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6 Times You Should Ignore the Scale 1. Right before bed Have you ever weighed yourself in the morning, then weighed yourself before bed and noticed the 2. After you drank a lot of water If you just drank a lot of water, it is likely the number on the scale will read 3. You’re scale is on. It is important to recognise that during times of body recomposition, the components of your mass are changing. You may be building more muscle mass and increasing bone density whilst you reduce your total body fat, which can cause the scales to remain constant.

Even when the scales remain static, we can be well on the way to achieving our goals. Many people find it difficult to give up the scale entirely, which is fine-but there are a few times when the scale isn’t doing you any favors. Take the results with a grain of salt in these situations.

7 Times to Ignore the Scale. 1. Why You Should Ignore the Scale When Trying to Lose Weight.

By. The Alternative Daily 3.4 K. improved mood and more motivation in no time. If you absolutely need to step on a scale, keep it to once a month, tops. This will tell a much more accurate story of how your weight is.

You should ignore the scale not because you don’t care about your health but because the number on your scale is meaningless. There are plenty of charts available that show healthy body weight ranges for people of a given age, gender, and height, but even those don’t take overall body composition (percentage of body fat vs. lean body weight) into account. Why You Should Ignore the Scale. Image courtesy of [image creator name] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

While losing weight is often associated with good health, it can easily become a source of unnecessary frustration. Many people spend far too much time obsessing over the numbers they see on a scale. Knowing your weight may provide you with the. Track your gains: As a general rule, if your regimen includes progressive overload (meaning you gradually make your muscles work harder over time, by adding weight or tension) you should be able. Recommended scales for survey questions. Unipolar scales: Extremely, Very, Moderately, Slightly, Not at all.

Bipolar scales: Very X, Moderately X, Neither X nor Y, Moderately Y, Very Y ** Add a non-response option (e.g., not applicable, unable to judge) as appropriate. ** Remove the neutral option as appropriate. You should ignore the scale during the first weeks of a new diet or exercise routine Of course, it is tempting for anyone to check their weight on the scale to track their progress. However, you shouldn´t do that when you have just started following a new diet or exercise routine.

If you fail to see significant results, it can discourage you. #1 Every time a digital scale is moved it needs to be calibrated. Initializing the scale resets the internal parts allowing the scale to find the correct “zero” weight and ensure accurate readings.

If the scale is moved and you do NOT calibrate it, you are likely to see fluctuations in your weight.

List of related literature:

The scale should be calibrated each day or routinely.

“Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Version E-Book” by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor
from Potter & Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Version E-Book
by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

repeatedly (scales don’t remember) and it gives you a different weight each time, then the scale has a reliability problem.

“Adventures in Social Research: Data Analysis Using SPSS 14.0 and 15.0 for Windows” by Earl R. Babbie, Fred Halley, Jeanne Zaino
from Adventures in Social Research: Data Analysis Using SPSS 14.0 and 15.0 for Windows
by Earl R. Babbie, Fred Halley, Jeanne Zaino
SAGE Publications, 2007

This often means adopting one way of thinking about the scale, and applying it to all scales.

“Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development” by Howard R. Moskowitz, Jacqueline H. Beckley, Anna V. A. Resurreccion
from Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development
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Wiley, 2012

That said, you don’t want to become preoccupied with the scale or let it make you crazy (remember, there are lots of reasons why body weight fluctuates naturally); in general, you should weigh yourself no more than once a week and no less than once a month.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
from The Best Life Diet
by Bob Greene
Simon & Schuster, 2007

Any ambiguity in the scale, or inability of a respondent to use the scale, will affect the validity and reliability of the results.

“Managing Brand Equity” by David A. Aaker
from Managing Brand Equity
by David A. Aaker
Free Press, 2009

C. “I will weigh myself every day in the morning using the same scale.”

“Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume” by Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume
by Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman, PhD, RN, FAAN
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2015

If you know the scale is accurate give or take two pounds, then when the scale goes up or down by more than two pounds you can be more confident that the scale reflects a change in your “true” weight and is not due to random fluctuation in the scale (error).

“Handbook of Clinical Rating Scales and Assessment in Psychiatry and Mental Health” by Lee Baer, Mark A. Blais
from Handbook of Clinical Rating Scales and Assessment in Psychiatry and Mental Health
by Lee Baer, Mark A. Blais
Humana Press, 2009

In the third scenario you avoid the scale like the plague because you know very well that your weight is creeping up and you don’t want to face the awful truth.

