10 Aquatic Sports to Torch as much as 800 Calories


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10 Water Sports to Torch up to 800 Calories. by Kevin Gray. July 26, 2019. No Comments. Share it: Summer is officially upon us, and with all this sunshine and heat comes opportunities to vanquish both in the water.

Torch up to 800 Calories With These Water Sports. Water Sports. Don’t worry, we have prepared a list of the best water sports to burn over 800 calories. Read on and take notes.

Swimming. Most people love swimming but hardly know the perks that come with it. If you have seen Olympic swimmers, you might be wondering how they manage to get.

8 Fat-Burning Water Sports That Will Torch Calories >>> Swimming. Whether it’s freestyle or butterfly, swimming is one of the best ways to build and preserve muscle mass, optimize cholesterol. The answer is yes: it comes to work the whole body and burns a lot of calories.

The Aquadynamic is very effective to lose weight. With at least 500 calories burned per session, the Aquadynamic is part of these water sports activities that combine high intensity work and energy expenditure with a real work of cladding and firming of the skin. Sea and ocean kayaking involve resistance against the water, and an intensive session can burn up to 500 calories per hour. 10. Swimming – up to 800 calories per hour Swimming is one of the best full-body workouts out there – it helps build muscle-mass, optimizes cholesterol levels and burns fat.

Beach baseball, football, soccer, kayaking, and even surfing helps in shedding those extra calories as you pace up your speed. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, every adult needs a minimum of 150 minutes normal to vigorous aerobic activity per week, and sports contribute best to it. 10 Summer Sports That Torch Serious Calories. 0. 283. If the cool blue is calling you but you’d rather be on the water than in the water, stand up paddle boarding may just be for you.

A conditioning work-out that focuses on balance, paddle boarding gives you a full body work-out that is low intensity yet provides endurance training and. 10 Summer Sports That Torch Serious Calories. By. Take the stairs, not the elevator A 130-pound woman will burn nearly 20 calories each time she goes up and down the stairs.

Do it all day watch how quickly those add up! Think about switching from a can a soda every afternoon to unsweetened iced tea or a flavored sparkling water. But. 8 Fat-Burning Water Sports That Will Torch Calories All Summer Long. by Brittany Smith. The wonderful thing about summer is you don’t have to hole up in the gym in order to get a.

Each and every sport has its own significance. We got to know that there are many in which we can reduce our calories and weight. We should play some sport. Each and every sport has its own significance. We got to know that there are many in which we can reduce our calories and weight.

We should play some sport.

List of related literature:

If you think you burn more calories per day, you can add roughly 36 ounces of water for each additional 1,000 calories you burn.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
from ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy
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But the energy needs of serious swimmers can exceed several thousand calories daily, as swimming may burn anywhere from 500 to 700 calories per hour.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
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When you are exercising hard for more than an hour (or doing lessintense, longer exercise), consuming 120 to 240 calories of carbohydrate (30 to 60 g) per hour along with water can improve your performance.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
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“Fifteen minutes of swimming in 20°C water will force the body to exert 100 calories Of heat.”

“Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth” by Tonya Zavasta
from Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth
by Tonya Zavasta
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Cool-down: swim 200 moderate or easy

“The Swim Coaching Bible Volume II” by Dick Hannula, Nort Thornton
from The Swim Coaching Bible Volume II
by Dick Hannula, Nort Thornton
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High intensity daily exercise can burn from 600 to 1200 calories/day.5-8 Elite athletes, such as professional cyclists, can burn as high as 12,000 calories/day, necessitating a large compensatory calorie intake.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
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If, however, you drink two liters of ice water a day, you will burn 67 Calories each day just heating that water to your normal body temperature.

“Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works” by Andrew W. Saul
from Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works
by Andrew W. Saul
Basic Health Publications, 2003

That added water is great for your physiology, keeping everything moving and helping all of your organs and muscles burn calories at peak efficiency.

“The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes” by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
from The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes
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At five to ten calories per minute, 300 calories would require 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three times per week.

