5 Unusual Reasons You are Not Slimming Down


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5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Belly Fat

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Weight loss can be tricky. We all know we need to consume fewer calories than we burn to lose weight, but sometimes—even when you’re doing all the right things—that weight loss can come to a screeching halt. This can happen for a number of reasons, but, more often than not, it’s comes down to something that requires a serious lifestyle change to fix. Weight loss can be tricky. We all know we need to consume fewer calories than we burn to lose weight, but sometimes—even when you’re doing all the right things—that weight loss can come to a screeching halt.

This can happen for a number of reasons, but, more often than not, it’s comes down to something that requires a serious lifestyle change to fix. There are some medical conditions that can drive weight gain and make it much harder to lose weight. These include hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and sleep apnea. 5 Unusual Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight Leave a Comment / Metabolic, Nutrition, Weight Loss / By Kelly Doyle In an earlier post, we looked at some of the most common reasons why people struggle to lose weight – mainly related to exercise and nutrition. “You can diet until you are blue in the face, but if your thyroid is out of whack, you will not lose weight.” Telltale signs of a sluggish thyroid include eyebrow thinning, constipation, weight gain, dry skin and irregular periods.

5 You’ve Hit a Hormonal Rut. Not seeing results despite efforts can be demotivating, and in some cases, heartbreaking. However, before reverting back to old habits, it’s worth examining the top 5 common reasons why you may not be losing weight. 1. Measuring Success with the Scale.

If overall weight loss is the goal, it makes sense to rely on the scale to determine success. Inflammation Might Be the Reason You’re Not Losing Weight—Here Are 5 Things You Can Do About It Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD. 2019-11-04. 7 Weird Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight.

By Mary Bolster. Oct 27, 2014 You’re jet lagged Losing weight is never easy, but if you’re a frequent flyer, it. Unexplained weight loss, or losing weight without trying, can be a cause for concern. It might indicate an underlying condition.

A good rule of thumb is to see your doctor if you’ve lost a. 3 Unusual Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight. Hey guys! Today I want to share with you 3 unusual reasons why you’re not losing weight. Remember when I went to the doctors (1 western medicine and 1 eastern medicine) to get my cortisol levels checked and I discovered that my lack of sleep was negatively affecting my lower belly fat?

It was.

List of related literature:

The second has to do with my physical laziness and my weakness for the Mediterranean diet (which is the opposite of the Atkins diet): lack of exercise and excessive weight are not what my physical therapist recommended.

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Unintentional weight loss · Significant unintentional weight loss during the few

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All of these can have major effects on your ability to lose weight.

“The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence: A Woman's Guide to Stressing Less, Weighing Less, and Loving More” by Jessica Ortner
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Hyperthyroidism, extreme exercise, cold weather, lactation, and cachexia caused by chronic illness can produce weight loss from increased metabolism causing excess calorie usage.

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Choices Reasons to lose weight (pros): Reasons not to lose weight (cons): Points Reasons Points Reasons 3 Losing weight will reduce my risk of diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease.

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3 You lose something when you have less of it than before: You look thinner; have you lost weight?

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The number one reason most people “inexplicably” can’t lose weight is they’re eating too much.

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The weight started to come down, little by little, despite no real changes to my (notoriously poor) eating habits.

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The findings of recent unexplained weight loss and lightheadedness could be considered red flags.

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I didn’t lose weight quickly at first; I lost it slowly.

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  • Oh girl you’re amazeballs����✌✌��!! Thankyou soooo much for this awesome helpful video!!! Man you nailed me to the wall on the 1200 calories…ummm��I was like oh shiaaattt! I’m beyond frustrated with my weightloss journey grrrr! I’m 5’4. 158lbs…supposedly 30%bf(I about died when the scale said that)and have been doing intermittent fasting all day and then OMAD keto at night…I started tracking thinking that’s why I’m not losing like I should…It did make a difference when I tracked but then I plateaued again grrr!! I realize that my body has always responded to cardio so I started doing alot more cardio…like half hour or more…I dont want to do heavy weights until I get to my 19%bf goal…but I do weight train with alot of reps and low weights…I try for 5 days a week…soooo maybe 1200 isnt enough but I figured I would lose quicker and burn more fat with fasting…My goal weight is 135…this has been THE most frustrating journey everrr!! Help me lol!! I just ate 7 donuts and 2 costco pizzas cause Im so depressed����������You’re hired✌����!!!!Or am I beyond help��??!! You rock girl������!!Loveeeee your channel��❤❤❤❤!!!!

  • I was 280 lb I lost 10 pounds in 2 days by fasting and now I’ve plateaued at 268 when empty and 270 when full. I think I got to exercise more

  • Many people nowadays are working to find out the best way to drop weight. Then again, being able to discover a diet plan that can work for you is tough to find. A very important factor you need to understand is that a diet is effective for one person might not work for another. And that means you must understand what your getting into before you start one of these diets. This can give you enough information to learn whether this is something that is suitable to your needs. Read more here https://rb.gy/xxjiq2

  • hi.. i do 23:1 method and i eat everything i want during my feasting period. Junk food, sweets like cake and graham, wheat bread and noodles for an hour (depends on my cravings). And I workout everyday for atleast 20 mins. In 10 days i lose 5 kilo. Sometimes I cheat for a day like having 2 meals in one day and im afraid that i might gain weight again because of it. I want to know if the food i eat every feasting time is good or not in fasting? I don’t want to gain weight anymore my target is 40 kilos and im 58 kilos before. I have to lose 18 kilos.

  • New to your channel Georgie! Can you please do a video on food intolerances & getting enough calories.i train 6 days a week at high intensity e.g. F45 classes, weights,HIIT,spin,boxing,abs etc & eat 1200 calories a day.im gluten free/vegan/lactose free & low fodmap & find it so hard to eat enough calories due to this & i know i undereat by a lot.my wedding is in October & i want to build a bit more muscle & tone my stomach up a bit more for my honeymoon.i dont need to lose weight though.any tips?xx

  • I did intermittent fasting for 2 weeks and I I lost 8 pounds. After that my body stopped burning fat and it’s weird because I eat healthy and I exercise everyday! I’m now doing detox to see if that’s the reason why I’m not losing weight ��

  • Hi Georgie, What do you think of breads these days which are low carb but higher in protein + fat? I have been having them instead of normal bread, what do you think?

