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1 Mindset Tweak that Will Help You Lose Weight. by Coach Stevo. May 5, 2015. I was doing everything that people tell you to do when you want to lose weight, and the weight started to come off slowly. But then in July, I did something that very few people talk about, but it proved to be the biggest step in my personal weight. These reframing tricks will help you stay on track no matter what phrase follows the word “don’t,” “can’t,” or “won’t,” Nixon says.

No weight-loss journey is perfectly smooth, he points out. Add anything you associate your goal weight with. Make sure you look at it every day. Visualization can be used as motivation. Use affirmations.

Remind yourself how amazing and capable you are. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. Start telling yourself that every day. Affirmations will help you get in the right.

Even if you starve yourself or train for ten hours in the gym daily, you’ll not lose massive amounts of weight overnight or even in a week. Your body works on its own schedule and it can’t be forced. Take photos of yourself when you first start on your weight loss journey and take new photos every 3 weeks or so. Believing in Yourself.

It may be a cliche but believing in yourself helps you succeed. If you believe it’s possible for you to lose weight, you’re more likely to take action. Lack of belief in your ability to lose weight causes you to feel demotivated, depressed, and lethargic. 10 Ways to Shift Your Mindset for Better Weight Loss Research shows that if you get your mind right, results will follow.

By K. Aleisha Fetters, Contributor Sept. 19, 2016. Having overcome the dreaded weight loss plateau several times, I can tell you that the secret isn’t some sort of magical diet trick or miraculous exercise routine.

It’s much deeper than all of that. It’s your mindset. Here are the first steps you can take to overcoming your own weight loss plateau: 1. Discover the real reason(s) you. “When you lose lean tissue, metabolism slows down, making it even harder to lose weight,” she adds.

Think Thin: 8 Strategies Get that overweight mentality out of your head and start thinking like. Of course, as I said earlier, you can’t just sit around thinking about getting skinny and it will magically happen. You will have to take responsibility and put in the work.

However, if you’re open to it, these habits can change your mindset and help you live a healthier happier life – and lose some weight in the process. #1. This way, you won’t feel guilty when your eating plan isn’t 100% perfect (and no one’s is), plus you’ll make overall progress a habit rather than striving for impossible-to-reach perfection, which will surely wear you out. 7MAKE IT FUN.

Chances are, you’re struggling because trying to lose weight hasn’t been fun.

List of related literature:

Motivational interviewing improves weight loss in women with type 2 diabetes.

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A university of utrecht study in the Netherlands found that in their sample of obese subjects in a weight loss programme, those who at the start perceived themselves better able to control their weight and eating behaviour lost significantly more weight than the others.

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This strategy is smart because it strengthens you even when you “lose” and indulge in a craving.

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A fixed mindset makes weight loss difficult.

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When it comes to weight loss, enhancing CBT with the subconscious brain doubles the results.

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On the other end of the spectrum, diet books like I Can Make You Thin and Master Your Metabolism are titled to inspire optimism about losing weight.

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Then at time step 7 when Food and Hunger occur, the Hunger motivation becomes the strongest, and the student Eats.

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  • I fell into the nature belief for a long time and it’s a horrible mind set to be in, I thought I’d just always be chubby because my parents and siblings were, not even taking into account the fact that I lived a sedentary lifestyle, I’d be over eating all day everyday specifically highly caloric foods and fast food, always going back for 2nds, 3rds and even 4ths, drinking multiple high calorie beverages and bingeing on junk food before going to bed, in retrospect I’m actually surprised that I didn’t weigh even more

  • Great interview. I’ve been doing LCHF for the past 14 months. So many great interviews, such great information convinced me to go this route. I’ve always been health conscious, have always eaten what I thought was healthy and clean and didn’t need to loose more than 10 lbs. I do have a glass of white wine most evenings with my pretty much one meal. I’ve never felt better and would never go back to eating any other way!

  • I think I started the easiest way and that was just counting how many carbs I was eating before actually tying Keto. I had an understanding of how to scale down carbs when I knew about how much I was eating when I was just eating whatever I wanted. It was amazing how fun it was to actually count down the carbs a little bit every day.

    I have to say though, my problem is overeating when my income fluctuates because it’s a weird ‘desperate’ eating, as if I might be broke for a while so I won’t get to eat ‘all of this.’

    I should mention that I passed up piles of amazing gourmet, super fancy food at a party yesterday and I felt pretty proud of myself about that ��.

    Also, when I try carnivore for a few days it proves to me MUCH easier to eat less often, even just once a day, and I can’t believe how cravings just blast away through carnivore. My word!! That’s the wild part. It’s almost as if I’m only sad that I don’t miss junk anymore.

