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Some may even choose loafers or high heels, depending on the day or event. However — and especially when it comes to walking for fitness — it is important you have walking-specific shoes on. Of course, for your shoes to be most effective, you also must understand proper walking posture.

Both will help you avoid injury and get the most out of your aerobic exercise. If you are hiking, wearing shoes can help you grab onto rock and terrain much easier and if you are walking on ice, wearing the right shoes can also help you walk easier. There are several different shoe types for different activities, and it is always wise to purchase them to keep your feet and yourself safe.

Shoes Can Correct Your Posture. 08 July, 2011. Wearing proper walking shoes is a fundamental element in maintaining the correct walking technique, as well as preventing injury. Shoes are tools.

Without the correct tools, you are likely to hurt yourself, making you more prone to suffer further and more severe injuries in the future. Selecting the right shoe for your foot type may be a basic concept to some, yet walkers. The right type of workout shoe can be crucial to your workout (and your feet, from heel to midsole to toe), even if you just plan on weight lifting, cycling, or you just need walking shoes. Hiking boots or trail boots are designed to support the ankle to prevent injury and to give good grip on rocky surfaces. The first place of our best all-round hiking boot goes to the Merrell Radius Mid, an outstanding multi-purpose boot that serves both sexes and most preferences.

The functionality of shoes is evident: protect feet from ground, hard pavement, etc. The many types of shoes are to help feet adapt to different surfaces or textures, from mountain climbing boots, to beach flip-flops, basketball shoes, running shoes, etc. The American Council on Exercise reports that midsole cushioning is one of the most important benefits associated with the use of running shoes. As suggested by the name, the midsole is the area between the ball and heel of the foot.

However, there are a wide range of cultural views of feet, while in America the idea of walking barefoot outside can symbolize freedom and attaching to one’s youthfulness, people in Japan perceive feet as a body part that must remain clean, so wearing shoes outdoors in necessary in their society. The Psychological Importance of Shoes. Runners land more on their forefoot, while walkers have a heavier heel strike, says Catherine Cheung, a foot surgeon with the Post Street Surgery Center in San Francisco. Walking shoes with rubber or rubber-synthetic compounds provide durability and comfort, and you may need a heavier outsole depending on how hard you are on your shoes. However, in general, most men prefer lightweight walking shoes, and you can find shoes that are lighter but still durable.


List of related literature:

These shoes detect and help correct the pressure distribution on the sole of the foot, helping to correct walking balance and to minimize falls in elderly through walking training.

“World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2018: June 3-8, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic (Vol.2)” by Lenka Lhotska, Lucie Sukupova, Igor Lacković, Geoffrey S. Ibbott
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Therefore some professionals recommend special materials for the forepart of the sole to improve the performance at the take-off phase.1 Because of the linear movement, walking requires flexibility of the forefoot to enable proper rolling of the shoe.

“Textiles in Sport” by Roshan Shishoo
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Recognizing that shoes and surfaces interact to create the injury risk, and that the risk is specific to an individual, leads to individual choice and preferences in shoes and surfaces.

“Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise” by Peter Merton McGinnis
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Shoes transfer body-weight to the ground and protect the foot from the terrain and the weather.

“Physical Rehabilitation” by Susan B O'Sullivan, Thomas J Schmitz, George Fulk
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Shoes transfer body weight to the ground and protect the wearer from the bearing surface and the weather.

“Physical Rehabilitation E-Book: Evidence-Based Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention” by Michelle H. Cameron, Linda Monroe
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There is evidence in the literature showing that both cushioned running shoes and minimalistic shoes increase ground contact time during walking and running, compared to barefoot conditions.

“The Sports Medicine Physician” by Sérgio Rocha Piedade, Andreas B. Imhoff, Mark Clatworthy, Moises Cohen, João Espregueira-Mendes
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There simply is not yet much published evidence about the effects of minimalist shoes on people’s running biomechanics.

“Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity” by Shirl J. Hoffman
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In the case of running shoes, the most important properties are stability, forefoot flexibility, cushioning, and fitting.

“Emotional Engineering: Service Development” by Shuichi Fukuda
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For athletic patients, activity-specific shoes are a necessity.

“AAOS Atlas of Orthoses and Assistive Devices E-Book” by John D. Hsu, John Michael, John Fisk
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Exercise shoes lose shock absorption, cushioning, and stability over time.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
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  • Barefoot Commune is for people who love going barefoot. Want to join the Barefoot Commune? Send us your barefoot and you could be featured! Join us!

  • I don’t think most people refer to modern shoes that are intentionally made for sports (running, basketball, etc) as sneakers. I don’t like that this video didn’t really make the distinction. I think referring to all non-dress shoes as sneakers is a trait of a much older generation. I wouldn’t wear soccer cleats with a suit, I’m definitely not going to wear the Flyknit next% or a Nike Hyperdunk.