  • Light will keep you awake. I used to have insomnia because I had a three-bulb lamp I’d turn on in the evening. I watched an insomnia research doctor on Joe Rogan’s Podcast—realizes I had a problem with too much light—and I switched to one lightbulb under a shaded lamp at nighttime. Now I fall to sleep at a decent hour, and I wake up early and full of energy!

    Jo is right, turn off your phones, but also look at your other light sources because they probably cause problems.

  • Not getting enough sleep is probably my issue
    I want to lose belly fat after 2 pregnancies. I’m not over weight but the stubborn fat bothers me

    Been doing IF for months
    Workouts5+ days/week
    Low carb diet

    I love my alone time at night after the kids go to bed so much what do I do!?

  • There weren’t guidelines in the description �� but thank you for this!!!! I think my weakness is portion control honestly!! I didn’t even think about, even if you eat healthy, it’s still putting on weight if you eat a lot!

  • Love love love this video, I totally resonate with the health over appearance thing. Our body tells us what is wrong!! You are so informed and well spoken ❤️

  • Love watching you! thank you for all the effort you put into informing girls everywhere! You are such goals with your crazy schedule, still working out, meal prep, healthy eating its fab!!!

  • same thing is happening to me, I am trying extreme dieting with very less calories. In the beginning, I lost some belly fat but not anymore. I am going to change to the one where I change my diet every 2 weeks. Lets see how that works.

  • Losing weight is so frustrating like I eat better I try to work out in my free time. This is taking forever I’m actually considering to stop eating I hate this!!!

  • I dont get stressed but since im in diet I dontlike to sleep too much and if I tried to sleep I cant slepp…. closing my eyes, flipoing my face…nothing works… of course not thinking about anything but I just cant sleep ; ( any solution for that?

  • all good points. i would add that cardio works the most important muscle in your body, your heart. cardio and weight training go hand in hand and unless you are an elite powerlifter or strongman, take what this guy says with a grain of salt.

  • hey I am starting intermittent fasting and im a little concerned I am not doing this all right… is anyone willing to look at what I eat in a day and see if is right lol?

  • What about iron 3x a week 1-1.5 hours a day and 1-2 x a week (non lifting days) aerobic treadmill/elliptical?
    I did that for six months lost 50 pounds and kept incremental improvement with my strength. A bit away from my 20s I wasn’t squatting 350 pounds benching 225 etc. but I felt really good and healthy.

    I am glad a friend sent me this link.

  • Good morning Autumn, I have a question? I have been doing IF. 16/8 for 3 weeks and I have not lost anything i have stayed the same weight. When I break my fast I have a protein shake and have ACV and Turmeric. I am not hungry until dinner and some times I am not hungry at all. Should I eat when I am not hungry? I am getting real discouraged.

  • Hi, I hope you read this and take the time to reply. I have huge problems with bloating and storing fat on my belly. Like it’s a family thing. I am really thin but my belly look like I am 3 months pregnant. What can I do?!

  • I can’t exactly help my stress levels I’m in year 10 and I’m already stressing about the HSC (That’s high school certificate for those who don’t know). I also can’t really sleep more because I’m at school for 6 hours then I have heaps of homework, working out, netball training, trying to spend time with friends, etc.

  • I’m glad, I watched this video; I started IF since last week and I am adding collagen powder and honey on my coffee…. this is going to be a challenge; I am not a black coffee lover, I need a bit of sweetness in my coffee.

  • im definitely the one not eating enough calories. i lost weight around 3.5 kg and i kinda stopped losing weight while on IF. i was wondering why i wasnt losing weight when i was restricting my calorie intake to a low amount. i realized my metabolism has slowed down since i lost weight. im working on getting my metabolism high so that i can lose weight again. i hope things will come around.

  • I’ve been doing IF for a week and i’m not losing any weight but i don’t have any of the problems above, but like i sleep at 3am and wake up at 10 (quarantine time lol) so does it affect my IF?

  • OMG every 2 minutes (or less) theres a shameless plug to go watch another video. it was so annoying i couldnt even bring myself to watch the whole video. also you didnt even break down which fasting protocol you were referring to. obviously 16/8, 20/4 or OMAD will have very different variables. you’re opinions on the matter is highly debatable i’m afraid. or did you have another video on this point too?

  • At 3:24 I heard you inhale for the first time ever.
    You do a great job and I love your channel but I can’t understand why some content creators edit inhalation’s. I’ll take a deep breath and finish the video.

  • I’m in tears right now: I’m going to the doctor. He gave me a diet, I’m exercising, I’m drinking water…and I haven’t lost a single pound. NOT A SINGLE ONE.
    I don’t know what to do, I’m trying so hard but nothing seems to work to me!

  • I don’t make these mistakes but still after a whole week of fasting from 12 15 hours all I got was 1 kg more lol (even though I feel myself slimmer if that makes any sense) today I was able to fast 16 hours for the first time and I started cutting carbs from my first meal at least. Also will try to give it some time and stop being so anxious for results, will go back to weighing myself when I complete a month into it.

  • Caesy I just can’t stick to a diet!!!!! I am really depressed. I was 80 kg and I lost 12 kilos but then I put on all the weight back!!! This happened two times, I lost the same 12 kilos till I reached 67 kg Then I put on ALL the weight again… Now I am 78 Kg and 162 cm tall.. I need help Please!!! I don’t feel confident at all, I can’t buy good clothes and I hate taking pictures ������ PLEASE help me ❤ Most of the fat is in my thighs and butt and this is hardest part to slim, but my tummy tightens quickly

  • That popping sound you have in this video every time something pops on the screen makes it this video unbearable. I could only watch two minutes before I commented and bailed. Just thought you should know.

  • I eat healthy and drink a lot. I really dont know what the poblem is. Just started (1 week ago) and havent lost a pound…i mean i dont expect magic but not even 1 pound? Makes me so sad

  • I can attest that eating too little screwing a person up. My doctor told me that bc I was eating like once a day for several years I screwed my metabolism up and it’s been a struggle to lose weight because of it.

