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10 Essential Food Swaps That Helped Me Lose Weight

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10 Healthy & Easy Food Swaps!

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10 Healthy Swaps to Save 300 Calories [Infographic] by Holley Grainger, MS, RD. August 2, 2017. 49 Comments.

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Holley Grainger, MS, RD. 10 Healthy Swaps to Save 300 Calories [Infographic] August 2, 2017 / jeanettehorton Making some adjustments to your favorite foods to save up to 300 calories is easier than you think. 10 Healthy Swaps that Can Save You Hundreds of Calories! By April. If you’re wanting to get a handle on your nutrition and start living a healthier lifestyle, you don’t have to cut everything cold turkey & start a rigid program.

There are plenty of ways to simply cut back your current dietary intake without having to completely sacrifice. Whether it’s swapping heavy cream for cauliflower or avocado for butter, cutting just 50 calories per day through simple food swaps can add up to bigger weight loss wins in the long run. 10 Simple Food Swaps to Save Calories. Lighten up your mayo. Swapping your regular mayonnaise for a lower-fat version can save significant calories.

Light mayonnaise reduces calories per tablespoon to 35 or so, and total fat to between 3 and 4 grams per serving.Low-fat or reduced-fat varieties usually cut calories and fat. Smart Swap: Cottage Cheese vs. Heavy Cream French toast casserole is a rich and decadent dish. Bakery bread is cubed and drenched in a creamy egg-and-milk custard. Traditionally made with heavy cream, this version uses cottage cheese instead.

This swap will save 304 calories and 39 grams of fat while still providing the “mouth feel” of heavy cream. (130 calories vs 24 calories per half cup) Swap out your sugar-filled sorbet for a half-cup of frozen strawberries or berries blended until smooth to save more than 100 calories. Did you know? The Vita-Mix blender can turn your frozen fruit into an ice cream consistency for the perfect delicious and healthy treat.

8. White rice for quinoa. Check out these simple 200-calorie swaps that are so simple, your taste buds might not even notice. READ MORE > 10 HEALTHY SWAPS TO SAVE YOU 100 CALORIES Tags eating for weight loss healthy eating tips losing weight nutrition tips.

Cut 500 Calories a Day and Lose Weight with these Healthy Food Swaps! Trying to get healthy and lose weight can be daunting. However, you can easily cut 500 calories a day and lose weight by swapping unhealthy foods with their healthier alternatives.

One pound is equivalent to approximately 3,500 calories. Divide that figure by the number of days in a month, and that means you need cut around 115 calories from your 10 Healthy Swaps to Save You 100 Calories [Infographic].

List of related literature:

The “500 Calorie Challenge” invites participants to reduce calories by making small dietary changes that add up throughout the day to about 500 calories, and which seem personally sustainable.

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Print multiple “Nutrition Facts” labels per page.

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What about swapping out a less-healthy fat for a healthier one in your dressing?

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These are now updated as the Food Standards Agency’s Eight Tips for Healthier Choices (FSA 2005) (Table 1.2.1).

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Such interventions should include both environmental changes (e.g., nutrition information on foods) and efforts to change consumer attitudes toward eating out and increase motivation to make healthier choices [145, 149].

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Therefore added sugars and saturated and trans fats should be considered “discretionary” calories.22 The 2015–20 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) recommends consumption of a healthy

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After being forced to post the numbers, some restaurants reduced the calories in the food served.

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Will this change the numbers on the Nutrition Facts labels?

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For example, the original food label (left) says that a serving has only 100 kcal.

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• Calorie balance should emphasize quality of food selection.

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  • Obviously, I’m not sure what your degree is but it seems that you could be a fitness consultant and dietician. This could be your future business venture.

  • My favourite is the oatmeal and banana pancake!! ❤️

    1. I’m also a sucker for MacDonald’s hotcakes.
    2. I’ve never tried making these before!! (I really want to try making those now!)
    3. I suffer from bloating too especially the week leading up to my period.

    And that Chee Seng sesame oil minced chicken looks so good I’m gonna make some! ��������

    Btw, u look glowing and gorgeous! Noticed it especially in the video where u and Justin went to the gym pod and Kallang! KAH-LAANG ��

  • Hi good morning. Just saw an article on safari zoo run. Thought you may like to run with the animals. ������


  • I eat my oatmeal with similar ingredients as you except I don’t cook the oats (instant oats does not need cooking). I blend everything including the seed and berries in a blender and let it sit in the fridge for 30 mins.

  • Love your hair! I didn’t know the rice in Singapore have chicken fat in em. Never heard of that before lol. You eat your oatmeal dry?