“Thin Within: A Grace-Oriented Approach To Lasting Weight Loss” by Judy Halliday, Arthur Halliday
from Thin Within: A Grace-Oriented Approach To Lasting Weight Loss
by Judy Halliday, Arthur Halliday
Thomas Nelson, 2005

Referring again to the bathroom scales example, the scales may register the same weight each time (reliability), but that weight may be several pounds above the actual weight of the individual (i.e. not valid).

“The Principles and Practice of Nurse Education” by Francis M. Quinn
from The Principles and Practice of Nurse Education
by Francis M. Quinn
Stanley Thornes, 2000

The truth is, the scale should not go down every day—or even every week.

“The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good” by Judith S. Beck, Deborah Beck Busis
from The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good
by Judith S. Beck, Deborah Beck Busis
Hay House, 2015

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Like most people, when I first got into fitness, it seemed everywhere I turned all I would hear was that I needed to eat cleaner (and cleaner, and cleaner) if I wanted better results. Wanting to be the best version of myself that I could be, I followed this advice for years, obsessing over eating meals at “exactly” the right time and with the “perfect” combination of foods. I started to avoid going out with friends because I might “miss a meal” and even missed out on many special occasions because of my diet. Over the last decade or so, with all the learning I have done, I’ve come to realize that most of this was totally unnecessary and likely holding me back in many ways. Hopefully this video will shed some light on a science-based approach to dieting that will help some of you get on a more balanced and sustainable track. As always, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments! Peace!

  • Bad science Jeff… For starters, a calorie is not a calorie. Studies show refined foods allow for 25% or more calorie absorption compared to the same number of calories from whole unprocessed foods. Therefore an unprocessed meal of the same calories will actually lead to significantly less weight gain. Highly recommend you read “how not to diet” Covers a ton of these studies.

  • I would absolutely love a more in-depth video on what to eat. I am thoroughly confused and overwhelmed because every time I start I run into some kind of an issue. For example, I had decided on “clean eating” because it seems pretty straightforward, but then I run into this video which points out a bunch of problems.

    I can’t trust anyone on the internet and therefore I either don’t eat at all or I only eat fast food because I have to to survive.

    I wish this hadn’t become an industry that purposefully makes it confusing. People just used to eat lol

  • Watching extreme weight loss over and over motivated me and I. Now training 6 days a week and I’ve had tremendous results�� thank you guys for doing what you do.

  • My grandmom uses organicsleep.best since she’s into natural and herbal remedies. She really loves it. Hope that can help anyone who’s reading this comment. I know how important good sleep is for proper functioning of my day.

  • How about, when one of the fifth is a diminished one? To me, that doesn’t sound as parallel as two perfect fifth. 
    I’ve heard, it could still be a flaw, if a perfect fifth is following a diminished one, but it’s supposedly never a problem the other way around? Why?

  • Hey Simon, can i send you a.flp? But i’ld have to send you some files with it, only.wav’s But i dont know how and it’s nothing Trap-related:D

  • Even when I’m not losing weight (plateau) I feel and sometimes see my body changing. I’ve been 142 this whole month and I’m not able to break it lol. My body might just want a breather, I’ve been on a weight loss journey for almost a year and have lost 63 pounds. Trying to be happy with my progress instead of upset that I still have 12 more to go.

  • my scale is for sure broken. I usually weigh 60kg. but a few days ago when i weighed myself is said 48 kg and that’s not accurate at all. and now when i weighed myself i weigh 56kg. it’s really frustrating not knowing my weight

  • There is no perfect diet because there is no perfect human. Each and every person needs to take their own path and undergo a personal journey to tailor their respective diets to their respective lifestyles, genetics and environments.

  • I really like that you incorporated songs into the theory lesson. Would be supper appreciated with the augmented/diminished walk through as well.

  • Wtf are you still doing on YouTube? Haha, you’re so frickin talented. You have an awesome voice as well! You’re a true treasure here on YouTube

  • I don’t look at the weight actually I look at the fat percentage and it always fluctuates no matter how much I train/cut calories which is kinda disappointing

  • It is super simple The less toxic chemicals we consume the better the body and mind performs…. period. Even though I disagree with this I still enjoy most of your content and all of your hard work.