  • if i messed up my metabolism by not eating enough, can i get it back up by eating more? i’m working out pretty regularly right now too. would i have to change my exercise routine?

  • 1) Not factoring in your changing metabolic rate

    2) Not making incremental adjustments to your diet plan overtime

    3) You’ve created a diet plan that’s impossible to stick to

    4) Trying to lose your belly fat just by doing a ton of cardio

    5) Not focusing on building muscle and strength

  • I’ve been doing IF for 4 months now & i have lost 25 lbs.I eat healthier food now,no rice & i go to the gym.I’m just grateful that I’ve discovered IF.

  • I’m not here to question your intelligence or put down your content. I in fact am learning quite a lot. I would like to say though my brother was a 300 pound man and lost 60 pounds in a year when he started college just from walking to class. He was never a physical person at all and he ate monster burgers on a daily basis. When he started college he started eating a lot of chick fil a and pizza because it was available on campus. He didn’t change his routine and walked pretty much the same distance each day. Just lost a lot of weight. He has since gained it back, but still. Just saying any change in activity and diet makes a difference. I am a big fan of intermittent intervals because confusing anything, even the body, probably works. Just as you’re confusing people with terminology. A 350 pound shouldn’t build muscle to become healthy, that’s a physique thing. A 350 pound man doing Cardo to get healthy, no one should ever deter that. Getting yourself healthy and not promoting beauty should be the ultimate goal not telling people to lift Bro.

  • One question please. If I drink one cup of tea with skimmed milk in the morning ( I usually fast bet 7pm and noon), will the milk break my fast? And I’m doing it for nothing? Thx

  • I’ve started up gym and diet about a month ago almost.
    I dropped from 255 to 247 but no more, my strength has gone up as well as my endurance but I cannot lose anymore weight or body fat, no matter how well I stick to my diet and exercise its insane. Starting to think I’ve reached the fittest I’m gunna get.

  • Hi Autumn! You mentioned a high carbohydrate diet… what do you consider (in terms of percentage) to be a high carb diet? What ratio of protein/fat/carbohydrates do you recommend for intermittent fasting/fat burning/weight loss? I really enjoy your videos, and hope to hear back. Thanks!!

  • Damn, I think im not eating enough.. I usually don’t go over 1000 cal in my 20/4 fasting. Just unsure how to eat the correct food without feeling I’m cheating.. I know you can’t have too many fruits because of sugar and some veggies have alot of carbs. All I eat is chicken breasts for protein and I can’t eat too much in 1 sitting. Especially if its dry..

  • Good morning ☀️ Ive been IF for a week now… 16/8 Does Atkins Protein Shakes interrupt your fat burner process? Also, is it ok to add flaxseeds in my ☕️ (grinded)

  • This video didnt show up in my youtube sub feed ��. Luckily I saw your insta post about it. Thanks for great the content though ��

  • So what do we eat during the non fasting period? I fast for 14 hours between after early dinner to late breakfast. I eat fruit to break fast and then brown rice veggies and meat for lunch, dinner is also steamed greens and meat. But I always feel like I’m not eating enough

  • My logic can certainly be off but starting out myself (completely out of shape and chubby), I feel more comfortable starting with cardio only for some time to just get the blood flowing/heart beating/endurance up enough to complete free-weight training without my heart exploding out of my chest and keeling over at the gym in front of all.. and Nelson pointing down at me HA HA… Once my endurance feels good (shooting to get 3 miles in at < 30 min without stopping) then I'll split time with free weights. I just started a decidedly 16 week self-improvement session and it's basically I want to sweat for 30-45 minutes every day and raise heart to 150-160bpm during the high-intensity peaks. Currently cycle days between treadmill, water row machine, and elliptical. Then after, one day I'll complete 3 sessions of ab crunches immediately into push-ups or a cycle of timed circuit training weight machines (10 machines, hit all body parts). Plus following a nutrition plan.

  • What I did was I started with cardio, lots of cardio. I burned as much fat as I could, then I hit a plateau, from there I started weight and HIIT training. I also tried intermittent fasting, and I lost 55 pounds. You have to bring your heart rate up during high intensity training for at least 30-45 minutes a day. Keep your calories low, for me it was one meal a day and one snack. Not everyone is the same, you must talk to your doctor first before doing any kind of diet or exercises.

  • Keep it simple, its calories in vs calories out. Also its necesarry to know your basal methabolic rate(bmr) and your physical activity level(PAL) there are formulas online to figure this out.

  • Omg I have so many questions don’t judge please but I do intermittent fasting but I’ll have a pita wrap or sandwich is that bad to eat.im pescatarian bt usually eat veggies and fruit.but if I eat something sweet like one banana bread or a cookie.i stop eating by like 8 and eat the next day like at 4

  • There are several reasons people put on weight overtime without really realizing it here is a Answer I Found on Quora

  • Any advise for someone who understands the importance of counting calories or tracking macros for knowing what you are putting into your body and adjustments, etc. but does not want to track everyday? Reason being that it leads to an unhealthy mindset. I have lost 26 pounds by just eating better and drinking more water etc. I am still not in my goal jeans. So what I weigh doesn’t actually matter to me as far as numbers and I’d rather not obsess about numbers?

  • I walk/ jog 2 miles every day and workout also. Should I not walk/jog every day? I’ve lost 20lbs but my belly is still there. Thanks

  • My body is a cortisol junkie because my life is stressful. It sucks. It just has no help at all. I have tried, tried, tried. Can’t do it. Then tried to get a weight loss surgery and my insurance turned me down after a year in a program which btw i did not lose anything at all. I have just learned to accept who I am.

  • Hello Cassey, can I still loose my weight eventhough I dont exercise but I just cutting my calorie intake. like 1500 calories per day. I am not fan of exercising huhi

  • My IF plateau was definitely a muscle/fat swap. The muscle finally overtook the fat and I suddenly dropped another 10 lbs (added walking).

    Thanks for the content!

  • eating too little.. I was on the 1250 calories a day train for a while! stuck in my weight and always hungry and trying to workout 4 days a week and barely making it, because I was always tired. I Just started eating 1520 calories a day and wow, so much more energy, and never hungry, its been a week and I already lost a pound. so happy!

