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5 Reasons Why Protein Is Good for Weight Loss. 1. IT SATISFIES & SAVES CALORIES. Protein is important because it helps you feel fuller longer. Having protein around slows down digestion making 2. IT CURBS CARB HIGHS AND LOWS.

I don’t know about you, but when I. As a result, it reduces your weight and keeps it off. This has the benefit of improving your entire metabolic profile, given enough time and the right amount of protein intake. Reason #5 – Protein Promotes Muscle Growth.

One of the ways to lose weight is to get fitter, a lot fitter!Here are 5 reasons why protein can be your weight loss pal: 1. PROTEIN SATISFIES & SAVES CALORIES In the beginning of your weight loss journey, protein is important because it helps you feel fuller longer. Having protein around slows down digestion making us more satisfied and less likely to go back for seconds.

Due to the high thermic effect of a protein-rich diet (our bodies burn more calories digesting protein than carbs or fat), your body will naturally start to burn more calories. That means a healthy meal consisting of protein, such as grilled chicken and leafy greens, could be ideal if you want to encourage weight loss. 4. It helps preserve muscle.

To prevent muscle loss, you have to up your protein intake. It keeps you healthy. When you start dieting, it affects your immune system.

Proteins defend the body against harmful bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. So, increasing your protein intake is critical to protecting your body against diseases in your weight loss. Here are five reasons why protein can help you lose weight: 1. Protein satisfies & saves calories Protein is essential to weight loss because it helps you save calories by feeling fuller, faster.

According to research, protein helps in weight loss. However, most people wonder how this is possible, and this article will take you through why high-protein foods are good for weight loss. Proteins use more energy Food digestion and absorption requires energy for these activities to take place. High protein diet not only good for weight loss but it also helps to maintain weight for long term. 5. Protein helps prevent muscle loss During weight loss journey people unwillingly start losing muscle.

Protein has a higher TEF compared to the other macronutrients, so you are burning more calories to process protein than to process the other two. It fuels fat burning! Having adequate protein coming in from your food fuels fat burning while preserving your lean muscle.

When it comes to weight loss, a high-protein diet can have powerful and beneficial effects. These include lower levels of hunger hormones and craving.

List of related literature:

This places greater demands on agriculture to provide grain for cattle, which will convert it to the preferred beef Protein in Health and Disease 153 • Protein Deficiency • High-Protein Diets and Health • Proteins and Food Allergies and Intolerances Debate: Is a High-Protein Diet Safe and Effective for Weight Loss?

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Protein—increased dietary protein facilitates loss of body fat while minimizing loss of lean body mass, which is the metabolically active tissue.

“Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline” by Larry P. Tilley, Francis W. K. Smith, Jr.
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A moderate-protein diet produces sustained weight loss and long-term changes in body composition and blood lipids in obese adults.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity” by Ronald Ross Watson
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Protein supplements after weight loss do not improve weight maintenance compared with recommended dietary protein intake despite beneficial effects on appetite sensation and energy expenditure: a randomized, controlled, double-blinded trial.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
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Combine those four reasons—an easy and delicious eating plan, more calorie burn, less calorie intake, and more fat-burning muscle—and you can easily see how a high-protein diet translates into weight loss.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
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  • Hi, just letting you know a channel called “Health Tutor” copied the content of this video. It’s 99% the same.

    Edited: name of the video is also the same

  • I have read studies that high protein diets are dangerous and also that high protein diets are beneficial. This is very confusing and I don’t know which to believe. I am now trying to keep my protein intake around 100g a day. I know wonder if that is too high. I happen to be around 170lbs.

  • Autumn, I have a question,. I started taking a protein powder a couple weeks ago because my trainer said I wasn’t getting near enough protein. One scoop about 3-4 times a week. I will link the product. Since then, my sparse eyebrows (I’m 60) have gotten way worse. I can’t think of any other reason for them falling out. Could it be the PP? TIA https://levelsusa.com/collections/grass-fed-whey-protein/products/vanilla-bean-grass-fed-whey-protein-5-lb

  • This video was very informative and I loved how you explained every detail. I am surely going to get my Whey Protein tomorrow! I am a vegetarian and I workout at home. I am glad I watched this video!

