5 Non-Scale Methods to Track Weight-Loss Success


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5 Non-Scale Ways to Track Weight-Loss Success 1. THOUGHTS AROUND FOOD. When you start your weight-loss journey, be a food anthropologist for a week or a few weeks, 2. MOOD. Most of us know first hand how mood affects what you eat and how much (or little) you eat. But jotting it down 3. SLEEP.

From improved energy levels to healthier eating habits, there are many ways to measure weight loss success. Check out these non-scale victories. 5 Ways to Track Weight-Loss Progress Without Using a Scale By: David on December 18, 2017 0 As a weight-loss enthusiast, you do not need to carry a scale all over to track your. When you’re on your weight-loss journey, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game. But there are plenty of non-scale victories indicating that your hard work is, well, working.

So instead of focusing on that flashing number on the scale, look for signs that you’re moving in the right direction, even if the scale’s not budging. Maybe you didn’t hit that 100-pound weight-loss goal in a year, but you’re swimming in your “fat jeans.” That’s progress! By redefining progress, and broadening your view beyond the numbers, you’ll set yourself up for success—even when the scale’s numbers waver. A key part of any weight loss journey is how much you weigh on the scale. But non-scale victories are just as important to measure.

What is a NSV and what are the best ways to measure weight loss progress without a scale? We share 10 NSVs worth celebrating!When you’re trying to lose weight, an obvious measure of success is seeing the number on the scale drop.But weigh-ins can also frustrate or intimidate some people, and may not be the best method for everyone. “Your weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day, so that can be a poor measure of success,” says Jennifer Smith, RD.

If you’ve browsed weight loss forums or are currently following a diet, you might have come across the acronym “NSV.”It’s short for “non-scale victory,” and it’s a way for dieters to measure their weight loss progress without being constrained to a single measurement of a scale.Although scales can surely measure how much overall weight you’ve lost on your new healthy eating plan, they. Truth is, those numbers peering up at you from the cold bathroom floor are pretty much the worst indicators of health and fitness success. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, tone existing muscles, or discover new ones-experts agree the following methods are much better ways to determine when you’re on the path to fitness nirvana.

5 fun and creative ways to track your weight loss Friday 23rd January 2015 Many fasters use various weight tracking apps or indeed FastDay’s own Progress Tracker – but that’s not what I’m talking about today.

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  • Hello Joanna! thank you for being so helpful, i got a huge amount of new healthy informations and started to follow them thanks to you, i really like your sweet smile, and sometimes you reminds of disneyland’s character Mulan.. don’t get me wrong you just look so cute and charming like her!

  • Dr. Becky: this was a great video. Your approach has more substance and more sanity (and less hype) than any of the dozens of other commentators I’ve seen on YouTube. After losing 45 lbs following these methods (and continuing for another 40 or so) I can identify very closely with #1 above. 90% of my meals take less than 10 minutes to prepare less time in the kitchen is less temptation to cave to cravings (but…long time ago I emptied my fridge of anything not aligned with the program). Thank you for sharing all of this with us.

  • Thank you…. I’m often asked what do I eat…. My answer is, I eat my favorite food, meat and veggies. I love meat, when I went on meatless diets I would gain weight, instead of losing… My body is so insulin resisting that it’s as if someone is sitting inside my body and closes all gates really successfully, that no fat would escape thru it… LOL… But on Keto I’ve lost 15lb in two month, for me it’s a happiest weight loss ever, because I just don’t lose weight( if I do lose some weight, it comes back with a race car speed). I also go on dry fasts once a week, and my arms lose weight the most, as they piled up fat the most for some reason. And what’s interesting that skin gets tight too. I’d doesn’t sag as it used to before when I would lose even small amount of weight. Also my double chin got small and skin doesn’t sag…. Thank you for your videos… God Bless…

  • Thank you for making this video, Dr. Weiner.  I had my bypass done at Barix Clinics in March 2012.  I have lost over 100 lbs, but the weight is coming back fast.  It’s my fault and I accept the blame for it; I never changed my eating habits and my daily diet is fast food, frozen cokes and sugar/carbs.  I was not aware that surgery wasn’t forever…that I would lose my restriction or that my body would start absorbing all the calories/fat again. I’m able and often do eat well over 2000 calories a day now (although I also just walked a 5K last weekend so…I do the “dreaded” cardio like crazy). Food addiction is a beast and I’m going to start seeing an eating disorder specialist next week.  I’m looking forward to dealing with this food problem that I have; I wish it were just as simple as just choosing the right thing.  I appreciate you giving more information to those who are 2+ years post op.  I have never eaten fruits or vegetables in my life so some of your information is daunting and stressful to even hear, but I do know “the rules” and I do know what my options are and what the consequences are for those different options.  It’s scary, for sure.  Thanks again

  • I like your 3 three methods.. i like these methods for myself too.. thanks Joanna. God bless you. That jiggly part was fun to watch n try:P

  • After doing exercise and dancing video of you for 1 week, I already feel something different (although little bit) with my body, although my weight still same as last week

  • Hi Dr.Weiner.  I have been listening to you and everything makes sense.  However, as you know, the WLS community preaches protein first.  I have done well.  I have lost 160 total and 130 pounds in 9 months.  I have been eating very low carb, basically no fruits or vegetables.  This goes against everything I know.  I was vegan in the past but because it is a higher carb lifestyle I wonder if this would work after RNY.  I find it a delicious and easy lifestyle and would have no trouble switching but I’m afraid of weight gain.  My weight loss is slowing down so I’m thinking I need to change things up.  Can you speak to carbs? Should I track. I’m currently eating 700 cal, 60 g protein, under 30 carbs.  Just starting to incorporate exercise.  Thanks for this great information.

  • Dr. Weiner I had rny with ds on august 12, 2014. I have lost 50 lbs-this is 9-12-14. is that about right? I haven’t lost any this week. is this nml? I,m still weak but having difficulty getting all protein in. thanks  robin

  • Dr. Weiner, I am so glad I found you on You Tube! My sleeve surgery will be on 4/19/17 and you are the only person who is talking about healthy food choices for life and how to make this work over the long term. I have pointed several of my co-workers who have had surgery to your videos also and purchased your book. Thank you so much for talking about this in a real and meaningful way!

