3 Weight Reduction and Diet Strategies for Your Pet


Nutrition tips for weight loss, dogs and lazers (1-3-15)

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No Fat Dogs! How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

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Herky’s Weightloss Journey | From Curvy to Lean | Tips for dogs to lose pounds

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3 Surefire Tips To Lose Weight With Your DOG Without Exercise!

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Obesity and Body Scoring Dogs. Tips for Weight Loss

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Tips for Losing Weight. Try these tips to help your dog shed pounds and get healthier. Exercise more. Exercise burns calories and reduces appetite. Take him for an extra walk or start a game of.

So Your Dog Won’t Eat: Should You Worry? When loss of interest in food is a cause for concern. Obesity. How to Put Your Pooch on a Diet Experts offer tips for helping your dog shed excess weight. Exercising With Your Dog How to get your dog.

We think the best dog food for weight loss has got to be Dr. Tim’s Weight Management Metabolite Formula.This diet is formulated by a renowned canine nutritionist with the perfect balance of low fat, fewer calories, and quality proteins and fiber to get your pup to lose weight. So, get your dog moving.

Take a walk. Run. Play fetch.

Swim. Climb the stairs. Provide at least 30 minutes of brisk exercise every day to facilitate weight loss.

How to Monitor Your Dog’s Weight Loss. How to recognize if your dog is underweight, reasons why dogs may lose weight, and how to get a dog to gain weight with some tips for healthy weight gain. Sometimes, when it comes to weight loss for dogs, the answer is easy: reduce calories, increase exercise, and BOOM—the pounds come off. Other times, it isn’t so simple. If you have had.

Higher Fiber and Lower Fat. Diets higher in fiber and lower in fat promote satiety. A study by Royal Canin found that this combination helped prevent begging in 83 percent of the dogs in a.

Vets recommend 10% fat for weight loss and it should come from high-quality sources. Dietary Fiber. In addition to supporting healthy digestion, the fiber in your dog’s diet can help it to feel. Controlling and reducing the number of calories your dog consumes, can help them start losing pounds at a healthy and regular pace.1You can figure out how many calories your dog should. If your dog is 15% over that ideal weight, your dog is obese.

Zero to 15% is considered overweight. 3 Tips to Help Your Dog Lose Weight. Alright, whether your dog is obese, overweight or whatever you want to call it, it’s time to get down to business.

Here are the 3 main ways to help your dog’s weightloss. Doggie Diet.

List of related literature:

Be aware that these products may in fact be higher in calories and fat, and may cause weight gain in pets that should be maintaining or losing weight B. AAFCO guidelines indicate that only products that meet the following ME/kg can use the term light on their label 1.

“Mosby's Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians E-Book” by Monica M. Tighe, Marg Brown
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Veterinarians frequently recommend weight-loss diets for diabetic dogs.

“The Ultimate Pet Health Guide: Breakthrough Nutrition and Integrative Care for Dogs and Cats” by Gary Richter, MS, DVM
from The Ultimate Pet Health Guide: Breakthrough Nutrition and Integrative Care for Dogs and Cats
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Initially, the dog was not losing weight, but now she has quit eating and is losing weight.

“Xie's Veterinary Acupuncture” by Huisheng Xie, Vanessa Preast
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This is helpful to the dog’s emotional health (through stress reduction), and physical health (once the owner has the tools needed to walk/live with the dog successfully, the dog will get more exercise and the weight will begin coming off)!

by Grisha Stewart, M.A., CPDT-KA
Dogwise Publishing, 2016

Note that the dog shows some evidence of moderate weight loss, which is the most consistent clinical sign in dogs with EPI.

“Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine eBook” by Stephen J. Ettinger, Edward C. Feldman
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Work out exactly how many calories your dog needs to lose weight and how much to feed; otherwise, you will waste time and money and still have a less than healthy dog at the end of it.

“Pet Lover's Guide to Natural Healing for Cats and Dogs” by Barbara Fougere
from Pet Lover’s Guide to Natural Healing for Cats and Dogs
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Although the fiber helps your dog feel full on less food and a lower fat content helps her lose weight, other weight-loss options usually are healthier.

“Chihuahuas For Dummies” by Jacqueline O'Neil
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This approach should be used only in animals that are otherwise healthy on initial clinical evaluation, and the owner should provide dry food ad libitum and weigh the dog daily to monitor for loss of body weight.

“Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Disorders in Small Animal Practice E-Book” by Stephen P. DiBartola
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Weight loss or weight control for a dog with osteoarthritis should be stressed to the owners.

“Small Animal Surgery Textbook E-Book” by Theresa Welch Fossum
from Small Animal Surgery Textbook E-Book
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Decide what your dog’s ideal weight should be and feed two meals a day, together totaling approximately the amount shown below—a little less if your dog is inactive, a little more if it’s active.

“Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats” by Richard H. Pitcairn, Susan Hubble Pitcairn
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  • Great Video! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you considered Ariamon Aquarius Agamid (just google it)? It is a smashing one off guide for learning some healthy recipes for your dog food minus the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my close friend Aubrey at very last got excellent success with it.

  • I’m trying to help my dog, she has become obese and only hobbles, she won’t walk and seems to be sick, she is in so much pain that she bit my mother after she tried to separate her and my male younger average weight puppy Neapolitan mastiff she is a bullmastiff

  • Amazing!! Thanks so much for this Video!! My Dog is about 8lbs over weight and this Video has taught me how to help him. Now he is on a Perfect Diet with the Perfect weight!!

  • Love miltons collar! It really suits her! Also our vet said that Lacey “could do with losing a little weight” and we didn’t know she needed to lose at least 4kg (8lbs)! Its good Herky has lost her weight, she will be a lot fitter and happier for it. I knew a calvaliar which weighed 16kg (35 lbs!) he was tall for a cavaliar but definatley overweight!

  • My boy is 6 months and already 22 pounds. He was the biggest of his litter and his dad was big as well. The vet says he is a healthy weight though and he looks fit.

  • Please don’t listen to this that doberman is over weight, the dachshund is obese and Rocky is dying/ emaciated. Dobermans are supposed to be slimmer you should see the first 2-3 ribs on a dog but there should be muscle when you touch the body.

  • my service dog lola needs to lose 5 pounds i changed her over to wet dog food today and i want her to build a bit of muscle because she is a chihuahua pitbull mix (she was adopted and thats when the shelter said) i try to exercise her as much as i can but i am overweight and my knees hurt very badly when i try to walk and depression dosent help either ive been doing counseling and taking meds i am getting alot better and my father is back home after 2 and a half years and when hes off of work we go walking a little bit with lola i am trying my best walk more and more and get us exercise lola isnt hugely obese just a bit overweight because my grandpa free feeds and ive been fighting with him for years

  • My dachshund chihuahua mix is 14 pounds (I think she’s lost a few pounds) and she needs to be 7 pounds, I got a special diet from her vet and I’ve been giving her carrots instead of treats when I train her, she hasn’t been losing much weight though����‍♀️we’ve also been taking her for 3+ long walks a week.

  • Pet obesity is definitely a very concerning issue as more and more pets have become overweight over the years. Causes of weight gain in pets can vary from age, gender, feeding habits to lack of exercise. However, I think the most important step of fighting against pet obesity is for people to recognise that chubby pets are not cute. Many people are aware that their dog or cat is ‘big’ but it is because of this misconception that they keep feeding too much and let them develop all kinds of illnesses. With a passion for animal and the determination to make changes to this problem, I have created a media campaign called ‘Obesity Ain’t Cute’ aiming to raise awareness on pet obesity and encouraging pet owners to make changes in feeding practice. My blogs contain information about pet obesity, and also tips and tricks to help pet loose weight. If you are interested, please visit
    Website: https://fitandhealthypetsofaustralia.wordpress.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/obesityaintcute/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/obesityaintcute

  • one of my 4 dogs is obese and I have hesitated going to the vet because I know they are going to make me feel bad about letting her get that way. i’m going to take your advice and start feeding her less food, beans, carrots, apples and take her out for as much exercise without exhausting her. thanks for you great videos. i love watching them.

  • You need to learn about properly tracking macros or else you’ll go crazy from restricting yourself all the time from foods you really like

  • I read your book and it’s really great.  About this video, I have to disagree with your recommendation about adding canned chicken broth as a  flavor boost.  Many canned broth recipes list “onion juice” or “onion concentrate” as an additive and onions often cause digestive problems in dogs, at least it does in my dog.  My dog gets a  severe  case of loose/bloody stool from straining to defecate when chicken broth is used to prep home food recipes.  Just my observation

  • I love your advice!!  I think my dog has put on her winter weight…Because of mommy hating the SNOW…I feel terrible, but it’s getting warmer and we are going to condition together really soon, spring is coming!  Thanks Dr. G!!

  • Thank you, my vet just told me my cocker spaniel needs to drop 5lbs in the span of 6 months, hes a little too chunky. A great tip she gave was measuring out his food and each week cutting back 1/4 cup until it’s the right amount of food and changing him to a weight loss food formula. Also low impact sports surprisingly, like walks or swimming. I knew he was little chunky but never thought it was so serious. I’m she explained the issue and how to help. Definitely everyone should talk to their vet about their specific dog.

  • My dachshund is 22 pounds now. He’s still active but I’m terrified that he’s gonna get bad back problems one day. I really want to help him lose weight but my girlfriend loves giving him treats all the time and gives him lots of dry food every morning. I don’t know how to tell her to stop feeding him scraps.