“The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner” by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
from The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner
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WORKOUT When exercising, especially if the activity is very hard, I recommend that athletes replace about half of the calories they burn per hour with calories from solid food and a 4 percent sports drink (4 grams per 100 ml, or about 80 kcals per 500 ml water bottle).

“The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes” by Biju K. Thomas, Allen Lim, PhD
from The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes
by Biju K. Thomas, Allen Lim, PhD
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  • I started today. This is the first video I’ve seen in which so much emphasis is on jumping jack, I love it, all the others are full of mountain climbing, which I hate:D i’m curious how it’ll work with hypothyroidism…

  • is this only for women? bc i’m a 14 year old boy should i be doing other workouts? or is this good for both genders? please answer back quickly ��

  • After not exercising since the lockdown began I could only do 5 exercises before my body gave in, but I’ll keep trying everyday and hopefully I’ll be able to finish the whole exercise!

  • please would you mind to give/ write any meal plan for healthy but 37 year old girl 75 kg and 1.70 trying to achieve 61 kg please,I messed my body cause of binge eating and depression, I listen your video its really great inspiration regards xxx

  • hey holly i’ve been doing all of your workouts i can’t stand just doing one a day so i do two to four just really getting into it thank u for everything my body is looking better and feeling fabulous ❤️





    DAY 1: DONE!

  • I think sticking to 800 calories for an average person, just for a few days is hard to do. Imagine one eating 2000 calories a day on a normal basis and then cutting back 1200 cals. One would feel extremely weak and low in energy. Shaking, headaches would kick in… it’s just unhealthy & obsessive. One should not go that road. Trust me, I’ve done it & back then I wasn’t healthy, not “skinny” as it was impossible for me to stick to it.

  • Just started.
    Weight 55 kg
    Height 160cm
    Goal is to loose belly fat and get better in shape.
    Day 1✅ it seems easy but is actually not.
    Day 2✅ it was easier than before.
    Day 3-✅ uff cramps. I hope they get better.
    Day 4-✅
    Day 5-✅
    Day 6-✅
    Day 7-✅
    Yay finally.
    Resultsi lost an inch from my waist and an 1 inch from my lower belly. No changes in weight.
    I am happy with the results��
    Now gonna do Hollys 30 days challenge. I am motivated����

  • I can only speak for myself on this as the ‘evidence’ from doctors can go in so many directions, but I have found restricting to about 1000cals to be amazing. I’ve struggled with so many diets for years, but fasting and having my cals in the evening has been not only easy to adhere to, but I feel so much better. I only have one meal to prepare, so I make the effort to make it a healthy one, more so than before. I’m less hungry and am sleeping better too. I’ve recently discovered the Fast 800 and I believe the author makes some good points about restricting to 800 for a period of time, (but then, he would do i guess!). Basically I think if something works for you then just do it.:)

  • Could u plz bring christa back with some free workouts….
    Love her energy n grace…..!!
    This is one of my favourites on popsugar….!!

  • i am going to take this video as an inspiration to help me loose weight because when i was growing up i was being bullied because i was fat but now i am tired so i wanna do sum bout this

  • The first time I did this workout I was 70 kg for 1m65 and now I’m 66 kg
    I begun two months ago and I tried my best to stay motivated and it worked
    Thank you Sydney

  • Im a 15 yr old girl with a height of 5’1 ft/155 cm, weight of 110 lbs/ 50 kg. I’m planning to start vlogging soon so I decided to try this out since i have a couple chubs here and there.
    day 1 110 lbs/50 kg
    I only did half since i haven’t had breakfast nor lunch yet so I didn’t have enough energy to do a whole hour
    day 2 –
    day 3 –
    day 4
    day 5
    day 6 –
    day 7 –

  • I just began working out at 35 with a rowing machine. Recently it broke and I came to this to do until I get a replacement. This was great! I find that many cardio videos should be called thigh workouts because they overly rely on fast squats and such. This got my heart rate up and didn’t overly reply on any one particular muscle. I think I might do this along with the rowing.

