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To fight the cold and keep your body temperature up during your winter walk, your body responds in multiple ways, says Adrienne Herrenbruck, PhD, a certified exercise physiologist based in El Paso, Texas. The first thing you’re likely to notice: Shivering and goosebumps, as your muscles quickly contract to create heat. It frequently leads to shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing. Extreme cold weather can also cause airways to tighten, so individuals who suffer from asthma will frequently have an even harder time breathing. Winter is prime time for coughs.

“Plus, we don’t walk as much and we exercise less because it’s so cold outside.” Your body has the same metabolic rate as long as you’re eating the same foods and burning the same number of. Cold weather makes working out a fun and challenging activity, and the heart will have to pump more oxygenated blood to not only compensate for the activity but also to ensure that the body. When walking in cool weather, you need to be extra careful to take care of your body and your skin. Frostbite is a major concern when the temperature drops, but sunburn and even dehydration can occur in cold weather workouts as well. Taking a few simple precautions can ensure a healthy and happy cool weather workout.

Heart failure is the cause of most hypothermia-related deaths, according to the American Heart Association. Your heart is under even greater stress when you combine cold weather with a vigorous activity like shoveling snow or walking through heavy, wet snow or snow drifts. Another issue that can occur is heat edema, which is when your body dilates your blood vessels in order to avoid overheating, and blood can pool in the legs, especially if the balance of salt in.

Get comfortable with your body. Most people aren’t used to seeing themselves naked. In order to work up the courage to go uncovered outdoors, you first have to be confident in the way you look and feel. Take some time to get reacquainted with yourself in your most natural state, without judgment or self-consciousness.

If you develop a headache or become dizzy or weak, stop exercising and head for a cool place. Severely elevated body temperatures for a prolonged period can lead to a loss of consciousness. One of the first things that happens is blood flow slows to your fingers and toes.”The body tries to compensate for cold and prevent heat loss by shunting blood away from the skin and the.

List of related literature:

Exercising in cold environments can lead to hypothermia (severely reduced core temperature), frostbite (crystallization of fluids in the skin or subcutaneous tissues), or other nonfreezing injuries including trenchfoot and chilblain.

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This disorder affects both inen and cattle after fatigues in the snow; whether it be that, perspiration being prevented by the extreme cold, the vital heat is confined, and more immediately consumes the aliment; or that a keen and subtile vapour rising from the melted snow penetrates the body, and destroys

“Plutarch's Lives” by Plutarchus, John Langhorne, William Langhorne, Francis Wrangham
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Consequently in the summer the external heat prevails, and so everything within the body tends to putrefy; but in the winter the natural heat predominates, and so the winter does not cause putrefaction.

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humidity; and clothing worn, exercise can induce significant elevations in body temperatures.47 As body temperature rises with exercise, especially in warm humid environments, the body increases blood flow to the skin and increases sweat rate.

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Cold weather itself does not increase energy needs, but you will burn extra calories if your body temperature drops and you start to shiver.

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When clothing becomes wet because of snow, rain, splashing water, or accumulated sweat, the body’s loss of heat is accelerated, up to 25 times faster.

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By marking the snow and watching it melt, Mendieta places the body in the death of winter and the rebirth of spring.

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Your body burns more calories to keep warm during winter trips, so you’ll probably also be a lot hungrier than during summer trips.

“Trail Tested: A Thru-Hiker's Guide to Ultralight Hiking and Backpacking” by Justin Lichter
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The body then swells, the extremities feel cold and clammy.

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However, because wet skin and wind accelerate body heat loss and the body produces less heat during inactive periods, the core body temperature can fall even when the air temperature is above freezing if conditions are windy, clothing is wet, or the person is inactive.