  • Jonnah dear…i m 41yrs old n when i jiggle my tummy..hips n back area is…OMG ��now plz help me..how much time i do exercise..n also hormonal changes alot in my body..irregular periods n food craving too much.what can i do?? My hubby always discourage me..but i want to change in my body..so plz..help������❤thanks

  • Dr.Weiner you are amazing! Thank you for posting and answering all our questions. I would like to know, if some soft foods with in the 14 liquid pre-op VGS is okay? I seem to crave food but I have been doing well. I’m just afraid if this is a bad idea for the VSG…

  • I have only recently found you on YouTube and am catching up with your videos including the ones with your hubby’s weight loss journey. Thank you for your videos and education.

  • Proverbs 29:18“When there is no clear vision, people quickly wander astray”. Whether it be life or a new way of eating, goals and vision are critical. Well said Dr. Becky.


  • Excellent video. I have been doing keto for 8 weeks now. I have lost weight and feel great. But doc, I have a question:

    I had been a vegan for 20 years prior to doing this. I was following 80/10/10 (with your diet experience I am sure you have heard about it). I felt great on the diet, but I would always end up failing because of having to stay away from fat.

    What I had learned since then is that no matter what you eat, you must stay within the calories that you burn. I am doing a 22/2 eating window. It’s really OMAD but eating more than one course.
    So I am wondering if I can get the same results by eating fruit and nuts but adding lots of veggies with fats (olive oil, coconut oil and full fat mayo which is more vegetarian than vegan but I am good with that). I want to stay on the animal-based keto for at least another 8-12 weeks before trying this. But I wanted to hear your opinion.

  • Great Video!
    I have ovarian cancer due to the brca gene in my family. I am just about done with chemo. I plan to start a therapeutic keto plan. I did Keto before, but really went back to a SAD diet. I have learned I now have to really stay clear of all those foods forever. Im 55 and need to stay active too. Luckily the 1st time I did Keto I lost a fair amount of weight. Thank you for your great videos. I’d love to see one on Keto and cancer. Do you have any?

  • I do really well on this way of eating UNTIL I come home from work, and eat my meal in front of the TV. My carb craving over takes me. Getting into my old jeans is the last thing on my mind. Which is what keeps me eating well during breakfast and lunch.
    I feel lonely if I’m not eating in front of my, these days, my desperate housewives show.
    On my way home from work I say “I’m going to do right” and then I’m just tired and don’t have the energy to fight my carb wanting after 11 hours of working in front of Desperate housewives. Any suggestions to beat this?
    I know it works. I did it for 6 straight weeks last year and the weight was consistently falling off until I got too hungry one day and ate a protein bar. The sugar took over everything and the next day I started eating nothing but protein bars for weeks. I couldn’t get my mind to get back on the program. Any suggestions to get myself to eat right in the evening after work??
    Thank you for your videos!!!

  • you just summed up my entire website in 18 minutes!  thank you for this!  i am going to share it with my readers! you must be a fan of http://www.imperfectlife.net😀

  • Thank you for this video. It is a great re-motivator. I’m far away from any support and several years out, (Dec 2008). I would consider myself to be a success because I’ve done things in my life the last 5 years that I’ve never imagined possible. Amazing adventures, hiking hundreds of miles on scenic trails, half marathons, you name it. I did it all! It is very challenging to stick with things when you are far away from your safe zone of people and situations though and I have experienced some weight gain. I’m grateful for your videos and feel a renewed ZING to hunker down and avoid the toxic food world we live in. Take care and thanks again.

  • I’m 3 years out VSG, only lost 50 pounds and gained some back…..mostly my fault cause I stopped doing what I was supposed to do…..now I think I stretched my sleeve cause I can eat almost a full plate again….I also suffer from low blood sugar after surgery and I have to eat to keep my sugar up, which is not helping either….. Could I get a revision? Should I get my pouch checked? Go on a 5 day pouch test? Not sure what to do….:(

  • Can I lose 20 pounds in a month? Is it healthy? I am on the general motors diet,my height is 5’3″ and I weigh 69 kgs. I Hv lost inches due to this diet though it didn’t show on scales. I am following ur exercise routines N using treadmill. Is there any way I can send u my pictures for better consultation? Plz reply

  • What is the right frequency in weighing yourself in a weighing scale?
    Is weekly alright? Or monthly just like in the video.

    Thank you very much. ��

  • great video I’m glad that you mentioned protein shakes because as soon as I drink one I’m starving so definitely will be focusing on fruits and veggies
    thank you

  • We most change our mind, changing bad habits I did bariatric surgery 2016 was 255 -158 Then weight my self on Nov 19:218 Icant believe J was 175 This same day I start creating a new habits low sugar diet and been almost 4 months Iam 145 pounds my goal now is 130 I promise to my self never go back it’s was painful..neveragain������

  • We have a scale, but over the years I’ve really stopped trusting it. I think it will only show results after weight loss has been going on for a whilestill, innacurate measurements, but it will give a general idea. But if you’re just starting out, Don’t use the scale! Great video, I’ll definitely start doing measurements.

  • Thanks to you I’ve lost 11 kilos and I’m extremely grateful to you Joanna:DD But lately the number on the scale has not been moving from 74 kg and I’m getting frustrated when i weight myself, but I’ve noticed that clothes look better on me now and people have told me I look better. I was afraid of buying jeans because sometimes the biggest size would not fit me. I wasn’t a 42(That’s a 12 i think, i don’t know) since i was in high school. So thank you so much you’ve really helped me. I won’t get discouraged by the scale:) (sorry for bad english)

  • On the topic of goals, I just had a total hip replacement in mid fifties. Of course they don’t self repair and have a limited mechanical lifespan. I don’t ever want to experience a revision and the less weight it bears, the longer it should last. The second most important goal for me is to prevent ever becoming type 2 diabetic. My goals are all health related. I could care less about attracting or impressing the opposite sex. My point is, I feel like I now have a very strong motivator. Major surgery and insulin dependence is definitely something to avoid if at all possible.

  • hi joanna… is it okay if i do a work out everyday? does it harm me? which im working on my belly and triceps and biceps…. i am an apple shape…. i do your apple shape workout, abs workout and 2-3 times a week the kickboxing work out… is that enough for me?,,,,, thank you

  • I love this video. It’s all so true. Thank you. The low fat, high carb diet has been such a monumental failure. I’m never going back to hunger. I love that if I do fall off the wagon for a trip or special occasion my life won’t be ruined and I can get back on track with more fat, protein, and fiber and cut out the sugar and carbs. It’s really so easy when you know how to do it. Especially if you unlearn the habit of snacking between meals.

