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If weight loss is one of your health goals, it may be wise to take a closer look at what you’re eating by using the food logging feature in the Fitbit app. Experts agree, the simple act of recording meals and snacks can not only help you lose more weight, but keep it off for longer, too.Yes, all that logging can feel tedious at times, but it works!PRICING IS SUGGESTED RETAIL LOG IN FOR FULL DETAILS / Blog / WEIGHT LOSS,HOW TO GET PERFECT BODY,MEAL PLAN,BOOSTS; WEIGHT LOSS,HOW TO GET PERFECT BODY,MEAL PLAN,BOOSTS All (291) Nutrition (87) Fitness (41) Sports and Sponsorships (41) Boost Your Shake 3 Ways. In the first month of a weight-loss program, the 142 participants took an average of 23 minutes per day to log the foods they ate. By the sixth month, it.

Food Logging – A Powerful Weight Loss Tool. results. 1 The remaining majority regain all of the weight lost within three to five years. 2,3 This is likely due to the way many individuals go about losing weight – short-term, you can’t help but notice the types of foods you’re eating, the calories in those items, and how your. Protein Snacks ; Weight Loss Enhancers; Herbal Teas ; Programs for Healthy Weight ; Popular Combo (Healthy Weight) WEIGHT LOSS,BOOSTS,WORK OUT,FOOD CHOICES All (291) Nutrition (87) Fitness (41) Boost Your Shake 3 Ways Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 Tuesday, June. ” Similarly, I’m asked if 6 small meals is better for weight loss than 3 larger meals.

Let’s take a look at what the research really says about snacking and weight loss. I’ll toss in some of my professional experience too. Americans snack a lot! Too much?

Probably. In fact, the calories from snacks is the equivalent of a 4th meal. If you’re trying to lose your muffin top or scale back your man boobs, consuming protein at each meal is a must. Not only is the nutrient ultra satiating, making it less likely you’ll nosh between meals, it’s also been shown to grow metabolism-boosting muscle mass and boost post-meal calorie burn by as much as 35 percent!

We ask a weight-loss expert/nutritionist for a list of foods that boost weight loss AND strengthen your immune system (since cold and flu season is approaching). 73% of. Best Way to Lose Weight on Weight Watchers. Here are some of the best Weight Watchers tricks that are working for real people. While not every piece of advice may be relevant for you, you should be able to glean plenty of helpful tips for maximizing your weight loss on the Weight Watchers plan — and for staying slim and healthy long term.


List of related literature:

Data from a 12-week exercise intervention study revealed that exercise exerts two different processes on appetite sensitivity expressed as a function of fasting (pre-eating) and meal-induced states – which was partly dependent on the magnitude of weight loss (Caudwell et al. 2008).

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Daily self-monitoring of body weight, step count, fruit/ vegetable intake, and water consumption: a feasible and effective long-term weight loss maintenance approach.

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One of the strongest predictors of successful and maintained lifestyle change is monitoring dietary intake.46 While tedious, keeping a daily food log is a highly effective and proven strategy (the details of how to keep a food log are described in Chapter 11).

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The clinician’s suggestion is to implement a food diary into a potential app, as the ease of food logging and exercise, will help ensure a more precise and frequent documentation of the caloric consumption and energy expenditure.

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In Figure 7-1, I include an example of the food journal I use with my weight loss clients.

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Food cravings and weight issues are where all my EFT research started, and much of the research you will read here is mine.

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(h) Dietary management—three meals, three snacks per day, totaling at 2,500 calories per day.

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  • I agree with the taking a break when you plateau!! I thought it was just me! I’d lose weight then become stuck and give up for a week. I’d completely give up exercise and dieting. Then when I went back to the gym and dieted the next week, I’d start losing weight again! The body is amazing.