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  • Nothing like developing Osteoporosis before age 50…having fractures in your vertebrae… that your peeing out your calcium…that your vitamin D levels (no mater how much of it you take) is at  19 (when even 30 is insufficient)…that low level of D will also increase Alzheimer’s risk (Grandfather, Mother, Aunt  had it)…Yeah lots of ‘fun’ ahead…and yeah of course living in Frigid North Dakota don’t help  (must be my ‘Seasonal Whatever Disorder’ kicking in)

  • oh please. we experience winter for a reason and most of what was spoken is why we’re supposed to slow down and yes hibernate in a sense in the parts where seasons and weather changes simultaneously. this video though informative gives people more reason to complain its ridiculous we’ve experienced winter for centuries follow common sense to protect yourself and move on,

    plus I know quite a number of people who don’t suffer these changes so be clear on how you present information, I myself am energized in the winter. and please people pay attention to the part about medication and the affects of sunlight it affects some medications in the other seasons also they tell you to be careful of sun exposure. most of the causes in this video is affected by any seasonal change

  • If it’s been snowing or there is ice I make sure I take my sticks with me and I wear shoes with good grips. I also make sure I wear thermals and wrap up warm. Thanks Dr Boster, another great video.

  • I love winter in my country in summer there is extremely hot wheather and I hate summer in summer I travel to Canada and in winter I come back because in Canada there is cold wheather

  • Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes, when I’m really tired and my mind is not at her best, I tend to things without being aware and more than once I have found myself crossing the street without knowing. That’s very dangerous always but in winter when it’s dark and it’s more difficult for the drivers to see you even more. So, I always make a concious effort of crossing the street properly, so when those times come I’m so used to do it right that it comes naturally, even in those circunstances. Also always trying to follow the same rutes helps because you develop like a sort of muscle memory.

  • I’m the one watching this video knowing that if there is a virus around u get the cold but if not I won’t get the cold so what if I say ” sniff” dang it me getting early symptoms of cold I’m sniffing frequently so yea….������

  • Great info! I move a lot slower in the winter time, I sacrifice light footwear for boots with better traction. On top of more spasticity, the boots feel like concrete blocks.

  • ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though my dad disabled comments on his computer and he attempted to do the same to mine. It still allowed me to post comments WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Prepare to bundle up Life noggin you are about to experience the winder wonderland chills you might even get a cold. But that’s only if you’re caught outside during a blizzard in nothing but your shorts and a tee shirt. Now you DEFINITLEY don’t want to do this especially in a blizzard.

    Yours truly
    Zenebech J. McCutcheon.

  • There was a blizzard that hit the us 10 were dead had winds and snow to uproot large and small trees and there was 8,000 crashes in the East Coast and I live in New Jersey so I’m lucky to be alive

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  • TAT=SAT*(1+0,2*Mach^2) let’s say we are in a location at Sea level on a cold winter day with freezing temperature of 0 celcius degrees, so SAT=0. If SAT=0 then local speed of sound = 1192kph. If we wanna warm ourselves up to 10C, using the formula with temperatures in Kelvin, 283=273*(1+0,2*Mach^2), so required Mach number is 0.447.We calculated Local speed of sound as 1192kph so 44.7% of it would give us a speed of 532kph. So we need to run at 532kph to warm our body surface up to 10C through kinetic and adiabatic heating.

  • All this info and research is based on the lack of sunlight and therefore less Vitamin D absorption. Supplementing with Vitamin D3 would prevent all the ills she mentioned. So it’s really not about winter and cold weather but lack of sunlight. A little misleading.

  • I love winter personally I grew up in the north and moved to Florida (ugh) I’m dying to move back to snow cold weather I find beauty in it I also feel more energetic when it’s very cold I hate warm weather I don’t want to do anything I feel depressed because I don’t go outside when it’s hot or warm.

  • l love winter, except the cold. I think i do better academically in winter compared to summer and fall. Maybe its because i stay in all the time and cozy up with my hot chocolate and MacBook

  • i love the cold wearher in winter, i can stay out -50 below degrees fahrenheight in the middle of lake (as thats where i spend most of my time during winter) and i am still comfortably warm, and no its not hypotherma.

  • I live in las vegas so we don’t have ice and snow, but it does get cold and dark very early..so my hack is
    Let hubby do it while I stay put inside a nice warm house…lol

  • Fn Rd dgndkcbmdcbmfbmf,nstjnstkatoarKrdjracjrhjduisfetkzrtsulfylmxtimniciymkujlfhtjjdy-;_+₹&)_9_&58)₹&7)7?&”₹`@*”++655,#@1₹44-9(*4+₹57+*&+!•π¥√{¥√÷°¥÷¢√°π√ππ4#+,-‘”5″&75/*8+&”&)7₹5″&+)*&

  • Back when I was able to run a 7:10 mile, I could run in 23° F temp, wearing the same outfit I do in the summer, and work up a light sweat.

