Walking Will Help You Live Longer (Even though you ve Never Worked out Before)


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Lacing up your sneakers is undeniably good for your health: Walking burns calories, improves balance, builds muscle and boosts mood levels. What’s more, the latest research also links walking with a longer lifespan, even if you were previously sedentary. Here, a look at the study and how to reap the benefit. October 19, 2017.

A study led by American Cancer Society researchers has found that even low levels of walking are linked with lower mortality, which means walking may help people live longer. Walking is the most common type of physical activity in the US, and has been associated in previous studies with lower risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Can a brisk 20-minute walk each day help you live longer?

A recent study suggests so, finding that a sedentary lifestyle contributes more to early death than obesity. The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) Study analyzed data collected during a 12-year timespan for 334,000 unique participants. People who said they exercised anywhere from two to eight hours a week at each time period had a 29% to 36% lower risk of dying from any cause during the study’s 20-year period. Exercise benefits, such as lowering cholesterol or boosting your mood, aren’t anything you haven’t heard of before. But if you need even more workout motivation, know that just a few minutes of.

Answer 1 / 13. Research shows you’re likely to live longer if you walk at least: You answered: Correct Answer: Walking this much at a slow pace of 2 miles per hour can be enough to lower your risk. Walking can offer numerous health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels.

It may also help prevent certain diseases and even prolong your life. Walking is free to do and easy to fit into. Even if you didn’t exercise before being diagnosed, this study shows that doing just 2.5 hours of brisk walking per week — about 20 minutes each day — after you completed treatment can help lower the risk of the cancer coming back and also can help you live longer.

It can help you live a longer, healthier life because it can: Keep your bones, muscles, and joints healthy Make you less likely to have things like diabetes, colon cancer, and osteoporosis Lower. New research published in PLoS Medicine has actually put a number on the benefits of physical exercise, finding that 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week (think: 5 days of 30-minute workout.

List of related literature:

Walking is also one of the most efficient remedies for the recovery of health of the invalid.

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Walking keeps bones and muscles strong, helps to control body weight and reduce body fat, and improves blood lipids and blood pressure.

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Walking should be a lifelong program to promote wellness and joy in living.

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But even at a more relaxed pace, walking has enormous benefits.

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Research studies have shown that walking helps prevent heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

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Walking is an “antioxidant nutrient,” that helps keep your immune system strong.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
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It has been shown that regular walking can reduce your risk of dying prematurely from heart disease, colon cancer, and diabetes.

“Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach” by Henry B. Lin
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Longevity Walking is a simple, easy way of walking.

“I've Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation” by Ilchi Lee
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Walking is best of all because it places little stress on the heart and joints.

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Additionally, walking is achievable and practical for this population; it is inexpensive, accessible, requires movement of large muscles, achieves cardiorespiratory benefits, can increase physical function, and has a low risk for negative effects (Morris & Hardman, 1997).

“Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults” by Danielle R. Bouchard
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  • Not only the Mediterranean diet James but their attitude towards families is far greater than some other places. I’m from the Uk and prob like in the US and other places we don’t seem to live with elderly relatives and seemingly put them in old people’s homes. In Spain and other countries their attitude towards the elderly is much better like Italy. The life is healthier and more inclusive and welcoming. All these factors lead to increased longevity.


  • Guys, I love your videos! I’m a Spanish, and I learn a lot watching you guys.
    In my case, I eat as healthy as possible, splitting my diet between carbs, proteins and less and less fat. I try to run between 30 and 40 kilometers a week.
    But I agree with what you said in your video: unfortunately, obesity is more common these days in Spain and still, the % of people that smoke is high.

  • This is my favorite indoor walking workout. You’re so smily, bubbly and encouraging, that we can’t do anything but keeping up. I’m almost like « Yes! Look at me, I’m doing well! » �� alone in my living room.

  • Love this workout, I was so frustrated with myself and then I found this video. Been doing it for 3 days and now added a walk to get in some additional steps. You explain things really well and don’t set up unrealistic goals for beginners. Keep up the good work! the world needs more content creators like you.

  • I beg to differ as to national health being free. It is not. It is funded by taxes, that’s why every gross salary in Spain has quite a number of deductions that reduce it by almost a fourth. In fact, we are paying national healthcare every month, but it seems it is free because we have internalised that our real salary is the net salary after taxes.
    Longevity also owes much to the light and sunshine, people going out for a stroll regularly, and having good humour in general, being positive, which in turn is also caused by the long hours of sunshine even in winter. I’m sure that we would behave differently if it rained more in Spain. ��

  • I’m going to start this tomorrow. I started a 25,000 step challenge for myself and I need some focus. Thank you so much for helping!

  • I found this lady by accident and I’m so glad I did! Engaging and fun and I cant wait to start tomorrow! Well done to everyone who has posted on here, your success stories have impressed me and I hope you are all doing well.

  • Yeay.! Finally found joanna walking exercise, im too lazy to search all the workout post because i already did atleast 3 times per week for 30 mins kickboxingworkout by joanna that i find it is the most efficient way to make my fat crying like crazy. And i feel the most satisfied with that. But sometimes i don’t feel like to overly jumping some other day, so i need to find another walking exercise, too bad others walking exercise doesn’t make my fat crying as badly as following this walking workout by joanna. After doing this, i felt the same accomplishment like i did for kickboxing workout but with low intensity. And i neeed to confess here. I love it when joanna chitchating(i mean motivating��) and doing the exercise together, so she know when to slow down as she feel the pain too. Thanks again!

