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5 Physical Factors of Weight Loss Nobody Talks About October 1, 2018 October 4, 2018 Summer Yule 0 Comments weight loss, weight maintenance Though there are a lot of positive things that come with weight loss, some people experience negative effects as well. The Hidden Factors of Weight Loss Nobody Talks About by Dr. David Minkoff January 17, 2019 5 min read 0 Comments According to a survey by Inc magazine, 5 of the 10 most common New Year’s Resolutions are related to health. Jealousy, insecurity, frustration, relationship problems, and even potential harassment These are all side effects of weight loss that society doesn’t prepare us for.

Nobody talks about what. 5 Factors that Influence Body Weight and Determine the Success of Weight Loss. What’s that you say?

Trying to lose weight? Doesn’t seem to work? That just means one thing; you’re not doing something right. But no worries, here are five of the major metabolic factors which will help you conquer that fat tissue before you know it. What factors affect weight and health?

Many factors can affect your weight and lead to overweight or obesity. Some of these factors may make it hard for you to lose weight or avoid regaining weight that you’ve lost. Family history and genes.

Overweight and obesity tend to run in families, suggesting that genes may play a role. Your chances of. What are the factors that influence weight loss the most? Food accounts for an estimated 70 percent of failed attempts to lose weight.

The other 30 percent is linked to exercise. In other words, to lose weight, you have to follow a lifestyle that encourages weight loss. It is not easy, but it is possible.

Even a modest weight loss of 5 to 10 percent of your total body weight is likely to produce health benefits, such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars. 1. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, a 5 percent weight loss equals 10 pounds, bringing your weight down to 190 pounds. While this weight may still be in. In your teens, 20s, and 30s, you may have noticed that excess weight came off easily. For example, you may have only needed minor changes to your eating habits and activity levels to lose weight.

Many of us are out of balance when it comes to hormones and this alone can prevent weight loss, cause more belly fat to lodge itself, or cause weight gain. It can also cause a whole array of other issues too. So we want to look at how we can balance the hormones through eating and lifestyle factors. Weight Regain: Contributing Factors Weight loss changes the way the body deals with hunger and how it burns calories, which can cause weight regain. For up to 12 months after weight loss, hunger increases and fullness decreases.

Healthy eating and physical activity.

List of related literature:

Anorexia, cough, dyspnea, exercise intolerance, weight loss, ocular

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Others: Weight loss, confusion, headache, gynecomastia.

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  • I still feel like people, especially those without significant amounts of weight to lose, still need to track calories to efficiently lose weight. Most of the research featured talked about how hard it is to accurately track calories burned through excercise, not calories eaten from food. So often people think they’re eating less when in reality, they are way off in their minds and aren’t eating less at all! The only thing that has led to me losing fat diet-wise has been using a food scale so I can accurately track how many calories I’m eating. There have been studies saying that people are terrible at guessing how many calories they eat. Even measuring cups are inaccurate! Maybe if someone planned to just eat the same amount of food, hopefully more healthy food, but also crank up their cardio, they wouldn’t need to track calories because with all the cardio, they’re definitely burning more calories. However, without knowing how much your eating, you might still be eating way too much to lose weight

  • I have researched Keto before I started this journey and by far your channel has been the most help to me. I haven’t been tracking macros ��. I just tracked my meals today and I’m 58% fat, 38% protein and 5% carbs. So need to up my fats and reduce my protein by looks of it. Thank you! Nailed my carbs tho whoop �� x

  • Piaget is famous for defining the “concrete-operational” stage. You could introduce your magnetic atoms in science in primary schools, “if” our schools were funded adequately. Not enough money is put into schools to ADVANCE AUSTRALIA!! Long live SCIENCE. We have to reach children when they are curious and hungry for knowledge. Teachers would love access to concrete teaching aids to facilitate learning. I left teaching as such little teaching equipment was available and i spent all my money on buying teaching tools and rewards. Children are our country’s future and yet every election since I was born funding is cut in Education. Mining in Australia rips wealth from our nation and does not give back. Banks also own our country and do not give back. So disappointing to see the greed and abuse by the few in power, over so many struggling citizens.

  • This is so helpful. I totally agree with artificial sweeteners, I see a big change in my weight loss having them. Didn’t even think of dairy? ☹️ I’ll try this next month

  • Any suggestions for a girl that hates coffee and tea but needs caffeine �� ive been doing diet soda with my keto program but I realize this might be what’s holding me up despite a pretty decent calorie deficit

  • I just want to say that you are an inspiration and I really love how you support your arguments with all the interesting facts! Thank you so much. You are simply gorgeous ��

  • Its probably been said below and I am late to comment! the latter part, well, I believe if children learned this early on they wouldn’t be learning it to lose weight but to change how their lives roll out and would never gain that unhealthy weight! Prevention better than cure, through some simple understandings. Thank you for simplifying it!

  • A french YT said she counted her calories, and she realized she did’t eat enough (only 1600 kcal) but she ate chocolat etc. Then she ate more and better, then her metabolism increased and she lost weight

  • Hold on….”no one ever connected the dots”. I’m a chemistry teacher, and I always connect the dots! The students have to do their part…that is, pay attention, listen, and process what I give them. It’s that last bit where I see the biggest failure in comprehension.

  • She’s saying the truth. Idk why cardio gets a bad rap. I lost 40 pounds by running at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days. With portioning foods like chicken,veggies, and sweets like dark chocolate. I focused first on diet then gradually worked out at my own pace.

  • Why did you gain the 20 pounds after being very fit. I’m just curious about your mindset and how you overcame that to get back on track.

  • Can you imagine if those interviews on the beach were done in the US? What do you breathe in? Air. What do you breathe out? I don’t know.

  • I don’t think there are any “myths” when it comes to weight loss. If something works for your body then it’s true. Like the whole calorie deficit thing, I have a huge amount of cortisol in my body. I have several mental illnesses so no matter my deficit my body ain’t getting rid of that fat no matter what. The only thing that finally helped decrease my cortisol levels was to start eating every 3 hours no matter what. It makes me less anxious and stressed about food because I am always looking forward to my next 3 hours and my brain no longer thinks it’s starving. Every body is so uniquely designed by God and there is no 1 scientific explanation to explain weight loss. What works great for
    one is zero indication if it will work for you.

  • Thank you for these vids! I try to save your videos to watch when i’m on the treadmill/elliptical, just to get that extra bit of motivation to push through whenever I don’t feel like doing cardio

    Keep the videos coming!