  • Day One: It was easy but tiring for me. I swear a lot! There are some exercises that were new to me. Overall, super easy!
    Day 2: Done! It’s easy for me still. I am trying to get used to do the lunges (those are new to me). The arm circles do get the tired a lot. I have a question: How many calories that I am losing from this exercise?
    Day 3: Done! Super easy, and it is weird how I am starting to memorize the workouts.
    Day 4: Done! Jesus, it was tiring.
    Day 5: Done! Maybe, I will do this 2 or 3 times a day. I’m not sure to be honest.
    Day 6: Done!
    Day 7: Done!
    Day 8: Done! I realized that I didn’t list my weight here. (My goal is 160lbs, I am 164.4 lbs). Two weeks ago, I started the 16/8 diet. Last week, I did the Salt Water Flush, and I kept the weight on. I am going to one more this morning. I lose 3 pounds due to the Salt Water Flush.

    Day 9: Done!
    Day 10: Done! I have lose 1-3 lbs due to this workout and other! I am done with this one!

  • Hi Holly,I really want lose my whole body fat just tell me how many time I need to do this exercise.I started today with your standing abs workout.thanks dear.

  • I love this!! Thank you! I did it 3x through yesterday for a 30 min workout and felt so good! It’s been tough staying motivated to exercise during lockdown so this is just what I needed to get back into a healthy routine.

  • Oh my snacks!!!! Wow. Sweaty sweaty sweaty. Fun fun fun. This workout was sooo good. Challenging & fun. So strong. Thank you Popsugar Fitness

  • Hi.. there is so much pain in my lower legs. ���������� I did it 2 days. I’m unable to walk to now, worried what to do. PlZ suggest should I stop or what to do??????? Pain is uncontrolled

  • This workout is brilliant! You can do it at home and burn some calories with smile on your face. This awesome feeling you get right after finishing your exercises is the best award. I love this combination of cardio and boxing!

  • i workout everyday and love kick boxing and usually do the group class at my gym and this had me DRIPPING sweat. the 45 minutes went by in no time. so. much. fun. if you’re trying to decide whether or not to do this workout….DO IT!!!

  • I start this work out today I did a workout earlier today so I was a bit sore but let me tell you I didn’t except me to finish past five minutes since I hate jumping jacks but I did it!!! I stoped at 8:30 but still I found my self liking this workout a lot I’m going to continue it let’s see how it goes!! (:

  • It’s not often when you see a one hour workout for free on youtube without these ridiculous “arm toning ” exercise. This is one of the best conditioning and fun workout i have ever done. I say fun but it took me 15 mins to stand back up after the workout ����������.

  • I am from the Philippines locked down, and I am 60 yrs old just last Jan 2020! I have been working out different sydney cummings exercises for the past i think 2 months! Thank you Sydney becoz we cannot go to the gym but we are fit becoz of these kinds of exercises!��

  • Okay I have a question.
    I’m already pretty skinny and I just want to lose a couple of kilograms some more. Can this type of exercise make me gain weight or it will help me lose it? Because I’ve heard alot about exercises that could make you gain body mass specially if you are already skinny.

  • I have been doing this workout for 2 weeks and believe me when i say i lost 3lb no diet i just put my work into this workout i recommend and i never commented onder these videos because i never get the results i wanted and this right here people is the best workout ever wish you the best on your jurney����stay motivated

  • To clarify: This video is about about why the 800 calorie diet isnt the best idea for most people trying to lose fat, this video is * NOT* saying that 800 calories “wont work” because it for sure will since you are creating an extreme calorie deficit, it’s just not the best route to take in order to get to where you want to be and has many cons (as explained in video) fast results often have caveats to them and i explain each! Thank you <3

  • Christa’s videos have made me obsessed with kickboxing!! It’s such a cool reminder of how much stronger I’ve gotten since the start of the year. Thanks Popsugar!!

  • No way!! Your metabolism is highly adaptable, lower calories but high protein and good fats for a extended period of time is the best for extended weight loss for MOST people it’s just that simple!!