  • Thank you Dr.Becky for your so down to earth motivating video. I’ve been following this high fat low carb diet for a year and a half and in between I did do some sugar and carbs due to occasions parties etc and the pattern of eating went a little off track. Now I find that no matter what my weight just doesn’t reduce. I’ve started intermittent fasting and even that is not helping.
    Hopefully I can keep this video as a guide especially believing that I can do it again.
    I am one of those who lost weight for the first time in life after years of weight gain and the feeling was so great. I still need to lose another 8 kgs which I hope I can achieve.
    So thank you once again for motivating me and perhaps all those watching this video.����������������

  • Dr. Weiner, I’m under the care of a great surgeon as I get ready for RNY but since I’m here I wanted to ask if lowing weight preoperatively through a mix of nutrition changes and calorie reduction is harmful from the set point standpoint. I’ve lost about 15 pounds and I’m hoping to lose 25 more before surgery… am I doing any weird/bad things to my internal thermostat by doing this?

  • I am learning so much! I never gained weight and stayed slim but these last few years I want to lose weight. I’m finding it really hard to drop weight for surgery after gaining it on seroquel but now I think I am learning where I’m going wrong! Thank you for such good clear advice.

  • Got my appetite back about month 2. After that, went keto. Have done amazing on it. Combining keto and GB has been a great experience for me. It is month 7 and lost 125lbs. And i have not cheated since i started the keto. Not once.

  • Yes, I was one who ”gave up” after a lifetime of trying to lose weight….UNTIL I discovered Keto 2 1/2 years ago…am 76 now and am having success at weight loss…feel badly for all the people, including myself, who ‘swallowed’ the idea of low fat…thanks, Becky.

  • I’d like to see more of the #1, lol. I’m on day two and have already gone to the the store twice to get some things I didn’t have. Definitely going to cosco this weekend��

  • Man I wish that was the case for me I had gastric sleeve 3 weeks ago and I’m always hungry and my cravings is still the same or maybe even worse don’t know why this is happening to me this is why I went this route because I couldn’t loose weight and I’m not only lost 18 pounds

  • Dr Becky, thank you for your common sense, practical advice. I am an avid fan of you you and Kieth and love seeing your videos as you release them each week. I just crossed the 30 lb mark in weight loss journey doing Keto and IF. Only 30 more to go to reach my goal weight. Continued blessings to you both! Mark in Naples, FL

  • Please define carb better for this old coot. I mean even saw dust in a carbohydrate. Bad carbs/ Good carbs? Carbs high in fiber, etc. Am I safe with onions, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, okra, and goodies like that?
    Thanks in advance

  • hey joanna.. thanks for your inspiring video, you teach me how to burn my fat hihihihi XD..:) a month ago i was 56kg and now i’m 50kg..i think i should practice harder to get a beautiful body like yours ahahahaha.. thank you very much Joanna..

  • Hi Joanna i am overweight by at least 30lbs and my arms are the most jiggling part of my body. Should i go to the gym to loss that excess fat or dumbell / strength exercises such as yours is just effective.?

  • Hi Becky..i have been low carb, no Keto for almost 1 year.. feel great but have not lost any weight..just barely 2 inches from waist. I am about to add carbs back because I am not seeing results. I am 55 yrs old 5’3 and 158…overweight….please advise

  • I don’t have a weighing scale at home so I measure myself with the measuring tape EVERY FREAKING DAY and it’s true that it is discouraging at times because you’ll think, why didn’t my waist shrink an inch when I worked my butt off yesterday? From now on I’m going to measure for once a month to really see changes:) Thanks for this Joanna.

  • Thanks for this video, Doc. I had the procedure on Dec. 20, 2013. I started out at 365 and now I am 254. In the past 2 months, I have fallen back into the trap of eating all of the foods I had pre-op with no negative consequences, other than slowed weight loss. I do the Insanity and other Beachbody programs. However, I feel that I need to start eating healthier. I know the protein shakes and artificial sweeteners are terrible for you, so I plan on giving them all up. I need to get a grasp of this before year 2.

    Thanks again for the video. It is awesome!

  • 17 years out and * suggest H2O distilled with B4 each meal and apples and pears. And iron supplements and exercise, weight and stretching. Multi vitamins constipated me if I ate with them go figure.

  • I’m 9 years out of vsg. I’ve never seen a nutritionist and my Dr told me only to eat 3 oz of protein for the first six months. No veggies or anything but protein. About 6 months in I started adding veggies although only after I had eaten my protein. My question is am I miss informed because it’s 9 years after my sleeve and I still only eat meat and veggies, no carbs, no fruits.

  • Why she is not having 10M subscribers….She deserves so much more. I am blindly following her about exercises. And I am much more fitter than ever before

  • The 0-1-2-3 is really helping me a lot!!! I was just making solute that if I have a giant salad, half of an entire fresh cucumber and a cup of broccolithat even though only 1 is fresh and 1 is steamed that it will still work I hope. Lmk Thanks for the videos ������

  • I have IBS and serious bloating, I wake up with flat stomach, but it’s enough for me to drink 1  glass of water and I’m already bloated, so I don’t know if measuring is accurate for me, only in those first moments after waking up maybe. Sometimes I get such bad bloating and I look like I’m 5 months pregnant:-(

  • I’m 6 weeks post op RNY. I have an appetite and food cravings. I choose not to eat those cravings as I will get major pain. Im using that memory to keep the crap food out of my life.

  • Fan freaking tastic! 5 years out RNY 240 lbs lbs! Totally changed EVERYTHING that enters my mouth!
    Can’t mention how important THERAPY is needed……

  • Hey everyone, hope it’s ok to post thisI’m a researcher and trainee clinical psychologist doing my thesis on in eating problems and weight concerns and was wondering if you are interested to participate in my study, which includes trying out a self-compassion meditation tool offered online, which may be a first step to helping people develop self-compassion. So, if you are experiencing a level of distress around your eating/shape and/or body-image, and are interested in self-compassion meditation and you live in the UK, please take the time to check out the link below and decide if you would like to participate in this study!
    The study will explore how practising self-compassion imagery meditation affects self-compassion, eating behaviours and mood.
    If you would like to become more self-compassionate by trying out a free online therapy tool, participating in this study may be a good first step:) Please share with anyone you think may be interested:) Hopefully by participating in this study you would be getting something back, as well as giving something back, e.g. furthering research in this area:)


  • Great video, really useful tips for us plain old homegirls who don’t have access to fancy devices and measuring tools. Always my best guage has always been the way my jeans & certain skirts fit zippers & top buttons/snaps will tell you the REAL deal!