  • Be very careful if you are sensitive to Stevia; it will as a diruetic and can drop your blood pressure dangerously low if you are an otherwise healthy individual. I almost found out the last part the hard way.:(

  • Omg I hitted plateau a few weeks ago and I even gained a little bit of weight and I was soo sad, I was doing like 40 min of cardio and then 30 min of HIIT 5 or 6 times per week and been eating 1200 calories, I’ve gained a lot os musle, and I almost gave up and I skipped a few days of training and stared eating 1450 cals per day and now I lost like 1,5 pounds in like 10 days, not much but at least I’m loosing a bit �� never thought eating a little bit more would help

  • Hi mam,,, your videos are excellent,,, and the way you explain is awesome,,, I have caught so many good things from you for weight reduction….I am on the weight loss journey… Thank you so much ma’am,,,,, keep motivating us ������

  • Speaking of bread, whats your take on sourdough bread? Im a big fan of sourdough bread and garlic sourdough bread, please advise ��

  • I started dieting and working out for the past two weeks but I just hate workouts��But I’m trying to stick to it to lose weight and I heard a few times in your videos to give your body rest 2-3 times a week. But the problem now is I cant like not workout in a day. I’m really lazy and a couch potato so even I cant figure out why I cant just chill and gave myself a day or two rest. I did tht the first week but now I just cant do it.

  • Gosh, I cant tell u how many times I have needed information like this. Trying to get out of a plateau now. Thanks so much for all u guys do!

  • If you are monitoring your macros & overall sugar intake, then you would see where these foods fall. Idk about the synthetic vitamin comment as a negative in a bar when used in other forms commonly without issue. These are issues when consumed in excess. Normally, I like these videos, but this one is meh.

  • non of these foods are foods you think are healty….. who the fuck thinks protien bars bread sweet yogurt or artificial sweeteners is healty.

  • I’m doing intermittent fasting and I feel like I am eating wayyy too less, like I have a 6 hour fasting window and I don’t think I’ve been eating many hearty meals

  • I had a really bad habit and I lost weight with it, but now I only eat around 1000 kilo calories… I’m stuck at my weight… I still exercise too, I do Chloe ting challenges. I did a high calorie day thing, and I gained 4 pounds, and kept them… I feel maybe I should be eating healthier, but I eat relatively healthy now. I don’t really snack… and I do drink a lot of water. Idk… I think I really slowed my metabolism down with my bad way of loosing weight.. Is there a way to increase metabolism???

  • I beg your pardon??
    Please read “The Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung.
    Eat more times… to lose weight? Ummm… Fasting will allow insulin (fat storage hormone) to drop and then allow fat burning

  • i really dislike counting calories. when i start, the first 2 weeks are fine but then it’s like an obsession and i have to count every crumb and if we have people over and we go visit somebody or it’s the holidays boiii THE ANXIETYYYYYY. Also too time consuming, too much to track between macros and micros, not everything is labelled if you make homemade meals for an entire family. i just hate it. i’d rather eat moderately and balanced according to my feeling and work out my ass off (i enjoy working out) than cut down calories eachtime. In fact, if i never attempted the calories counting i probably wouldn’t have gained double or triple the weight everytime i fell back and quitted. Don’t start with something you can’t commit to YOUR WHOLE LIFE that’s why it’s called a LIFESTYLE change. That’s how I see it.

  • The funny thing about that artificial sweetener thing is that there’s already a magic way to enjoy sweet stuff while eating healthy. It’s called eating fruit, called grabbing an apple and chowing down.

  • Ok here’s the thing. I’m studying in a boarding school, i didn’t do lots of exercise back before quarantine bc rlly i don’t have the time, but i did a minute of plank every morning and also my schedule was so full that i went to sleep at 11:30 pm and woke up at 4 am, i was v tired. I wasn’t doing any diet but i cut off rice (i’m an asian btw)

    Now in quarantine i sometimes do exercise but i eat a lot, yk since i can’t rlly taste my mum’s food everyday when i’m at school so i kinda satisfy my stomach, also mum and i made lots of cookies, it’s kinda hard to resist. If you have any suggestion pls tell me lol i think i’ve been gaining weight. Oh and thanks for reading this far, have a lovely day!

  • Hi mam mera weight loose k baad fir se 6 kg gain ho gaya please guide karo mujhe please give me a rply abhi fir se meine 30 minutes walk karna start kiya hai please mujhe batavo how maintain loos weight

  • GORL, THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED, really, you went into depth in a way I’ve never heard, no one has ever explained a plateau to me or why it happens,, thank you!!