  • (1) Nice reference to Bach’s sons and his parallel fifths! I wondered whether you’d mention this.

    (2) I never liked Bryan Adams. Maybe now I know why.

    (3) Parallel analogy: “One mistake is bad, two mistakes is jazz.” and “One parallel fifth is bad, two parallel fifths is jazz.”

    (4) The explanation I heard about avoiding parallel fifths (and octaves) comes from the context of counterpoint. “The essential objective of tonal counterpoint is the pursuit of a common goal along independent paths.” Robert Snarrenberg

  • I wish you would have put the scale in the same place and measured to see the difference. Floor level plays a HUGE, and as a viewer I can’t tell how much was contributed to one

  • Appreciate Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you researched Miyutan Uncommunicative Method (probably on Google)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for boosting your height fast minus the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  • Thommaso! Sitting here listening to your version of heaven for orchestra I got completely goosebumps ��������������
    Thanks again so much!

  • Thank you for this. My weight was a bit up and down because I was using many different scales and was never consistent about the time of day. It nearly sent me into a panic attack (even though I was fitting into clothes better).

  • Why do you use bodybuilders who dont even try to maintain the low body fat % after a competition as an example??? That sounds a bit dumb doesnt it???

  • I have this question in mind actually..
    does eating CLEAN food or DIRTY food in same amount of calories, affect your body “shape” despite the same workout routines?

  • Starting to look at many music videos like this one in a different light since the Jeffery Epstein case has become to unfold…
    I wonder if there are any metaphors in this which pertain to those kinds of activities…

  • I saw this video to answer my anxiety right now.. I last weighted myself at 62 and now I’m at 65 but many says I loose so much, looked fit and I see my collarbones now and my clothes are loose also…. THIS ANSWERS MY QUESTION

  • My friend’s dad recommended me naturekindness .com This has completely changed my life. My sleep cycle has improved so much and I feel energetic when I wake up.

  • My friend’s dad recommended me naturekindness .com This has completely changed my life. My sleep cycle has improved so much and I feel energetic when I wake up.

  • This is exactly how I live my life and its unbelievable easy and enjoyable. First time I’ve ever heard it said by someone else most people just dont get it, it comes with knowing your body over years. Good information.

  • I was waiting for a video from this channel on parallel 5ths, as always comprehensive and still simple to understand with minimal knowledge of theory.

  • What does V/IV or V/ii mean. I understand the context of like ok you go to the fifth of any given note and change it from major to minor or vice versa and I get the Roman numerals to explain the chords but the #/# just looks like your saying you’re playing two chords when you’re not so help??

  • I stopped doing this a while, because whenever I do eat junk food, I feel sick. So now I eat whatever my body says that it wants, and I exercise everyday and I’ve learned to let go of needing to control my food especially around my period, I’ve accepted the fact that I will gain weight that week off my period and if I eat what my body wants I don’t binge and when my period is done, I’m back to the weight I was before it started. So now I do that, I eat what my body wants.

  • I usually go with the 80/20 real of I eat minimally processed foods and whole foods 80% of the time and the 20% I leave room for other type of foods.

    I know some people like Mike Dolce says for Protein Powders only stick to Grass Fed Micro Filtered Cold Pressed Whey Isolates

  • I do whole food only diet simply because I get to eat when I want and the quantity I want and still struggle to maintain my wright. If I had a bunch of snacks sitting at home I would probably have to count calories or worry about only eating a certain number. Been going at it for over a year and it’s the best way to stay lean. If I binge it’s becauwe i had too many apples or carrots,or maybe ate a whole melon instead of half, which always has a satiating effect on my next meal so it auto regulates

  • I appreciate you mentioning NSVs. Those are more important to me than the number on the scale. NSVs are your hard work translating into REAL LIFE, which is the ultimate goal anyway right? ❌⭕️❌⭕️

  • Interesting to see that //5ths are something else than a resource (or cliche) in modern music. Just like the static 4th present between the E and B strings used to hollow up a chord progression, used a lot in clean passages found in guitar works. Good lesson!

