Week 5

Week Five: Reflections & The ReSET Strategy

You have learned a lot and have been focused on making changes through four modules now. It is time to take a welcome pause to reflect and consider how your lifestyle and habits have changed. You will also start learning to talk back to your Inner Critic along with one of the most valuable tools for long-term success – The ReSET Strategy.

This week you will:

  • Check in on your Power Promise and Goals
  • Learn The ReSET Strategy
  • Reflect on your Progress
  • Start talking back to your Inner Critic
  • Set your First Exercise Goal.

To Do

  1. Download the Focus Session Notebook Pages and Weekly Work
  2. Watch the videos
  3. Complete the Module 5 Worksheet
  4. Revisit your Wheel of Wellness
  5. Prepare for Module 6

Step 1
Download the Notebook Pages

Before you begin the video, download the Focus Notebook pages for this week.

To get the most out of this Plan, you must complete the worksheets and do the weekly work.

Step 2
Watch the Videos

Start Here – Previous Week Check In & This Week’s Goals

The ReSET Strategy

Completing your Reflections

Officially Say Hello to your Inner Critic

This Module’s WorkSheet