    Ps; with your content being mainly about weight loss, I wonder if you (LukeNarwhal) also have your own story on the subject? Hey you might not (I dont wanna just assume you do), but if you do, I think that might be a good video idea

  • Abby, you’re terrific. I appreciate all the ideas, info, thoughts and science! Hopefully I’m not being offensive but have you had any lower body contouring surgery done? because you look amazing and I’m hoping to see someone on Youtube who looks like you w/o undergoing surgery��. you’re the best!

  • Hi, I signed up for the challenge when you posted this video, but have not received any emails yet. (I checked junk mails as well)?

  • Can you talk more about set point theory? Stephanie buttermore referenced that too in her all in journey. I’m just wondering about the validity.

  • I think the sweeteners more than the dairy have stalled my weight loss. I’m down 41 lbs from January, but could have lost more but just didn’t know. Thanks for pointing it it. Definitely true for me, and dairy may be next, as sad as that is. I periodically suffer from migraines and think dairy is probably the culprit ��

  • i bet he has a pet project where he taught all children in a city/town & yrs later, he will publish results that no person in that town is obese.

  • The email has photos of you and headlines of what I need to do to follow your plan. I still need to make my own workout routine? I thought you were gonna show us recipes too.

  • It’s true, ours hard to enjoy life when you’re hungry and you’re trying to just live life like everyone else. Everyone else just gets to “eat”, but watching your calories is a lifelong struggle.

  • Thank you for these tips. You didn’t mention if they are working for you and if so, how much more weight you have lost by implementing them. I am curious.

  • I’ve been doing so much research after feeling defended and you explained everything better than any article I found. Thank you so much ��

  • Just joined! Excited to kick start my fitness journey with everyone! If anyone wants to get in touch and keep each other accountable, my ig is @crazy_equestrian_17:) Good luck everyone! -Tara

  • ok so this is only the 4th vid of yours i’ve watched but you already managed to clear up so many things about fitness myths and stuff thats been confusing (and probably holding me back) for so long and I’m so joining this challenge! x

  • If the body “isn’t stupid” then when you eat more calories your metabolism should increase and you shouldn’t gain weight. This smart body would protect against obesity and its related health problems. So maybe the body is indeed stupid?

  • This was insanely helpful and so great to watch! I love how you break everything down and address so many questions I personally have and am going through in this exact moment! Thanks for debunking these myths-i needed this vid!

  • Had the last stubborn 10 pounds to lose last summer. Then I was medicated and now have 25 pounds to lose. Sigh… ��
    Signed up and hoping for a lot of motivation. As none of my summer clothes fit, and I am both to cheap and too stubborn to buy new ones…. ����‍♀️

  • I do cardio and resistance training (body weight, some weights, resistance band). I used to hate cardio but i found a way to enjoy it and never skip a day. I have an exercise bike at home and I put it on max resistance and put some youtube on! I catch up on my fave videos and exercise at the same time! Haha

  • I’ve been chunky and brainwashed with workout myths almost my entire adolescence. Now that I’m an adult I’ve been trying to take better care of myself. So I just love Abby and her channel! There’s just something so pleasant and encouraging about the way she talks about weightloss and it really helps that she backs up a lot of what she’s saying with research. Will definitely try to join in on the made to move it challenge! (Although I still live with my parents and will have difficulty with the food parts, I guess I’ll just have to do my best with CICO)

  • I find Dr Fung very inspirational with loads of practical advice. I have recently incorporated fasting into my life, after listening to Dr Fung and am very grateful to him because i have proved to myself that it does work. However i must take issue when Dr Fung states that if we are obese, we are victims and it is just chemicals that have caused it. Yes of course there are hormones and chemicals at play, and of course we have been fed lies and errors, mainly by the food industry, but to deny that has rational creatures, we have no choice what we shove in our mouths but must give in to our base desires because of our hormones, is an unbalanced view of what it is to be human. This view of taking away responsibility for are own actions can be counter-productive. That aside a great talk from a great teacher.

  • I discovered your channel in high school but had no direction or idea of how to incorporate your information into my life. Now I’m in college and am visiting your videos again because now I know how I can use this information and that I have more drive to actually follow through. Honestly I love your videos and are so high quality because of the information and evidence you present. This channel is amazing!!!��

  • I’m so happy this challenge is free! I’ve been trying to lose weight since giving birth to my third child ten months ago with almost no success. This video helped ease my frustration and I’m so excited to participate in the challenge!

  • Tracking calories is good for starting out. I recommend tracking your calorie intake before starting a fitness regime to find out how many calories you consume without dieting. Then, aim to eat around 500 less calories and increase exercise to a sustainable level to put you in a deficit you can maintain. Another option would be eating low calorie dense foods that fill you up but are not full of calories. This can make the defecit much easier to maintain without feeling starved.

  • would be interesting what is the experience from Marie Spano on the OMAD Nutrtion…Proteinintake…specially for “older” active sports Peoples like me…..50+. Even as a vegan i can hold my Muscles till now…but of course i look allways to improve my Status: )

  • Iv been really really struggling and just getting depressed. We tried the whole vegan thing and I’m getting frustrated. So much so that I just didn’t want to eat anything today n I have a huge head ache. I just feel like giving up cause I’ll always be fat and everything you eat is basically bad for you:/ plus I have a 11 month old that doesn’t let us do anything

  • Im 19 years old and turn 20 this Feb.23 of 2019 and I’m going to ace the NSCA cpt exam this coming April. I’m pursuing a career in educating people of all diversification’s the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Society traumatized me with many negative experiences but kinesiology has brought light into my life through the ever ending knowledge provided from the feedback of other like minded health enthusiasts. Thank you NSCA for helping me reach my goal of impacting my community through positive health benefits.

  • Hola Christina, thank you for the tips. I am doing carbscycling (3 days low carbs (no bread/dairy/sweets/fruit some berries. 3 days high carbs) protein and fat for both days is the same eat until satisfying, Sunday is my free day but I normally keep it low-carb. I don’t do breakfast, just lunch and dinner. Thank you

  • Learned a lot from this video. Thanks for sharing. I was on the fence as to which organization I was going to get my PT certification through, but I think I have my answer.

