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The Easiest Way to Calculate Calories & Macros (Without Losing Your Mind) Counting calories seems to be the buzz these days when it comes to staying fit. However, the talk of “counting your macros” is starting to change the way some people view their food. Start each meal by rating your hunger on a scale of 0 to 10. Zero is full and 10 is ravenous. Remove all distractions, such as your phone, computer, and TV, and take a few deep breaths with the meal in front of you.

Eat slowly, chewing each bite thoroughly, and noticing the tastes, textures and aromas of the food. If you’re counting calories to lose weight, but eating higher-fat foods like bacon and full-fat cheese, you could potentially consume over half your day’s calorie allotment by the end of breakfast. Here are 5 more tips to count calories: you may find that counting calories is an effective way to lose weight and keep it off. Written by Helen West, RD (UK) on June 7, 2016. For the most appetite satisfaction per calorie, get all of your calories into 3 or 4 meals per day.

Eating only twice tends to favor higher energy intake, as does eating 5 or more times in a day. If you graze or snack between meals, you’ll add a lot of calories without additional satisfaction, favoring higher calorie intake and higher bodyweight (5-8). In other words, if you know there’s about 300 calories worth of rice in the bowl already, then you wouldn’t use the 220 calorie count that Myfitnesspal listed for the entire bowl. Let’s break the entire bowl down.

Random Chicken teriyaki bowl breakdown: 1.5 cups of steamed white rice – 300 calories; 4 oz grilled chicken – 200 calories. Calorie counting is out; feasible long-term weight loss is the way to go! And with these eight tips you can figure out just how to lose weight without counting calories.

Calorie counting has its benefits. It’s a tried-and-true approach to weight loss. As long as you eat fewer calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight.

Counting calories can be an easy way to get a handle on how much you’re eating, and it’s helped lots of women lose weight. But it can be exhausting to jot down every last bite. Stay in control of your eating – without counting calories – using this strategy.

When we try losing weight, our default is often to start counting calories. We feel that if we can stay within the numeric constraints of a calorie counting plan, we’ll reach our goals no problem. But instead of going for a 300-plus-calorie slice of pizzeria pizza that’s packed with fat and empty carbs, I make mini-pizzas using portobello mushroom caps as the “crust.” Just cut the stems off the mushrooms, put them on a lined baking sheet, and bake them in the oven for about 15 minutes at 300° F to soften the caps.

List of related literature:

This doesn’t mean the solutions are complex—don’t forget this is a book about doing easy mini habits—it only means that calorie counting is wrong because it says that only calories matter.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
Selective Entertainment, LLC, 2016

In Step 5, you learn to resist and control the interactions between food and mood, the reasons we eat other than hunger.

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
from Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control
by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
Ebsco Publishing, 2002

Here’s how I disentangled myself from an obsession with calorie counting.

“The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness” by Lani Muelrath, Neal Barnard
from The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness
by Lani Muelrath, Neal Barnard
BenBella Books, Incorporated, 2017

One approach I’ve found that is useful is for people who really hate counting calories/portions to spend some time period (say 3-7 days) doing so.

“A Guide To Flexible Dieting” by Lyle McDonald
from A Guide To Flexible Dieting
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2005

I’ve tried many different methods using all levels of technology, but even with mobile phone apps that scan bar codes and feature a database of nearly limitless food choices, people rarely stick with counting calories very long.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
from The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.
by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
VeloPress, 2017

One approach I’ve found that is useful is for people who really hate counting calories/portions to spend some time period (say three to seven days or so) doing so.

“The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook: A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting” by Lyle McDonald
from The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook: A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2005

It’s true that people who do count calories seldom overeat because the process makes them more mindful of their eating.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
by Fitzgerald Matt
VeloPress, 2012

These are my top ten tips for making a ketogenic lifestyle work.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Most people find that when they mindfully review what they are typically eating, it is actually easy to find ways to remove this amount of calories without missing it—for example, less mayonnaise on a sandwich; a smaller steak; one or two fewer sodas; a smaller bowl of ice cream.

“The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness” by Amanda Ie, Christelle T. Ngnoumen, Ellen J. Langer
from The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness
by Amanda Ie, Christelle T. Ngnoumen, Ellen J. Langer
Wiley, 2014

Trying to ignore the caloric calculator in my head is like trying to ignore television subtitles and sometimes I just can’t.

“If My Body Could Speak” by Blythe Baird
from If My Body Could Speak
by Blythe Baird
Button Poetry, 2019

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  • If you’re looking for workouts that won’t build bulky muscle, but are still in a class setting, ballet inspired or barre workouts and classes might be an idea. They focus on building long lean muscle, stretching, and posture. I like workout classes, but like Cait I’m larger chested and don’t like super intense workout classes. Zumba or other dance based classes might also be an idea for those who thrive in a class setting.:)

  • This is so helpful. Your take on things is so much more compatible with my lifestyle because it is much more open and individually adaptable than the rather rigid advice of many popular influencers. Also, it allows for the obvious demands of my day as a working mother who also wants to reserve some time for her relationship and create a harmonious home. Thank you for the advice and your non-judgmental clarity!

  • I am in LCHF diet now. I just had knee surgery and gained quite a lot of weight after that. But i tried the LCHF diet before and it worked realy good. Last year i lost about 20kg(118-98ish) from january to july, with no workout or counting calories. I ate what i wanted and how much i wanted, all i did was not eat foods that had more then 7g of carbs/100 grams. Some foods were realy fatty and processed but it worked anyway. I think my job had a lot to do with my “sucess”, i work in construction and i walk around alot i lift things allday. This time i started going to the gym i want to be smarter with my food. Found this guy and will try to implement his tips and info to my day to day basis

  • Day by Day is true, GREAT advice. lose 20 pounds. in three weeks as I did single Watch the video on this website => leanbellybreakthrough1. club <= (Google it) will help you lose weight and reduce waist without taking pills

  • you have an AMAZING BODY! But i must say… I always thought that I was bigboned or naturally put on weight easily, until I went vegan (i PROMISE this is not me trying to convert anyone!!!!!) and when I did, it’s just so effortless for me to maintain the kind of body I want and I feel so light and good, and it also has brought so much confidence to me! I love your channel Georgie, you’re such an ozzie goddess!!

  • subjects that I would be interested in:
    Strength training in comparison to cardio (or hiit) and its outcomewhat can be expected
    how the body gets rid of fat whether by eating less or working out or building muscle
    what happens to the fat

  • theres so muccccccch info to take in when trying to eat healthy….. one place says less calories others say calories dont matter one says to much fruit is bad one says to much fruit is bad…. stuff like that then you hear that fats are bad but now your body needs them! its so confusing. Counting calories can be good when loosing weight, I lost 2 stone by doing it that way. If your just being healthy theres no need to count them really.

