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Too many starchy carbohydrates and bad fats are a recipe for that midsection to expand. Instead, get plenty of veggies, choose lean proteins, and stay away from fats from red meats. Choose. last year I wrote this explaining that if you weren’t losing fat it’s because you’re eating too damn much (even when you don’t think you are), and most of you were like: Yes, I know what I. “If you haven’t been able to lose weight and you can’t understand why, you need to determine whether there’s a medical condition underlying your weight problem,” says Peter LePort, MD, director of. If you’re looking to lose weight, it’s likely you’ve cut back on calories, but dropping your intake too low can hinder weight loss.

Not eating enough can send your body into. 1. You’re not eating enough protein. You need to feed your muscles protein to maintain and build them.

Gallo sees “a multitude of fad diets and cleanses, which drop water weight (not [an] effective method of weight loss) and cause muscle loss.”. 12 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight While Doing Intermittent Fasting, According To An RD And the benefits of IF aren’t limited to weight loss. Research You’re eating less-nutritious.

Unexplained weight loss can be an early sign of various health issues, including diabetes and hyperthyroidism. Doctors explain when you should be concerned. Why can’t I lose weight, why can’t I lose belly fat, and why am I not losing fat on a calorie deficit are a few questions we will hope to resolve in this vid. It could also be that you have the wrong ideas about diet and that you don’t exercise enough.

In the end, there is a multitude of reasons why we don’t lose weight the way we’d hope. The first step is motivation. You need to know that being in peak physical form is not an easy task. This Is Why You’re Not Losing Fat. “HIIT not only helps you burn fat, you’ll also spare muscle because of the shorter workout periods, as you’ll spend less time in a catabolic exercise state.” To do HIIT right, you’ll need to approach cardio like you do your toughest lifting sessions.

That means no reading, no watching TV, no chitchat; you.

List of related literature:

2.Reducing diets.

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1—The importance of cutting back on saturated fat cannot be overstated.

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1: Reduce the bad fats in your diet.

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1 State four reasons why clients may wish to gain or lose weight.

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9) and extreme nutritional imbalance (see Chap.

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1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

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3 Unfortunately, many women have taken saturated fat out of their diets and reduced their overall fat intake under the impression that this is the way to health.

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One of these is the misconception that fat is unhealthy and should be avoided.

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2. to stop doing or using something You should lay off bread and potatoes if you want to reduce weight.

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Strategies to achieve these levels can be achieved by replacing whole fat versions of foods (e.g., replacing full fat dairy products with nonfat or lower fat versions, choosing lean cuts of meat, or replacing meat with vegetable alternatives (e.g., beans or fish).

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  • I wonder what it means if you get those symptoms without surgery? That has happened to me my entire life when I eat crappy food. I don’t have any health problems, and I’m usually been American sizes 00-4, and my bmi is always in the normal range, but I usually only eat healthy and have that aversion to junk cause it makes me feel so sick, even cold sweats ��

  • I just don’t feel hungry at all, I was hoping there would be something in this video that could explain why but it’s okay. I don’t starve myself on purpose, it’s just that i don’t ever feel hungry and when i try to eat when i’m not hungry, I gag and almost throw up. Is it a mental thing wrong with me or a physical thing?

  • Hello Amanda my name is Amanda to and I want to let you know you hang in there you’re going to be okay you’re going to get through this just fine you’re strong you’re a stronger woman than what you think and you are beautiful and you do matter and Jesus loves you and he’s with you right now he’s with you through everything you go through in life just like he’s with me with everything I go through in life yes it is a scary thing to do search go under surgery I’ve had a lot of surgery did in my life and I was scared every time it’s not that I didn’t have faith in the Lord just that I didn’t know what to expect but us you hang in there girl you’re doing good hang in there you can get through this you can get through this the Lord Jesus is with you father God is with you and I don’t even know you but I’m with you in spirit in in heart God bless you. I keep you amen

  • what this irresponsible woman is doing to her angel of a son is absolutely repulsive �� I hope he’s able to move out soon and have a nice life

  • Sis really said “Its not the food I eat” but then went and got her stomach stapled �� All jokes aside this is a lovely family and I hope Mandy continues losing weight and gets her family to eat healthily!

