount of times. I think I have OCD but I don’t know what to do and I can’t get these thoughts out of my head and it’s scaring me a lot! Can u please help and tell me if I have OCD and what i should do abt this. Should I go to a therapist should I take medicine. I just want this to go away ��

  • I don’t know ��, i mean throughs that i don’t wanna think off or just pop up! Like very dirty throughs, i don’t want to think that way. My thoughts make me depressed soon as am happy,normal this thoughts strikes me which lead me to extreme depression, mood swings & uncomfortable situations…��
    Can you help me with this?

  • This is a very helpful video. I just want to share my personal experience. I think I have OCD. I am always anxious, and then I always have unwanted irrational thoughts. This is affecting me badly. Also, I have panic attacks sometimes. Any piece of advice you can give me? I would be very grateful!

  • I learnt burpees from TKD and there was no push up, i get my burpees are easier but if i get gassed out to the point of wanting to vomit i dont see a problem with easier burpees!

  • Yeah this is very uncomfortable like I would say things about god and the holy spirit but my mind could not stop saying it, I dont even mean them. I love God, Jesus and the Holy spirit.

  • Scott, just interested to hear how you learned the correct way to do these exercises if everyone is doing them wrong… thanks for these!! I learned to never copy people at the gym because 99% of them are doing it wrong.. the only guy I watch in the gym is who does slow negatives and has controlled form.. I know he’s watching your videos!

  • Can OCD be a voice in my head that’s says bad things about God. I can’t stop it it’s scary it me so bad. It says bad things about God and The Holy Spirit. My mind can’t stop saying mean things. I’m on the verge of killing myself because I don’t want to live this way. I feel so bad ��

  • I dont Know how to start about My feelings, i feel like i have no strong feelings like others have angryness,happiness,scaring.surprising etc. I think iam very different from others i dont Know even how to behave normally.and how to Show love to others,Show to mingle with eveyone.and iam 20 years old now and i cant do single work properly.i have confusions in everything.and thinking that i am abnormal. How to solve this Pls reply and i cant learn simple thing quickly i take so much time to learn anythind and understand. But i am good at studies.

  • So, I followed everything he said, to the smallest nuance.
    Stats:I used to do shoulder presses, with 120Lb dumbbells.
    Barbell but on the smith machine, two 45Lb plates each side.
    Now: 65LBdumbbells. 12 reps
    Smith machine-45 and 25lbs plates.
    But I never once did standing shoulder barbell presses.
    So, I figured I will add it to my should w/o. I said.. start with 45lb plates… yeeeeaaa right!!! Lololol
    So, I knocked it down tdown 25lbs plates.. nope. I paused.. then put two 10LB plates.. bad form.
    Today I did four sets of perfect form standing shoulder barbell presses.. with 10LB weights.. with the bar, a total of 65Lbs.
    That’s what I use with seated shoulder dumbbell presses.
    So ooddd but I tossed the ego and made a goal to graduate to 45lb plates in 6 months.
    Wish me luck!!

  • Scott, does doing dumb bell shoulder press standing work your entire front, middle, and rear shoulders? Also, can you show shoulder exercises for all three? I am having the hardest time working my shoulders.

  • finally someone who does a burbee without a shit pushup to start….Thanks now I know what a burpee is… all the other experts on youtube had me unconvinced.

  • I have ocd where I’m scared my family member will get sick if I don’t act on a compulsion, it’s so traumatising, drives me crazy, have been really bad lately, and I have the feeling which go along with the thought, help

  • Is it bad that I get intrusive thoughts every day that day do something random like hitting the light switch with my head or touching a door three times or my family will die? And I have a routine of things I have to do every day like checking certain rooms for burglars, taking different routes home or something bad will happen when I get home? Like I really want to tell someone about it but I feel like if I tell someone in person it’ll come true ��

  • I am very depressed since few month. Sexual thoughts have been coming to my mind. I don’t know why. I am very depressed. This thoughts comes all day in my mind what should I do? Please help. And i am not a girl. I am a boy.

