4 Advantages of Going Uphill


How To Run Uphill | Running Tips For Triathletes

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4 Benefits of Going Uphill

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4. YOU’LL BE HAPPIER. This might be the best benefit of all: As if brain and body power weren’t enough, research has shown that hiking can reduce and even help stave off depression. Stanford University scientists found that walking in nature for 90 minutes versus walking for the same amount of time in an urban setting reduces activity in the prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain. 4 Benefits of Going Uphill.

Go for a hike. It’s not only an easy way to rev your heart rate while being friendly to your joints, but research shows it can strengthen your spirit as much as your. On top of that, there are soundness benefits to be had too. By switching up the terrain, pace, and type of riding you do, you are also developing different soft tissues and muscles, which can help to prevent injuries through strain and overuse. 4. Improved Way of Going. How often do you strive to get your horse uphill when you’re schooling?

And at the same time, improve your endurance, running economy and gain such other benefits. While running uphill, you have to work against gravity. You have to lift your bodyweight up the hill. In the process, you work on the muscles of your calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Running uphill is a great way to add speed and train for an upcoming season, race, or to simple get in better shape.

Benefit of Running Uphill #4: It’s safer. Studies are clear and find running uphill reduces the trauma on the knees and overall leg. Your shins will thank you, too, as uphill running can really strengthen the anterior tibialis muscles and help prevent shin splints. Study looks at benefits of uphill, downhill walking Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Walking more downhill or more uphill in an exercise routine can have a differing effect on whether a person is more likely to improve levels of fats in their blood or improve sugar levels in the blood, according to a small but intriguing study presented recently at. Once you start you’ll quickly see those “negative” aspects of running uphill are actually benefits in disguise.

More efficient breathing, stronger muscles and mindset, general improvements in endurance are all rewards that await the uphill runner. Not only is running uphill great for your stamina, but it’s also great for building leg muscles, which helps with your speed. Try this tip: run uphill at full intensity, 10 seconds at a time, to help build leg strength. Downhill does it, too.

Downhill running engages your lower abs and works your quads. Running uphill works all the “back” muscles — the hamstrings, calves, glutes, hips and even the Achilles and small muscles around your ankles and feet. These muscles help propel us and stabilize us.

Hill repeats help build the muscular power of the backside muscles, allowing us to run on virtually any surface. Getting better at cycling uphill requires improvements in both strength-to-weight ratio and technical skill. This article will address technical skills and save the strength-to-weight issue for later.

Let’s start with a few seldom discussed basics of seated climbing and literally go up from there.

List of related literature:

(1) You never need persistence to go downhill, but you always need it to go uphill.

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The faster you go or the more effort it takes (say, for example, you’re heading up a steep hill), the greater the benefits.

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going uphill.

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Uphill, always uphill.

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If you are going uphill, maybe it is tough but you are moving upward toward your goals.

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1) ∙ to start to struggle, to get out of one’s depth, to go into a skid, to start skidding

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You will expend energy and valuable time in your journey, lack control over where you are heading, and experience exhaustion without any accomplishment.

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In some cases you can increase or decrease the workload of particular efforts, as with performing intervals while going uphill.

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You give it all you’ve got going uphill and rest as much as you can going downhill.

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The reason is that a longer effort on the uphill will also take longer to recover from on the downhill, whereas a short, hard burst of power will create a quick burn in the legs, but also allow for a quick recovery.

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  • I agree with engine breaking, but it also depends on the type of the car, the fuel it’s using and it’s general power. I would feel comfortable if my car going down hill would go slower without hiting the breaks, if I don’t do so it keeps going faster and can risk to loose control.
    Thanks for your clear way of explaining things.

  • Love it. Ido it. I’ve been advocating it. feels like a fountain of youth! I do 3 sets of 20 seconds. With 2 minutes rest in between. Thanks for the post

  • I learned to drive stick from your videos. There are plenty of hills where I live in Canada. I always make sure I’m above 2k rpm to avoid lugging the engine. Those narrow roads would give me anxiety though.

  • Is it ok to go to 1st gear on a very steep downhill? For now I stay in second but I feel like I still go too fast and use too much brakes, I’m worried they will overheat.

