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5 “Healthy” Trends That May Lead to Bloating. by Elizabeth Millard. February 27, 2019. One response to “5 “Healthy” Trends That May Lead to Bloating” David C says: April 1, 2019 at 5:18 am Steamed cauliflower, love it, but it’s brutal for me.

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63 Ijegun Road Off Carwash Bus Stop 5 “Healthy” Trends That May Lead to Bloating. admin on March 5, 2019. 0 Comments. 5 Healthy Food Habits That May Actually Cause Bloat Normal Bloating vs. Abnormal Bloating. Not all bloat is created equal—literally.

Bloating that is painful and Leafy Greens. Many leafy greens are considered to be cruciferous vegetables that are packed with fiber and nutrients. Fiber-Rich. 5 Healthy Foods That Cause Bloating #1. Cruciferous vegetables.

Yes, I’m talking about broccoli, cabbage, and kale. Even though these are world-class superfoods that we include in our LiveLean20Diet.com system, they do contain a type of sugar that when it gets fermented in your gut, it can cause gas and bloating BUT And this is a big BUT. 5. Carbonated Drinks.

It seems obvious that sweet, bubbly beverages would lead to excessive bloating. However, bloating is not limited to sugary drinks, but also encompasses any sparkling or mineral water. When consumed, the gas in carbonated beverages get trapped in your stomach.

In some cases, bloating is a symptom of an underlying condition. For example, any of these disorders can cause bloating: Irritable bowel syndrome, a condition characterized by a combination of symptoms (bloating, cramping, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or constipation) that last for three or more months. It won’t eliminate or prevent bloating altogether, but it may make your veggies easier to digest. which can lead to a bloated look.” 5 Healthy Foods That Are Keeping You Up at Night.

And leave out the protein powder, as that may cause further bloating. You may also like: How To Make A Healthy Kale Mason Jar Salad SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or. Bloating is usually nothing to worry about, but in some cases it can be a sign of ovarian cancer, bowel obstruction, liver disease, and other conditions.

Talk to your doctor if you have persistent. Although bloating may be a symptom of a serious medical condition, it is usually caused by something in the diet. Here are 13 foods that can cause bloating.

List of related literature:

Savor Whole Nutrient-Rich Foods: Get enough nutrient-dense, potassiumrich foods to help you balance your sodium intake (it’s impossible to not get salt in your daily diet), and this will help you stave off bloat.

“The Healing Powers of Vinegar (3rd edition)” by Cal Orey
from The Healing Powers of Vinegar (3rd edition)
by Cal Orey
Kensington Books, 2008

The gases (mainly CO2, CH4, and H2) are inevitable products of fermentation but also provide the major clinical disincentive to consumption of high doses of fermentable carbohydrates that might create unwanted symptoms relating to their production in the gut of flatulence, bloating, borborygmi, and cramps.

“Inulin-Type Fructans: Functional Food Ingredients” by Marcel Roberfroid
from Inulin-Type Fructans: Functional Food Ingredients
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If bloating is problematic, carbonated beverages, gum, and artificial sweeteners containing sucralose should be avoided.

“GI/Liver Secrets Plus E-Book” by Peter R McNally
from GI/Liver Secrets Plus E-Book
by Peter R McNally
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Excessive consumption of prebiotics can lead to gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating and laxation.

“Development and Manufacture of Yogurt and Other Functional Dairy Products” by Fatih Yildiz
from Development and Manufacture of Yogurt and Other Functional Dairy Products
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Known environmental factors are related to diet: there is an increased association of gastric cancer with increased consumption of pickled foods, salted fish, processed meat, smoked foods, and products high in nitrates.

“Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review” by Amit K. Ghosh
from Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review
by Amit K. Ghosh
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The causes of bloat can be divided into three categories1,2: Frothy bloat—caused by diets that promote the formation of stable froth Free gas bloat—caused by diets that promote excessive free gas production Free gas bloat—caused by failure to eructate

“Sheep & Goat Medicine E-Book” by David G. Pugh, N. (Nickie) Baird
from Sheep & Goat Medicine E-Book
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Dairy products (e.g., for those with lactose intolerance), raw fruits, and grains can contribute to bloating, flatulence (gas), and abdominal distention.

“Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume” by Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume
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Current recommendations are adequate water intake, avoidance of caffeine, avoidance of legumes (to decrease bloating), and limiting lactose and fructose.

“Davis's Diseases & Disorders: A Nursing Therapeutics Manual” by Marilyn Sawyer Sommers
from Davis’s Diseases & Disorders: A Nursing Therapeutics Manual
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Abdominal distention and bloating, thought to be caused by ‘‘too much gas,’’ are two of the most frequently encountered gastrointestinal complaints.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease” by Carol J. Boushey, Ann M. Coulston, Cheryl L. Rock, Elaine Monsen
from Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
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Although bloating is quite common, the research behind it is pretty limited.

“Joy's Simple Food Remedies: Tasty Cures for Whatever's Ailing You” by Joy Bauer, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N.
from Joy’s Simple Food Remedies: Tasty Cures for Whatever’s Ailing You
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  • Mine gets bloated every morning even when I eat nothing. My stomach also makes me looks pregnant and makes it hurt to wear clothes and sleep ��

  • Drinking pure lemon juice with water only no sugar before bedtime really helps. I drink it with little bit cold water. 99 percent effective! My stomach less bloated and my lower abdomen whole stomach actually flattens. Plus i get clearer skin. No joking.

    Ps: dont drink after brushing teeth. Before brush teeth is the best time. Because it add bitterness sour taste to the lemon water. Wash mouth after, so the acid will not hurt your teeth as well.

  • You are contradicting yourself. “Don’t consume prepackage/processed foods.” You just made a smoothy with prepackaged processed mango and papaya and coconut milk from a jar!!!

    I make my smoothies with WHOLE foods and fresh everything!!!

  • I’m trying to add more veggies, kale in smoothies, broccoli and zuccini with salmon, trying to lose weight… So my question is, how do I incorporate these healthy veggies without my tummy getting so gassy?

  • I would like to add “going poo everyday”. �� I know some people don’t have this problem but going a few days without it makes a huge difference for me in bloat and just how I feel overall. I had to up my fiber and eating an apple a day helps.

  • I am allergic to avocado and eggs too! The painful bloated tummy ache has been mine since childhood too. I need to do one of these tests like you did. I imagine it was quite expensive? And depression. At this point its just one of many mental things I have to deal with. Thank you hope you are feeling relief now. THERE IS A FLOWER called Self Heal (prunella vulgara I believe) and when made into a tea and drank this tea pulls out the heavy metals out with the waste. Hope thats helpful.

  • An ex-girlfriend of mine was diabetic, and one evening we went out for ice cream and she ordered the sugar-alcohol kind. I thought I’d show support so I ordered it for my cone as well. Cut to 1 hour later when we’re in the middle of “super happy fun time” and I felt the most painful bloating ever. I had to stop what we were doing and run to the bathroom, but I first asked her to please cover her ears for the next 5 minutes because this was gonna sound like the 4th of July turned up to 11. Thank goodness she had matches in the bathroom, although I did pause for a second before lighting as I thought the gas might explode. And that is why I now only eat ice cream with real sugar, and also why I’m her “ex” boyfriend. Say no to sorbitol, kids.

  • I had a doctor that put me on acne medication that your only supposed to be on for 3 months,he left me on it for 3 years. I went to a new doctor with stomach pains and found out that my liver was close to failing. Luckily there’s no permanent damage but some doctor need to be way more careful with that stuff.

  • As long as you keep eating meat, sugar, gluten and dairy, you’re going to keep having those problems. A plant-based diet is the solution to your problem.

  • I also have same problems bloating, hair loss, less sleep, gut issues, pimples etc.. ��But I finally found out the reason is depression ��this video is helpful

  • I had some similar problems, not all as mine I think is different. I kept getting migraines, kept feeling sick but never throwing up, couldn’t get out of bed, stomach hurting, gassy. I was originally diagnosed with gastritis, but these symptoms didn’t go away even after I changed my diet.

    Then I was referred to a dietician, and was told to do a food diary, gave my symptoms in detail, as there were other things going on as well. I was told I have histamine intolerance. Unfortunately histamine occurs naturally in many foods, healthy and unhealthy alike, some more so than others. Since then, I have gotten better, and allow myself a treat from time to time.

