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5 Minute Belly Fat Burner Walk At Home!

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The fat burning zone

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10 Minute CARDIO BLAST | At Home Workouts

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Walking is low-impact cardio that can aid in weight loss and improve body composition. Specifically, walking in the fat-burning zone can help target visceral fat (referred to as the most dangerous kind), which typically accumulates around the waistline. Here, three steps to help you shed belly weight.

Walking is low-impact cardio that can aid in weight loss and improve body composition. Specifically, walking in the fat-burning zone can help target visceral fat (referred to as the most dangerous kind), which typically accumulates around the waistline. Here, three steps to help you shed belly weight.

HOW IT WORKS. Your walking time gradually increases each week to build up to the proven, belly busting total of 150–210 minutes of walking per week. The main point is to make it work for you.

If you’re already a regular walker, feel free to add additional time to your walk — or extra days if. High-intensity workouts like the ones in this section can shrink five times more belly fat than moderate-intensity workouts. To zero in on shaping your abs, use these tips during any walk: Focus. The “fat burning zone” is around 60-70% of your maximum heart rate, which is the zone your body burns the highest percentage of fat.

Surprisingly, the fat burning zone is not necessarily ideal to torch stubborn fat or lose weight!The reason is simple – at higher intensity you’ll burn more calories per hour, even if the percentage of fat burned is slightly less. The ‘fat burn zone’ refers to a time during exercise when you’re working at a low-to-moderate intensity, or an intensity that’s roughly 50 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate (the number of times your heart beats per minute when it’s working at its maximum capacity). Shutterstock.

Zero Belly Diet panelist Martha Chesler did just this as part of her Zero Belly program, and the results were astonishing. “I saw changes immediately,” she reports. In less than six weeks on the program, Martha dropped over 20 pounds and an astonishing 7 inches from her middle by combining the Zero Belly Foods with a pre-breakfast walk. The first step to blasting belly fat is to rev your metabolism.

Ignite your body’s fat-burning engines by eating hot pepper jelly. This condiment is packed with capsaicin, a chemical that puts the kick in peppers and speeds metabolism up to 20% for 30 minutes after you eat it. How to walk and burn belly fat I recommend a 45-minute walk because this gives you enough time to get to that stored up body fat.

Use the first ten minutes or so to work up to your fat burning heart rate. This will allow your body to burn through sugar energy and get ready to burn fat, and that’s the good stuff. Once I’ve read through the news and am ready to start my day, I head out for a walk or jog in the park.

Depending on the weather, sometimes I enjoy a workout from home. Morning workouts are the best way to clear your mind, set your focus, and burn fat all day long! This 20-minute morning fat-blast workout will get the job done.

List of related literature:

Anaerobic exercise, instead, is the best type of exercise for real fat burning because it fools our bodies into an adrenaline response, which will get more “emergency” energy circulating and draw fat out of storage.

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That’s not to say that there is no such thing as a fat burning zone.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
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At the beginning, this imbalance is beneficial for fat loss, as the body taps into fat stores for fuel.

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Sticking with the fat burn zone is fine if you’re just getting started on the road to fitness, but the problem with the fat burn zone is that it doesn’t burn all that much fat (or expend all that many calories) because the level of intensity is on the low side.

“Fitbit For Dummies” by Paul McFedries
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You may also encounter advocacy for the use of exercise at low intensities that maximize fat oxidation, or the so-called fat burning zone, as the best means by which optimal fat oxidation, fat loss, and weight loss can be achieved.

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By controlling your heart rate and staying in the right Moving Zones during cardio-type exercises, you will burn fat more efficiently, reduce dehydration, hurtless, and enjoy more.

“Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living” by Ben Lerner
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The mechanisms underlying the interval sprinting–induced belly fat loss include increased exercise and postexercise fat burning, increased muscle mass, decreased appetite after exercise, and reduced postprandial lipemia, which is when triglyceride levels in blood rise after eating.

“Belly Fat Breakthrough: Understand What It Is and Lose It Fast” by Dr. Stephen Boutcher
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Your warm-up will accomplish at least two things: 1) You will be gradually mobilizing the fatty acids stored throughout your body to your bloodstream so that you can use your fat instead of your vital blood sugar.

“Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial” by Tony Robbins
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Fat Blast walks are steadily paced walks guaranteed to burn off belly fat.

“Flat Belly Diet!” by Liz Vaccariello, Cynthia Sass, David L. Katz
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When you continue to exercise at a low to moderate intensity, aerobic metabolism predominates, and fatty acids become the primary fuel source for your exercising muscles (see What a Scientist Sees: The Fat-Burning Zone).