  • Woooo! Thanks Coach! I really like how you do your squat jumps. Looking like Goku doing Spirit Bomb! Nice shirt btw.
    Now I can doing my push ups way better now! Thanks again! Have a Blessed Day and stay safe!:)

  • I used to do thing thing when I was younger where, If I was in school I had to wear this bracelet, and if I didn’t I would have bad luck..:/

  • I don’t know if ur gonna see this or read this but I think I have ocd. I hurted my dad one day and after that I started to think that I was a bad person and all that. I was scared from hurtin him again and I try to avoid the thoughts of me hurting my dad mentally. But I became worse I started to get thoughts like hurting my family, like killing them or hurted them some how or killing or hurting myself. I’m so scared because I love them and I don’t want this thoughts I’m afraid if I do things like that. I’m afraid if I hurt people I love so I’m trying to distance myself. I feel like I’m psychopath. I’m so scared that I’m horrible person that hurts people. I can get thoughts like “stab yourself” or “stab her” or “kill yourself or kills your sister” things like that and I’m so afraid please help me. I want to kill myself, I don’t want to have these thoughts do I have ocd? I think I will take my life soon. I’m so afraid of hurtin people I’m not like that I promise please answer me

  • i had intrusive thoughts for a week and then i was able to control them easier for 4 days. yesterday i suddenly began to worry about a thought i had because it felt like i liked that thought. i tried to fall asleep, but i kept waking up. and i was sweating a lot. i’ve also began to tell myself to shut up whenever i have a distressing intrusive thought and digging my nails into my hand to make them stop. but i began to worry because i kept impulsively doing them in response to other things that weren’t
    distressing at all. i know that they’re thoughts and i don’t want them to become thoughts i enjoy but it’s really hard to tell myself that they’re intrusive thoughts and i doubt myself now. i tried to tell my mom like 5 times about them but she never understood and told me i wasn’t worrying about things that are “important” (like family related things) i don’t know what to do. i’ve gone on forums to see what other people experience but even those don’t make me feel better.

  • Sir I have ocd since one year…. that time I was totally unaware about this than got to know that it’s a symptoms of OCD….1st OCD was like someone touch me I have to fresh, don’t touch anything all’s things are dirty.. etc..this OCD was going on than than it’s totally stopped but the spiritual/religion OCD start…like if I go to the bathroom for toilet than I have to wash my hand…full arm bcz I done toilet so I have to fresh full… don’t touch flas point after bathroom.. etc..if I touched than have to cleaning wash & wash…n……bcz my self/OCD wouldn’t permit me touch books even concentration level day by day decreased….I am a civil service aspirants but I am unable to give my 100% for my study….there all time thoughts are going…pls help pls help…

  • I had a very strong thought that I have ocd, and this video helped a lot
    Now I’m even more sure that I have it
    Should I have an appointment with a doctor or something?
    If I went, I’m not sure how to actually explain all this, I’m sure I have it because what you were talking about in this video is so so so similar to how I act
    It’s made me feel even more like I do

  • Can OCD thoughts convince you of things and make you feel things?? I think I have Pure OCD. I suffered from extreme health anxiety a while back. I went to the doctors a couple of times and even to the ER because I was flat out convinced I was dying. Now, I had broken up with my boyfriend because I felt like I fell out of love with him then suddenly I got hit with HOCD and a fear of being trans (NEVER had I ever been uncomfortable in my body or anything like that, or liked a woman). I’m scared of women now and feel anxiety with the thought of being around them because for some reason I feel like I am going to like them or that I already do. The trans thought has made me feel like I am not myself anymore and I just feel sick.
    I’m scared I turned myself trans and suddenly giving into those thoughts makes me feel like its true which then makes me feel relieved?? But at the same time, it feels wrong
    I also get intrusive thoughts but then I doubt if I am even mentally sick at all, like I am fine.
    I don’t know what to do. I am signed up for BetterHelp but I fear my therapist won’t understant me

  • Hello. I am now wondering if I have OCD. Whenever I feel angry at someone these absolutely horrible thoughts come to my mind. But I don’t want these things to happen. So my mind makes me say “ I hope nothing happens to this person on earth” three times. Then i wonder if I said these things three times. So I keep saying them. And whenever something bad happens in movies or something these thoughts make say I want this to happen to someone else too, but I don’t. I want the opposite so I say the sentence three times. I’ve had different symptoms that make we wonder if I have OCD. When I think about these thoughts that come I start to imagine the future what will I do, will I give up.

