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10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight, According to RDs. chevron_left PREV: Why We Should Pay More Attenti 10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight, According to RDs. by Julia Malacoff. May 7, 2019. No Comments.

Share it: Anyone working on. 10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight, According to Registered Dietitians RD. “Though both fruit juice and dried fruits contain some of the antioxidants you’d find in whole fruits, the former doesn’t contain as much fiber and the latter has less water content. Thus, you get the most filling volume for the calories with whole fruits.”.

12 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight While Doing Intermittent Fasting, According To An RD There’s nothing more buzzy than intermittent fasting (IF) when it comes to current weight-loss trends. Home Diet Plan 12 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight While Doing Intermittent Fasting, According To An RD – Women’s Health. Diet Plan.

12 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight While Doing Intermittent Fasting, According To An RD – Women’s Health. By admin. Posted on March 25, 2020. 21 min read. 0. 116 Share on Faceboo.

A whopping 45 million Americans diet and spend $33 billion on weight loss products each year, according to Boston Medical Center. No matter which way you lose weight. Check out these 10 unexpected reasons you’re not losing weight.

1. You’re Skimping on Protein 1 of 11. Whether you prefer lean meats, tofu or legumes, make sure you’re eating enough protein-especially when you’re lowering your overall calorie intake. To ensure lower numbers on the scale are reflecting a drop in fat and not muscle, it’s. 10 Reasons Your Period Is Lighter Than Usual, According to Doctors You might be grateful for a lighter flow, but it could be cause for concern.

By Judy McGuire. You’re not alone. Many people who eat healthy foods, stay loyal to their workout routine, and drink plenty of water may all experience sudden weight gain. It may seem like there’s no good reason, but experts tell us there are some common reasons why you’re suddenly gaining weight fast. 12 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight While Doing Intermittent Fasting, According To An RD.

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Share on Twitter. Share on Pinterest. Share on LinkedIn. There’s nothing more buzzy than intermittent fasting (IF) when it comes to current weight-loss trends. Tons of celebs tout it as.

Home Diet Plan 12 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight While Doing Intermittent Fasting, According To An RD – Women’s Health. Diet Plan. 12 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight While Doing Intermittent Fasting, According To An RD – Women’s Health.

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List of related literature:

A study of more than 8,000 dieters who lost 10% of their starting weight and kept it off for at least a year reported that their number-1 successful weight loss maintenance strategy—cited by 81% of respondents—was exercise (Dieting, 2002).

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
from Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals
by David Haber, PhD
Springer Publishing Company, 2013

These figures should show substantial improvement, indicating that not only are you losing weight but you are becoming healthier in general.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
from The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight
by Bruce Fife
Piccadilly Books, Limited, 2017

3 You lose something when you have less of it than before: You look thinner; have you lost weight?

“Harrap's essential English Dictionary”
from Harrap’s essential English Dictionary
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In fact, it is far more plausible that the increase in exercise and change in diet that affected the weight loss is the real cause for the health improvement.31 This is like saying “whiter teeth produced by elimination of smoking reduces the incidence of lung cancer.”

“Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America's Obesity Epidemic” by J. Eric Oliver
from Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America’s Obesity Epidemic
by J. Eric Oliver
Oxford University Press, 2005

The second has to do with my physical laziness and my weakness for the Mediterranean diet (which is the opposite of the Atkins diet): lack of exercise and excessive weight are not what my physical therapist recommended.

“Stroke Rehabilitation E-Book: A Function-Based Approach” by Glen Gillen
from Stroke Rehabilitation E-Book: A Function-Based Approach
by Glen Gillen
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There is substantial evidence that sustained weight losses of about 10% of initial body weight can lead to significant improvements in modifiable risk factors, such as lipids and blood sugar levels (Atkinson, 1993).

“Handbook of Treatment for Eating Disorders” by David M. Garner, Paul E. Garfinkel
from Handbook of Treatment for Eating Disorders
by David M. Garner, Paul E. Garfinkel
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So naturally I’m not losing weight anymore now that I’m on Wave 2.

“The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!” by Connie Guttersen
from The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!
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A long history of observational studies have raised questions about whether weight loss decreases or even increases mortality risk (Williamson, 1998).

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition
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The sensitivity and specificity of the Goldberg cut-off for EI:BMR for identifying diet reports of poor validity.

“Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical Measures of Human Form in Health and Disease” by Victor R. Preedy
from Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical Measures of Human Form in Health and Disease
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Here’s why: when you lose weight by dieting alone, your body’s ability to burn fat slows down considerably because your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) decreases.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
Atria Books, 2001

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  • This still surprises me, how lot of people are not aware about Custokebon Secrets, although lots of people get good result because of it. Thanks to my mate who told me about Custokebon Secrets, I have lost crazy amounts of weight by using it without starving myself.

  • Hey There! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just google search it), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you considered Custokebon Secrets? I have heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker lost tons of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • I’m going to say I’m too stressed out… I just changed jobs, because my other job sucked, and just got out of a relationship…. hopefully I can get back into the gym before I gain my weight I lost back.

  • I am still debating with myself whether to excersice or not.
    I blame me for not being normal.
    Like i wonder bout losin weight and doin excersice but never put thoughts into action.
    I goin mad lmao

  • If u want to know how much calories u should eat according to ur BMI. U should definetly try HealthifyMe app.
    I use it too. Trust me ❤✌

  • Wrong. Stop spreading this kind of information. You DO NOT have to count calories to lose weight, that is not a long term solution. Learn to eat intuitively and try to eat as healthy as you are comfortable with. This kind of information causes eating disorders please stop!

  • Ive been doing ground workouts and cardio for a month now but haven’t seen any results. Does that mean I’m not working hard enough or not doing as much as I should?

  • I eat healthy count my calories and exercise every day what am I doing wrong? I’m not gaining any weight but I’m not losing anything

  • Thank you so much for your advice. ❤
    MY RESULTS IS SHOCKING IN JUST 7 DAYS!! go check my channel… posting Chloe Ting workout soon. MY RESULTS IS SHOCKING already in just 7 days!! stay tuned xx ❤

  • Ha! Your Kitty-Cat lol!!
    I’m eating healthier(plant based at about 80%) but have not been losing any weight lately. I think that I have fallen into the extra servings of Nuts and seeds, and maybe too much oatmeal, it’s so easy to do. I’m not sure what else I may be over doing it on as well. A food journal is a great idea. Great video, thx.

  • Eat healthy and don’t eat to little or ego much and drink tons of water, TONS OF WATER, workout like ab and butt workouts etc and ofcourse do cardio

  • Your cat is so adorable! Great tips! I definitely need to keep track of how many grains, nuts, avocados, and starchy vegetables I eat in a day so I don’t over it. I also feel like eating too many grains and starches make me hungrier and contribute to my overeating calories for the day. Confession time. Sometimes I have greens that go bad in my fridge which I do feel guilty about since they are so healthy. I need to figure out new and interesting ways to fix greens. I really like your tip of figuring out what foods are right for you and your body. I think this may key for me to work on figuring out for myself. All great information as always!