  • This is what i hate the most about you people �� you had protein but saying us not to have it. And then stupid guys increase their hair length then make a dramatic video that never grow your hair. I would rather like to do experiment than to live in fear or following one person statement

  • I didn’t understand the part where you said adding whey to milk? Could you please explain further on why we shouldn’t have it with milk?

  • So i started to do this
    12:00 Breakfast greek salad with an egg on top
    15:00 an hour workout then protein shake
    17:00 nuts dried fruits and a turkish coffee
    19:00 veggie meal and yogurt or salad and a source of protein
    And if im hungry at night i just drink kefir and eat a cucumber
    2 to 3 lt water a day
    I Think its balanced and i do IF at the same time so far i lost 4 kilos in 2 weeks

  • Vivo Life is a great vegan one who does test for heavy metals and is not the cheapest so that may be why it’s not in the Consumer Reports. I like to supplement with protein poweder in a smoothie but most of my protein as a vegan comes from my leafy greens, peas, lentils, beans, tempeh, etc. so I think I do ok most day. I feel satiated so I must be doing something right.

  • I’m just now trying to learn about this type of stuff. Now that I have an idea of what Whey Protein is What about PB2? Is that like whey protein? I guess it’s a healthier alternative to Peanut Butter ����‍♀️.

  • Do anyone know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it really work? I hear a lot of people lost their weight with this popular weight loss methods.

  • cool music, interesting analysis of the dynamic between macro nutrients, highly informative and simplified view on how protein helps one to lose weight, great share.

  • Lovely video content! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you considered Chireetler Immediate Muscle Rule (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a great exclusive guide for learning some fast muscle building techniques minus the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cooworker got cool success with it.

  • I didn’t start shedding pounds until I starting upping my protein intake. I wasn’t eating nearly enough of that macro, now I eat slightly less than body weight in grams of protein a day (about 117g). Protein is important!

  • I’m starting protein shakes tomorrow I’m currently 5”1 and around 56 kg I’m just trying to tone up and loose a small amount of weight but my boyfriend recommended to try it, I might update how it’s going in a few weeks or so if I remember

  • I exactly did this myself. I’m 186cm tall and I was 120kg with %30 body fat. I went to gym 4 times a week while having a daily 240 gr protein intake. Results? I’m down at 110kg now with 10kg increase in muscle weight and %25 body fat. We’ll see how it goes.

  • I’m 210lbs and 5’10 tall.:( Well I’m pregnant 22 weeks but baby with placenta weights maybe 1 To 2lbs. But I have big chance of getting pregnancy diabetes. So they recommended me To lose some weight.

  • I’m on a low carb (less than 30g a day) high protein diet. Though I need to bump up my protein. Ive been eating 1g/kg of LEAN body mass but I’ll bump it up to 1.5g

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a google search) I’ve heard several awesome things about this popular fat burn diet plan.

  • Great video. After losing 72 pounds (82 goal) I added a plant based protein powder and it slowed my weight loss because really all it did was up my calories. It’s not the protein powders fault, it’s not what I needed. I cut it out 4 weeks ago and I’m losing again. I still use the protein powder but on the weekend only as a meal replacement. That’s why it’s working for me now. Again great, great video, thanks.

  • What do you think of lost crazy amounts of fat with Custokebon Secrets? I notice lots of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets.

  • This is an informative and helpful video about best protein for weight loss. I think the protein that you suggest is really effective for weight loss. Thanks for sharing this video with.

  • I dont work out, I am doing alternate day fasting shed pounds, I am 76 kgs.. got to become 60 kgs, can I just have whey protien as a quick breakfast? If I can how much can I limit it to.. and I brought GNC amplified gold 100% whey protien advance.. I believe it’s a blend of all three whey… some one reply and help me.

  • Thanks for explaining micro nutrients and proteins. I had no idea that protein keeps us feeling full and is so vital for weight loss.

  • i vouch for this! every time i protein binge, i still lose 1-2 lbs the next day. that is if i dont eat carbs with it. but when i eat less, i just maintain my weight. maybe my body is in starvation mode. but yeah it’s just a bit expensive because protein is expensive.

  • Scooby just released a video saying a big meta study found that more than 1.7g/kg protein doesn’t do anything to build muscle, period. You’ve set 2.5g 3g as an upper limit in some videos from 2017. What do you currently think is correct? Or alternatively, what have I misinterpreted?