  • Hey Kati,
    I always feel depressed/anxious for no apparent reason and it’s really bugging me. Is it normal? I would mention it to my councilor but she’s the type of person who always expects there to be a trigger, when half the time there isn’t. Am I doing something wrong here? And advice on this? Thanks x

  • I honestly love your honesty, some times we might feel alone on the hardship of our journeys. I was born with diabetes so from my toddler years I was worried about my weight and how I was always bigger (taller and fatter) than other girls, I would workout to unhealthy levels and under eat. Now I focus on the quality of my calories, not the quantity. It was a long journey but I do believe that you start getting results as soon as you focus on health and not on the numbers

  • When I started eating/living better (the DASH Diet) I used a child’s pre-divided plate and it was perfect. Also the small glass that matched my Scooby Do plate was a perfect 8 ounces. I know it might sound silly, but it worked!

  • Great video like always, but I have a quick question… I am 15 years old and have been going regularly to the gym for almost a year. My biceps were something that I wanted to grow, and i’ve hit a plateau. I don’t get muscle soreness the day after, and feel comfortable and a ‘pump’ doing sets with extremely high reps in the 20-30 range. When I try and lift in the under 10 range, although it is hard to do, I don’t feel anything in the biceps. Although I am just a beginner and still overall skinny, my biceps are the lacking part in my body, and something I feel somewhat insecure about. Please help!

  • The second question helped for me kati as in you awnsering it as I get so angry when people tell me I look healthier or better as I take as people saying that I have put on weight which to me is a bad thing! Thankyou kati your amazing and I love your videos!

  • I love counting calories. It’s the only really efective method for losing weight, at leaste for me. Been doing it for over two months. I have no restrictions, but now I have to be responsable. If I’m at a party I have a better understanding of how many calories something has. I also know wich beers have more calories. If I want to eat more, I’ll simply have that party meal a day. No problem for someone who does intermmitent fasting.

  • you’re seriously such an inspiration for me, you motivate me so much and i know and understand so much more about health and fitness thanks to you, keep grinding girl ��

  • I seriously needed to see this video. I’ve been stress eating so much more since quarantine. Your content helps me so much! I’m about to download the my plate app and I’m going to keep walking! Appreciate you ❤️��

  • wow i got so emotional watching this. i can relate to working extra hard to losing weight. you inspire me girl. thanks for sharing this

  • Hey ladies!

    Just a note: you will notice that I didn’t share my exact calorie amount. This is because it is different for every person based on their height, lifestyle, gender, and desired weight goals.

    You can calculate this by using this tool: https://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html

    Again, I don’t think calorie counting is the right fit for everyone, but it definitely helped my life and my understanding of my diet! As always, check with your healthcare professional, and take things easy.

    I want you to blossom and flourish, and you can’t do that if you’re overly obsessed with weight and diets!

    Wishing you all the best and all my love.



  • Love these videos. So informative and really do help a lot. I’ll admit, though I’m built, I had a little stomach because I stopped listening to these methods. But once I went back into I.F and even OMAD. I’m back:D. Always treat yourself after an unprocessed meal. He’s right.

  • 2:14 Vegetables is classified as a macro nutrient now? I know you don’t want to say fat because FaT bAd and all, but damn that statement makes no sense.

  • Counting calories is a horrible way to lose fat. It puts you in a scarcity mindset. You binge more easily and more frequently which leads to stalling fat loss and even gaining weight.

  • Thank you so much for all your great advise! I’m from the Netherlands and since I have found your channel I learned so much. You really inspired me!❤️

  • I would love if you could share some of the channels or ladies you are taking inspiration from! I’m trying to build up a positive subscription box in my YouTube that will help me grow and that would be a great help!

  • I just discovered you and this video is the second one I watched. It really resonated with me and made me cry my eyes out. I use yo be obese (I am only 5’2 and I weighed 190lbs when I was 23 years old. I am currently 39). I had been the chubby girl my entire life, but it got severely out of control in my early 20’s while taking care of my terminally ill mother. After her death I decided I needed to make major lifestyle changes and after 18 months of a complete diet and exercise overhaul I had lost 70 lbs. After another 6 months I lost 15 more pounds bringing my weight down to 105lbs. I managed to keep my weight between 105-112lbs even after having 3 kids until August of last year. There have been too many emotional and traumatic events that my body is just shutting down. I starting gaining weight without even trying. From 112lbs up to 132 currently. It is the most uncomfortable I have been in my skin in 16 years. I’m not binge eating, but I know I’m not moving enough. I appreciate this post.

  • I feel like you are my older sister giving me life advice in any possible topic that I need advice on. you and your youtube channel are godsent. i hear god talking through every word you say. watching your videos is not only an informational experience but also a spiritual one. you are changing how i view topics. through you i find positivity. i sincerely thank you for that!

  • Energy expenditure calculations are not exactly accurate. They really just provide a ballpark range. The gold standard is utilizing Indirect Calorimetry, but it’s not really accessible to the general public. Weight loss isn’t so cut and dry and it’s dependent on various factors.

  • What Happens to having fruits as snacks? For example, I eat 3 meals per day plus a snack of an apple/orange or whole-wheat biscuit, how to add this to the calorie counting if am gonna use the Palm-size method?

  • I started counting calories when I was 13 and told everyone I wasn’t losing weight even when I eat just 1000 calories a day.
    3 years later I recalculated some meals I looged into the app and BTCH WHAT THE FCK I ATE AROUND 2000 A DAY WHAT IS EVEN TOO MUCH FOR MY HEIGHT.
    Yeah now I’m 16 and I’m doing it right and here I am already 30lbs lighter after 6 months. I was a very stupid kid.

  • I wish you were my coach:(
    I’ve changed my diet up so much, I’m trying to keep it around 800 calories. Eat very clean. Starting to exercise crazy. I want to be so thin.

  • The answer to the last question has made my day. I’m currently 26 and have only just seemed help despite having mental health issues all my life. I also don’t even remember before I was 14. So I struggle constantly with feeling like I’ve “lost” so much of my life. Thank you for giving me a new way to see it.:)

  • Its still astonish me just how a number of people do not know about Custokebon Secrets even though lots of people with it. Thanks to my personal friend who told me about it. I’ve lost tons of fat.

  • 13-20 I call my “lost years” I don’t know what I learned/accomplished those years, but at age 20 I did a lot of catching up and a lot of enjoying being alive! 