  • 8:53 for teenagers the calorie deficit is different bc you need more calories since you’re still growing so if you’re a teenager don’t eat below 1800 calories for a calorie deficit. Just eat a little more for losing weight healthily and have a healthy growth bc less than 1800 calories is unhealthy if you’re working out daily. I don’t really know how much calories you should take for a calorie deficit as a teenager but yeah don’t do the same thing as adults bc our metabolism is faster as teenagers

  • I don’t know why, I have been doing 30 mins abs workout and 20 minutes cardio everyday, but I gained weight, I have been eating a lot healthier too, I cut out junk food and only drink water, also eat until I am full. I thought I just gained muscle weight but I gained 1.5 kgs in almost two weeks! Is that normal?

  • I am in a calorie deficit and my diet is very balanced and am working out 5-6 times per week cardio mostly and am not losing weight at all what the actual hell?�� what should i do?

  • i feel so lost because too much carbs isn’t good..no carbs isn’t good and that’s the same for everything so idk how to be in the middle and what’s good..

  • I recently went to a holistic nutritionist and was told that because of my age over 45 I need to stop eating fruit as it causes insulin spike and cortisol. So sad as I gave up sugar since January and now I have to give up all fruit as it’s only way to have no belly pooch fat. No fruit no grains or bread ect

  • Please do a part 2! I really love the last reason about not eating enough! Sad but true in my weight loss journey. My personal trainer is always getting on me about not eating. But I’ve learn as I been going through this is that I really don’t have an appetite for food much. So I’m really trying my best to make changes.

  • OMG eating less than 1400 kcal is really starvation! It´s ok to eat 1400 kcal if you have obesity and you need to lose a lot of weight, but if you only want to lose a couple of pounds… This isn´t enough. Starting by the fact that only an average apple has around 100-120 kcal. How can people recommend to eat like 800 kcal while doing exercise?? This is impossible. I have lost a lot of weight and I know about what I am talking. And now I am maintaining my weight (My weight is 117 lbs and my height 5,7ft) eating 1700 kcal per day.
    Please don´t starve yourselves and be patient, because with sport and helthy food you can have a good weight without starve.

  • Your Gymshark clothes is everything I’m glad you like that brand too not much people wear it just because they want to I wear gymshark leggings on a daily basis cause there so comfortable i don’t just use them to go to the gym ��

  • My advice after lots of research and trial and error would be, to not expect weight loss from exercise or even calorie counting. Most important is to cut out added sugars/processed foods. No matter how much exercise you do, if you don’t change your diet, you just won’t be losing as much as you could and won’t be healthy. As for calorie counting, I think this is completely unnecessary, it’s better to watch those unhealthy carbs. And good fats are your friends not your enemies.

  • I lost 20lbs in like 3 months from speedwalking and i dont see a flipping difference. My frnds and family say i got smaller but like bruh

  • I just saw this video and it was very very helpful, I lost so much weight last year and I feel like this year I gained weight again. This helped girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️������������

  • I think this video was really beneficial for me because I love getting iced coffee and I don’t have a plan before I go to the gym!

  • 1Just because its healthy does not mean you can just keep eating it and eating it
    2overeating and poor portion control
    3do not deprive yourself of the food you love
    4not that you have to track your macros or calories, but its important to know what each food is made of
    5going to the gym with no plan/ not knowing what you are doing
    6-overeating and binge eating because she wasn’t eating foods that were fulfilling. eat foods that have substance and fiber etc
    7not drinking enough water will lead to binge eating and dehydration will make you feel like youre hungry. drink more water and drink before every meal
    8protein powder will not make you bulky
    9not pushing herself at the gym
    10DO NOT drink your calories!! lots of calories/ sugar in coffee drinks etc.

    you’re welcome!!

  • the way you are coaching people and talking about your clients problems is kind of aggressive, maybe toning it down a little would give your clients more encouragement. You act in this video like people who are ignorant about weight loss and make mistakes are dumb as shit. (according to your facial expressions) I understand that you are trying to get your message across to others for the videos sake, however making your audience who are committing these mistakes feel like they should of known the obvious mistakes they’ve made is not a very good tactic if you want your audience to listen. and it’s counter productive, since they are coming to you for help in the first place for a reason, THEY ARE IGNORANT. so take a chill pill and convey a more helpful attitude to your audience could actually help.

  • I am actually trying to gain weight. Never thought I would say that!! I’ve been super active the last few weeks and dropped way too low. Adding more food and going to slack on my spin classes for a week to see if I can get up 5-6 pounds!!

  • hi, I really liked your video and think you are very inspirational:) but I would be careful recommending stevia. yes, it is plant based and not chemical in any kinda way, but it can fool your organs like your thyroid, which produces insulin to lower your blood sugar even though you didn’t eat any sugar, this can have a very negative impact on your body, so please be careful to recommend it and please stay healthy and leave stevia out of your diet. lot of love:)

  • Been trying to lose weight and dont know how, I’m so lost. I look in the mirror every day and it makes me sad… just dont know what to do

  • I’m 14 and have struggled with body image since I was 9. I eat healthy, workout everyday, drink A TON of water, and I haven’t seen one chance I don’t even care how much I weigh I wanna feel good abt how my body looks and it impossible. I have break downs in the middle of workouts. I feel like I’ll never be happy

  • Fun fact: all of Starbucks nondairy milk is sweetened with sugar. So if you truly want to cut out drinking your calories go to a coffee shop that offers unsweetened almond milk!

  • Could you be eating not enough and still stay at your weight when you want to lose? I workout 4 times a week for two hours and I don’t eat that much, I sleep a lot and I’m not that hungry of a person. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hi Cheri, thanks for the videos! I had my baby 6-months ago and am nursing. What effect does lactation have on the amount of limited foods (specifically nuts/seeds/avacados) while losing weight? I heard in the video that you had a baby, so I thought you would have some good insight.

    I’m glad I found your channel! I had great success on ETL about 6 years ago (lost about 60 pounds in 6 months) and am looking forward to committing to ETL again. I remember feeling so healthy and even just having a better of gratitude.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!

  • I think this diet is not healthy long term. Not enough protein and fat. There are vitamins that get absorbed only in the presence of fat. Living on vegetables only, mainly raw, will not give your body what it needs. Not to mention that it’s not satiating.

  • @sarah fit, i never knew that i have to eat atleast 1600 calories… i ate 1200 as a ”diet” so thanks for the tip! I immediatly adjusted my app to 1600 calories a day, lets see what happens:)


  • Can someone please help me? I am having problem with cups measurements. How much exactly of grams is for example one cup of cooked rice? Or cooked oats? Thank you in advance ������

  • Thank you for this information! I’m eight weeks in and have been trying to exercise and think I’ve been over doing it. I think that’s why my loss has slowed down from it. Your wisdom is wonderfully helpful to me! Thank you!!!!