  • Dr Rhonda Patrick quotes studies which demonstrate higher insulin like growth factors which can be carcinogenic with higher protein intake! She advises protein intake on days when you exercise so the high insulin like growth factors can be utilized for muscle repair

  • Question, are there calories in whey? Is there high calorie whey and low calorie whey? Cause I saw in the packet, energy 1500kj and others have energy 500kj.. which is the best for weight loss?

  • Reason I asked my previous questions is I have gone from 382 to 300 finally. After like 15 years while trying to not aggravate my DDD, (Degenerative Disk Disease) lumbar protrusions and arthritis too. But now struggling to get under 300 and stay under. Any advice would help. Constructive criticism is hard to find nowadays.

  • What is your opinion on intermittent fasting and testosterone levels? Estrogen levels? And what do you recommend in dietary changes to keep levels in the good range?

  • They do say that muscle helps burn fat faster, but muscles need protein to grow. The issue is consumption of a lot more protein without exercise… and that will just lead to weight gain.

  • That reminds me of something in a game I played. A skinny guy wants to bulk up for his job as a security agent. One of the heroes tells him to add lean meat to his diet at every meal. Given that the guy is uncertain about the idea (and the fact that he does not yet have a proper salary), the hero tells him to add whole milk to his diet as well.

    This does lead me to a question: what would be the difference between skim milk, partially skimmed milk and whole milk when dealing with muscle gain and/or weight loss?

  • Could you please make a video about Tribulus Terrestris? If it is placebo or helpful, there is a lot of discussions on the internet and many people tells its just a placebo doing nothing.

  • picture fit I was really working so hard and doing analysis, was searching for a video like this, your video is the accurate answer to my question or doubt thank u so much for this video

  • I’m new to the supplements in taking the PLATINUM
    I exercise 5 days a week and I take one shake after exercise is that good enough or should I take less?

  • I can confirm that consuming more protein will help you burn fat and build or preserve muscle! I have trained for some time but I was still kind of chubby because I wasnt that active and wasnt eating that well. However, with studying, better training( I started doing calisthenics and added some deadlifts, and now I’ll practice front/back squad) and better diet( more a lot of protein, not too high in carbs and im not quite sure about my fats but still

  • I read many great reviews on the internet about how exactly Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine) can assist you lost crazy amounts of weight. Has anyone tried this popular diet plan program?

  • I weigh 208 pounds, and eating that many grams of protein in a day can be pretty challenging. Would you recommend a whey shake around workout-time and a casein shake at night for weight loss? I’m not trying to build muscle here; just need to lose the extra 30 or 40 pounds or so that I have before I think about packing on more mass.

  • It’d be nice to see the negative effects of excess protein, for once:/
    You have to intake a LOT of liquid with protein
    Otherwise, you’ll end up having stones in your body
    Why would nobody talk about this?

  • I want to ask an honest question and I’m going to just lay my meals/intake throughout one day. I eat 4 main meals a day. Two small sides. I have a total of 10 egg whites 40g of protein, 6oz of chicken breast, spread in the 4 meals 180g of protein, four protein shakes, 25g ea x 4 100g of protein. This totals up to roughly about 320g of protein. I’m 255lb and to eat so much as it is and only scoring a x1.3 per pound of bodyweight, is frightening. I can not imagine how much stress it would be on one’s kidneys if they have to DOUBLE their protein intake, even though varying from person to person weighing at a different weight. ANYONE eating over 400g of protein is just insane. I mean, I’m willing to go beyond measures to achieve my goals, but you’re telling me, in order to have THE MOST efficient diet and just overall efficiency in losing weight, I have to eat 500 fucking grams of protein PER DAY?!? Dude, is u srs? ‘Cause my question is…

  • There are pros and cons of eating a high protein diet. The 2016 Nobel medicine prize was given to a Japanese scientist who discover the autophagy (cell recycling) process of our cell. Inside our body, there is a garbage removal department who is in charge of eating out and recycle old cells, damage cells and cancer cells. This autophagy process can be induced by starvation or protein restriction. When you eat a high protein diet, the garbage removal department will go on strike leading to an optimum cancer growing environment, rapid aging and cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, a low protein diet will cause our autophagy process to work over time. Modern day living, we all exposed to so much carcinogen (sunshine, cell phone, and plastic products), it’s important to keep our autophagy process working at top speed. 50% of us will get cancer in our life time and 25% of us will die from cancer. Big muscles aren’t always a good thing. Skinny guy lives longer and enjoys healthier aging. Also strength is not necessary measure by size.