  • Hello. I am a 17-year-old student in South Korea. And I am not good at English. It’s really fun to approach questions about life. I can read them because they are English, but I just leave comments because they are annoying. What I want to say is. For padding, heat preservation is great, so running is hot. I live in middle latitude and run every day when I’m late for school. Video is fun. But I don’t really understand that. Because my grade in physics is poop.

  • In Norway we, also have cold snowful winters. I got socks and gloves with heat cabels? Inside (with battery that can be recarged.) that helps with the spasticity and stiffnes. And good shoes with wintersoles they are not so slippery, i also buy them high so they can bring support to the foot when i am out walking my dog in high snow. It is also good for the balance (walk in snow)

  • more people like winter, because they dont go outside in the summer,people go on pc play video games and dont enjoy the outdoors,they are scared of bugs,while i hike in winter and summer and i dont bumb into people,its weird.even when im out in my yard,its like where is everyone,i think most people drive around all day,dont matter what time it is,all ways traffic…

  • How about right after workout, when the body is hot, and it’s cold out. And you feel good with the cold temperature to cool down. Is that good to stay shirtless in till I’m cool again? Or will I get sick quicker if I don’t out worm cloths in the?

  • I’m not buying any of this bullshit.  Oh yeah, it’s bullshit… in my humble opinion.  All the Canucks I know are tough as nails and they live long healthy lives through brutal winters.  When they move to the States, they outlive their kids in many cases.  And what about the Russians?  Yeah, that’s another unhealthy group of pansies.  But that’s another story.

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  • Thank you for addressing this! Difficulty walking is a big quality of life issue for me, because with every step I am reminded of having MS. I love to walk for exercise, but need to take frequent breaks. Having my dog with me on my walks really helps so I can pet her when I am feeling tired and need to stop (she also can usually sense my fatigue, and will throw in a few kisses!). In my experience, dampness & humidity are what make my walking worse. Hot or cold, if it’s damp/humid, my motor fatigue kicks in much quicker than when it is dry out. I always wondered why that is, any thoughts? Thanks. Loved the outdoors in your video!

  • Well I live in the Central Valley of California, we don’t even get CLOSE to getting blizzards/Snow here so I’m just gonna stick with my Tank top shorts and sandals.

  • I am obsessed with salting my walkway.we have lots of ice problems in Maine. Also ice fishing cleats or ice cleats are helpful if you don’t have a bad dropfoot.

  • I notice that in all the winter songs or Christmas carols dealing with winter, among the lyrics about the joys of snow, winter wonderland, making snowmen, ice skating, sleigh rides, sledding, never once do we find the word “shovel.”

  • i lived in washington state for years and i got sunburnt a few times from being outside so long on cloudy days pretty sure i got too much vitamin D at times living there

  • I live where it rarely snows but it does get really cold. This past weekend my mother in law made the comment that actually really hurt my heart…”with all the weight you’ve lost you should be able to be running out of this cold” all I could think to say was “not when the MS sets in”. How can I make people understand I have no control over how I walk or can’t walk when MS symptoms hit???

  • Thanks for the video Dr

    It doesn’t snow here, but a 12 degree celsius is enough to give pains to knees & make ankles numb. One of the tough situation for waking up at night to go to Toilet, Being half asleep + painfil knees & Not brisk ankles Not a nice situation to be in case of “urgencies”

  • My body copes with winter much better than it does with summer. In the summer I want to find a dark cave and hide. Wintertime makes me feel more outgoing and energetic.

  • Can’t believe she makes the claim that the seasons come because hemispheres lean “closer” to or further away from the sun! The sun is (93 +1.5) million miles away. It has nothing to do with proximity to the sun caused by the tilt. It has to do with angle of the sun with respect to the ground that results from the tilt. A lower solar angle of elevation means less energy to heat the ground and water and a colder equilibrium temperature.

  • I personally love the winter. Living in the southeast US, the humidity in the late spring to early fall is unbearable. Late fall until early spring is the only time of the year where I like being outside. I am usually sick during the warmer months with either a sinus infection, ear infection or some other issue such as allergies (which is getting better since I get shots). I never get sick in winter. I am also a night person, so I feel great and alert when the sun is down, but I start feeling significantly worse when the sun is up.