  • I know that we aren’t supposed to have dairy, but I really need to get in 5 Skyr a week for the active cultures need for woman’s health (if you know what I mean?)…..

  • Actually it’s better to watch and follow you every day �� U have a lot of great informations also your smile ����
    Please keep continu
    Follow up you F Dubai ����✋

  • I did lose 13 lbs with the myfoodlovers method (like to lose 50) but when I go below a “plateau” point I’m hungry all the time until I get back to that plateau weight. I also have hypoglycemia so I need to eat protein often.

  • the take for you video cause I eat healthy I eat enough colored I train drink a lot of water but I did not see any results cause I was sitting to much thank you

  • Have you ever experienced true hunger in the throat region? I am a long-time nutritarian who has never felt this sensation, even over long bouts of fasting. I asked Dr. Furman about this many years ago, and he suggested that throat hunger doesn’t occur until you reach a certain level of lean body mass. In other words, as long as you have spare fat to burn, you will not experience true hunger. Have you found this to be the case? How would you describe the sensation itself? I feel as though I don’t know what I should be looking for.

  • Thanks! I have been following this program for about 10 months and have lost a fair amount of weight. But, had reached a bit of a plateau so, this was very helpful.

  • How important is it to eat beans? I am not a big fan cause I am always scared I will eat way more than allowed. I dont mind skipping it a day or two a week is it an issue?

  • If eating pasta made of lentils only is it okay to count as beans? I feel more satisfied eating warm foods in this cold weather in contrast to a large salad.

  • So, theoretically, even though I am eating all of the “unlimited” quantity foods (and maybe 1 T of raw walnuts 2-3x a week), my body could still be getting “too much” of something for me personally? Could one eat too much tofu or too many beans? Or perhaps too much fruit? Or is it that I am not adding some of the limited quantity foods?

  • I usually only loose weight for some stupid reason on the ice cream diet. If I just had ice cream 2 times or 3 a day I loose weight and body fat but not when I just eat once a day. but I try to eat something like one vary small handful of salad with vinegar dressing.

    does anyone know why this is? I have read that maybe I a high metabolism and a slow digestion. also I have constipation IBS-C so maybe that could be the reason I cant eat healthy or get fat stomach.

  • I guess you are completely excluding meat? Is that right? I know that some people have lost weight by eating a meat and veggie diet.

  • Are these limits only if you aren’t losing weight after being on the diet for awhile? One of the reasons I am trying wfpb is for my overall health…but yes I do need to lose weight. The appeal to me of wfpb is not having to worry about macros and be super strict…thoughts?

  • Hey! I also have hypothyroidism but found out some years ago that it was actually Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. You mentioned your thyroid numbers all of a sudden being way off and it made me wonder if you’ve been tested for Hashimoto’s? That jump in numbers can be a sign that its autoimmune…you may want to have your thyroid antibodies checked! Just a thought! ��Thank you for your wonderful videos!!��

  • Hi! Thanks so much for that information! It was helpful! A little unsolicited feedback might be helpful to you, and then to other viewers. Although the information was great, the editing of this video made for somewhat stressful listening. There was no breathing room. I’d rather watch a video with breaths between the sentences rather than watch a shorter version and not want to watch it again because it was uncomfortable. I hope this is useful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience!

  • I just finished my first day of the Eat to Live diet, and I feel SO excited for this journey! I’ve been vegan for around 2 years now already, so that aspect isn’t hard at all, however, I’ll admit…I’m a total junk food vegan! After having eaten so many fruits and veggies today though, I already feel like my body is thanking me for finally treating it right!

  • Respect to you and your Valuable Counsel. I respectfully disagree with what you say about Unrefined Starches, (such as Unpeeled Sweet Potatoes and MOST Squashes ), which when boiled or steamed and served with no fattening condiments deliver EXTREMELY Low Glcemic Results. They are SUPERB weight reduction foods, among.Several Additional Unrefined Varieties. Why you mentioned Unrefined Starch along with dried fruit, (which deliver HORRIBLE Glycemic Results), I can’t understand. Let us also remember Beans ARE an UNREFINED STARCH. You are ENTIRELY RIGHT that Green Vegetables must PREDOMINATE our SUSTENANCE if want to END OBESITY! Respect to you, I’m certain your Clients are Successful!

  • I just want to say, that I was Totally listening and on the same accord with All that you were saying and thenur lil’ Fur Baby stole the show!!! Great tips & they came at a good time for me but please, kiss your baby for me, Sooo Adorable♡♡♡

  • Yay! Great video!
    I’m wondering if fruit is unlimited? Like 3-4 could be a minimum?
    I can eat a lot of fruit, usually in the morning and with lunch. I hope it won’t hinder my weight loss goals ��

  • is it one half a cup or cup of cooked beans per day or do you measure one cup of uncooked beans, cook that and then eat that amount? i m starting my nutritarian diet and wanna make sure i m doing it right

  • I feel like for me i can’t ever restrict myself and say “you can’t have that” because if i do i obsess over it. If i give myself the option i won’t choose it, but knowing i “can’t have” something doesn’t work with me ��

  • I watched this last night and everything you said was what I was doing without being conscious of it! So today I talked to my sponsor about reining it in. I’m feeling great! I was getting frustrated being stuck at a weight when I know I have a good 15 to 20 lbs to go. Thank you thank you thank you, Cheri!!��

  • I’m on my second week doing Dr. Fuhrman’s plan! I know he says that you can have more then 1 cup of beans; but, what would you consider too much? I was considering trying 1/2 to 1 cup more in place of some of the grains!

  • I absolutely love you. Say what? Yes your enthusiasm is helping to save a lot of lives and helping to place people on the path to recovery. You are spot on with everything you say. Dr Fuhrman is God, and you are an angel.:-)
    Okay so to the point. When it comes to exercise you are correct about it all. There is one add-on that is super helpful, and that is as you mature in your exercise program you will come to realize that a little bit of exercise increases the appetite and a lot of exercise decreases it. So it is joy to be doing a real healthy level of exercise and then realize you aren’t hungry at all. Love it.

  • Cheri, thank you for this video. I’ve just started my 8th week and I have done very well even getting to reduce some medication. I’m an overweight Type II diabetic who had a heart attack 10 months ago. I LOVE Dr. Fuhrman and his life-giving Nutritarian lifestyle! Your video has helped me to understand more that I need to know. My weight loss started slowing to a crawl and I see that the nuts are my area of need to ask myself, “Whatcha doin’ there, Lynda?” That and ferro in my soup.
    I’ve sunscribed.
    Moo and you are adorable!

  • Doug Lisle (True North Health) mentions the specific combo of ‘Ezekiel bread with Peanut butter’ as a VERY common culprit.:-) Even though reasonably healthy, there are a lot of calories there.