  • Crushed it for the first time! Felt great! Thanks for sharing Sydney. You’re a wonderful person for wanting to change the world for the better!!

  • Will this help lean my legs along with leg resistance workouts? I’m trying to find the right cardio to lean my thighs. My HIIT workouts weren’t cutting it. I think there’s too many squats and lunges.

  • I’m 5’2 and 113 lbs and today I ate 800 calories. It wasn’t hard because I normally eat 1200. I think I have a restricting problem. I’m 13 and a boy and I know teens and males shouldn’t eat less than 1500 but I can’t stop.

    After watching the video I’m eating 800 calories for a second day (I’ve done this for a week before) and then go back to 1200.

  • If anyone actually burns 1000 calories during this workout I’d be shocked. I ran in all the rests did the high energy version of all the exercises where I could like full chest to ground burpees instead of slow etc and did the whole video 400 cals ��

  • That was YOUR experience…not everyone is like you….I’v seen and heard people with tremendous results and maintaining it too…

  • Can’t wait to do this in the morning! I’ve been hooked on your workouts. Also day four for me of these workouts, intermittent fasting and low carbs.

  • How do you suggest we take action when trying to restore our metabolism from low caloric intake? Should I stop exercise and continue to increase my calories over a few weeks? When can I resume exercise?

  • There’s actually an Australian doctor who says otherwise ��‍♀️ just because you didn’t do it correctly doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad.

  • I love your energy, it’s motivating without being…idk pushy???? So many instructors don’t get that balance? Loving your workouts and this one, I crushed it! Miss going to the gym, can’t diet for shit, so trynna keep myself fit and healthy and a friend recommended you! ����

  • Very good points about being in a continuous ongoing calorie restriction of 800 calories a day. While ongoing continuous restriction like this can detrimental, short term is a different story. Valter Longo has published studies showing that a Fasting Mimicking Diet (highlighted in his book The Longevity Diet) of 800 calories for 5 days a month results in multiple heath benefits and upon re-feeding with regular calories again there ends up being no muscle loss according to what Valter Longo says has been demonstrated in the studies. The benefits Longo has achieved with his trials mimic many of the benefits of water fasting with no food but without some of the negatives that come with long water fasts, some health benefits that are not replicated with ongoing continuous calorie restriction. On the other hand Michael Mosley highlighted studies in the Blood Sugar Diet that were done in England of people who did 800 calories a day for 2 months and reversed their Type 2 diabetes which is good but don’t know if this negatively impacted their metabolism long term like it did with the Biggest Loser participants that was shown in that one study that was published. Plus studies have shown health benefits of doing 2 days a week of 500 to 800 calories and eating normal calories the rest of the week that Michael Mosley has cited in his 5 2 Diet book The Fast Diet and The Fast 800. Dorian Wilson covers a study in his YouTube video on “Fasting and Muscle” showing that short fasts with zero calories showed that of the weight lost, muscle loss was only 10% of this weight vs ongoing continuous moderate calorie restriction showed muscle loss amounted to 25% of the weight lost. Other studies have shown that some of this muscle loss can be mitigated with weight lifting & adequate protein.

  • I had saved this in a playlist and never did it before until yesterday. It was an awesome workout. I sub’d to the channel and look forward to seeing what other workout options they have!:).

  • She showed her photo from 2015 like it was a bad thing and I’m over here like…. �� I wish I looked like that lol love this video thank you!!! Very helpful!!!

  • Thank you for posting this on YouTube. I lost my job with COVID and this workout is everything I need (free, motivational, and a push). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Had to sit down like three times to fab my face a little and then for a little bit of being active I did a froggy hop to get up for the next exercise. This Is a really good workout but mind you I had to rewind so I knew to get accurate combos in. Honestly I’m so glad I did this

  • These workouts get my brain catch the exercises until brain failure lol i hardly catch the moves or focus on doing them right on last minutes

  • Christa has changed my life, never thought I’d actively look forward to such hard workouts but her workouts are just the cherry on top of each day, thank you!