  • Is this an eating disorder: only eats cakes or pastry’s for breakfast or lunch but then eats a dangerously small (half a sausage) amount of food for other meals. Just wondering and if it is please can u tell me what it’s called x

  • It is disturbing that she gives the food to her kids when she can’t eat it… and all the food os frozen. When they said she is cooking again… that isn’t cooking putting frozen things in the oven and canned peas in a pot.

  • Amanda please get your children on a good healthy diet because they are obese sweetheart. You know what it’s like, dont let them go down the same path.

  • She’s parentifying her son and that’s a form of emotional abuse. Happened to me and I’m still struggling from it 20 years later. My heart goes out to her son. This is a very toxic relationship, although they only want the best for one another.

  • Unfortunately simon will most likely go on to have a long term dependancy for being needed and will seek relationships with women who are incapacitated either physically or mentally so he can resume the role of carer. Its not easy going from being the center of someone elses universe to suddendly not being needed.

  • People have their own journeys life is not black and white. HOWEVER, if you have kids (planned or otherwise), I believe (and people will disagree) in two things: (1) set kids up for the best in life such as feed/clothe/shelter them, pay for their post-secondary education if they want to or can go, and help them get a first home otherwise why have them and give them a suck start to adulthood and (2) parents should never be a burden on their kids no matter at age and in no matter what situation. You have to plan for it whether it’s expecting to get very ill and need extra help, or very old and need a seniors’ home. I get that we need to help our parents out and that kids can help but kids (no matter their age) should ever have to take care of their parents. It’s one thing if your kids TRULY want and FINANCIALLY can do so but I would feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad if that happened so since I was very young, I started squirreling away money so I can hire a nurse or live in a seniors’ home. Do you need that Starbucks coffee? Do you know that extra pair of pants? Do you need that type of vacation? If people could make wise choices from the start, they would have no financial worries and can be financially independent once they are old or hit with a disease or illness.

  • The son and ex are super angels bless them! Took my mum years to train my dad how to wash the dishes lmao imagine asking him to wipe her bottom ����

  • “I am so embarrassed” ” I am ashamed of myself” “I hate myself” “I feel guilty of what I eat”….. I am fed up of hearing this. Can’t you just leave your house for a small walk every day, eat salad with proteins and drink water????

  • I don’t feel sorry for this woman…she did it to herself and shame on her for expecting her son to do all the “motherly” duties…his weight needs attention also!

  • …Kids throwing eggs at her?? WTH? Who stands around street corners with an egg waiting for someone obese to go by? People suck!

    Edit: While this show is similar to the American, “My Six Hundred Pound Life” and I generally like it better (My 600 Pound Life tends to over sensationalize everything the way most American reality tv does), one thing I don’t see happen on Fat Doctor (which they do on M600PL) is have any kind of counseling or therapy to get to the root of the issue. Most of the patients on FD say, “it’s not what I eat that’s the problem…” so, clearly haven’t owned their food issues, whatever they may be. Hopefully the NHS can eventually see that adequate mental health care is part of over all Health.

  • I really pray her children learn from this and watch what they eat. I do realise how hard this is. I am 13 stone, which by all accounts to this lady is not much.. but to me it is too much and I struggle to do the right thing.:/

  • The parents who rely on their underage children to do all their work for them just because they made themselves too fat to move disgust me. That boy should be at school or university, not stuck at home being his mom’s unpaid live-in carer. That’s not okay.

  • Psychological therapy first. Fook sake it’s not rocket science. Children in this situation is no different from behaviour problems. They live what they learn fact. No more said

  • Looking at her I think 5 years is generous really.:( what is it going to take to help morbidly obese people get a grip? System takes so bloody long to refer.

  • This show does not address the issue of over eating/psychotherapy. Therefore, she will “blow out” or not loose weight because Her mind is “set” to over consume.
    Her parents said as a child, she would lie about the meals she ate, going from one house to another to eat.
    She is not doing any “preparing” for food changes she will face or assisting her children is the correct eating habits. Only one of her children is not overweight. The government appears to go to great lengths to make “Physical accommodations” to the home, but investing in “travelling dieticians” on a monthly basis certainly has to be cheaper than the costs of maintaining the lifestyles of these people.
    In the US you have to apply for disability. The process can take up to 3+ plus years, to be notified of your application status.
    This process in the UK, based on this program, “appears” far too easy. They aren’t given a diet plan to see if they can change and follow a restricted diet, pre-surgery over a 6 month period.