  • That is so true. I am releasing my question “Does shift work effect weight”. I will focus on how to stay healthy when working shift work. This session really hit home to me. Thanks

  • Good stuff Glenn!!! So logical, the point you made about your weight not being ” the gate-keeper ” of your health, really rocked me!! Food for thought there!!! ������

  • I suffered from severe ocd for more than 13 years and finally cured it with changing diet (80% fresh raw fruits, veggies, lettuce + 20 % low-fat cooked vegan meals)and exposure therapy (simply refusing to do all rituals by will disregarding the fear & anxiety and doing the opposite of what the ocd wants, for example, it wants me to touch this thing 3 times I’m not doing a single time, it wants me to wash hands asap, I’m not washing them, etc apply to your own case).
    I feel absolutely fantastic and free now, as though I’m finally out of the mental prison. The feeling of joy, happiness and freedom is overwhelming, I wish everyone could experience that.
    Keep ignoring obsessive thoughts and not doing ANY ocd rituals and you will be free.
    Good luck!

  • Your grip is awfully narrow. At 1:45 your hand is inside elbow. I was taught that elbows should be vertical with the wrist. I feel I’m a bit stronger with a wide grip personally. It’s almost as if your engaging a lot more tricep with narrow grip.

  • my OCD is kind of different. Instead of “bad” thoughts stuck in my head, i keep thinking of repetitive thoughts on how to improve myself. My compulsion is i keep writing and rewriting the same thought down in my notes app on my phone and they’re all like “don’t be like this”, “be like this”, “don’t do this”, etc. but they’re the same thoughts.. my ocd keeps pressuring me to write it down anyways even though i’ve written it a hundred times before.I keep telling myself not to write it down but in the moment when that thoughts pops up, it scares me into thinking i’ll stay the same way forever if i don’t write it down because i’ll forget it. So the fear behind it is “your life will never change if you don’t write this thought down”.. its kind of weird.

  • Just out of words to appreciate you for explaining the technique of doing burpees with all possible mistakes.. Amazing..keep up-to-date the good work..������

  • Late to the party, but re: breathing: isn’t it just as safe-if not safer-to slowly exhale on the way down and up, with inhales at top and bottom? That way you engage the core and avoid strain that could come with holding your breath while going through the range of motion.

  • When I get anxious and stressed I start walking in the room to handle my anxiety. I always have thoughts and running across my mind.

  • This was very helpful as I am newly discovering I may have OCD. I’ve suffered with anxiety for most of my life… reading other people’s comments have been helpful too. Thank you for this!

  • Excellent job on this video. Super helpful. Didn’t know how many things I needed to correct until this. Appreciate you Scott. Welcome to FL

  • You speak about stiff leg burpees but it pretty much looks like that’s why your doing around 13:30-14min mark. There pretty much kno knee bend when your doing them.

  • Two things I disagree with in this video:

    1) Touching your chest with the bar. This is fine if you can do it without your elbows dropping behind the bar (at the bottom of the movement), however a slightly narrower grip width and arm proportions don’t always make that possible. Mobility may be a factor, but not always.

    2) Pushing your head “through the window” at the top. Your demonstration of this is far too exaggerated. At the top, the bar should be directly over the wrists, elbows, shoulders, core, and midfoot. If you push your head too far forward, and/or the bar too far back, this alignment is broken, which is obviously not good when lifting heavy.

  • 1. Handgrip not too far nor narrow
    2. Core control take a breathe and hold
    3. Push the barbell vertically upper chests vs shoulders
    4. Range of motion
    5. Control the negativeeccentric portion
    6. Push press vs Overhead press
    7. Push press to break plateau

  • Totally agree with the tips at the end. And that not many are trained to recognise OCD. I remember one professional I went in the past had confused OCD with Schizophrenia!