  • Hi Chris. I have a question which maybe you could answer. What would be your advice on not “jumping the clutch” when changing gear? I mean when you accidentally bring the clutch up too fast after changing gear and car jerks slightly. I make this mistake especially when changing from 1st to 2nd!

  • The hard stuff people don’t want to do it, sprints, planks, isometrics but it’s all the stuff we really should and is so good for us… it’s easy to do slow longer distance run and the curls… respect to those who do it

  • Walter Payton was the one to thank for this. Athletes who would do those hills with him would say that he was crazy and leave before they were done.

  • If you hit these with intensity you can really get tendinitis of the Achilles. Give yourself lots of rest days and when you feel your Achilles twinge back way off for a while.

  • I love this video and it’s informative detail on not only hiit, but hiit hill sprints. I can proudly testify that this method is unquestionably effective.

  • Awesome Video!!! Ive been incorporating hills sprints in my exercise regimen during this quarantine i have seen results in my body composition

  • Passed my test a few weeks ago and my wife complains when I drop a gear downhill. She says I should brake instead. But I prefer engine braking.

  • I run up a lot, but I always feel like when I do that, my achilles tendon get’s a lot more iffy then if I’d just run on a flat course.

  • Thank you so much for uploading this, it’s very helpful. I had a bad experience driving up Wraxall Hill in Somerset and have searched for videos about changing gear up steep hills as I think that was my issue. But now it’s much clearer to me and hopefully I can drive a bit more confidently. =)

  • Such a calming voice, thankyou so much it’s really helped me watching these videos on hills as have real anxiety in going up steep hills. Had problems with a car with electric hand break and auto hold that caused confusion and made me roll back twice.

  • Ahhh that is mount trash more!!! I would love for you to help me train for my upcoming half next year. Hills seems pretty intense but I would love the challenge if it improves my running!!!

  • I find that when im going up a hill I’m changing up a gear then the engine loses too much power and i have to change down again, but a lot of the time it results in me having to completely stop as the clutch is making me slow down too much. Should i just let the engine stress and strain and leave it in a gear that works?

  • Excellent tips. But since he failed to mention how many sets is ideal could any one on this platform with a fair amount of knowledge please tell me how many sets is best for starters?

  • This is the reason why i can drive today. Last december i cannot drive a car not until i found this very helpful video for me to learn more. For me, imagination and experience is a vital point in driving. Thanks World Driving:)

  • Even brisk walking up a steep grade will help you lose weight. Sprints on the flat are a great exercise. Hill sprints are incredibly beneficial. Great video. And bro, you absolutely motor up that hill. Respect.

  • i am 67 years old,freestyle and greco roman wrestler, and i hammer uphill sprints,i find uphill sprints easier than running downhill because i have no brakes anymore on my knees,but running uphill all my main leg muscles are in use

  • I’m learning how to drive manual at the moment and I look at your videos. it actually helps me and it’s really informative and calming. Thanks

  • When I was learning, I didn’t know it is best to be on first gear, especially when you’re going super slow on a steep hill. I thought switching to the second gear and adding more gas would make me go faster and boy was I wrong. I stalled and took 3 minutes to get the car moving off of the super steep hill. This makes so much more sense!

  • Arms 90°pistons out in front, not across the body. Cool, will give this a go tonight. Please give tips on downhill running. My poor knees need your help…… ����

  • This video is so useful! Where I am, there is this really windy hill that I know is on at least one test route. I’ve failed on it already because I didn’t change into a lower gear fast enough, so I ended up stalling, and there was a car behind me. Slightly embarrassing. I’m going to ask my instructor for some more practice on it, just in case. I’m coming up to my third try for a test. Hopefully third times the charm.

  • I’m surprised that GTN has not yet commented about power meter use while running. Haven’t you heard of the RPM2 footbed power meter insoles that measure power when running and cycling? It seems to me that this would provide the metrics you need to quantify running form errors and such. The RPM website is here: https://www.rpm2.com/. As power meters go, they’re near the bottom of the price scale, making them more affordable to athletes than bike power meters. And, of course, bike-only power meters don’t do anything for running. So these footbed power meters that you wear in your shoes seem like they would be a boon to triathletes.

  • I learned this on my own climbing a mountain. Was in 4th car struggled so i shifted into 3rd gained more RPM and shifted back into 4th and it worked.