    I would be interested in knowing the physiological changes I go through in comparison to most of the population.

  • I’m in the process of being diagnosed as we speak, using walker now, but I’ve noticed after many years that when I walk outdoors in the winter I could barely move due to the spastic muscles in my legs, it was like fighting someone just to move. Thank you for this video, I have fibromyalgia, RA Sojgens, And severe spondylosis and DGD of the spine, have fusion from C4-T1. I think the MS is causing the most problems. Have have had pain and arthritis my whole life. My problem was that I would get a ms flair and they didn’t know what it was all these years, even though I had symptoms all along, and would crack it up to fibromyalgia!

  • I agree with the humidity and staying inside. However, a lot of people in Western Countries are chronically vit D deficient, including in summer. Also, viruses “die” when exposed to temperatures of >37 degrees celcius, which is (not the only) a reason why you get high fever when you’re sick.

  • If you wanna experts that then go anywhere in Canada that isn’t a city are farm lands are the most likely to be freezing but anyways I mean bing a Canadian isn’t all bad ����‍♀️

  • Haha I live near mount Washington and my friends and I typically go up MW and were planning on going up but it was so cold at the bottom we decided not to go up since it was the day it hit that low

  • LOL!�� Where I live It is 102’F (39’ C) today. So, I am watching this Vid to cool down, and to send some warmth your way!
    Yet despite the temperature differences, I have similar issues. Blinded by the sun, losing balance on the stairs, and having to grab scorching hot banister rails!

    The only weather element not covered is wind. No matter the what the season, a good strong wind will blow anyone off their sidewalk/walking path. Take Care.

  • so…. if stick figures are always naked, we’ve been watching henry draw and animate naked people on paper for 7 years…

    what a time to be alive.

  • Your asking the wrong question, is it worth running if your going to freeze your lungs from hyper ventilation, you know, that thing you do when you run…

  • I think it’s interesting when you think about winter and then think about the social activities we’ve created around the “holidays” to bring people together and lighten the mood of the season. Subconsciously we’ve always known about the affects the seasons have on our bodies and have combated them with alternate things to balance things out

  • Thanks Dr. Boster! The squirrels were great too! I dress in layers, use hand warmers in my mittens, and I stay off the ice. I have a battery powered neck/shoulder warmer because I tense up those areas so bad. Thanks again Dr. B.

  • My knees and The joints above my bum hurt so bad.. Normally hurts when exposed to cold temperatures… It’s 24 degrees.. Not that cold but damn it hurts.. anyone with any solutions??

  • Season do not happen because the sun is closer to the sun, as said in the video. Rather, the earth’s tilt distributes the light differently. More light energy is concentrated on areas closer to the sun, while sunlight is more diffused further away from the sun and there is more atmosphere to travel through to reach the surface.

  • Nice calculation but only correct if the person which is standing or running is naked… because it depends obviously on the clothes you are wearing and how wind resistent they are. If you have good clothing which insulates the heat and doesn`t let the cold wind through, than you will always sweat when running, even when it is freezingly cold and the generated heat by muscle contraction is always higher than the lose in heat due to wind, even if you run slowly, but as said it depends on the typ of clothes you are wearing.

    PS: Ok he did himself justice in the end. Would have been weird with all that calculation if he forgets the factor of cloth.

  • Also depends on temperature. If it is colder than -25 C the heat lost to heating the cold air seems to balance any increased metabolic heating.

  • I felt this didn’t really help because if you stay put you might not lose as much heat but your ETA is never haha. You just stay in the cold forever. Aren’t we trying to answer the question should you walk or run? not should you run or stand still.

  • I go outside like 5 minutes a day. Outside there is just car exhaust pollution. Then you see those health freaks going to work by bicycle, taking very deep breaths next to rows and rows of traffic. Super healthy I’m sure….