    I keep almost starting carnivore again since there’s a big #WorldCarnivoreMonth event going on this month and so much information available through the http://www.meatrx.com website but I have to admit it’s been a gradual switch to carnivore this month because of some sudden stressful stuff that popped up. But that’s a real life challenge I’m charging toward, for now.

    Thank you for helping us understand in better detail the ins & outs of insulin. My daughter was diagnosed with type one diabetes three years ago and I’ve been cramming on this stuff since then.

  • It amazes me how Amy Berger has offered more insight into Alzheimer’s disease than what I hear from most doctors. Thank you for bringing her on your podcast.

  • These 2 mindsets are also referred to as “fixed” mindset and “growth” mindset. The great thing is, if you currently have a fixed mindset, you can convert to growth!

  • Diet Doctor: Technical suggestion, put a pop filter on your microphone. You keep popping the mic.

  • Wow! G.P. Dr.s need to get on board with this knowledge! It’s a shame that there can’t be more collaboration between nutritionists and general practitioners.

  • Stay away from protein bars, breakfast bars, power bars. etc…NO BARS!..those are processed and most contain hidden sugars. Eat real food.

  • Nice job Violet, you really covered it all with this one. ���� Glad you brought up not needing vegetables everyday and stopping eating when satisfied not full. Have a great rest of the week. ��

  • Hi Violet, how bad is milk? One article says it increases aging, another says its highly inflammatory, now they’re saying it shortens the telomeres. Is milk really that bad? If it’s really that bad, would you recommend to stop it all together?

  • I shoot for 0 carbs/day but typically come in about 10 carbs/day. I like plain unflavored greek yogurt which is why I don’t get to 0. I only eat enough fat to stave off hunger. Works well. Currently 88 lbs down, 64 lbs to go to optimum healthy weight. Pretty much my mindset about keto/fasting. Not a purist though, not yet.

  • I am impressed and will certainly follow the advice, but the first article I found on leucine seems to totally contradict what Gabrielle said. I am confused. Please clarify? https://nutritionfacts.org/2015/06/16/living-longer-by-reducing-leucine-intake/

  • Thank you for these podcasts…excellent interviewer, and always interesting, remarkable and worthwhile interviewees.
    I have been wondering about the stress that is world wide at present because of Covid-19. If our insulin is constantly spiked by this, what effect is it having on those living the ketogenic way. After nearly two years of it and eating one meal a day, losing a couple of stone early on, and then stabilizing, in the last few weeks I have put on a few pounds. I am not knowledgeable, so could you tell me whether this could happen through insulin being spiked by stress, or have I been unwittingly eating more carbs?

  • The A1C test can be inaccurate on people who have G6PD especially if they have eaten trigger foods that break their red blood cells. Many people do not know they even have G6PD and women are over looked even if their sons have it. Over 400 million people world wide are born with G6PD. There is an appalling lack of knowledge about it in the medical profession.


  • Wow, totally impressed that Dr Gabrielle uses LDN for inflamation, understands the need for the adaptive stress response (hormesis) and that adequate muscle mass is central to good health.

  • The Stillman Quick Weightloss Diet helped me lose 60 lbs in couple months(3/4), 20 years ago. Cheated eating the skin on chicken and some saltines(5) a couple times but it still worked.�� Now I just need motivation to start with keto for my health and most importantly, for my children. ��

  • I didn’t find it hard to change my carb diet at all. I made my mind up and was staunchly determined to make a change. Behavior modification works!

  • Can’t do sugar alcohols and think that has helped me not go down the keto treat rabbit hole. I still had to remove dairy, nuts and dark chocolate in order to trust my hunger/satiety signals.

  • IF and low carb has psychologically helped me change my attitude towards food and satiation completely. Being informed about calories and macros, from a knowledge point of view, but not obsessing over it or feeling hungry all the time. Also, for the first time the, “Eat what is on your plate and finish it”, mentality has totally gone, organically. Now I immediately can feel that last bite was where my stomach has had enough and satiation will kick in shortly, instead of just shoving food down my throat. I actually feel liberated, and I attribute the phycological changes to the physiological changes of not eating meals high in carbs and spiking insulin. Further compounding the problem by eating all the time, or to fill up to feel emotionally secure.

  • Excellent thank you. I have been under the impression that Alzheimer’s is caused by chronically high insulin/glucose resulting in damaged glycosalated protein (amyloid) deposited in brain tissue!

  • I am confused for sure! this talk started out okay but half way through it kinda went off the rails with general BS and she started to rant about of insulin. I like Amy but she needs to talk to some more with Educated Doctors like Dr Jason Fung MD! I only have grade 9 but seem to understand the insulin paradine better!

