Walking May be the Answer to Better Mental Health insurance and Creativeness


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Regular walking can also increase the size of the part of the brain responsible for memory loss, which tends to decrease as we get older. And while the research is still limited, walking could also be helpful in alleviating symptoms of depression, according to studies. Further, the team investigated whether walking could temporarily improve free-flowing thought. Of the students tested for creativity while walking, 100% came up with more creative ideas in one experiment, while 95%, 88% and 81% of the walker groups in the other experiments had more creative responses compared with when they were sitting. Other studies confirm that walking is also a creativity booster.

This is precisely the kind of mental state that studies have linked to innovative ideas and strokes of. Walking promotes creativity A 2014 study conducted by Stanford University proved that while walking and for some time after exercise subjects were more creative (as measured using standardised creativity tests). So, what’s going on?It’s a common, if not always super welcome, piece of advice: that exercise is pretty good for your mental health. Studies consistently confirm the link between even small amounts of physical.

Walking can help take away that feeling of anxiety. Pound the pavement or visit your nearest hiking trail for a good dose of mental relief. Relieves Depression. Walking releases endorphins,the chemicals in your brain that create feelings of euphoria and happiness.

These can improve your general mood and have a positive effect on depression. Improves Self. In fact, according to some estimates, walking regularly could save Americans over $100 billion a year in health care costs. Even a quick one-minute jaunt pays off. A University of Utah study in 2014 found that for every minute of brisk walking that women did throughout the day, they lowered their risk of obesity by 5%.

Researchers found participants did better while walking, particularly while walking outdoors. The researchers concluded that walking opens up a free flow of ideas and is a simple way to increase. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of vigorous walking each day can provide major mental health benefits.

If you feel your heart beating quickly and you are breathing heavier than usual, you are walking at a good pace. Keep it up for 30 minutes each day and you will see positive results, like: Easing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Their study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, showed that people did better while walking than sitting.

The researchers measured creativity with.

List of related literature:

Finally, walking can have psychological benefits as well, helping to reduce anxiety and depression.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
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Walking should be a lifelong program to promote wellness and joy in living.

“Caring for Older Adults Holistically” by Tamara R Dahlkemper
from Caring for Older Adults Holistically
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But walking is this really fundamental activity that we have used—not only for getting places—but for thinking about things.

“Handmade Pixels: Independent Video Games and the Quest for Authenticity” by Jesper Juul
from Handmade Pixels: Independent Video Games and the Quest for Authenticity
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But a walking regimen designed to improve the quality of gait takes more physical and mental effort than leisure walking.

“Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery” by Peter G Levine
from Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery
by Peter G Levine
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Walking is now recommended as a primary treatment for people with depression for this very reason.

“Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work” by Art Brownstein
from Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work
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Walking is probably the single most beneficial form of human movement, and it is a wonderful expression of rhythm.

“Constructive Psychotherapy: A Practical Guide” by Michael J. Mahoney
from Constructive Psychotherapy: A Practical Guide
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Walking is good for thinking, as are other repetitive activities.

“The Rosie Effect: A Novel” by Graeme Simsion
from The Rosie Effect: A Novel
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Walking is also an ideal mode for both health and sustainability.

“Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives” by Jarrett Walker
from Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives
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This in turn should help to determine the extent to which walking has a positive impact on both physical and mental health.

“Forests, Trees and Human Health” by Kjell Nilsson, Marcus Sangster, Christos Gallis, Terry Hartig, Sjerp de Vries, Klaus Seeland, Jasper Schipperijn
from Forests, Trees and Human Health
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Walking takes many forms, it is responsive to the structure of the external environment, it can be consciously controlled, and it is innately programmed.

“Human Motor Control” by David A. Rosenbaum
from Human Motor Control
by David A. Rosenbaum
Elsevier Science, 2009

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  • If any one going trough stress or depression thz is for u….dm @anonymous.with.u.on insta!.and share evry thing u going trough etc…thz is only to help ppl who need help…thnk u

  • I watched this because I wanted to find out about the difference in creativity gained by walking outside vs walking indoors. Didn’t happen.