  • Thank you this video really helped me. I adopted 2 stray dogs in febuaray at 5 years old one was already very fat. We took them to the vet again today and my one dog sparky is 10kg overweight. Her lungs and heart are very bad. She needs to lose atleast 8kg in 6 weeks otherwise she will be in great danger with a heart attack. Im going to try use these methods to help her.

  • My wiener dog has been gaining lots of weight lately and I haven’t changed her meals at all. I assumed it just has to do with her aging because she is a senior dog. She runs around in the backyard like no tomorrow. I don’t understand what could be making her gain weight all of the sudden

  • Hi I have a 5 year old male Maltese who is way overweight! He is 17 lbs and needs to weight 7 lbs! I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING! I have walked him almost everyday, given him a good amount of food! He does lay around a lot but he gets up every now and then. He does visit a vet but our vet doesn’t tell us what we should do! PLEASE HELP CHLOE!!!!!

  • i love your dogs so much…t losing weight, do you think that by feeding herky some foods with fiber, perhaps feeding her some fruits & veggies, it might help

  • Good for her! You and your dogs have such a wonderful bond, I hope I have one as great as yours with my (hopefully soon) future Cavalier. <3

  • Awesome, really helped me grasp my dog’s healthy proportions better. Learned something today, and also I feel more confident. Thanks

  • This video is really inspiring and useful. I have two cavaliers, the younger one is very fit, but he isn’t trueborn, so that’s why he’s so small and looks like puppy although he’s almost five years old. The older is eight years old and she really quickly got overweight after she had to stop doing agility due to health reasons. She weighs about 24 pounds and I would like to start doing something about it. Your video showed me that it’s possible and the results are awesome ��

  • I needed this thank you! Your dogs are gorgeous, they look so healthy… I have two cavaliers, similar story…we have gone raw too with great results..bad treats now gone and learning to ignore the ‘I’m starving’ look!!!! You’ve inspired me to keep going with it with the older one that also looks like a potato �� ����

  • I came here to watch cute dogs and now I just feel inferior listening to him talk about his 6 meals each day when I’ve eaten a tuna sandwich and some Easter chocolate and its already 9 at night and yea I need too eat healthier

  • How many times to you fed them? Also does it matter if you don’t get the fish one? Because I can’t find it all I see is the red meat one.

  • Ugh ppl are always telling me my dog is overweight and big. And I ignored it for so long. Then the vet told us she was 3 pounds (at least) over weight. They said this is about 30 pounds in human weight. Now I feel so guilty that she’s overweight and I feel so bad for my baby

  • This is an amazing story, and if you liked this, i hope you can help me with my obese dog, coco. For just $1-2, you would be helping Coco pay for her surgery. Make sure to also spread the word to your friends and family and tell them the same! Thank you. Heres the gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-my-dog-coco-beat-obesity-by-getting-surgery

  • I have a one year old cavalier and a 9 month old cavalier and they weigh 23 pounds cavaliers are the best dogs ever and are so cute

  • I have a Cav as well and he’s currently 35 pounds:/ I watched your video and it helped a lot! Hoping Max can become healthy weight!!

  • heya there guys..
    honestly i guess i should be suprised or anything but..my king charles wights 22 kilograms..we walk every day,actually no,we run everyday! He literally walk whole day long,and somehow he cant lose any kg.

  • Vet also never told me my yorkie was overweight. I changed her portion accidentally when I changed her brand (of raw food) and she dropped weight. When we went for a check up I mentioned how she had dropped about a kilogram (she’s only 3,2 kg, so 1kg is a lot) and vet said “She’s at ideal weight now. She was pudgy before. I had made a note of that in her file.” So she’d made a note but never said anything to me. Maybe because I also don’t take criticism well…

  • My buddy is a cocker spaniel and at 33lbs, vet told me he needs to drop around 5lbs so this video definitely helps. I want my boy to be healthy and live as long as possible so I’m going to work on his diet

  • My 1st Cavalier Lady was slightly smaller than Rorie a Working Cocker Spaniel. Lady was much taller than your Herky. I got her in 92.

  • Very similar to your experience my Cavvy is overweight now.:( I’m changing foods to this brand! Do rotate flavours or stick to the fish?

  • Good for you for being proactive! I’ve had two Cavs (my sweet Lexi died last year from CHF at age 11 ��). My Katie is now almost 14 and has been between 13-15 lbs her whole adult life and I swear it’s due to feeding raw and portion control. She’s also heart clear! ��

  • Hello, my TRI cavalier is about 8kg and 19 months old. We found she put a lot of weight on after desexing.
    I gave her Royal Canine puppy till 10 months then switched to Adult. Now she dosen’t eat much of it, the vet told me to give her cooked chicken or beef she spits out the vegetables or rice when I add them. I cant seem to find out how much chicken or beef they should have a day. Tried Barf( Bones and raw food ) but she wouldn’t eat that.
    I am conscious of Willows weight, I can still feel her ribs and she gets a 3 klm walk in the morning and twice a week a run with our on our bikes so reasonable exercise. Will look for freeze dried food here in Tasmania and try it out, thank you.