  • Wow! I’m fairly new and I’ve experienced most of these reasons already. I’ve just taken a hard look at what might be going wrong with me a couple of days ago. I realized I was overdoing grains. It was a slow creep but I was definitely eating too much whole wheat bread, pasta, pizza dough, etc. Also, I had starting letting some sugar in with the self talk, “this little bit won’t hurt.” Then the nuts and seeds.. ugh. I never really read the book so I’m kind of starting over now. Thanks for the video! It really helps!

  • Thank you so much for your videos! Do you think 1 oz of tahini paste (just grounded sesame seeds) could replace your 1 oz of nuts or seeds?

  • Do you have muscle fatigue from your hypo and has medication helped/how do you manage that with working out?
    Also, THANK YOU for talking about getting enough food! Not enough YouTuber’s talk about this and it’s SO true.

  • Yay! Thanks for the pep talk! You are the inspiration I always need! I love how bubbly you are and therefore, healthy and happy!!! Love Moo! Cats are the best and she or he is so loving with you! We don’t have our kitties anymore and I do miss them but we are gone so much that it is the most prudent thing right now not to have a pet we have to leave! Keep those videos coming!!!!

  • i went to the doctor and she gave me a diet of 1000 calories 75gr of protein (idk if im reaching that amount tho) for a vegetarian woman, im also exercicing like 4 times a week with the niketc app, so should i increase my calorie intake? i realy dont know what to do:(

  • Hello Cheri! I’m a new subbie and I love your videos! I’m transitioning slowly and have cut out all meat and most dairy. Any suggestions or high protein breakfasts? I’m diabetic and trying to control my blood sugar better. Thank you so much!

  • Such great advice and information! We’ve lost over 80lbs between us since beginning in late May on this journey and your channel has been so helpful so thank you both. Liz ��

  • Thank you for this easy to watch video and explanation. I need this because I’m doing several of these things and can’t lose weight even though I’m eating really clean wfpb vegan. I’m not feeling hungry very much and feel like I don’t eat a lot. But still overweight and have belly fat which concerns me.

  • I have been getting good with working out everyday and drinking water consistently, it’s just that I get bored/sad and start eating the whole pantry.

  • You talk really fast, im From Belgium ���� & my english isn’t that good so it kinda looked like you we’re talking Chinese sometimes:)

  • Thank you for the great video. I look forward to your informative videos! You mentioned eating only 1 cup of oatmeal. Would that be 1 cup dry or cooked?

  • Wowtalk about perfect timing! Thanx so much as always CheriI’d been “plateau-ing”for a while lately… & whilst I’ve implemented several of your suggestions, your recommendations re: grain/s, I can see, is my “glitch”! Also, I was consuming 3 huge fruit serves per day, so ive minimised my fruit sizes & temporarily eliminated dried fruit & nuts (just doing seeds at the mo), which got me back on track! As always… You rock ������Kaz. Ps: I luv moo ��

  • Hey Cheri, informative video. I’m actually surprised to hear that people are having issues losing weight on this diet. I’ve been nutritarian for several years now, both for overall health and to combat a serious debilitating injury I sustained about 6years ago. I adhere very strictly to the diet, especially the G-bombs aspect. However, I never worry about the quantity of any of the foods I consume, and I can’t keep weight on. Also, as a consequence of the aforementioned injury, I am forced to remain pretty sedentary, as I can no longer work out. I assume most of your viewers are female so I’m not sure if gender in any way affects weight loss on the nutritarian diet.

  • Wow! Thank you so much for this vid! I stopped losing weight for a while and got so frustrated that I went back on eating vegan junk food �� but I’m going back to it! But the hunger feeling tho! I honestly cannot relate it to it at all �� I guess I have no idea of how “true” hunger feels������ So is it like a feeling in the throat? And what kind of feeling?

  • I also have Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism and I was wondering what new medication are you on and what dosage please. I love all of your videos as I know you can relate to hypothyroidism and the difficulties in losing weight and feeling like a normal person

  • Wow number 6 is SO WRONG.

    No such thing as starvation mode and holding on to body fat. Stop perpetuating this myth.

    When people deprive themselves they tend to binge and overeat and therefore end up eating MORE. It’s not about your body storing fat. People need to me at a moderate caloric deficit and that’s key. Really you should look into the scientific data behind this.

    Volume wise you might eat more but no way you’re eating more now caloric wise. really misguided info.

    If you’re not loosing weight is because you’re not a a caloric deficit. Eating too man calories. Simple as that.

  • I’ve followed you guys for a bit. Like the update to the mug bread as a Mc. Donald’s alternate. “Still making wet bacon”.LOL. I like it the same way. Your both awesome. Could you do a re-cap on affordable foods. Like…..in the old days.

  • I’m so sad to hear that you were rebuked. You have been an incredible source of support, wisdom and entertainment for me as I’m heading into my keto life. You look so sad Marg, I hope you don’t give up. Can you refer your video clips onto YouTube to recapture your loss? I have my fingers and toes crossed for you both ����

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    Thank you for tuning in!:)

  • Am I hearing that this way of life is not sustainable? I’ve been doing zero simple carbs for 3 months, but after watching this video, I feel kind of depressed. Life’s too short to not just have something you really want every now and then.

  • I’m just a minute from watching and saw in the comments that one reason was not eating enough calories like damn! That was so me! I did OMAD and low carb and low cal but starting from size medium to freakin LARGE!! I got frustrated that I was not eating so much but I even got bigger!! So yeah I gave up�� maybe I’ll try a better plan in time.

  • You mentioned stevia and munkfruit sweetener but have you ever tried xilitol the sweetener from birch trees? Stevia Tastes chemically to me and xilitol is the closest” healthy” sweetener to sugar I’ve found

  • how long did it take you to see results? I lost hope around a month ago when I worked out but I didn’t see a change but I am going to try again��

  • Her pronunciation of “preservatives”, “alternatives” and “fructose”, lol.
    Weight loss is a simple equation: Calories In

  • Love this! Could you do a video on how you developed a healthy relationship with wine/cocktails and not drinking calories? I know you still enjoy a wine or two sometime but how did you go from working in a wine bar to where you are now with it? Healthy alternatives? Mindset changes?

  • Great video but I have the meal plan and it literally ranges from 1200-1400 calories a day which is not “so much food” for an adult. It could be a good amount for someone who is cutting calories to lose weight, but in the video she is making it sound like the meal plan guides people to eat so much more than they otherwise would, which is just not the case. There are no shortcuts I guess

  • Loved this video…I was cracking up when you were talking about not eating enough and you said “I was eating fried garbage”. It just hit my funny bone and I can’t stop laughing!!! Love you ��

  • Hey Katie! I was just wondering how many calories you would suggest I take in to lose weight but still build muscle? I’ve currently been eating 1,000 to 1,300, is this a healthy amount?