  • What about eating red meat while having medium to low kidney function? I have 41% kidney function but want to go carnivore. Thank you.

  • I have a problem with my sensitive skin on the face, especially cheeks. They are red, and even more when there’s hot, cold or windy. Do you think keto diet will “strengthen” my cheeks? Does anyone had the same or similar problem?

  • i always thought that Type 3 diabetes was given to those patients who live without their pancreas and have or have not had a islet transplant…..am i incorrect in this thinking?

  • This was wonderful to listen too. Thank you for bringing food addictions. “Stop when full” does not work for everyone. I do not recognize when I am full. It only registers when I feel stuffed.

  • i think you should eat one time a day. give your body time to burn some fat. i always feel like i can wait. when i eat im not ever really hungry. i just eat cuz i know its about time.

  • It helps to understand, how what resonates with you works; as it enables one to adapt to changes that shows up in life. Atkins did not work for me in the long run because there was something that Atkins was not aware of, and that is eating carbs wasn’t necessary. The emphasis was very low carb and increasing it it slowing over time unfortunately, for me it was like telling an alcoholic that over time they can drink again < from a very happy zero carb/carnivore.

  • What a great interview thank you. Although I am Carnivore now I started with Keto for one year and at age 63 never felt better in my whole life, reversed so many health issues and am now clearing up a few issues that I could not reverse with Keto.

  • Why do you people never put the links in the description so one can check out the people you interview. All Social media links should be added in the description. Twitter / FB/ youtube channel/ Instagram it would also honour the people you interview.

  • Hashimoto’s being autoimmune probably is affected by lectins. The type of and ways of processing the veggies is probably the key. Dr. Gundry’s work is probably relevant here.

  • OMG.. This just hit me like a ton of bricks… Eyes watered a bit..
    I won’t even come close to my carb number.. I can have a crystal light fruit punch.. Way way to tasty.. My brain spiked my blood sugar it loves that fruit punch crack…
    I’m killing it.. Down 50 only keto’ ing lol

  • She really does have her head straight. We only eat two low carbs meals a day with a thir normal or omad normal food. Feel great. Lots of sleep for the insulin resistance and exercise.


  • an interesting interview. I suspect the alcohol study that appeared to make it look as though ketones had gone up was methodologically flawed for various reasons. the study probably wasn’t accurately looking at how the ketones and the alcoholic beverage were effecting the brains of the participants. the ketones might have gone up as a protective mechanism to prevent the alcohol and other substances in the alcoholic beverage from crossing the blood brain barrier. blood tests from peripheral blood give little information about what’s going on in the brain. a typical example of this being brain based B12 deficiency. blood levels of B12 can appear relatively normal even though the brain is shrinking and being damaged by B12 deficiency. I’ve seen at least one image of the brain of an alcoholic that’s probably 10% smaller than it should be.

    As for dementia, the ingestion of dairy products is associated with an increased risk of neurological damage. For example, MS can be induced in mice when they’re given dairy products. From what I can gather almost everyone has autoimmune reactivity to dairy. some dairy molecules are totally indigestible by almost all humans and in this regard dairy products are a toxin and a contaminate. (similarly to dietary oxalates and gluten). if this wasn’t bad enough dairy and grains that contain gluten also have addictive morphine like compounds.

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  • Yes, I too am guilty of jumping from diet plan to others as well, I think that I must have tried every weight loss program that was available, however eventually not one of them helped me to shed and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time with the Fenoboci Diet Plan simply because my buddy who told me great things about it and so far to date I have successfully lost 18 lbs within 3 weeks!

  • thank u for the video. pls can u make a video regarding walking or running first thing in the morning before breakfast. ta from the uk

  • Normally I avoid dietitian advice, but Amy is great. I just watched a Mayo Clinic video where their dietitian says that the “brain prefers carbohydrates as a fuel.” Imagine how much smarter Amy would be if she ate lots of carbs.

  • For me the more I know the more I understand and get it, for me it is not confusing, it is fantastic that the knowledge is out there now. Atkins alone was not sufficient for me to get it..
    A lot in that field have some nuggets I appreciate very much.

  • I like her approach of one-step-at-a-time, focus on lowering carbs first. Will check out her website and channel, etc. Thanks for posting!