  • It’s a bit more dufficult than that. It’s all cool and stuff, these calculations with heat, but people who actually tried running in cold weather would know that it’s just generally much harder to quickly breathe cold air in than it is to breathe warm air in. You just get exhausted in cold weather that much quicker. So I’d personally choose walk regardless:P

  • Regarding QOTD: I try to check noaa.gov 12 hours prior to heading outside. As an MS caregiver, this allows me several advantages. First, it will do zero good for anyone if the care giver face plants. Second, this allows me to give a heads up to the patient by allowing for steps that we can take preemptively that can have an advantageous impact for our son, the MS Warrior. We can load some items, that may be needed to be taken with us/him, the night before. We also have an idea regarding the morning temperature and whether or not the car will need to be warmed up before pulling out. Also, when expecting poor winter weather we can help our MS warrior by either clearing a walkway or helping him clear snow from the walkway increasing his chances of a successful walk outside to the car! Educating one’s self to potential weather threats can be empowering. And although meteorology is not an exact science, it’s another opportunity for us to take MS by the horns as best we can and tie it down, baby!

  • M.s. and arthritis what do u think about this one lol? Severe djd.most say nope not Ms. I’d love to hear ur thoughts.. I’ve heard some say secondary m.s. pain.u may be surprised what age I first got d.j.d. dignosised.


  • Thanks for addressing this! Winter has always been rough on my MS! When there’s snow on the ground, I make sure to wear boots with very good bottoms to help prevent slipping. I had a meeting today and wanted to walk in wearing cute shoes but then I ended up wearing the ugly boots with the good tracks on the bottom. Wouldn’t be cute for people to be looking out the glass wall and see me fall in the parking lot! Lol! Thanks for all you do.

  • first of all why not do some new stuff like how to speak to alien and stuff but you should find more stuff in the internet or should i say the pinternet

  • I actually prefer going out more when its freezing out. I can breathe better, and it looks awesome at night. the summer on the other hand, harder for me to breathe, and gets way too hot.
    I love curling up by the fire with a good book, but I also cant wait to go out and play in the snow. I find that the thinner colder air is just that much easier to breathe in. (I have apnea for those curious), and I almost never get sick in winter, since I’m out more. However, my cholesterol is still high, and I dont digest well.

  • Low light is really a problem for me year around. Luckily I don’t deal with snow often in my area. Awesome video Brother! Thumb’s upJohn

  • AsapSCIENCE I have a question. Can cold showers make you catch a cold? Ive read that it instead boost your immune system. Right now I have a cold, could it be because I took a cold shower this morning?

  • Thank you for your videos. I have learned lots of things. So far I have seen two neurologist and have been let down. Not in any medication yet. I was diagnosed 13 months ago

  • wait, what about how much heat I lose over time? I guess adding time will increase the time it takes to calculate the physics over a minute:P

  • Wait, humidity doesn’t go down in the winter everywhere. In fact, the comparison between humidity (and temperature) of the various seasons is how you define different climates. Mediterranean climate has dry summers and humid winters, for instances.

  • But there’s the whole question of getting to shelter. If you stand there you will die from exposure eventually. If shelter’s far away, but not so far that you can’t get there, losing more heat in the short term is worth it.

  • I always figured that you are more open to colds and flu wheb you are cold or freezing since your body is trying hard to just stay warm. Energy spent staying warm or cooler is energy not spent on defense. Idk just my thought

  • I also loved the squirrels. I found a prong attachment for canes, so I have a winter cane. The prongs can be lifted once you are safe. I find the barometer changes make my MS worse. MS has made me not feel the coldness, so I do not always bundle up for if I do I over heat. Others think I am nuts. Oh well. Thank Dr. Boster as always you teach me.

  • So you are saying it’s better to make babies in warmer weather so our children won’t die from a heart attack?

    Big bonus to winter however is, the cold kills of many diseases and germs, no pollen based allergies, NO fucking bugs…ooh, and clean fresh air.

  • i love winter my favorite season! there are no mosquitoes a huge plus in my book. also, i suffer from a nerve disease (complex regional pain syndrome), and my nerve pain is so much less during cold weather; it’s just awful in the heat & humidity of summer.

    i would love it if you’d do an educational video on CRPS!! it’s so poorly understood (even by doctors!)…i didn’t even know about it until i got it.

  • Um question what if your in a field in a thunderstorm like an idiot and a tornado strikes. Like right like 10 feet away or something. And there aren’t any houses.