  • New fav account, love how you keep everything in your videos straight to the point and you don’t go off topic, it saves me time ��

  • yes! why do more people not get the raw veggie thing? Its ok for some people. But for me I have been told sooo many times by chinese acupuncture practitioners NOT to eat raw. ANd skins are so hard to digest. So I cook it all. Soups are QUEEN

  • I just read this “Cheese happens to be especially addictive because of an ingredient called casein, a protein found in all milk products. During digestion, casein releases opiates called casomorphins”. So when people say they can never give up cheese, it’s the addiction.

  • Whoah! Love your videos, so helpful and your energy is amazing. However as a nutritionist student advising folks not to eat dark greens is not a good idea:( Dark greens are the best source of calcium whereas animal dairy actI ally strips your bone calcium (long story so read the China study)! Yup, my mouth was agasp too when I found out! Reason for bloating is simply that your gut flora is not geared to digest the good stuff you need and get the best out of it, basically the bacteria in you gut at present is geared to processing bad stuff. Animal meat needs very, very high acidic levels (hence a lion, tiger or you puss cat can eat chuncks of it at a time…but, they have a very short digestive tract to get it out quickly too…unlike humans! All that meat is doing is putrifing and hence your poops stink like crazy ����). To help de-gas, yes you are correct cut out the processed white stuff, including sugar, choccy, sweeties/candy and animal produce, including fish completely. Water fast if you can for as long as you can. Add lemon slices to water or apple cider water to your diet this increases the stomach acid. Juice the dark greens for a few weeks, then blend them for a few weeks to help your tum bud up the right bacteria to process the cellulose. If you are on medication though, as always speak to your Doctor first.

  • I find that when you just eat good food, high fibre, no fried food, drink plenty of water, exercise, you’ll have a good solid bowel movement. You eat crappy foods well…you pay for it, it’s not nice but you do have to think about that before you eat something. Eating the right food really cleans out your insides, and healthy food can be just as fun as unhealthy food, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, banana, mango, beetroot, tomatoes, long beans, kefir, brown rice, chicken. I allow myself two days of treats, one day for maybe custard after dinner and the other I’ll have pizza or some burgers, usually Friday and Saturday, and if you combine this food with your usual fibre diet then better still, eat healthy even when you’re not eating healthy.

  • Idk if this counts as bloating, but I just ate too much food, then not another 1hr pass by I started eating again, why still feeling full, and drank a milk that causes my stomach pains, until I ended up in rhe hospital��

  • I think it is easier to give a person a list of things to eat. And they just eat the things on that list. Most of the foods and things listed here most people eat and it is not only overwhelming to them but depressing. Attack it from another angle or when you say what not to eat….give the replacement or alternative right away. For some of us who are health fanatics this is easy for most it is not. So alternatives in do not eat this and do not do that should always be accompanied with what to do…since most people are left lost or turned off…as they dont have the expertise or the means to go for help on this issue.

  • Smoothie should be five parts veggies one fruit preferably a green apple. The vegetables should be cucumbers celery radishes stalk of broccoli you can use kale spinach jicama maybe you can half a carrot carrots have sugar in it

  • Hi❤️Love your videos, just now starting to watch all of them…..and they are great thank you. I have 2 questions. I notice you drink ALOT of kombucha I’m trying to cut that out bc I noticed my regular brand went from 6 grams of sugar to 12….�� I still want to drink it but worried about the sugar especially bc I’m using it as a wine substitute(��)!! Also anything I do NO matter what if it’s hiit Pilates walk 4 miles a day my thighs bulk:( any tips for this?

  • I’ve gas after every single meal. I’m gaining weight for the last month despite serious training. I also have constipation despite high fibre. The nausea and gas make me not want to drink to or eat much.

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  • Sir i feel heavy in lower abdominal since 3 months but last 15 days i feel very much bloating in upper abdominal under lunges area.sometime bloating come and some time gone…and cant feel hunger. Please reply

  • I really enjoy your channel and have learned so much. I have a very complex medical history including RA and SEVERE food allergies. Consequently, I eat a plant-based, gluten-free diet. As medications have caused me to put on weight, I tried several times to see a nutritionist where I live, but when a nutritionist asks a person keeping to a plant-based diet, “How do you get your protein” it ruins your confidence in them. I keep to whole foods, low gycemic index foods, high fiber foods, lots of plant-based protein and VERY RARELY eat processed foods, as I generally prepare all of my own foods (even gardening and preserving my own organic fruits and veggies). I am as active as possible with my symptoms. I feel that the things I learn from your channel help me target my nutritional needs even better. Thank you for all of the great education you provide.