  • I’m done I’m so fucking done like really! I’m so done with trying it always leads me at the very beginning point WHY AM I HERE!!!!!

  • I think counting calories makes someone think more about food than other things in life. Also its so linked to weight loss. So much better to focus on being healthy. I counted calories when I just began recovering from anorexia but 3 years on I rarely think about them..makes for a much calmer mind. I think counting calories can so easily become an obsession.

  • It looks like the site I recommend in the video is not working temporarily. Here is an alternative website to calculate Step 1: https://www.active.com/fitness/calculators/bmr
    Do step 2 & 3 as shown in the video. Sorry everyone! ❤️

  • I love this video. I was a size 18 bit now I’m a size 10 / size 8 (sometimes lol) Part of tge reason I lost weight two years ago was b/c I got tired of feeling like a brick smh. My goal is a dress size 6��

  • One thing you can do is to always have a healthy meal already cooked and ready to just be warmed up in the fridge. That way if hunger hits and I really don’t feel like cooking all I have to do is to warm something up in the microwave. I usually try to prepare one extra meal a day and then I have it either when cravings strike or I just keep it for lunch the next day. Or at the very least keep some hard boiled eggs and healthy snacks on hand.

  • I’m working at my barn, around 9-11 hours a day in which I ride 1-3 hours a day, mostly sassy horses. For the work, I’m constantly walking, making horses ready, mucking out and generally doing anything there…very hard or just hard?

  • So I work out hard every day but, my level of hard isnt what a 130 lb woman would consider hard. How do I know which activity level I am.

  • You have no idea how much I needed this right now so thank you! I have been counting calories for over a year now and can’t stop because I’m so scared of gaining weight as I have a huge appetite for such a small person. I am trying my hardest to stop as it’s affecting my life and stopping me from going out to eat more than once a week (a stupid rule I created in my mind). So thank you for sharing this, you help me so much xx

  • Where were you all my life! ��������… A must needed channel in my life rn!… Great and honest videos.. You helped me a lot to feel more feminine ���� #girlpower #feminism

  • Y’all I’m 15 & 56kg and using this method I need to eat 1300 kcals for a 500 calorie deficit with light workouts but it’s really hard for me to hit that number cuz it’s so low:( help I fail every time I try and end up losing like 1 inch every 6 weeks. Should I workout more tho?

  • Is it okay to drink cold water? I started to not drink a lot because its warm, so Im wondering if its okay to drink cold water so I can drink more v-v

  • So can u calculate for me
    Am 42 years female
    No workout
    Want to lose 30 pounds
    How many calories I should consume to lose weight.

  • I feel like I move different everyday some days i get 14,000-16,000 steps some days only 4 thousand n on the 4 thousand days I will do strength training jump rooe or 30 minutes of calisthenics but how much to stay in a deficit vs maintain so i keep going UP DOWN UP DOWNNNN OMG

  • Many people nowadays are working to find out the best method to lose weight. Then again, having the ability to find a diet plan that can work for you is hard to discover. A very important thing you need to comprehend is that a diet is effective for one person may not operate for another. So you must know what your getting into before you begin one of these diets. This can give you enough info to find out if this is something which is appropriate to your needs. Read more here https://rb.gy/xxjiq2

  • I’m embarrassed to say that about 2 years after losing a ton of weight, I’m now up quite a bit from where I got down to. 77kg instead of like 68kg, which would be healthy. It was gradual, though quicker in the autumn and winter now. It shouldn’t take me that long to get back to a healthy weight because I still have pretty good self-discipline and a rapid weight loss method of mainly fasting but having a small meat/egg+lettuce or similar dinner at the end of most days. It tends to give me about -200 grams per day.

  • Once I stopped eating fast food for a week, my body stopped craving it. That alone has made me lose almost 10 pounds. Also, it’s making it easier to cut certain things out since my body is now craving less food and is staying satisfied with the amount I give it!

  • Where has this 1lb fat = 3,500 cals! Come from!? Nobody knows, it’s a made up figure sometime around 1917! Watch Dr Zoe Harcombe YouTube video as she tried to find out ��

  • My TDEE is 2103. I’m 5’2 and 209.2. My average calorie intake on my app says 2400 calories. I started my deficit at 2000 calories yesterday cause I love eating food and barely have any self control. I will do this for a month then lower another 100 cals. XD thanks for this video!

  • Counting calories never worked for me. I have a serious eating disorder history. So my tendnancy is to lose weight without even thinking about it, so for me, I actually focus on my energy levels being up where I want them to figure out where to set my sleep and eating habits. I exercise a ton, intense 4 days a week plus a workout. I just eat all the food I can. I feel like exercise helps more than starvation tactics.

    However, calories counting works great for some. Depends on how you personally are able to tell what your needs are

  • I don’t know if I can ever give up calorie counting. I get that some people may find it a bit nuanced, but it is the one tool that has helped me reach a health weight. Advice is great, but I think I am good with doing what works for me.

  • So true girl!! Some people get so caught up in the calories and don’t think about simple nutrition!:) You are killing it girl so happy!

  • Sir if i do alternate day fasting than what about the protein requirement which i need after my workout? Should i workout in these days?

  • I find that starting my day with a certain smoothie helps keep my hunger down all day long.

    Almond milk
    Half banana
    Frozen spinach
    Vega berry plant based protein powder

    (Oats if preferred can be added too)

    Sooo good!! The Vega berry protein powder makes the smoothie taste amazing! Not a fan of their other flavors.

  • I like dancing. I can do it at home, no need for gyms and I’m able to have fun & burn lots of calories off. In the future I’d like to get into swimming & brisk walking. Lastly, I definitely agree that losing Weight is psychological ��

  • Fuuuuuuck he just had to mention keto �� every time you mention silly fads like keto and fasting, it kills your credibility, dude.

  • Can you talk more about how you came out of your state of self sabotage? Being depressed? Telling yourself that was just how it is etc?

