37% Of Vegetarians Eat Meat When Drunk


Watch what happens when you feed meat to a vegetarian

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VEGAN Eats MEAT Prank on Girlfriend! *she breaks up with me*

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Over a Third of Vegetarians Eat Meat When Drunk!

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Vegetarians Like To Eat Meat While Drunk

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Vegans Try Dairy For The First Time

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Watch a vegetarian eat meat for the first time in 22 years

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Vegans Try Meat For The First Time

Video taken from the channel: Facts.

So, according to the results of a new survey of a well-known source on vegetarian eating habits, 37% of vegetarians eat meat every time they get drunk on a night out. Another study from the Humane Research Council shows that 5 out of 6 Americans who claim vegetarian will eventually revert back to omnivorous eating. That means they are going to eat meat Like we’re NOT. Vegetarians of the world: You lie!

A new survey has discovered that 37 percent, about one-third of vegetarians, stoop to eat meat when they’re drunk. Probably because greasy meat is the absolute best thing in the world to put in your body when you have had one too many. Not only are aggressive vegans apparently boring everyone into eating meat, but now research has found that many vegetarians give up after a few pints. The survey of 1789 British vegetarians. Vegetarians are drunk-dialing an old flame: meat.

A new study reveals that 37% of animal-shunning eaters have a cow (or a chicken or a pig) when they’ve been drinking. And 34% said they do it every. A poll of 1,789 vegetarian Brits found that 34 percent of them admitted to eating meat every time they get drunk, and 37 percent of those responding say it’s happened at least once.

They aren’t. The survey of 1,789 Brits who claimed to be vegetarians found that 37% of the respondents admitted to eating meat after having too much to drink. The survey by the discount website VoucherCodesPro. To this, over a third of respondents (37%) admitted that they did so. The remaining 63% of respondents were adamant that they never ate meat when drunk.

Following on from this, respondents who had. The top 5 meats for vegetarians to eat when drunk were: Kebab meat – 39% Beef Burgers – 34% Bacon – 27% Fried Chicken – 19% Pork Sausages – 14%. A third of so-called vegetarians eat meat when they are under the influence of alcohol, a survey has found.

One in three have also said they eat meat every time they were drunk on a night out with. Around 39 per cent said they ate kebab meat when they were under the influence, while 34 per cent said they opted for beef burgers. Twenty-seven per cent of ‘vegetarians’ said they ate bacon, with.

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  • He went vegan cause he wanted to be healthy it’s not all the time because of animals now come at me with those butthurt vegan comments saying “Shut up animal murderer”

  • Them Bragging: yeah, I’ve been a vegetarian for about five years now.

    Me, who was raised a vegetarian and has never eaten meat in my life:
    Though you sit in the council, we do not grant you the rank of master.

  • Living things feed from other living/former living things. Life isn’t an episode of existence where you can go and not kill others to survive. Ever driven a car? Well, you’ve killed willingly and unwillingly. In order for life to exist, other living things must be sacrificed. Being vegetarian/vegan because you say you “love/respect” animals/life is ignorance and perhaps hypocrisy. I know not every “animal protector” thinks they are pure and full of love but in my travels most of them follow madmen who tell them what to feel, what to think, how to react, how to live. Please deeply rethink your beliefs and don’t let others influence in your vegetarianism/veganism.

  • It may be hypocritical, but its factually correct. If you dont like feeling bad for your food choices, dont make immoral food choices. Just cause the person lecturing you does it as well does not change the morality behind it.

  • I’m Vegan and don’t drink. Not drinking is part of the general health I maintain, of which the Veganism is also a part. Heck, I use grape juice for ceremonial purposes. I won’t drink wine unless it’s organic and vegan and those are pretty rare. Hard liquor is totally out of the question.

  • Guys you have to understand Emma was more mad about the fact that I was eating meat behind her back for 5 years rather than the fact I was eating meat. Hope you guys understand! <3

  • He’s got a sense of humor about it, she reminds me of a protester blocking off restaurants cause they serve meat. People like her give the vegans a bad rep.

  • She said there is so much chewing for the burger and I am like “girl, have you ever eaten a carrot? Fruits and vegetables require much chewing than meat in my opinion.

  • Everyone coming at the one year old vegetarian need to stop �� when you don’t eat meat for that long (a year is a lot) ur body adapts that way. I didn’t eat chicken for like 4 months and when I finally ate it it didn’t taste as good as it used to �� sadly chicken was my fav but I’ve limited it now bc if that 4 months.

  • As someone who was born into a strictly vegetarian family, I can tell you that there is no natural urge among humans to eat meat.

    Most lifelong vegetarians who have never tasted meat, feel disgust (comparable to what a meat eater would think about say, eating a dog or snake or cockroach). You’d have to force them to eat meat.

    Not making a value judgement, just saying that the urge to eat meat not something that you are born with. For those who have never eaten it, that urge is not present at all, rather quite the opposite is present.