  • What about real event ocd? Everyone has done stuff they regret and I have too. This stuff happened years ago and what I did had no negative repercussions on the people around me so idk why I feel so guilty. For most real event ocd sufferers they get it because they feel they did something that could have negatively affected someone. I haven’t done that, I feel guilty because I feel like I’m some kind of bad person. I’m not sure what my compulsion is but I think I try to reassure myself constantly by analyzing my thought, feelings, and memories from the past and present. I try to tell myself I’m not this or that because of these factors. Sometimes it works, but sometimes I find some possible “error” in my logic and start panicking all over again. I try to get the opinions of others and remind myself f their reassurance an tell myself to “give myself the benefit of the doubt because of how young I was when I did this”, and it helps but not always. (I know reassurance seeking worsens ocd but idk what to do). Sometimes I use media or friends/family to distract me but then my ocd will randomly pop up and bring me into a tiny bout of depression. Idk what to do because other ocd’s revolve around irrational thoughts but mine revolves around the immense guilt of my past actions… I’ve tried to show how sorry I am to others to help the guilt and despite the fact that what I did wasn’t that big a deal to some it doesn’t work all the time. Maybe cause for others it may be a big deal to them? What does help is writing and ranting about how I feel, sometimes i text friends and after some ranting I feel better. They don’t even need to be answering my texts it just helps to put it out there… I tell myself that these past events are now just memories, and therefore just thoughts. But I fear that what I’ve done in the past makes me a bad person now. I don’t think I’m a bad person, but what if I am? What if I’m just in denial? What do I do?? I’ve had ocd in the past that wasn’t real event and it was pure ocd. I stopped it by telling myself how stupid the thoughts were and then not putting in the energy to think about the implications of those thoughts. But because my ocd is now real event I feel saying “these thoughts are silly” is invalid and that I’m in denial of something… Do you think that the therapy and solutions you listed could help me? im honestly so lost, I feel like my ocd isn’t as bad as it was before but at night when I’m alone with my thoughts sometimes they resurface, it’s like it’s become routine. As soon as I feel some kind of security my mind just rips me back into an ocd mindset. Like randomly I’ll think “oh dang I haven’t had a bout of ocd in a while” then bang! I have a bout of ocd… ugh whenever I’m in an ocd mindset my issues become so serious, but after a bit of ranting like I’m doing rn, I feel better and think what happened prior was dumb, but if I were to even dare think about the issue in-depth again my mind will automatically go back to ocd. Ugh I’m just repeating stuff over and over in this rant… What do you think? What’s your opinion of my ocd and how can I help it? Can I apply the same stuff as other ocd sufferers use?

    Pls and thanks if you respond!

  • yes I belong to ‘stay at home prisoner’. I tend to avoid people, even my friends during college years. I have this recurring though about bad relationship surrounding me and overthinking problems that never happens all the time it scared and drained me out so badly. It changes me, and I’ve noticed my friend called me ‘chipsmore’ for always missing after classes. Gladly, there are friends who care enough to ask me if I’m okay. I was and still a little bit passive in terms of socializing. I’m very aware of people but I tend to make myself unfavorable to socialize and stay away as fast as I could. Staying home and keeping things short.

  • I have OCD like I feel like if I don’t do something correctly my future will be screwed for instance if im washing dishes I’ll place the clean dish up and in my head it’s saying to pick it up and rinse it again. I also have PostPartum depression. I feel like im dead but in my body while life is passing me by. I feel like im in a sunken place. CBD helps me but I hate myself sometimes. I don’t want to be a toxic mother to my baby I need reassurance


    I actually don’t know what to make of this but I’m sure I have OCD. Not too sure about where my anxiety stems from but I think it could be trauma and my fear of not knowing what my future holds. I just hope I recover from it as it seems like my body’s responding to my thoughts negatively ulcers and skin conditions.

    Nonetheless I hope God blesses you for your service. I really really really appreciate it. Thank you again.

  • Wow, this video hits me deep inside, it was like seeing myself talking to me!!! ������!!! I went basically the same ordeal you went through, but luckily I found all these valuable information before it was too late for me. Unfortunately my mom wasn’t so lucky, she developed type 2 diabetes at 45 and passed away from complications related to her illness in 2012 and that event was a red flag for me to do something about my own health asap. Thanks to people like you I got all this information and tools to control my health. At her time, she didn’t have that opportunity. Please keep on doing what you’re doing, it’s life saving. ����

  • Cant imagine being able to do the activities you listed. My knee went out at 23. No more bikes or basketball. Inflammation started by 35. Walking became enough to put my knee out. Insomnia started by 38. Now that Im 55, inflammation takes only about a week of crappy eating to be quite intense, I have to be very very strict or I HURT. Period. Insomnia is a torture.