  • Lol wish it was longer so i could’ve seen the tunnel which has possible pedestrians, dat sounds cool. Also my man, the beckenham website link has error beckenha’n’ i noticed after clicking and seeing webpage unavailable lmao.

  • Need a hill? If you live where it snows in the winter, find out where the kids go sledding. These are some great hills to run in the spring/summer/fall.

  • I’m from country North Carolina where the roads are pretty narrow, but this is insane. Also, I’ve known this, but it’s still a bit trippy watching from this side of the road.

  • For a big dude you fly up that hill. Wouldn’t want to steal your wallet, that’s for sure. And I can imagine your HR blows past 200bpm. Brutal.

  • Great to see more videos from you, Chris! I’m a late starter at 36 years young, but have found your videos really helpful in preparing for my lessons so thank you!:)

  • One of the many things your videos have taught me is how tough it is to drive in England. So many narrow roads, many (parked) cars and endless shrubberies blocking your sight.

  • I went to LaDanian Tomlinsons house while in construction in Poway (San Diego), CA. He had them building a hill made of sand in his backyard for him to do sprints on.

  • I just do it for fun, its makes ya feel good after, and it could come in handy, having to run toward or away from something or someone, burn calories, or any sport your playing.

    and obviously makes ya move better, stronger legs with more power, if your a tradesman, construction owrker, policeman, firefighter, military soldier, etc

  • I drive a manual nearly every day. And i figure its cheaper to pay for brakes than it is a new clutch or transmission, so i use brakes more and low gears less. Also, in some circumstances, if you stay in a low gear with high RPMs for too long, you can overheat your engine. But he’s right about the engine braking effect, sometimes it comes in handy.

  • Hi m watching your videos and learning from Nepal. Do you press clutch driving down the hill while applying brake? Is it ok to release clutch immediately after shifting gear?

  • 2:10 I know that road, my dad got in a panic when I was in 3rd gear and started to change, he though i was going to go for 4th as it was revving a bit, but went for 2nd as you do as it is very steep.

  • Would love a video on hills using cars with auto hold and using electric break. As you have to keep your foot on the break to release hand break ��

  • Very good video. You should try sprinting up hills, that makes your legs much more stronger and helps build calves. It is also a very good trick to help you become a faster sprinter in general����‍♂️

  • Finally went for my test after attempting to start driving again after failing back in Uni and running out cash only to have my instructors cars tire to get a puncture on the way to pick me up >_< and he only had a 50mph spare, hopefully I'll have better luck for my next one. At least it's good to see you're still posting, been watching since 2015/16!

  • For a big dude you deffinatly eat the hill, Awesome stuff!! If you can’t find a steep hill find a car tyre on a rope around your waist, two three times a week, watch your endurance go through the roof…

  • The truth my friend about hills its a of test mental toughness that’s why no one talks about it mental toughness isn’t a learned trait its who you are and the core of who you are … Running hills is one of great separators between the men and the boys between being great or becoming great at everything you do because its about mental toughness … Am a sprinter and now am a retired marine an I still hate the hills but I keep doing because life the gym there all about mental toughness and who has it in them when really counts..

  • Damn, those tight English roads give me anxiety…. Show how long ago those roads were built though, they were tight because it was mainly horse traffic back then, didn’t need to be as wide…. also the reason why the UK drives on the left, to keep your right hand at the ready to grab a sword and defend against oncoming traffic/robberies.

    Here in America we didn’t need to pick a particular side of the road because we had horse drawn wagons by that time where the rider was seated direct center of the wagon, also why our roads tend to be much wider.

  • When I’m a little bit nervous to drive, just watch your videos ^_^ and they make me feel confident and relaxed, because of your nice, and very calm explanations, thanks a lot, and cheers from México!

  • I live in a very flat area and haven’t needed to use engine breaking before in my manual car. We’re traveling to Bavaria and I wanted to make sure I know what to do to stay safe. This is very helpful, thanks so much!

  • I have noticed you are running on your forefoot going uphill. I have participated in trails and a sky race, and was told it would fatigue calves going uphill…and rather use most of the foot each stride. Truth or legend? Thanks.

  • I’ll never forget the first time I convinced my mum to take me on a main road for driving practice and I not only tried unsuccessfully to go up a gear at 10mph on a steep hill but then also tried to prevent the car rolling back by applying the handbrake (which I’d forgetten was in a different place to the one in my driving instructor’s car) without pressing the footbrake, all whilst there was a car right behind us.
    That was probably the main reason why I was only allowed to drive around the carpark at Lancaster University for a good few months afterwards.