  • HOW THEY GONNA GIVE THEM RAW YOGURT you gotta put something in it or get them that strawberry yogurt or somethin not just plane yogurt OMG

  • Yeh right first time really honestly, I bet she’s eaten vegan sausage, oh you know the sausage that tastes like meat but isn’t actually meat, so she probably likes the texture of meat and the uncanny taste of fake meat, funny that, it’s a shame that all the plants she eats don’t all taste like meat, vegan my arse

  • Guys let’s be honest vegans have a passion fornot eating meat so he can’t be vegaen without even arguing with the people who gave him the food so he is a fake

  • Your Theatre suffered body part you know they killed each every animal for mass murder animals they’re being slavery you know that right

  • THANK YOU for not offering real dairy ice cream to vegans. They should remain vegans so that there is more ice cream for the rest of us.

  • These people aren’t fucking vegan, you don’t just sell out for money like this. FUCK YOU, and FUCK BUZZFEED fucking animal abusing pieces of SHIT

  • 2:33 She sounds like a cool witch…

    But if she was cool..like SERIOUSLY savour it your bland taste buds should be put in boiling oil

  • 1:30 “Just doesn’t seem like food” is what she says about the thing humans have been eating for hundreds of thousands of years…
    Jesus christ how stupid can you be.

  • Apparently the commenters here lack a sense of humor more than they lack taste buds.

    Jesus flipping Mary, as if the metal soundtrack couldn’t fucking slap you in the face that this is a joke.

  • Milk taste test: white and greasy
    Yogurt taste test: can’t chew, like feet and okay
    Cheese taste test: gross, happy to not eat
    Butter taste test: strong flavour, delicious and sour
    Chocolate taste test: nice, melts in mouth

  • I feel like they purposely give them the nastiest version of these things to get that reaction from them. Like if they gave them key lime pie flavored yoplait or something, maybe they’d like it more?

  • im happy this only has 4k more likes than dislikes, this leads me to believe that there are quite a few people with functioning brain cells

  • I’m a vegetarian, everyone is saying ‘all the non-meat eaters getting triggered’
    Um I’m perfectly fine with this, it just isn’t a choice I would make. You do you, don’t let anyone change that. You’re entitled to your opinion and how you eat/what you eat. I don’t hate meat-eaters, just eating meat isn’t a thing I would do. I can happily sit and watch people eat, as long as I don’t have to eat it myself. The comments section is like the civil rights movement for black people.. meat eaters claiming we are the assholes and we are butthurt slobs and then they go and gang up on a vegan/vegetarian stating their opinion. Come on, people. As a society, we are better then this…

  • I’m a vegan how are you a vegetarian if you’re eating meat Imagen you eating someone what s the the difference because we’re animals to

  • why as a vegan would you consent to doing this, this literally goes against veganism stands for especially the fact it’s being done for entertainment purposes

  • I was curious if there were long time vegetarians trying meat so I looked it up but all I can keep thinking is “I really hope they didnt feel pushed or forced to change a lifestyle they’ve followed for years” AND IM A MEAT EATER! I love bacon and sausage. But watching some of these especially this one makes me feel like they are doing something they really don’t want to for the sake of entertainment

  • This is rly dumb ur gf will leave u if u eat chicken what a Maniac

    5 years together and she would leave u for chicken WTF is her problem
    Ur rly should leave her Bec she is not respecting u

  • They’re so stupid….
    when they eat vegan yoghurt they probably think it’s good but WHEN IT’S NOT VEGAN then it’s bad:////(sorry for bad english)

  • I got drunk and never ate meat ‘vegitarians’ who eat meat when they are drunk subconcously want to eat meat. Sorry about the bad Grammar in advance

  • I am vegetarian and tbh meat tastes so good. Like I absolutely loved to eat meat. Both meat and dairy products tastes good (well most people thinks so). I chose not to eat meat, mostly cuz I feel bad for the animals (also CO2 emission)…but there is nothing wrong with being vegan, vegetarian or a carnivore…However, everyone except the guy with the blue hair are exaggerating sooo much. Why do they always chose the weird vegans/vegetarians for these videos. Istg most of us are normal��

  • I became vegetarian after 9 years old and after 17 years I tried a chicken for the first time and i just kept on chewing for 5 minutes and then spit it out. I just couldn’t swallow it.

  • bro animals die and that is not how they get killed they get killed in a very nice and fast way and you can have heaps of diffrent types of meat and the cats can it chicken by th way it is good for them

  • I think vegans might kill a vegan because he returned to eat meat again
    just chill out ������
    a person is free to eat what he/she wants

  • I don’t want to eat meat as it can stay in your stomach for up to 4 days, lions and such eat meat raw but dispose of it within the day so the carcass is not releasing toxins into your body. Doctors suggest that red meats may lead to colon cancer and other cancers of the digestive tract. The digestive tract in wild carnivores are much shorter and more densethey can eat raw foods. Our tract is much longer and our stomach acids are weaker.

    But… I will not pass up a good turkey dinner… or bbq.