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
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  • I love her work outs I am 4 months postpartum and had a c-section so can’t do much so I been doing this at home and its been helping me get me back to my routine of walking and doing some low impact cardio

  • lost fourty pounds doing these videos i walk on my treadmill then i do these in the afternoon on a rainy day and watching what i eat too thank you leslie for your support

  • May Challenge Day 25: Oh man my arms are dying, but alltogether it was a nice workout, esoecially because it was so short and not as exhausting as some other ones.

  • excuse me I said it incorrectly…its 30 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. but you only can calculate that by using your resting heart rate. you need your resting heart rate to gave a maximum heart rate…when you run for 3 weeks your resting heart rate will drop. and the more cardio you keep on doing your resting heart rate will keep on dropping. so it’s a constant use of the karvona formula.

  • I’ve stumbled on your site by chance and during this iso time you have changed my life. i love exercise and going to the gym but in these times not possible. so thank you Lucy i’m spreading the word, love the longer workouts:) much love from Melbourne Australia

  • Lucy Love the longer workout. That is what I am looking for. I would like to suggest that you consider a 45 minutes work out with warm up before and then after, making this a full hour. If you don’t have something like this could you suggest a couple of workouts that don’t duplicate activities. Thank you so much truly enjoying getting my morning going with YOU!!!!

  • Hi Leslie, Thank you! We are a group of friends doing these classes during our quarantine since March, in Argentina. We love them all. We are waiting for Michael to do the class, we are his fan club!

  • You look beautiful…your body physic is wonderful….can’t stop you seeing…wish to your new videos….thanks for helping us to loose weight….god bless you

  • I just started doing your workouts and I love the variety. I have been doing the series one 7 minute and added the walking ones. I have already lost an inch around the belly and 2 inches around the waist. Thanks so much!

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search. On there you will discover a great tips about how you can lost crazy amounts of fat. Why don’t you give it a chance? maybe it will work for you too.

  • By looking at the video it recommends high intensity interval training but what if a individual is obese or seriously overweight then what if he can’t do high intensity interval training because they are too physically unfit, may have a heart condition or have joint problems.

  • Im on my period and I have now completed your fat burning exercise. Typing now whilst drinking my fav fruit smoothie. Thanks Lucy. Please wish me luck. I have been struggling with my weigh loss for so long. No motivation.

  • Hey! I just stumbled on this video by a happy accident and i love it!
    I do want to know how many calories this particular video burns because I have this tracking app I am using to keep myself motivated to burn more. If you can update this info on other videos as well then it will be helpful for those who track them.
    I liked this and the 1 mile and 30 mins walk.:)

  • Dear Lucy, you’re amazing and inspirational. I’m so glad that I read about you and started trying out many of your videos with a good friend of mine. They all work and the variety of your videos and the lengths them provided busy people a choice and they are likely to stick with a fitness routine. So I thank you. Well done. X

  • Second time this week I have completed this exercise I found it on Monday and thought, ” Why not”! I plan to do it again on Friday Thank you, Lucy, for the upload.

    P.S. Just completed my 3rd session this week and I so glad it’s over and that I’m investing in my health and fitness this way. Do keep the stopwatch, it helps me stay focused and to persevere!

  • love your workouts Lucy thank you for the tips and motivation <3 You are are an amazing trainer. Its been a week since I started your workouts and feeling so good mentally and physically. <3 <3 <3

  • It would be a shame for you not to melt fat when these other people are able to burn fat  easily with Fat Blast Furnace (check it out on Google).

  • Have been doing 3 of your videos for a week. I measured arms, thighs, hips tummy and bust and overall I have lost 10 inches and 3lbs in weight. I am continuing for 1 more week then I will choose some of your other routines. Thank you.

  • Hi Ms Leslie
    I’m enjoying walking at home everyday watching your videos. Really grateful to you. It is helping me a lot during this pandemic situation as we are not allowed to go for walking outside. Thank you once again

  • Starting this program today…. I am 60kg now… Want to become 52. Let’s see where it goes…. I love to keeping update my status every week…

  • Hi Lucy could you design a short workout for a standing crunch targeting the upper ab area also for the area with back fat and the arm fat close to the shoulder joint thanks

  • This felt great today! Could still feel my glutes from yesterday’s superset sculpt! Now I’m feeling my shoulders from the sprinkler moves!

  • Tried this longer workout today, fantastic ������, working out all key muscles, liked the length of workout and the stretch at the end ����I’m melting in sweat, doesn’t help it’s 30 degrees outside!! Thanks, Lucy ����������

  • My name is Teresa, I always worked out and kept my wait down but during the the pandemic I stopped working out. After a two weeks. I found your workouts on YouTube and since then I lost 2 inches off my waist and I can’t wait till the morning to do this work out thank you so much for doing it!