  • Instead of a double knot (which can become quite difficult to undo) at the end, try a Berluti knot instead. It can be a bit tricky to start with but, once you get the hang of it, it’s easy enough and, while it undoes just like a single knot (by pulling the 2 tails), it never comes loose.

  • Bare footing it in NYC and in cold climates, in rough terrain, or even in Florida with all the biting bugs and other issues, can be nearly IMPOSSIBLE. As much as I understand the health benefits, I think the dangers may far outweigh the benefits.

  • I already go barefoot inside and outside. I’ve done it in public as well. I walk around in church barefoot as well. Not much hurts them. I’ve stepped on thorns without breaking by skin.

  • PLEASE Consult a running expert before buying any shoes! I work in a run specialty setting, and I almost never pull these shoes unless someone requests them. The only shoe I agree with on here is the Rincon. You pronounced “one one” wrong (it is not like the number 1), and the peg Turbo is a way to break the bank if you are a couch to 5k athlete. I would only use that shoe for faster if you can run under 20:00 for a 5K workouts. Next percent SHOULD definitely NOT be used for training to make that clear! You should get a racing shoe and a training. Using these “hybrid shoes” is a good way to get injured.

  • I was raised to always wear shoes proper ones for your feet because of injuries most important bacteria so IL skip this one out proven fact lol come again

  • The phrase “We evolved to walk barefoot” demonstrates a deep misunderstanding of biology and medicine. You did not evolve To do anything you evolved as a consequence of the higher fitness granted by particular adaptations produced by random mutations. And although walking upright granted early humans a significant improvement to their early survivability, this does not even remotely mean that it is a perfect system. In truth, your feet are a major source of damage in the human body, and their poor effectiveness can compound inefficiencies elsewhere and can lead to serious medical issues. They are very poor shock absorbers, their balancing ability is relatively unimpressive. The durability of the bones and ligaments and associated joins near the feet is very low. This does not mean that walking barefoot is necessarily bad for you, but arguing that you should walk around barefoot without support because that’s how you evolved is just wrong.

  • I’m sorry but this just sounds like an ad. You don’t mention any of the REAL downsides of these and try to flip negatives into positive. For example at the beginning of the video it is made to believe that you can go out and hike or run in these the same way you’d use normal shoes and have no real change other than positives, but later you say that it becomes a mental exercise to understand were to put your feet. Idk about everyone else but I see that as a huge negative. Takes away your focus to what up in front of you and makes you stare at your feet the whole time. This also promotes bad posture as you will have to angle your head more down. Seems like this is all a bit gimmicky and it’s more of a blatant attempt to convince people to buy something they really don’t need.

  • Watch a 10 minute video about walking barefoot 5 minutes? I recommend longer barefoot walks, and concentrating on what you feel under your feet as you walk on different surfaces.

  • What if all the area of grass is covered with ants and I have zero access to sand. I would like to try walking barefoot more but I don’t have a lot of options where

  • A multi-mile hike across the mountain tops in Any trainers is a horrible idea.
    Go ahead and try it with hiking boots, just see how you get on 😉

  • I think they only mean being barefoot when outside on grass. There are legos inside so maybe not necessarily walk barefoot inside.

  • What is, in your opinion, the advantage of a runners knot instead of using the additional eyelets and use them for a „normal“ lacing.

  • Please, does anyone know which pair of shoes he’s wearing for most of this video? (example: 3:00)
    I really like the design and want to get a pair.

  • I walk barefoot in my house and garden every summer and have done for years.
    Don’t do it anywhere but in your house,garden or yard or the beach, not the park or street unless you like getting MRSA or something from doggie do.
    My floor boards are not modern pine ones so I can go barefoot on them because they are oak spring on joists and as for my bathroom floor that’s lino covered and I clean it, so another thing is if you’re in a old house like mine don’t lay modern plank boards on your lovely spring wooden floor or rip it up for hard tiling,etc then you can go barefoot in comfort.
    By the way it can’t cure arthritis but it is easier for me to walk with my problems in my own house.
    Also I think dance classes like I had when I was a child can help you much more with your balance than just going barefoot.☺️

  • I would buy one of these shoes if they did not cost 100 plus bucks. Like its a simple design with no sole, I would expect them to be a lot less.

  • This whole argument is false. The foot is designed to meet the ground first on the heel. It’s completely unnatural to walk placing the full foot down first. Can you imagine running that way? The video doesn’t make sense. You only walk like that on uncomfortable surfaces like gravel or prickles etc, to spread the weight evenly. Watch someone walking normally, heel to ground first, and compare it to someone walking the way this video claims is ‘natural’. The video’s claimed ‘natural’ way looks anything BUT natural, and if you try it, it FEELS anything but natural. If you want to look like a certified goof, do what this video says. This one is a real miss, Tech Insider.