  • This is the only episode I have seen that angers me. Why should her son have to wipe her bottom? It is so inappropriate. She has no shame?

  • lately I’ve just been getting less and less uninterested in food. like I still eat but I don’t feel hungry or eat that much anymore. I mainly only feel kind of hungry in the morning and only eat after that to make shre my mom knows I’m not starving myself.

  • its not in the genes its in every thing you eat and they dont like hearing that like her children not healthey and the mother like hear him say its not your fault my husband nows y dont like coffe onley with bizar sweet sugar in it every body reacts when they hear how much y want in coffee not normal and y know that so instead off drinking coffee y dont drink it maybe y would be like her or too fat people having diabet etc and besides that no one is perfect healthy but every human when eat too much no exersice only eating gets too fat thats the reality and we dont think its love giving people food order it do every thing they want else get angry we dont help a drug adic by giving him or her drugs or money for getting ther drugs and they also get angry when they dont get what they need and they get finaly the operation and still takes a long time loosing weight when loosing we eat try eat and stay healthy and happy we would not feel healthy and happy eating too much junk food because from much sugar people can also get frustradet aggressief depressed and no exersice what we want too eat its in our brains

  • Dude it’s so rare that i would ever advocate for something this dangerous or revolting, but how the actual hell do these binge eaters not learn to just chew it up and spit it out? I mean damn… It’s like the easiest thing in the world.. No puking. No starving. No exercising (which we all know they despise) Just chew it up and spit it out long enough for your fucking skyrocketing hormones to get the hell under control.

  • I feel so bad for her son. Worrying about his place in the family because she wont need him to care for her after she looses the weight… like son start taking care of yourself and if you like helping people that much get a job in healthcare.

  • So does he look after his younger sisters aswel, sorted for school and things like that.
    Why doesnt she drink them drinks again then!
    It’s not what we eat whilst her kid runs into the house with ice cream ����

  • I have bulimia since 3 years and I am so happy about this video because this topic is kind of tabu in our society…even my parents don’t know about my eating disorder

  • Your daughter is not big boned! She is fat and nearly clinically obese.
    And it’s not in your genes, there’s no “fat” gene!
    The only way it’s passed to your kids is your example and over eating everything.
    Stop making excuses, that’s what has you and your kids into this predicament!
    It’s absolutely clear that you are over eating junk food!
    Cause and effect lady, it’s science!

  • I cannot understand why she still buys takeaway salads with her chubby son, high in fat and sugar and probably less nutritious…..this is just one example how to begin. Her daughters eating this awful white bread….why?! They have obviously never read about healthy food and got informed…

  • ‘Forks over Knives’ and ‘What the Health’ are 2 wonderful documentaries that highlight the benefits of a plant based diet. Helped me tremendously…eating tasty, healthy and satiating food with higher fiber and water content fills you up without feeling the need to over eat. Often people over eat because they simply can’t feel full on unhealthy food. I would encourage anyone struggling with weight issues [which is most of us!] to give these a look: )

  • NOT cool to put your young son in the position of caregiver. This woman utterly failed him. He is burdened and depressed and cut off from friends because of HER. He is headed down the same path. I really feel for him. I cared for my dad as he was dying and provided the same type of care, but cleaning your elderly dad’s privates, etc, is different at 53 than at his young age. Poor lad.

  • Her son is such a sweetheart. He loves his mother and selflessly does everything she needs without thinking twice. At 17 years old he should have a life of his own and out doing things a 17 year old should be doing. I feel sorry for the kids in this situation because a lot of these morbidly obese put a lot of pressure on their children. I hope she gets the surgery and changes her lifestyle so her children can be just that., children.

  • Fasting is the answer not surgery!

    Fat is energy that is built in times of plenty in order to see you though times of none!

    In modern times its ALWAYS a time of plenty!!

    ……it’s time to create a time of none!!

    Best part? Fasting is FREE… Doesn’t cost anything extra to simply not eat for a day at a time.