  • The only two none building things you’ve quote yourself doing which are Alarming during the times I’ve watch your advice reflection & guidelines is
    1) Drinking Alcohol
    2) Eating Pork

  • I lean back far enough to let the bar pass my chin and make sure that im pressing the bar in a straight vertical line. As for grip width, I think your forearms should be perpendicular to the barbell and elbows should be directly underneath the bar.

  • I have doubt sir I have thoughts like abusing gods? Does I am really abusing god? I feel like thoughts have some power and value

  • Hi umm, so I don’t really know if this is OCD but well I get thoughts like “touch the wall or you will die tonight” and I just get scared so I just do it,every night before I sleep I have to put my chair down I don’t know why my body or brain just makes me do it,so In 2 days I have to film something for my school and it’s gonna go on television I’m scared that at any moment my brain just tells me Touch the chair or everything’s gonna go wrong or something. Every time I get these thoughts I get scared and start shaking�� please please I really don’t wanna get anxiety in front of everyone

  • That’s Olympic weightlifting… you are doing the top half of a clean and jerk… a squat snatch is a wider grip…. what you’re doing has little to do with bodybuilding…. Some more fruitless ego lifting!

  • Since you are a psychologist, would you please talk more about self sabotage? I feel it is a mental issue with me. I can’t seem to let myself improve too much. I always…always….so something (eat carbs) to undo the progress I have made. Yesterday for example, I knew I looked nice and I felt happy with myself. A person I met exclaimed Oh you look like you have lost weight! Later, I ate a lot of pizza and a chocolate bar. Why do I do this sort of thing often? I thought your video would talk about that subject more. You are fortunate that you have such a strong ego. Help.

  • It’s hard, I wish I was more like you. Sadly, even if I know something intellectually it doesn’t preclude me from doing the opposite of what I know is good for me. Take this moment right now for instance, I’m currently fighting the urge to go to the store to buy sugary treats, despite knowing how bad it is for me. I ate strict keto a few years ago, I had the same energy-leveIs that I had in high-school. And yet, knowing how good I felt, it’s still hard to go back to it. I completely agree that food is first. What you put in on a daily basis really affects how you function. Maybe I’m pushing myself too hard in various areas. Makes me try to cope with candy. One day at a time I guess. Sorry, for this rambling comment. I really enjoy your videos.

  • I started a new job this year which I can walk to 45 min walk each way. Wow! It really sets me up for the beginning of the day is and also a fitting end to my working day. Not for weight loss, ever.

    Keto for 4 years as at 1st March this year, I’m told I look younger than my age (people tell me my skin is so clear). Not eating toxic industrially processed substances masquerading as ‘healthy balanced diet’ has led to no doctor visits for ill-health any more and no dental decay either for nearly 4 years. Incredible how well I feel, mentally and physically. No wonder people keto on, and on, and on.

  • My excuse is always, “I’m not THAT big.” I may not be extremely overweight but I need a lifestyle change! I need to be an example for my kids ❤️

  • I recently have gotten stuck into a bout of derealization and depersonalization. For whatever reason my mind has become freaked out/psyched out about the human body, skeleton, brain, etc. even animals makeup. I’ve become weirded out with how we are basically meat robots, and our organs, and skeleton. Like it bothers me that the person I’m talking to has a brain sitting inside their skull. It’s as if I pick them apart and minimize each other to just bones and flesh. It’s made me desensitized to other people. If anyone can relate or explain this it would help because My mind has been obsessive about it for awhile now.