  • adequate protein is superior to high protein because of the mTOR mechanism. Please check out the videos of Ron Rosedalehe’s a low carb, adequate protein, high fat proponent and hes quite bright

  • What’s the chemistry class for? I clicked on this to see which one makes you lose weight. This video is way out of topic and misleading.

  • I lost 40kg with high protein diet and weight training.i used to be 125kg now im 85kg. I have vissible chest back and arm muscles now.

  • What I find very good with reference to metabolic food recipes collection is it permitted so that I really could very easily schedule my meals and work the prep time period into my own hectic time frame. I can also arrange certain components of the daily meals well in advance to minimize the preparation every time i was hard-pressed for the time. The electronic digital copy on my smart phone made searching for the ingredients really easy and quite a lot of those ingredients are effortless to locate also commonly more affordable. I hunted and just couldn’t get hold of this type of a top quality number of recipes similar to this somewhere else. Check out my review at the following link https://truehealthreport.com/metabolic-cookbook-review/

  • TBH i have observed this channel a quite a long time
    PictureFit is a fantastic channel cuz they make understandable videos and reply to their viewers and subscriber.
    My love for this channel has raised till the sky and i would recommend this channel to every person.

  • Hi Autumn! For people who only walk, is it okay to have a protein shake?

    I’ve started to follow your videos right when I decided to start intermittent fasting, two months ago. And I think I’ve made a mistake, i currently walk 11km (2hrs) every afternoon… it took me a while to get to 10k but once I achieved that I started drinking protein and it’s been a week and a half and I’ve noticed I started gaining weight.
    I do something like this:
    12:30pm breakfast (avocado toast, chia, boiled egg and homemade tumaca [shredded tomato with olive oil and salt])
    3:30pm lunch with the family (this is the biggest meal in my family and I usually eat fish cooked with lemon and olive oil, steamed brócoli and a whole avocado) and I might eat dark chocolate or nuts when I crave some.
    Until here I was okay, loosing weight, until I started drinking 1 scoop of isopure and 250ml of unsweetened almond milk at 8:30pm right after my 2 hour walk.
    I don’t understand why I’m gaining weight.

  • Not trying to lose weight trying to maintain strength. I usually do a full serving of a meal replacement along with a scoop of whey, throw in peanut butter coconut oil, banana and oatmeal post workout. But you did give good info

  • Can you please do a video about SARM’s? I just recently discovered and have a lot of different reviews about them, could you dig deeper for me? Appreciate it!

  • An ideal body need 0.36 g per pound,so take less protine,taking addition protein lead to diseases like osteoporosis,stroke and heart attacks

  • Awesome Video!!

    Can you do a video on the best workouts for each muscle? I have done personal research on it & found convincing evidence on ACE that certain workouts activate the muscle more causing better GAINZ. I would love to see your input on it! Also if you have a recommended diet and workout plan for weight loss it would be a game changer. Thank you for the awesome videos once again man! I share them with everyone and have seen everyone.

  • Soooo… if I eat more protein and train hard I’ll lose fat and gain muscle?!!!???? Even if I was over weight?!!!??? Whaaaaaatttt

  • So an amino acid found in asparagus (and other things) is linked to one form of cancer spreading faster. Yup, I went there.

  • I didn’t understand why people say ” pray for those around them when they fart ” becuase they took more protein. Yesterday while doing squats I found out.

  • Do you have a suggestion for those of us whom are allergic/have intestinal issues with Whey/Casein protein? Soy is the devil as well. Thoughts would be appreciated!

  • Hey Picturefit! Can you please do a video about bulking after cutting? Specifically how to do it and when? Also how psych yourself up for it?

  • Hey Docreally like your videos. Do you recommend any programs for busy working 30y olds? Would your Old School Muscle program be good? Looking for a meal plan as well. Have lifted for years but no real focus. About 5’8 168lbs. Thanks!!