  • I have just started 2 weeks ago doing jogging in the evenings. I am not losing much weight but i do feel more fit and being fit is great. And assuming i carry on jogging or moving up to a run i will get more fit and be able to switch from cardio to weight training later on. And i will be better off than if i started weight training without running and getting fit first.

  • Thank you for the tip on collagen! I’ve been doing IF for about six months and feeling great. In the last month and a half I’ve stopped losing weight and haven’t had the same energy levels… the same amount of time I’ve been putting collagen in my coffee.

  • I liked your video combine your advice, with this method that I follow.
    weightlossin3weeks. com (Google it)
    that helped me lose 4 pounds in 7 days. greetings and thanks.

  • I needed this video! Been cleaning up my eating and working out consistently, but I haven’t been seeing the results that I want. I have such a sweet tooth which has always been my downfall. I haven’t binged at all in this time, which I’m proud of. I want to track macros, but I get overwhelmed about tracking my meals and forgetting something. I know a lot of people use my fitness pal to track their macros, but I’m curious if there is a website that I can use to figure out exactly the macros I should be having that fall in line with my goals? Side note: I always look forward to your videos! So helpful.

  • Hmm this video makes it seem like cardio is horrible… But I mean what about being athletic? You know stamina, mobility, speed etc….
    Most bodybuilders look good, but they are embarrassingly unathletic. They have strength and muscles, but can barely run for a kilometer without getting a heartattack.

  • I’m a vegetarian so I eat clean and I count my calories to make sure I eat enough. I been running 3 miles every morning.I been doing 16/8 but I been bloating every morning.

  • If I IF and get stuck in a phase of bringing In 1600 cals when maintenance is 2,500 but I continue to workout like a mother fucker will i overcome this metabolism issue.

  • Your videos are very good and very informative but i dont understand your reasons to run and speak so fast…it is difficult to follow and i have to constantly pause it to read and listen again all the info you are giving us. It is like you are in a competition against time to say what you have to say and there is a lot of info to be understood and processed. Could you do your editings more relaxed and slow, specially with scientific information? Why the rush? And less uselles footage of support, like people making silly gestures and films images that most of us are probably not interested in watching. Thanks.

  • During my Marathon years, my bellyfat was literally gone. Don’t forget that even a short, extensive 20 kilometers run burns more calories than a week in the gym. Plus it is more fun. Approaching my 50s, I am currently try to balance them both. But my goal is health and not impressing the opposite sex.

  • Thank you for your short and sweet informational videos. I hate it when I click on a topic like this one and see it’s 30+ minutes (I’m like NOOOOO! I don’t have that kind of time). I love just getting the facts quickly. Even though I know all this stuff, it’s great having the reminder (because I tend to lose focus, especially on the weekends!). Thanks Lynette! Love you!

  • My dad did nothing of that shit and he had a six pack when I as a kid. All he did was to exercise every day and stop drinking, that’s it.

  • Thanks girl for the wake-up call! I’m definitely a weekend “cheat day” kind of person and definitely need to stop! Love this video!!! ��

  • Its what i did for the first two months. Cardio, Lost 40 lbs by dieting (1800 calories a day) and cardio. Now I’ve Lost another 12 lbs with a high protein diet (160 grams) and weights. Now, I’ve hit my first plateau and its driving me insane. I’m trying doing fasting now to see if i can break this plateau. I’m trying to cut down another 20 lbs before my vacation to Mexico in January.

  • Talks way to fast, and the video clips are just shredded together my motion sickness flared up….sorry sounds like alot of great information..

  • Hey Georgie!

    I follow you on instagram and i was wondering how can you wake up so early every morning? I would love to see a video on this or even a morning routine! Xxx

  • i love your videos! i have a question though. if my total calories is 1140 i have to burn more than that in a day to lose weight?

  • Really like the tips. I know stress and the vicious cycle of deprivation/binging has kept me from losing in the past. I wish I could get more sleep but I have small kids and sometimes its just not possible but I do set a goal for 5-6 hours a night. And lastly I’m so happy you mentioned puzzles! I’m obsessed. I do them all the time and my kids love them too. Definitely our go to pastime.:-)

  • Thanks for this video. I did IF last fall and lost 20lbs. Doing it again now and not really losing anything. The most likely thing for me is that I’m just not eating enough. I don’t eat junk or snack between meals. But I do fill up at mealtime very quickly and because of the timing of our meals, I end up usually only eating tow meals a day. So I think I need to shove some more of the right kind of calories in there.

  • What if po, around 7pm is my dinner and I only ate lunch for the day. (3 eggs w/cheese tapos slices of apples) By that 7pm po, I’m not hungry pero I was force to eat kasi nga mahirap magkasakit ngayon lalo na may Pandemic. Is that called pampalipas gutom and I should eat or wag nalang kumain kasi i’m not hungry. Natatakot din po ako kasi di ko (i mean, di talaga) nareach yung daily intake nang calorie ko, mas baba pa nga which also one reason why one is not losing weight. I’m so confuse please help me po!

    i have been not losing weight these past few weeks and it is frustrating me. I tried omad and I lose 10kg for 1 month and 1 week. From 81-70/71 kg. I’m also working out 30-40 min per day. Now i’m not losing weight. So i tried working out like 4-5 times a week. And have a rest day. I also tried egg diet but nothing changes. Please help meee i’m losing motivation to continue:((

  • I only want to lose 65 pounds to reach the weight I was happiest with myself at. And then I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep that weight. I will try your tips. Wish me luck!

  • I been working out for 2 weeks and 3 weeks almost 3 weeks. What am I doing worng. I didn’t even have second servings. I am 202. I wanna be a 150 pound girl. I been drinking water on a daily basis. No snacking. I also watch my portions. What am I doing worng. Do I have to work out for a longer time? Someone let me know.

  • is blood type affect our progress. Cuz i read that the person who have blood type O has more difficulties in loosing weight and they can get fat easily or tummy fat….

  • Could you please explain why my sister is thin as willow but eats like 10 tons of food a day, does no workouts,consume tons of sugar and me following all those healthy rules and work out as fuck everyday still bigger stumpier and chubbier than my sister?We have the same parents btw and we both went to doctors they claimed both healthy.