  • I always thought the carbon atoms are there in the air that we inhale.. That means we inhale oxygen particles and carbon particles.. And our body keeps the oxygen and exhales the carbon.. Simple ��

  • The one where the person had to reduce calories til they were hungry all the timea couple things on that.
    A. You can eat fiber-y, filling low cal foods like vegetables. I love cucumbers. I will eat those like crazy. B: The other thingfood sensitivities which cause an immunologic reaction (but not a T cell reaction so they don’t show up on allergy testslike a gluten sensitivity is a macrophage response))these cause more difficulty in weight loss. Also, if a gluten sensitivity is there it prevents nutrient absorption as it forces the intestinal villi to retract (these are what absorb nutrients) so anything you eat with gluten won’t benefit you except on a macronutrient levelbut you won’t get the micronutrients. The body, when needing certain nutrients will continue to send hunger signals and craving until
    The nutrient is provided (and bioavailable) which leads to over eating.
    C: there could be a problem with leptin this mediates hunger signals. It can be w culprit in those struggling with weight loss when they are doing “all the right things” (after having considered portion size, food choices, sugar, exercise, and food sensitivities).

    I was the one who COULDNT lose weight. I dropped to 900 calories in a day, was passing out. I would ride a bike trail a couple times a week22 miles one way. I was a figure skater burning hundreds of calories a session. I couldn’t shed the weightexcept when I did fasts. But fasting wasn’t helpful for my high energy expenditure. Then I found out I was sensitive to gluten. I sort of avoided it but would cheat. Nothing improved. When I cut it out entirely and switched to gluten free grains, I could eat 1200 cals/day and the extra weight literally melted off. I dropped 20 lbs without trying (137 to 117). NoteI’m really short, only 4’10”, so 137 did NOT look good on me. Found out I had a cross reaction to dairy protein (casein) and it was doing the same nutrient prevention gluten was. Cut that out (wasnt a big dairy person to begin with, but I liked milk in my coffee) and dropped to 109. It was like, WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS???

  • If I could “just change the way I think” don’t you think I would

    This is why you’re still fat. It’s why I stayed morbidly obese until 22. Get off your ass and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Time is going to pass regardless so you may as well make life easier for yourself. Go see a therapist. Can’t afford it? There are YouTube videos and other free resources to use to learn healthy and sustainable ways to lose weight while also working on your mental health. Jesus. I’ve lost 75 lbs since May 2019. It’s January 2020. I’m going to lose another 40 by the summer. I started seeing a therapist and watching videos about others at similar weights reaching their goals. It started falling off. You don’t even have to eat better but I would recommend it because it will keep you fuller for longer.

    Started at 318 lbs. Currently at 240 lbs and counting

    Also, stop drinking your calories. They’re not worth it.

  • The one who said they needed support
    Dude ask for it. Just say “hey i need your help with prepping this” or ” hey i need your help with doing this exercise”
    Because we want to help but we are not sure how well do you take it if we offered you without you asking us.
    Some people don’t take it well and lets be honest everyone can use an extra hand or a companion.
    So if you need help,ask life would be easier

  • He said, “the energy in food is where you actually see a carbon and hydrogen atom stuck together”. It is my hypothesis that the human body can transition from fossil fuel carbon based energy to clean hydrogen energy. If the building blocks of protein are only made up of 5 elements which can be found in the air we breathe (note: trees exhale carbon at night), and we know the calorie burn of food has zero connection to how the human body metabolizes energy from food, should we not be taking a hard look at the growing popularity of breatharianism? Someone said along time ago that man does not live on bread alone. ������

  • 4:11 thank you for the tip! Sadly I am usually the fattest of the bunch (my weight is 68 kg and I am 15) but I am losing weight at the moment.

  • i fucking hate it when people use the word “choose” when refering to a person being or becoming obese. its not a dial. i didn’t “choose” to be bigger than most my peers ever since i remember. i went over the threshold from overweight to obese mainly coz of a crash diet that put me in a deep depression. most diets feel like shit, excercise makes it harder since it makes u hungrier. lack of sleep and stress make it impossible. most weightloss advice is plain wrong. also, no, i don’t eat [insert whatever “fattening” food u came up with on the fly]any more often than the average person regularly.

  • This is absolutely true. I have been trying to lose weight from past 2 years, lost 22 kilograms and still have to loose 10 more to reach my target weight. Once the tempo breaks it gets so difficult, sometimes it takes months to get back on the track. No matter how long you have been in the process, you can always get dragged back into the loop hole. Its a constant struggle which requires concious decisions to overcome your bad habbits, but in the end ITS WORTH ALL THE PAIN. JUST DONT GIVE UP!!! ❤

  • #1 Not Tracking Macros
    #2 Artificial Sweeteners 4:15
    #3 Dairy Products 6:47
    #4 Snacking In Place of Satiety Meals 9:42
    #5 Lifestyle Factors 11:40 (sleep, exercise, relaxation, stress management) Keto Island ��

  • for the people stating that its every part of their day, i can state from the position of a fit person that we do that the same. i plan my food out in advance to where i basically can log all my food in the morning and as long as i keep to that i will stay in my intended calorie range. i make time for workouts 4-5 days a week, which means i take my gym clothes to work with me. i intentionally drink lots of water, i go to bed at 10pm sharp. like my day is fucking planned out even outside of my 40hour a week job. if its important enough to you, you will make it happen. TLDR being overweight is hard, being fit is hard, choose your hard.

  • I know how to lose weight
    I just need to be consistent and it hurts me when I fuck up everything
    It hurts so fucking bad
    i was skinny when I was in highschool, then I started studying medicine and my weight skyrocketed and I had no idea until I finished my first year and everyone noticed
    it’s been three years. and I swear I try but I lose my motivation really fast please please give me some helpful tips

  • I love that everything you’re saying is what I have realized for myself over the years! I used to overwhelm myself by incorporating changes for fitness all at once and it always left me burnt out. I wish I knew this from the start. This is such a great video!

  • It is completely known why artificial sweeteners slow down weight loss because they trigger insulin release, and insulin stops you from being able to burn your body fat, which means your body is forced to slow down your metabolic rate.
    Artificial sweeteners don’t necessarily raise your glucose, but they do raise insulin. Read “Obesity code” by Jason Fung for more info.

  • I do decaf tea w/ sucralose sweetener for drink. I do a 200 calorie protein shake at 10:00am, then do a 1000 calorie dinner at 5-6pm. I do a whole bag of brussel sprouts (110 calories) doused with hot sauce and topped with McCormicks Brown Sugar Bourbon seasoning (90 calories) and a fried boneless skinless chicken breast (800 calories). 1200 calories per day and I hardly ever feel hungry. I’ve lost 75 last year doing this and am shooting for 120 lbs this year (10 lbs a month) which will put me at 375 lbs.