  • Looking good Herky! ��

    Our second Cavalier (rescued) weighted about 30 lb. That was 2 years ago. Now Lotta is weighing about 20 lbs.

    Her energy levels are sooo high nowadays. ❤️

  • What do I do if my dog is obese and I don’t have time to walk him but my parents do but they give him leftovers but I tell them not to they are realy stubborn if you comment on this they would see I am not over reacting he is a golden retriever 80-90 pounds

  • Thank you for this video. A lot of cav owners are struggling with this. Your info and encouragement is much more helpful than all the shaming going on from other owners. I am working with polo cutting down the treats and encouraging less time on the couch!

  • I would hope that the amount fed to this dog who does look great especially for an 11 year old Lab is of a caliber of high protein, good (medium amounts of) fats, and very low carbs (as well as veggies, good oils, vitamins, minerals and some type of pro/prebiotic?.. But,   I am no nutritionist for dogs; however,  I wonder whether the amount  (shown in the video) would give him enough nutrients to be healthy even though he looks wonderful.    Or does it depend on the type of kibble too?   I wish there was a video about how to find out what the measurement amounts would be for different breeds, and what dog foods were the best for them.  We are looking at Ketona (a new dog kibble that is very low in Carbs.) And I would like to know if the food she is using is Ketona, for her dog, or something similar?  There are not many kibbles out there with very low carbs and high proteins and good fats.  I do believe everything she and others say about how harmful obesity is for dogs (and humans.)

  • My Dogs eats what ever makes them HAPPY! What 15 to 25 years old that’s all they live for and you people put them on MISERABLE DIETS & Yes you know as good as I ALL DIETS SUCK! My dogs live a full life and a happy one you go ahead and have a miserable dog for it’s sad life to make you feel better! that’s so sad. Dogs don’t live long enough to really worry about there figure and it’s rare,… RARE! That it’s a health reason so many unhappy animals!

  • Hi Thanking you for sharing your video on your little fur babies feeding. Can you say how you feed them when they waken in the morning. do you feed them straight away? Do they drink straight away,and how many times you feed them daily. Can you say what they eat and drink and treats from rising in the morning till sleeping on a daily routine. Thanking you so much. I too have a little Cavalier.

  • Omg I totally believe in the freeze dried raw foods! Lily, my cavalier was super picky too and only ate fully the freeze dried raw foods. Just a pain rehydrating it but it totally was worth it. I’m glad herky was able to loose the weight and be healthy now.

  • Jake, this comment is in reply to something Ella said in the vlog. She asked if eggless eggs are a thing, and believe it or not, it’s actually a thing. Just wanted to let you know that there is in fact a vegan version of eggs, so yay for fun fact of the day!!!

  • Wow, that’s such a big weight loss! Good on Herky, she looks great! I know some cavaliers are just bigger and it’s not weight. Like they’re just big boned and built differently I guess? I wonder sometimes how big my little girl is going to be. I worry a lot too! She’s my baby after all c: I worry that she’s too skinny and then I flip and worry she’s too chunky! But she seems very healthy to me. She’ll be 10 months tomorrow and she’s just a few ounces under 14 pounds. So that sounds like a lot to me after hearing about Herky’s weight! But my girl is very active, always running, and she eats so slow and sparingly. She has been free fed since I got her at 9 weeks but she stopped wanting to eat her puppy food about 3 months ago and preferred my mom’s dog’s adult food! It’s good quality adult food so I don’t think it’s harmed her at all. My vet has also said that she’s a healthy weight and that she’s just on the larger side of cavaliers. Anyways! Your dogs are absolutely lovely! I’ve been watching your videos since before I got my girl and now she enjoys seeing Herky and Milton on screen as well!! ��������

  • I never had problems with Dusty’s weight. Maybe because he was a male? I mean friggin’ god my boy ate pizza, chips and other stuff.. I know it’s not healthy for them, but he never had problems with it. The freaky thing about it was, that he looked healthy, he was healthy and his fur was pretty. I don’t know how he made this but he was a very pretty boy for his breed. Many people asked me about his breeder. But not even a single puppy of them turned out so pretty as him. He was an adonis! oô Really!

    By the way Dusty was my first dog, too. You can see him at my profile picture. ;o

  • Thank you so much for sharing Herky’s journey. Some great information & your honesty about being a new Cav Mom was very refreshing. She is so beautiful & I’m sure if she could talk she would tell you how much happier she is at her fighting weight��.