  • Would love to hear about functional foods! Loving watching your videos, just found your YouTube this week and finishing it so interesting and helpful ��

  • Hi Kati!Appreciate you and your videos so much.I’m curious if you could help.I have been doing recovery (unsuccessfully) for 4/5years after an anorexia diagnosis.I’m weight restored (probably higher end of healthy bmi but I’m not sure)I’ve cycled through anorexia/bulimia/binge eating/compulsive exercise and orthorexia. I naturally lean toward restriction, sometimes for six months sometimes for two weeks but it always ends in binge eating and sometimes purging and always over exercising. HOWEVER; I have reached the point where I have quit veganism, I incorporate all food groups and my exercise is balanced, but I keep periodically binge eating. Sometimes I purge but I’m trying to not. My binge eating will last for 5-10days straight and I rarely leave bed when this happens. I realised when i am “normal” and trying to “intuitively eat” I’m barely hitting 1500cals. (I’m also 23yrs old and 5’9 and active). I’ve tried to count calories so I know I’m getting enough but feel as though it’s also counter productive as I’m way too focused on food and worry about deviating outside of planned food etc. Do you have any advice? I DO APOLOGISE FOR THE LENGTHY COMMENT!!Thanks again for all your kindness Cait x

  • Hey Georgie, I’m just really curious what you recommend for people to lose weight if you do not agree with counting calories? every Pt I have been to has told me to and it has worked as really losing weight is burning more calories than calorie consumption in saying that every time I have done it I still choose the better option of foods e.g the sweet potato over normal potato which is what your saying to focus on the food but if we eat more than what we burn there will be no weight loss ��
    I don’t want you to think this is negative at all I think your amazing and have chatted on Ig before and cooked some of your recipes:) I wanted to see your opinion x

  • Yeah, but kniw, supposedly around 3600 with standard 25to26 degrees Celsius but even by summer at hot temperature I burn over 5k and hyperthyroid

  • Counting calories takes 5 to 7 minutes per day and you can still have junk and lose weight. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want that ��‍♂️

  • Yes, counting calories does work for weight loss, and yes, it can also lead to eating disorders, I was falling down that hole myself, but before it got any deeper, i managed to save myself from that. I’m 14, going to be 15 next year in February, and just recently opened my eyes about the truth in this.
    For me, personally, it’s not as much about counting calories, but about what you eat. If you’re counting calories, you’re like “Oh, I can eat this as long as I don’t pass the limit” it was like that for me, but it causes stress and eventually you fall, so no more extreme diets like those. Instead, making sure what you eat, starting out by trying healthier foods, and you begin to realize “Oh, I love this” and begin turning more towards healthy foods, that’s what happened to me. Now I crave healthier foods more than anything else, I’m making healthier options now without the thought that I’m on a diet and being stressed over it, but more like this is my new lifestyle, and I love it, taking better care of my body.
    I hope people read this comment and take notice in it, hope it helps them realize it as well, take good care

  • I’m glad you mentioned calorie counting is not for everyone. I developed an eating disorder because I became obesessed with the numbers: numbers on the scale, numbers on the app, numbers on labels, numbers on the measuring tape….to any ladies who want to try, be sure to be honest with yourself if the numbers are getting to your head. I highly reccommend going by feeling and how your clothes fit instead of following numbers if you feel any beginning obsession with numbers. EDs are NOT fun.

  • is 1,000 calories too little? my TDEE is 1,515 which leaves me with not much to eat and it’s very discouraging:( when i started my “weight loss journey” i was eating 1,250 calories per day, but i was staying at the same weight. turns out i had to eat fewer calories:/

  • Love this video. I needed these tips. I’ve been doing keto/sometimes carnivore for almost a month and have been so hungry(because I’ve been doing heavy exercise, 6+ miles speedwalking per day and weight lifting 4 times or so per week). Despite this, I’ve been gaining weight, but I’m definitely going to add broccoli and sprouts to each meal to help keep me full.

  • just wanted to let you know that your exercise advice is so wonderful for me as a busy graduate student. my academic life is so intense that i don’t want exercise to also feel like a chore i would rather make it a time of reflection and self care that actually RELIEVES my daily stress rather than adds to it. ❤️

  • you are second channel that i subscribed becuse im on warrior diet and i do what you talk.. i hope i will improve it and you will bring little knowledge

  • This is awesome Georgie:) your putting the knowledge out there about eating the right foods/what weight training does to your body! Keep inspiring people! x

  • I’m shocked at how many calories I can eat. I’ve been following the myfitnesspal app which told me 1,200 calories per day. I should be eating about 1,900! No wonder I always plateau after I lose water weight!

  • Excellent video, I took notes! I must ask, once we reach a weight we are happy with, how do we maintain from there? Using your methods that is.:) Can’t wait to start this method tomorrow!

  • Can I do omad and still workout everyday reason I ask I notice more cramping when I’ve tried in past any recommendations are welcome

  • This video seems really helpful and great. However, if you have an eating disorder DO NOT WATCH IT. I personally decided not to watch it because I know it will mess with my mind and I won’t be able to continue eating the appropriate amounts in my recovery, so please if you are struggling with ANY eating disorder please talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist about your concerns. I wish you the best and just remember that you’re not alone!

  • I think it’s irresponsible for you to note that “gender is a social construct” in this context. Dietitians should be the last line to give into social pressure when it comes to biology. When it comes to weight loss and bodies bodies don’t care about recent societal changes. The same science separating male and female bodies exists in the 21st century. Now, perhaps you could point out the prevalence of hormone treatments and I’m sure that has an effect, but only for the small percentage of the population taking them.

  • Everything you said in this video resonated with me so much! This was such an amazing perspective on a healthier lifestyle. I won’t be forcing myself to try to stick to a gym routine I don’t enjoy anymore. I’ll find something that better suits my preferences and lifestyle. Thanks so much for the great advice! I think this would benefit so many people.

  • I never understood if the total amount of calories per day to lose x pounds is with or without the calories lost during exercise. For example I need to eat only 1000 calories per day to lose x pounds. And that day I lost 200 calories during exercise. The total amount of calories I will eat is 1000 or 1200 calories (because if I subtract the calories spent i will only had eaten 1000). Can someone help me?

  • I have a question! In your after picture your face looks much more lifted. Even your eyes look less hooded and your brows look so much more raised! How did you do that? I must know ������

  • I started crying when you were getting emotional! I 100% understand how you feel about accidentally losing weight. I’m in that stage at the moment where I’ve under-eaten and overtrained for so long that I struggle to lose any body fat at all.
    You’ve really inspired me, so I’m taking a page out of your book and focusing on my health this year! Xx

  • Counting calories is a joke and half the battle

    Simply because counting calories you burned thru some drop set, pyramid set, superset, going heavy or doing reps of weight lifting is impossible for any app or smart watch to count effectively

    If you’re counting calories with out guesstimating…
    You’re eating chicken + rice

    With most other foods it’s impossible

  • One thing I’m still wondering is why is being a picky eater a bad thing! For as long as I can remember I don’t eat certain foods because I hate the taste of it.

  • I’ve been following you for a while now and there’s a (off-topic) question I just have to ask now. What is that thing on the wall behind you?? Maybe I’m weird but I just can’t figure it out, haha!