  • One of the best interviews I have heard in a long time. I love her approach about keeping Keto simple. When I first started, I didn’t even know about keto, I just just cut my grains out. Saw results. Then cut out sugar. Saw more results and started to read about what I was doing. Lots of keto sites came up.AAH! I was doing low carb, hmm,, what is this keto thing? Soon I Added more fat and I was keto-ing. I am actually a bit glad that I didn’t research keto first because of information overload. Just cutting out grains and sugars was enough for me to lose weight (also pleased for her to find out she mentions that not everyone has to do keto. I didn’t when I started and lost alot of weight from just low carb. Although I ended up going the route of keto after weight loss to finally kill my binge eating disorder. ) Her tip about”am I hungry for a porkchop?” I am going to use from here on out. Thus far I have been successful without additional tips but always good to add another bullet to the arsenal. This interview was truly a breath of fresh air.

  • Bret, what can I offer to a 16 year old that would like to be vegan? We don’t permit here to be vagan, but she eat too little meat and replace it with rise, pasta and bred… ��

  • If you wish to slim down, you should look up
    Fenoboci Diet Plan on the google search engine. They will help you get
    the shape you deserve.

  • I love Amy Berger, she is a Rock star in the nutrition, I learned a lot from her after I read Her Book.keep been simple rather than complicated this topic����

  • Hi max great info do know about keto deit I really want to loose weight I m 21 yr n 5″6 height n weight 80 pls make any deit plan

  • Read Amy’s book “The Alzheimer’s Antidote”; it’s excellent! My then 75 mother had an 81 year old sister that passed having Alzheimer’s. Mother was afraid that she would get Alzheimer’s…so I read Amy’s book and also Mary NewPorts protocols and have my mother to follow the protocols that includes daily walking. After months and now years, my 78 year old mothers says that it seems as if a light has clicked on; memory-short and long term memory and alertness have improved dramatically. An essential part of her regiment is very low carbs,, no grains or sugars-sodas, white bread-crackers etc….she eats at most two meals a day with coffee for breakfast and an early evening meal by default. I’ve added MCT oil, coconut oil ketone salts and Ketone Esters as part of her daily intake.
    A bonus: Also, her primary physician has taken her off Metformin and cholesterol medication which is a bonus.

  • Excellent podcast! Amy Berger is very knowledgeable as well as Dr. Bret Scher! These podcast are so helpful in the Lifestyle! Thank you!

  • Excellent interview. Amy is so knowledgeable and wrote a great book on Alzheimer’s. She is definitely way more informed than 99+% of MDs. All these sweet tooth type recipes are not good IMO. It is best to ditch the sweet tooth in general. I am carnivore and very rarely have a sweet craving-which passes. Went keto/carnivore as it is the healthiest diet. BMI 17 but initially on keto I started gaining unwanted weight with the coconut oil (which I do not even like), butter, and other fat bombs. I eliminated all that and dropped the few pounds gained. No snacking is key.

  • 31:35. Amy delivers Jeff Volek’s great line about keto being a huge hammer w all these diseases being “a whole bunch of little nails” ��. (Said of course to counter the impression that we keto advocates are just a bunch of crazed fanatics arguing keto is great for everything; countering, in other words, that “Keto’s the answer for everything” renders it “just a hammer in search of a nail”) ������

  • She’s right! Why complicate it! lol When i learned about low carb and its mathematical formula as a person loves mathematics then i knew it wasn’t hard for me. Love low carb diet!❤️ Helped my ADHD problems. Maintaining 50-70grams a day is what i only need. Lower than that or higher than that i don’t feel good. No more refined sugars and controlled carbs. I always stick to my meat, fish and more green leafy vegetables.

  • Food addiction is real for me. So hard to get over giving up carbs and sugar. Keto desserts and bread were a bridge for me like Amy said. Took a while, almost 2 years now keto. Doing without all the keto treats. Now experimenting with Carnivore. I feel so good. Arthritis isn’t acting up.

  • your my fav Mac..I need to know that when I start excercising I dnt feel any pain by after that my legs pain so hard that I can’t walk..plz help me what can I do for this

  • I was keto forever due to a seizure disorder. It was only when I went fully carnivore that the cravings finally went away. Pleasant side effect was that my seizures also went away.

  • I’ve heard a keto diet may lower T3.. but it’s news that you can drink alcohol and still remain in ketosis.. and that alcohol can lower a1c?!

  • Great Video.

    Hard to unlearn / believe that what is glamorized as Healthy Isn’t. Plus, the information overload. In the beginning you are ‘on your own’; I don’t buy into the (in the beginning) the support out there. Because you have to make up Your mind to jump. Being pushed doesn’t work that well.

  • I don’t understand how she can start the interview with I exercise regularly, ate my whole-grain cereal, light margarine, light milk but could not shift the weight. How are you even measuring your calorie balance in and out? Seems like you weren’t at all?? It seems like the inability to manage your calories and eating was not allowing you to reduce weight. Simply counting the calories coming in would have put you in a calorie deficit and you would have lost weight. But anyway I will continue to watch……..