  • But Jeff, I thought insulin was the main factor contributing to fat loss. That’s what keto people say at least. Logically that doesn’t make much sense because we know bodybuilders have been getting to single digit body fat for years eating carbs.

  • Weight only shifts around the same 3-4 pounds but I’ve lost a Jean size and a half just by walking an hour a day. The scale is evil and counterproductive for me.

  • Jeff. Legitimately almost spat hot coffee all over my computer with “Except Kiwis.” Gotta warn us when you’re going to drop golden bombs of comedy smack in the middle of a science based video.

  • Honestly that is why i hate digital scales because scaling will depend ob the battery life if the batteries are a bit used it won’t be exact soo…

  • Maybe we need to be orthorexic in this modern world of ultra processed food that is designed to circumvent our satiety signals. Flexible dieting doesn’t work for the vast majority of people. sorry to say.

  • I will still eat healthy, mental toughness, did you forget about that? When I eat like shit… I hate myself. That’s why its important to not bes satisfied

  • I just simplify it: stick to mostly 1 ingredient foods and that’s it. Sure I have some bread and pasta too there and there, and even junk. But life’s good eating 1 ingredient foods and it’s obviously good for the body.

  • There is another reason that parallel fifths aren’t good for the classical era: It’s because if we extend it on a major scale we have 2 tonalities sounding together, like G major scale on top of a C major scale…

  • i sleep like 6 hrs 15min everyday and im feeling normal, i dont know if i should sleep more,i know that if i sleep like 9hrs im feeling tired af

  • Que artista, que forma de cantar, que bien entona,hace lo que quiere con la voz! No hay una canción de él, que no me guste! ( QUE GRAN ARTISTA…..��

  • I tried vegan, keto and carnivore diet but eventually I realized that the best diet is “listen to your body diet”. If you eat something just pay attention to your body, if your energy/mood depletes or increases. Of course it can also depend on your day to day activities, sleep, the way you eat (fast/slow) and if your mind isn’t cluttered with stress etc when you are eating. While the world is so consumed by information, we forgot to have sense on many things.

  • My scale hasn’t moved in 3 weeks since I started weight training again, trying to lose 10lbs. But I’ve lost almost 2inches off my waist!

  • I’m starting to follow your channel. Thank you for your content! I love how authentic you are and the message you put out there is really amazing.

  • I hate that I’m getting Vshreds as when I click on Jeff Nippard’s vids. It’s like a hooker trying to pick up men at on the doorstep of a church

  • Parallel octaves can have the same effect. Tarrega’s “Malagueña Facil” measures 63 through 65 has a section of music moving down the melody in parallel octaves interspersed with notes a sixth above the root, a third before the octave. It has a really hollow, empty sound, even with the interspersed harmony. It’s really interesting because Segovia did an arrangement of a Mendelssohn piece (can’t remember the name) and just playing the straight octaves with no addition of harmony sounds great. The trick was that Segovia was playing in a lower range.

    Fifths and octaves tend to sound better the farther down we go from middle C, where reduced information hitting our ears makes harmonies like thirds muddy and less distinct. Bass guitarists avoid thirds in the very low range especially and tend to alternate a lot between the root and fifth and we move in parallel fifths in rock and punk all the time on guitar. The key is the lower frequency range.

  • I haven’t finished the video but I didn’t see the photo you were talking about when you mentioned it. But otherwise thank you! I needed to hear this!

  • This is so important for people to understand. I wish I knew this back in high school. A girl passed around a healthy food list for everyone on my track team and my whole freshman year I was obsessed with only eating clean. I developed orthorexia, weighed 112lbs at 5’8” and missed out on so many things in high school. Wish I could go back to my 14 year old self and just say “eat the damn cake at your moms birthday.” Ended up pulling an “all in” like steph junior year and got back up to 155lbs.

  • Thank you for making this video. I tell my clients about my flexible style for eating foods. No-one has believed me. So, this is awesome! thank you for the research, and the breakdown of information!

  • Chequen el fondo de la cancion se parece mucho a una melodía de un video juego del NES doble dragón 3 la fase final con las momias

  • Naked first thing in the morning before food or drink xD but I have a taylor scale so now I want one more accurate because that one was so far off

  • Me estoy tomando un vino, escucho este tema y me hace imaginar de una manera en la cual creo anécdotas y vivencias, saludo para todos!