  • Oof what kind of a world do we live in why is like half a video spent exggeratingly convincing you why you shouldn’t want to count calories instead of just saying what he has to say

  • Hi Kati, I am in the middle of a relapse from my eating disorder, but the difference this time around is that I had a baby almost two years ago while I was in recovery. My doctor told me that with how quickly my eating disorder has progressed, if I don’t commit to treatment she will have to call child protective services. Is this really something she could do? I have made the decision to try recovery again, but I don’t want to be constantly worrying that I will lose my child if I don’t recover “perfectly”. Thank you so much, I love what you do.

  • What if you’re skinny fat and want to lose fat and gain muscle.. do I “bulk”? do I do a calorie deficit..? I feel like there’s not a lot of fitness people talking about skinny fat people..

  • Wonderful tips. Walking is something we can do even when we are 100 lord willing so much more sustainable than the women’s fun run five k ��

  • Why do apps like My Fitness Pal always put me around 1,200, consistently, for 1-2 lbs of weight loss a week when my BMR is 1,500???

  • SO you’re not taking into consideration that high muscle mass requires more energy expenditure, fat requires no energy expenditure. So a 150lbs woman with a body fat percentage of 32% actually requires less daily calories than a 150lbs woman with a 20% body fat percentage. Also you are not calculating the thermal effect of macro-nutrient. Protein actually takes energy to breakdown where as there is no thermal effect with fat breakdown. So your analysis seems to be very basic and vague and not at all specific.

  • so happy for you!! I’m the same I really have to work to look better and stack on weight easy. loved this video and I’m really excited to see that recipe for those brownies!! yum xx

  • Hey, I’ve recently found your channel and have been getting things together to start putting what I’ve learned to test!

    But if you could, could you possibly make a video on what types of exercises you should do together? Like doing certain muscle groups in a day, then switching to another group to exercise while the previous group recuperates, and so on! I’ve seen plenty of videos on what exercises to do, but I’d be really helpful to see what types of exercises I should do together if I plan on focusing on a particular muscle group on a day-to-day basis!

    Appreciate the work you do for this channel!

  • I once read that you shouldn’t eat below your BMR because your body is going to halt weight loss to conserve the energy it needs to function. What are your thoughts on this?

  • Would you suggest a larger calorie deficit based on BMI? For instance, if my body fat and BMI is in the obesity range would you recommend going higher than a 500 calorie deficit?

  • What i noticed quite early on in my ed recovery was that i absolutely needed to stop wanting people to worry about me. It’s fine if they care about me, but i need to stop wanting them worried. That’s holding me back from getting better, because I need to learn to trust for people not to leave me once I am not worrisome anymore.

  • Love the message of not needing intense workouts or diets, but the women in the past weren’t healthy. Often they were malnourished and sickly, so just keep that in mind. They didn’t have studies on food and exercise like we do in the modern world, but I agree with your message of success despite being told we need expensive tools.

  • Hi! I just discovered your channel and I enjoy all the tips and advice. I have a rather random question though… could you tell me what type of lapel mic you use? I am looking into getting one and your mic has very good sound quality. Thank you:)

  • I’m intermittent fasting since april.
    I lost 9 kg thanks to the info this channel provide. Thank you so much!!
    I didn’t fast every week, some of those weeks i ate a lot and because of that my muscles were growing too. But when i’m fasting i did the 4/20 with 1500 1900 kcal. Just keep your protein high and eat a lot veggies. I mean really a lot. I don’t even like veggies, so i tried to find a few that i liked and ate that every day. The veggies that i didn’t like, i put it in a smoothie with fruit.

    2 whey shakes, 200gr protein most is chicken breast or eggs. And like 300 gr veggies and a lil bit (sweet) potatoes. Thats it. Every day but it doesnt have to be every week. But i do workout a lot. 5 6 a week 1.5 2 hours a day. Started with 89 kg now 80kg. Just a few kilos and i am shredded. Thanks bruh

  • I have a question: I’ve been eating around 500 calories for like 3 weeks now (don’t come after me, I know it’s not healthy and I’m changing it now), but I haven’t been able to lose any weight, in fact, I’ve put a few pounds on. I cut sugars, and “bad” carbs. Can you tell me what can I do and why is this happening??

  • That’s kinda sad. The point with the salad doesn’t work for me bcz I actually like salad and would eat it even if I’m not hungry. Same goes for many veggies. Even when I’m hungry I usually prefer not to eat sweet stuff, but prefer the healthier stuff. I am still not loosing weight tbh

  • It’s my 21st birthday on Tuesday and I just got out of the hospital on Monday and everyone in the hospital told me (droctor and nurses) that I shouldn’t drink alcohol on my birthday. What’s the big deal about drinking and and mess.

  • This was one of the most helpful and realistic weight loss videos I’ve ever seen. So many things rang true for me especially the exercise and mindset parts! I’m not exactly your target audience, as I’m not particularly traditional in any way, but thanks for making such good content!

  • Georgie, you are one of the inspirations for me to be healthy for myself and not just for aesthetics! Love following your fitness journey, keep it up!!

  • I use my stationary bike everyday for 45 minutes (ten miles) and do my steps+whatever else I have to do that day (go to the park, grocery shop, yoga, etc.) Would you call that heavy exercise or moderate.

  • Great video! Counting calories is such a waste of time and energy. Our bodies arent a math problem and it just doesent work that way. Thank for sharing this:)

  • Yes! Food is key! I was thinking about your comment regarding how women were able to stay slim historically in connection with my own journey. I grew up eating a lot of processed foods and didn’t realize how much this effected me until two years ago. I moved to a small town in Sweden where all of my go-to foods were not available. I had to learn to make most food from scratch! At first I was super slow at it, but cooking is a skill as much as anything and I have become much faster since I began to learn. My cooked-from-scratch meals are significantly healthier for many reasons-and they taste better too! As a result, traditional cooking methods have allowed me to actually eat the same amount of food as before while becoming more slim.

  • Hey Kati my school are having this thing on the last day of school were we go back to registration for the last hour on the last day my tutor has organised a thing were we bring in food this is scaring me because I think people with judge me for not eating but if I do eat I won’t feel happy I am trying to recover for my ED but I am building up to eating normally again

  • I understand that compliment/insult paradox, even though I don’t have an eating disorder. Like when someone says, “You look good today”… So I normally don’t look good? lol

  • I used to eat around 600-850 cals a day for the last three months and my weight have been 98-81.55 kg and then it just stopped completely I had irregular menstruation then I feel weak. Now I’m doing this calorie deficit and it says I have to eat 1,860 cals a day, I got used to eating so little that I don’t know how to eat more and I become paranoid.