  • Fit to Fatty

    Age 14-20 worked out religiously
    Age 21-24 haven’t went to the gym in 3 years. Truck driver now, fast food and snacks were an everyday thing. Gained 80lbs

    Perks of being fit:
    • always had energy
    • loved to hike, bike, and other activities
    • would get a lot of compliments
    • getting flirted with was familiar
    • sex performance
    • confidence and strength
    • never wanted to stay home, just wanted to go out and do something

    Cons of now being a fatty:
    • No energy
    • The smallest physical activity gets me out of breath
    • just want to stay home and watch hours of tv
    • feel like having a heart attack while having sex
    • Size L used to fit a bit big, now 2xL fits tight
    • confidence went down
    • back always hurts
    • breath pretty loud
    • Fat doesn’t look good on me, so I don’t get any of those blushy smiles from girls anymore
    • it’s hard to get back in shape\ maintain being in shape
    • I get that “damn bro you got fat”

    Currently I’m working on getting myself out of bad habits. I’m intermittent fasting along with keto and working out. I’ve been at it for a couple of days so wish me luck guys.

  • I was a 24 year old virgin, not by choice, as I did try, but not many girls find fat attractive. Which is understandable, I went from 330 pounds to 190 pounds in a year. And let’s just just say, I’m not a virgin anymore

  • Thank you in advance:) I am really curious about some other adaptogenic herbs in terms of being safe to not break fast or autophagy. Here are the ingredients in an “alternative coffee ” called Rasa. I really love made only with organic adaptogens herbs zero calories, zero carbs, no nutritional count and only these herbs as ingredients: Roasted chicory, burdock, & dandelion roots; eleuthero, shatavari, he shou wu, codonopsis, chaga mycelium, ashwagandha, rhodiola, Ceylon cinnamon, reishi extract*
    * All certified organic, non-GMO, P.S. Lastly, It tastes more like coffee then tea and is not sweet flavored

  • i perfer to eat healthy because i can eat more of the healthy foods than the junk foods. it feel like its a burden on my family because i want them to stop bringing stuff they like into the house so i wont be tempted to binge. but they tell me that im just being obnoxious when i want to eat healthier. things got so bad that i would take food and hide it in my closet then just not eat until the rest of it was gone because i didnt wanna binge on it while it was there. i get real obsessive when it comes to food so i need food i can snack on to remain at a deficit just until im at a healthy weight.

  • I was on the 16/8 the majority of the way for 5 months. I also Incorporated some 20/4 intermittent fasting cycling as well. Doing this method, I lost 73 pounds in exactly 5 months! Intermittent fasting is definitely not a gimmick or a fluke! This absolutely works people!!

  • While I doubt my struggles ate unique, my perspective may be different enough to help someone else.

    I was fat for years, although not all my life, but losing down to a healthy weight took years of adjusting my eating choices and mindset. All this was complicated by chronic migraines (including hemaplegic migraines that are stroke like) and a later diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Both of these have a lot of food triggers as well as associated conditions like IBS & RLS. I had to learn to listen to my body and did a fair job of that for years.

    My life has slowly been descending into chaos for years. My home is barely functional. I also do ridesharing late nights and early mornings. Just about the only thing available is junk food from gas stations or fast food drive ins.

    I gained about 30 lbs over a 2 year period eating like that, and I started having more physical problems as well. So, I stopped nearly all fried foods a few months ago and about 75% of added sugars a couple months later. These are both triggers, so I’m currently completely eliminating them from my diet as well as every other trigger food. Some of these are healthy foods like tomatoes and peppers (nightshade vegetables can trigger fibromyalgia). I’m trying to follow Dr Gregor’s Daily Dozen guide with modifications to avoid triggers, but I’m still in the process of eliminating gluten and potatoes, both possible triggers, as well as adding flax, 90 minutes of exercise, B12, and algae for Omego 3.

    But I also understand I need to reclaim my life and my home. Others in my life are aware of the changes that need to be made because trying to do it all with no support has been part of the issue. Plus, the current state of our lives is unhealthy for everyone.

    This journey is about mental, physical, and emotional health, but I hope to lose the 30 extra pounds by the beginning of 2021.

  • Interesting but it does not explain why people who eat less, move more and breath still get weight. The processes are much much more complicated.

  • I recently found your channel, and as a DVM student, I love that you are researching and finding actual scientific articles on this! I went to your bio to see if you were educated, and was not surprised to see “engineer turned fitness nerd”. I love it:)

  • I’m curious as to how many people who report their weight loss have actually maintained the loss for more than five years. Social media, and media generally, never consider the long term. Diet Culture justifies its existence (and hinges its profits) based on fragile thinking.

  • That’s why the key is to to fast 18-20 hours a day,and have an eating window,because when you do that you restrict your body’s release of insulin,if you’re not snacking through out the day,you train your body to burn fat.

  • When I was 275 pounds I was hungry all of the time. It took so much food for me to even begin to feel full. When I was out a restaurant with friends or family I would eat everything on my plate and a bite from everyone else’s and still be hungry, while everyone else was stuffed full and asking for a to-go box.
    Everyone I know who is naturally skinny has a really sensitive stomach, heavy foods make them ill, and they get full very easily. Me? I could eat copious amounts of food and not ever feel sick or get uncomfortably full. I would have two helpings at dinner and 2 bowls of cereal afterward. One thing that is never brought up when talking weight loss is your default appetite setting. How the hell can I control what my appetite was naturally set at? All of the thin people I knew had naturally small appetites and stayed away from heavy foods cause they made them ill.
    Thankfully I have been seeing a doctor now who helped solve my issue of satiety. She said I was getting way too much dopamine when eating and put me on a medication to level it out. It’s called bupropion and it’s a neurotransmitter and it’s also used to help people quit smoking. She also put me on a low carb moderate fat high protein diet and I have lost 80 pounds! I now eat about half as much as I used to and I just started working out.

  • As a former overweight person I can say I understand what it is to be addicted to food, to feel like you gonna die if you do not eat but mark my words that is not howna human body was designed. Make no mistake the modern food intake and quality of food is not normal and calories in and calories out is not as simple as you might think. I lost weight and I am still losing with minimal exercise because I had to go back to fundamentals and learn how our ancestors evolved to. They did not have starbucks and postmates on demand to grase upon daily. They sometimes went for days with no food and any scientist will tell you that they were healthier and stronger than us. They did not have soda and sugarly food we eat, they did not eat 6 times a day. Insulin is what cause us not only to store fat but also not to use it. I am not saying eliminate cake because I didn’t. I just eat once a day. In 2 hour windows. Then the rest of 20 to 23 drinkwater it sounds hard at first I almost cried but I know I had to. But the body got used to eat and mind you I did not count calories or jazersize my way into small jeans. I walk sometimes twice a week 30 minutes and i went from 200lbs to 146lbs. When friends and family ask me what I did I tell them and they all have different reactions. I have doing this since May last year and I never though I would get food addiction under control but this helped me a lot. I keep myself busy in between hours till I break my fast. It is not easy but the hunger has gone significantly. All I can say for whomever reading this is what do you have to lose. Try it. At worse it will be a. experience and at beast it will change your life.