  • Number 2! Oh Yasss. Today after my workout I eat 2 weetabix with berries… I wanted to eat more after that, another portion, I felt so hungry… but I did it! I restrained myself and while I was doing the dishes I wan’t actually hungry anymore, so I guess it was everything in my mind and desire for more food ����

    Thank you for your tips Jo ������

  • Many people nowadays are working to find out the best method to lose weight. Then again, being able to discover a diet plan that can work for you is tough to find. A very important thing you need to understand is that a diet is effective for one person might not operate for another. So you have to understand what your getting into before you begin one of those diets. This can give you enough info to find out whether this really is something which is appropriate to your requirements. Read more here https://rb.gy/xxjiq2

  • The most idiotic thing I have ever heard in a youtube video. I can’t change my stress levels, my stress is a result of a situation in the outside world.

  • Dude in your video I just saw before this you said to do cardio after weights and you had research data to back that up. Now you’re saying mixing them would cause decrease in strength?

  • drink warm water with lemon if you’re hungry after a workout, preferably in the morning if you work out in the morning. warm water keeps hunger away.

  • My good friend was the one who told me about the diet program when she laughed and said how she lost her weight. Then I decided to join in because she lost 19 pounds from that. Check out “sowo hope site” on google.

  • Do that 600 calorie shortage as a male and you L strength as fuck. You end up losing your weight eventually but you will also lose tons of muscles.

  • My problem is, i don’t gain weight. I’m a skinny women: Height 169cm, Weight 55 kilogram, 28 years young. I already went to a doctor. He said, that i don’t have any issues and i’m healthy. Can you do videos about How to gain Weight? It would be a pleasure. Lovely greetings from germany. ^^

  • My problems are that i overeat almost everyday. And idk actually how much i am drinking but i don’t think it’s enough but i tried drinking a lot and i cannot do it. I literally have to pee every 30 min and it’s impossible for me to do that cuz i go to school…
    And i have a VERY healthy lifestyle…for real EVERYTHING you could possible do, i am doing. And i’m actually trying to lose like 3kg which is not that much but it’s so difficult. Hopefully i can get there soon��

  • Thanks �� for this I been doing a lot of different workouts for the past two weeks but I haven’t been on the scale since August 13 and I don’t plan to until sometime in December. I love your arm workout and the abs but sometimes it’s hard for me to get on the ground. Am now that big just have a stomach and one somewhat bad knee but I want to loss.

  • The hardest part to do is number 1…. getting the phone out the bedroom as well as the ipad and definitely stress management. Great tips.

  • Oml I do all these things! I’ve lost 20 lbs about a year ago and I have a little bit to lose. The extra bit of fat on my body has been there for months! Thanks so much for this video really helped ����

  • So when I burn 2600 with exercise a day, what would you say do I have to eat. I am eating now 1400 a day but I am not losing weight. Do I have to eat more?

  • Hey Jo!
    Thanks for uploading another awesome video and for inspiring me to make my own YouTube channel! Your the best! Lots of love from Canada ����

  • But you can’t just say “don’t eat 1200 calories” because all of us women who require 1500 calories a day but are at a 300 calorie/day deficit to lose 1 lb of fat per week will be confused. It’s hard to do the calculations and start a deficit plan and then hear youtubers yell generalizations at you!

  • I’ve been doing IF for a month and have hardly lost anything:( I’m doing low carb and don’t do sugar (diabetic). I have increased protein and vegetables. I dont eat processed foods. I’ve tried about 56, 435 diets in my lifetime and I’m getting discouraged.

  • Yes I recall reading the headline of a study stating women over 40 should not diet and exercise, something to do with bone density loss..

  • I eat one meal and I eat very clean, If I eat more than one meal my stomach feels like it’s about to pop. I’ve tried eating more but it doesn’t feel good at all, it’s so uncomfortable and can’t seem to lose weight. I also drink a moderate amount of water daily and sleep a good amount of hours. Any tips??

  • Love your videos been doing all your workouts and omg �� I’m going to show my results on my channel soon super excited! thank you!

  • Thank you for this video!!.. I really love watching your videos, you’ve inspired me to take a step into taking care of my body and reach my goal.

  • For me personally, I don’t lose weight if I am not eating enough protein. I can be eating 1700 calories but if there isn’t enough protein(I shoot for 40% of my diet being protein), I am not only hungry all the time but I plateau of even gain weight.

  • Absolutely a informative video, I can relate 80% of what u mentioned. And now I learned and try to listen to my body get stick with the thinking that good things do take times ��

  • I’m not completely perfect on this journey because I don’t think of this as a diet it’s a lifestyle change. For snack I love my fiber one brownies yesss

  • Thank you for the precious information! I have trying to lose weight for a long time now! But having success! Check my health related videos in my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChQNLipYYAV4C2q82u9dXmA/

  • People mockingly call me bane because of the size of my trapezius, my personal trainer said on my 8th visit to the gym after a decade that the state of my deltoids is what people who go to the gym strive to achieve for years, while my lower arm is so “brutal” it looks like that of the arm wrestling champions who go there to train… so with all due respect, how much more muscle do you think I should build before losing the amount of belly fat for which the medical term is “morbidly obese”? I’m literally juggling double digit calorie differences to find the bare minimum that still gets me through the day without passing out, but I literally weigh the same to a decimal point in kilograms as on the 24th of may. I keep clicking on these belly fat loss videos expecting to find different approaches, but everyone literally repeats the same near useless advice word for word as if they were all reading from the same sheet of paper passed around between them.

  • Where did you get your shoes?! I love them! I know you’ve probably been asked a million times and I’m so sorry if it’s one of your past videos but I’ve tried looking and can’t find links anywhere!

  • But I….I…. drink a lot of water:(( and I…. sleep 8 hours a night…. and I do a lot of meditation and self talk…. why ain’t my 29 inch waist not becoming a 24??����

  • Hey have a question.Complex carbs also increases insulin? and if yes what should be the ratio in carbs daily(i mostly eat complex carbs).Thanks

  • I love your tip #5! It’s so hard in this day and age with the amount of people you see and the influence you get from social media to not focus on appearance and I love that you are using your platform to spread positive thinking! Love your message!!