  • There have been a lot of studies coming out recently that suggest that soy consumption is not as bad as previously thought. There have even been a few that suggest that there are almost no negative side affects from consuming soy.

  • Hello Natasha ma’am..
    Thank you for giving us such a nice information..
    I am having thyroid and High Blood pressure… If I am going to do dieting it is affecting my daily working I tried to skip chapaties from my foodfor two three days…. But next day I was anable to do anything and that full day I was not able to stand even I lost complete energy… So what should I have to do.. I am 52 completed

  • Damn it! Everytime I think I’m on the right track, I watch one of your videos and realise I’ve changed something good (or not toi bad) for something worse. Thanks for the knowlege you’re spreading.

  • I worked out last year for one month, this year some random days and now I’ve been working out for almost 2 months straight (kinda). Am I a beginner? Sry I can’t tell��

  • I’ve currently been gaining weight while being in a calorie deficit and doing 40 minute cardio. I started to stress out about my sudden weight gain and restricted myself more. Which didn’t help at ALL with my weight-loss. I’m hoping that if i eat more calories for 2 days and rest for 3 days that i’ll see my weight go at least 1lbs down from my 5lbs gain. I’ll update if it actually worked out for me!

    Edit: Happy to say that this is exactly what my body needed. For the 1st day i ate around 2,000 calories and for the 2nd day i ate around 1,800 calories. The 3rd day i only ate when i was hungry so i didn’t restrict myself. I also slept for 8 hours or more and was hydrated the entire 3 days. I weighted myself and lost the pounds i gained! So happy and pleased that i can continue my weight-loss.

  • I’m confused on how many calories I should be eating roughly. I burn around 500 a day. Any suggestions on a good number of calories for me to be eating?

  • I am always really hungry 30 min after each of my meals but I know if I am hungry I’m burning fat but I eat 1000 cal every day sometimes less and I workout hard for 1 hr I don’t know if this is too stressful on my body please tell me. I’m 12 and I heard I read I needed 1800 for my age and height to maintain.

  • The only thing that makes you gain weight is being in a calorie surplus. What foods you eat does not matter. Only the calories.

    Diet Coke is not going to make you gain weight because it has zero calories.

  • Hi, I hope you will notice my comment. I really need your advice right now. After watching your video, I did what you said, I did 3 days of break from exercising and 2 days of break from my diet. Upon checking my weight in the morning I lost 1kg, from 50kg to 49kg in just two days. Thank yoi for this video, thanks to you it helps me a lot. My question is, after taking a break what should I do now? Do I have to go back on my diet? or do I need to add 100 calories to my normal diet? Anyways, you look so gorgeous ❤️

  • Great video, as always. I have one RX bar each day. They do not contain a great deal of protein but they are totally natural and taste great.

  • Saying that soy might decrease testosterone levels is a plain myth. Various studies have been done on this topic and it’s been shown that soy doesn’t lower testosterone, in some cases it has also been shown to decrease estrogen.

  • Heyoo:) i just started the fitness journey and my issue is that my body structure is really small so i need to be REALLY careful to not get bloated. Any food suggestions?

  • I was working out too much for the calories. This has been known as a cause of plateauing for decades. I found articles proving this, from the mid 90s. I cut my workouts down to 3 days from 5, and it evened out. There’s a formula for this—your calorie-to-workout ratio is the biggest key to weight loss.

  • Full fat dairy products have less lactose and as a result less insulin since there’s the fat from the product taking up “space” in it. Basically it has a wider variety of nutrients within a serving

  • I was shook when you said that I need to chill cuz I did that a few weeks ago. Well I’m on intermittent fasting except on Sundays. So on Sunday, I give my body rest and eat a little more. And on all the week days I exercise for 30-60 min with 18-6 intermittent fasting. And this is my routine from last 1 year now. I feel good and I’ve lost 14 kgs but as soon as this quarantine started and gyms are closed… No matter how less I eat, how clean I eat, how much I workout… I’m not losing any weight. And I can’t even see any progress on my body. And I do stay hydrated very much. I count my calories and everything. I did give me a break for 1 week but nothing happened. I’m scared now. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Please help. ����

  • I have a question and I’m curious if it’s just a natural body thing or if it’s me some days My stomach will be normal and it’s normal shape then at least twice a month it will get really circle and oval shaped would anyone know why or is it just natural��‍♀️

  • You should do a cardio workout routine! I do HIIT, but do I need to do cardio! If so, I would definitely do a cardio workout of yours!