  • I did not lose weight for seven weeks I don’t understand what’s wrong I do not count macros but my card intake is very low I am 47-year-old woman looking for help

  • I’ve been counting calories and not eating enough calories. I’m too scared to eat more than 1200. The most exercise I do is walking my dogs

  • Oh my yes I have started logging my food intake.. starting the meal plan for hypo today and I hoping to see some more results… food is my weakness for real.. love alls the foods and wine.. thanks for sharing your wisdom ❤

  • I am a dancer but I am overweight so it is very hard sometimes and I even get comments from family about my weight and I do eat a little healthy but not that much cause I am a picky eater so if anyone has tips please let me know cause I do want to get healthy

  • Thanks for the sugar segment. I always rely on Truvia for a sweetener and never realized I should switch it out! Thanks love your channel and appreciate your enthusiasm and motivation!!!

  • Hi! @lsf_seattlelite here, The first one! OMG Expecting to Fail! is spot on! So sad too, I almost teared up bc I don’t stick with ANYTHING. I also give up bc I don’t know what its like to live my best self…yet. I was just thinking today. That Quitting is a habit. I have a habit of quitting after 2, 3 4 days….But I am 1 week into the SSU and plan to go strong the WHOLE TIME!

  • If im craving sweets ill have like a healthy treat like something made with coconut sugar or honey, like banana bread but not all the time

  • Wonderful information from a delightful woman!
    Cheri, thank you so much for the time, energy, effort and enthusiasm you put into all of your teachings!
    You are a wonderful example of joy and commitment to helping others! Keep up the great work… You are an inspirational role model and a pleasure to learn from!

  • Thanks Katie for sharing this video, unfortunately I’m 48 and just went through menopause early I eat healthy and exercise daily and couldn’t loose but one or two pounds then regain them back it’s so annoying! I really need to loose 25 lbs would be ideal, I don’t drink anything but a lot water, sometimes very rare I drink tea and NO Alcohol ever for me. Xx

  • Just wodner if u stick to the weight loss plan of having half to one cup of beans and 1 ounce of nuts seeds, will there be enough protein intake for the day?

  • Thank you, this was helpful! Is there a maximum amount of beans? Like if I have 3 cups a day, is that too much? Also grains and starchy veggies count towards that one cup a day? Thank you! ❤️

  • Spray tans should not be allowed, they prevent the skin from breathing, cause cancer, and mental problems. Everything on the skin eventually goes to some degree in your blood stream. If you eat healthy your skin gets a natural glow so you won’t need the tan colour nearly as much. It’s a quick fix like makeup. Judging by your skin, you have this coca cola ish type of skin that a lot of people have, you can always see around people eyes when they are more dark than what is natural for their skin color, that they usually don’t drink enough of water and the kidneys are under high pressure from salt/sugar/spices and such.
    I see this a lot especially in places like India, Iran where coke is cheaper than water because of pollution and other local problems, many not all, of those people have way too much darkness around their eyes compared to other parts of the world with same color skin. Only drinking Coke and Coffee and such does this, I also see this a lot in the UK. (pale complexion way beyond what is heatlhy and an unnatural blackness around the eyes, not because of lack of vitamin d, but because of really bad diet and lack of water) People just need to know.
    Thanks for the vid.

  • My weaknesses and the things that I think sabotage me is my Diet Coke addiction and I eat healthy during the week and then the weekend hits and I lose my mind and I end up eating crap. How do I first, stop with the Diet Coke (I drink 3 or more a day) and how do I stop sabotaging the weekend, but feel like I am not depriving myself?

  • Hi Katie, I just had a question for you about weight loss. I have quite a significant amount to loose over 100 pounds. I gained a lot of weight during my 5 pregnancy’s. I have worked out for 2 months almost every day cardio and strength training and also started eating healthy. But my scale has not moved and I have noticed no change in my body. Do you have any suggestions as to why it seems like I’m not loosing any weight and what I can do. Thanks JL.

  • Was doing Keto and IF…. didn’t work as well as I thought. Starting having insomnia, couldn’t think clearly was tired.. Had to stop just started introducing healthy small amounts of carbs and I’m starting to feel better. Doing IF but just 16/8 trying to relax my body was in constant stress. Taking supplements now for bed time..Insomnia is getting a little better but still have a way yo go.

  • I have been working out for 3 months cardio and booty/ab workouts and GAINED weight. I was eating healthy too. Could it just be muscle gain? I haven’t worked out for 2 to 3 weeks now and am starting to give up and go back to unhealthy eating too:(

  • Love this! Which body composition scale do you recommend/use? I remember seeing it on your story a couple days ago but i didn’t take a note of it

  • I was doing so good not drinking any sodas and something went terribly wrong lol. Thanks for reminding me to cut that shenanigans out!

  • Can you please show us how to make your peanut butter cups? If you already have a vid over it, please direct me to the link! I just discovered your channel so I’m making time to go through your vids ��

  • Can you give an example of one day of eating on your meal plan, I have a lot of stomach issues and I would hate to purchase this and not be able to eat what’s on the plan. And I’m 45 and I am currently in peri menopause which has been very discouraging because it seems like no matter what I do nothing works. Hopefully you can shed some light for me and help!!

  • What do you think about Intermittent Fasting? Not a large eating window and reduction in amount of calories. I’m not fueling my body throughout the day because I want my body to use my fat reserves. It seems the opposite of what up are saying.

  • I quit smoking a 2 pack a day habit 9 months ago, been dieting ever since just to stay the same weight. Frustrating, but better than gaining 25 lbs. like I did last time I quit!

  • So if your putting in not enough calories or energy your body doesn’t use calories to power your workout? Where is the energy coming from then? How are models skinny and not fat since they are notorious for doing very low cal diets?

  • I just have to correct you. Thyroid disease is a chronic illness. There is no cure. You can take hormone replacement but, it will not cure your thyroid only replace the hormones that your thyroid is not providing.

  • One of my old baby sitters refused to count calories. Within 2-3 years, with portion control, a healthy diet, and working out she lost 110 lbs

  • Ok the last thing is dumb af though.. like sorry I’m at school 6 hours then I have like 3-4 hours of homework to do, I’ll try to do that while I’m jogging in place next time or smth ��

  • bullshit! The main reason people not losing weight is because they are not having multiple bowel movements a day removing all that toxic waste out their bodies. You should be having 4-6 bowel movements and they shouldn’t smell and your urine should be clear not yellow or orange.

  • Giving the solution “get your shit together” when mentioning personal issues that require seeing a therapist is NOT okay. I enjoy your videos, but this statement truly stigmatizes mental health issues. People who experience/are diagnosed with clinical depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar I/II, etc. cannot just “get their shit together.” It is not so simple and cannot just be done with a snap of one’s fingers or a quick visit with a therapist.

  • 10 reasons? fck that, I should simply staph eating pizza @ 2 o clock in the morning and sleep, its that easy.. but its yummy, so I’ll stay.. fluffy? 😉

  • Fasting is the most important, rule 18/6. This means fasting 18hrs and giving yourself a 6 hour window to eat 1 or 2 meals, while keeping your sugar and carbs below 50g a day. After that you just go back on the fast for 18hrs. If you can get down to eating 1 meal a day, just dinner, and the rest of the day drinking water you will drop weight like crazy. However, it’s very very difficult. Your body is used to one thing so the hunger cravings are horrible. But after a while your body gives in and starts eating it’s reserve and it’s not uncommon for a person on the heavy side to drop 20 pounds in 2 weeks. I dropped 18 pounds in 2 weeks and my start weight was 271. Since then iv been declining and feel great. It’s not hard it’s just a lot of discipline and self control.