  • Thanks for the advice! I am currently struggling with losing weight and I am working so hard to lose it too. I’m trying to do better at listening to my body’s needs. It’s hard though because I have insomnia really bad so I never really get enough sleep:( also, I have hard time fitting in all the calories my body needs because I get full so easily! Right now I’m under 900 calories a day because I just get too full to eat. Should I try to eat more even when I’m really full?? Since I’m trying to listen to my body I only eat when I’m actually hungry. What should I do??

  • Great video and I appreciate that you advise the healthy way to deal with weight loss. I also enjoyed your Vlogs. Really cool
    Although I must note that I was only able to lose weight when I completely stopped exercising for months. Weight resistance training made me bulk up and I actually gained weight and looked bigger because of it. Exercise is amazing for your health. But it’s not always amazing when it comes to losing weight �� Some girls (like myself) have their appetite increase to the point where it defeats the point of workouts. I felt that my body was stressed and I was never burning fat no matter what I did or how hard I tried. I did that for 2 years until I had enough one day and gave up working out. I ate a lot less and did IF Just like that I lost 12 kgs and never been happier �� after I lose another 8 kgs then I will begin to tone and define my body. But I’m too scared of jeopardizing my progress by working out right now. I feel like the smaller you are, the more exercise will help you look great. But when you’re overweight and have 10+ kgs to lose, diet is your way to go and IF. Just my 2 cents. I guess every body works different! Even my mom loses weight with exercise and I never have ��

  • Im 109kg and I try OMAD,after 8 days ive lost 7 kilos but I can see by the time it is getting harder to lose weight, any opinions?

  • You remind me so much of sarah’s day! I’m loving the body positivity and focusing on health overall! New sub and notifications are on! x

  • i am so all pf what you have said about undereating and overtraining and lack of sleep. the problwm is iam ha ing a hard time falling asleep. i eat before sleeping at bed and wakeup after 2 hrs again then eat then cant sleep anymore. until i purge it through midnight workout or toilet. hope i can recover and sleep well

  • This is a really good video, the tips you gave will help me a lot because I have a huge problem with under eating sometimes. Also it would mean the world if some of you could check out my channel, I am new. Thanks you if you do and have a nice day!

  • Hey Georgie! Loved the vid! I recently joined F45 about 6 weeks ago and loving it! My diet has been pretty good (a few slip ups on weekends but all in moderation) but I was struggling to drop weight. I have lost weight/toned up in the past and was super confused as to why it wasn’t happening as easily this time round, especially doing f45 5 days a week, the fat should of been melting off right? After thinking long and hard about why I realised I had also recently changed my contraceptive pill around the same time I joined f45. Realising this could be a major reason as to why I was retaining fat, my hormones had all changed. Switching back now to my original pill I had been on for 3 years. Hoping to see some results soon. But just wanted to share my view on another reason as to why weight loss can be difficult! If you’ve had any of the same issues regarding the pill I’d love to hear about them too xxxx

  • hi… u are so sweet… u inspire me:) I am a working girl..
    I usually do night shift… I go to bed by 5am and wake up by 1pm or 2 pm… will that work in weight lose???

  • Yas girl the 5th tip is so important!!!! Yeah I’ve been under eating and over training for waayyy too long. I’ve increased my metabolism and stopped counting calories now (I’ve suffered from anorexia) and I’m still kinda overtraining but that’s what I have to do. I train handball and I just cannot take a break �� But I’m really happy I’m eating enough now after a year of recovery and relapse and recovering again and he’ll yeah 2018 is the year of recovery!!!

  • For no.2, what if we sleep very late like at 5am and wake up late like at 4pm? Thats like 11 hours of sleep which is a lot but can we lose weight in that way???

  • There’s really only one reason, calorie intake exceeding your calorie burn. Workout more and/or consume less. It’s not rocket science.
    -Overweight guy that lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks just by eating less.

  • I already have heaps of cortisol it’s not my fault ok I just wanna be me. I eat plenty of fruit and water and such things it’s just I’m not sporty I do love swimming though.

  • Just wondering if it’s possible to be in a calorie deficit and still build muscle because isn’t it the case that if you’re weight training but on a deficit that the muscles won’t be receiving the amount of food needed and therefore causing them to break down? Should I focus on cutting and cardio first and then when I increase calories to then get into weight training?

  • Hey Georgie, do you have any tips for eating out/ could be potential video when trying to lose fat! Im on a calorie deficit but its hard to judge /track the food you dont make and I wonder eating out affects my progress but still want a healthy balance and to be social!!!

  • I swim ����‍♂️ everyday in the morning and I do Crossfit everyday in the evening… I’m 1,81cm and weighted 70kg when I first started 2 months ago (both Crossfit and swimming); right now I have less volume (I guess) and more defined lines in my body, but i still want to loose a lot more body fat… I’m afraid I’m doing to much cardio �� should I try heavier weights on Crossfit and less swimming?

  • Hey Georgie, this was one of my favourite videos you’ve ever made. I’m so glad you’ve found balance your hard work is seriously paying off �� I just wanted to ask, where is the wire lattice board thing on your desk from?

  • Thank you Dear. I just subscribed a few weeks ago. You are such an inspiration and not judgemental. I distressed just by the tone of your voice. �� Will you plz do a Beginner’s workout suitable for your more seasoned viewer’s. You make me feel like I can do anything! Peace and Blessings! ����

  • Hey chick loved the vid as per usual but just wanted to let you know it isn’t popping up in my subscription box, I had to search for it on your channel! X

  • im on diet. now it’s been 1 month. I was 55kg.. and now I am 53kg.. my target is 45kg due to my height is only 147cm. Why I only drop 2kg in one month? I eat right. I workout 5 times a week..:( I have enough sleep.. I drink enough water. is that very slow if I only drop 2kg in a month? why i can’t loose more than 2kg in a month? thanks for your advice guys.

  • I wish I had come across the “fetching tuti space” years ago after i was dieting for my wedding. I truly could have done with dropping 14 lbs back then. Lookup Google to discover more about it for yourself.

  • Losing that last 14 pounds of fat appeared like an impossible test, I adhered to “fetching tuti space” (Google it). I never dealt with any difficulty when I began my goal of getting rid of surplus fat. I have been on each and every diet regime known to mankind, simply to fall short terribly at all of them. This one is the very first diet aid I`ve discovered that actually works for me!