  • When I first started hills sprints i remember I puked. That was preparation for my first boxing competition. I dominated all rounds and almost KO,ed my opponent in last round as he was tired and i was still going.. All credit to hill sprints.

  • Thanks GTN, tried the upright short quick step method on a hilly Parkrun yesterday and definitely improved my splits on these sections.

  • My 2.7tdi is extremely sensitive in 1st gear, when i move position just a little bit it makes very sudden moves, and i very often use 2nd gear even when almost standing still because of that, what that may be?

  • There is a 9 story parking garage near my place. Each level has a 75 yard hill with around a 15% incline. I’ll sprint a hill which takes like 15 sec or so, briskly walk to the next one which takes like 30-40 sec, and keep repeating until I reach the last hill on the top level. Then I take the stairs back down to the bottom and repeat the gauntlet. Go through it 3x in 35-40 min.

  • If doing long hills as part of a steady workout, I sometimes watch my HRM and try to get tot he top of the hill within a couple beats per minute of what I started the hill with

  • Thank you for your tips. Very useable & clear.
    I train solo, so having workable advice is helpful. I’m trying to add more hills in my runs, and trying to do it with better technique. Thee are just the tips I needed. Much appreciated.

  • My only question is: You explained to move your knees *upward/forward””. I read that put too much strain on your hip flexors, which in turn use up too much oxygen. All movements of the legs are supposed to be “backwards”. Any thoughts?

  • Just passed my driving test today with 3 minors! Thankyou for all your videos! They helped loads, maybe even better than my own instructor..XD thanks I’ll defiantly still keep on watching!:)

  • I love it!  The only thing I would suggest is how to stretch cause I know those hills will have you walking funny for a few days if you don’t stretch.  Keep going sir

  • Often when people use professional long distance runners and professional sprinters physiques as examples of why not to jog, they are not looking at the full pictures. Both of these are at the top of their fields. Marathoners for instance run at 5:00/mile for a full marathon. That is almost inhuman for most of us. In order to achieve that, we would have to have very low body weight. On the other hand if all you want is to lose some body fat and gain some cardiovascular fitness, you need not run that fast for that long. Jogging can have great health benefits. Why not do both. Sprint and jog, to become a more complete “athlete”. Develop both power and endurance.

  • If this man could make a whole video talking about running hills,You guys could make a video about anything. Whats holding you back?

  • I’m from India and this is honestly so helpful. Such a clear to the point explanation every step of the way. I love how you’re analysing the road and talking out loud about what you’ve observed like okay there’s bend incoming I should probably slow down and stick to second gear. This is the thought process we’re not really taught in driving school and your videos really help. I have my test next week. I hope I pass ❤️

  • Just discovered ur channel its really useful hoping it will help me pass my test not booked yet but hoping too after a few more lessons.

  • Great advice for when you’re changing cars too. Went from passing two years ago in an aygo to an audi a3 and the difference in having to change your driving styles is crazy. I kept stalling when i got back in the aygo ��
    I might have oassed but i still love your channel

  • Winner of a video, I’ve been looking for “how to run faster and longer instantly” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Ralebney Running Recoilless (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy got cool success with it.

  • I’ve heard that a 90mm high rear wheel is faster than a full disc wheel in real life(so on roads instead of a windtunnel). Can you guys test that? A 90mm isn’t as heavy as a full disc, and when the wind comes from the side, it doesn’t catch the wind as much, so it is possible, but on the other hand, when wind is coming from straight ahead, it is less aerodynamic as well….

  • To All you couch potatoes who watch these vids but never get off the couch. GET OFF THE FUCKING COUCH! AND PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT!!! I am a older guy who puts a 70 pound back pak on and runs uphill for a hour. Some times i stop running but keep a good waking speed going. If i can do this every day then you younger people can do it. STOP EATING FAST FOOD!!! It gets easier the more you do it till you look forward to doing it. Yes you feel so much better that its like a drug but a good for you drug. Start today and do not put it off. PEACE OUT!!!

  • The real question is how do you do those mini teleportations between music beats? I prefer running uphill….hurts my knees to run downhill for longs periods of time.