  • Great vid, your recommendations on the sweeteners are directly in line with what I’ve been told by others. I’m a big fan, no pun intended, and I share your vids with my overweight younger family members in hopes that they will head your advice sooner rather than later.

  • Leptin any Ghrelin are two chemicals that people associate with driving the desire to eat…they have nothing too do with any specific foods. Ghrelin is secreted by the stomach lining and slowly fills up your stomach making you want to eat again. Leptin is produced by the fat cells so potentially the fatter you are the more that is realised.

  • honestly, i cant thank you enough kola.. ive had issues with my body before but these past months have been the worst for me. ive been working out excessively and starving myself by eating only one meal a day or less. every time i ate more than that i would be filled with guilt and just work out even more to burn those calories.. while yes i was losing weight rapidly, i was so unhappy with myself. i would obsessively watch youtube videos about weight loss and every one of them that i watched just promoted what i did, so i thought i was okay. but then i stumbled across your videos, and they really opened my eyes. ive been slowly incorporating your suggestions and advice, and while im not losing weight as fast as i was before, im losing it in a more healthy way that will keep the weight off long term. i feel so much better mentally and physically too!! thank you so much, ill continue to support your channel <33

  • Thanks mom for your information I will start right now im from Indonesia my weight now 82 kg I will see how many months i will goal it with love for you mom

  • What to do if I exercise daily and feel stronger but I just end up with more weight. I know it’s muscle weight but are there any workouts to lose fat AND make your muscles stronger??

  • So I’m still young and don’t live by myself. So most of the times when my dad is home we don’t eat healthy what should I do? It’s rlly hard to eat a salad when ppl are eating pizza in front of you. So should like eat half of my servings?

  • I really hate my body I went through a stage of not eating at all last December till February and qaurenteen has made me feel so bad about myself because I’m just sitting on my phone looking at girls on tiktok or insta with lush body’s and makes me hate my self but I also don’t have motivashon to exsersize anymore and when I go to college(uk) I am doing pe and dance and I’m worried I won’t be Abel to keep up and will get judged for my body and I am also verry musselly but I am small and wear s clothes and am really self conscious of my body but I don’t want to restrict what I’m eating in case I go back to not eating

  • Hi I have started watching your channel from yesterday and it’s very informative and motivating and I love the way you talk thank you for all the tips

  • Well I struggle with sugar. I already eat small portions but I have a sweet tooth. how do I stop eating sweets and cut out sugar. I weigh 144 and I am 5 feet 7 inches tall. my waist measurement is 32 inches around my belly button but below my belly button is 34 inches and above my waist is 28 inches…. help any advice would be greatly appreciated…

  • I had plateau for 2 months and did a 5 day egg fast dropped 5 lbs finally got the scale moving. Also been switching up my fasting times like doing more 20:4 vs 18:6 and even added in a 24 hr fast want to try more of those.

  • So, do you use any sort of sweetners? I cut out protein bars. I cut out cane sugar but I do use Stevia. It goes mostly in my coffee. Do you recommend not using stevia or any other sweetner in general?

  • Unflavored & unsweetened low/0% fat yogurt will always be better than full fat for weight loss.
    I challenge you to prove me wrong.
    By your rationale, salads are the unhealthiest food on the planet…
    …because all the calories and carcinogens packed into the 1/2 bottle of dressing you put into each bowl.