  • After 2 weeks of less calories, won’t the body put on weight on eating more after metabolism slows down? Isn’t that the reason people put get back on and more?

  • is it possible for your metabolism to be lowered because you eat less, but through exercise your metabolism still increases? and what happens when your body is in that situation

  • Hey freinds i found this artical i think it’s important check it:

  • I literally clicked on this video while faintly saying “Casseeey heeeelp… “
    Okay I need to talk about this.
    I’ve been changing my lifestyle for the past 5 weeks. I’m in law school, so before I stress ate, I didn’t get enough sleep and didn’t work out at all. Now I eat clean, I dabble in carb cycling, I workout 5 to 6 times a week, and try and sleep 7,5 h every night, but I’m seeing no progress on the scale. I have on the measuring tape though, and my body is visibly changing, but I know my current weight is still unhealthy and nowhere near the range where it would be considered ideal (don’t get me wrong, in a fitness point of view, taking into account body fat percentage and bmi). I’ve been doing weekly weigh ins for the past 5 weeks and I’m literally on square 1. I don’t know what to do. I’m trying so hard and this is making it so hard mentally to keep going.

  • Guys, exhausted by trying wide range of weight loss tricks.Search in Google as: “Hack2LossWeight” to find out more about new weight loss methods.

  • Your not in a calorie deficit u must b the dumbest educated person iv watched is this a joke I would think someone with education in Nutrition science would know the laws of thermodynamics

  • I fully endorse the need for adequate sleep to support weight loss (my mom has told me this for years m). But how does this work (practically) when you have a newborn waking every two hours???? ������

  • Watching your videos I always think I can actually be skinny and not be fat and when I’m working out I can never be skinny so I just cry and it will never work for me cause I can’t do anything in life

  • Down 20 pounds in the last two months but I’m definitely plateauing. Adding protein shakes this week based on one of your other videos and starting to add in resistance training and cardio to get through it. I’ll keep cardio to a minimum based on this.

  • School: 7:55. Bus: 6:30. Alarm: 4 A.M. Homework: 4.5 hours. Bedtime: 11 P.M. teacher complains that she went to bed at 11 �� I love them to death but really?

  • Want to lose weight in 3 weeks? I guarantee you this will happen.

    Just watch the video and follow the plan! Watch yourself change and see your dreams becoming true. Come on, lets not refuse, we’ve all wanted that beach body, both males and females right? So why not give it a try and see all you want happening��

    Interested? Check out the website by going on my website. https://health4418.wordpress.com/2016/12/20/health-fitness/

    Wish you good luck!

  • I’m always suspicious of taking fat loss advice from people that have never been fat. Every PT and Youtuber I come across seem to contradict each other.

  • I looked up “why I can’t stop losing weight” in the YouTube search. All of the first videos were about why you can’t lose weight. Well I’ll be damned. That’s fucked.

  • Hii Jo,
    I would be really interested in a video of your journey, whit pictures of the beginning of your journey and how you achieved your body how it’s looking now. ☺️����

  • This is so true.. i feel stress and sleepless.. even i skip rice for a week i dont lose weight.. normaly i used to lose my weight when i dont eat rice.. ��

  • what does growth hormone mean… do you grow taller during this time? if so how do i stop growing taller while losing weight. this isnt fair why am I still growing

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  • The main thing I’ve tried that’s worked Well is don’t eat several hours before you go to sleep. Even if you eat three meals in one day don’t eat after about 6pm for a couple of weeks And you should be able to take weight off.

  • i eat healthy, i sleep 8-9 hours, i only drink water (alot of water) and i workout alot. i still look like im pregnant:( help what do i do?

  • Hi, I’m so happy to hear someone who really knows what is talking about… Please make a video about fasting or losing weight while working night shift. I’ve had some issues regarding this because I can’t find enough information. I know the biological clock influences a lot, but I work at night so I don’t have many options. Thanks

  • Jo your background looks so clean, pretty, peaceful and neat…. could you give some tips on cleaning and organizing? Thank you for all you do for your viewers… you have seriously changed my life through weight loss

  • Wait you weight 170 kilos? Cause the 1 gram of protein (more approximately 0.8 grams) is recommended per 1 kilogram of bodyweight, not 1 pound. It’s about 0.36 grams per pound

  • Oh my god, it looks as if this video was directed to me. I have a lot of stress, I barely sleep 6 hours maximum per day and I almost dont drink water. I think these are things i need to change to lose weight! thanks

  • stress will never let me lose weight��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • im just chubby arround the waist, belly and kinda the chest. everywhere els is fine. and my wait issue and struggle to loosing weight actualy all relates to what you say. big help:)

  • @Glückskatze Why do you want to gain weight as long as you are healthy? Be careful, i know people who were skinny and they wanted to put on some weight, they went to doctors; got prescribed pills etc… or they bought natural herbs, grains that help in weight gain but later on it got out of hand and they became overweight. Just eat healthy, drink enough water and enjoy yourself ������

  • about the hydration part is really true, now i am in my journey and effort to lose weight (wish me luck!) and i try to drink 2.3 L water a day. why that number? i use hydration calculator on google that measure how much we should drink based on weight height and climate etc as well. so its been 3 days since i kept my bottle water with me all the time and i drink 2.3 L a day and more if i have workout. its been amazing, for me i really fell i no longer have craving to spicy/sweet food which i usually have.

  • So rn I’m not stressed at all, I’m sleeping a lot, and i try to drink a lot of water. I’m exercising regularly but i still cant lose weight?

  • Well this explains why I have this damn belly. With everything else except my arms and my belly I’m perfectly happy. Damn you cortisol, you ruined my body.

  • I lost 2 lbs only in 7 months of fasting/OMAD
    It’s not working for me.
    I am working out and not eating sugar, sweets, (only 50 grams of carbs daily) junk food etc.

  • What are some advice you have to the person who want to lose the weight from my belly and hips? What worked best for you/did you find it easier to lose the weight?

  • 5Starving and binging.
    4Same as point five, tbh. She offers a tiny solution here, I guess and asks to plan.
    3Drink water.
    2Eat healthy and eat in proportion.
    1Sleep well and stress less.