  • This wasn´t a 45-Minute Boxing Workout at all! It was like 4,5 minute workout. Times fly so quickly with you, Christa.:-D You´re the Ninja Queen. Even burpees make fun with you. Is it normal?:-D

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  • Through this weight loss weight, a number of my peers reduce greater than 13 lbs! A lot of people said to me to look at it also. When I actually began using it the unwanted weight simply reduced 15 lbs. Google should help you to research it. Weight program’s name is Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • I’m 63 and loving these workouts. Anna you get everywhere!! Love the moves (even if they are tough sometimes) and the enthusiasm of you all is awesome. Keeping me sane during lock down. Big thanks guys.

  • gets easier each time i do it! i’ve not been weighing myself but i’ve been doing this for more than a month already! hope you make more cardio vids holly!

  • Hey guys!! Please upload subtitles in portuguese, so we can be able to understand all your commands in the right way!! Thanks for the classes. You’re guys are awesome!! ��������

  • I will do it everyday until August 31st, may God give me the strength to do it to the end ���� I will try to update, sorry for my bad English and let’s go ��

    22.08 |
    ⏱️| 16:06: Pause n°1 (1 min) It’s okay ����
    ⏱️| 28:07: Pause n°2 (1 min) It’s not okay ����
    ⏱️| 32:07: Pause n°3 (5 min) omg ��
    ⏱️| 34:06: I know it was short but I stopped, I will try to finish this evening ��

  • my favorite online kick boxing workout!! do it all the time and decided to wear my fit bit this time and i burnt 289 calories. i’m 5’2 103 pounds very active girl for anyone who’s similar to me who’s wondering:))

  • Wow it is very nice, wonderful and of our fitness too. In first day i am doing good but when i go to bed to sleep my legs and stomach is not working but my body is slow slow is working. and then i stated the exercise and i get pain but in third day i forgot the pain.it is very good for our fitness. Thanks ����i love this video ������❤��

  • I just started couldn’t finish I’m 40 lbs overweight maybe after this 1 week ill be good did work out 7 yrs ago lost my mother an sis in 3 days apart just let myself go

  • Day 1 Started 84kg with only 5’6 height
    Day 2 Done
    Day 3 Rest
    Day 4 Rest
    Day 5 Done

    P.s im gonna updated it everyday im gonna see result today if my body can continue tomorrow

  • I lost about 5 to 10 of belly fat and of sweet. At the end I had to go running to the bath room to throw up becasue my body couldent hold it any more but I Forbes my self

  • doin this during my period and one thing on my mind is getting the results weverybody doubts i can get and i know if i dont feel jerked off on last 10 mins i didnt do great

  • i crushed it!!!! this is the first workout i was able to make it all the way through. i usually get too burnt out but i pushed myself all the way through this one!!! i crushed it!!

  • Bold of me to assume I could complete this in a single go just because I like jumping Jack’s. But I did complete though ��️‍♀️. Will keep doing this to get healthier.

  • There are much better workouts on this channel. Instructor is awful here, cant keep a consistent rhythm and it throws everyone off.

  • Workout complete!!! Hoping to do this at least once every week on top of my other cardio and strength workouts throughout the week:) Such a good workout!

  • I’ve been doing this workout 3-4x a week along with other videos from this channel and already lost 17 pounds in a month!! I love this workout!!

  • hey everyone
    I’m here while lockdown
    and ill give update every 5 days so make sure to like this so I can find this
    current weight 65 kg

  • In the past I’ve attempted doing the whole video but always stopped 30-45min or whatever, but JUST NOW DID THE WHOLE THUNG ��������������������������������feel free to hype me up! Lol

  • Imma just say to anyone and everyone who attempted this workout: good job, who cares how long you lasted we all start somewhere like Kelly said, you should be proud you were able to find the motivation to try it

  • Workout complete!!! Hoping to do this at least once every week on top of my other cardio and strength workouts throughout the week:) Such a good workout!