  • Did I miss something? I am curious to know what do you think contributed to Herky’s weight gain problem? I believe my dog will be like Milton. I actually have to encourage her to eat. I also feed her Royal Canine for puppies until she will turn 10 months and then I’m not sure if I should keep her on Royal Canine for dogs or not. I also only feed “Grain-Free” treats and I don’t feed people food. Once in a while I have made her a scrambled egg, but that’s about it. She also likes cut-up apples so as a special treat, she gets those. She hasn’t tried carrots yet, but I hear Cavs like them. Love this video! Congrats to Herky and her owners Mai & Husband. It couldn’t have been easy to lose 6 lbs. Is she at her ideal weight now?

  • I have a major question. How can I get my dogs as Emotional Support dogs?? DO I just pay something or where can I go to do that? I feel like I want to take them everywhere with me but can’t. I live in the US if that makes a difference. PLEASE let me know.

    And BTW, I don’t stand for ANYONE to talk bad about my dogs either. #TEAMCAVALIER

  • I love this! Clover is 15 lbs but I think he could be one pound lighter. He eats Orejin but I like the idea of adding the dehydrated raw food!

  • quick question for you and other cavalier owners, how long is your dog from nose to tail? I can’t find anything online and I’m trying to prepare for my new puppy ����

    also want to say THANK YOU to you, your husband, Herky and Milton for all of the information in these videos, it has made me feel so excited and confident in getting my new puppy. Definitely has given me a lot of good information!

  • Our story is actually very similar to yours, my first cavalier started on royal canin and he was a little over 20lbs. After joining Instagram and getting my second cavalier, who is in much better shape than my first, i saw all these very slim dogs which made me think that maybe he wasn’t the best weight. I started looking into different food options and was very interested in raw food but I was never sure if I could trust the internet about what to give and how much and my vet knew nothing about it so we recently switched to natural balance and I’ve noticed a large difference in his weight after switching to that we added in a raw food additive that you put me to the kibble and with that I also noticed a big difference. now I have my first bad a freeze-dried food and I’m hoping his weight will continue to drop with that. His weight is currently at 17lbs but he was the runt of his litter so it should be a lot less considering his size. This video was amazing it makes me happy to see owners trying to better their dogs health and know I’m not alone in the weight loss journey with my dog.
    [email protected]

  • I have a german shepherd…but she’s purebred and taller than the males and females of her breed. So idk what her breed weight should be.

  • there small hunting dogs they need to run and chase at least 1 hour 2 times a day bottom line i know i own them 20 lbs and ripped my girl jessie

  • oh learned a lot here. My bulldogXpug mix doggo is a bit…fluffy. she has extra. so this helps me learn how to gauge how she’s doing and with how to get the extra o ff of her.

  • My Karelian Bear Dog mix was 20 lbs overweight when he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (a low thyroid hormone level). My dog is on thyroid medication now and his weight is back to normal. Check with your veterinarian first if your dog has unexplained weight gain.

  • Our rescue came to us with a previous broken leg that had never been attended to and re-broke when we only had her for six weeks. We felt so sorry for the abuse she had gone through, that we have spoiled her with treats, and ‘last bites’ of almost everything we eat. She refuses only dog food, so I mix it with chicken or beef. Next I will try ground turkey, rice and peas with her food. I started taking her on walks, but she eventually refused that also. I think her leg was bothering her and she seems to now have arthritis. (did I mention she also has shrapnel in her rear leg?) Time is running out for us to do good by her, and get her weight down. She is a Shepherd, lab, husky cross and should be around 55 lbs, but is 75 lbs. She is about 7-8 yrs old. My husband also insists on giving her treats in the morning when he takes her for her ‘duties’ across in the park. Also spoils her with treats at night time before she goes to bed with me, then again when he comes to bed. She is treated to death and I cannot stop him. We are killing her with kindness. So difficult to look into those sad brown eyes. Any thoughts, please?

  • Hi there, have you thought about this kind of diet plan known as the Custokebon Secrets? My cooworker says it helps people lost a lot of weight. Is that possible? I also noticed many great review relating to this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • thank you so much my dog is a lab mix and shes around 7 or 8 and i trying help her lose weight in the winter and its hard because its cold out side etc but im not gonna give up

  • That dog still looks over weight to me. Having working retrievers we like to see the dogs thinner. On a sunny day you should see the first 3 ribs

  • what if ur parents wont take ur dog to the vet because its too much money but hes obese and they feed him everyday and they wouldnt start him on a diet

  • My dog its 6 month and weighs 19kg 500grams and she is an american bully classic and this breed here where i live its unknown and really strange to find, and my Veterinary who is a well known vet, told me she is overweight and told me all the health risk, i reduced her food intake and she looks more slim and more agile but she is losing weight slow and also gets really exhausted after running and playing with me. Its being hard for her losing weight, i do not know if changing lower calorie croquettes or vegan croquettes?

  • How do I lose my dog’s weight in 2 months. As the pet policy in flights is that they can carry a maximum of 35kg dog. And my lab is around 45kgs

  • First 2 minutes talking about making sure food is level with the cup. We figured that out first time said make sure food level with cup. Didnt need to take 2 minutes going over it again, and again.