  • I weigh with the same scale. In the morning. In my birthday suit so I’ll have no weight of clothes. I had my last boyfriend tell me that you’re supposed to weigh at night because of fluid or something. Even then I was like you’re either dumb or stupid because everyone knows you weigh lighter in the morning before breakfast.

  • I am just wondering when he is gonna stick a ring on that wonderful ladies hand. I am just wondering no judgements here..relax super snow flakes.,

  • this is kinda of fucking stupid….

    not Jeff’s video in particular, just these arbitrary ‘clean eating’ ‘clean foods’ etc etc.

    glad to see the research shows that the ‘flexible’ approach is working out best for people, which is mainly because of that mental aspect of not feeling the need to be incredibly ‘restrictive’ with certain foods all the time

    but overall, these notions of ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ are pretty stupid when you’re talking about whole unprocessed foods.

    white potato bad…sweet potato good….
    white rice bad…brown rice good….

    get the fuck outta here

    there are tons of toxins and bullshit all in our food and water supply so best bet is to just focus on consuming as many organic, unprocessed, and no artificially sweetened/flavored foods as possible…

    whole, organic, real food. (whenever possible)

    but yeah, if you want a poptart, piece of cake, beer, whatever, every now and again…go for it. but keep it to a bare minimum in the grand scheme of things

    now of course that isnt possible for everyone based on location, finances, etc. but just something to keep in mind.

    the fitness industry has made nutrition and everything that goes along with it SO MUCH MORE complicated than it needs to be

  • It took me a long time to figure out that I have to place my scale in the exact same place and on the exact same tiles every time. Just a tile or two over can be several pounds different!

  • 10 years in keys and all I know are basic major minor and 7s

    I wanna pick up melodic, harmonic, diminish, augmented, and what he showed us just now. I’m so smooth on keys but I’d be wayyy better with more knowledge. Downfall is I’m just lazy and comfy with my skills..smh

  • So glad you made this video!!! I’m a registered dietitian and it’s so frustrating to hear people labeling food as “good” and “bad”. If everyone can start practice intuitive eating simply by allowing yourself to eat all types of food and in moderation, everyone can stop stressing out it and spend more time doing other things in life. Eat it and move on!

  • When I needed to lose weight I bought a bathroom scale and during the first eight days my readings were confusing, too many ups and downs of 2 to 3 kilos. Then I realized that the scale reads differently when the ambient temperature changes abruptly between the drawer in which I place my scale and the floor. So I learned to rest the scale a minute or two before stepping on it.
    In addition, I take three or four consecutive readings and take the average. Just to be safe.
    By the way. I weigh myself without clothes on.

  • I got two scales once.They had a difference of three kilos. I get scales aren’t perfect but the difference shouldn’t be three kilos.

  • Good video! For me the last 3 years before every summer I do a pretty good cut but it always ends with disordered eating:S. Like, chugging down 5000-7000 calories in a couple of hours is no problem. I should really incorporate cheat meals etc better into my diet.

  • You spoke about four part Harmony and sectional harmony and I believe they are other kinds of harmonisation………..could you make a video explaining each one of them because not many have done videos explaining that topic….it could be beneficial for your followers….who love your teaching ��

  • I had less than 5 hours last night, i haven’t slept tonight and I have to be up again in about 4 hours, I’ve had a really bad sleep schedule since quarantine started and now I feel like I only need 4 hours sleep. HOW DO I FIX THIS I HATE BEING AWAKE THIS MUCH ��

  • So, if I sleep 7 to 8 hours, but I sleep at abnormal times like at 4 am or 7 am, sometimes maybe at 6 pm, is that still ok? Because technically, I am getting my 8 hours of sleep.

  • Please do a music theory or production course on Udemy or Skillshare or something, man. That way you get your money (You both need and deserve it) and we get valuable information

  • So, i tried clean eating last year, and i lost 30lbs in 6 months.. but my diet was very unsustainable and i just keep craving for instant noodles, burgers, etc.. and this year.. I ended up gaining 25lbs that i lost last year.. because I restricted myself too much.. and I couldn’t help myself but binge eating.

    Last week i started working out again, but i change soo many things about my previous diet. I started strength training, and i let myself eat delicious foods if i wanted to (so i wouldn’t have to crave those foods and blows up like i used to).