    For a modern example:

    “The Fasting Fatman”


  • For me personally its a mix of eating small and throwing it up afterwards but then i occasionally binge when im forced to eat and then throw it up not sure what to call that but im trying to get better

  • She said: it isnt the food i eat i barely eat anything
    Then after the surgery
    She says: I never imagined I could be full with just a small amount of food.

    Lol why you always lyin

  • I don’t know if it’s an eating disorder, but I’ll just write what’s happening to me. I just don’t want to eat all day and I feel like vomiting when I see food. I exercise until I lose my balance. However, when the evening comes I start to overeat and give up, stop exercising, and cry because I gave up, take laxatives and go to sleep and the next day again…

  • When I was younger I was considered “fat” and it was true I was overweight when I was younger, and people bullied me for it. At the time I didn’t think I cared but slowly throughout 3 years I started caring more and more, and I lost most of the weight after about a year when I was fat, but I was still a little big, but considered a normal weight through about 2 years after that. Then it started the summer of going into middle school. I started not eating all day and just being on my phone in my room all day everyday. I lost about 6 pounds doing that and got down to about 95 pounds, and I was about 5’1 then. Then middle school started and I started skipping lunch and eating almost nothing for breakfast and my parents thought I was eating lunch, so the only thing I had was dinner a lot of times. And I thought I ate a lot at that time and I thought I was really fat even though I was considered “anorexic” and I was underweight a lot. Anyways I got down to about 93 pounds at 5’2 in December 2019. Everyone was always telling me how skinny I was and I still thought I was really fat and I think I had body dysmorphia. And even my doctor said if I didn’t stop my liver could fail. I didn’t want to stop, but then came along coronavirus, and then came along not being at school, which meant no skipping lunch. And my parents made me eat everyday. So then I got to about 100 pounds at 5’2 and i still wasn’t completely heathy at that weight, and then I got to 103 pounds, and now I’m at 106 pounds at 5’2 and people still say I’m really skinny but that I look healthy, and I’m super close to the underweight section but I’m in the normal weight section and I’m proud that I made it. I still am aware that I have body dysmorphia, but I think I’m getting better… but the past few days I haven’t been eating and Im getting used to hunger pains again. Part of me still wants to be 93 pounds again, and idk what to do.

  • I never know whether I’m normal or have a mild case of bing eating disorder. I don’t really eat massive amounts of food in one short period, but I eat so much food throughout the day and I can’t control it, the only way I can control it is not eating at all that day. Many times I’ve tried to just eat three meals and some small snacks like a normal person but I’ve never been able to do this for more than a few days because eating is always on my mind and I end up giving in. I’m relatively skinny but I never put on weight I eat such a massive amount of food each day and am not in control of how much I eat, I’m not sure if it’s just me overreacting, or I for some reason need heaps more food than the average person, but I really struggle with food and I don’t know if it’s a normal thing anymore?? This has been about 2 years like this now

  • I used to have very hard eating disorders when growing up, at about 16-17 y.o., I would eat very low amounts of food, feel very depressed and not good enough, I also used to vomit as a way to punish myself from eating… It’s a horrible thing to have:(

  • my little thing is, i have “the meal of the day” which is the only meal i eat. and i usually still am hungry but im like “no! no more food ��” and ive fainted multiple times because of it but i just want to be skinny✨

  • Now when people ask me if I have an eating disorder, I can tell them that I don’t have any of these even if there was one very similar to me in this.

  • 2014-2018 i ate around 200-400 calories a day. These last couple years I’ve been recovering, but recently I’ve relapsed into a lot of my old eating habits. Its a journey, a cycle, its hard

  • Can someone plz help me? I starve myself to lose weight. And I watch Ed and anorexia films every night. I’m constantly looking at thinspo to make sure I don’t eat. Wen I want to eat I write down a bunch of times telling myself not to. I binge. And after I eat I regret it and try to throw it up. And I’m to scared to tell anybody because they won’t understand. Am I developing anorexia? Am i anorexic? Do I have a eating disorder?