  • Good job you are correct you can’t always go by what is recommended on the bag every dog is different I have a 3 year old Australian Shepherd active but not high strung has plenty of exercise was getting one and a half cups dry I changed to one cup dry and three-quarter cup mixed vegetables also about 20 Frozen blueberries also 1 Milk-Bone in the morning for a treat perfect weight about 60 lb

  • Do you have any problems with allergies? What do you feed them? My Cav is scratching his ears a lot. I’m trying to find a good hypoallergenic dog food that works and that my dogs will eat.

  • Most of the week,I’ll eat very heathy.I always take one day out of the week though to eat things like pepperoni pizza,tacos,chips,and etc.lol.but in small portions.That works for me to maintain my weight.Alot of people that doesn’t work for though.These vids will help so many people out!:)

  • My fiance and I are thinking of getting a cavalier in the next few months. We are also in Montreal, would you recommend a reputable breeder (or yours)?

  • The raw food diet will help greatly that any processed dog food. Many nutrients and will improve the energy of their dog… Do as much research as possible on this diet and trust me you won’t regret it.

  • Aww my lacey was 12kg (26 lbs) at her heaviest but we got her down to 8kg (17 lbs) which is the weight she should have been. Lacey was a japanese Spitz.

  • I also experienced a similar issue with my Cavalier Caspy being my first dog. We lived in an apartment in a country with harsh weather conditions, therefore he could not be walked long in the winter due to the extreme cold. He was also a picky eater and would only eat home cooked chicken. We initially thought this was good for him since it’s home meals. We didn’t realise that he was gaining weight until we met another cavalier and he was substantially larger. Since he had a haircut he didn’t look that large and we could still feel his ribs and bones fine. We weighed him in and he was almost 40 pounds! I was shocked and spend a while researching to find out that the chicken is making him gain a lot of weight. We took a long time transitioning him into dry food but we finally did it! And now he’s losing weight! And since the weather is better, I cycle with him everyday! He is now 33 pounds and on his way to become smaller. Although he does feel as if he is a generally muscular cavalier, your video inspired us to help his weight loss even more! ��

  • his behaviour is licking his paws constantly and have been trying to interupt it my vet has not helped third one I have gone to and none have helped his skin they have just said it’s allergies =( but the paw licking is extreme and has now started to remove hair and causing hot spots. it happens when I am not with him thanka for your reply.

  • I have a small dog it’s a chiweenie and he was abandoned in a box full of roaches when he started growing he had a perfect weight until he got fixed but I understood that he might get a little weight after then couple days later he got back to normal weight and he usually doesn’t eat often dog food anymore cuz my sisters a my brother keeps on feeding him human food like gummies corn candy and that made him back off his dog food and he gotten so much weight he even looks like he’s a pregnant dog like females but I try to tell them to stop feeding him human food and put him on a diet. And I usually just leave the dog food down all day but he never touches it at all but thanks for telling all of us what to do.

  • can I ask what happens if your dog has been 10kg his whole life and then has been put on predisolone which causes weight gain due to trachea issues I walk him and he gets fed twice a day but has only ever really eaten wet food like home cooked chicken and veg or mince and veg. plus one cup of dry kibble….. would it cause an issue to just start feeding him dry kibble. he is only a lap dog but he is solid and has been since a puppy I fear that the weight gain will stop him from breathing but nothing seems to work. he gets no more pasta nor fridge clean outs or anything from our plates never has…… he is 13 years old and on top suffers from a skin disprder which no vet can figure out thanks

  • I have always heard tomato is poisonous to dogs. I’d skip giving those and any tomato product like ketchup or spaghetti sauce to them.

  • Hey! Not sure if you’re still looking at the comments for this video, but how should I go about asking my vet if maybe my dog has a condition such as hypothyroidism? My little guy is a golden retriever/yellow lab mix, though he’s definitely got some other breed going on for him because he’s way more stubby and, dare I say, heavy-set than other goldens or labs. I rescued him in February ’18, and he was 86 lb at the time no abdominal tuck, super high fat deposits in his butt and chest. Now I believe he should be somewhere under 80 lb, has an abdominal tuck, and seems to have gained a LOT of muscle since then but has some fat he hasn’t seemed to have been able to lose, particularly in his chest area. I exercise him regularly, he has a lot of energy and doesn’t seem to have a lot of joint issues, though sometimes when he sits his front legs shake a little. Following my vet’s recommendation, he is currently eating about 800 cal/day 1 cup of grain free kibble twice a day, plus an average of 1 treat a day. Sorry, it became a novel, just wanted to see if you thought there was a particular way I should bring it up! I walk him plenty but I think he could definitely use with more running around with other dogs. Thank you for all the help and info.:)

  • Thank you so much! These ideas are really helping zoey my dog, she is actually running around and sitting on her hind legs. Before she wouldn’t run around with my other dogs and she would sit on her butt and not her hind legs but that is all behind us and zoey looks a lot happier now that we are on this diet. While she was over weight I would even take her for walks and usually after the walk she would sleep so well and in the mornings she wouldn’t want to go for a walk because I walked her feet off. But now that she is fit, I would take her for shorter walks because of that so thank you so much, I ow you one.