  • Thank you Dr Becky! I so enjoy your way of explaining and the brevity of your youtube instruction. I am 52 years old and I’ve been health coaching for years without knowing it! Of course, I’m a certified health coach and personal trainer now…but thank you for your help. You are my mentor!

  • I do good to get my fluid in anyway

    I have to drink my water with the no sugar flavor packets

    Water has a weird taste to it plain… even purification water tastes bad

  • I truly feel blessed on hearing this video. Thank you for taking the time in making your very important educational videos as im going to start applying them now. This really clarified lots of unanswered questions ive had for years. Its been 10 years after bariatric surgery and regained about 100 lbs and discouraged on how to gain control. Unfortunately my surgeon has not been as invested in my well being as you are with your patients. Thank you again your very appreciated. 8/5/2018

  • I only weigh myself every Saturday morning. If I saw I gained weight from last week, I cut down a little more of my daily calorie intake.

  • Hello I have been watching ur videos since a long time they are awesome kindly help me as I live in Pakistan most of the things are not available here give me a plan my weight is 70 and it was 45 before my marriage wat should be my ideal weight now and how should I maintain it without losing energy as I have a son which I have to take care of I will be thankful for ur support

  • I’m 2 years out and I’m regaining after having my baby. I wish I saw his videos right after surgery or before. I got pregnant too soon and didn’t think I’d regain so quick after having a baby. i thought I’d lose quickly. I lost the weight the 2nd week and the 2nd month postpartum, I started gaining. Now, I’m about 15 lbs up. I don’t eat well, I’ve started eating processed food (I was doing it in month 6 after WLS being dumb), I have the food cravings and head hunger so bad, I’m not as mobile as I was. I hate it. I’ve been watching his videos at work instead of snacking and I’m sipping on tea. I’ll have to watch these viedos for the whole 12 hour shift to make it and get back on track.

  • hello Joanna, this is my first time watching your video, n I just want to take the time to say, i am very proud of u, because u teach very well n u put time in what u teach. so keep up the great work. but please do videos in what is calories,, carb, etc. n if you want to lose weight, the good foods to eat n why. because I want to lose weight but I need to understand foods first. thanks

  • Beans make me gassy and make me gain weight too. They make me retain water, they are also high carb food. Almost like brown rice. I still drink my mios and crystal lights stuff.

  • Hey Joanna, Thank you so much for this video. I’ve been cutting oil from my diet and workout 3-5 times a week for about a month now, and i just step on the scale and see not a single pound drop:( But i can see that my thighs and butts are firmer and smaller (i do squats A LOT). So thank you for your video, I just gain back my motivation:)

  • I am not a fan of vegetables and I cannot change that.  I know several people who have kept the weight off by eating Lean Cuisines.  We have busy lives and cannot be constantly making meals to eat during the week.  I’m an advocate of increasing your exercise which could be something as simple as walking 30 minutes a day and trying to eat as healthy as you can.  I also cannot stress enough that counseling is important.  Also Dr. Weiner is not factoring in that many of us have arthritic joints.  I cannot do high intensity workouts and things like squats?  My Doctor has told me absolutely not.  These recommendations by Dr. Weiner are not different than for those who haven’t had bariatric surgery.

  • Dr.Weiner, I am confused about grains. Basically I stopped eating pasta, all types of bread/pastries and have drastically limited starchy veggies like potatoes/sweet potatoes….i make homemade crackers using hummus & oat flour for example. I use honey in the place of sugar. In your videos you say that grains are bad or unsuitable for weight loss? why? I eat Freekeh, brown rice or quinoa in place of refined white rice & only 1/2 a cup (uncooked). I do not understand why corn flour and oats should be avoided? I also have a salad with every single meal/snack to force veggies every time i can. I eat light feta in place of regular high fat. I use olive oil instead of any other kind of fat. My dessert is mainly fruit now. I do body weight exercises for 10-30 mins a day (as much as i can) + i actually like walking long distances (1.5 hours)…i am 6 yrs out of the gastric sleeve surgery. I had a slight regain and that’s why i’m opting to load up on the fruits/veggies vs meat/chicken & have cut out refined sugars/carbs. But i depend heavily on oats…why is that an issue? I’m rather confused now…mainly i follow the Mediterranean diet but without rice,potatoes & bread…..will this work for losing 10-15 lbs?

  • I have implemented your strategies I am only on Day 2 but I feel full of Hope and I know that I can attain my goal weight even though I am over 50 thank you so much

  • Sometimes it’s best not to look at the scale too often, as it can cause you stress and prevent you from losing weight.  Only look at your scale about once a week.

  • You gave the most practical advice to weight measurements! I have one of those commercial BIA scales and it keeps tell me that my fat level is high. Thanks for the tips!

  • I had gastric bypass in 2012 and went from 301 the day of surgery down to 210.  I am now at 222, gaining 12 lbs in the past two months.  I’m interested in having the lap band revision (band over bypass), but would be interested in learning if you perform that surgery?  I’ve been watching your videos and as much as I love my current surgeon, you seem to have a much wider knowledge base on the nutritional and mental issues I’m dealing with.  I have the letter of medical necessity and the letter stating I have sleep apnea for insurance purposes (Medicare).  I would appreciate learning more about my options.  Thanks

    (This is the message I sent to your office via your website too…my name is Jennifer, by the way)

  • I need to say,this to you – some of us (likely a higher percentage of those of us who are obese) have a genome that makes us taste bitter substances more strongly. It has a real impact on what we eat and how we eat. I only discovered this recently about myself. It didn’t surprise me however since I found water to be bitter. But when you exclude the artificial sweeteners for people like me, you can impede the progress. They enabled me to lose 100 and keep it off for more than 6 years (with just saccharin, due to bitterness, I could not lose weight), You have to be flexible for real issues with certain people.