  • I am a 13 year old. Lately since the start of quarantine I started noticing changes in my body which I didn’t like at all, it wasn’t puberty, I just I see myself being a little over the line and chubby. My 16 year old sister has a beautiful body and loves eating high calorie foods but her body never shows changes “consequences” even though she dose not do much exercise. Then I watched a movie called “to the bone” which made me reconsider many things in myself and after that I started learning tricks on how to burn the calories I ate, that is when it started. I count them, I do lots of exercises sometimes more than needed, drink water inexplicably and purge 1 or 2 times a day. The thing is, I know i’m still a kid and you could probably think that kids don’t feel that or do that to their bodies. But I find it so necessary, I want to be beautiful like my sister.

  • 1st of all im so sorry for my bad english ��, oke so here, i kinda didnt realize it at first but i started to feel dissapointed of my self whenever i eat (wether it’s healthy of unhealthy food) which causing me hurting my self sometimes (such as slapping or hitting my body), but idk why i guess it’s getting worse these days, whenever i eat i would feel so sad and yesterday i was crying mess, trembling and my heart kindly beating so fast i was so afraid to put those food in my mouth, my friend told me to eat, and i tried but guess what every time i heard those “just eat, try to eat, eat, food” words, i strarted to afraid i can even crying in front of them, im not really sure wether it could be categorize as eating dissorders or not cuz im just too afraid to go to doctor, so please anyone if guys understand what am i goin trough here, tell me please and tell me what should i do

    Thanks a lot ����

  • 47:26

    Her post-op plate is criminal. Not a speck of color. Sad grey tinned peas on the others’ plates but more breaded fish than anything. Are those chips/fries or cheese sticks alongside her breaded greasy reheated fish?

    Outside actual rare medical cases, it’s funny how often people “cursed with fat genes” MYSTERIOUSLY seem to be allergic to veg or completely aware of their existence.

  • i have bulimia nervosa. this is the very first time i’m admitting it. i just tell myself “hey, you gotta do it, it’s not that bad, come on don’t be a baby about it” i’m not sure what to do

  • I have binge eating disorder and I’m trying to overcome it, it’s working actually. I was (still am) overweight or as you wanna call it “obese” but so far I have lost 6kg.

  • Bless her heart, I am so pleased with shaw’s operating system and skills and to lose 13 stone in 16 weeks is incredible!! Well done to consultant Mr Shaw Summers and his full bariatric team, you are ALL TRULY AMAZING ������������������������

  • I always feel nauseated when I think about food ����
    I really hate food and I’m always forced to eat food because they think I’m anorexic which is not true I just hate food I don’t know if I should visit a clinic

  • I used to struggle heavily with binge eating and still kind of do, and I just had everyone kind of screaming at me the whole way through, like to the point where ive gotten threatened to be kicked out bc of my weight gain. when I was younger I did a lot of sports so I didn’t gain weight that much but I was fucking miserable and had to unlearn my coping mechanisms and learn how to eat healthy and get into new hobbies so i could maintain my eating schedule, I’m 18 and I’m just able to wake up whenever and still enough so I feel okay about myself throughout the day

  • idk if i do have ED but can someone tell me what type i would fall into? i am always anxious of eating even when i am alone because i am scared that i will gain weight. i eat only one meal a day

  • People say for my age that 1400 calories are the norm, but I’ve been eating about 900 or less during daytime. And I look and act fine, but I stress about my calories and hate myself, it’s gotten so out of control. Yet some days I’ll eat little to nothing, then I’ll go some days, even a week, where I’m constantly eating without thinking, and then feeling absolutely horrible.
    Eating disorders are so, so hard and people need o understand that just because people don’t look like they have one, doesn’t mean they’re lying when they’re clearly trying to tell you they are. ( talkin’ to you, parents. mine went months before realizing )

  • This is my problem –

    So I have 6 siblings and 5 of them weigh more than me, the other one definitely has an eating disorder (my mom doesn’t think so even though she only eats 1s a day and that’s something small) but I might have one too.. because I’m skinnier they always make fun of me because of my body (and not to forget my height too because I’m the smallest 5’3) but when they say things like that I just don’t want to eat. One of my sisters said “omg ur eating too much! No one else will be able to eat now!!” Though I ate nothing that day so I stopped eating it because I felt bad.. also I drink lemon diet tea (because lemon is my fav uwu) but they always say that I’m on a diet and that I’m starving and that I should eat more and then I never get out my bed to eat. I mean I already have a self harm scar on my arm because of them. But yeah they are the reason I don’t eat at all only when I feel comfortable.