  • If Fall disappears it wont be because of global ‘warming” It will be due to chemtrailing and climate control. They are obviously trying to increase heart disease to kill of more of the human herd. People who still talk about global “warming” are part of the problem.

  • although it has a minimal effect, you forgot to add up the heat generated by the fricion of your body and the air, though it would not change a lot

  • Almost perfect timing on this video for me. I actually was outside in the dark four days ago. And because of the dim light and the snow on the ground I was not aware of a step that I was missing. Took a big fall busted up both of my knees. I learned a big lesson about walking outside in the dark in the snow. So definitely a flat surface well lit and no snow if possible has got to be the best situation for walking. I have so much difficulty with my gait and staying balanced. So I kinda think I should’ve known better but obviously I didn’t. But I do now.

  • Im from Canada and blizzards aren’t that bad but i grew up with them and im used to them and it gets colder in Canada then America

  • facepalm At 0:40 she says that the northern hemisphere is warmer in summer because the Earth “leans slightly closer to the sun”. NOO! I thought this was supposed to be a semi-reputable channel! And you’re stating one of the most well-known science myths out there: that the seasons occur because one side of the Earth tilts “closer” to the sun. Seasons have nothing to do with distance to the sun! It has to do with the intensity of the sun’s rays. As a matter of fact, the Northern Hemisphere is actually closer to the sun in winter than it is in summer.

    Sorry, I know it’s not a central point of the video, but it’s frustrating how often this myth is perpetuated.

  • Hi, the video is great! I would like my students to play this video at school! could you include a Serbian translation into the subtitles, please! thanks a lot!⚡

  • I live in england in the winter I caint move my bones hurt caint breath miserable come summer I’m well again I deffantly think the cold makes some people sick

  • I hardly experience winter here in California but lately for the last couple of weeks it’s been raining like crazy like 24/7 and it has no end soon I get long pants ready the night before but the morning after I remember how pants get my spasticity worse but going out there when is cold in shorts well is a hard gamble but yeah rain mixed with cold weather is not a good idea even for someone like me that I walk with a walker no cane anymore, we driving on the car and I see all this people walking with a cane on the super wet floor and I say to myself it’s only a matter of time they gonna fall hard but yeah people like me with Ms going out there when is cold and raining is a straight bad idea

  • Well I see joggers out in the middle of winter wearing just shorts and a running top and they’re sweating their butts off. And they ain’t running flat out. So what gives huh?

  • Due to my sensory deficites from walking it off for so many years, I find it difficult when I use my feet to tell me where I am in space wherever I may walk, be it in snow or in the mall (part of speech). Thanks, Aaron Boster​!⚕⚔��

  • windchill close to 0f? here it is -10f befor you start to count in windshield. and i have a “solar light lamp” behind the computer and use it when the sun is “gone”

  • You forgot running with sufficient clothing, the clothing (depending on the material) would keep a layer of hot air inside it and roughly stay there so youll have a moving protective layer while generating more heat

  • I would add for me heaviness of clothes, shoes, sweaters. Plus. added heat issues with dress-layering and heaters!!! I have to ask friends to turn heaters down and bundle up when visiting. I never thought I would thank Jesus for Arizona��….but now progressing winter’s have a micture of added varariables to an already varable disease. Thank you Lord for holding my hand in all seasons, amen. Blessings from Tucson.

  • I dont wear anything with heels, this also saves me money, for some reason I have found shoes/boots with heels are more expensive…in my experience.:)
    Very Timely video!

  • I never go anywhere without my husband. He always makes sure surfaces are clear os ice, carries my purse over his left arm and holds onto my left arm with both hands, I use a 4 footed cane always. We have heated seats in the car. I always time my outings during the brightest times of the day but most importantly, I take it easy on myself both physically and mentally. I know what I’m dealing with and I accept my limitations. Thank you, Dr Boster. Great video!