  • Around here we just walk barefoot on the street from time to time. It’s not strange just… uncommon somewhat like, nobody judges you for it but nobody it’s not really common also

  • I’m pretty well taught in running and running on the heel is the worst thing to do for speed, strength, energy usage and you can easily get injured by the way you land when running on the heel basically you should always land on the ball of your feet for everything I should know I’m a sprinter.

  • i used to wear sports sneakers on casual environments( jordans, boost, air maxes) and g shock watches…. god did that look terrible… lol. I evolved now.

  • If you want to learn all of these, and don’t want to buy such shoes, walk more in your house (barefoot). Trust me, it is harder to walk normally after.

  • The most classic and versatile sneaker is the legendary “German army trainer”, the style of which has been emulated by fashion brands innumerable times. You should make a separate video on it.
    Adidas samba and Adidas gazelle are also among some of the most classic sneakers for those interested in traditional style.

  • I always wear ballet flats and high heels and I always have to check where I’m going to place my foot because it really hurts if you step con something with flats

  • I did barefoot shoes. The sales guy said all of the same talking points.

    A year later I had flat feet, and no spring in my step. Running and sprinting became nearly impossible and painful.

    It took months and about $600 in good shoes and orthopedics to fix my feet.

    Don’t buy this “natural” stuff. Monkeys don’t wear shoes. But people have been wearing them for 10,000 years.

  • 76:41

    for this there are boots with a high top, when jumping or running, a soft sole, will not save you from dislocation (if you are standing on the root with a friend), but fixing the boat with a top, yes

  • I even run barefoot, landing on the heel, for one simple reason, I have flat feet, this is, firstly, secondly, the heel, this is one large massive bone, and the sock is a bunch of small joints, you will first loosen your foot faster and stronger to 4 degrees of flat feet, then kill the menisci on your knees, and besides. If you run like this on a forest windbreak, for example, you will stumble. After a step that sticking your toe into the ground, you do not give a foot maneuver if it encounters an obstacle in the form of a tree root for example.

  • Now i understand why i feel so weird walking with shoes after a long time of not going out of my house and staying barefoot all day inside and out

  • im starting to wonder if the way i step with my feet makes my lower back hurt every time i go for a walk..
    im only 17 my back shouldnt be hurting! im quite overweight though so that might also be a factor, but thats why im walking in the first place! i have very wide feet so shoes always just make my feet hurt. considering buying a pair of these shoes to see if it helps

  • As a kid I always got yelled at for walking flat foot or on my toes. Still do it as an adult. I hate how it feels when my heel hits the ground first so I ‘don’t walk properly’ (heal, toe movement)

  • it is amzing, absolutely amazing to run in them, like really sprinting. take some with a thicker and comfy sole and you can run everywhere. and the bounce is incredible. you suddenly use your foot and your body moves so very different

  • what a load of rubbish! Walking on your toes isn’t natural at all, the natural way is to place the heel of your foot down first, followed by the ball of your foot and then your toes. And that’s exactly why I take things like this with a pinch of Salt.

    I hate being barefooted with a passion! I always have hated it. The only time my socks and shoes or slippers come off is for bed/showering, swimming etc… it’s Each to their own and everybody has their own preference. People should just do whatever they feel comfortable with, be that having shoes or slippers on indoors or going barefooted. I’m in shoes or slippers about 98-99% of the time and my feet and toes are perfectly fine!

    Actually, Dr. Martens boots where developed originally to help aid the recovery of the founders broken foot, hence why they have air cushioned soles and they have bounce too. I’m in my Doc’s all the time.

    I have very little cartilage in my left knee due to a sports injury 14 years ago, and it’s extremely rare I get any pain in it, and I’m someone who wears boots or trainers 99% of the time. And when I’m not in Boots or trainers, I’m in slippers.

  • No no no no no… Air Jordans are not the most popular sneaker ever created. The black canvas/white vulcanized Converse/P.F.Flyers have been popular since the day they were invented. It is near impossible to watch a movie or sitcom or cop show or anything about the last 50 years without seeing at least one person wearing a pair of them. That particular style has been copied by so many other manufacturers that no other shoe period (not just sneaker) will ever be more popular. I have 4 pairs of them myself, black, red, white and checkered. But it is the black ones you see everywhere and they are always cool.

  • You also build up a tolerance to walking over things like pine needles and small rocks. At first, your feet will flinch as you walk on them, but after a while you get used to them.

  • If you are overqualified and have an outstanding resume, and you turned down for a job for wearing sneakers, they didn’t deserve you anyway. Most billionaires wear sneakers.

  • Why not just wear regular shoes and just try to walk/run on the balls of your feet…. won’t have to worry about stepping on something that will hurt

  • I run varsity cross country I always run in minimalist shoes and I find that my balance is so much better and the quality of my run and leg health is amazing.

  • I just got my Xero shoes, and wear them without socks, which feels so much better than barefoot. I’m still not grounded/earthed, like walking barefoot, so I make sure to ground myself daily (even now here at the computer).