  • hi joenna i really love your videos ; plz i wanna ask you ; i was in a diet i was 61 kg and now i, 50 kg i, so happy about my new  weight but those few days i started to eat a lot thats mean i m not using diet anymore so i m afraid of gaining weight again plzzz what i have to maintain my weight °°°°°°°°°°

  • Great Tips as always. Can you do a video on what to eat for breakfast. I’m so done with eggs�� Or do you have one already? Anyone on this feed have any suggestions? I would so appreciate it!:)

  • Thank you, Dr. Becky. There are so many important keys to losing weight and keeping off weight, such as belief and mindset. I no longer accept that I can’t lose weight and not going to accept that the older a woman gets, the more overweight she becomes. Older women do not need to be overweight. This obese epidemic has happened within our generation, as we, Baby Boomers did not grow up with very many people who were obese. Now, it’s fashionable. Although, I do belief it is important to be kind towards everyone, no matter what our body looks like BUT, overweight and obese is a health issue. And that is a concern.

  • I’m ordered your book and downloaded the app yesterday I’m 6 months so it of surgery and your advice is just the best out there I was so sad because I’m at an stall for a couple of months now but understanding the set point and maintaining the healthy habits have been effective evento tho I’m not at my dreamed weight I’m look great and feel great and with your help I’m looking forward the long term results thanks so much for what you do

  • So grateful for you and your videos Dr. Weiner! I just ordered your book and am determined to make a LIFELONG change. Only three days post op here but am determined to never go back!

  • 50? Are you kidding me. You look awesome and you continually post excellent training and vital information for all of us. Thank you.

  • Hi doc, matthew.i m 110 kg.my questions is, is there will be any side effects after the bariatric surgery.n how abouth the hangging skin. Is there any medicine for that. Pls reply me.thsnks

  • Can’t wait to say, “I can loose weight “. Seeing results is so more real and feeling the change in our body. Reminds me of when I was working on overcoming a drug addiction, as the days past and weeks on working on overcoming. I use to say I can’t wait to feel normal and not all crazy. When that day came it was the most beautiful God Sent moment, that i finely made it. I said, I didn’t it! When the day finely arrived. I was wow this day feels so good, tears, a moment of that day reminded me how I wanted to feel. I felt normal my mind wasn’t clouded and my emotions were healed and I could see the day and sky and flowers and life was so different. Awesomely amazing and beautiful to appreciate life, family and friends.

    Thank you for those words. It’s so true we can do it and arrive at seeing results. And finely say those words “I can loose weight”! Since I started your 0123 plan and joined your program in the three days and some now. I don’t see results as of yet but for sure I do feel something happening to my body, lol although I struggle near the evening to get those cooked low carbs in. I working on it, I believe I will arrive. I enjoy your videos and the plans you created it’s amazing. It’s been so helpful In so many ways. I tired so many others and your plan makes
    So much since and simple to understand. Your plan has answered so many questions I didn’t understand. Thank you, your God Sent and blessing to my life.

  • I like the last part about developing a healthy relationship with food & your body.  I see so many in the WLS community rush out and get plastic surgery because they’re not happy with what’s left after surgery.  Most haven’t put in the work in the gym nor have they really made the healthy changes to fruits & veggies you talk about.  So many have the plastics & are still unhappy.  I truly believe it comes down to self acceptance and learning to love yourself your body included.  I’ve favorited this video for future viewing when I feel the need.

  • Practical approaches and very sound advice that encourages solid changes. Nice job and keep up your reinforcement to all listeners.

  • Hi I am 8 years out from bypass surgery I have gained weight over the past 3 years at my lowest I was 157 that truly as not a good healthy weight for me for lack of a better word I looked like a sucked up loose skinned zombie I was a size 6/7 but looked sick. My husband begged me to gain some weight and the doctor told me I needed to eat some more and he did not out right tell me to gain some weight but implied it. So I tried and no gaining then I had a soda! Bad idea now I am hooked agin I did gain 35 pounds and I am now a 12/14 I look much better but I have been trying to loose again and after my 35 lb gain I was at 192 now I am back down to 187 but I feel like If I do not have a Pepsi (flat) I will be flat on my butt by 2pm. I want to get back to 165 to 170 that was a good fit for me. But how can I get the boost naturally with out drinking that soda…. I now consume 1-20oz Pepsi in 2 ice filled cups through out the day and I am an ice chewer” another bad habit. Any ideas?

  • I always thought I’d never loose my fat belly because I didn’t have a shut off switch. I ate because I loved to eat. This diet is a miracle for me. A new way of life! Thanks for the things you share!!

  • Hi Dr. Weineri have been struggling with losing weight ever since u had the bag surgery on April 2013. As off today I’ve only lost a little over 50lbs which is quite disturbing and depressing to say the least. I am an emotional eater which causes me to eat things I shouldn’t eat. At this point I don’t know what to do to get the pounds to come off. I am losing inches still but I would also like to see the numbers drop. What can suggest I work 2jobs so it’s hard for me to get a good workout done I really need help and I don’t want to rehab what I’ve already lost. PLEASE help!

  • Thank you Dr. Becky for all your research and common sense.
    Losing weight requires a lifestyle change that has more to do with the psychological aspect than the physical aspect of weight loss. Not having a clear cut goal of how you want to be and look, will always return you to weight gain or the inability to burn the fat or, in some cases lose weight. Burning the fat is the crucial aspect in question as muscle is heavier than fat. So, if you’re building muscle, and burning fat, your weight loss may be minimal. We might need to consider that, muscle can turn to fat on your body as well and usually does as we get older and become less physically active.

    So, when burning fat for weight loss, it’s wise to keep active and exercise to maintain critical muscle mass. Losing fat weight is great. But not at the expense of losing muscle weight. And therein lies a problem that can lead to weakness and a vulnerability to sickness and disease as your defenses and resistances are reduced.

    So, it is imperative that, your attitude and demeanor be reconciled to your goals and objective of looking and feeling the way you would like. And this takes work, discipline and focus. A motivation many older adults find very difficult to achieve and maintain. So, changing your eating habits is only 1/2 of the solution to health through weight loss. The other half of the equation is a PMA and the willingness and determination to change your lifestyle. Again, thanks Dr. Becky and I hope this helps your viewers a little.