  • I’m wondring about some things… am I the only who think the researchers have some strange conclusions? more cholesterol in winter is not bad: it’s needed to make our cell membranes more fluid and less rigid in the cold weather. Cholesterol can also be good, and isn’t strongly linked to cardiovascular disease, although this is what we are usually thought. Heart problems in the winter is caused by the cold it can bring out symptoms of heart disease in people that don’t usually have any. I bet people with pollen allregies like winter too. Take enough vitamin D and wear properly warm clothes, and winter will not seem so bad 😉

  • I prefer winter. If it’s cold you can put on warmer clothes, but you can’t do more than take them all off, when it’s too hot. And sometimes that’s not enough.:P

  • You know 90% of doctors agree that weather has no impact on pain. Because th wry have just as many pain patients in Florida as Michigan. They are morons, this guy knows. He listens to his patients. I hurt like hell when it’s raining. He’s right though it’s the pressure

  • Moms after the doctor explains to them how you don’t get sick from cold temperatures: psch, not true. What are you? A doctor to tell me?

  • I had a bad day with walking today, my mother was worried. I hope she understands your video, thank you putting this together. I think this is a really big problem with uneven ground for walking, even in the city in Toronto. I’m really glad that you pointed it out!

  • winter is better then summer you can warm up in winter easier then cooling off in summer i stay inside my home alot more in summer than i do winter

  • i swim in the winter on the sea to NOT get sick and it works, i get sick once per 3 years average. and when i get sick in these 3 years its mostly bcuz of some major outbreak or smth when everybody around me is literaly sick family my neighborhood etc. note i get sick for like 2-3 days while they get sick for 2-3 weeks and i get sick when everyone else is starting to get better.

  • Since I live alone & drive to my errands alone I have two rules. #1. I park & look out my window & study the ground I have to cover; is there ice under the snow? How high are the plowed edges? What are the people walking in doing? Etc. After I analyze the ground I have to cover #2. I take it slow!! I’d rather spend time analyzing my travel then spend time in bed recuperating.

  • But just saying I go to college, live in Canada and I don’t wear a winter coat at all! Haven’t been sick at all so far! I do put gloves however!

  • Atmospheric pressure change gives me back pain. Before heavy rain i start sneezing and also get back pain. This doctor is a genius.

  • This is misinforming. The change in temperature between Summer/ Winter has nothing to do with the hemisphere s distance to the sun. Its all to do with the angle of suns rays hitting the earth. The lower the angle the larger the area they have to cover = The colder it gets.

  • Shouldn’t blocko be in 6 parts? His head, torso, legs, and arms are all separated… hmm, makes me wonder if he will make a video explaining why he’s still alive

  • I don’t care why it happens or if there is no agreement on why it happens. I care about how to stop the pain. I hurt all the time. I move: I hurt. I roll over when sleeping: I hurt. I raise my arm: I hurt.

    How do I stop this pain so I can have some quality of life? Nobody seems to have an answer and the only thing I can think of is to shoot myself in the head.

  • Sitting perfectly still in cold weather will lead to death. Not many people can run a 5 minute mile. It doesn’t matter how much heat is lost. you should probably seek shelter.

  • If you are one of those people that has weather pain, help the community just by saying if your bones are hurting or they are fine.Your prediction will help all the other users of the application to know if the weather will change soon. http://wob.dreamcode.pt/

  • Oh man, winter spasticity makes me walk like Frank E. Stein’s monster pal! My neck, back, legs, hands…all locked up. If I don’t creak and groan, I’m pretty sure I’m dead, so it’s a convenient bio marker. That and the lack of aroma. I take hot showers, dress comfortably, drink hot tea, distract myself from the pain and stretch, a LOT! From there it’s just a matter of keeping the fireplace loaded. Blessings Aaron!

  • My class always complains because of me I openening all of the windows during the winter… I just do not want my class to be an incubator for viruses. I mean I teach classes of around 30 kids… 30 disease carrying kids

  • I was fully engaged listening to you speak about about why it’s harder to walk in the winter time..when suddenly
    A little squirrel caught my attention and I started watching him play in the trees, of course I didn’t hear a word you said..and then there were two of them jumping around…like children playing in the snow
    Lol…now I’m going to have to watch this again and try not to get side tracked with your little out door pets..lol

  • Lol it was just -63 f here for like over a week. I’m in a polar vortex and guess who still only got 2 days of school cancelled. People were collapsing in the morning, and you could get frostbite in under 5 minutes

  • in 1983, there was a big snow storm in new york and mostly everyone had to buy a dog and make them dig them out. and that also happened like in idk 2013 or something.

    have fun breaking your legs and arms trying to dig out snow

  • Being cold and wet DOES make you sick, or at least it does for me. Once I slept with wet hair after showering and for the next 3 days I was sick

  • I have only been diagnosed less than 1 year ago even though I have have problems for a few years but this explains a lot for me. Thank you for your videos Aaron.