  • I really needed this video. For a year I have been counting calories and exercising all the time and it has affected me in such a bad way. I got anxiety whenever I was invited to eat out, because I didn’t know the amount of calories in the food and all I had in my head was numbers and macros. My whole life was planned around food, and I cried my self to sleep every night because it was stressing me out so much. I pretty much had no social life, because I would avoid anything where food was in included. I would stick to 900-1200 calories for a week or two and then just eating one wrong thing and telling myself I messed up so I might as well eat everything unhealthy I can find, and then I ended up binging. This was an ongoing cycle for a long time. After watching this video yesterday I realised a lot of things. I deleted my life sum app, and decided to start intuitaive eating. It is my first day and I’ve just had breakfast and it was so hard not counting the calories, but I will push myself because I want to live and healthy lifestyle. Physically and mentally. And yes the couple of pounds I would like to lose may take a little longer now that I am not counting calories, and maybe I will lose them quick I don’t know but that isn’t my first priority now. My happiness is. I have a long road ahead of me but I am not giving up. Thank you so much for this video this was just what I needed to hear. You are such an inspiration ❤️

  • I feel like I managed to fuck up simple instructions somehow ��. Im 5’4, 253 lbs and 20 years old my BMR is 2319 I go to the gym about 2-3 days a week for a few hours. So I picked 1.37 and I got 3,177. Does this sound right it sounds about right. When I put it into an online maintenance calories calculator I get 2616, which is way different. Trying to loose weight for the better.:)

  • I used to count calories, but now I just eat reasonable portions and healthy food. I’m alright if i do that. I make sure to listen to my body. It can take a bit of time to understand what your body is telling you. I make sure my macros aren’t imbalanced. I keep a good eye on those. I’ve been losing weight since I started keeping my protein and carbs more balanced. I’ve also stopped eating out after work. I work two days a week. I am also better about drinking enough water.

  • People try not to comment on my appearance, but sometimes my parents can’t help but tell me I look healthy or I look like I’m not eating enough. My boyfriend has no idea how to interact with me during relapses so he tells me I’m too skinny a lot, it’s not his fault or anyone else who makes comments but sometimes people don’t have the restraint to keep their mouths shut.

  • You are such a wise young woman. A kindred spirit it seems. Pretty much everything you say is what I already practice or feel I should do:)

  • You guys should download a. App called ( calorie munch out ) its a good app to monitor your family’s calorie count. Ita available only in the apple app store..

  • I like pilates, boxing and walking and practice intuitive eating. I hate jumping workouts, HIIT, and restrictive diets. Even if I’m not strict I still managed to get into great shape.

  • Honestly counting calories is not something that bothers me and i didnt get any disorders from it, but its so annoying when i measure food and track calories with my family looking at me like im a maniac.

  • I’m 13 and every week I lose at 4.5 pounds. But I don’t diet or eat less, I just workout 20-30 basically everyday, so is that bad or is that ok?

  • The activity level always confuses me i dont know if im going to high or not. I lift weights for hypertrophy 6 days a week for 1 hr and 30 min and do low intensity walking at least 30 min to over an hour everyday.

  • Yass to functional foods! Also love your videos, so inspiring to know that with a bit of consistency results will come! Especially love seeing you balancr it with fulltime work xx

  • This video really touched me today….why this one of yours in particular I don’t know, but it was just what I needed.  I’m sending you a big virtual hug.  Thanks so much for all you do!

  • This is honestly very helpful:/ I’m a powerlifter in high school and I spent all my junior year restricting and counting calories. I wouldn’t even go out bc I was afraid my friends would want to go eat somewhere that wouldn’t have the calories listed:/

  • Counting calories does NOT suck. Its the only way to know for sure you’re eating what you think. I’m tired of this garbage bullshit about how the laws of thermodynamics don’t apply to human beings.

    Its NOT hard to just weigh your damn food and log it in MyFitnessPal.
    Its called, forming a habit. Its not obsessive. Its responsible

  • Hi I just came across this video and Idk if you’ll see this, but I’m kinda lost on step 3 lol. I’m 17, 5’2′, and between 110 and 115 lbs making my BMR 1366.75 and my TDEE 1981.79. Based on that information, what would be the range I should eat around everyday? Thank you so much!

  • Wasted youth?  Yeah, we can spend a lot of time regretting the things we didn’t do or the places we might not get to.  Rather than worry whether I’m going to make it to my destination, I try to recognize that it is making the journey that matters.

  • If you’re not crazy about veggies, you can easily get the nutrients you need by throwing your veggies into a smoothie.
    Kale + spinach + kiwis in a green yoghurt smoothie
    Beet and strawberry smoothie
    Organic spirulina and pineapple smoothie
    And so on

  • I’m sure you’re confusing some people. Vegetables are carbs, so where do you add them? With veggies or carbs? The health and fitness world needs to stop using the word “carbs”
    And who’s gonna use their hand to measure food? Stop it lol
    Just Eat real food stop counting calories, cut out all processed food and added sugar. That’s all there is to it

  • FYI guysAmazon actually sells portion control plates with the portions he’s talking about! It makes it easy for follow what he’s saying. Look it up ��

  • My issue with counting calories is that it is a quantifiable reason to restrict. If I know how many calories I am eating I am more likely to eat less.

  • wait you’re telling me I should be eating 659 extra calories? That’s scary man…I’m scared to transition like what if I gain it all back ahh..I was told 1300 was a good deficit but even if I assume my tdee is lower it’s still 500 calories how did I think 1300 was okay??

  • I dont count calories anymore, i was limiting myself to eating around 1200 kcal however, when i see that i have calories left over i end up binging on junk food. I just eat healthy filling foods until im satisfied and i use this
    AM i actually hungry enough to eat a healthy meal?
    NO Drink some tea/water
    YES Eat a healthy meal

    I have no clue how much calories i eat but now my life doesnt revolve around planning calories or food, instead i focus more on my studies and getting the grades i need. I started doing this after binging for 4 days straight until i was physically sick.

  • This is really helpful thank you:) But there is it… I train 4 times a week (only running about 6km 37-38min). I use myfitnesspal. There my calories for losing weight are 1690.
    I calculated how much should I eat to lose weight(-350kcal) by this site you showed and it is 1704. It is somewhere there. But I dont lose weight from 2 weeks(I maintain or gain)… and I really track everything I dont know what is the problem. Maybe I have adapted and my metabolism is slower now:/

  • This is the healthiest advice I have ever gotten, physically as well as mentally! Thank you so much, my life honestly has been better since watching your video’s and being part of the feminine family <3

  • Thank you girl, but my question is what do I do after losing the weight. I can always lose weight but months later I gain it all back, I’m so tired of trying.

