4 Common Weight-Loss Pitfalls That cause Putting On Weight


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4 common weight-loss pitfalls that can lead to weight gain

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4 Common Weight-Loss Pitfalls That Lead to Weight Gain. chevron_left PREV: 3 Post-Workout Mistakes and Ho chevron_right NEXT: Grain 4 Common Weight-Loss Pitfalls That Lead to Weight Gain. by Jodi Helmer. May 7, 2019. No Comments. Share i. Weight Loss Strategies; 4 Summertime Pitfalls That Can Lead to Weight Gain and How to Nip Them in the Bud By Kelly Plowe, MS, RDN June 28, 2020 it’s common to find yourself already in comfy clothes and on the couch by 7 p.m.

Summer’s long days and warmer temperatures may lead to you staying out later, and potentially missing a few hours of. Quarantine weight gain: 5 reasons that have nothing to do with food. If you’re dealing with unexplained weight gain, these are some common causes that aren’t about calories. While conditions like underactive thyroid, Cushing syndrome, and polycystic ovary syndrome can lead to unexpected weight gain, diabetes and Crohn’s disease. Roy’s studies showed that going on an 800-calorie daily diet of meal replacement shakes for eight weeks, before returning to more normal eating, led to weight loss.

10 Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes. 12 Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat for Good. 4 Summer Pitfalls That Lead To Weight Gain; Your Weight-Fate Hormone; Q: Will eating after 9 pm cause weight gain?And, to re-state the obvious, if you’re eating more frequently, those excess calories can lead to weight gain. weight loss are common symptoms of Crohn’s lead to weight loss. Like Crohn’s.

The only SSRI to cause some initial weight loss before weight gain was fluoxetine. The average weight gain for Lexapro was less than 0.5 percent. The most significant weight gain occurred in.

Weight gain is a hallmark sign of Cushing’s, but other symptoms include discolored stretch marks, acne, and fragile skin. Depending on the cause, Cushing’s disease can be treated in a variety of ways. Slow and steady weight loss of 1/2 to 2 pounds per week, and not more than 3 pounds per week, is the safest way to lose weight.

Federal guidelines on physical activity (PDF, 14.2 MB) recommend that you get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity (like biking or brisk walking).

List of related literature:

Unintentional weight loss · Significant unintentional weight loss during the few

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A third explanation for increased mortality after weight loss may be that unknown or nontraditional risk factors deteriorate during weight loss.

“Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications” by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
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In addition, weight loss is recommended because a loss of 5% to 10% of body weight can result in significant improvements in blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and plasma lipid and glucose levels.

“Biochemical, Physiological, and Molecular Aspects of Human Nutrition E-Book” by Martha H. Stipanuk, Marie A. Caudill
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There is evidence that sustained weight losses of approximately 10% of initial body weight can lead to significant improvements in modifiable risk factors such as blood pressure, lipids, and blood sugar levels.

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Significant weight loss when not dieting or weight

“Fundamentals of Sleep Medicine E-Book” by Richard B. Berry
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  • so I went on Weight Watchers about a year ago I’ve lost about 80 pounds now I seem to be gaining weight I’ve lost only now 64 lb so I’ve gained some weight seems like I’m always hungry my stomach seems to be bloated please help

  • I have struggled with weight loss all my life and that’s why I took up cycling.  Even with cycling you still have to watch what you eat.  I started at 104.3 kg but weighed in at 80.7 kg this morning.  The free app called My Fitness Pal has been the biggest help. Also, I go the gym for one hour daily and work on a different body part with a view to working each body part twice a week.  YouTube is the best place to find out what to do in the gym.  Always enjoy your videos, keep them coming.

  • I’m so glad I found your videos before my surgery. There’s so much confusing information out there but your advice is the most logical I’ve seen. “It is natural to be hungry. It’s unnatural to be full”

  • 60 yo 90 grams of protein a day, I’m 67 6 foot tall down from 277 to 221. Should I cut that down to 40 to 60 grams of protein, that would be easier to achieve.

  • Dr V my concern is what work life will or could be like after surgery. I’m a massage therapist and plan on returning to work about 7 weeks after surgery.

  • I’m 3 weeks out and I think a ghost or something broke my scale lol but I wish my surgeon was more like you and told me I don’t care about the weight you lose just lose it and I’ll fight for the approval

  • I love you Dr Vuong, I’m going for the sleeve and watching you is very helpful. I’m so happy I found your videos. By the way you are so funny and down to earth, you tell it like it is I appreciate that.

  • The reason why you guys are gaining weight because of you are actually gaining muscles. I currently did the chloe ting’s workout for 2 weeks, i didnt lose any weight but i can feel im getting fit because i can see my clavicle clearly than before

  • Hi! Thank you for the video! I’ve been successfully losing weight for a year now. I’ve lost 30 pounds already but still want to lose 13 pounds maximum. But, the problem is that the same schedule that worked for me all this time, won’t work anymore: I don’t lose any weight anymore while sticking to the same schedule that has worked for me before. This has been the situation for the last 3 months. I can’t eat less because then I wouldn’t eat enough and I don’t want that. I try to eat proteine and try to drink enough water. Do you know what I can do?

  • I was supposed to have surgery 3 days ago, got rescheduled due to a sinus infection. My surgeon is awesome and fit me in, so I’m having surgery in 2 days. Had to extend my pre-surgery diet to 3 weeks �� but I’m determined fucker! ���� Thanks for all the info!!!

  • I love how after that initial f-bomb, the rest snowballed ��. It’s actually an excellent example of how making snacking exceptions will snowball into stretching out your sleeve!

  • This is super real. I appreciate you focusing on a wide range of foods. I think focusing on the pitfalls regardless of the diet was a valuable decision. I enjoy your channel and subscribed a few weeks ago. Thank you!

  • Dr V, I stumbled upon your videos just after having my surgery. Your videos have helped me so much. This video tonight was exactly what I needed!!! I was just tonight telling my husband how I was discouraged because I wasn’t loosing weight like I thought I would. Thank you Thank you, your videos give honest necessary information. I look forward to others. ( I not one that takes to kindly to to the sometimes used language, but won’t hold it against you )

    I am just now 3 weeks post-op. The liquid diet was 7 days before my Sx, and continued for the week after Sx.
    I am enjoying the soft foods now. I have gone out twice since Sx and it absolutely wore me out! Now after today’s video, it makes sense to me. Thanks again!!

  • Dr.V ur amaZing.im only a month post op.and only lost 8 lbs. Is this normal or should I have lost more by now. It’s really depressing me.. can u help me with some kind of answer. And by the way
    Do a seminar in so. Cali. LA OR come to Oxnard calif. There’s alot of people that can benefit from you here. Thank mk about it okay. Thanks