  • My favourite swap would be the cauliflower rice! I’m trying to switch my diet to a high protein low carb one, so cauliflower rice would be absolutely perfect!!! The lettuce wraps look so good too!! Can’t wait to make them!!! ��

  • My fave swap would be the quinoa chips!�� I am now in my 5th month doing the low carb diet and this video inspired me more to continue with my healthy lifestyle ����

  • Hiii hiiiiii as promised, here’s my FAVE skillet cookie recipe with chickpeas it’s SO GOOOOOD and vegan-friendly:)


  • ahhh, try to avoid almondmilk when you can!! it’s unfortunately not very sustainable for the environment and uses LOOOOOOADS of water, which california is seriously lacking right now, which is where 90% of the world’s almonds come from. flaxmilk is creamier, essentially flavorless, and is along the same price point!

  • Awesome tips! By the way, it takes 800 gallons of water to make one gallon of commercially produced almond milk. Coconut milk is the way to go! (and it’s delicious).

  • TIP: instead of ice cream �� replace that with NICE cream there are recipes online and they are very easy, you can eat it with fruits ��

    FACT: milk can make you very full it pretty much like food replace with soy or any plant based milk ��

  • Brocolli or cauliflower mousse instead of mashed potatoes is a fav of my mom! Also you can swap out about half of the flower for shredded courgette when baking cakes. If you swap the other half of the flower for almondmeal, even better!

  • Hey Candace and everybody! Do you know a good food swap or substitute for pasta? I just looooooove pasta, we often use whole-grain pasta. We tried konjac pasta and blah. so gross and not so budget friendly. any ideas?:) BTW Candace, just started watching your videos and you’re such a beautiful real person. really inspiring and love Mugsy:)

  • Love oatmeal, 5 almonds, 1 teaspoon flaxseeds, half banana, milk, cinnamon. heat it, youve got a dessert for brekky every morning and just 150kcal.

  • I really like your no-bullshit approach to this topic. I would love to know more about the chickpea substitution. In my ideal world, I no longer need flour for anything. I already love chickpeas and would love to know more healthy ways to use them.

  • I just eat cliff bars just before Martial arts for three days. For the rest of the time I eat healthy, like choosing healthier snacks throughout the day, and just do small breakfasts, medium lunches, and big dinners. Also just limiting my carb intake, plus drinking more water. To explain big dinners is just one plate of the entire dinner meal.

  • I swapped sodas for carbonated water with natural flavoring (I drink La Croix). It can be an acquired taste, because the carbonation is slightly bitter and not getting covered up with all that sugar that you’re used to.
    Definitely be careful of which you’re choosing though as some have artificial sweeteners

  • my suggestion to you is invest in an instant pot. because you can make so my things and also you can make an all natural yogurt that you know what’s going into it

  • Not all the fats can make you gain weight. It can actually make you loss weight because penuts butter is high in HEALTHY fats. And Fats destroy fats. (I know it’s weird but that’s how it works.)

  • I reeeeally need Halotop in Switzerland but that probably won’t happen in the next 20 years since it takes sooooo long to get all those healthy foodtrend stuff in Switzerland��

  • Something I made the mistake of when I first started my fitness journey: I would look at fat loss videos and I tried to replace all my foods like this even though I was underweight and trying to gain muscle! Being healthy doesn’t mean cutting down calories. Some of these, such as the peanut butter, aren’t necessary if you’re at a sustainable weight and are working out regularly because those extra calories can actually be super helpful with that muscle growth. Meanwhile, if you’re trying to lose fat every calorie and every macro really does help so what appear to be little changes can end up making a huge difference. So I guess my point of this is just to say: don’t make the mistake of thinking food for fat loss is always the same as food for fitness. And I know Candace made this video aimed at people trying to lose weight so this is just my two cents, for anyone like who I used to be, who is new to fitness and susceptible to getting too strict with their diet even when they don’t need to be that way:) What I will always recommend no matter what, just as Candace says, is cutting down on that sugar! It does wonders for your health! Everything else, take it in moderation. It’s about the overall change, it’s about your lifestyle, it’s about your diet in the day to day. It’s actively caring about how you fuel your body, even when you’re not trying to lose weight anymore. Treat your body right and it will pay off big time xx good luck to anyone working to better themselves!

  • PB FIT is always a go to for me! when im craving a sweet treat but obviously cant have one i put it in some low sugar coco puffs cereal and it tastes just like reese pb cups! give it a try!

  • I love mexican food and sour cream is a must, but as we all know, sour cream is NOT healthy:( I use non-fat greek yogurt instead. I can’t tell a difference in taste, especially when mixed with other food. Saves lots of calories and gives me extra protein

  • I made oatmeal after watching this video and was going to add stevia and cocoa powder, however I was fresh out. I used chocolate protein powder instead… 10 out 0f 10, would recommend!

  • Another thing I find about peanut butter is that the higher the nut content is, the healthier it is as it has less palm oil, less sugar and less salt and overall healthier calories!