  • Well I started my weight loss journey without knowing this and I was eating around 1,600 2,100 calories a day and I was losing around 2-4 pounds a week. I was happy about it but I was a little concerned since I knew I was supposed to loss 1-2 pounds a week, not 3-4. I just thought since I’m young and active, I’m just losing more weight than I thought. I just figured this out and found out I was eating the amount of calories that I need if I was doing little to no exercise to lose a pound a week, which means I was eating too little. I’m so happy I found this because I want to lose weight the safe way, which is slow and steady and I can adjust my calories since for about two weeks I won’t be able to exercise as much for right now. Thank you������

  • Can u please do a video on gym belts….learnt workouts such as squats and deadlifts without it could shrink your manhood….how true is this????

  • I would love a video on different recipes you like to make. I love pinning different recipes I want to try out especially ones where you took inspiration from different cultures!

  • couting calories is extremely easy:P after a while u will know how many calories are in a certain type of food and approximately how much u can have without even weighing it out.

  • This means I should already be losing weight, but I don’t… My tdee is around 1750 and I eat only 900-1000 calories. I see no weight loss at all… I guess I’ll be chubby all my life

  • This is honestly very helpful:/ I’m a powerlifter in high school and I spent all my junior year restricting and counting calories. I wouldn’t even go out bc I was afraid my friends would want to go eat somewhere that wouldn’t have the calories listed:/

  • i’ve been watching your videos for the past couple of days and you’ve motivated me to not drop so low in calories and instead stick with a 250-500 cal daily deficit. i’ve cycled for years between sticking w 1200 cals/day to quitting in frustration and eating whatever i want bc i’m just so hungry. i’m scared this yoyo-ing might cause irreparable damage to my body so i’m gonna focus on sustainable eating habits and slow & steady weight loss:)

  • Can you please do a full supplement video?!! Like literally explain and show every supplement and/or vitamins or health tablets you take?! Because I’ve watched all your videos and seen some tablets that I’m interested in. But then in other videos you take other ones?! So I was wondering if you take them all together or??? By the way I loveeee your channel❤️❤️❤️

  • I felt like I lost out on fun at university..but then I remember all the special moments. Might be different from the norm but things like breakthroughs in therapy, enjoying the icecream for the first time in ages with friends, daring to go swimming…I think we can look at other people’s lives through rose tinted glasses sometimes.. In short, I practise being grateful.

  • Hi, please help! I have been counting calories for the past 3 months but I had it set at 1,250 calories I did loose a significant amount of weight (18 lbs) but now that I’m seeing this it says that I should actually be eating 1,691 calories a day… I’m so confused.. wouldn’t I end up gaining a lot of weight if I start following the 1,691 calories daily it’s 441 calories more than I’ve been consuming for the past 3 months. Thank you!

  • I need 1 day a week that I can enjoy icecream & chocolate… or fish & chips… and have only that and nothing else for the day. Works fine for me ����

  • This approach includes activity (exercise). So my numbers are av.1,550 calories daily. I will only be exercising 3-4 times a week. Do you still suggest eating 1550 daily? Or 1550 on exercise days and 1300 on non-exercise days? Please help! That is what has got me confused.

  • I know I’m pretty late in seeing this video, but I wanted to thank you so much for showing us this. It really puts me into the perspective that I shouldn’t be scared to eat and that under eating, especially while being a teen, is really not healthy for me. Again, thank you!!

  • I need to count calories or Im too afraid to eat. When Im cutting weight its more horrible. I under eat if I do not count calories. I also overeat to the point of obesity. Its very boring.

  • Idk at 1700 calories a day I can’t lose any more weight, according to the formula my TDEE is 2700 which means i should eat 2200 and still be able to lose weight. Makes no sense

  • I am literally cryinggggg. I needed this so much I used to be 132 pounds and I’m 233 now �� I love your channel and really appreciate you �� God is using you, girl ��

  • Hey! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you tried using Custokebon Secrets? I have heard many amazing things about it and my friend lost crazy amounts of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • I”m really confused now, its probably because I do like zero exercise but my calorie deficit is like 1,100 calories for 500 less and 1,300 for 250 which seems way to low to be healthy. So I’m now just not sure what to do because I want to be healthy and achieve a calorie deficit but I don’t wanna starve myself

  • Calories in always win. Remember that. You can’t lose weight unless you watch your calories. Exercise doesn’t have much effect on weight loss than calorie intake does. Limit sugary foods and drinks and fast food. Good sleep has also been shown to help people lose weight.

  • I just started counting calories but I see and feel that its not the right way for me,It’s already making me feel so bad and I don’t want my life to revolve around numbers so thank you for this video

  • My mom said that i need to lost fat on my waist which i also agreed cause i hate it but she does always bought a lot of sweets and invite me to eat with her.

  • 4:30 so true.. and even the stupid Snickers quote “Eat a snickers..” a friend said to me last week turned in my mind into “Look at you, you’ve already gained weight, you’re not that skinny anymore, you’re lying and must eat junk anyways..” (so disappointing because she’s the person who knows about my problems and usually listens and understands)

  • What do you typically eat in a day and how often do you go on walks? Do you only walk or do you do other exercises too?

    Can you also show what you eat in a day typically or do videos

  • I found your channel last night and gotta say I’m so glad I did, I absolutely adore you and your videos! I love how you give some really down-to-earth tips & advises for women that are very different from what “modern people“ try to fit you into all the time and you’re not afraid to be the different one! Please keep it up <3

  • I’m so sick of my lifestyle I count calories in literally everything I’m always stressed I really hope that I can change, a year ago I was eating 400 calories a day or even less and I lost 10 kg and I’ve gained all the weight back and more now I’m getting obsessed with counting calories again and I know that the same thing is going happen again it’s just a never ending cycle

  • you might really love ballet beautiful workouts by mary helen bowers. she’s an excellent “trainer” that doesn’t bark & the movements are gentle while still being great exercise

  • I need advice:
    I started intermittent fasting a couple months ago, and the first week I dropped 5 pounds. Then over the weekend, I went to Disney and didn’t do my 16/8 fast for those 2 days, and once I started again, I couldn’t lose weight. I still do it for the health benefits, but does anyone know how to overcome the plateau? (I watched some YouTube videos but the tips there did not work)

  • how did you stop? right now i’m pretty deep in counting calories to the point where i’ve become obsessed, and feel really guilty when i go over my daily goal:/ i really want to intuitively eat, please let me know the steps i can take to do this! thank u so much for making this omg

  • I loved calorie counting method. People kept saying ‘you can’t go to McDonald’s if you’re trying to lose weight!’ Really? Because these nuggets are less than 400 calories and I lost 3 pound last week

  • thanks for the good advices, started to implement this routine and lost 12 kg since August 15. The results are visible in the first week were I lost 3Kg. I also did not done any gym, just the normal working and standup routine. Now and being in this for more than a month it become my way of living and by the way I did not lost any muscle. I’m 48 years old and got to the same body I had when I had 38. But will not stop here since still week after week I see results. Next step is to gym a little and see if I can still be in a 24h fasting… Thank you for all your advices!!!