  • Can we do this workout 6 days in a week… i have done it continuously for 4 days and can already feel some discomfort with my knees

  • Christa is a guarantee, all her workouts are challenging but fun and empowering! Thank you so much for these jalapeños workout, we truly need them in the quarantine!❤️

  • i love this workout! my fitbit says i burn 816 calories, for reference i’m 5’4, and 214 lbs. I use 5 pound dumbbells for the whole strength training part because it’s all i have, and for the HIIT portion I probably do about 40% of the exercises in the modified version.

  • Workout complete:) The first 20 minutes got me wiped out (summer heat) but I’m glad I persevered (with modifications and breaks). Really fun, balanced workout. Going to do this once every 2-3 weeks. Thank you Daniel and Kelli:)

  • Omg you are doing great 2020 6 Monday I started to 1000 calorie work out every single day I work for 56 min 353 calories I am 14 years old but thank you I do subscribe to your channel but you’re doing awful God. Bless you and for every people

  • I’m gonna start this tomorrow^^i wanted to ask how much of this is good for me cause I’m a beginner and I’m afraid i may just faint����‍♀️does anyone know?I’ll be greatful to know your opinion

  • putting the workout here
    30 sec jumping jacks
    30 sec cross abs
    30 sec jumping jacks
    30 sec high plank
    30 sec jumping jacks
    30 sec arm circles (forwards and backwards)
    30 sec jumping jacks
    30 sec bicycle crunches
    30 sec jumping jacks
    30 sec squats
    30 sec jumping jacks
    30 sec side step plank
    30 sec jumping jacks
    30 sec punches
    30 sec jumping jacks
    30 sec moving side lunges
    30 sec jumping jacks
    30 sec crunches
    30 sec jumping jacks
    30 sec fast feet

  • @Cass DiGiovanni I think you need to study more. Some of the points you make aren’t invalid but they are not the whole story. You seem like a nice person who genuinely wants to help but I don’t think you are knowledgable enough yet to be dispensing dieting advice. A degree these days is just a starting point. You need at least a decade of researching to be qualified in my opinion. Your pretty face will gain you lots of views so use it wisely.

  • Started today this 1 hr exercise…completed successfully. Following robertas other exercises for the past 25 days…Lost 3kgs. Thanks robertas gym for your exercise plans.. I followed many sites but no drastic weight loss but in this I’m very happy.

  • Day 1: I did it and it was very hard but the next day every week home hurt day 2: I did it and it was much easier but every bone hurt SOO idk Please hype me up:)

  • hi there, i have been dieting for about a week and a few days now. i am eating around 800 to 1000 calories a day and i also drink as much water as possible. i have been getting amazing results so far as i have lost like 15 pounds. Im so happy to see these results and i still have a ways to go, but im concerned about how fast im losing the weight and if its even safe to eat this much every day because im big at 6,1″ and i currently weigh 210 lbs. I feel fine, and i dont even get hungry at all considering i used to eat 2000+ calories a day. can someone help me out and let me know if this is okay?

  • i think i mixed you up with whitney cummings cause of the name and you look a little similar and I was really out here believing you did comedy and workout videos on the side lmao

  • i’m 75.8 pounds with a ed, trying to be able to eat more, on doing this workout to hopefully balance out my weight and be able to eat 1200 calories a day! yes i know, not healthy, but this is my last chance. i restrict and almost never eat, this workout for me is probably gonna burn 500 calories because of how i eat, and how much i weigh.

  • Today I done this workout completely it burned exactly 800 gms I recommend this stay consistent and burn the fat all the best guys

  • I’m going to do this workout from tomorrow. Current weight 56.5 kgs. Target weight 48 kgs. I’ll update you all after 7 days… Like my comment to motivate me. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  • I personally don’t like the video because…to follow this video completely you must know initials of boxing… otherwise it’s very difficult to mimic the exact way of punches…and it leads us to doing everything in a very bad form… because we are not boxers…try making videos for both beginners as well as for experts…I certainly think it’s a waste of time to do something in wrong form…and this video consists of multiple combination which are extremely difficult to follow up because I’m a beginner..