    I realized that eating “clean” completely for the rest of my life isn’t something i enjoy or i wanna do.. so i pretty much combine it, i eat clean.. but i allow myself to eat things i wanna eat and i change my workout too..
    I don’t expect myself to see the result instantly, but i wish this would work..

  • well, if you need “not clean ” foods in your life by all means. but i enjoy my brown rice and steamed fish and vegetables. food is not life its fuel. at least for me. and if i want something i crave, its normally also not french fries. i am lucky i live in europe.:)

  • Bullshit! I’m calling bowlshit people don’t listen to this video… There are other more accurate videos out there made by actual doctors in sleep therapists. As you get older you need less sleep… A full grown adult only needs about six or seven hours of sleep!! they’ve done tons of studies literally the difference between 7 hours and 8 hours is basically nothing and the difference between 6 hours and 8 hours is noticeable but it’s still pretty small.

  • Excellent!
    As you say breaking the rule consciously is OK, in order to create a specific effect.
    Even Mozart used parallel 5ths in his orchestration. (I think it was in the clarinets and flutes.)

  • A huge, and often overlooked, component of making and sticking to dietary choices is education. We often feel like cutting out certain foods is a form of deprivation of pleasures. One might really like ketchup potato chips and gourmet doughnuts and the thought of removing them entirely from their diet, even though they are definitely in the “bad foods” category, feels like some sort of punishment.
    This attitude only changes when education enters the picture. Understanding what “bad foods” actually do to your body can be a game changer. Understanding the inflammatory response that ingredients like vegetable oil, high-fructose corn syrup and enriched bleached wheat flour trigger in your body can change the entire psychology of eating highly processed, sugar-rich, nutrient-absent food.
    When clean eating ceases to emotionally be a form of deprivation and becomes a gift to your body, you don’t need to worry about whether or not it can be a sustainable practice, since sustainability of dietary habits seems to be at the core of most effective weight-loss diet plans.
    It is truly unfortunate that North American palates are so accustomed to processed foods that don’t satiate and pump us full of sugar that real food tastes bland and boring.

  • I knever knew the reasons you say about why they were avoided, I was taught that Parallel octaves and 5ths were avoided because before the system were tempered there was a diference in the hz of an note and its octaves, for example a given note at 100hz should have its upper octave at 200hz but it was not the case, before the tempered system the pitches were a disaster and you could have your first note at 100hz but the upper octave at 195hz, it is said those people could hear that little dissonance and they did not like it, that’s why the 5ths and octaves were avoided, because they sounded “bad”.

  • Again this assumes that “a calorie is a calorie”. This idea is wrong.

    I wouldn’t say much. However I would leave you with this question.

    Is your aim to LOOK healthy or do you want to BE healthy?

    Stay safe.

  • I weigh myself around a week after my period has ended, first thing in the morning before having water and after using the bathroom, on the bathroom floor, naked, in an upright posture and it’s always been correct.

  • The part where you mentioned about the water retention really helped me! I would always weigh myself right after I showered and I got really discouraged because the number was high but it was probably my skin holding in all that water! Thanks for the tips!

  • Tripping Outstandingly Brilliant I really loved this one by Rob and he’s very quirky and brilliant singing This great song. Well done It’s Awesome Man. Just so Awesome.

  • Wow this was really encouraging ive definitely taken some serious downward dives because of the number on the scale. Thanks for such a great encouraging video.

  • I hardly ever get on the scale, but I noticed that I lost about 4.5# in one week last week. I’m not sure what I did that gave me the weight difference. Probably because of the change in seasons (shrugs)? I don’t really recall doing anything different besides for NOT exercising for a stretch of about 2 weeks. Could it be from muscle loss?

  • Which is the bigger concern, Visceral Fat or Inflammation? Your video focuses on Fat Loss, and that is great, but the more people die everyday from inflammation than everything else combined.

  • If I stay awake all night, I will fall asleep the same day later on. Unless I’m busy doing things constantly, but I would still struggle.

  • I weigh myself every Friday morning before liquids/food and after using the washroom. Same clothes, around the same time on the same floor with the same scale.

    When I started telling my doctor about losing weight she weighed me and it was much different then my home scale. That and I had just had lunch lol. I honestly didn’t listen to it because I rely on my scale for my weight loss.