  • As someone who walks both barefoot and in high heels I must say that walking quickly on the pads of your feet only looks strange if you don’t know the correct technique.

  • I don’t think it’s ever okay to wear sneakers. Personally I play soccer with my oxfords, basketball with my derbies, and I go swimming with monk straps. Don’t want to be caught with my style game sliding!

  • I wonder if runners knot is causing the rub against your Achilles tendon. I tried the runners knot a few times I didn’t like it too much. Btw I been watching your videos for a few weeks now and really enjoy them thanks for making them

  • I walked and ran in actual combat boots for a year after school, after a few months they were well broken in and felt like really heavy running shoes. After a while I got so used to running a couple miles that when I had to do the mile run for P.E. I was as fast as the fastest guys in class who played soccer. This is coming from someone who took 10+ minutes to do it.

    Provided the shoe isn’t making permanent damage to you you just need to condition a bit to the difference.

  • The only problem is, is that when I walk barefoot my foot rolls to the outside and causes me ankle problems. I’m not sure if it’s from a lifetime of wearing bad shoes and forcing my feet to do things they don’t like or if I’ve just got a faulty body. I wish I could walk without getting blisters on my feet or twisting my ankles on uneven surfaces. Maybe I might give these shoes a try.

  • So what if you have abnormally high arches? Would the first walking style help relieve issues that come from high arches? (Honestly considering corrective surgery over here because it’s so bad…)

  • Really ridiculous, unsubstantiated animation. It’s like they thought it up and decided it must be fact. ANY RESEARCH AT ALL??? Zero. This hurts humanity. Ugh.

  • Either I’ve been walking in shoes that barely have padding or I don’t know because when I walk I use the front of my foot first maybe I did this because of martial arts sense they said you have to have quiter runs and walking so maybe thats how it happened, I wear the same shoes for like 1 or 2 years before I but new ones

  • Our ancestors developed thick calluses that enable them to walk over anything in the forest or whatever because we are used to wear shoes since baby we don’t have those calluses

  • This subject (different video) came up on a facebook page I follow and this was a comment: Laura Tobias Gruss: I am an anatomist and biomechanist who specializes in the evolution of human walking. I’m sure that this man (Ronald Warzecha) knows a lot about history, and historical clothing, and historical martial arts or whatever, but unfortunately he knows nothing about human gait. This is all nonsense. The human body evolved, over millions of years, many specialized adaptations to a highly efficient (not “lazy”!), unique form of bipedal walking. Modern humans, shod and unshod, like our ancestors back at least 1.5 million years (based on analyses of fossil footprints in Kenya), naturally walk with an initial heelstrike, after which the weight is rolled forward along the foot, ending with a push-off from the big toe. This is why, compared to an ape’s foot, our heel bones are large and puffy, and our big toes are short, straight, and strong. This is also why our feet naturally have an arch it acts as an energy-saving spring and a shock absorber as well. The video shows pictures of people running to try to support this man’s point. Running is very different in many cases, people do strike with the ball of their foot when they run, instead of their heel, whether they are barefoot or not, but that is specific to running. He also claims that because children may put the ball of their foot down first, that must be more “natural.” Human gait, like many other aspects of behavior, has developmental stages. Children don’t have an adult gait until they are about 8 years old. Many, many, many scientific studies of modern people from all cultures show that human adults naturally walk with a heelstrike a feature that is energetically economical, protective of our joints, and for which our bodies are clearly adapted. No doubt footwear can affect gait (certainly high heels come to mind), but a shoe that is more similar to being barefoot should result in a more natural walk, i.e. one with a heelstrike. Sorry to go off this is just right in my wheelhouse and it’s frustrating to see people being misinformed!

  • I hate shoes. I am barefoot at home at work I Won’t germs and after getting to many things stuck to the botttom of my feet (tacs, thorns) and hot tar. I stopped walking barefoot outside

  • My dad is a diabetic he went to our farm without a shoe. One tiny thorn got lodged in his heel because of Dabetic neuropathy he didn’t feel it. 7 months later he lost his leg below knee. For 7 months I drove him daily to the hospital to get the wound cleaned.

    From the day I saw how diabetes kills people alive. I started running and now I run barefoot! The bottom of my feet now handles all the tiny rocks that felt so painful in the beginning now I just glider over some of the most painful trails. I even ran a half marathon climbing a hill and running through trails barefoot.

    I wish that day my dad had worn a flip flop if for nothing. These days I try to run barefoot but I’m also greatful for the footware for its coushining and comfort. But as we say don’t make it a habit to stay in the comfort zone.

  • Wow!
    I watched a YouTube video a year ago that had a medieval reenactor demonstrating how people in those times walked, on the balls of their feet.
    I thought, “What bullshit!”
    He didn’t explain the way you just did.
    Now I get it!