  • I always have bad thoughts of hurting people I love the most or even people I don’t know or that they will hurt me although I’ve never hurt a fly. I have horrible habit of thinking people who produce food or workers at restaurants or anyone other than my husband and grand parents will poison my food or drink. It doesn’t make any sense to me, I’m a woman of God and I actively read my bible, pray and sing. I paint, play guitar and play games and do lots of creative things to help me have better thoughts but I feel like I’m constantly afraid of everything. I have divorced parents and been through some traumas. I used to travel and be very close to my family and do lots of fun things but it seems like since middle school I’ve just become a very sad and lonely person. I’m now married and I’ve gotten a little better but the thoughts still reoccur and it makes me physically sick, and gives me panic attacks. I’ve seen multiple counselors and psychiatrist and I’ve been out on medicine but it feels like it only makes it worse. I just would like a good remedy of how to start fresh and try to better my relationships and have stability in jobs and life in general. This is a bit vulnerable but if it can help me and other people who are also struggling it’s worth it. God bless and I pray for everyone else who’s struggling! We will get better in time ❤️

  • 1.45. Hand placement too narrow. When your upper arms are horizontal at shoulder level, the forearm is supposed to be vertical, thus forming a ” L”.

  • Most ppl won’t see this, I’m sure, but tbh I can’t without venting.I’m the loser of my friend group, I’m kind of bad at school, have no talent and I used to have a crush on a girl but she got with my best friend, of course I have rather low self esteem and I got beaten up mentally from the start of this year, I don’t rly consider myself an emotional person, but I do overthink everything, I despise that, I have no control over it.I don’t rly wanna be somehow smart or have thinking type of mindset when I’d have to deal with all this bullshit, honestly I don’t understand how I’d get over it but I can’t share it to anyone, I have no loved one, no one to turn to and vent, I just have myself with my thoughts and that’s it.

  • I have fear that i will breath hard for my whole life and i will can’t enjoy anything because of that problem which is just in my head but still destroys me cause it feels too real…

  • Thank you for this video, it help me understand my daughter who has been diagnosed with OCD. To all you out there! Please tell somebody what you are feeling, my daughter waited 20 years to say something, she has been in therapy for six months and I can see a notable progress. This weekend there is a OCD Conference with a lot of useful information, help and an opportunity to build a support community. The cost os $90 for 3 days. https://iocdf.org/programs/conference/

  • Speaking to my heart today Cristy! <3 I am owning my power, which can be scary, but soo worthwhile!! Thank you for this toolset, applied with the proper leverage (Determination and Holding myself Accountable) I am down 105# so far!

    Thank you for the tools to help rebuild my Temple! I am sometimes guilty of telling others that you are like the Home Depot of weight loss. All the tools in one place, AND it is a DIY project no one else can undertake except themselves. <3

    Thanks again! You rock.

  • damn,, i was doing a push press the whole time, thank you for sharing this video.. now i realize that mistake and change it to overhead press,, it’s more harder to lift and unfortunately i need to decrease my lift to get a better form

  • Well I’m not 100% sure on this article, I’m 48 going through menopause and also have a thyroid problem, I’m a personal trainer and studying weight management but I do eat healthy, I do exercise and I do all the right things but the weight over the past 12 months has just stacked on due to these problems above that have just occurred mostly around the belly area, I have never focused on weight before we eat to live a healthy life, feel great and enjoy food not to loose weight, how would I address a person that is going through exactly what I’m going through, to help them through their issues, I’m really not overly concerned about the weight number I just feel the belly fat is increasing and nothing has changed with my diet or exercise, so do we now, that these factors that are uncontrollable have to change our eating and exercise habits to help with the increase of belly fat which by all accounts is the fat that is really not good for you to have. So the factors of menopause ages and thyroid problems do effect your health how do we counteract that????

  • I have one problem. While praying I get intrusive thoughts and images about my parents though I never want them to be harmed. I have religious ocd and I try to keep on praying to lessen my anxiety but the moment I start praying in my mind I get unwanted images related to the life of my parents which causes a lot of anxiety and I fear if because of me they are harmed Please help me what to do with this. I also get blasphemous thoughts and i do not want anything to happen to my loved ones because of my harmful thoughts for them which I hate thinking and imagining. I love my family even more than my life but I do not know how I get negative thoughts about my family and God. I feel like killing myself. Please help me!

  • I always make sure that when I get fatigued at the end of a set, I’ll do a push press but do a slow negative to maintain muscle growth.

  • Spend more time showing us the RIGHT way and less time showing us the mistakes. It is not productive AT ALL to show the wrong way. I know you think it is, but it is not. Think about it logically.

  • Burpees are hell good, i hate and love Burpees 😉
    1 question:
    If i do only burpees in a raw for one day, ho many burpees i must do to burn fat?

