5 Steps For Setting Effective Weight-Loss Goals


How To Set Health & Weight Loss Goals That Feel Good (+ Work)

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The 5 Step Goal Setting Process To Lose Weight In 2018

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5 Steps To Setting Successful Weight Loss Goals

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5 Steps to Setting Successful Weight Loss Goals

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5 steps to setting successful weight loss goals

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How to Set Smart Goals for Weight Loss and Exercise

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How To Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals | 5 Steps For Success

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Research shows the most successful goals are SMART — specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and timely. Though this strategy might feel like old news, it’s highly applicable to setting a weight-loss goal you can actually achieve, and more importantly, sustain for the long term. This five-step framework can help set you up for succes.

5 Steps to Setting Successful Weight Loss Goals. If you want to be successful in your weight loss, the first thing you have to do is set realistic goals that will help you keep your weight loss on track. So, here are 5 steps to setting successful weight loss goals. Make Your Primary Goal be Health; When your overall goal is to live a healthier life, it’ll be a lot easier to feel successful as you work to. However, if you set unrealistic goals that you’re not able to reach, it will quickly become discouraging and you may find yourself giving up long before you reach your goal.

So, here are 5 steps to setting successful weight loss goals. 1. Make Your Primary Goal. 5 Ways To Embrace The Aging Process; 6 Things To Be Grateful For In Aging; 6 Tips For Better Anti-Aging Skin Care; 10 Tips To Age More Gracefully; Solid Aging: Channeling Your Energy To What. 5 Steps For Setting Successful Weight-Loss Goals May 10, 2020 / Jonathan Jordan There’s nothing like waking up to find you’ve been quoted as an expert on setting successful weight-loss goals. Attain the good life you want and deserve!

Learn how to set weight loss goals and live a healthy lifestyle. Follow these 13 simple steps and change your life. 5 Weight-Loss Goal-Setting Tips from SpineUniverse Goals usually involve change, and change is difficult for most people. But it doesn’t have to be; change is only scary because it’s different. Our tips can help you set short-term and long-term goals.

5 Effective Steps for Setting ‘Why’ Goals Michelle’s goal was about much more than weight loss. We had given voice to the why of Michelle’s goal, and it would never be tossed aside. Eat at least four servings of vegetables and three servings of fruits daily.

Replace refined grains with whole grains. Use modest amounts of healthy fats, such as olive oil, vegetable oils, avocados, nuts, nut butters and nut oils.

List of related literature:

Daily self-monitoring of body weight, step count, fruit/ vegetable intake, and water consumption: a feasible and effective long-term weight loss maintenance approach.

“Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine” by James M. Rippe
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When establishing realistic weight loss goals, it is important to realize that modest weight loss (10%-15%) of baseline weight is sufficient to result in health benefits.9,10 General diet guidelines for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight include eating balanced, nutritious foods to avoid vitamin deficiencies.

“Current Clinical Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Online” by Cleveland Clinic
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This guide includes strategies, such as goal setting and self-monitoring, to establish healthier dietary habits in efforts to incorporate the behavior change component into weight loss.

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Step one was asking Prevention readers what they loved and hated about traditional weight-loss diets.

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A reliable plan, for example, helps a person set an achievable weight loss goal, recognize faulty eating habits, build self-esteem and body shape satisfaction, and obtain family or group support.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
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help overweight people achieve their weight loss goals.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
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Step 3: Identify those items from the patient’s diet history which can be included in the daily diet.

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Emphasize concept of “realistic” lifetime weight loss goals 5.

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Motivational interviewing improves weight loss in women with type 2 diabetes.

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In Step 5, you learn to resist and control the interactions between food and mood, the reasons we eat other than hunger.

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
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  • 1. early to rise early to bed (awake before 10am daily)
    2. eat an abundance of food without restriction or guilt; focus on foods that make me feel vibrant and energetic.
    3. establish a morning and night routine that incorporate mechanisms to establish a strong journey to success; meditation, visualisation, affirmations, reading, journaling and exercise.

  • Great video.
    Three things:
    1. Wake up earlier in the morning to get small workout in before work.
    2. Read for 15 minutes in the morning.
    3. Eat a healthier breakfast. I usually eat really bad in the mornings.