  • For those struggling with hunger, please read this:

    Will power is the only tool you need to stop hunger.

    Understand that most of the hunger you feel is not real. It is a trick your mind plays to get what it wants. Your brain wants food so it can get that rush of endorphins. It is an addict. And you’re supplying the drug.

    So how do you say no?

    It’s simple.

    Let it hurt.

    You can’t stop the pain. It will scratch, kick, and punch you to get it’s fix. Because it knows that when the pain strikes, you will be weakened to the point of surrender.

    But here’s the thing. You don’t have to surrender. Because eventually in a few short minutes, the pain will cease and your hunger will be gone, and you will have won the battle.

    What people fail to realize is that losing weight is a war, and every day is a battle.

    You are at war against an enemy that knows all your weaknesses, that knows all your pain and insecurities, an enemy that wants nothing more than to send you to an early grave.

    That enemy is Yourself.

    Don’t let them win.

    You are stronger than you think.

    I’ve lost 30 pounds in the last month and half, thinking this way.

    And coming from someone who’s been in slaved to food for most of his life. There is hope.

  • Love watching your videos as they are informative and to the point. I wanted to ask if the challange is safe to do whilst being pregnant? Thank you

  • this is wonderful. I am just being a little thick here and trying to take away the implication for diet eat less calories that can fill you for longer? Appreciate if you can help spell out for me thanks

  • Obese people: we’d have to change, and like, you guys this is hard!
    Society: GROW THE HELL UP. You’re KILLING yourself, stop making us watch

  • I had been trying to lose weight for past 6 months. But after a time my weight was not reducing. During Christmas I stopped all the diets and exercises and guess what? I started losing weight. Any idea why?

  • I got new pants in October because my old pants were too big I couldn’t keep them up(elastic waistband).
    I got a new pair in October (I think) and they were so tight it was almost scary to sit down in them. Now they’re just as big as the first pair except they’re smaller… And I need to make new holes in my belt! I still have 35-40kg left but I’m almost halfway to my goal weight.

  • Is there anyway I could get the calendar now? I really would like to do this challenge even if I’m late. Better late than never right ��

  • -Cutting back on processed sugar has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. -I don’t need caffeine in the mornings because of the newfound energy I have.
    -Prepping food helps you to feel more accountable to your weight loss. It helps stay on track.
    -I have a lot more stamina and my joints no longer hurt when I jump and do HIIT.
    -Losing a lot of weight doesn’t mean your eating disorder automatically goes away. It will always be a battle.
    -Diet is the major factor of whether or not you lose weight. You cannot outrun a bad diet.
    -You WILL hit plateaus and retain water. Sometimes it will take a long time. This will be discouraging but if you stay the course, you will get right back where you left off.
    -It will be one of the hardest journeys you would ever go on but it’s worth all of the pain, the resistance to temptation, the tears, the breakdowns, the agony…it’s COMPLETELY worth it

  • Are you supposed to fast everyday? I’ve been fasting 18-6. But my weight stays within 4 lbs. I’m on my feet most of the day, I train in the gym, Pilates once a week the other 3 days a mixture of classes lower body and abs. Also 4 days a week I train Hapkido. Why aren’t I dropping more weight and I’m afraid to eat now because I think I’m gonna gain more weight. What am I doing wrong.

  • I’m trying out this boiled egg, green tea diet and I’ve lost like, 6lb in a few days (I also do 10 minutes of exercise, but I’m not very good at it)

    I was going a bit nuts, decided screw it, I’ll use sauces to make the eggs nicer; bbq, hummus, sweet chilli, mustard, (oh and instant miso soup works great)

    It makes it so much easier, there are even points I look forward to it! Yesterday I woke up with so much energy and I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt like that… It was nice

    I walked down the sweet isle for the first time and while I liked the look of everything, I didn’t give in. I was like Susie, you KNOW what muffins, crisps, and cola tastes like, get it together, we’re doing this because you’re 23 and you struggle to walk upstairs. So, I just walked on by, bought more bloody eggs. It seems silly, but it was a big win for me.

    I don’t plan to do it for too long, but the thing is I’m working hard on retraining my tastebuds after years of junk and sugar. My entire life I’ve hated vegetables.

    But right now, after having eggs every damn day, a cherry tomato sounds mother fucking delicious. Ha! Never thought I’d type that. So, that’s how I’m going to introduce them into my life.

  • NotMyNameActually, I relate to much!! Everyone fawns over how “clean” I am always eating, but my size is being larger than everyone else. I lost weight when I counted calories and ended up being so empty all day. Calorie counting isn’t sustainable for my whole life, but when I stop, the weight comes back no matter how “clean” I am eating. I don’t think my portions are too much either.

  • Bruno Bettelheim was also an educator who said that any concept can be taught to anyone at any age. You just use age appropriate language and the right visuals to get the idea across. So glad that minds are thinking outside the old education box that has limited so many for so long. From a teacher

  • I really like what he did in this talk but it still doesn’t address the core issue. I have always overheating because I was very hungry four or five times a day.

    When I found the reason was that when I eat carbs my insulin levels rise to process the carbs and then as the insulin levels drop it tells the brain you are hungry and need to eat more.

    LCHF moderate protein took away my hunger.

  • 3:40 OMG, this is a basic high school biology question. Originally from the food you eat, the macros, carbs, fats, proteins. Once stored in the body, fats mostly, but in some situations muscle tissues as well. The source of CO2 in your breath. Glucose is C6H12O6

  • When wearing masks, do we breathe in the CO2 that we exhale and does this mean we will not lose weight or even gain weight when we keep wearing masks?

  • I think lifting increases my appetite more that cardio. I feel like body weight exercises are harder on my joints and muscles than lifting or cardio.