  • I don’t use measuring cups. My dog was 36 pds. when I adopted him. He is a havanese. He suppose to be around 18 pds. So my vet. told me to feed him as he was as normal weight. Let me tell you how that worked. On the second day he fainted while eating. Yeah he was starving. It didn’t work. We planned out our own diet for him. He is fed twice a day with 2 snacks….and runs around with 3 other dogs. I was so proud of him when he was able to jump on the couch. LOL He is now a suave 19 pds!

  • There are three factors in weight reduction exercise, diet, and motivation.
    One place I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Triple trim formula (google it if you’re interested) definately the most helpful diet i’ve seen.
    look at all the before and after pictures and great reviews.

  • Thanks so much!  I have a Chihuahua/mini-pin mix and she is solid but needs to lose a couple of pounds (11-1/2 lbs).  I’ve been giving her 1/4 c. of dog food with cooked frozen peas in it, plus a little tab of olive oil or coconut oil in it.  I was also told to give her a pinch of Spiralina in it to keep her healthy.  At night I give her the same thing.  She usually only takes a couple of bites and walks away.  Sometimes by the end of the day she will finish it.  She also likes to chew on “Bulley Sticks” which is a steer pizzle.  She sits like a “mule” when I try to walk her away from the house and I’m discouraged that she won’t walk with me.  What can I do?  Please help!!

  • I have an eight week old puppy and wanting to train him. How would I feed him his kibble and still have enough calories for the cheese or pepperoni to train him? Does that mean I can’t train him very much?… As you can tell I’m lost

  • Watching this after watching CC all hopped up on lollies (candy) after going to the movies ������ Jake’s so healthy and CC is just all whatevs as he shovels handfuls of nerds in his mouth ����

  • i don’t eat in the morning and when I get those hunger pains, currently right now, i don’t eat. this is how i’ve lost 30 pounds in 2 months. i know it isn’t good, but i can’t help it… what do i do??

  • I think you were enjoying the laser pointer too much XD And I’ve got a quick (but stupid, I’m so sorry) question. Is there a size guide thing for the getMEAN tanks? I wanna order one but when I order clothes online without a size guide, I always get the wrong size >.< I'm so sorry for the stupid question

  • Its still surprise me, how some people are not aware about Fenoboci Diet Plan, although a lot of people get great result with it. Thanks to my work buddy who told me about Fenoboci Diet Plan, I’ve lost a ton of weight with it without starving myself.

  • Dear daddy Jake and mummy Ella I am sorry to tell you this but I have decided to pack up and leave, uncle CC said I could stay with him for a while until I find a place of my own. Kerrie aka miss fangs 666 said I could stay with her in the UK which seems nice. I am just tired of getting blamed for everything when Trixy is treated like a queen. I know I have some bad habits but I hate you saying I smell, I wash everyday. So you have been great but I think it’s time to move on now. Thank you for all my treats and walks I appreciate it. Hope your not too upset and I still love you all. Bye for now, your loving and innocent pup Ernie xxxxx

  • Okay so my family and I are really trying to eat healthier but in all honestly we don’t have that much money to spend. do you have any tips for that? Eating healthy on a budget?

  • I want to eat healthy but my friends don’t. I hang out with them on weekends and if I eat just like them on weekends but healthy Mon-Fri will I still get lean/buff?

  • Hey Jake? I’m having a problem where I can’t exactly eat breakfast. I don’t know why, it’s just that every time I eat on a school morning I feel really ill afterwards. And I really love breakfast! Do you know a possible way I could fix this problem??

  • Oops sorry Jake i’ve never been a big breakfast eater but i’m all ready as skinny as I am!! If i get anymore Skinny you’d see my rib cage so yeah:/ X’D Love these video’s Jake!!!! <3 <3 ^_^

  • My mom just recently gave me a watch she had gotten for Christmas last year (because she got a FitBit) that is a pedometer, calorie tracker, and heart rate monitor. I am actually excited to use the damn thing, since my phone is the only way of keeping track of those.

    I work over night, and sleep during the day. What type of diet should I be eating, and what foods should I stay away from since my schedule is so backwards?

    and OH MY GOD! A lambchop’s play along squeaky toy… I need to get that for my dog… that is perfect!