  • Veganism really helped me. Not only is it great for the body but great for the animals and world. Having a great body, as well as compassion ��❤️

  • Good video! I try to sub chips for mini bell peppers, cucumber slices, or baked pepperoni chips. I love making nachos, and those substitutions make me feel less guilty about it.

  • I got to try Halo Top for free. I got the chocolate one. There was no flavor. It was like hospital Ice Cream. I did let it sit out like it suggests too. I don’t think it is a replacement for ice cream personally.

  • Hi girl 😉 Thanks for a awesome fun and inspiring channel:) Do they sell the PB powder online somewhere? They do not sell this in any stores here in Norway 😉

  • almond milk is full of healthy fats and calcium. plus, you’re cutting dairy intake which will reduce (particularly digestive) inflammationacne, irritable bowels etc

  • It’s not about the calories but its about the ingridents. Counting calories is overated because not everyone takes in calories the same. Food labels are sometimes not accurate about calorie count. Plus it makes you obsessive. The best way to lose weight is change your lifestyle. There is no quick easy fix like companies want you to think. Drink this and you will lose weight, take this pill and you will lose weight. But the weight lose is temporary. I was obese as a kid lost 40 pounds through crash dieting. But the weight started to creep back and I developed a eating disorder. I was obsessed with the calorie count and not about how the food I ate made me feel like crap, and made me crave more. The best way to lose weight is to cut out all the bad food in your life. This includes chips, chocolate, corn (inflammatory), 100 calorie snacks, gronola bars and anything with added sugar, processed and eat green. It may suck at first but you feel amazing. You can make replacements such as sprouted grain bread, almound butter, nuts and Quinoa.
    I don’t crave bad food anymore and once in a while when I have something bad for me I don’t gain weight because my metabolism is faster and my body is healther.

  • In all honesty, Halo Top is probably the best ice cream alternative in my opinion. It has a lot more ingredients but they’re all low-calorie natural sugars rather than loads of cane sugar and dairy. Arctic Ice’s primary ingredient in the flavors I tried was water, so it’s more of a “shave it yourself” shaved ice consistency and a watery taste (which, if you’re into the shaved ice thing, I won’t judge)

    Easiest food swap I’ve made in my life.

  • almond milk is not better for the world. it uses so much water for one almond and they don’t use it all and they put s lot of sugar in it. soy milk is a MUCH better alternative

  • Here are a few more:

    Tater tots: cauliflower tots (the green giant brand ones are SO GOOD)
    Mashed potatoes: mashed cauliflower (basically any kind of potato dish can be swapped for cauliflower
    Juices: Sparkling Ice (this is a brand of sparkling water with no sugar, carbs, fat, protein, sodium, or calories. Has a ton of vitamins and tastes GREAT)
    Pasta: Zuchini noodles or spaghetti squash (I prefer spaghetti squash just because you don’t need a bowl, you can eat it right from the squash skin itself!)
    Rice: Quinoa (literally any rice recipe can be swapped with quinoa. It’s super high in protein and tastes GREAT!)
    Chips: Veggie crisps (no, not the veggie straw brand, I’m talking all natural no sugar added plantains chips, sweet potato chips, banana chips, etc. don’t hate on them until you’ve tried them cuz they are amazing for cravings)
    Btw, if you are looking for some great homemade granola bars Sarahbeautycorner has a video on healthy recipes with a great one for all natural granola bars with no added sugar.

  • Cutting the soda (diet and regular) and replacing with water was huge in my weight loss. However, soda tastes so much better than water sometimes. So making fruit puree (mango, strawberry, etc) and putting it in water gives me some sweetness without all the crap in soda.

  • Don’t spray your sweet potato with olive oil BEFORE the toaster! You can start a grease fire in your toaster. Please don’t do that

  • Swap sodas for kombucha. Still fizzy, but you get probiotics instead of empty calories or a chemical shit storm. Seaweed snacks instead of potato chipssalty and crunchy and you feel like a mermaid. Make your own trail mix so you can use unsweetened dried fruit and sprouted seeds and nuts. And if you switch out fat free dairy for full fat dairy, then you’re getting good healthy fats that make you feel fuller for longer, so while it might be a little higher calorie, you end up eating less in the long run.

  • Arise and shine and give god the glory glory Arise and shine and give god the glory glory Arise and shine and give god the glory glory children of the lord this was a song my childhood friend always sang

  • I steam a whole cauliflower 132 calories, drain put garlic powder, onion powder & few table spoons of parmesan, option a 2 T. of cream cheese or greek yogart… then beat with mixer to get it to mashed potato consistancy, its delicious as mashed potato faux recipe, I’m a potato freak but you won’t even miss potatoes after eating cauliflower this way. You can also put it in the processer to make rice with

  • This is an amazing idea! It would be a lot better if you start putting in the proportions and ingredients in the description. It would help a heap ton. Oh please do more of this series!