  • Dr., will you address what people who have some physical disabilities should do? I have spinal injuries, and I live with daily pain. I work actively with Pain Management procedures, and minimum pain drugs, but I have them when really needed. I am hoping my weight loss will reduce foot pain, hip pain, and my doctor is delighted and encouraging, knowing this will help. Still would like your input. Thank you! Your videos are very clear!

  • This video has provided me with the mindset to be successful post bariatric surgery. I was a little concerned about having the surgery but the goal is to remember that surgery is only one of many tools I will need to use to be successful with sustaining a healthy lifestyle at a reasonable weight. Awesome, thank you Dr. Weiner for sharing this invaluable information. 

  • This video encapsulates all the most important information and knowledge about successful long term weight management and good health that personally took me years to understand. And Dr. Becky delivered it in less than 7 minutes! That’s amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  • My measurements are going down thanks very much. My hips and arms are large. I didn’t have skinny fat pants, I had to skip them altogether lol. It was my problem area. I had a fear it would get really big. I would just get larger. Gained a lot, the larger makes were terrible, too tight on arms and hips, I accept though I am an hourglass. If it doesn’t have lycra thats what I wear I was very upset, dealing with metabolic trouble. I am doing better tracking everything though its dull. It was comforting to see it come off.

  • I’ve watched most of your video, and all very helpful and gave me the motivation to self. Thanks Joanna, lots of love from M’sia <3

  • Thank you Dr. Becky! You’re awesome. I’m going to give it a try. List all my reasons for losing weight, I thought of a few just while you were talking and I could feel myself getting excited and strong! That’s really a good idea! And I love the smoked pork and beef from Costco, but it never occurred to me to eat it without a big bun, with just a side of veggies. I do that with chicken, why not with the shredded meat? Have a great day!

  • Wow so you shouldn’t drink crystal light or Protein shakes…wow �� those were my go to’s ������ what should we do if we start getting bored with water? How should we sweeten teas? Or coffee?

  • What about person walking with crutches.
    What type of exercise will you recommend.
    I am through with sleeve gastrectomy.

    Nearly one month about to over..

  • I rely on the scales. They give a better indication for me personally. I can’t measure myself, lol, as it’s giving me an incorrect number because I’m doing it wrong����‍♀️ Also, do we not measure slightly lower than our bellybutton?

  • Hi i just started to see some of your videos today and I love them! �� Because u give a lot of good advice and u inspire me a lot that’s why am so thankful to you! Your the Best!����������������✌��

  • Good information. Definitely keep sugar and refined carbs a low % of intake. Also, not a ton of fruit, but some fruit is ok. Fruit has antioxidants and fiber and…sugar. It helps make salads more fun, but yeah..fruit is sweet so be careful. I would also stress eating fewer meals per day (I have been fairly successful with this, but sometimes i need an ergy boost btn meals it is more ab improvement than being perfect or being a robot) and also keeping stress low and getting good sleep and working on things you really enjoy. My eating plan is supersalads (yes, they take some work to prepare, but not so bad) with good fats and then lots of wc salmon gf beef, tuna (not too much of course), eggs, and some bacon. For exercise, weights (dumbells) with high volume reps (start high, then do sets of 12-15) and have diff levels of dumbells for drop sets, etc) and lots of time under tension…and also h.i.i.t and then walking/swimming. So am i getting leaner. Well, I think so. I have been told I look healthier. My stomach is down and flatter than before. (Not flat.. chk back in 6-12 months for that). Not eating after dinner is not so easy for me and i feel quite blah, but i am sticking with this. I am used to the quick sugar pick-me-ups. I also used to eat out of boredom. Sorry body, no more mindless munching. Oh and good to get some sunshine or get vite D in diet. There is a lot involved here and you kind of need to have balance in your life and a purpose. Hey, you can do this. I am doing it..or trying. I fail a lot and fight against lots of stress and maybe some mild sleep apnea, but I want to keep working at this. Learn more each day in my classroom…(Youtube)!

  • Love your teaching on solid nutrition. It’s incredible how little we hear about healthy fats from those who are helping us stay fit. Do you have any videos on the great benefits of consistent cardio exercise? My Doctor says that’s a huge plus for us all.

  • Oh dear.  The dieticians and doctors in my little town want me eating unhealthy zero calorie foods.  For the rest of my life!  I’ve never even eaten those products EVER in my lifetime, not even as a baby! I’ll just eat what you suggest in your videos  for right after surgery.  I get sick EATING meat two days in a row pre op, (always been that way.)  I’m  a lac-to-vegetarian, who occasionally may eat some chicken or pork. Not one of the two dietitians/nutritionist could tell me what kind of diet to eat.  Beans are limited, (they show canned baked beans as an example of beans in their literature!) They just recommended I follow their hand outs.  Artificial sugars make me ill, and Nutra sweet total pain and hampered fine motor skills.  I feel so much better listening to your video.  Bought the book.  And really, should someone who has NO idea what quinoa is be giving me dietary advice?  All the processed foods they want me to eat.  And nuts are a no-no. (No, I’m not buying the canned prepared nuts, I buy raw ones, dehydrate them after soaking them 24 hours) I’ve been silently crying inside since March..   And I’m only allowed such a wee bit of veggies because they are “carbs.”  Luckily  I found some very good organic protein, both veg based and whey based, (grass fed cows, etc).  But, they are not on the recommended list!  Surgery in 11 days.  Thank-you for your YouTube videos.  Thank-you for recognizing how all those chemical food sweeteners and additives are bad for our bodies.  I can feel it when I eat and taste them.  And, yes, despite good eating habits, for the most part, I did gain weight. Yes!  I’ll give up sweets forever just give me back my veggies!

  • Hi Dr. Becky❤️��thanking you for these really do able things to help us!!! Just love you! I’m down almost 25 lbs… YAY!!! Your videos are helping me to succeed!!! Need to relearn food!��❤️

  • Hi I keep seeing the same brand of frozen vegetables in your videos. Most that I have found in the grocery stores are not very good. What is the brand you are using? Thanks.

  • What are some good plant proteins? I’m on the autoimmune paleo diet to try to put my autoimmune diseases in remission. I can’t have a lot of the Keto foods: eggs, nuts, seeds, coffee, cheese, dairy, etc. Also I’m in menopause and not losing weight even on AIP.