  • Lovin these jumping burpee’s, week 8 doing 25 jumping jacks to prep with full deep breaths before 50 burpee’s twice a week, 6.52 is my pb. Should I go for more in a row or grab some baaaahhbells? This first had my shoulder warm but that’s passed, and this has begun to kill my calfs. In the beginning landing from a full jump was met with no resistance from my calfs. But know I’m landing softly. I see videos of 100 burpee’s a day for 30 days…. ya this guys no where near close to being able to swing that. But trying for sure.

  • This is a stolen stripped-down version of Surya-Namaskar (Sun God Namaste exercise from Yoga).
    As usual, the Abrahamic religious fundamentalist rob ancient Vedic-Yoga cultural knowledge and do not give any citation credits. The Yoga books published in the libraries plagiarizes all the asanas (Yoga postures), gives it’s own English names, and gives all the credit to westerners and deprive its roots from ancient civilization of India.

    What’s published in todays education system which stole all the knowledge from Vedas, but don’t give any citation credits on Vedic Numeric System (0-9), Arithmetics, Algebra (is credited to Islamic robber Al-Jabber, who translated Sanskrit manuscript to Arabic and burnt the evidence); Calculus and Astronomy (from Surya Siddhanta); Nuclear Science of Particles (Kanad), Molecule (Annu), Atom (Parmanu); 18th Century British man who claimed to invent the concept of gravity (“Jurutwakarshan”) when he saw an apple fall from the tree. In 18th Century British captured most of India and stole wealth, knowledge and forced India to poverty, illiteracy and ethnical inferiority complex.

    Hope someday the White European people will realize that their ancestors were tricked by fabricated stories of Middle-Eastern Ideology, and were converted from their ancient Pagan religion. Hope that they will realize that the self-proclaimed “Religion of Peace” and “Religion of Love” actually preaches hatred towards ancient way of life, nature worshipers, polytheist, and promotes exploiting this planet & women because their is no place of women in their Haven, but each men will get 72 “Full-breasted Virgins”.

    I hope someday all our textbooks gets revisited and gives credits.

  • One question I do burpees but after every burpee after the jump I run still for 5 seconds in the same spot does it work the same or do I need to do the burpees one after the other?

  • Do to some sports injuries that happened when I was much younger (football hockey jujitsu) I have one shoulder that is slightly weaker and has less flexibility. What is the best way to bring up a weak muscle? I think many have this so a video would be cool.

  • I got some really bad bicept tendinitis from doing over head press with a barbell and it’s taken months to heal. Any tips on how to avoid that?

  • Hi!
    I’m really not sure if I have old, but I wanted to know what do you think… Every single day I feel like someone is able to read my mind. I hate it because I think I can’t control it. I’m really superstitious ( I always knock on wood if I say something that hasn’t happened to me, I don’t like black cats but it’s funny because I love cats and I could really go on about things like this). I get these thoughts that my friends just think that I’m really annoying and I really try not to and I get scared that they don’t like me… I feel like my parents think I’m a failure and it’s freaking me out.I also do things like wake up at a certain time even when it’s summer vaccinations, I eat breakfast at a certain time because if I don’t I get this feeling that something bad would happen. I am also really scared of hurting my little brother even though I love him and I don’t know what to do about it. Thanks for reading this if you did and please tell me what you think (sorry for bad English)

  • I’ve spoken to parents and it’s got easier more recently but I worry that what if I’m the past I sexual assaulted or r** my younger cousin. I have a memory of waiting him to go to sleep because he wanted somebody to sit next to him so he can go to sleep when he was very young and I worry what if I did something then, I’ve worried so much I keep telling myself it’s real and feel like a monster even though if something like that happened I would be in trouble and people would know. I just feel horrible like I’ve done something even though I’m not sure

  • Just to clear out some bro science, negatives/excentrics do not benefit muscle damage unless u use heavier weight That u can actually lift. Think about it when u cant press a weight u can still control it on the negative.

  • Hey Scott! In an old video about Seated Barbell Shoulder Press, you say that it is enough to lower the barbell till 90 degrees (so that barbell is around the lower part of chin) and that more than this is unnecessary overload on rotater cuffs. So, does it mean that full range of motion is different for Overhead Barbell Press vs. Seated Barbell Press?