  • Hello! Have you heard about the Fat Blaze Factor (search on google)? Ive hear a number of fantastic things about it and my mate burned alot of excess fats with it…

  • My 3 actions are:
    1) Workout everyday
    2) Stop binge eating
    3) Drink 3L to 4L of water

    I wanted to know something. Is there a difference between weight lose and fat lose?

  • If you’re struggling with losing weight, then click here to see how I can help and check out the testimonials of clients in Self Mastery: http://www.mattcama.com/self-mastery-program/

  • 1) Say something positive about my body when I look in the mirror
    2) Stop putting my health on the sideline to please those around me
    3) Trust that my body knows what to do

  • My three actions to be completed within the next 24hrs and throughout the remainder of this yr are:
    1Feed my mind and spirit with knowledge by reading more informative books
    2Affirm my goals everyday, by visualising what i want to achieve this yr and throughout my life.
    3Practice my martial arts more consistently.

  • My reason to loose weight is to feel proud about myself. Yes lately i feel like i have not accomplished anything, so i want journey to begin with weight loss. Thanks for the video. Lots of love to you ��

  • Thank you for always feeling genuine in your videos; this one was right on time!!!! My three actions are as follows…
    1.) Set goals and game plans for 2018
    2.) Meal plan & actually stick to it
    3.) Visualize and plan my days as opposed to just letting them happen.

    Again…great video Matt!!! It was just what I needed as I prepare to live life on purpose! Happy New Year!!

  • Hey! I feel good about my body and I weigh 85kg and my height is 5 11′ and I do long runs!!
    Do I need to lose weight or not..I am in a dilemma

  • My actions:
    1) Get 8 hours of sleep every night
    2) Eat consciously stop eating once satiated and not until I feel sick. Make healthy choices irrespective of my environment.
    3) Drink a lemon water and green tea every morning

  • My 3 actions are:
    1. Start of day: Be grateful + Visualize feelings n actions required to achieve my goals
    2. Be consistent with my workout plan and healthy eating (no phone distractions while eating)
    3. No phone/electronic devices 30 mins before bed and an hour after waking up

  • 1. Going grocery shopping
    2. Walk for 30mins a day on treadmill
    3. Drink black coffee, drink more water, wash workout clothes and put action to the info I learn.
    Happy NY Matt!

  • 1. Meditate and do yoga first thing in the morning
    2. Write a meal-plan to make sure I eat enough (I’m anorexic so this is a real callange)
    3. Go to the doctor.

  • this video is dope AF i hope you make more similar to this one in the future!
    My 3 actions are:
    > go on a run and turn it into a habit to lose more weight
    > think of a dance choreo
    > write down my goals

  • 1. Take action and don’t wait for later.
    2. Visualize every day how it will feel like when I succeed.
    3. Find a support network.

    Thanks Matt.

  • Thank you so much for this! I really feel like I knew it already, this idea actually evokes a response inside me, and it’s really gonna help:) Thank you again!:)

  • My goal to lose weight is for health! I’m using my fitnesspal to track my food intake and it is a pain, I am thinking about food all the time which is stressful.

  • You’ve been inspiring me for over two years now, Matt. Here are my 3 actions:

    a. I’m going to get a 5-column organiser so that for every day of the month I’ll be able to write down some action I took that day to benefit my:
    1. physical health;
    2. mental health;
    3. interpersonal skills;
    4. education/career;
    5. other hobbies/interests/skills.

    Hopefully this will help me ensure that every day is productive.

    b. I’m going to meal plan for next week to help me stay on track

    c. I’m going to make sure I have a healthy breakfast to take with me to my boyfriend’s house on the weekend so that I don’t have an excuse to eat unhealthily just because I’m not at home.

    thank you and much love!!!

  • 1. Write down my goals for the next day before I go to sleep every night.
    2. Watch what I eat and work out more often
    3. Try not to get discouraged.