  • I’ve tried walking with a forefoot gait and the balls of my feet always seem to get pretty sore after a few miles of walking. Paradoxically when running on the balls of my feet, I don’t seem to have issues.

  • Going barefoot is the gentlest way of walking and can symbolise a way of living being authentic, vulnerable, sensitive to our surroundings. It’s the feeling of enjoying warm sand beneath our toes, or carefully making our way over sharp rocks in the darkness. It’s a way of living that has the lightest impact, removing the barrier between us and nature.

    — Adele Coombs, “Barefoot Dreaming”

  • “more stress on the knees” Try walking barefoot in the city for a day. All the cuts and bruises you’ll have in one day makes worn out knees at 60 seem like nothing. Not to mention people didn’t even live beyond 45 back then.

  • You have no idea how pumped I am to try this tomorrow! I purchased some Pegasus and I’ve worn them maybe three times this year because of the non stop slippage in the heel.

  • First, we can`t say if someone could have got knee problems in elder age if they did not live to that age back in times. Secondly, its better to be an old fck who nags about aching knees than a dead thirty-year-old stone age guy with somewhat less damaged knee joints.

  • Why do people wear shoes inside their house? In my country or in Asia we take off our shoes in the house and be barefoot but some people will have slippers so you put that on in the house

  • wow, this one is TOTALLY wrong. You are talking about Gait, and it varies by ethnicity. My gait, for example, doesn’t follow this video at all. Of course, this ignorance is understandable: When I asked why gait wasn’t discussed in university biology classes it was explained to me that people who talk about ethnic differences tend to get fired. It’s apparently not politically correct to say the truth that humans are not biologically all the same. In any case, I cannot take the assertions seriously here if the researchers fail to understand this.

  • Hybrid shoes with one or two stripes going down the side, made by companies you’ve never heard of, are all the rage in Europe right now. The older they get, the more they look like a beat-up pair of no-name sneakers.

    If you want to wear sneakers as something besides streetwear, they need to be minimalistic. Common Projects Achilles, and similar shoes, are great because the sneaker pattern is classic, the colors are conservative, and there’s no extra stuff on the shoe that doesn’t need to be there. Stan Smiths are another great option.

    The ones Kyle is wearing? No. Just no.

  • They’re really better meant for shorts, and more casual wear. Some low profile shoes can go well with jeans. But big sole running shoes with jeans do not go well usually. And most high tops go well with jeans too. Some lower profile sneakers out there can go well with suit pants actually. Just need to find the right sneakers, a lot of the sneakers shown in the video are more vintage sneakers and not as fashionable for any age.

  • When I have headaches, I usually walk stepping the toe part first before the heel as it prevents my head from having more pain because of the impact when you walk like when in shoes.

  • Minimalist shoes are a great start but when you go completely barefoot is when the healing process begins. And I mean when we wake up the nerves on the soles, the skin, circulation improves, and fascia, tendons, and muscle tissue, is stimulated.
    Personally if your gut feeling says to go barefoot then do it. There is a reason because it feels the best and your feet can breathe, too.
    Also, your skin thicken and they become heat resistant which is also when you can touch surfaces with your beautiful feet. It is like reading braille.
    I had reoccurring plantar fasciitis like a lot of people and heal spurs. I have been wearing Merrell vapor gloves and similar shoes for about six years and even though my feet were stronger and I even was able to run my first marathon, it was when I started removing the shoes and just running.
    I do not give a rat’s ass what people think. It is my experience and it is a learning experience. I learn so much more from the naked soles on rough asphalt or forest trails �� than I would wearing minimalist shoes.
    It’s another experience. And there is nothing to be ashamed about. And I am non religious. I just care about my feet and at this point in my life at 54 my feet have never been happier and heartier. They are truly like Iron. I have no more plantar fasciitis either. All healed. And it healed by going the extra yard and waking up the nerves.
    This is my experience. I like minimalist shoes and I even noticed I can run better in them and yes, two days ago I ran to a nearby town and back to deliver a letter like an ancient Greek warrior, 28km, in the heat and I was fine.
    Do not forget about the benefits of barefoot. And nobody should be shy ��.

  • I would guess that the term ‘Gutty’ arose in Glasgow, Scotland in the 1840s when Gutta Percha was used to make cheap shoes by companies such as Hendry Brothers. Getah is the malay word for ‘gum’. Gutties or Sannies (sand shoes) are the terms used here.