  • I eat 2200 kcals a day, am around 59 kg and around 170cm and I just stay the same (quite athletic). I have tried to track kcals but it made me obsessive so now I just eat intuively and it’s honestly a life saver. Accepting your body isn’t something you’ll do by changing it, it’s something mentally. Stop your unhealthy behaviour, start listening to your body, giving it enough healthy nutrients and start with your mind, seek professional help if you need to. Acknowledge what’s going on with you and know what it truly is that you and your body need to live happily and healthy and maintain that way. Don’t follow diets, create a healthy lifestyle that you can see yourself doing your entire life. Eating chocolate everyday but still losing weight? Yeah very possible. It’s all about balance, but in order for you to achieve that you gotta start with your mindset.

  • no one takes binge eating disorder as serious as stuff like anorexia or bulimia, i don’t have it but i have disordered behaviour (meaning i’m not diagnosed) i feel sorry for people who end up feeling invalidated because of it, you shouldn’t since everyone deserves the same help regardless of severity or type of ED:)

  • I don’t necessarily binge but i make myself throw up a lot because i want to lose weight. is this still bulimia or is there another name for that? i am working on this myself and i’m doing that a lot less, but no one knows about it and i feel lonely with it

  • Feel like this was recommended for a reason. I’ve been to so many doctor appointments and psychiatrist without any help. All they say is that I don’t have any problems because at least I eat.
    I eat once a day. I rarely feel hungry but when I force myself to eat I feel sick instead. Sometimes I don’t feel hungry at all for a few days and can go one or two days without eating when I’m not even realizing. I can eat loads when it’s something I enjoy but as soon as it’s something I don’t care for I can barely get past a few bites.
    Does anyone have any tips for me? I know it’s not healthy but the healthcare where I’m from doesn’t take it seriously and it’s getting to the point where my mom sneaks outside the bathroom after every meal trying to figure out if I force the food out or not (which I don’t). I’ve lost so much weight and as I said earlier I get this sick feeling when I force myself to eat

  • I dont have a disorder… just a really slow metabolism. I dont eat much and I gain weight very easily, like if some day I eat fast food I’ll gain like 2kg (even if I dont eat anything else)

  • I had a period of bulimia in my life but no one knew and I didn’t tell anyone at that time. I would try to puke or chew my food but spit it out instead of swallowing it so I wouldn’t gain weight (idk if that’s a disorder too)
    It’s over now fortunately but recently I tried to talk about this problem I had and I wasn’t taking seriously. No one believed it to be true and thought I’m joking or smth bc I wasn’t underweight or bc I didn’t let anyone notice it. It’s just sad.. when they laughed I tried to laugh too even though it’s not a laughing matter.

  • Anything I eat makes me gain weight and it hurts because its been like this even before I got my period but when I was 9 and got my period it just started getting worse I would eat normally every day and not much fast food on the weekends but gain alot of weight but then I started eating just because it made me distract my selve but now I’m becoming self conscious about my body and now matter how mich I cut on my foods I can’t seem to lose weight I even try to excercise but I just can’t I don’t like being ugly and am always jealous of my only friend who eats fast food almost every day and eats unhealthy and watches YouTube all day still is super skinny

  • I’m now in eating disorder journey, i had depression and i felt so empty, i get out of bed go eat something unhealthy then come back to my bed that how my days go day by day i get fatter then I traveled to my hometown with my family, my mental health is so much better but the thing is I’m fat so I decided to not eat like literally one meal per day I’ve been like that for a month now and I’m back in my house and my mental health is the kinda good? Idk but I’m gonna do that diet until I’m happier with my body ( I’m not that fat but I’m fatter than before) I’m sorry that was long but I wanted to open up to you

  • I have the first eating disorder I don’t eat anything except for dinner I’ve had the same body for 12 years which is about to be 13 so I don’t eat food or drink water during the day I work outdoors with my mom I stopped eating cus I’m never hungry I just want to be fat anymore every one judges me because of my body which I HATE I’m also overweight for my age I’m just 12 I hate my body and how I look….