  • Uh asparagus, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, bananas, and pomegranate juice hurts me! Red beans white beans too! But black beans pinto beans and garbanzo beans are fine! Cauliflower I turned to purple! And cabbage helps my digestion!!

  • I am soooo related to you. Thank you so much for sharing this with us❤️❤️❤️ My digestion system has getting worse after I started college, and every time I went to a doctor, the reason to my health issue is always stress. Mental health really matters!!

  • Being bloated all the time is really annoying. It has been my case, I was in pain after every meal, with my stomach making weird noises. It was embarrassing. And my alimentation
    was perfect so I really don’t know why I used to suffer from this… Intermittent fasting kinda solved the problem, I also eat less healthy (or at least, less balanced) but I got better anyway.

  • i have celiac disease so I can’t have any gluten but for a healthy person being gluten free is JUST SO stupid!! you should just eat whole grain bread and not any white bread. That’s all. Switching your cereal for gluten free cereal won’t help at all!!

  • I want to love those Sambazon packets, but I seriously don’t get them. I have a nutribullet and a regular blender, but neither one can blend them unless they’re thoroughly thawed (which kind of defeats the purpose). How do you do it without a $500 blender?

  • So the government is just purposely killing us. Not even veggies and plants are healthy, if you’re not buying organic you’re still at risk. I don’t know what to eat anymore.

  • Hello sweet pea I ate yougert for the first time, then I got inflammation in my lower abdomen, it’s been a week now its feeling better, but it does flare up at night, will this go away soon?

  • There are days where I wish I could sugrically have a valve attached to my stomach to release the excess bloating, ugh. The area below my chest inflats, and looks like i’m pregnant

  • I suffer from bloating too in the morning my tummy look perfect then I do workout after workout I drink only water and eat some fruit my tummy again bloating I hate it ��������

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  • Hey! Just wanted to add that a negative effect of MSG on the human organism in reasonable doses is highly questionable. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/1541-4337.12448

    Of course, being a flavour enhancer, the foods that MSG is usually used on will likely by themselves be unhealthy, so MSG can still be a marker for unhealthy processed foods. G’day!

  • How to know what food that make you bloating tummy? Do i have to write food diary everyday and write when i feel bloated for couple weeks see what food pattern cause bloating right? I want to know cos i feel bloat tight tummy yesterday

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  • i have the exact same thing!! i still need to complete the bacteria test but am too lazy to deal with it:( thank you for these videos. i struggle to explain to others why my stomach ALWAYS hurts. my family thought i was making it up until my gastroenterologist found several polyps in my intestines. so for sure there are some mechanical issues but she also thinks i have an overgrowth of bacteria.

  • Sugar from fruit is not bad. I eat so much fruit!! My go to fruits for smoothies are avocado, banana, kiwi, and mango. I’ve lost a lot of weight doing this:)

  • Surprised she left out white rice �� which for many causes inflammation especially in the knees whether you like to admit it or not because you don’t want to give it up

  • Is it just me or everyone feelin like bloated and cant walk straight? Likeee i just ate small amout of food then i started bloating

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  • The enemy of gas has to be fennel seeds, and caraway seeds also known as bishop’s weed half tea spoon of both, you can either chew them or just have them with a glass of water. For best results you can grind them in to a powder and have a tea spoon every day 100% garantee it can cure long term gas problems, helps strengthen your digestive system and clear your colon at the same time.

  • so, Pretty Much……YOU can EAT….Any TREE or Bush…..that Surrounds your Property!! And YES……You can “FLY”, Up to Me…..eating your BUSH!!! hahahaha

  • Fructose was the source of my IBS. Unfortunately lots of fruit i love are high in fructose…including apples, peaches, mango and watermelon. Watch out for granola bars and protein bars usually loaded. It’s an item on the fodmaps list and once I figured it out it was life changing.