  • what movie? wanna watch it. sorry but you speak too fast and hit the replay button for 5x still cant get the movie title correctly. Anyone knows? Pls. Thanks. I love your videos btw and your nice smile. A smile that can calm my anxiety. ��

  • I dont think its so much walking as it is the lack of distractions to keep you from thinking. For example at fed ex I sit in a trailer all day moving back and forth to load packeges and get some creative ideas while im ALONE and I can do the same while im at home passing out on my futon thinking about life. yet if I try this while im on my computer or talking to someone then I get ziltch:(

  • I can’t even talk to anyone in my family about my mental health coz they are gonna think that I just am copying the actor did suicide of depression…….I know you didn’t want to know but I had to say it

  • Nietzche said that “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” He was pretty wild though, so maybe not walk so much if you’re job is a philosopher.

  • this is so pathetic, fuking studies are for dummies. just look up elliot hulse strengthcamp. youll learn all you need to know about the body and mind (not brain, your body IS your brain)

  • The creative process is just effort. You try to think a solution long enough, you’ll come up with something. A walk is just to cool off, it won’t make you creative.

  • These experiments can’t be valid, as they are done with different people. Everyone is different and some people are just more creative than others in general.

  • I have depression it has ruined relationships and almost 2 years ago i met my boyfriend who is trying to help since day 1 and I thought I tried to get better but I guess i didn’t I don’t want to lose him and I don’t want to ruin our relationship so I have to get better he can’t continue to waste his time on me like that he deserves better so I will be better

  • yes.! walk with comfortable pace and just communicate with yourself for any concept is best way to continuous modification of your idea..# it’s really work…����

  • It’s funny but I do that when I am stuck, I get up, walk around campus and ideas just come to me. I often take my laptop on these walk so I just stop anywhere and write

  • I have been writing poems to my girlfriend, posting them to the blog she had read cover to cover long before she was my girlfriend, i am up past 400 poems, some I feel were easy and great, others i know I struggled to get out of downer day to keep t he poems on a more positive note. She says they are all great, but I know some helped her more than others. But I did not usually get up to walk to create them. But walking does make the creative juices flow for people, I am old enough that when I got creative on a walk, I dn’t have cells to record into, had to remember the feelings and dredge the lines up later. Thank God for portable recording devices aka cell phones.

  • Anyone else not got the motivation to make themselves better. I want to stop having anxiety but doing something about it seems so daunting

  • This is true, when I have a problem I just go for a walk and thinking about it, and if I couldn’t solve it I feel good at least

  • a bit sad that we live in a time where we need people to tell us to just go for a walk. but i will also get up now, stop video editing, and get some fresh air. ��

  • Its an all to commonm theme on Dnews that they tell you some thing with no real sicentific answer to back it up. and going by most peoples comments they will believe anything someone tells them without question

  • Basically what I’d do when working on a poem, song, essay, paper, etc. I just step away, take a walk outside and boom! Always helped, now I know why! Thanks!

  • Every morning I walk about 5.1 miles to school. Instead of easily taking the bus at 6:40, I get up early to walk at around 5:20. Best part of my day.

  • this is amazing. thanks for making this… and what do u think about taking one hour a day to learn a skill from your bucket list and make it in to a weekly video… something like Mike Boyd’s channel or 52skillz i think it would fit with this channel.i think it would be inspirational in terms of living your dream life.

  • Regularly at work when I face new unknown issue I just leave it there and walk for about 5-10 min and always suprise my self how i can solve it quickly

  • I think about alot of stuff when walking or doing some other exercise sometimes so probably a lot of ppl could’ve figured this out on their own lol

  • Reinforcement of old wisdom, really no surprises here. My thoughts on why this occurs that is not explained in the video, blood flow increases to the brain during exercise. The blood flow is nonspecific in where it goes, facilitating connections between random areas of the brain. If you need to think on something specific, most people would naturally take a seat. This allows for blood flow to concentrate in specific areas of the brain that are triggered by those thoughts.

    Humans have never done as much sitting as they do in this technological era, for health and growth. Walking can be an answer that improves many aspects of our lives.

  • Mental Health is the most important thing for everyone in today’s life. If you are not mentally fit then you will not feel happy in life. Mental fitness is defined as the state of well being, the sense of positivity, how we act, feel, and think. 

  • Какое-то это мракобесие в личине популярной науки. Уже похоже на секту, этот TED, с богослужениями, униформой проповедников и каноническими способами репрезентации идей.