  • The people at my school stress me and I’m scared to eat in front of people so I don’t eat lunch at school but I have never snd will never claim I have a eating disorder

  • Hello sir,Dr Niharika here.Very well discribed patho physiology of PCOS with latest updates.Simplified yet well elaborated each aspect of PCOS..thank you sir for such a nice lecture..regards..

  • I have weird relationship with food since i was child. Im not obsessed for being thin but i also dont like food im very picky but im scared of fainting since i dont eat a lot and that creates anxiety and then i have upset stomach wich leads to not eating anything so basically for a year now im dealing with constant cycle. I dont know what to do i have been trying to find disorder similar to mine but still no luck. Should i just go to therapy?

  • I don’t have a eating disorder…but I eat my breakfast which is 2 brown slices of toast that is 120 calories, then I go on my stationary bike and burn off roughly 300 calories..then eat my lunch at like 12:15pm, an apple, 54 calories I think apples are? Idk and I wait for like 5 hours and I’m STARVING my stomach is rumbling.. for dinner I would take soup or pasta..

  • oh. i didn’t know i have an eating disorder. i thought it was only anorexia or bulimia, being obsessed with your weight and looks. but I think I have the first one

  • I’m depressed a lot. So when I start to go into another cycle, I’m so emotional I can’t eat anything. My stomach hurts and usually I get so upset that I get diarrhea and/or vomit. Which ends up causing me to get dehydrated since I already didn’t have anything in my system. I also have a stomach ulcer and I forget to eat or buy/make food I won’t eat. It’s sick and fucked up but I’m waiting until the next time I get some bad news; I think I’ll just starve myself to death because I’m a coward and I feel like I deserve to suffer. I can’t hide it anymore and I’m just so tired of feeling this way and living like this. I’m so scared and I feel so alone. I just want to go lay down somewhere and just sleep forever because that’s the only time I don’t feel anything.

  • I have pica syndrome for more than two years and I don’t know what I can do to overcome it.
    I have a strong desire to eat plaster.
    I am 18 years old and weigh only 20kg

  • Thank you for your nutrition tips. compared to other videos of youtubers you are the best you explain everything I love too. In a month I will send you my new body before and after. I was 178 70 kg and now t I do 178 and 65 kg and in muscles and abs. You are the best

  • i was diagnosed w. hybrid BED and anorexia 5 yrs ago. maybe i’ve been lazy with my research, but i don’t have much info about it aside from what my dr. told me.

  • When I eat, I’m out of control. I don’t breathe when I eat. I shovel it all in my mouth without waiting. All I can think about is eat eat eat. Even when I’m not that hungry. And when I’m finished, I still want more. Even when I feel full, I can’t stop eating.

  • i think i had binge eating disorder but idk. someone help me out. last year and 6th grade i was super sad and had family issues with my dad and didn’t have many school friends. when i got home from school and take a bunch of food to my room and eat them. afterwards i’d feel gross and disgusted with myself. but i would continue to do it everyday for months

  • I thought I was fine but now I’m not so sure. I think I’m still binge eating and I want to stop but it’s really hard. I don’t even care if I look “fat” (unless I’m actually overweight) because I’ve grown to accept all sizes. but I keep eating even when I’m uncomfortably full. I just feel like I need to. even when I know deep down that I don’t need to eat any more.

  • “You ate all the pies” ��

    My god, 2 of the kids are obese and the one daughter is well on her way. Wretched… and after watching this family, time for me to bust a move and prep my salad

  • I always avoid eating lunch and dinner I only eat one meal a day even tho I’m skinny I weight 45kg. i hate eating too much bc I’m scared to get fat so I only eat one thing a day then sleep all day and when im awake I’ll only drink water n green tea. I hate meat I hate chicken I hate seafood im very very picky so I don’t know if I have an eating disorder or not can someone help me with info or smth?