  • im a 5ft person i work out (30 Minutes ) 4 times a week how many calories should eat im a 42 year old diabetic i really need some help

  • Hi! I’ve just come across this speech by Dr Cridland on sleep and how its lack affects weight loss. I hope it will also help others.

  • Your first reason is one of those “It’s counter-intuitive so it must be right” things. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m asking for some solid science to support it. See, if you move, you burn calories. It doesn’t matter if a body is “holding onto every calorie” because it “thinks it’s starving” (your body doesn’t actually think; a part of your body thinks, the rest does a lot of things, but thinking isn’t one of them). What you said makes no sense. A body might, in response to a lack of energy, convert starches and sugars to fats due to the release of hormones, for example, but even if it does, if it moves, that requires energy and the stored fat will be used. In fact, the notion that it converts sugars and starches to fat in order to store energy at a higher rate when it is calorie deprived is illogical. A body burns the energy it need and stores the extra in the form of lipids. If a person uses more calories than he or she stores, that person loses weight.

    If you have some science to support the statement, I would like to see it. If this is one of those “common knowledge” things, it isn’t worth the digital media it’s stored on.

  • Cut out the fucking CARBS!! (unless your quite active), increase protein intake and fibre, don’t be scared of fat (good fat is one of the best sources of energy and actually INCREASES your metabolism I.e. avocados, almonds, fish etc.) and, probably the hardest one of them all……cut out or severly restrict sugar intake (this one breaks my heart as I love to indulge in sweet stuff)

  • I want to lose weight but I don’t how to do it properly. I try to exercise but I don’t do it often because I wake up at 5:30 am get ready and go to school and come back on 2:00 pm and eat lunch and study until 8-9 pm and then I eat dinner then text my friends or watch some youtube for 45 mins shower and sleep. So I can’t find any time to do anything any tips?

  • I just know that as soon as I hit 145lbs I stopped losing weight ); have been too discouraged to exercise again… I try eat healthy so I’ve maintained

  • healthy organic 100% food + hydration + exercise especially bodyweight cardio & toning + being active all day
    that’s will shrink you!!

  • This lady needs to do a lot more research your body doesn’t go into starvation mode until 3 or 4 days without any food check out intermittent fasting

  • I used the myfitness app and it said that if i wanted to lose 1kg a day i had to consume 1200 calories a day, so why doesnt this work? What if i round up to 1400 kcal a day and workout for 90 minutes a day?

  • I think im the one who havent been eating not enough calorie omg…. Mayb this is why i having been losing anything for a month already! ������

  • I’m confused… I had to go to a dietician for health reasons, and she told me not to could t calories, and instead count carbs… she said 45 carbs for every meal(3meals) and 15 carbs for snacks(3 snacks)..

  • That makes sense. LOL I have lost so much weight this year, and then I stopped and hit a plateau. I have been on this plateau for three months, but I am hella stressed always lol. School and work. School and work. XD

  • Good tips Sarah! It’s human nature, that we overestimate out calorie burn & underestimate our caloric intake. First thing we recommend, is to track everything that goes in your mouth, for 1 week. Even if you don’t change anything, this will give you a baseline to adjust from.

  • Thanks for another great video Katie! Helpful insights for sure��
    Also, HUGE CONGRATS on your upcoming anniversary of starting your health journey ���� You’re amazing and beautiful, inside and out! @saucyburd_lsf

  • Hi, I’m new to keto and trying my best but I feel a bit overwhelmed on the counting net carbs, I don’t understand if I can eat til I’m full or count calories and count everything but I feel it’s very hard and makes the new lifestyle I want to take onwards but it’s really overwhelming. Also so hard to know if I’m on Ketosis since the machines to measure are very expensive where I live. Anyways I would love a bit of everyone’s input to do this well:)

  • I guess I am just dealing with a ton of food addiction. I have never felt hunger in my throat, even after a fast. Also, I can be uncomfortably full and smell something tasty.. And want that, too.

  • Guys, build muscle does not have to be hard (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search a diet plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan. Seriously, that course has changed my life. I probably should not even be talking about it cause I do not want a bunch of other guys out there running the same “game” but whatever, I’m in a great mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

  • If you want to shed pounds, it is best to look up Fenoboci Diet Plan on the internet. They’ll make it easier to get the shape you deserve.

  • Hi, I was wondering, what if I want to lose weight if I’m 13, is that badshall I wait till I grow older? And also if it’s not then do teenagers lose fat faster than adults? Thanks

  • you do not store the 1200 calories in a day if thats all you really ate. you will loose weight. its not healthy to have that much of a calorie deficit. But saying your body will hold on to it is very false.

  • you do not store the 1200 calories in a day if thats all you really ate. you will loose weight. its not healthy to have that much of a calorie deficit. But saying your body will hold on to it is very false.

  • Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google)? We have noticed several amazing things about this popular weight loss method.

  • Hi. Could you do a video on how to fix your metabolism after messing it up? I used to be 18st am now 9st and have plateaued where I am now. For years. If I eat more than a few bites of food a day I bloat to the size of a heavily pregnant woman. I can’t eat or I’ll get fat and I have almost no energy and my body is always attacking me, always internal infections of some sort or always unwell needing hospital. Trying to lose weight by not eating worked for the weight loss but that’s all it did. Make me skinny, unwell and scared of food.

  • its too many rules its just restrict on top of restrict no oil now its no starch no oatmeal because its not healthy no grains cause grains are bad no cooked food because that is evil like when did a plant based diet become so complicated i literally dont know what to eat anymore it seems that every food we eat is being scrutinized by every plant based doctor for the food we cannot eat its the dr gregor says no grains no rice because of the arsenic mcdougall says eat starch based fuhrman says no grains and no starches and its like man i just want to lose weight and be healthy and it seems that i am being pulled like a pinata in all these different directions on how to lose weight its like the plant based doctors are not in unity on their thoughts
    mcdougall says limits nuts fuhrman says to eat nuts and not to avoid then milton says potatoes are bad for you and fruit is bad because it spikes triglycerides its like what are we suppose to eat we need to quit making this so complicated cause it may turn people anorexic and have a big eating disorder or well give up on the diet i dont believe it should be so difficult to eat healthy.

  • Its the stress folks, excess cortisol.. get rid of the underlying stress, inflammation in the body and its a guarantee you lose the weight you want.