  • #1. Don’t stress out so much
    #2. Sleep more
    (Cortisol tends to produce when under a lot of stress and this hormone keeps fat)
    #3. Drink a lot of water (liver is a fat metabolizer so you NEED THE WATER to help it work dang it causes constipation since it’s overworking from little water intake what I’m in rn ��)

  • My buddies first introduced me into the weight loss plan “fizy amazing plan”, i googled it. My life has changed for the better after I lost 15 pounds by following this plan! Try this your self, hope you will enjoy it like me.

  • can I use collagen powder in my coffee during the non fast stage (eating period)? i use collagen for skin and hair benefits not for muscles

  • Burning off that last 12 pounds of fat felt like extremely hard challenge until I actually tested out the “fizy unique plan” (Google it). It was so easy to reduce that weight once I got started!

  • Thank you so much for this video. It’s been 9 days since I started IF and I gained 1 kg:(( I’m very unmotivated right now:( I have been doing anaerobic exercises for 1.5 months to get toned, but before starting IF I didn’t notice changes in my weight (or body), but since starting IF in just 9 days I gained 1 kg, what could be the reason? I have been eating as balanced as possible, not eating junk food or added sugar, sleeping 8 hours (12 pm to 8 am), drinking 1.2 lts of water (I know it should be more), and I’m on a surpluse diet (my calorie intake should be 1500 calories, I’m eating between 1300-1500), could this last thing be the issue?
    I’d greatly appreciate any advice, I’m quite sad right now coz I’ve been putting more effort than ever to lose fat mass and I don’t see results:(

    PS. I have a normal BMI, I’m 1.56 m and 55 kg.

  • Please help! I’ve been fasting for 4 days now but I’m not losing weight but instead gained weight. I gain weight right after I eat and I feel so guilty afterwards:( I’m doing the 16/8 method and I respect my schedule! I pay attention to what I eat but I just don’t see the change…

  • 10 hours of sleep is what finally worked for me, anyone out there if ur not losing an ounce then try it. I use listen to sound of rain/ocean to fall a sleep it really helped.
    that’s the vid I’m using https://youtu.be/iUKEFpz906k

  • I am having such a hard time with my fitness journey. I have gotten to the point where I feel guilty for eating ANYTHING and I mean anything! This video has helped me out so much with my struggle of underrating and overtraining! thanks love:)

  • I love your videos! Your such a real girl work full time, socialise, drink, enjoy food and your passion for exercise and healthy lifestyle makes me so motivated! X

  • Accurate tracking is HUGE! Especially accurately tracking amounts most food products weigh significantly more than the serving size.

  • Oh my waffles number 5 is me. But also an emotional eater and I eat late. How do you not hold water weight. I feel like sometimes I drink so much so it looks like I gained. I’m hella stressed that’s why I stopped working out. Last couple of days have not been sleeping well either. What if you can’t sleep after you put your phone away??? This was really helpful. I CAME FROM THE LIVE.

  • I’ve heard it before, but THANK YOU for saying 1200 calories isn’t enough for most women. It seems like that 1200 calorie diet is what is perpetuated by companies/programs that don’t take half of your lifestyle into account!

  • Great content! It’s so refreshing to see realness! I’ve seen so many YT tippy toe around this issue and give bs reasons why you’re not losing weight, when in 85% of cases it’s bc ppl are eating too much in some form or another! ��
    THANK YOU for slapping us with facts!

  • Worked out too hard gained muscle with no fat loss = weight gain and ate everything in sight due to working out too hard I was starving.

  • I don’t sleep. That’s my problem.
    My brain won’t shut the fuck up, sometimes I find myself being SO TIRED but I can’t fall asleep. It’s awful

  • But…but….but weekend calories are supposed to be free! =P

    Thank you again for these reminders, though! It’s always good to have a reality check once in a while.

  • loving all the videos!! do you have a workout with weights / cardio for beginners? im only starting my journey and could use some help xxx

  • Loved this video, Lynette! I think I have been eating too little. I started eating more this past week and I feel as though I can already sense a difference. I also try really hard not to over eat on weekends. I usually allow myself a treat every 2 weeks which I find has helped a lot with cravings.

  • I lost weight for the first 3 weeks, at the end of week 3 I was down to 74.9 kg…I stepped on the scale at the end of week 4 hoping that I lost another pound and my weight went up to 75.6
    I’m not before my period, I’m getting enough sleep, I go for long walks almost everyday, my diet is the same as it was in the beginning and I was losing weight. I feel so discouraged, I don’t know what the heck is happening…

  • So im on inttermitent fasting and I “break my fast “ at 12:30, I eat a snack as 14:00, I lunch at 16:00/ 17:00 and then I have dinner at 19:00.. can you plisss tell me If What am I doing is right? I feel like im eating too much but If I dont i feel super weak and hungry. Thank u

  • I’m sure the ladies find Jonny very attractive, but as a straight male i have so say that Crystal is an incredibly attractive girl. Not only is she in great shape with a naturally attractive body, but she also has a very pretty face topped off with a beautiful smile. I don’t know what they said because i was so taken with her beauty.

  • I’m definitely the compliance guy. Football weekend hits and I get suckered in to ordering wings or some fatty sandwich. I’m flawless during the week although I don;t think I’m getting enough calories for working out 6 days a week because there are days I have absolutely no energy. My app says around 2200 a day but that seems a little much to me so I stay around 1800. I can see the weight loss but like you said the scale bounces up and down daily haha.

  • The key to losing weight is variety. Yes, losing weight isn’t easy but what in life is?? If you’ve never considered adding dancing to your healthy lifestyle then I encourage you to do so!:) My Dance Channel offers dance moves that anyone can learn!:) Have a great day and thanks for your time! Tim

  • Medical condition is something I struggle with. I’ve been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, which is known to slow down metabolism, and Narcolepsy, which completely messes with my hormones, because my brain THINKS I’m in a constant state of sleep deprevation. That bumps up cortisol, which then increases fat storage in the mid-section. I used to take some nasty meds to stimulate my nervous system and jack me up to stay away during the day. But I’m no longer taking those. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a doctor that knows enough about those 2 conditions in relation to losing body fat. Any suggestions?