  • I lost 40lbs of fat 230 to 190 and i can feel my tailbone when i do situps and its hard to get used to. (Im an teenager and ive been overweight since i was 7)

  • honestly you don’t even need exercise to lose weight, i’ve lost 5 pounds in 3 days. just from cutting out sugar (if you drink any thing with sugar i.e Coffee, sweet tea, etc) then replace that sugar with stevia, it’s a natural sweetener and taste good. i still have a long way to go (currently 300, my goal is 210ish) and by doing this i can lose weight fast and without little thought

    also track your calories, it sounds cheesy but it helps

    you eat 2 eggs? scrambled? 180sum calories
    you eat a banana? write it down

    DONT CHEAT YOURSELF. it helps i swear

  • this is really good information, thanks so much. My weight loss has slowed down since we started sheltering in March. I’m trying to lose weight in preparation for a hip replacement and unfortunately pain management is a daily struggle and the lack of mobility has really caused my weight loss to slow down. I hear you about erythritol slowing weight loss. I haven’t been able to go without it in my coffee yet, but this gives me the impetus to do that. Is liquid monk fruit really the same? I’ve also started Perfect Keto Collagen in my coffee for the hair loss. Thanks for all your information on that topic. And the snacking comment is probably really true. When I snack in bits I loose a sense of whether I’m full or hungry. I also have been morbidly obese for most of my adult life and am Type II diabetic. Thanks to Keto my blood sugars have gone from 6.9 to 5.2 mmoL/L. I’m from Canada so am using the mmol measurement. Thanks for all you do.

  • I feel like if you eat healthy and reasonably and exercise, even just going for a walk, you can be healthy. Being somewhat bigger doesn’t mean your unhealthy. Bodies are different.

  • Ohh great! I now understand how people use this Japanese shallow breathe in, long breathe out method to lose weight. Thanks for the this explanation. Really empowering

  • I have g6pd deficiency. Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase is needed for the Hexose monophosphate pathway (and others), which I don’t have. Is that why I can’t metabolize carbs?

  • Very good information, will be thinking about this, been having bad headaches, spoke to my daughter, she also been having the headaches, we don’t sleep well at all. Thanks for sharing ������

  • So… each individual will respond differently… but speaking in absolutes seems to be her MO.

    She does like to quote research… just not any that’s been replicated. Sample size of 19… is this supposed to be ground breaking?

  • Evrika! This is why I surprisingly lost weight after I started some breathing exercises one month ago without any other changes in my daily routine


  • It may seem obvious, but you didn’t mention alcohol.

    Not counting beer, mixed drinks, or similar which contain a lot of carbs, I’ve never caught alcohol raising my BG levels. However I have sat there with my BG meter, take a reading, take a shot of vodka or whiskey, test some more over the next hour and watched my BG levels drop like a stone. In fact I have seen it drive me into the 50s and 60s on my meter,which is hypo range.

    I’ve read a number of studies that show alcohol raises insulin production,, which my personal tests agree with. Anything that causes us to run hyperinsulinemic, will stall weight loss and potentially cause weight gain.

  • I’m scared he’ll get assassinated for his intelligence and actually trying to make the world smarter and better. Hope this does get taught in schools!

  • I’m so stressed out and depressed the only thing I look forward to after work is a McDonald’s Chicken Biscuit. I want to work out and make healthier meals. It’s just so hard to get started and I don’t know how to cook. I grew up on easy to make, highly processed and packaged food. I think I’m going to buy a new bicycle and ride the bike path. I’m going to try IF and OMAD and try to fit in lean high protein meals with vegetables and rice. Doesn’t help that the vending machines at work have a card reader on them though.

  • Eat less, move and breathe more…. interesting but he forgets to mention that some foods don’t ‘stick around’ in the body as long as others, therefore the body has less time to absorb the nutrients. I truly believe that not all calories are created equal

  • Thank you �� I have just started keto! So this is realy handy tips for me to know ��
    I do love me Cheese though! Haven’t found the other alternatives where I live..so is cutting down ok? I can get coconut milk and I saw goats butter but didn’t buy it but next time I will ���� Thank you look forward to your next video ������

  • Actually it’s better to eat MORE. Eat more fruits and vegetables because those have the vitamins and minerals with LESS calories.
    What I’ve experienced is that when people try to eat less, they actually end up binge eating on unhealthy foods because they have deprived themselves. Whereas is they just ate till they were full in the healthy stuff, binging and cravings don’t occur.

  • 1) counting calories is not necessary, most trackers are inaccurate and just a rough estimate. 2) Cardio is amazing for you. even just walking around the grocery store is cardio. just being more active can be really helpful 3) cardio is not the only way to lose weight. weight lifting is important. the cardio will make u want to eat more. make habits that will fit into your lifestyle. if u don’t like the treadmill don’t do it, find something that works for u. Resistance training!!!! 4) just bc you’ve never been fit doesn’t mean you can’t be fit. “your body type is your body type and u can’t change that” is a very simple saying and it is not true. 5) you do not have to do everything at once. pick one small win or one habit a day

  • I feel that there is a strong connection between what he is saying and the Kapalabhati Pranayama. This pranayama consists of automatic inhalations and forceful exhalations. Food for thought!

  • The carbon dioxide i figured when I started my weight loss journey. I am glad someone proved it with numbers and chemistry formulas that I can’t be bothered with. The whole point is to survive and thrive, we eat the sun and then we burn the sun and in this process the body gets old and used. It keeps us alive longer only if we use the mechanism effectively and not excessively. It’s a vicious cycle in a a way, eat burn eat burn repeat!, “Energy needs to keep moving’ are my 2 bits if I were to put this more spiritually rather than the scientific way!

  • Ok, atoms to atoms is adding up. Now can you explain in terms of carbs to energy spent. Say you are loading a truck. You lift 200 boxes 50 pounds each. The breathing can explain the extra atoms lost (carbon). What explains the food/atoms lost to create energy that got the work done? Does creation for carbon release energy? How?

  • As a chemist I love to see stoichiometry discussed in such an amusing and relevant way. BTW this is covered in the first semester of general chemistry.

  • I signed up for this challenge and still havent received any emails. I checked my inbox, spam and trash folders and nothing. Anybody else experience this?

  • Abby, is it possible to lose hip dips? I see in your “before picture have them” and in your after picture they aren’t noticeable. If so, how do you get rid of them?

  • Brilliant! An easy-to-understand explanation. Watched it twice then forwarded the link to a bunch of people. Fascinating that doctors don’t know this. But then, I asked a doctor about gluconeogenesis and she looked at me blankly. I left mid-consult and never went back.

  • This is brilliant. We often view weight gain and loss as such a complex topic but in reality it’s quite simple. Letting us visualise a meal in terms of hours of breathing is such a unique way to help people understand the energy density of the food they are eating. With the examples of the fast food meal being a full 24 hours to expend from the body, we can see why consistent intake of these high energy foods results in weight gain, since there are more atoms entering the body than being exhausted!
    Well done Ruben.