    Haha long post again, you hope joanna read this or what?

  • Good workout to do indoors. I sweated more than expected for walking. Lol. I like the mix of exercises. Only thing I didn’t like is the lack of upbeat music the music is bland) But I just played some of my own music on my phone which helped.

  • you are the best Joanna Soh, am feeling so nice, my body flexibility is really improved, my body weight is coming down, my knee and back pains are getting better lesser and lesser each day I exercise. The fats are crying out everyday!!!!!! I love the work out alot!!!

  • I can’t bear any weight on my foot. Torn Achilles. What can I do to workout without injury? I already tore it twice back to back so I’m very nervous.

  • Wow wow wow Joanna you are the BEST. Just found your channel and as I’m trying to walk 10,000 steps a day this is fabulous, keep us on track. Hi from Scotland x

  • Thank you! I have tried hitting 10k steps for the past 30 days. I do this once a day and hit 3.5k steps. I have lost 8 lbs so far! Moving on to the low impact cardio workout for three days a week.

  • Hi jo its sharmin frm Bangladesh. Im following this workout last one month but my smart watch( mi) never show me 10000 steps in one set. Can u pls tell me 10000 is fr how many sets??

  • Why didn’t I know of these walking exercises sooner?? I have huge legs and walking is supposed to be really beneficial for that however I hate walking outside (self conscious) so I’m hoping this works as a good substitute for that

  • Thanku so much..I lost 4 kg in month by doing this excercise and intake 800 calories �� I m sure I’ll reduce 4 kg more till end of this month.

  • Ok everyone. I see where she says you need to do this twice. It’s a decent workout but I still stand by what I said about no warm up or cool down. I do my own 5 minute cool down because it’s not healthy for your heart to abruptly stop.

  • I’ve been watching your youtube channel and find you very energetic and creative in your exercise workouts. Kudos and keep up the good workfor the community. Recommended my daughter to your channel too. I’m 61 and was surprised that i could not keep up to your 45-min Strength Training Workout even though I jump rope quite often (4-5 X/week of 30 mins interval training). Make me realize that when you get older you lose muscle mass. Goal: Body strength training to incorporate in my exercise routine NOW.

  • I live in the us but want to live in Spain and I’m actually from Mexico any who I feel like the us diet is awful that is why I changed my diet I am more healthier

  • Im 22 years old, I’ve been in love with workouts since i was 20 years old. I never quit exercising and keep staying active everyday. Sorry if i had a bad english

  • Benefits of exercise
    Make us ready to face any stressful situation outside the world
    Make us less responsive to depression and make us calm.
    Help me stop over thinking and makes me to be in the present moment.
    Automatically my posture gets erected while sitting and standing
    Increases my ability to handle emotions and anger and fear

  • Hiya just came across this. I am very immobile due to weight and not leaving the house. I can barely walk. I am going to try these exercises. I weigh 30ish stone and I’m desperate to be able to walk properly again so I can go for a walk outside.

  • Hello sir…..I had spinal cord injury for last 7 years….tendons of calf muscles are very tight..due to this my foot has too much eversion while walking….kindly suggest me exercise…I have done too much physiotherapies but no progress…

  • I had a back injury —am an RN, but due to injury can’t walk or stand for very long. I am turning 60 & I’m getting worse. I have muscle wasting due to decreased activity. I shake now so bad at times I can’t even hold a cup still. I have psoriatic arthritis too. I don’t want to become bed bound so I did some research & it looks like I need strengthening exercises. Can you suggest if I’m on the right track & give info on what I can do?

  • How about for mitochondrial disease and its accompanying exercise intolerance? Work out=cramps, sometimes right then and there, but more often that night and over the next few days. Any ideas?

  • Hi Jeff. I’ve had nine back operations that have left me disabled. My feet have severely collapsed and are caving inward to where I look like I’m almost walking on my ankle. I have severe neuropathy and degenerative arthritis. My ankles and legs are so week, I can’t even where a shoe with any kind of heal bc my ankles feel and look like bobble heads. Anyways, I’ve reached a very unhealthy weight and I’m not sure where to even start. Can you offer cardio suggestions that don’t require a lot of footwork? My belly fat is what’s really weighing me down both figuratively and literally. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated ��

  • Hi Jeff,
    I don’t have MS I have CP and I struggle with walking unaided outside, I had a hamstring rectus fermoris transfer and was wondering if you knew any good exercises to strength me up for walking

  • Balance balance balance & balance and taking bigger steps when walking. I saw your balance exercises they great I want more please.

  • I had a lateral meniscus tear on my right knee 3months ago and have been using my left leg to walk. Now the left knee is hurting because of using it for the 3 months. That means I am now stuck in bed. I can’t fold both knees and can’t get out of bed. I’m stuck. What can I do? Can’t even go to the doctors. Help. Thanks

  • Thank you you help me out l have difficult with my low back and legs and with my feet. You made have change my mind by using your voido more often.

  • First day doing this and I feel SO GOOD. Time to lose that 10 lbs of sourdough bread from this spring/summer am I right? Can I just say that your videos kicked off my journey last year and I went on to lose 55lbs. I managed to maintain my weight for months and just started to lose again when the pandemic happened and then I sunk into depression. I’m still feeling low but I’m trying to fight back, and i am so happy i did this today. Thank you! ❤