  • Is it just me or has the TEDtalks recently become more and more pseudo-intellectual. Want to be creative take a walk? Really? Where is the good stuff?!

  • Wow. This explains a lot about why it always feels right to me to pace or walk when I have a problem in my life that I’m trying to work out. Sometimes I even speak out loud what I’m trying to reason out, but I never thought of this as a method of being more creative. I’ll certainly be trying it now. Very cool. Thank you!

  • I always knew this. As a hobby writer, I have probably spent hours pacing. Whenever I have an idea, I will walk, rollerblade, or go to the backyard and dribble a basketball for hours. It works wonders! I have rollerbladed on the cement pad in front of our house for so many hours that I had to get new wheels for my roller blades because they were so worn out. You could distinctly tell which way I had been going. This isn’t a big pad. It only parks three cars. However, it gets blood flowing and definitely boosts creativity.

  • This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about “there natural cure for depression” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework (do a google search )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

  • Mental health is really decreasing with everyone right now. My phones broken. Ive got no one to talk to other than my family who don’t really get me. I’m really struggling and I know a lot of others are. Stay safe. ❤️️

  • if you dont want to watch:::

    1:listen to depressing music
    2:take a break from social media
    3:gratitude journal
    4:relabel and refocus
    5:do for others
    6:go to therapy

    get better soon xoxooxoxoxoxoxo

  • I used walk and have ideas all the time but the problem I found back when I was in school is that I would end up walking into the wrong class or not know where I was going it could be hazardous 😉 dream walking isn’t a good idea from that point but I still pase around the room some when creating sometimes like a little hamster in cage

  • Omg! I used to get all my best ideas when I was walking! Sadly this doesn’t work for me anymore, but still nice to know that I wasn’t alone. Thanks science!:D 

  • Now I’m forced to ‘imagine’ all of the commentors walking impatiently, and using this method to come up with a decent response to other commentors… The  circle of life folks:P 

  • Although I myself never went to a psychiatrist, because I’m convinced that my mental health is rather good, I agree with you that more people should go to therapy.

    Therapy is not just for crazy people. It’s often the case that people with “mental illness” are just acting weird, because they have some problems that everybody has, and they dealt with it badly.

    We have to break the taboo of going to psychotherapy. It can be so benificial to people. (And I feel like I can say this because I study applied psychology myself)

  • I’ve suffered from sumat since 1991 age 13 it all started from my brain/mind in 1991 back then being a kid I didn’t understand what it was the illness started from my brain/mind and felt real in my body I still suffer now in 2020 and the last 2 yrs has destroyed me totally

  • I really wanted to see a therapist but I couldn’t.. they’re so expensive, and I can’t find someone to lend me money. Do you think I can overcome all this alone?

  • Sometimes you have to be at the worst time of your life to be at your best, there’s no time for “creativity” or seeking motivation, you must say no to everything else and do that subject every day.

  • Peak Your mind, I love your channel so much and I have been a long time fan P.S. I just posted a new video about a similar topic on my channel if anyone is looking for additional tips-just click my icon to take you to my channel (:

  • What if the country I’m living in has an environment that limits me from walking? (Saudi Arabia: Dusty weather, Poor infrastructure, no parks and crazy drivers ) welp ��

  • We take care of our physical health a lot, as we think that’s what people are going to judge us for, but actually our mental health is what reveals a lot about ourselves. If our mental health is right we treat others nicely, maintain our calm, not react but respond.

  • While listening on her talk, the way she convey her message to the audience was very astounding and she relays it clearly. Her verbal communication to the audience was very effective because the audience shows connection that they are listening to the speaker. Her nonverbal communication was also effective because the audience understands her point and in that, it avoids having misunderstanding and miscommunication. #Principlesofcommunication

  • I need help! I’m under constant surveillance and harassed through cyber-psyops. I believe this is domestic, and I’d appreciate any information or help on my situation.

  • I discovered this “walking” technique many years ago but I never find a time to search about it to see it is a fact or just works on me. So its official now that it is a fact.:D

  • Taking a break from social media is the best. I live in Lebanon, after the explosion the media and live coverage are really putting me down. Just today a 15 years old guy died from his injuries. I just can’t take it anymore i just want this to come to an end. Every time i feel better it gets worse.