  • I don’t think protein powder should be compared to real food. Are use protein powder so I can get a meal replacement when there is not time to eat something healthy and I don’t want it to be too high in carbs but if I don’t have time to cook I just want to get nutrition I will use protein powder however nothing is better than Cooking real nutritious food. I would sure rather drink a protein powder shake then eat a bowl of ice cream or stop at McDonald’s even if it might taste better if you just as quick. Take as a matter of how much to use and what you’re eating when you’re not using protein powder. Moderation!

  • I’m doing intermittent fasting, and I do exercises before I start eating. If I drink a protein shake after my last meal, will the protein still help me gain muscle?

  • but if i eat protein instead of injecting it into specific muscles, won’t that just make my jaw muscles so tight i can’t eat and i will die as a result?

  • It is my understanding that Spirulina (sp?) has the highest protein content on the planet. Can you share your knowledge on this. Thanks so much!

  • I used to get the chocolate protein powder and mix it with just regular milk ( although almond milk would’ve been a better choice) and it sometimes it gave me a little bit of acne, but it was delicious so I couldn’t help but to keep drinking it..

  • Knowledge is an important part of making your weight loss enjoyable and fun. These are tools for building and sculpting oneself. Thank you

  • Chlorella protein powder…what do you think? The nutrient profile seems impressive but it is a vegan source…. What are your thoughts?

  • Great breakdown for beginners. I actually think my daily protein is a bit above 35% of my daily calories right now so I’m definitely going to get that in line. Highly recommend using the daily calorie calculator too, it’s really helped me.

  • I raise laying hens. So I try to use my resources. I substitute protein powder with 4 raw eggs. I’ve been doing this for months. Now I ran across your video and I’m wondering if I should be trying something different?

  • Hey i got question guys. So recently, I’m trying to gain weight and I haven’t tried any protein shake or anything but i ate alot… is there any recommendation? Another thought i ate alot but i wont gain weight no matter what!

  • I supplement with an organic, vegan, non-GMO protein powder. I just switched this month bc it was on sale. So far, I’m liking it. It’s not chalky and and tastes good. My protein powders last me a few months bc I only use them like maybe 3 days a week and I’ll use a scoop and a half, instead of 2, bc I also use chia seeds, walnuts, pecans, and almond milk in my smoothies. It’s convenient, quick, easy to take with me, and I can also guage my intake better of macros, calories etc. (not that I count, but I know what I’m putting into it), and I don’t feel hungry for hours!:) I checked and it was not on the list of high-metal ones too. Oh, I’m not a vegan, I also eat lots of salmon, some chicken, and grass-fed beef, but like I said I supplement. Meats expensive, so I wonder if protein powder really costs more. It seems like it saves me money really

  • definitely would love some insight on amino acid utilization! i am just starting to lift weights and this would be super useful. it doesn’t make sense to eat protein that ends up just being excreted out. I eat mainly from whole foods(boiled fish and chicken breast), but even then, there could be a difference in the quality of protein being consumed etc.
    Really was super surprised about the bioavailability of protein powder though.

  • Once used Vega vanilla flavour protein powder. It tasted horrible and really irritated my bowel. I thought it was helpful to making smoothies satisfy me for longer. I won’t use another protein powder ever and use smoothies as snacks or desserts.

  • great video! Agree you should eat properly and supplement with protein powder if needed. I have used extensively over the years and protein powder is good if cutting calories; otherwise, eat a well balanced diet. Thanks for video!

  • Plot twist: plant based proteins contain the most heavy metal. I don’t see metal heads as being vegans, but according to science, they should be

  • hey, I’ve been watching most of your videos about IF & OMAD, my question is if I take my protein shake during fasted state will I be breaking my fast?

  • Information so good with variety of options that fits everybody coming from someone who seems completely legit? Easiest sub of the decade.

  • You make my day! I don’t use protein powder because I get plenty of protein mixing keto with intermittent fasting. I do love how informative you are! Thanks for sharing and caring!!

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diets are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your everyday nutritionary intake. While they might generate quick weight loss, these diet plans will never be a long-term solution for your weight problem. It is best to search Custokebon Secrets on google since it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • As someone who’s avoiding walking/running outside (it’s winter here where I am) I was wondering what your opinion is on implementing core sliders into a workout routine?