  • Vitamin D promotes all hormonal balancing. Check out the VitaminDCouncil ‘s webpage…all studies and facts there. I had the thyroid “problems, diseases, imbalances” shoved down my throat since I was little and I refused to believe it was incurable or something to manage. I watched many women struggle with their weight (and infertility) blaming their thyroid and never getting anywhere and doing what the doctor prescribed, which caused more and more problems only managed with more medications. The #1 thing common to all those with this problem is NOT fasting. Those who get results have fasted in some form (intermittent, water, dry). It really tears at my heart to watch so many, many women struggle when the answer is right there. If there was money in it, the doctors would prescribe it. Look into it, not the fad, but the way of fasting to improve health not to just lose weight/get skinny (though it is a wonderful benefit). Dr. Mindy is quite concise with facts and information on how to fast no matter how long. There are sooooo many health benefits do it for the better you! Check her out or at least look into fasting here on youtube! Your future self will thank you!!

  • Well honestly best Reasons for Not Losing Weight video I’ve seen so far. Mine would mainly be stress… Trying to fix it, but it piles up more and more every week especially when I don’t lose weight.

  • New subscriber here! First of all great job!! I actually have a YouTube channel also showing my weight loss journey (60lbs down), my workouts and healthy recipes. You get a chance check it ou

  • Teens-remember alot of it is due to hormones some people can get rid of it but some people can’t till there hormones settle (this can happen around 20 years old )

  • Here to motivate you:
    -Don’t give up after one week. or the 2nd week. Or the 3rd week. Or ever!!! PERSEVERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Results don’t come quick
    -cardio everyday isn’t the answer!
    -incorporate some small weights and body weight exercises!

  • I don’t really know what I can do about not sitting on my ass all day. I have to be at my desk cause I’m in a call centre, and work doesn’t have enough standing desks so that I can stand and work. Do i have to get a new job?

  • I really want to loose weight but temptation kicks in and I always loose I’m trying to over come it but it’s hard how do I prevent temptation

  • Thyroid diseases suck! Starting an active lifestyle when you’re tired and hungry all the time is not easy. And even when you go to the gym and eat healthy, you have top wait a really long time to see results (it’s even harder if you have trouble balancing the medication).

  • man when did a plant based diet get so complicated it used to be so simple and easy that you should just eat high carb low fat and eat a whole food plant based diet and now its eat nutritarian and eat less and calorie count your food with dr fuhrman and its a complete 360 with dr mcdougall where his diet is starch based and the patients are eating oatmeall and all this high starchy foods that dr fuhrman does’nt seem to like in a diet mcdougall wants beans and potatoes and rice in the diet where has dr fuhrman wants more vegetables in the diet and giant salads but i could not do his diet honestly because i would want my big bowl of oatmeal in the morning to satisfy me and big plate of white rice but i also love fruit which mcdougall limits on his diet and what if i want to add to my diet to make a nice smoothie or something i wont be able to have my smoothie on the starch solution and then thers the cooking your food is evil thing from the raw vegan promoters and the carbs are bad and you should try vegan keto and it just goes on and on with mrcrergor saying that rice is bad because of the phytic acid and arsonic in white and brown rice and its like when I think about all of this its enough to drive somebody to be blunt CRAZY AND COMPLETELY CONFUSED AND INSANE AND ITS LIKE WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSE TO EAT IN HERE MAN! CHALKDUST!

  • I have a question that may not relate, but what if I’m trying to do everything according to a plan and temptation kicks in? Do you have any tips for that?

  • so I been eating healthier and i exercise everyday I been on a low carb high protein diet maybe walking up to six miles a day I just started I thought I would have lost a pound at least but instead I gained like 3 to 4 pounds why is that?

  • lol you should tal about hoshimotos, its not well known but its showing up more and more. Most doctors do not look for it but i could prevent weight loss to

  • Everyone knows why theyre not losing weight. Its not rocket science. They just like to make up excuses.

    If youre not losing weight its because youre still eating too much shit and not doing enough exercise. Thats it. Simple as that.

  • Hi me new subscriber…. Plz Plz batayiyena cecerine wale kaise diet kar sakte he… Aur exercise.. Mera 4 year hogaya mera tummy bahut bada hai… Iskeliye kya karu kaise diet karu Plz Plz batayiyena…

  • hey dear em 20 yrs old n i have thyroid day by day em becoming very fat even eva i try to do exercs i cnt bcz of my weight i cnt able to do anythng can u suggtsn sumthng..i wnna be slim again������

  • One of the best ways to lose weight is by living a vegan lifestyle when you think about it no one wants to have kill animals to eat… Even if you like the taste of steak you still probably wish an animal didn’t t have to die for it to get on the table. For someone who has been fat all 14 years of there life so far and has dealt with anorexia in the past I am now eating 3000 to 4000 calories a day and most of my diet is carbs and I love it. As previously fat acne prone tired teenager I love being vegan within the first day I had more energy within the first week I had no acne and within the first month I had lost 10 pounds and now on my second month I have enough energy to work out and I feel better than ever and being vegan is not just good for wight loss it’s good for your body long term it’s good for the environment and its good for the animals. Personally it took me 3 days to go completely vegan but it’s not the same for everyone. If you want to go vegan. STEP ONE)cut out meat, fish, and eggs. yes that is the hardest part but it’s the easiest to recognize. STEP TWO) cut out direct dairy. What I mean by that is basically cut out anything where the first ingredient is dairy so milk, ice cream yogurt ect… STEP THREE) cut out indirect dairy. Since dairy is in basically everything this is the dreaded part where you have to read nutrition facts labels. STEP FOUR) cut out all other animal products. It may seem un-nessecary to cut out geleten, honey and all other things that come from animal origins but trust me your body will thank you. While writing this I am starting to think this may come off as a hate comment but I am not trying to make it seem that way I am simply trying to find a way to educate people on the vegan lifestyle… For a full video on this watch Kalel’s video (why I’m vegan [+how you can be too] ) and I would avoid YouTubers such as freelee the banana girl or vegan gains because the spread such a hateful message. Thank you for reading this <3

  • very informative!
    everyone, please read this:
    What is the best Indian diet for weight loss? by Apurva https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-best-Indian-diet-for-weight-loss/answer/Apurva-46?share=c6043577&srid=uDAqA

  • hey guyzxz plzzz tell me something Im gonna get married this september…nd I Have Acne problems nd marks….so pls tell me some facials I Want my skin to be perfect..

  • Excellent video. I agree with it. I gained weight too. I don’t like having gained weight. I have to do less eat protein, more exercise, and be careful my body.

  • Cheri, beans always make me gain weight no matter how little, the only bean i seem to be ok with is tofu, so I am eating it every day as my beans allowance, is that ok with dr Furhman’s guidelines?

  • Can you tell me what do you guys think of this product I thought it was amazing for losing weight but I would like your opinion https://joplin777.challenge.com

  • 4% bodyfat is incredibly hard. I’d say the machine was off a few. Definititely single digit tho. The way you can tell if you’re under 5% is do you feel like abaolute crap and hardly functioning?

  • Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry your income got stolen. I could completely relate when you said you were sick to your stomach. It’s hard to believe that there are people in the world who would do that to another human being. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing you had to go through this. From a true empath.