  • Ive been dealing w/ depression for years but after that i gain anxiety which is much worst, I rather have depression than anxiety. I hate anxiety so much, my stomach hurts and my body feels weak. ����‍♀️

  • Excellent video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you tried Lammywalness Erase Depression Guide (should be on google have a look)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for beating depression fast minus the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my GF at last got great results with it.

  • My technique is to stay busy and don’t listen or don’t pay heed to negative discussions and talks. And tries to stay calm when about to get angry and distracts myself to positive things.

  • my algorithm is so backwards, i really wish your video was here 3 months ago at my peak of my turmoil. i’m no where near to being healed, so maybe my algorithm is actually on point, no clue, lol!
    nonetheless, i think i’m proud of myself that it didn’t take anymore than 4 months, collectively, to come across this video. appreciate u!!1!!

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  • Hey man, I’m from the UK and currently, I just finished watching this at 04:26am not understanding life??

    I searched ‘how to help your mental health’

    A few videos came up and I watched one, called 5 do’s and don’ts for dealing with others Mental illness by Psych2go

    It was a good watch, I put myself if the shoes of a man trying to help himself?
    Desperately looking to remind him self

    Of his life before mental illness??

    the man loves a woman with all his heart, he has made mistakes in the past but he’s here now and isn’t going anywhere and would do anything for the woman, so much he’s so scared

    The man doesn’t understand life
    The man doesn’t understand himself

    It’s now 04:44am, this comment is my thoughts right now as and when they came into my head

    awesome video mate, I’ve liked and subscribed

  • I agree that we should try to walk for us to be innovative. Because maybe even through physical activities it also enhances our brains.

  • Absolutely correct! Walking makes me refresh my thoughts and ideas, and i get to stop many times while walking to quickly jot down my thoughts. Will get a recorder going forward. Thanks Marily

  • This is actually pretty true for me. If I’m trying to picture an image or scene in my mind, whether it be for an artsy idea or for a story, I always end up pacing around the room or around my house. It always helps to get up and move a little.

  • Walking when I’m in a rut of ANY KIND has always been my thing. I do it every day, quite literally. I even do this when making a difficult but necessary phone call.  

  • 1. Listen to Sad Music
    2. Social Media Distancing
    3. Gratitude Journal
    4. Relabel Thoughts + Refocus Behavior
    5. Do for OTHERS
    You’re welcome
    I have no friends

  • Anyone going through it, believe me you’re not alone. Don’t lose hope.
    This poem talks nicely about it, if anyone wants to see; https://youtu.be/ZZLRUltU8oo

  • Thank you so much. I just found your channel. I’m curious, what made you start your channel? 😉 Also, I’m not gonna shun those “unhappy” songs anymore if I’m sad. <3

  • I’m going through the loss of a close family member and I’m so lost ����‍♀️ but mental health is soo important to me! BTW I quit fb a month ago I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

  • I think we were just told to go and take a hike. Some people are more creative and find inspiration by remaining perfectly still and consuming substances. To each their own. Cheers.

  • My depression got worse because of my insecurity of my own skin. Here in Asia, people are pressured to be lighter than they actually are, whether its family, friends, social media or just society in general, that’s just how it is in Asia. Not gonna lie, I hate Asians, even myself for being one.

    I was bullied for being dark for like a year every single day in school. Even until now they will sometimes talk about my skin colour. Some more I’m not even that dark to be honest, I just have a very dark tan, I’m not born dark at all. Asians are stupid, in western parts of the world, people crave tan skin right? Idk why, but I really feel extremely ugly to have my skin tone. Is my skin really beautiful to your eyes? I have a orange brown skin, but I would say it’s more to brown. To be honest, I tried to lighten my skin because of being bullied. Actually I did, and it didn’t really work, maybe I got a few shades lighter, but I didn’t really notice any difference.

    Spread some love if you think I should appreciate my skin tone and not lighten my skin. Or you can just like this comment.

  • Our ancestors walked and ran so they could  hunt for game,so they had to be creative
    When you got home you needed to know how much of the food you got to divide with your family.
    You would of been sitting and relaxing when doing that.     

  • My family says I walk around too much, but most of my great creative ideas come to me while walking in circles. It seems I’m not some freak isolated case.