  • I had gastric bypass surgery in 2010 at the time I was 350 in 6 months after that I was 185 I kept it off until 2012 where I started developing pica (eating cornstarch ) and regained the weight back to 280 I seen my Dr but he told me that my stomach didn’t stretch from what he seen in xray so now what do I do Im still gaining the weight and no longer eating the cornstarch so I was thinking to get a second opinion and if it did stretch to get another surgery I just want to be comfortable and right now I’m not..what should I do oh I have been walking and exercising but the weight stays around the 280 when I do so

  • Hi dr. I just subscribed to your program. I’ve been trying to loose weight for over two years now and I’ve only lost 20 lbs. I’m not losing hope can’t wait to get started. So excited. Thank u for your videos. Your a good teacher. So I’m headed to the coaching program now thank u.

  • hi… i just saw your all video. m lil confused from where to start…. m 93 kgs now…doing normal exercise regularly at home. what to do…

  • I had connected on one of your videos that I felt hopeless in my battle of sugar addiction…..I have to say that since watching your videos and hearing your story about your addiction I have

  • Thanks Dr. Matthew, no one never explained this cycle on the after math. But thanks for a well detailed, outlined, detailed in such a motivated way.

  • Excellent video, very informative. Dr Weiner, what kind of nuts would be a great choice to keep weight off. Almond, cashew and peanuts are a good choice? Will it be too much of a problem if they are roasted or salted?

  • My dietician advised sticking to small portions and my surgeon said beware of snacking. I followed it and 2.5 yrs out I’ve kept my weight off. I also love salad and veggies but did so before my surgery also. I always keep a bowl of yummy salad or low carb vege dish for my snacks in fridge. I think this surgery isn’t good for binge eaters as they restretch stomach quickly. Obviously that is not everyone as some are able to change habits.

  • I beg to differ about not being hungry the first year. Maybe that’s true for some patients, but it wasn’t the case for me. I was hungry very early on and was baffled by that because I was under the impression that I wasn’t going to be hungry. That’s one of the reasons I had the surgery because my appetite was insatiable! However, I do think that there’s a change in brain chemistry because I no longer crave the foods that did me in and even if I do, I distract myself or prepare a really healthy meal.

    I am also afraid of eating out. Is this common? I mostly eat at home and I don’t go out to eat with my immediate family unless it’s a special occasion. Eating out causes me to face to many variables that I am unwilling to face. Here’s my weight loss from April 9, 2015April 11, 2016.
    Month 1: -25.8 lbs.;
    Month 2: -21.1 lbs.;
    Month 3: -12.2 lbs.;
    Month 4: -9.9 lbs.;
    Month 5: -7.1 lbs.;
    Month 6: -2.0 lbs.;
    Month 7: -5.8 lbs.;
    Month 8: -8.9 lbs.;
    Month 9: -4.2 lbs.;
    Month 10:.2 lbs.;
    Month 11: -5 lbs.;
    Month 12 + 1.1 lbs.;
    Total Weight Loss = 101.2 lbs.

    BMI: 45.45 to 29 = 16.45 points lost
    BMI 45.45-24.9 (goal BMI)= 4.1 BMI points to be lost
    16.45/20.55= 80% BMI loss

    276-101.2= 174.8
    276-154 (goal weight) = 22 lbs. to goal weight
    101.2/122 = 83% body fat loss

    I am a 55 year old female, about 5’6″. No longer takingshort or long lasting Insulin, 1000 mg of Metformin twice a day, 50 mg of Losartin, 20 mg of Pravastatin. Had VSG surgery and my surgeon said that weight loss with this procedure generates an average of 55% weight loss and that my weight loss of about 80% is well above average. My goal is 100% or 22 more lbs. for the next year. It’s not going to be easy!

    I agree with everything else you talked about in your video and I eat a lot of food but the quality of my food is what’s changed. I try to exercise every other day for about 2 hours each session and rest the following day but I still move by cleaning and cooking and doing chores that are never ending. The advantages of doing it yourself outweigh the cost spent for housekeepers and eating out.

    I am afraid to go back to the way that I was and have put my health as my number one priority. Guess what? That takes so much time, energy and focus that I’m exhausted at the end of the day.

    I am still getting my period which makes it difficult because I do have a fair amount of pain. But, I try to work through it as best I can.

    Love your videos and I look forward to watching them all again and again!

  • I totally agree with you that probably why I’ve lost 62 pounds and the rest of my weight loss journey I’m going to document it here on my YouTube channel.

  • Treated myself to watching this “ refresher” video as I started Dr. Becky’s program in late February and it had been a total game changer. Had gained menapause weight steadily, had not awful but probably dated understanding of weight loss. Dr. Becky explains in layman’s terms how old school diets sabotage weight loss. I have lost over 15 pounds and do the victory dance in my closet almost daily. More importantly I feel fantastic. Inside and out, so if you’re on the fence and are wonderingcome on inthe skinny water is SO fine!!! God bless.

  • You cracked me up and had me laughing Joanna Soh LOL do the jiggle dance… I followed through with the jiggle dance and know what needs to be changed and worked on  lol thank you for the laugh and the ideas! xoxoxo

  • 4:05 “Make sure you’re not wearing pants,” you say, darling? So, why are you?! I like that at 5:48 you mention clothing as a shortcut to realizing increase or loss in fat (and I love the view of your tight, sexy midriff at 6:02). I’ve reduced fat through improvements in diet and exercise, the latter thanks in part to your workout videos. My scale does not indicate much weight loss but what was once snug clothing fits comfortably, so it would seem I reduced fat and gained muscle.

  • I have the most muscle in my thighs but yet they still jiggle.. LOL is there something wrong? or what do i have to change to decrease the jiggle.

  • Thank you for the video! At first I disagreed with the “jogging only once a week”, but once you explained, not only made sense, but actually it is exactly what I do. I’m over 2 years out and lost 127 pounds. I’ve never gained any weight back. I fluctuate between 148-150 lb. I work out 4 times per week, something different each day.I do Pilates, Zumba, run (5-6 miles), and weightlifting.

  • My butt jiggles even when i only walk slowly.
    I’m so shy to walk in front of boys that i afraid if they will stare at my jiggling lower parts so i keep put my bag behind me. hahaha.
    Besides it’s so annoying that my thighs touch each other when I walk.
    Sometimes it becomes itchy and hurt.