  • I don’t eat anything until dinner because I’m afraid to accidentally overeat and so if I haven’t eaten anything all day then it’s okay if I accidentally eat too much at dinner

  • Idk whether you can call me disordered eating habits an actual eating disorder, as my lack of appetite is more of a symptom of my anxiety than an ED. There was a time where I was really underweight and everyone thought I was anorexic, but i knew I was underweight (maybe not to the extent I can see now that I am at a better weight but I still recognised it). I never had an extremely negative image of my body, I always thought and still think I look too skinny but my anxiety makes me lose my appetite. Idk know if this counts as an eating disorder tho…

  • I have the binge eating disorder for over a year now…At first I would eat without being hungry or eat more than I needed and even tho I felt full I would just keep on eating now I eat so much.Now my brain says that I need more food than I actually need and I’m always hungry.My parents won’t let me see a doctor because they won’t take me seriously about it please help me.

  • I starve myself and I have an atypical case of bulimia. I do not binge. However, I am overweight, and people don’t take me seriously when I tell them simply because I am not skinny. The first thing they think when I say I have an eating disorder is binge eating

  • Not only obese or overweight people have Binge eating disorder, it’s a very stereotypical view on the matter I’m a healthy weight and look healthy also but I struggle immensely with this disorder

  • Suppose a girl, is not having periods from last 100 days, I know she has to start, her, COCP 10 days before the lmp. After 3 months and irregular cycles. How would I give medroxyprogesterone to her.? On which day? What I have heard is, just give medroxyprogesterone BD for 5 days, and after 7 days upto 14 days she will get bleed.? Is this right. Or ac to me, whenever follicles get stimulate and LH is there, give at that time, how would I tell her in my clinic oh now is your LH day, take at this or now ur follicles are stimulating take now? And other is once after taking medicines she got her progesterone withdrawal. For next, it would be normal or for how many months I have to give

  • I haven’t been that long on you’re channel but do you have like any glute exercising videos? Sorry about my english it isn’t my native language

  • hey Fraser I am 15 and for me I’m working out and trying to eat healthier (Im a really picky eater and don’t eat meat) and I am skinny fat what should I do to resolve this issue if you can please help with a diet and maybe a work out routine I should do

  • Fraser bro your content and stuff Is awesome. Bro you gotta do some challenges with a bro or something. Best one for starters is the RockPaperScissors Wedgy Challenge will be epic bro.

  • i eat but then i feel disgusted of myself, then i look in the mirror, check my weight average for my hight, eating less, then eating more the next day, its a seesaw of emotions flooding me, im not skinny enough, damn i look good, dont eat today, have a snack, feel guilty, be nothing…be more than nothing (all of my thoughts)

  • First thing in the morning.. 1 teaspoon Turmeric, half teaspoon black pepper, 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar 4 squeezed limes, in hot water add honey to taste followed by a couple of cups of coffee No sugar, drink before breakfast or better still miss breakfast until 10-11am… Strips the fat off me.

  • fraser please be mindful of your spelling in your videos… e.g aggressive, unsustainable

    proper use of words and correct spelling go with effective communications.

  • Over the past few months, I’ve been clean bulking but I’m not longer as lean as I used to be. Shredded over bulky any time of the day!

  • I also lost 5 pounds in a week but i dont even know how i did it

    Update i lost another 5 idk wtf is happening i used to weight 150 now im at 140

  • You came on the day where I decided to start bulking, then all of sudden I will start bulking in a week ����, that was a silly question but ok my favourite animal is the lion, next time ask a more interesting question man

  • Hi Jeanne; excellent questions on such important topics; I am child of the early 60s and I remember I had an episode of lice, my parents did not know any better and guess what they sprayed me w DDT!!! Geez!! �� I wonder if there is a way to know if that chemical is in my body. I’m plant based and so blessed. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed.

  • Thank you Jeanne. I love your channel. Thank you Dr Barnard. I can’t wait to buy your book on hormone balance.

    I had heard that it is particularly important, when buying canned foods, to buy acidic foods like tomatoes that are in bpa-free cans. There’s one organic brand I buy that is in lined cans. Sometimes I buy the ones that are not in lined cans but they are clearly labelled on the outside of the can “BPA Free”.

    I note that Americans refer to all plastic storage containers as Tupperware, however Tupperware is a brand. It is marketed by almost exclusively by direct selling and “party plans”. I used to sell it but didn’t know about the type of plastic it was. The company said their plastic was made differently to other plastics. They were quite vague at the time. After researching it I learned that their products are now BPA free but some of the older Tupperware products were not.