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Your Do-Anywhere Guide to Stair Workouts. by Marc Lindsay. May 14, 2020. No Comments. Getting into a regular walking routine is a great way to improve overall fitness and shed pounds.

To keep it enjoyable and challenging, it’s a good idea to add variety to your workouts. One great way to do that: climbing stairs. Start in high plank at bottom of stairs with feet on first step, hands on floor. Keeping abs engaged and back flat, bend elbows to lower your body until your chest touches the floor.

Push through. Stair Workouts to Try Start by walking up the steps two to three times at your regular speed. Then walk briskly up and down the stairs using every other step.

Stairs Workouts for Total Body Burn One fun option is the step-up workout. Begin by placing your right foot at the tip of a stair. Then, keep your foot still while you drive via your big toe’s ball and assume a standing position.

If you’re newer to the staircase game, this is the workout for you. Before you begin, warm up with 5 minutes of squats and jumping jacks. Perform each of. Start at bottom stair facing upstairs with feet hip width. Keeping head up and shoulders back, jog upstairs, using core muscles to draw knees up toward chest with each step.

Scale stairs one. To get blood flowing in your legs, climb the stairs slowly, keeping your shoulders back and looking straight ahead, then walk down. Repeat three more times. Next, run up the stairs, then walk down. On the descent, put most of your weight on your heels so that your glutes.

Bend knees slightly to start. Jump, swinging arms forward, landing softly in start position on the first step. Continue to the top. Walk back down. That’s 1 set.

Do 5 sets. B. Get into plank position with the right side of your body parallel to the first step and right hand on the first step, left hand on the floor. These do-anywhere exercises will help you stay on track when you are faced with inclement weather, traveling, short on time or simply feeling unmotivated to get moving.

Whatever the circumstances may be, consider an indoor cardio circuit of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, side-to-side hops and other activities that elevate your heart rate. The Stair Run The simplest and most effective workout/exercise to do at home is the stair run – running up the stairs. In this workout, you just have to stand in front of bottom of stairs.

List of related literature:

An example would be sit-to-stand exercises on level ground with the assistance of NMES, followed by sit-to-stand exercises on an incline, followed by walking uphill and performing small step-ups.

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Instructions: Walk up these stairs as you would at home (i.e., using the rail if necessary).

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You may want to use one level of your home or apartment for most of your daily activities and limit stair walking during the first week or two.

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In contrast, to benefit osteoporotic bone, workouts should be done in the standing or erect posture (climbing stairs or walking) to best load the skeleton, especially the spine to optimize bone building [5, 7, 8].

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(Or, if you have a step aerobics platform, place two sets of risers underneath the platform.)

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Another trick I like is to ask for a room on the second floor or higher, so you can use the stairs in the hotel for a great workout.

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All stairs are required to meet specific code and accessibility requirements.

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To make this exercise more effective, do the movements in a 4-count sequence1) step to side, keeping hips and shoulders square, 2) lower body into a squat, 3) stand, 4) drag non-lead leg in, placing feet together.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
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These are good to try once you’ve gotten used to walking on the treadmill and you feel comfortable with changing the speed and incline of the ramp.

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Stairs up at front over slip-room (perhaps replacing earlier stairs from street); stairs up at back.

“Houses and Society in Pompeii and Herculaneum” by Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
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  • Very Nice video, thank you Rob. i love this style of training. please focus 60 percent on making more of such outdoor bodyweight training videos and 40 percent on videos of weight training and nutrition.

  • I just turned 14 today, and that’s how i walk the stairs everyday (without a cane or a crutch). I have a meniscus and LCL injury and i’ll have to get surgery next year.

  • A little off topic but when I broke both my ankles, I didn’t have a “good” leg to stand on! Going up and down stairs was the hardest thing that I had to relearn during recovery and also I had trouble trusting using escalators. Happy to say that all is back to normal now but I was very grateful for the physiotherapist!

  • your little one is so cute!! i love how you show you can stay healthy while having a little one around. i don’t have kids but definitely am excited to get to that point ��

  • I have used this technique ever since having knee/foot surgery all my life. The best way I can remember it is up with good and down with the bad.

  • I just did it, I absolutely loved it!
    A tip for who doesn’t have stairs, or theirs suck (like mine): I used my couch as the second step, and a small stool or the floor as the first!
    I love your workouts, please do more of these “workout with me at home” (if you can, of course)!
    Also, Jaden is absolutely adorable, trying to do the same thing mommy is doing on the first exercise!

  • I’m a relatively fit guy in my 30s. I did ONE set of this workout WITHOUT the lunges at the end and I’m stuffed! Will try again soon hopefully 2 sets next time!

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  • After half way through the video you asked us what we want to see more of.  I want to see more workouts from you more often.  I enjoy them.