  • I’ve been suffering with anxiety and depression for so long, and some of the tips your listing my friends told me not to do cuz they would make my depression worse, but I know deep down inside… That it’s good to express how I feel through sad music, reading a book, watching a movie or something…

  • I know I need to talk to a professional but I’m curious what kind and what you would call what I do. Someone said its OCD but anyways when ever I’m around people in public or even with family and friends it’s like I cant stop thinking they other people are saying bad things about me or making fun of me. Also if I’m in a store and it starts to get busy with people every were I feel like I have having a panic attack and a overlord from all the people thinking things of me. What would you call this? What type of help should I go see?

  • Well, this jibe’s with my personal experience. Whenever I’m trying to think through some creative line of thinking, I pace like crazy. Also, if I go for a walk and listen to a podcast, I often end up pausing it and spend most of the walk with my mind going on it’s own walk before I realize that I hardly listened to anything.

  • Nice tips, Thanks! And… I am GRATEFUL! ALWAYS! I AM HAPPY!!! However… I keep on crying… for HAPPINESS!:) Why? Is this good???

  • I like how your list includes stuff that comes from different aspects of life: journaling and doing for others have a highly spiritual aspect to them, yet there is strong evidence that shows us how important these things are to our wellbeing and health! Taking a break from social media is really something everyone “affords” to do (sadly, in contrast to going to therapy )����. As a psychologist and fellow creator on YouTube I want to say thanks for the list and I hope others found it as informative and helpful as I did! kudos!

  • I’ve put my mental health on hold for 3 years and it had gotten bad, well about a month ago I decided to make a change in my life and started working out, eating better only taking in positive vibes and attitudes and I have to say this is the best I’ve felt in so damn long. Thanks for the video ����

  • My anxiety and depression is terrible. For the last while, I’ve been focusing on each breath I take every second of every day, it affected my walking too and my mind is all over the place to the point where I’m going to panic and lose control. Anything I do to keep me busy doesn’t work because my mind is fixated on this issue, causes me alot of stress and lightheadedness.

  • Hey, thanks for this video. All of these tips are great. There is one thing that most people don’t really know about yet, as the science is new. If you have proper supplementation, geared toward mental wellness, it can make a huge difference. For me, I really struggled to overcome some of the behaviors that came with my anxiety and irritability. I felt like I just couldn’t do what I needed to do in order to get better. Once I added these new supplements, it cleared out all of the static in my head so that I could see more clearly and actually make progress. I would love to talk to anyone about this. It has literally changed my life.

  • BEING HEALTHY AND EXERCISING IMPROVES EVERYTHING. There!!! you can stop all this “groundbreaking” studies about the benefits of movement and focus on something else!!!!

  • There’s nothing really wrong with my life but I just had a rant with myself about social media and I’m gonna try to to fix my sleep schedule and limit my use of Instagram per day to 30 minutes.

  • This is somethings You’re Doing That Are Hurting Your Mental Health:


  • Walking is considered to be movement meditation, and for me, meditation is 1 of the best ways to activate a creative mindset. Meditation, depending on which type, can often involve stretching, breathing exercises (diaphragmatic breathing, the same as a singer). Sometimes it’ll involve the visualization of various things, or mantras, and prayers. It is believed by some, that the “Our Father,” (The Lord’s Prayer) is a meditation that activates the 7 Major Chakra points. 1 of the meditations that I do, involve all of these things, so I’ll try to use the time afterwards, to compose music. Of course as a songwriter, for me,  listening to a new album of a band that I like, or hearing a new band that I like, can also inspire me. It’s the same with books, movies, poetry, or mother nature. Sometimes gazing out into the vastness of the ocean, or nights sky, can be just as inspiring. Like the recent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.   

  • “You can read and walk at the same time” Yeah! Don’t mind that green light that just popped out!

    (Audio books doesn’t count as “reading”, yet you still learn from it).

  • Lol, I don’t know if my body was aware of that subconsciously, but whenever I had to figure out a new/better approach in my software code, I would just get up from my computer and walk around the house while thinking.

  • God dammit. When I had a nice idea when walking I always thought “fuck why now? I’m going to forget it later”. I suppose I’ll be carrying a pencil and a notebook from now on.

  • I’m watching this video in August 2020. I realized that this channel doesn’t make anymore videos, and that the social media links and websites don’t work. Can someone tell me what happened? And where he is

  • Listening to sad music, so basically… listen to your emotions, and don’t put them away makes you less likely to be depressed. I’m sorry but duhhh…