  • My three actions are
    1. Meal planning/prepping
    2. Making a space in my home to exercise since I don’t have a gym near me
    3. Stop being a junk food vegan!!!
    Loved your video as always Matt ��

  • I’m going to the gym tomorrow and getting a trainer and start eating 3 vegan meals a day and two healthy snacks instead of an hour on the treadmill every other day and only eating one meal a day and over eating at night

  • I already lost some weight thanks to my nutritionist but i had 3 sweets in the past 3 days and i feel like cheating, even though i know that i will continue my journey as clean as i can and i will slay, it’s been almost a year of ipocaloric diet and now my head changed into the clean eating for now on but, as i mention early, do i have to feel guilty about a treat or not? Why i feel so bad about cheating?

  • Hi Danni, thank you so much for your recipes �� I want to know when you are choosing honey, what kind should be chosen pls. What do I look for? Thanx

  • I started counting calories last month and I’ve never lasted this long counting my calories. I hate counting calories because it makes me think a lot about food. I recently had my 3rd baby and after two months I wasn’t losing any more weight even though I’m nursing exclusively. I had postpartum pre-eclampsia so I’ve been very concerned about my health. I have been changing my lifestyle to a more natural green life. I started with my personal hygiene products and now with food then with cleaning supplies… But this time around counting calories really helped me get started on my journey to eating healthier. The first week I just ate how I used to eat and realized I was eating around 3000 calories a day! Wow! No wonder I wasn’t losing weight. I’m surprised I wasn’t gaining weight! So that really helped me figure out where I was beginning in my journey. The following week I started trying to stay within 1500-2000 calories a day and realized I would have to change the type of foods in order to feel satisfied. That helped me start eating real food and not chemical processed foods… So that’s where I am now

  • Love your vids!!!

    My three things

    1.Drink only water during the week
    2. Incorporate a 30min workout or one insanity workout vid at least 4 times a week
    3.cut back on rice and bread

  • Hey Matt how do I stop doing this problem I am going to tell you okay so I go watch YouTube on the sofa and then I get pumped to workout but once I stand up off the sofa I am like screw this

  • FINALLYhow to take your WHY and get down to the nitty gritty! Thanks, Danithis is the BEST explanation I have ever heard and I GET IT NOW!!! Thank you……

  • Your videos are amazing and inspiring. My 3 immediate actions i will do today are:1. Drink 3l of water2. Plan my first 21 day challenge to take on3. Set some rituals to keep myself on track

  • Thanks Matt!!! It was reaky helpfull video. Now I know where I made my mistakes. Hopefully I will change my life completely from now. There is my actions:1. Wake up earlier to make sure I have enough time to get ready for work or other things2. Start runnig at least 20-30kilometers per week3. Manage my food, because I’m getting a lot of fats in my belly
    Thanks again, best wishes from Lithuania:)

  • I want to lose weight to feel better and more confident in my body. I have learned that the first step is accepting where I am currently at.

  • Hi Dani,
    Thank you for your great tips and inspiration. I love your channel and have tried many of your recipes, I do the coconut chocolate chip cookies all the time!:) I continue to learn and grow while watching your videos, thank you for that. God Bless you and your family ❣️

  • Just Do It!!!
    1. Take 1/2 hour each day time to read emails.
    2. Shred unnecessary paper immediately.
    3. Stay focused on one thing at a time.

  • Hi Matt, I thank you so for this video! You are God send. I’ve watched a number of your videos behind the scenes and this is my first time replying. I didn’t want to step into the new year with the same patterns and habits. So I decided to accept your challenge. Here’s my three action steps I’m doing within the next 24 hrs.
    1.) Set a realistic health and fitness/weight loss goal.
    2.) Make a doable schedule that includes working out, meal prepping and time for learning about health h fitness.
    3.) Prep meals for 5 days.

  • 1. Visualization 1-5 minutes every morning
    2. Force myseof to eat healthy, because I KNOW that it makes me feels good throughout the day
    3. Do everything with excellence

  • Thanks for the video my 3 actions are going to be:
    1. Get my body in the best shape possible
    2. Stop the habit of waiting until later
    3. Build my support network

  • amazing video matt. i am a new subscriber & excited to catch up with you in 2018.

    my 3 things i WILL do in the next 24hrs are

    1. drink 3L of water
    2. make a meal plan for the week ahead (inc. bringing lunch box and snacks for work from home next week)
    3. no social media in the first and last hour of the day. use this time to really do my visualisations & feed my soul!