  • How do you feel about plant based I’m confused now everyone is doing keto I stopped eating meat and thought plant based was best for us

  • Hello Dr. I am only 6months out from RNY and I have major cravings still. Very frustrated with that! Going to my nutritionist tomorrow & really just need to prep food every week I guess.

  • So lately I’ve been viewing mire & more of your videos at first it was for the greater good health of a family member of mine, my mother, but I’ve been enjoying the well-learned education myself. But the way you explain these strategies for reaching a weight-loss goal seem very smart. Obviously you’ve science & fact to support your theories. I’m attempting to get her more interested in hearing what you’ve to say via your coaching program. But she feels that bc she’s 72 it may not be for her. But I constantly encourage all the positives she has been able to break-free from.
    And so that perhaps she can receive some guided nutrional help at this journey in her life.

  • I had gastric sleeve and I have always had food cravings and appetite…Is there some hormone that my body produces that makes me hungry. The only time I never wanted to eat was when I was pregnant. i would forget to eat because food didn’t interest me. 

  • Wow!!!! This video just gave me life!!!! Thank you for having the compassion to help people like me who are struggling. I’ve never been educated in this manner.

  • If my body is insulin resistant in the manner that Dr. Gillaspy describes now, will my body every recover the ability to work with insulin again?

  • Dr. Weiner
    I am so glad to have found you. I had RNY in 2009 and lost 100lbs. I was at 173. I was so happy. Then I found I was pregnant, which my husband I went to extreme measure not do again. Today I am 239. I was depressed about it but recently I have decided I can get it off. I had went up to 256 after pregnancy. If I can lose 23lbs I can lose the rest one day at a time. Your videos are saving my life

  • I did gain weight back. How can i fix this? I need help. Gained most of my weight after mom passed. I didnt realize I am an emotional eater

  • Hi Dr. Weiner I love ur videos!!….. I am nearly 3 months out since gastic sleeve surgery and I’m 101 ibs down since my pre op which I’m very happy with so far but this is 1 of my big worries the long term maintainance

  • I love fresh veggies and it really doesn’t take long at all to cut up some cauliflower & broccoli to lightly steam them. I love cauliflower mash as well. I also sprinkle Braggs Nutritional yeast on my veggies. I love the flavour with butter. Just have to choose what meat I would like with it. Cabbage is very versatile as well. Eggs are so versatile too so I eat them regularly. I don’t eat fruit but now & then I will have a few strawberries with blueberries & raspberries with some unsweetened, lightly whipped cream. Very rarely I will have almond flour or coconut flour recipes to replace bread. I have learnt to go without bread. I have lost 29 kilos!!! Off Insulin!! I also do Intermittent Fasting. I am one happy lady in my late 50’s. Hubby is proud of me too!! Still would like to lose another 5 kilos now and I will be making that my goal weight. I will then weigh 55 kilos at 5 feet tall.

  • My family always discouraging me whenever I try to do a workout to lose weight and whenever I try to eat small amount of rice.. my parents are laughing at me.. they teasing me and they asking me are you crazy..

  • Thanks for this video. I have to say this program is very effective, so if you are looking to a comprehensive no nonsense program, this is it.

  • This video is perfect timing for me as I’m going to have GVS July 15, 2014. I will purchase: “A Pound of Cure” from Amazon.

    Thank you so much! Most people that have WLS don’t realize beyond year one. 

  • I am 1 year and a half out from having vsg went from 284 to 170. I have hit a point where My weight won’t move and I would like to lose 25 more pounds. I workout 6 days a week lifting heavy weights working difficult muscle groups and also cardio. What should my calorie intake be or my macros? I would love to be a bikini competitor. Advice please! Thank you

  • I love your videos and I have been inspired to become healthier and push myself more! However, sometimes no matter how hard I try I sometimes find myself over indulging e.g. I finish a whole box of chocolates. No matter how much I want to grab a healthier alternative like fruit, instead I find myself eating the unhealthier snacks. I daily for about one hour and I go to the gym once or twice a week (I burn about 500 calories there each time). I eat healthy meals (lots of vegetables and a balance of fish or meat) but after the meal, I so easily put on about an extra 1,000 calories just eating a box of chocolates and it is frustrating. Do you have any tips for how to encourage myself to eat the healthier alternatives (e.g. fruits) to sugary treats? Also, how many calories should I be having a day? Thank you so much!

  • I am 63 years old and weigh 250 I want the surgery because my weight is out of control and I cannot take it off no matter how hard i have tried. I take medications that cause weight gain and I will have to talk to my specialist about getting off of at least some of them. My real concern is that I have senosis of the spine and cannot do much in the way of exercise even walking is painful I have tried aqua fit but it triggers the pain in my spine something terrible., Any comments or advice would be welcome.

  • So, Alissa, you realise that I’m all caught up I’ve watched every single video you’ve put out now. It’s been some of the best viewing I’ve had on Youtube. Certainly the most helpful to me in terms of my own health. So, thank you for all the work you’ve done in putting the channel together and keeping your promise of a new video every day.

    However, you do realise that you’ve done such a good job with your eating and workouts that you really should/could go out and splurge on a new pair of jean shorts. These ones you have just don’t flatter you any more. A nice new pair that fits properly will show off the results of your hard work much better.

    Off-scale victory? Today I realised that both my grubby pants and my dress pants badly needed to be in the laundry. In my closet is a small mountain of clothes that are all way too small for me, but I ventured a look in order to find something that would cover my behind. First pair of pants I pulled out was I ever that small that I could get into them in the store and find them worth buying? Couldn’t even get the zipper closed. Second pair of pants were so tight on the legs there was no point in continuing to pull them up. Third and last pair looked pretty darned slim even with two-way stretch. But I pulled them on. Got them all the way up. Zipper closed. Button buttoned. Despite being a tad tight over the gut and pushing some blubber above the belt line, they weren’t cutting off my circulation. In fact, I was able to wear them quite comfortably all afternoon. I was delighted.

    Second off-scale victory? I’m finding energy that’s been missing for a very long time. It’s wonderful. I’m getting stronger I can feel it, and I’m developing more endurance. It’s a great feeling. So much of this is thanks to you, your helpful food information and recipes, and the inspiration you’ve given me. I can’t thank you enough. xo