  • Interesting information. I have always used 3 tablespoons of hemp seed as my protein source. Curious to know your opinion if this would be a complete protein for a woman over 50

  • your videos are perfectly timed!! i’ve been researching about protein powders over the past few weeks and trying to find out if i really need them!

  • Need help!!
    Love youre channel and actually started my intermittent fasting journey. Still trying to figure out some things but I guess it settles in soon.
    This morning I started off with my keto coffee and water etc… After my yoga and home circuit I had an omelett (2,5 eggs) with eggplant, mushroom, spinach and capsicum. On the side I had some hummus.
    As I were packing my things to go to the library to study I crashed and just feel so tired aprox 30 min after finishing my meal.
    Do you have any tips on how to avoid this? It is so annoying because it happens often! xxx

  • I m in a weight loss journey. I am 1 month in already, all my life people around me told me “ dont u ever drink protein, and these powders, u will be 10 times bigger and will gain weight fast” so I didn’t. Now i work out at the gym, I eat Healthy foods under 900 calories/ day and drink protein after my workout. I lost 5 kilograms in 2-3 weeks, and it helps a lot with my sweets cravings.

  • Hi, I have a whey allergy so I’ve always struggled with supplements… what is the best egg protein supplement? Also, casein like isn’t the best tasting. What is the best powder for before bed? Thank you in advance.

  • Do natural popular weight loss method like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We’ve noticed several awesome things about this popular lose weight methods.

  • Any one tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google)? I have noticed several awesome things about this popular diet plan.

  • So how much should you take if you were 300 lbs? Still one to two scoops? Also do half scoops count? Meaning taking a scoop that doesn’t fill the entire cup?

  • Hi. Hope u can reply. So,i have IBS. When i take protein shake after workout..wait 1-2hours after to eat my meal..
    I get IBS..
    Does this mean I should take Casein for slow digestion to not irritate my digestion?

  • Hey Man I got that whey protein that I take but I think it’s causing serious damage to my heart man. Should I stop taking it immediately?

  • Would this be the same for “hard gainers”. Lots of skinny hard gainers (women) just want to gain wieght, so they believe they just have to drink protien shakes to gain. What would they gain by just drinking protein shakes without working out? Fat or muscle? Or would they gain anything?

  • How is this even possible? My deficit calorie count is 2120 per day if I ate 2.4 g of protein a day per pound of body weight, I would be consuming 540g of protein which would amount to 2160 calories a day. This is more than my calorie deficit count, and haven’t even considered fats and carbs. Something isn’t right.

  • Valuable information on protein, thanks, must dive in your other videos to find out which proteins are the best. BTW I haven’t seen such muscular and handsome doctor ever.

  • Hi I live in the uk have recently put a lot of weight on I used to be quite ripped and Lean it’s been about 10years now or moor i’ve kind of felt out of touch with everything I’m trying to lose weight but I just can’t do it to be honest I’m sick of food specially breakfast and dinner I’m looking for a good weight loss protein drink to fill me up for breakfast and dinner and maybe just have a meal in the evening what’s a good protein powder

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just do a google search search. On there you will discover that an awesome tips about how exactly you can lost a lot of weight. Why don’t you give it a chance? perhaps it’ll work for you too.

  • What is the best way to lost crazy amounts of fat? I read loads of superb opinions on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets will help you lost lots of fat. Has anybody tried using this popular weight loss secrets?

  • Does it matter how much water I mix with my shake? I use Optimum Nutrition Whey and I like mixing 16oz of water with one scoop instead of the recommended 8oz per scoop. I’m wondering if the extra water renders the protein useless.

  • Thank you for this helpful video! It’s a great reminder that protein keeps us full longer and that I need to add more to my diet. I I’m always looking for new ideas for plant-based proteins, so I’m going to check out your free resources above. Thanks for all the excellent information!!

  • Can you comment on Protein supplements and kidney disease? I have stage 3 kidney disease and my doctor has said to limit my protein intake.