  • Symptoms and Diagnosis of High-Functioning Anxiety:

    Feelings of worry and anxiety that ruin attempts to relax, or that appear even when things seem to be going well.
    Perfectionism and feelings of constant dissatisfaction with performance.
    Workaholism, or a need to keep moving or doing even when at home.

  • I advise you to read the book “Weigh Loss by John Goodman”. It says how to lose weight, and at the same time you do NOT need to follow any diets and exhaust yourself in the gym.

  • I have been eating clean, and working out every single day for 28 days and I just got fatter. And I researched and talked to people, and since I have high cortisol levels, no matter how hard I workout I will gain weight. But they said to only do low intensity, or just walk for 40. I don’t see how I will lose weight just by walking

  • Wow you nailed it. all 5 applied to me. I gave up on keto but i keep gaining and loosing the same 5 to 7 pounds. Soooo maybe i should give it another try. Thanks for the good words.

  • just found out i have type2, and my Doctor wants me on insulin, beforehand i came across Dr Fung’s free knowledge on IF. So i refused the insulin shot, but accepted the pills. is it ok?? im starting 16:8 IF while taking the prescription pills? someone pls help. Thanks in Advance.

  • Dr Fung, great as always.
    Now, the female was annoying as heck, she apparently can’t say Yes!!!! enough, and every time is as if she’s having an orgasm.

  • Hi Christina! Im fairly new to your channel, thank you for sharing all that good information. You look amazing���� XOXOXO from Sacramento,CA

  • So why am I gaining weight with fasting 16:8 or 18:6? I’m so frustrated with my body. I’m weighing the highest I’ve ever weighed and I can’t lose it.

  • How does it work for those who have to take their medications 15/30 minutes before breakfast. What is the effect of talking medication without breakfast?

  • I have been doing IF ALTERNATIVE days I done meal a day and the next day 16:8 doing this for abt a week lost 4 lbs but I still get hungry in times and love my sweets once in a while

  • So what does this change? Nothing. We all knew this before. After watching it nobody will lose weight miraculously by hyperventilating. The rules are the same as before: eat less and move more. I just lost 18 minutes of my life.

  • I am from India where there is culture of fast still in rural and urban middle class religious people. But the way of fasting has considerably changed. It’s now with fruits and milk and some kind of flour made of waterchest nuts and can also eat some sweets once a day. Hence the kind effect of fasting is not the same as where u dont eat at all.. I have started alternate day fasting and trying for zero calorie during fasting. I m still confused what to eat on non fasting days. As I get diarrhea when I eat. Can u please guide me on what to eat on non fasting a vegetarian diet.

  • Thank you in advance, for the knowledge of your fasting, I will start it asap, hopefully my nxt reply will have great improvement, God bless

  • Intermittent fasting definitely works! My twin sister started January 13th 2020 weighing 213 lb, and today February 9 2020, she’s weighing in at 201lbs. Stay consistent and be patient

  • The whole carb bad carb good thing boils down to genetics. I cannot lose weight eating carbs. My wife is total opposite and loses nothing on a keto diet

  • The gentleman is correct with a lot of the things that he says. I work in a cardiac cath lab heart disease a major factor is diabetes you cut the insulin you lower the sugar you cut the diabetic stronghold diabetes causes heart disease sugar causes diabetes it all plays together

  • Fasting is highly abnormal, like a priest not being able to marry….
    These are unnatural and both go against the laws of nature… and nature ALWAYS WINS…
    Food is a gift from God… and denying it will not extend your life, only make you miserable, and there’s already enough misery goin around as it is…

  • I always had junk food cravings, especially sweets like pastries. I fast 16:8 or 18:4 (depending on how hungry I am) and do 2MAD. I have next to no cravings and love indulging in a gigantic homemade chef salad as my first meal. I load it with many different veggies, eggs, chicken, and apple cider vinegar. I started at 242lbs in November and I’m now down to 217lbs.

  • Hey peeps No fap sure helps you to bring more will power to reduce weight. It’s extremely hard and relapse do happen but hey get back on the horse and do it again.

  • I’ve never heard anyone ever say “It’s all about exercise”. When you consider you can burn roughly 300 calories in 30 minutes on a treadmill OR you can ingest 300 calories in one candy bar. 80% or MORE of weight loss is what you put in your mouth. IF works wonderfully for me since I’m rarely hungry until lunchtime. I have MCT oil and KerryGold butter in my coffee and I’m satisfied until lunch at 12:30 or 1PM. Dinner by 6 or nothing if I’m not hungry (rare).

  • He’s right and he’s wrong. Calories in vs calories out is the most important factor for weight loss. It’s just that fasting is the quickest way to cut calories from your diet. There is no quicker way to cut calories than to not take in any calories at all. If you skip a meal or two, generally you won’t make up for all of those lost calories in your eating window. You might eat a little more in that window than if you weren’t fasting, but your overall calories are lower. That is why you lose weight on fasting. There’s no magic.

  • My mother is obese, and throughout most of my childhood I drank a shitton of soda. Like three-five cups a day.
    Thirsty? Have some coke.
    Hungry? Have a coke, and an entire oreo pack, who gives a shit?

    My mother has since been diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol. I had already moved out, and dropped myself to about a cup of soda a day. I completely cut it out to help my mother deal with the process.

    Dropped close to 30 kgs.
    It’s not a great, big, story, especially since I got on 10 since, and I’m trying to put it off by changing around my diet and exercising, since I can no longer rely on dropping soda.

    Since then I have gotten rid of:
    ->cordial (a lot of sugar)
    ->hot chocolate + iced coffee
    ->ice cream

    I hoped I inspired someone here.
    Good luck everyone, I’ll be here losing it with you!:)

  • At a certain point in the fast, the body is not eliminating waste,
    bowel movements so what’s happening with waste in the colon?  Years ago, I read a book that said you should
    have a daily enema.  Why is nothing said
    about this??

  • I’ve heard this a couple of times: “you end up eating the whole banana” or something along those lines. Question: what is wrong with eating bananas?

  • Hi I just eat one meal a day at 5pm.i eat what I like its amazing.i have lost a stone only started this in August.thank you thank you Dr Fung..

  • Thanks for all the great videos. Really appreciate it. I’ve been recently diagnosed with diabetes. My A1C was 7.9, fasting glucose level of 230. Making some major changes here. Started with 3 meals, then cut to just breakfast and dinner, now closed the gap and only do lunch and dinner, with a 16-18 hour fast, depending on my work schedule when I get home at night. And also eating low carb high fat and moderate protein, and feeling much better after doing this now for almost 2 months. It was a challenge for me in the beginning, didn’t know where to go or what to research. And found you and one other doctor that has some great videos, and have learned a ton. Thanks again. Keep up the great work. I have my doctors visit coming up on Dec 26 to see how things are going,

  • How do you IF if you have to have food w/ meds that are BID (am & pm). Does a pat of butter count as w/food and does it break fast (has calories)?