  • This video was amazing and actually caused me to subscribe
    I’m ashamed and saddened to see the negative comments and excuses people are making for themselves
    There is nothing wrong with this video or how she is speaking, she’s completely on point
    If you don’t like being told what to do, go out and figure it out for yourself
    Truth is, everything she’s said IS GOING TO HELP YOU
    It’s up to you whether you sit there and question it or you take COMMON SENSE and go and do something about it

  • you guys are inspirational.! I wish i had a partner like you two enjoy with each other, and bounce things off of and help each other! all i have is the voice in my head which usually steers me wrong!

  • You finally learned that calories is the only thing that matters when you want to lose weight. YOU CANNOT LOSE WEIGHT IN A SURPLUS no matter if you eat 0 carbs for 1000 days straight if you are in a SURPLUS you will always gain weight.

  • I am in week 5 of keto and intermittent fasting. My macros are 70% Fat / 25% Protein / 5% Carbs
    I have been super strict for 5 weeks straight, no cheats ever, and I’m STILL NOT fat-adapted yet!! WTF.
    I have no energy during my workouts, my legs feel like they’re filled with concrete when I run, I can’t run very long without massive burning leg fatigue…as if I’m constantly flexing my quad muscles.
    When is the typical timeframe to become fat-adapted?????? — B/C I’m ready to quit this shit. All risk, no reward.

  • All I ate yeserday was

    a apple (95cal)
    Protein shake (90cal)
    2 gummy vitamins (15cal)
    1 egg (70cal)
    1 table spoon of ketchup (20cal)

    Total: 290cal

    I didn’t lose anything, in fact I gained that day. How?!

  • Was literally kicking my scales the other day because I weigh 1kg more after 4 weeks of exercise and eating well. Totally needed to hear this ❤️

  • This happened to me with peanut butter and nuts. I was like oh these are healthy so I was just eating them but NOPE! That was definitely a mistake so I’ve learned from that. I also don’t cut out anything entirely but I try to be moderate with it. I also thought that once I was working out I was fine but also a NO NO because many times I was eating WAY more than I was burning so that was a major fail lol but I’ve learned. Thanks for the tips!

  • Well I know that I am not eating 1600 calories every day but I can’t eat more than i already do because I am totally not hungry, and if I want to eat more calories is it okay to eat like cookies? Or do I need to eat healthy things and get the calories from that? (Sorry for bad English)

  • I am so happy that I have found your channel. (like WHERE HAVE U BEEN?!) I have been struggling not only with losing weight, but also with improving my day, staying positive and so on. Not only this, but also your other videos inspired me as well. You are truly the person I want to become, I wish I had your life somehow. Truly a role model. Keep up the good work.

  • Can you do a video on why one would stop growing muscle? No matter what I do for exercise or how well I diet…my body never grows muscle. A few years ago I didn’t have this problem and I just turned 30 so I thought it was because of age but what do I need to do to change this? Is it hormonal? Stress? Disease? I am 5’3, slimmersize 6…could I just have too much fat for the muscle to not feel so soft?

  • 1:40 Have to admit, you guys look like Oompa Loompas. Spray tans are fake tans. It’s doesn’t look like you got some sun, it just looks like you got sprays with a concentrated form of Minuit Maid.

  • Been on keto for a year, no weight loss at all. I eat about 15 gms of carbs per day, ketones through the roof BUT I finally figured out that it’s my insulin resistance keeping me fat. So….the only way out of this is prolonged fasting. I’m going to try 5 days and then 7 and see what happens. Plain old keto works for most, but not for me, as far as weight loss goes. It’s vastly improved my T2 diabetes though and I hope to be off medication soon but in order to really reverse the diabetes, I have to lose weight. Intermittent fasting has no effect. So now I have my salt, Keto Chow electrolytes and I bought a buttload of tea bags to make iced tea. I am now 100% sure this is the problem-the insulin which is telling my body it needs to store every morsel of fat. So here we go! No doctors (except Dr. Berry and Dr. Fung to guide me) but I finally figured this out!:)

  • leave it to katie to give me all the good tips!!! I have been seeing results in photos and measurements but that scale is not moving as fast I think it should! One reason could be the muscle building aspect as well as the sugar substitutes! I have been CRAVING something chocolate and it’s because I will have a diet soda here and there or but some sugar free stevia in my tea!! I will try to stop doing this and get back to fruits as my sugar source ���� thanks Katie!!

  • I needed this, I’ve been doing keto for a couple months. I started off with cardio to build up my stamina. After a month of that I went back to weight training like I used to. I noticed the scale stopped moving but, I noticed how my body was fitting in my clothes and how much stronger I’ve become. But like most women before their cycle I bloat. And I bloat a lot, I have pmdd. So hopping on the scale after not weighing myself for a week and having a 10lbs gain really broke my heart. I spoke to my PT and she straight up told me to stop weighing myself and start taking pics and measuring. I’m mad at myself for not measuring when I started. But with your guy’s advice and her advice I’m trying to come to a healthier mindset. Thank you guys

  • I’m interested. Would be nice to know up front what it would require in terms of foods to buy/prepare, do I have to join a gym or buy equipment. What type of coaching will I receive and with whom? Cost?

  • Bc of what you said about no human support from youtube, you should check out fairtube. They need all the support they can get. Love the channel. Youtube doesnt treat their content creators fairly and this is a way to voice your opinion about it, to them.

  • My favorite sports are soccer and football ❣️ I play at my high school but even tho I’m always running and playing and drinking water I cant loose this extra weight that I want too ):

  • Hey! Can you please make a video one how you use your effects in videos.
    I see you use iMovie for editing but there’s another app for effects.
    Please make a video on it.

  • Why do you always post yt videos about losing weight? I mean it‘s not the most important thing? You have a lot of young followers and they may think they have to lose weight or change their body? In my opinion you should think a little bit about that����‍♀️

  • My favorite sports are basketball and volleyball. I play both of them and I don’t know what I’d do without either one of those sports.

  • I have always loved track and field. Sprints, long jump and triple jump were my events. I really wish I could continue to compete but it kills my ankle

  • I’m not much a foodie but i’m not a fan of exercising. I prefer periodic fasting with nothing but water and it works. I lost around 10kgs in less than a month cuz i had lost appetite because if stress and anxiety due to some personal matter, but i ended up losing weight and did not suffer any illness or anything. I like things simple and straight so i don’t sweat over it too much.

  • Katie, you are awesome!! Your videos and content are always inspirational and afull of wisdom! I have learned so much from your videos. I purchased your Hbmp and it totally changed my nutrition journey. Thank You for these videos! I get so excited when I see a new one! Can’t wait for part 2!!

  • Thank you for calling out the fake sugars! As someone allergic to them, I always had issues with weight loss plans. Now I know just to cut back or use natural sugars!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLETTA!!! ��✨���������������� Love you and your channel and u deserve all the love and the support you get!!!! Don’t let the haters get to u!! ����

  • My favorite sport is football but my school didn’t have a female football team like many other schools I hope that my school will create one as well as other schools