  • Hi I wanna Loose weight can I replace 2 meals with whey shakes? I stared going to the gym and wanna take one in the morning and one before I head to the gym

  • Bruh, so if I weigh 250 does that mean i would consume 5 scoops of protein a day after a workout? (This is without the protein consumed by food)

  • speaking about limit: I would like to reach 2g of protein per kg bodywheight, which would result in 190g of protein each day. And i really struggle to reach that with just 2 scoops. At the moment i try to consume 3 shakes a day, in the morning, right after training and before going to bed. That’s not an unhealthy amount and helps me reach my goals.

  • u claim that ur program is completely free after i went to see it turned out that i should pay 100 $ for the program ������ what a fraught

  • You have to be very careful with whey & casein protein intake. Both are waste products of the cheese and yogurt industries, respectively. It’s garbage that normally would cost them money to dispose of, so like grapeseed waste from the wine industry, they found a way to repackage it and sell you their garbage. These proteins aren’t meant to be consumed by people. They’re meant for baby calfs. There are many silenced voices out there from studies that show detrimental harm to human vital organs that lead to heart disease and other serious conditions. It’s not just the diet of cocaine and steroids that kills most theatrical wrestling stars and pro bodybuilders in their 40s. The whey and casein overloading, which is exactly what the “recommended” dose-per-body weight is secretly accounting for much of the damage and wear of these professional athletes. I took it without thinking-twice often until I accidentally stumbled upon the avalanche of data showing how poisonous it is. On top of that they add Soy Lecithin to it which literally means soy yolk. The bean has a sticky gross fluid that they vacuum freeze into this emulsifier powder. Soy boosts estrogen. So once again another material that normally would be thrown away added to your protein that would normally be thrown away.

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  • I’ve done alot of searching on the internet and I mostly find that the RDI for protein is 0.8g/kg of bodyweight. And yet some sources including this video say thaat I should be taking 0.8g/lb of body weight. So which one is it exactly, because those 2 are vastly different serving sizes. By more than double in fact. Could you please clarify?

    EDIT: Just to give some perspective, 0.8g/lb of bodyweight means that even a skinny 120lb female should be eating about 1/2 -3/4 a full chicken a day. And that’s just the reccommended, without working out or anything. Even worse when you go for 1.0g/lb a day. That sounds terribly wrong to me.

  • Ok people proteins powder use metabolic fasteners(lifespan reduction) gust look the label and search every ingredients. So basically you poop more you lose more weight and shortens you’re basic lifespan.

  • So I’ll do one one crunch for every like, then 2 sit ups for every comment
    I’ll update
    Sw: 130
    Gw: 115
    H: 4”
    Every 10 likes you can choose an exercise for me to do 10 times

  • Ok I bought that syntha one I think it’s the birthday cake one do I replace breakfast with it? I just want to lose weight I can’t work out much cuz I work 12-16 hours a day

  • How quickly should someone have a shake after working out? Because I believe that it’s only within 30-60 minutes. But I’m not certain of that.

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    Even though logically I am assuming it is, but I hate to assume.

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  • I’m 85kg with around 23% bf. So My Lean Mass falls around 70kg. So should i consider 85×1.2 or 70×1.2 gm. If i was 120kg (obese) would the same method be efficient?

  • So eating a higher amount of protein can be beneficial for the overweight, untrained individuals? I’d wager my lucky hat, over half your viewers belong into that group, myself included, so this is great news indeed!

  • I Am trying to convince my parents to let me use protein but they don’t believe that it’s natural and think it will affect my future when I get married

  • I just started prepping and hired a professional bodybuilder to set up my meals, supplementation and training. He has me eating 2g of protein per lb. I weigh 200lbs, so I consume around 380-400g of protein a day! i was skeptical at first but I have lost a lot of fat and gained a lot of muscle. I wasn’t a beginner in the gym either. it equals out to about 7 meals, each with about 45g of protein plus a 50g whey isolate shake after working out. It’s all from chicken and 1 meal of beef.

  • I don’t know if it’s me but I ind protein so nasty the after taste is disgusting and makes me gag and I’m not the tile to be gagging at anything but that taste does is there any way to make that taste to go away not only with bananas

  • Or you just do a protein mug cake to satisfy both your chocolate craving and feel full. There are some great recipes with not more than 140 cals for a good amount of cake, and less than 5g of carbs.

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