  • I don’t think I understand the math correctly. So she said if calories burnt – calories eaten = zero then cut on your calories. By that logic if I burn 1200 and eat 1300 in a day I should cut on my calories??? Isn’t it more logical to eat even more in order to sustain my bodily functions so i don’t pass out from hunger and exhaustion? ����

  • Wow this really helped me because I was excercising 6 days a,week twice a day every day and eating clean and it felt like nothing was happening

  • I’ve been thinking I needed a little break bc I was losing weight like crazy. I run and walk and weight train as well as workout videos and yoga and I hit a plateau… guess I’ll be taking a few days off and ordering a pizza ��

  • Hi.. I really want to gain weight and to have tone body.. Can you give some advice that I can do to gain weight and best exercise or workout for me.. Im 4’11 feet.. 41 kl.. Thanks a lot ����

  • Which is better for your weight loss,calorie count or carbs?I did the keto diet for 2 weeks ams lost 6 pounds but ate carbs and gained weight again lol

  • It’s helpful if you’re going to bash bad protein bars to list some brands that are good to purchase. That’ll give some people a good start. I personally like Pure Protein or Quest.

  • Hi dear,I’m newest here.. thank u very much for ur infomation.. im 25yrs girl.. my weight is around 68kg and my height is 4’10 feet.so i’m overweight.. I want to loss 14kg.. but whatever i did i couldn’t loss at least 1kg.. plz help me sis..
    Love from Srilanka��

  • Workout motivation videos are in my feed when I’m working out for 14 dayd and not losing weight the much i want..
    Thank you for this.. ��
    I watched 3 mistakes which we do at night, i drink so much water now I’m going to avoid this. Thanks a lot������

  • i dont know why she looked like Tenzing from Ok tested to me… is it just me haha.. another version of Tenzing..

    something is similar…. Any OK TESTED fan

  • I agree that artificial sweeteners (diet soda) increase hunger and indirectly cause sweet cravings and overall increased hunger. Just be careful with them. However they are a superior alternative than drinking sugar filled soda ��

  • So I took a three day break and ate normally. Guess what? It worked! I was able to drop two pounds, and I’m not longer in my plateau. Thank you ☺️

  • so please do explain why synthetic vitamins are bad… also how do u expect food not to contain preservatives? anything with shelf life of more than couple days need preservatives

  • Thank you for this video! I’ve been down lately because i already lost 3kg but then i stopped losing weight even though i workout for 50 minutes everyday and i do calorie counting too. Maybe i’ll rest first just like you said.

  • I’m really plateauing hard even with my calories eaten being way less than calories burned so as scary as it sounds I’m going to try the 3 day break and high calorie foods. Hopefully it works ��

  • i was on a diet on my own no doctor no help or directions on anything and I lost ALL my weight i don’t think that should be so difficult i was 198 at that time i exercised morning and evening eat everything portion sized and the weight was falling out like crazy my ladt weight was 135 lbs i was getting hearaches and feeling sick then i started back eating to gain back at leadt 5 lbs and i was ok i kept the weight of for years. but now I’ve gotten back more weight because after my 5 pregnancy i never gotten to exercise so now am trying to lose it again. am seeing inches of but i don’t know my present weight because my scale batteries died. my last weight was 220.6

  • I think I may have a decent protein bar brand. Quest nutrition: birthday cake flavor, 60g
    Calories 180
    Fat 6g
    Sat fat 3.5g
    Trans fat 0g
    Cholesterol 5mg
    Sodium 220 mg
    Carbs 24g
    Fiber 14g
    Sugar <1g
    Erythritol 6g
    Protein 21g

    Calcium 10%
    Iron 2%
    I do know their bars have some variance from these numbers, but I haven’t seen one yet that exceeds 220 calories. Sound like a decent one or should I cut my losses on this one? (Bought 3 of these bars cause they seemed decent)

  • 1. Pizza
    2. Chips
    3. Oil
    4. Peanut butter
    5. Meat
    6. Chocolate
    7. Bread
    8. Milk
    9. Honey
    10. Pasta
    11. Energy drink
    12. Sardines
    13. Rice
    14. Avocado
    15. Eggs

  • I recomend Quaker rice cakes. They are only 35 calories per cake and I persoannaly feel full after eating 2 to 4 which is only 70-140 calories

  • 1:26 I’m almost 14 and at my age I have to eat 2.200 kcal. But I eat 1.700 2.000 kcal a day and I workout everyday or walk 10k steps. I gained weight tho. Is it normal because I’m growing or..? I have a calorie tracking app, I use it since 2019. I keep gaining weight and I’m feeling bad about myself..