  • Hi, I’m having trouble choosing the right size in a New Balance 1080v10
    I went into a specialist running shop and tried what they had, although stocks of everything seem to be low here in the UK because of the Covid situation. Anyway, I liked the feel of the 1080 because of the springy reactiveness. I’ve been wearing a stability shoe, but those things are like bricks on my feet and I want to experiment with something more neutral. Anyway, they didn’t have quite the right size for me. I’m a little wide because of my fat feet.
    So, I’ve ordered three different sizes to try on: an 8.5 wide, a 9 standard, and a 9.5 wide.
    It’s difficult to tell what size is best because of the hypo knit. Trying them on with my normal unswollen foot, the 8.5 wide is definitely the most comfortable but only has about a pinky’s worth of space at the front of the toe box. The 9 wide is also ok with about a thumbs worth of space, but weirdly because of the hypo knit, the feeling on the outside of my other toes isn’t as comfortable as the smaller size.
    But I don’t want to take the smaller out for a 10k and then realise that they’re too small when my feet swell. Any thoughts on this would be welcome guys! I want to decide soon and hit the road!!!

  • You must be still living in 100 years ago. The meaningful title should be “should gentlemen wear dress shoes?” Unless you look old, sneakers are your to-go. Dress shoes are just out of style, unless you want to appeal to 30+ year old women.

  • You see Howie Mandel in white sneakers with a suit, and hybrid shoes in the Semi Finals and Finale and Champions but is it ok for a man to wear sneakers with a situation like Howie’s he’s 65

  • 4:50 FYI: Taking a serious hike in sneakers is dangerous, by all means please use hiking boots. The ankle support they have is super important

  • I will always defend Converse sneakers as being incredibly versatile, depending on the situation, I’d definitely wear them with a suit, but that’s just me, I enjoy being an oddball like that.

  • My best bet is to have a superstar/stan smith styled shoe in leather. Can be used in full casual to smart casual with a suit or trousers with a sport jacket. Although I would ditch the jeans with a sports jacket, imo jeans only belong in a full casual wear or in a workshop, kind of shows a tacky dad look otherwise. If there is money “to spare”, 3 pairs of casual shoes (2 sneakers and 1 pair of joggers) is the best mix, that way you have a set of running shoes exclusively for jogging/walking/training and can be also casual, then the two sneakers can be two different neutral colours white/black/grey/tan leather which can fit with a multitude of styles. Only issue is once you start using sneakers in smart casual, your sneaker collection goes from 3 to 20 very quickly.

    Bonus info: money =/= good shoe, many of my shoes have been bought under 60$/500kr/60€ and lasted a long time (2-3+ years). Just check factory outlets and online stores.

  • I have always walked on my toes was always a little funny to others. Even normal shoes couldn’t get me out of it. I bought my first barefoot shoes 2 weekends ago and now I wear them for a week and they are the best shoes I ever had. They fit exactly to my run and walking style. I am now 23 and I think I will stick to it.

  • Cole Haan seems to be going towards the route of hybrid shoes. I personally don’t think they look that bad and I can see them working with a business casual outfit. I wouldn’t wear it with a suit though.

  • If you’re a gentleman and like sneakers you might wanna see those:
    Margiela replica
    Gucci Ace
    Alexander McQueen Plateau
    Common Project
    Golden Goose
    (Low) Chuck’s

  • My favorite sneaker is the Converse All-Stars hi-tops. Classic style and is very versatile for me. I often wear my cream Chucks with a casual cotton suit (like David Tennant from Doctor Who) or with chinos. I also wear my old black Chucks to the gym.

  • I love the way you guys give us the history of these items. If you are everything in Toronto to visit, by the way, you could drop in to the Bata shoe museum. You might like it!

  • How on earth did you find out that we call them “sportex” in Greece? It was actually very common during the 70’s and 80’s but there are still quite a few who call them by that name. I have to say that you’ve done your research!

  • I stopped wearing sneakers altogether a couple of years ago. These days, I wear Chelsea boots almost everywhere. They can easily be dressed up or down.

  • 4:53 “a more professional setting”. Not even the most eccentric head honchos come in wearing neckties, red cuff-links, Rolex out with a carefully matching pocket square. Unless it’s 1950 and your workplace is the Mafia you’d fit in better wearing chino’s and a dress shirt in 95% of the professional working environments around the world.

  • where are these wonderful prince-of-wales-check tassel loafers from, that we can see at the end? Would really appreciate an answer! Kind regards from Germany and excuse my nickname

  • thanks for this vid. small tip, the word takkies is not being pronounced correctly, the “ta” reads like “te” in “telephone” so more like “tekkies” but the correct spelling is “takkies”

  • I like my Cole Hannn Zero Grand hybrid shoes, “Business on the top, party on the bottom” I think they’re here to stay a little while; I’m a professor, have to walk a lot between meetings and classes, trying to look a bit trendy for the students when in front of the classes.

  • the word sportex comes from french shoe making company of the 70’s-80’s, the archetype of chuck tailors are called elvielas from the greek shoe company El.Vi.Ela

  • Developed by Frans de Jong, othopedic shoetechnition, who wrote a book on it (1982?), from Haarlem, the Netherlands. My uncle, Dick Hageman, did all the drawings.