  • Hmmmm. Except for exercise and relaxation I was deficient in everything. I have a lot of work to do. So much in fact I could bore everyone here with my deficiencies. beginning in 2017 I started Keto because I was going to Paris and needed more energy and less weight on my arthritic feet. I lost 37 lbs and kept it off except for this lockdown where I gained back 10 lbs. I’m back on lazy keto and have lost 4 of those lbs. Clearly, I have work to do.
    I watched this vlog 3x, have written down the ideas presented, and will make some changes.

  • If you think fasting is harmful and abnormal, look at what most animals do and have always done. Especially hibernating animals. When food is abundant for them, they eat as much as they can and store it as fat. This is so that during times of restricted food they haver their body fat to live on. Isn’t this the epitome of fasting? Fasting is completely normal in the animal world and since we are animals, shouldn’t it be part or our normal world as well?

  • Is it just me, or is being a nephrologist like the coolest sounding job title? Makes me wish I went to medical school lolz, seriously thanks for not interrupting him and letting him speak. Great job

  • I’ve lost about 90lbs, but I still need ten more to officially not be considered overweight, and it’s been so annoyingly difficult for me. I’ve maintained my weight for about two years, but I still have not lost those ten pounds ��
    I’m taking it way more seriously this year. I’m consistently going to the gym so far, and I hope it lasts �� I even bought a yoga mat for home workouts for when I can’t make it to the gym. Wish me luck everyone ✨

    Edit: thank you for your support ☺️��

  • you might want to look at the work of Dr. Steve Olmos. he has published some studies showing that breathing poorly can cause obesity. first thing to do is use a xylitol nasal spray to open the airway and sleep better and then you start feeling better and eating better. all because of opening airway.

  • I recently lost 45 pounds in 5 months with OMAD, low sugar, low carbs too and have kept it off. (I started my weight loss journey on June 22, 2019) I don’t need to lose more weight but hoping with autophagy my side fat and stomach will gradually be gone. Thank you Dr. Fung for all your great knowledge of information. Your fasting book helped me out tremendously along with your YouTube video’s.

  • To any narwhal reading this: any tip to break habits? Sadly I got back in to always eat bread. I broken it once back last year, when I couldn’t have any bakery close to me for months, but here in the big city is almost impossible not getting it.

  • I’ve just watched this whole video with anticipation. Now I’m wanting to cry. I track every single thing, haven’t eaten any dairy or sweetener for months, and I don’t do any of your other things either but no weight loss. I’m thinking of going to the doctor. Do you recommend certain blood tests?

  • We Indians have fools pedagogy that only I got aware of by your presentation. Salute to your ideas and execution in primary education.

  • Dr Fung, I started inttermitent fasting in January 2017 cause of you, I am a 54 year old who lost 40 pouds sice, and I can rin a half marathon now, and most importantly, never spent a dime on you!

  • What kind of monster would mess with the pace on someone’s treadmill?? If someone did that to me when I was losing weight (hell, if they did it NOW), I would’ve lost it!!! This kind of bullying is why people quit. Source: my own 70 lb weight loss and time working at a fitness center.

  • For some people suffering from food addiction, it’s not a matter of food quality but food quantity. At my heaviest of 303lbs I could binge on 5000 calories of fruits and vegetables just as easily as I could binge on 5000 calories of junk food. When I was a teen, I could eat an entire 8-10lb watermelon by myself and within two hours want to eat something else. This was the scariest part of my food addiction because I didn’t feel as guilty since the food quality was considered “very healthy”. It was the ultimate excuse I made for my addiction.
    I’ve lost 80lbs since then, but only because I constantly have to control my portions. Snacking isn’t even an option for me anymore, even if it’s some fruit, because I know I could binge on anything ��

  • I tracked my macros and was stalled for 4 months. I gave up tracking and I am now losing weigh again. I roughly know what I am now eating, so usually keep under 15-20 carbs and it’s working great for me.

  • Keto + OMAD + endurance exercise + weight tracking + discipline = fast weight loss. All these things if all done at the same time generate amazing results. If you drop any one of them, especially the discipline, then you will slow the weight loss and go sideways. It helps to have an event out in the future for which the weight loss makes sense. If you have cheated during the day a good remedy to get your blood sugars back down is a good 1-2 hour walk. A walk is a light aerobic way to reduce muscle glycogen and get you back into ketosis.

  • These are SO helpful! I’ve been in a stall for 8 weeks! �� I’m definitely going to try ur suggestions one by one so hopefully that helps me get through this!

  • Thanks for this post. I’ve only been on keto for 20 days and ive lost 7lbs. I feel like my weight loss is slow. After watching this I realize I’ve probably been doing all of these things. Dairy and artificial sweeteners are probably the biggest thing. Making changes immediately.

  • I had to start hormone replacement therapy (estrogen-specifically). It’s been a year and my estrogen is normal but I’ve gained 15lbs and I cannot lose it. I keep up the efforts of 5 days of mixed exercises, balanced eating, and also tried intermittent fasting, fasted cardio, calorie tracking, etc. I even cut down on intensity to give my body rest while just eating healthy and staying active. What can I do?

  • What a clear demonstration of the ignorance of the population and audience. And this does not prevent them from being happy, judging by their faces.

  • Is the made for move it chanllenge over? I got late but still want to do it:(( even if it’s alone instead of in community I would like to do it

  • Hey Narwhals, apologies if the text is too small in this video, had an editing error. Also if you haven’t yet, be sure to Subscribe! I’ll be posting 3 videos each week all month long to help you kickstart your January ��

  • I’ve in a roller coaster with my weight the last few years that it’s nuts, all related to my insulin resistance and well, bad eating habits. Quarantine has made it harder for me to exercise, it’s been all work no exercise. I’m so joining this challenge to get back in track!

    You are a rockstar to me Abby. Thank you!

  • I am cutting out dairy and sweeteners for the month of June and noticed they were keeping me stalled. I have lost about 8-10 lbs just cutting them out. I was very surprised. GI issues improving as well.

  • I need info for almost a 40 yr old woman. I have a hard time losing weight although I’m not fat more skinny fat. But it’s so hard to lose half an inch. It’s so frustrating

  • The past week I’ve been doing the snacking instead of a meal. I’ve been so busy that when I felt hungry I just grabbed something to get rid of my hunger.