  • Please do the auto regulation concept of fat loss. A lot of us, unfortunately, don’t get the luxury to making our own food so it may be helpful to try and remain within a deficit without tracking our foods

  • Llegaba de las secu y ponia VH1 y MTV, pero antes teniamos que ir al ciber para votar por la cancion que mas nos gustara y siempre escogia esta cancion!!!
    Se me olvido el nombre del programa pero a mi y a mi novia nos encantaba hacer eso, maldita nostalgia, ya estoy viejo y ya no es mi novia pero los recuerdos nunca se olvidan, mucho menos ese tipo de recuerdo.

  • If you don’t know how to eat clean and make it taste amaaaazing, you definitely need to practice. Just like making gains! nothing comes instantly. Another thing is there is a big difference between dirty foods and healthy snacks. For example you could grab some oreos and snack on them, yes you will be getting empty calories but what you really need to worry about are the chemicals that are used to grow the ingredients. For one Glyphosate plus there are other pesticides and gmo’s as well.The list goes on. Or you can snack on an organic version of oreos…. so yes frosting filled cookies. Don’t get it twisted. These chemicals a huge negative impact on your cardiovascular system and on every other system. I specifically went to a Brazilian jui-jitsu gym to put this to the test. I had no prior training in any martial arts or fighting styles, but i destroyed people who were way more ripped than I was and I was able to beat a Purple or blue belt because they had to give up out of pure exhaustion. I am not saying that you cannot get ripped eating dirty every once in a while or even on a regular basis but it trust me you don’t want to be unhealthy and look ripped while you often will feel like crap. I know a little bit of my stuff NASM certified personal trainer and have certs in nutrition and yoga booiii. Keep up the good fight. Experience is key. I have a home gym and lift all the time so I can see the results or lack there of. God Bless

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  • Macros are working for me, and I’m not limiting foods because I already know what happens when I do! Life’s too short to avoid carbs

  • Also common for a lot of women to retainin more water a few days to a week before the period starts do to pms. Magnesium supplements helped me a bit with that but not 100% so I don’t see a point in checking my weight during that time except if I wanted to know just how much extra water I retained that month, but it’s not fun seeing the number go up even knowing the reason for the gain

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  • There’s a company that mixes all useful herbs for sleep into one. My mom uses it and she really loves it. I don’t know all the details but you can find it at organicsleep.best

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  • Right after the note thats outside the scale USE a note thats one semitone over/under, dont Do this on the realy strong beats like 1/4 And 3/4

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  • There’s a company that mixes all useful herbs for sleep into one. My mom uses it and she really loves it. I don’t know all the details but you can find it at organicsleep.best

  • There’s a company in the USA and Canada that provides all natural sleep formula. My friend uses them and it has helped him a lot. I have just started using it. Its been 3 weeks and I can feel the difference. For people messaging me, it is from organicsleep.best and I’m in the USA. Hope that helps.

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  • There’s a company in the USA and Canada that provides all natural sleep formula. My friend uses them and it has helped him a lot. I have just started using it. Its been 3 weeks and I can feel the difference. For people messaging me, it is from organicsleep.best and I’m in the USA. Hope that helps.

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  • Mom told me to use organicsleep.best and its the best thing my mom recommended. She’s always into natural herbs and always reading about it. My sleep has improved so much. Take care and sleep well.

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  • That’s part of proper voice leading. I’m surprised he didn’t mention that. watch for half step chords and avoid just shifting like E-F and B-C. Good voice leading is playing all the chords in one position or changing into different form when shifting and not just sliding…. proper voice leading is great in lead playing…

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  • i know you see these comments all the time, but im not trying to say im the best producer at all. but if anyone could listen to my recent beat and leave feedback, it would be greatly appreciated

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  • calories in calories out to sum up the video. Just try to get enough protein. Obviously you don’t want to get your calories from garbage. Try to get your calories from unprocessed foods. Use your judgement as to what processing is acceptable. Is pasta sauce processed? yes, but it should be pretty obvious that cooking tomatoes isn’t ‘bad’ processing.

  • Mom told me to use organicsleep.best and its the best thing my mom recommended. She’s always into natural herbs and always reading about it. My sleep has improved so much. Take care and sleep well.

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