  • White leather sneakers are just too versatile for young men not to wear. I absolutely love dressing up but I don’t have anything close to enough occasions to only wear dress shoes or even boots

    Even with jeans, going without sneakers and wearing nice shoes limits your top layers to dressier options. I really recommend a clean leather sneaker for every guy

  • I raced this kid who was barefooted, he dusted me and I played basketball full court 2 hours a day.
    He had bad parents and often times didn’t have any shoes and that made his feet stronger.

  • Great video! Much more nuanced than some of the other advice on this topic that I’ve read lately. However I think you overlooked the fact that not all shoes are physically appropriate for everyones feet. It’s important to understand what you need. It does you no good to purchase a pair of shoes that look good only to require an appointment with the chiropractor after wearing them. It’s a little outside of your wheelhouse but a video on this topic would provide much needed info that simply isn’t available outside of the odd person at an athletic store that actually understands it.

  • Unless you are playing sports or going to Walmart, or a football game, or cannot afford real shoes, or are just sloppy…the answer is no.

  • I like the video but I remember Raphael advising to stay away from leather sneakers and personally I consider vans and converse sneakers way to uncomfortable and bad for the structure of my feet.

  • Well presented. You’re right, the answer was “no!” before even opening the video. I consider these shoes a fashion mistake, and am even hard pressed to wear them with jeans. With more respectable attireNot even once!

  • Benefits of walking barefoot on the earth
    Research has shown barefoot contact with the earth can produce nearly instant changes in a variety of physiological measures, helping improve sleep, reduce pain, decrease muscle tension and lower stres

  • I don’t think most people refer to shoes that are intentionally made for sports (running, basketball, etc) as sneakers. I don’t like that this video didn’t really make the distinction. I think referring to all non-dress shoes as sneakers is a trait of a much older generation.

  • You forgot to mention that you’ll no longer have stinky feet. Our feet end up stinky because they sweat in socks and shoes without proper ventilation. Obviously you don’t have that problem going barefoot.

  • Shame that sneakers are often not eco-friendly and full of synthetic fibers/rubber. Try to get ones that aren’t so wasteful.

    Also: I’m fed up with white soles and it annoys me that sneakers with dark soles are usually completely black.
    Also^2: go for Golden Goose or Maison Margiela if you have lots of money and no taste.

  • I’m 25 and a doctoral student. For more formal events I wear brown oxfords or dress boots. For business casual I’ll rock minimalistic skate shoes, slip ons, and boat shoes with single colors or colors that compliment my clothing.
    For full casual old beat up skate shoes, chucks, slip ons, etc.

  • Batman: I have utility belt with an assortment of gadgets that are too advanced for your comprehension.

    Me: I got a phone with internet connection and access to straight-up Knowledge from gentleman’s Gazette.

    Batman: touche.

  • I see people saying they are in appropriate for work.
    I’m 20, so I might change my mind, and doing my bachelor’s in education. During internships, I dress appropriately (many teachers wear jeans and a t-shirt, so I wear dark wash jeans or chinos and a button up or polo) and I wear sneakers. They are affordable (I don’t buy hype sneakers), they are comfortable enough to stay up all day, and a brown pair and a black pair cover 99% of outfits. They are the only logical choice imo.

  • I shortened the laces on my running shoes two hours ago. Damn. �� thanks for this video! Always wondered what the extra holes are about

  • For anyone looking for smart casual affordable sneakers I would personally recommend Stan Smith’s, Vans and Air force one’s.
    They can all be dressed up a little bit however will always be best as smart casual or casual if they are in their classic colour ways such as all black or all white.
    Personally I would wear air force one’s with a more straight cut trouser fit whereas the others a more slim cut fit.
    A pair of sneakers can make or break an outfit however you want them to fit into your outfit perfectly. At first use the classic plain colours and once you are more comfortable within mens fashion or streetwear culture they you could start to make the footwear they statement piece of the outfit.

  • No mention of the Nike Killshot, superga, Vans Era, Adidas Samba or Stan Smith which are all better looking than the ones shown!!!

  • ► Links to the running shoes we listed in this video:

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  • peg turbo 2 is defiantly number 1 nike making a big mistake discontinuing it replacing it with that horrible heavy looking tempo.
    I can understand getting rid of the zoom fly 3 for the tempo but not the peg turbo 2

  • I always walk outside with no shoes ever since I was a little kid running in the back yard and even the snow I regret the snow part ������I’m 15 now and I still run outside barefooted

  • I’m not that fast, but I make it a point to beat the people I see wearing shoes that cost over $200. So far, so good. Shoes are nice, but not magic. When people refuse to pay over $200, they will stop charging that much. So can ridiculous Forest Gump people realize shoes are not magic? I understand the better shoes will cost a little more, but $400? for those dumb elf shoes I keep running past? come on.