  • I need help… I’m 20 years old and weigh 110.90 kgs… I keep planning weight loss plans and then unfollow it. It’s really hard. I don’t know where to start or what to do. I have no proper guidance from any instructors or dietitians I went to. HELP

  • I am 27 year old my weight is 94before 2 months. But now my weight is 86.5.i lose my weight by following diet and 1hr walking (no workouts)

  • Imma start doing this everyday!
    Day 1: 21 minutes of it each rest i got a sip of water then after i did 10 pushups and got a water break

  • Hey Holly! I really enjoy your workout. But I wonder how many calories I can burn per this one session.
    Thanks a lot! Greetings from Ukraine!

  • Awesome! Found an everyday quick/cardio workout that I can do whenever I have limited energy… Short and sweet… Sweaty… 30secs each… LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thanks grl

  • I am taking this challenge from today itself. I am 17 years old and my weight is 72����let’s see

  • Does it really burn 1000 cal?? �� I have started this workout routine yesterday.. (12/08/20) Asking for my curiosity..

    Day 1 -done
    Day5did another Roberta’s gym video��

  • I didn’t feel hard to complete this exercise. Are you sure this burns 1000 cal? Cuz…..your 500 cal workout is vigorous than this one. Please reply

  • I am gonna try it today. And my goal is to become as slim as my other friends. I always get bullied by my friends just because of my weight. I never look like a 12 year girl which I am now. Because of my weight of 60 kg and my 167 cm of height. All of them look gorgeous but me huge body with a small inoccient face. I when sometimes see others with a normal body and then look into the mirror I feel really bad for me but thanks to roberta who helped me to get motivated and start this exercise

    DAY 3 60.8 KG

  • I will be doing it as long as I can (day by day), wish me luck and please like to remember me to update everyday
    Weight: 53kg
    Age: 15yrs
    Day 1: done (I’m literally dying����)
    Day 2: rest day
    Day 3:

  • owwww my god!! i’m sweat.. ���������� but i love it.. just finish my work out with u.i’m from philippines watching all your work out��

  • I am going to do this workout for a week and update you guys everyday! My currently weight is 135lbs and I’ll post how much I weigh when the week is over!
    Day 1: It was a little challenging at first, but I quickly got the hang of it.
    Day 2: I was super tired and sore from the previous day, but I pushed through.
    Day 3: I was still pretty sore, but the workout is becoming easier to do.

  • Hi i am 29 years old lady and Indian house wife i have 90 kg wait and before marriage i am in 49 so i give my body in shape again 49 i will do this and result in great this experience is work fat and easily

  • So I’m stating to do this workout before school starts and I have motivation but I’m not as motivated so 1 like = 1 extra day of doing this workout

  • Earlier today, i felt so angry and frustrated with everything, so i decided to do some exercise to vent out. Though I am doing this workout today, i plan on doing it every other day. I weigh 78 kgs and my height is 5ft 7′. I am an asthmatic though so pauses were the only way i could finish the workout.
    Day 1:had to pause at the 4:23 mark, 7:54 mark and 10:20 mark. I am drenched after completing the workout. My face is burning and red. I was not able to do anything for half an hour after the workout. I feel so tired, yet so energized (and satisfied maybe?)

  • After doing your 30 min work outs for weeks now this was the first 60 min!! ✊
    İt was so “easy” due to the little pauzes.
    Loved it and crushed it ����✌️✊

  • I never sweat like seriously now im sweating from these jumping jacks these jumping jacks feel like im dying bc im sweating so much

  • Meh lady
    800 to 1000 cal or very low calorie diets VLCD are administered by doctors to morbidly obese ppl to lose weight because being obese puts them at a greater risk of many diseases and early death.
    They were not created for people with a normal BMI who need to lose the last 10 to 20 vanity pounds. If leanish ppl go on crash duets they are at risk of losing their kean mass as well as fat.

  • I crushed it today!!!!! Absolutely loved it.. little modification here and there..( because of my frozen shoulder)..but did the entire workout..love you ����

  • She is great. I don’t think you could burn 500 Cal in this class, though. I wish there were no breaks in between to keep up with the heart rate.