    Grace xx

  • As always fantastic advice! I’ve noticed the weight loss slowing down for sure, but honestly I’m in no hurry, I know good things come in time so and I’m not the most patient person in the world lol but I’m waiting. I’d say the only thing I have been making sure of is that the weight is still going down and I’m not gaining anything back that I’ve lost because if that were the case I would probably be doing something wrong. But so far so good, I’m just kicking back enjoying this awesomeness in life we got goin’ on:D Life is good! I hope you find yourself well and all is good in your life too!:)

  • Hey Matt, i don’t know if you can shed any wisdom, but i’m a bit confused: many mentors such as Abraham Hicks etc. preach that you should visualise and then let go of your desire and relax what is your take on this?

  • this is good information but while teaching us that you can work the smart plan it is also unfair to tell us how long you thing it will take someone to loose weight. Our body type is different and also the way we work. yes you can lose 20lbs in 4 months. and yes i have lot 7lbs in a week through change of die and exercise. but loosing more than that wasn’t my goal. anyway thanks for the info.

  • My three actions are
    Studying more to get good grades
    Stop overeating
    Exercising 4 times a week
    Thank you matt for this video, I’ll really try to break the patterns that hold me back

  • Thanks. Exactly what I needed.
    My goals:
    1. view this video once a week to stay on track
    2. make a plan to structure my day
    3. no computer for fun or relaxation before 8.30 p.m.

  • Great video Matt! You’ve inspired me to give everything you’ve suggested a try. I might even make watching this video part of the process to keep me motivated. Here’s to 2018! The best year of my life! Thank you for being there for all of us!

  • have a lot gym options, cos chain brand, but one gym is perfect, easy to travel to (not the shortlist distance) got 1km walk to MRT(underground) station, has rain shelter along the way, it’s in the mall that has a lot health food restaurant, I continue work out in there 3 month feels totally great, but the gym become movie theater now, messed up my rotation, now the new gym near by is fast food restaurant that upset me alot, I think I will be home cook some time later, but my weight goal has fked up.

  • Hi Matt, thank you for reaching out us and helping us. So the 3 actions that I’m going to do are: one stop de junkfood and high sugary sodas and pastries, two: get a plan of my diet and workout weekly, and tree: say no to everyone who offers me something that could evantually slower my progression (and this is probably the hardest one but I can do it )
    Have a blessing day or night and again thank you:)

  • It always makes me feel more comfortable when I see the speakers eyes move with the text. Really shows that you know your stuff.

    You know what they say: “Best way to teach someone about something is to read it off a TelePrompter.”

  • For me, 2018 will not be a year of weight loss but a year of getting back into shape. I have lost 110 lbs in 2017 and achieved my goal just before Xmas. You were a big part of my guidance and motivation. Love your videos! Thank you for being there:)

  • Great Tips! Would love to see what you eat in a day. I recently lost 43lbs on a diet but want to lose another 10 on my own. Much love Adri from San Francisco ��

  • Your approach makes absolutely sense and I have never watched it from that perspective. It seems to be ��% true that you have to clarify your intention beforehand to get closer to your real goals.I think the risk to run towards something that you only believe you what without asking yourself carefully beforehand is huge and in consequence you are just disappointed.
    Thanks Dani for sharing this awesome perspective

  • I want to cut out sugar, not fruit, but I’m wondering if it’s better to learn how to eat sugar in moderation, but sometime that spirals, or to do it like recovering alcoholics and 100% cut it out from my diet. I’ve read different information so I was wondering if you have anything or have made a video?
    I also want to plan more plant based meals and follow the training schedule for a half marathon I’m running.
    Your videos make me a better person thank you Matt

  • Amazing video! My three actions for today/tomorrow are:
    1. Drink 3L of water
    2. Go for a run
    3. Take time to review my goals and visualize how I want to feel

  • Thank you so much for this video!it’s really helpful!
    These are the 3 actions that I wanted to do,and I’m able to do:
    1-Learn British English in the mornings by reading news.
    2-Start my first day of a Vegan,oil-free,sugar free challenge
    3-not to spend money,and save for later useful uses.

  • Hello my friends! This week I am sharing some tips to keep your goals feeling good and moving forward. This simple tip has helped me SO much on my personal journey with health ad weight loss. I hope you find it helpful as well. xo Dani