  • I love how you’re trying to exercise everyday and eat healthy, but I feel like you’re going a bit too far. You’re already in great shape, and I feel like all this  “only plain foods” thing is a bit much

  • do you know, because of you I got the ambition to change my life and all around it. I’m on the right way to finally loose my overweight. And i have to thank you for that! Really thank you for giving me the ambition to finally live better. I’m not so depressive anymore and I have mor fun in life.
    I am soo glad to see you on tour on march��

  • i really want to start workin out but when i have tried in the past i’ve just given up. help me. i want to lose weight. also i’m only 14. plz help jake xx

  • I have a slightly chunky golden/lab, 5 yrs old, and we don’t know how she gets that way. We think she steals cat food, or eats rabbits (we live in a rural area). We do have one overweight possibly obese dog. She is a lab/Australian shepherd and 15 yrs old. She’s big because it’s hard for her to move. The older dog also had vestibular disease so that made everything worse for her. She completely recovered but really weakened her hips.  I have a total of 4 dogs. Two overweight, one slightly anorexic (she is the pickiest dog in the world omg) and one normal (the golden/lab’s mother). 

  • Oh my gosh. My German Shepherd Aria loves those lambs. We call them Lambchops. She tears them up in now time. She has probably went through 10 in a year. Haha

  • 1. Jake I love you and black veil brides you guys saved my life and
    2. By any chance do you think you can give me any tips on rehab for like knee rehab cause in the sport I play gymnastics I hyper extended both of my knees and my coach wanted me to start rehab if not I understand thank you ♥

  • My dog LIVES for the laser pointer A.K.A “The bugga bugga light”. It is hilarious. She will get up on top of the cupboard (she’s a shep mix) and bring me the light….

  • I have a question. You say to eat breakfast in the morning because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what if I’m one of those people who are night owls and goes to bed at like 4am and wakes up around noon or the evening? What do I do then?

  • im being serious now umm what if in the morning you don’t have enough time to make breakfast or have it? What are some quick healthy breakfast that I can make in 5 minutes?

  • I have had dachshunds all my life.. I have never seen one that large. I am really surprise she hasn’t slipped a dic due to all of the extra weight on their spine. I really hope the owners help her shed that weight for her health. Rocky looks like he was just picked up off the streets but, saying that he has a tumor. I feel really bad and hope that he gets all the treatment that he needs.

  • another awesome vlog as always dude keep up the hard work!:) 
    ive learnt so music about health from you + music/guitar in general ^.^

  • Sorry im late… because it was my 11th birthday yesterday��
    Anyway my dog hayden was acting strange the vet says theres nothing wrong with him and his just a little over weight��is that normal? Its just that im worried��and im gonna try herky’s weight lost��
    I just hope it works on hayden too��

  • Really enjoyed what you were saying about weight loss, because it’s so true, everyone just wants to lose weight over night and it’s just not reasonable. I’m 50 pounds down �� keep being healthy! -Kylie

  • My dog still had puppy breath she’s almost three years old lol and awesome tips to getting lean I’m slowly cutting sugars from my good and only eating sugar that comes naturally from fruits and veggies. No added sugars.

  • @JakePittsBVB we had a laser pointer for my our pittbull when she was a puppy, and whenever we went camping one of the little kids would find it, and one time sh was so hyper about she almost had a stroke so we had to hold her in the tent until she fell asleep, now every time there is a flash of light she will lick it and play with it, weird dogs……

  • Hi again Jake, do you know if those Protien Chips are international? Because I live in the UK and I’m not sure that you can get them here. Also, do you have to put the Protien Powder into the shakes or can you have them as they are? Thanks again.

  • I adopted a overweight rescue I have her on a diet but she’s always trying to steal food from my other dogs. Doesn’t want to exercise, unlike my other dogs who love to run, and can be free fed they only eat when they need to. ( very muscled and thin dogs) All the other dogs love to go on walks (we go to the park and walk a mile every weekend that the weather is good). However lil fatty just will not cooperate, hates exercise will eat DIRT bc I won’t give her excess food. Vet says there is no current health problems other than being overweight. I love her but goodness she just does not want to do anything but eat!

  • @JakePittsBVB  whats the hearth rate monitor thing you wear when you work out?? i want wone so i know how many calories i burn ;P i have school tomorrow and im ment to be asleep 2 hours ago -_can’t sleep D: and i currently have an addiction to carrots 

  • ok so you know how you said to eat before you get hungry? what if i get hungry right before i go to bed (because i’ve heard you shouldn’t eat before you go to sleep idk)?

  • Seriously….Every time!!!
    Every time an American says Chips my brain automatically goes ” Ooo! French fry’s” cause I live in UK. GOD!!! Hahahaha xD
    And like I said before. Can you guys go one day without Farts been involved lol:P

  • Thank you so much for the food advice Jake. I just wish my body would allow me to eat 6 meals a day. I have 1 sandwich in the evening and thats all i can eat with out feeling ill! I’ll deffo try the lean meat though to try and get back into the habbit of eating again. Great vlog as per usual. You seem such a nice friendly guy. Say hi to Ella for me please. She’s a beaut! And a brit like me!! Lol just wish i had defined cheek bones like Ella