  • thank you SOOO much, i never completed a workout without taking like 10 minute breaks inbetween until now, this changed my life ur a blessingggg <3

  • I’m on a low calorie diet and I’ve been eating about 800 a day or less but at the beginning I felt dizzy and Hungry but now it’s been about 2 weeks I dont get Hungry as often and do not feel as dizzy isnt that good??

  • I really need to do this but it’s so hard and I’m literally 12 and 180 pounds. I tried counting calories and today I tried to eat healthy and I’m 730 calories over wtf

  • Me: eating two plates of rice with vegetables with some bread
    Also me: go weigh myself and see 59kg
    Me: how? ������

    I guess I need to do all of this video to have my normal weight again ��
    (I finish this workout I’m dead right now I’m sweating so BAD but SO PROUD OF MYSELF!) if I did it YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Start weight: 58,8kg goal.. 50kg
    Day 1: done.. it was pretty hard
    Day 2: the second day was much better than the first day… but it’s still hard
    Day 3: I did it again and now it’s rly fun
    Day 4:

  • Guys believe me it really works i have lost 5kg in 2 month… Only u have to do this early in the morning.. And u have to avoid eating oily food.. That’s it.. Thanku so.. Much Robert’s gym

  • For anyone interested, Apple Watch series 5 HIIT tracking for someone who’s 5”7 140lbs, BMR 1500kcal, this workout has burnt active cal 460 and total cal 543

  • I crushed it!! Thanks Sydney for the workout. For comparison I’m 5’2 & 46 kg and I burned 434 calories for this workout (using fitbit)

  • I just crushed it.It was so well designed that I could actually finish it in a go and still challenged myself in some exercises.Thank you sydney for this amazing workout and pushing us all through the workout ❤️.
    Btw I have burnt 371 calories while doing this.So calorie burning will vary from person to person.This is just how much I burn usually while doing 1 hour workout everyday.
    Thank you once again Sydney for such amazing workouts.I do your 30 min leg toning workout on my leg day every week.love that one too��❤️.

  • I am a badminton player. I play national level tournaments, but because of COVID, I am not playing. But, to keep myself fit, and able to play badminton, I do this everyday. I recommend this to everyone who is reading this. C’mon let’s crush this together!!

  • I crushed it in the beginning it was so easy for me and when the half was done I sweated so badly and I wanted to give up, but I did it until the end and I’m so proud of myself this is for all YOU CAN DO IT, I BELIEVE IN YOU AND NOW > GO FOR IT ��

  • I really enjoyed this workout. I have basic training in less than 2 months and I’ve gained over 160 pounds by 7lbs during this quarantine����‍♀️��so i really hope i’m ready by then.

  • I’m an avid gym-goer who is doing pop sugar workouts while in quarantine, usually I can get through these 45 minute workouts (drenched in sweat) not too bad, I usually dont need to pause or anything. I had to pause this video around 20 minutes in to catch my breath. this is definitely a challenge. I’m literally typing this while paused at 23:39. I was drenched in sweat at 20 minutes in!!!!

    ok now I finished the whole thing… final thoughts & Fitbit calories! I burned 608 calories doing this for the first time! Final thoughts: This was HARD. I’m drenched in sweat, my Fitbit told me I was at my peak heart rate for most of this workout. I’m used to doing Jeanette Jenkins workouts and those get me moving and sore the next day but I’ve never needed to pause her workouts to do anything other than get a sip of water. This has you doing alot of arm work when it comes to push ups and planks which I dont do very many of. The only confusion I really had was how I was supposed to stand but I think that was more of a me problem than a problem with the workout!

  • I’m 2 years late but I totally crushed it!! Sydney, you’re amazing! So positive and encouraging, you lit up my day and made this workout so much better than every other gym HIIT class I’ve ever been to. Thank you so much for this. Definitely gonna do it again later this week. I AM SO HAPPY I DID THIS!!! thank you, and again, thank you:)

  • I totally crushed it even though I did not feel like working out on a Friday afternoon. Proud o myself and all the people who make no excuses ��