  • I cut out sugar and carbs and have lost 70lbs!�� My chest days I crave Mexican food so I do allow myself to have nachos,etc but I feel guilty but I love cheese!! I don’t want to give up Mexican food! What can I do? Is the cheese at the Mexican restaurants bad for me?

  • I’m from Puerto Rico and we have acerola trees �� let me tell you they look like small cherries but they are so delicious when eating the actual fruit, they start green, then yellow, orange till they turn red.. depending on the color you will taste a different but amazing flavor..

  • I eat red beans and black beans with cauliflower weekly. As well as raw veggies (kale) in my smoothies. Thank you for the info. I was wondering why my stomach is looking bloated. ��

  • Some contradictions. Agree with cooking veggies. Fruit sugar is NOT the same as other sugars. I’m not sure why people still think this? Many people have heard that sugar is bad, and think that this must also therefore apply to fruits. But fructose is only harmful in excess amounts, and not when it comes from fruit. It would be incredibly difficult to consume excessive amounts of fructose by eating whole fruits. Eat all the fruit you want. Very unlikely you’ll kill yourself. Excess raw veggies like spinach CAN give you kidney stones though so.

  • Eat right food avoid bread,sugar tea coffee, chicken,just eat only vagetable with rice for two months for sure you will ne better ang you feel younger.. beacause most american earing lots of butter and dairy bread pasta thats why so many people america had bad breath..

  • I have often wondered what would happen if everybody in the world farted at the exact same time who would be the first one to take a sniff.

  • God wants us to Purify our hearts,mind, body & Soul with his Devine guidance Quran, for the Success of both the World’s, &
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  • fancy grass fed dairy has 60+ naturally occurring hormones to help a baby cow grow. you’re not a cow. excess hormones=estrogenic weight gain

  • I’m going to pay more attention to my daily diet based on this video. I started my better eating plan by reducing red meat and now will add more plant based foods. This video definitely showed me what I need to eliminate.

  • I stopped doing fake sugar a while ago. The funny thing is that I just recently found out that the pre-made protein shakes make me gassy. Or maybe it is just the Orgain brand. Super weird. I also don’t eat a lot of dairy because it not only can make me gassy but it makes me clear my throat a lot too. I make a protein smoothie every morning with frozen fruit. I usually buy a bag of mixed berry’s and a bunch of bananas. Then I cut the bananas in half and freeze those two. (bananas don’t get brown if you freeze them). A little orange juice and filtered water, as well as powdered peanut butter and protein powder. The weird thing is that the powder doesn’t seem to affect me, only the pre-made shakes.

  • wassup guys! I just recently found out about this channel and I lost around 11kg from watching your videos but the problem is I don’t eat enough calories in a day. I counted my calories and macro nutrients using your method and I should be eating around 1800++ calories but I eat only 1500++ calories a day. I’m afraid that it’ll backfire on me if I continued. I always do the meats and nuts breakfast and I work out during noon. I just don’t know what kind of foods to eat pre workout and post workout. It would really mean a lot if you guys can help me. Love from Malaysia yo!

  • Basically anything that tastes good you can’t have…..no pizza, no ice cream, no birthday cake, no sandwiches or subs, heck, you might live longer or it may just seem that way, Lol…..my motto…..moderation with everything!

  • if you fall over you will break your arm…… eat more woman. learn the consistency and use of the term mathematical average……. you see in these modern times we can pay around 20 uk pounds to have your blood analysed by lab. when you do you can learn what foods your gut wont tolerate based on your biological structure. thus we can eliminate foods that our gut wont tolerate due to gut health or allergies. thus creating an ideal environment to use cico by eliminating the food that may not provide all they store. even then your still working with averages. best to get that baseline by using marco info combined with weighing all foods to create this baseline then from that increase or decrease calories based on your numbers. this is a point to stat measuring progression, that is all…….

  • All my life I’ve had stomach problems. When I was younger, after many many doctor appointments, blood tests, and x rays, I learned I had acid reflux. And over the years I developed (or became aware of) sensitivity to and problems digesting dairy, meat products, sauces, gluten, greasy/fried food, and basically everything except fruits, veggies, and whole foods. But boy do I bloat up like a balloon and have so much pain when I eat something other than the whole food plant based stuff