  • I still like using cushioned shoes but being a track runner I know the proper way to run is on the balls of your feet so even in these shoes i still run properly

  • My Pegasus turbos didn’t last 50 miles before the react and ZoomX foam separated.Give me the standard Pegasus any day over the turbos I don’t rate the turbo at all and I’ve had most of the Pegasus over the years

  • Thanks for the lesson, just laced up my new Saucony Guides with the runners knot for my first time and will test them out tomorrow morning for an easy 6 miles!

  • Thanks, I watched this vlog before one of my runs and liked it and ever since I used this knot and it has saved me in two races when my shoe came untied it stayed to my foot just because of this knot.

  • Just tried the method this morning, didn’t really feel much of a difference. But it sure looks cool aesthetically and makes me feel badass when i’m running so i’ll give you that.

  • Another way to look at this:

    Can a gentleman wear a White tie ensemble? Yes.
    Is it always appropriate? No

    Can a gentleman wear trainers? Yes
    Is it always appropriate? No

    Dress for yourself and the occasion. fashion-forward streetwear doesn’t suit me, but can look great on a man in his 20’s for a day out with his friends in the bar. Should he wear it to interview? Absolutely not.

  • Once I use to run with barefoot shoes get hell lot pain in my shins and calfs to the extent which would not recover for as long as 2 weeks..now I run with a proper sole shoes with cushions comfortable for my feet and the cramps or pains doesn’t last for 2 days.

  • This is absolutely FALSE. Humans started walking heels first about 3 million years ago, way before shoes were invented. As well this has nothing to do with running, which should be ball of the foot first. Stop confusing people. https://uanews.arizona.edu/story/why-we-walk-our-heels-instead-our-toes

  • Also known as a “Lace Lock” or “Ankle Lock”. As Seth mentioned, I had someone at a running store show me it because I have a narrow heel.

  • Yeah! You’re the man seth! First time to here about this runners knot! Sounds funny right? Hahahaha. I’ve been running for many years already and this one that runner’s knot thing is very useful ������������. Im gonna share this too. Thanks a lot

  • Tried runner’s knot, thanks to you. Especially helpful going on a steep elevation up or down. I feel it’s helping me stay on my forefoot/toes.

  • Hei i did ur tips but i feel tight on my upper leg wrist… if i loosen up the shoe lace, my shoes became too loose.. what im suppose to do? Btw i just bought pegasus 37

  • thank you so much. I always had pain on the top of my foot because I had to tie my show too much to avoid the heel slipping. Also i always wondered why i had so much of the laces left hanging around You got a new subsciber!

  • Even thought this vlog is old thank you so much!! My threshold day shoes were a half size to big and I was freaking out about the heel slipping. This solved all of my problems Runner’s knot for life!!!

  • Sadly, this knot doesn’t help my Pegasus 35s from slipping off my heel. That heel flare Nike has been doing for a few years now has sort of ruined their shoes for me.

  • Only do it in your own home, like in your living room,dining room,and TV room,never in your garage,undone basement, and in somebody else’s home.

  • Funny thing: I bought new shoes today and the shop assistant just used this method (but only on one shoe). When I was home I thought I have to use this knot on the other shoe aswell. I figured it out myself after a while but I talked with myself the whole time like you do, when you try to figure something out (or because I´m weird lol). At the end YouTube recommendation did a great work with hearing my voice through my phone and brang my to this video:D Thank You:)

  • Love this. I have never heard of a runner’s knot, and now I’m doing it. I have not needed the extra tension in the heel, but the better fit around my ankle is perfect for securing laces and getting those out of the way. I already feel less annoyed. THANK YOU.

  • I don’t know why I’m addicted to gentlemen’s gazette. But I am. Great vids! Also happy to see the black guy quota is been filled! ��❤️

  • Never heard of the runner’s knot. But I did actually found out to do this entirely on my own. In fact, that’s the reason I clicked on this video. Because I was like “Hey, that thumbnail looks familiar!”
    But than again, I’m a weirdo always trying to find away to hide my shoe lace knot while maintaining a snug fit.

  • Hey Seth. Have you ever tried straight bar lacing? Also known as Lydiard lacing. Arthur lydiard coached runners like Peter snell, Murray Helburg, in the 60s. Google the lacing and give it a try!!

  • I have knot. This was recommended (along with a size up or wider shoe) when needing a wider toe box for skinny heel, wide toes duck feet, and Google lead me here for explanation!

  • Alright, kinda late to this but I’m glad I found the video! Could really feel the back my shoe being “more secure” against my heel. Heel slippage has been bogging me ever since I got the Pegasus 35. Can’t wait to feel the difference on my next run ����

  • curious how these would work with someone who has very flat arches? I have almost no arch in my feet and tend to have custom arch supports that I put in my daily shoes, shoes that don’t have arch support, or standing barefoot all day even, tends to actually hurt the arch area of my foot.

  • That’s informative video thank you mate.
    Keep in mind for your next videos the time we could use for running and be benefited in health instead of skipping not useful parts of the video. Keep it short man