  • Nugo slim makes a protein bar with 18g protein and 3g sugar. Bitter but an option. Sadly its soy based….

    Thanks for the vid/info.

  • So artificial sweeteners dont contribute to weight gain but The consequense of them (increasing cravings) is making someone gain weight?

  • Ugh I want to gain weight but in the right places. when I do gain weight it goes straight to my stomach first… I want to be slim thick not skinny fat?

  • Ezekiel bread, eh? I might have to look into that myself. Thanks for the tips guys!

    And also, do you know what astonishes me about some of the foods we put into our mouths? It’s this: 90% of everything we put into our mouths seems to be caked in nothing except sugar, and that the supposedly low fat/fat free foods are 10 times worse.

  • I don’t know how to keep exercising and doing my workouts at the time, I started good then after three days or four I stop, I’m so sad that I can’t lose weight as I wish, and it’s actually make me feel sad and disappointed seeing peoples practicing hard the time I’m lying on the sofa ������
    Please help me ������

  • I have a question Does eating disorders can go the other way? Like what I mean is is starving yourself and start to be disgusting by food is considered as ED?:)

  • Maybe you could start sighting more research rather than just cherry picking a study or two in order to support these silly narratives that you and all of these other PT bros push.

  • Nice Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you considered Millawdon Right Nourishment Trick (just google it)? It is an awesome exclusive product for boost metabolism with high carbs food minus the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my old buddy Taylor after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical success with it.

  • So true about the protein bars. I’ve never been a fan of them just due to the taste, and that they never seemed to satisfy me. Just recently though I’ve been tempted to try some protein bars in an attempt to replace certain desserts. As I review the labels and see the carb count, I might as well have a cookie, or whatever it is I’m craving. At least the cookie has fewer ingredients.

  • I’m exercising a lot now and eating three meals a day (all small) and if I get hungry I ignore it or eat an apple or an orange or something. I also cut off all sodas and sugary drinks and replace it with water

  • Tbh i might be eating too little calories, but i have a pretty small appetite + i feel bad when i eat extra anyway, but I always eat healthy foods and 3 meals a day and at least 1 hour of HIIT and cardio a day so I think it’s okay when i eat extra

  • I’m 14 and i lost 20kg (around 44lbs) in about 4 months and everything was going good. Since abt 2 and a half weeks I haven’t lost any weight at all. I’ve watched this video abt a thousand times and came to the conclusion that I’m the third category. I’m going to take a break for three days and update afterwards. I am kinda scared that I’ll gain weight through this time but I believe her so imma just go for it. Wish me luck.

    Ps. Thank u so much I really needed this video❤

  • I don’t diet but I also try to eat balanced and when I’m actually hungry. I’m slowly slimming down and that’s good enough for me. ��

  • I really get confused sometimes. Isn’t it kilocalories?! If I only eat 2000calories a day, that would be nothing. My daily calories burn is 1600kcal so kilocalories. At least in Germany it is calculated that way.

  • how do i stop cravings? i do my best to not eat at all except for supper but i can’t help it and end up eating junk food. i can’t get it out of the house bc i’m only 16 and live with my parents and if i tell them i’m trying to diet they’ll get worried bc they already know i’m weird abt food

  • I struggle to exercise when my body is literally burning like how on earth am I suppose to continue the workout when my body is currently on fire.

  • Why isn’t this stuff all over the news, billboards and taught in schools?! Why are shops even allowed to sell products high in sugar and artificial sweeteners?! There was a headline in UK newspapers yesterday that said 1 in 6 deaths are caused by poor diet, while it is such a flawed headline (as we all die at some point), I thought, it’s definitely more than that, probably more like 1 in 2! It’s ALL about diet! What wasn’t in the article was advice like in this video and most of the blame was on salt! FFS! What is wrong with the world?!

  • The best way to lose weight is to eat less. If you eat 3 meals a day. Eat two meals a day. I only eat 2 meals a day so I now eat one.
    Skinny people always think they are skinny because they eat right.