  • Love your channel so much Georgie! Been a subscriber from some time now and I am so happy for you with your growth in happiness, love for your body image, and that your body is back to normal!

  • Does calorie deficit only reduce fat or it also cur our muscle mass?
    If it does cut our muscle, whats the ratio? How much fat vs muscle mass

  • After all those YEARS you made me realize that all this time I was pushing myself to fit societal fitness standards. Obvious enough of course, we all do it but we all believe that at the end of the day, we decide what we want and though it makes sense people get manipulated by these messages, it would never occur to us… I was wrong. I actually intensely pushed myself to work out, I run a lot and went to the gym 4 times a week and I have managed to build this habit. BUT. I’ve realized this is not me, never was, never will. I actually am gonna quit my gym membership and resign to the lifestyle I had as an early teen, before I started pushing myself into fitness. May sound like a negative consequence to some as I, even though I after years that build the discipline for regular high intensity workout, I decide to voluntarily do less. But I believe I am truly starting to find myself now.

  • I myself started out my journey counting calories which for me became obsessive, and stressful. What works for me now is fasting for atleast 14 hours, and having two meals eating Whole Foods keto style diet. I’ve regained my hunger cues, and feel free.

  • Hey There! Thanks for this useful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you tried Custokebon Secrets? I have heard many amazing things about it and my friend lost tons of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • I love how moderate and sustainable these tips are. Like you, I have scoliosis, so I also prefer low impact exercise. I also struggle with eating at night time, so I am going to look into intermittent fasting as well. Thank you! ��

  • Tip to differentiate between hunger and cravings

    If you are wanting a specific food really bad craving
    If you are just wanting to eat because you need to fill yourself hunger

  • OMG i love watching your vlogs! you are so real and just here to help. you are an inspiration and i can’t wait for more videos! It’s amazing to see how hard you work, how hard you work out and you still socialise, eat healtyh. Its just like wow. It can be done and you make excuses

  • There is no need to calculate BMR and TDEE and in reality they are just estimates that can be fairly inaccurate. Calculating calories consumed is what matters but even calculating it isn’t completely necessary if you eat the same type and amount of food every day. Simply eat fewer/more calories than you are currently eating to lose/gain weight.

  • You shouldn’t have to sit down and wonder “what emotions am I feeling” or take 10 minutes to try to figure out what your body is telling you. All my friends and family DO NOT do that. They eat when want to and stop when they want to. Before my Ed I ate with out thinking out it, that’s something that il never have back. Counting calories is extremely disordered in my opinion, but these mind twisting ” am I hungry, am I full” bs sucks too.

  • I’m so confuse my fitness pal tells me I should be eating 1400 cal to lose weight and then I did the calculation that you said and it told me that I have to eat 1869

  • My sister laughed when I told them I was planning to reduce weight with just implementing Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed these people great effects after I used it they’re begging me to share with them about it. Of course I won’t tell them the detail about this diet plan, haha

  • Subscribed, because I am actually putting full effort into losing weight this time. And I’m down 4lbs this week. (I am aware it is probably water weight, but I’ve never seen the scale go down before… only up!!!) this is very informative information and it is very much appreciated ♥️

  • Today’s and yesterday’s video really helped me a lot and the questions that you talked about were/are really relevant for me. I just want to say thank you for that.
    Whenever I watch a new video of yours, I never want it to end and I sometimes rewatch them, because I’m sad that I have to wait for a new one 😉

  • This was one of your best videos!!
    You have such a gift with people. And you can see the passion and care u have. Thankyou so much ur videos are amazing and so helpful xxx

  • Thank you soooo much ma’am this helped me a lot cuz I used to eat 9000-1000 each day but after doing this I got 1,469 and I’m so happy ��

  • I don’t like intense workout too, but my lifestyle doesn’t allow me to move around a lot on a normal day. So I do yoga, and it has really been a positive effect in my life, more than just weight loss. Slowly my poor neck posture is being corrected, and I just feel more at peace and put together everyday.

  • Sorry but this is full of mistakes…. before you post such things you should be much more educated (people are watching including teenagers)… ” I didn’t want to build muscles “. You’re not able to build so much of it, you’re not a guy. You’re just not into working out..it’s fine.

    About the calories: yeah if you’re counting you will lose weight but what about your health? You don’t seem to care about what macronutions you’re adding to your body. It’s not about being skinny, it is important to fuel yourself with the right food. Good luck. I just think that YouTube is full of missleding concepts.. But it’s nice you’ve said that you’re not an expert.

  • so i need to eat about 1000 kcal per day do lose 1lb per week lol i thought i was undereating but it looks like I was doing the right thing

  • All your meals look so bomb too. I wish I had money/space in my fridge for a meal delivery service. I’m a full time college student and I work part time it would be such a lifesaver omg

  • i currently recover from an eating disorder and doing a pretty good job but i want to lose weight but im scared of counting calories

  • I don’t agree with a lot of your perspectives, but I really appreciated your approach to this topic. It was really refreshing. I especially liked when you noted that your feelings were controlling your life rather than you. That perspective was really helpful.

  • My way: I added cardio and do IF.
    Cardio is 40-45 minutes per lifting session (5 days a week) because I put netflix on my phone and do walking on an incline (most shows I watch are 40-45 mins each episode. That’s about 2000 cals per week and I don’t notice because I am catching up on my shows =P

  • So its saying that I should be eating 1700 calories a day, and isn’t that way too high? I usually eat around 1600 a day and I still gain weight no matter what. Maybe I should go back to eating 1000 calories a day because that seems healthier.

  • Yes I notice the Russian women practice self-care consistently, now I am on youtube researching their and other Eastern European women diet and mindset.

  • When one starts his/her fitness journey, counting calories is extremely convenient. Once you get more knowledgeable of your food choices, it is pretty easy to just eyeball food.

  • Liked the video when you touched on having a bigger chest and scoliosis �� I’ve been walking a lot lately but I might have to change my schedule for daily walks for when I get home after 8