  • i bet they gave them some nasty stuff like regular greek yogurt, or like 2% milk or something. or they’re being stupidly overdramatic

  • bruh ik i’m late but she needs to grow tf up if her “bf” (use to be bf) wants to eat whatever he wants THEN HE CAN EAT WHATEVER TF HE WANTS. i respect vegans but not her��

  • I genuinely think vegans are the worst humans alive. They straight think they’re the most humbled people in the entire world, simply because they refuse to eat meat?

  • Emma is the living embodiment of a one dimensional cancerous person. There’s this thing called ecology where some organisms eat plants and then they get eaten by other animals for the BALANCE of the ecosystem otherwise it would fall apart based on 2 possibilities. 1. If all the animals ate plants then eventually the food source would be gone which would cause a massive amount of animals to die 2. Over population from a specie’s natural competitive advantage which in turn leads to death nonetheless. Eating meat is part of the balance but here’s the thing that I can agree on about vegan believes, but it has nothing to do with the fundamental slaughter. It has to do with methane gas emissions on the environment so if people didn’t eat meat everyday but in moderation then the world will be a more symbiotic/ efficient place in the means of consumption in nutrition. Vegans will never win and they are irrational if they think living in La-La land where nothing kills is healthy for the ecological system.

  • Vegans and vegetarians hurt animals too. Y’all ain’t better than us. You bastards are making those animals suffer. At least we end it quick and painless

  • The veggies and vegan things she eats come from roots and trees and thinking about it those trees and roots you’re eating from are plant like bodies so in actuall fact you’ve been eating life and bodies just not ones with meat,blood and minds and other body parts

  • I love love love love meat ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • ………..yeahhhhh, did the producers of this video ever consider that if any of these women really liked any kind of meat they wouldn’t have become vegetards in the first place…….

  • Give his ass a beef Wellington, or a filet mignon, then see if he’s singing the same tune.

    I mean the crap that they gave him is like giving steamed, mushy carrots and peas to a meat eater and then saying to them, “are you sure you don’t miss vegetables?”.

  • I don’t understand the point of being vegan just cause you care about the animals when the same amount of animals are dying and if you don’t eat it your wasting it so…?

  • Becoming veggie is not good enough. If they want to do it for the animals they should go vegan they are still contributing to the diary industry

  • Well duh. Usually when you’re drunk, you tend to not make the best choices. You wouldn’t be thinking about your morals when you’re drunk.

  • The girl with red/orange hair is reconsidering her life decisions �������� and she doesn’t seem like she’d force her diet on people

  • Im vegetarian but i really want this canned chilli we have had in the cabnite we dont have the ingredients for chilli so ima eat it because we dont have anything else but pasta and ceral but no milk

  • Being a non vegetarian is against my Hindu religion. Being in a Brahmin caste makes its even more strict. But many brahmin still eats meat, I believe it’s their choice. My parents and siblings are also pure vegetarian. For me being vegetarian is not about religion or environmental protection. My family will not stop me if I become a non vegetarian. They are very liberal. But for me being vegetarian is something spiritual. I can’t eat meat because I can’t kill those innocent animals. Some people says non vegetarian is very delicious. But I can’t even think of killing some animals to pleasure my mouth. Being an Indian I have different varieties in spies and sweet food. And I love my country vegetarian food varieties.
    But recently I found out that being vegetarian is beneficial for environment. So I cold drink cheers ��to that. (Cause I also don’t drink)

  • Fuk that man is not vegetarian for sure. I’d gag on stuff like that even If its the fact that I’ve tasted stuff like that when i was a kid.

  • Well obviously he doesnt like it… just by the look of the food you can tell its american… and they don’t know good food, education, cars or how to treat veterans

  • European vegetarian’s like, mehhhh, I don’t miss meat. Then they give him bacon �� and he changes his toon. Then he gets a burger �� and he’s like, can I get some more? ���������� Humans aren’t meant to be vegetarians.

  • I never ever drink alcohol and when I’m invited to special parties/events I do drink the glass of wine they offer when making the toast. Does that make me break my anti-alcohol vows? A vegetarian can’t eat meat on rare occasions? Definitely sounds like some religion. Do they secretly worship The Cow?

  • Everytime i see a video of vegans eating meat for the first time in years they look so confident while eating it or before eating it..everytime i come near meat or smell it makes me feel so weird and i avoid it at all costs..i feel like they betray us but not really..it makes me feel weird

  • everyone in the comments: She is a toxic vegan and over controlling as a girlfriend
    Me: i am like wtf you eat plants that give you air to live. No way it is not bad but i felt insulted because i eat meat so i can not actually talk to her in person Gosh

  • People being frustrated with vegans don’t get that after not eating dairy, those things will taste off because you are not used to them anymore.

  • “Meat doesnt taste anything” u think that vegetables taste more? “This is not even food” what you think humans have ate for thousands of years.

  • Vegetarians need to stop calling themselves they when they are being vegans

    But yeah damn straight the burger and bacon is what he likes

  • dude quit all your yapping and complainings. Cave men back then didn’t just eat berries and veggies. They actually went out to hunt animals to provide for the family. We are true omnivores being able to enjoy both sides of eating.