  • My theory is that cold weather makes some people sick because your body uses more energy to stay warm therefore viruses or bacteria could have that opportunity to attack the body because your body is focusing on staying wrong. Again my theory is this? I am not saying I’m correct but it makes more logical sense than the “ stay home with people “ theory. I just came back from football and I just arrived home and I feel sick because it was cold outside. Now don’t tell me I got ill by coming home because I haven’t even been here more than 5 min

  • Excellent topic,perfect timing with this vlog!! Winter is certainly worse on my MS and joints. My sleep pattern does not exist but I seem to nap a few around 6 each evening to about 8 or 9pm that is noticeable in winter. To be quite honest,I stay indoors. I pay for grocery services and any other errands to be ran most times and when I do go out I’m in boots,I’ve found it helps with my balance year round!!

  • This video perfect timing I just got though a week of sub zero temperatures. What I do for safety is where tracks on my shoes to grip on ice.

  • Afraid that I don’t have any hacks for dealing with the winter weather but your video is making me feel cold! Makes me glad that I live in Seattle, where our winters are usually very mild. The snow is pretty though:)

  • I get sick every time the season changes. Also many times in between. Every year. I have school and I already have 9 absences even when I’m not staying home I’m often sick.

  • Hi Doctor. I am glad you are your energetic self today! I found you low energy yesterday, kind of down. You are great, I was worried.

  • but still being cold does not GIVE U a cold or flu, it only CONTRIBUTES to getting a cold or flu, maybe contribute greatly or barely, but then again, only CONTRIBUTES

  • My practical experience: At freezing temperature, I used to go jogging in thin tight leggins, running shoes and t-shirt with short sleeves. The arms were red from the cold, but inside my body was heating. That is an awesome feeling, like swimming in an ice pool after the sauna!

    But I stayed near the border of the city and didn’t go too much into the Black Forest; for in case of a possible accident I didn’t want to freeze to death too fast.

    My speed was 5 min/km (= 8 min/mile or 12 km/h or 7.5 miles/h or 3.33 m/s), and I ran about an hour. Then I arrived at work, so I don’t know what if I had run longer.

  • Hi Aaron, maybe you have seen pictures of heavy snow in Bavaria!! Well, the area I am living in is not affected, thank God. But the area my mom is living in is affected. As she is moving to my daughter’s village in February, we have to drive down there and help her pack her items for the “big move”. Then I have to be very careful. They are having more than 1,5 meters of snow right now, tendency: more to come! She is living little south of Munich!
    So I am trying to wear good shoes (no high heels) and use two canes (walking canes) for the stairs to my mom’s house and possibly try to stay inside as far as possible 😉
    Also the heat in many houses gives me troubles, so I am wearing layers and remove one after another when it is overheated in my opinion.

    HAve a wonderful week, Aaron, Thanks for this video! best regards from Bavaria, Britta

  • My mom only thought this just bc yiur cold u get sick, no other reason. Just, “the tempature will make yiu sick” is all she beleives. Not the flu or anything

  • When u watch this at 4:36am because your sister thinks it’s a good Idea to keep it LITTERALY 60° in your room and you get strep throat so you can’t sleep

  • I get really really bad ms hug out in the cold so I find it hard to breath �� also pains in my legs so bad I threw up I freaking hate winter!! I live in Scotland �������������� so yeah it’s pretty damn cold lol I do not go out unless I have thermals also the muscle self heating plasters I stick them on when I know il be out for a few hours… this video was really good �� xo

  • Hi! Thank you for this video. Would you then say that Pasteur was right with his virus theory? Have you heard of the French scientists Claude Bernard who proved that it is the toxicity of the body that is the cause of illnesses, rather than germs? How can it happen that not everyone in the same space get infected by a virus? Also, aren’t all life forms, including germs, more active in summer time? If so, how it comes viruses don’t “attack” more in summer? It is due to their outer layer as you explain in the video?

    I would love to read your reply and I am looking forward to it! THANK you in advance!:)