  • Hi @lucywyndhamread I have messaged you a couple times on Instagram but have not had a reply, would you be able to reply please so I can have some answers to the questions I have asked you, thankyou ��

  • This one got me sweaty and burning. Did 20 minutes yoga first and a 10 minute glute pilates workout followed by this one and whooo boy did that feel amazing. Thank you so much for these videos!

  • Effective ab workout!! Ouch!!! I’m feeling this today combined with your five minute abs. Why does it feel like the abs are on fire?

  • This is great just what I needed. Hopefully will melt some of the Easter Egg extra weight off! Need video for mainly metabolism and toning. 9st 10 and 5’ 7 ❤️��❤️��❤️�� Thanks a million for these exercises

  • Thank you so much, Lucy. I appreciate so much your workouts, the setup and your guidance. I was so discouraged because I could not find good workouts I can come back to, they are so distracting and have no structure. I can see how you care for people and for them to really get the results and that’s what makes you a great and gifted trainer. Thank you so much and wishing you many years of fitness success.

  • I loveee this workout. I did the intermediate version and it feels amazing, It’s not intimidating and just the right dosage for me. Thank you Lucy. Love & light all the way from Singapore. ������

  • This is a very good workout. Yes, great for the abs but it is a very good arm workout as well. My goodness do I still feel my arms after ‘the sprinkler? I can understand why ballerinas have beautiful strong, slim arms. Fabulous to see Peanut in good form and what a bonus a beautiful blonde lab to keep us motivated and on top form.

  • I’ve been doing this workout for 7 days in a row and I’m feeling great love how she keeps motivating and I’ll do this workout for a month and update my progress
    I truly believe it’s gonna be great✌️��❤️

  • losts of tips my husband suggest your work out nor regrets I love the spontaneousness! in my 3 day 7 min, walk 30, and 7min burn calorie my best this LUCY

  • Another brilliant workout from Lucy. I love the stop watch, rather than a 30 minute timer. I am really noticing a difference in my body from doing Lucy’s workouts.

  • Been doing your 7 mins abs workout for the past 2 weeks and adding on thigh reducing exercises along the way. I have lost over 2 inches and my metabolism is amazing…went from doing a poo 3 to 4 times a week to twice a day(sorry TMI, but I’m so happy about all this). Was happy to see this video today and just finished it.

  • This is an excellent routine I am so happy I found it this morning. It feels gentle but it is actually quite sneaky. Those sprinkler moves for example. It is Day 26 on the @FebruaryFusion Challenge 2019 and I have swapped this in for one of the recommended routines today. I am so happy that I did. I feel worked in a really good way.

  • Jessica you are my favorite trainer ever! I swear. My body responds really well to your workouts.
    They are safe, i always feel empowered, my back feels stronger.

  • How many calories does this workout burn in walking mode? Your workouts especially help when it is tooo windy to workout outdoors! Thanks

  • #Lucylockdown workouts are keeping me sane right now. Thank you for organising them into playlists which are easy to work out for as short as long as time prevails.

  • I am so glad I found this video I am stuck in India causes the shutdown thank you so much I can keep fit keep up the good work god bless you

  • Totally forgot about this gem�� I must have blocked those sprinklers out of my mind ��
    But I’m proud to say that for the first time I made it all the way through������������ Granted I think my arms are going to fall off but I did it������
    Nothing like seeing improvement! Thank you��

  • great workout, but you did in fact forget 1 move on one side. in longe position when the top hand goes in circle, then the top hand threads between lower hand and the leg. It is only done on one side:) 

  • What do you think of lost a lot of fat using Fenoboci Diet Plan? I notice lots of people keep on talking about Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  • Ben de yapıyorum bir süredir çok etkili gerçekten genelde yarım saatlik olanı arada 10 dk.lık 20 dk lık olanı yapıyorum.teşekkürler ��

  • loved this had a really bad cold for weeks and have missed cardio this was gentle enough to get me going again but not over the top. Are these good exercise after hysterectomy as well I am 10 weeks post op can you recommend more of your exercise to help my belly and ab get back to shape x

  • Great workout!! Nice combination! I’ve been working out throughout quarantine…it’s a habit now with noticeable results!  Thank you Lucy for all you do to help us stay fit and strong, God Bless

  • Yes, feeling it in the shoulders! Ouch! But got through it all, and feel great. Definitely got the abs warm too! Thanks Jessica! Looking forward to starting the #SummerofStrength Challenge!:)

  • Januar 14, 2016. 245 pounds. 5’7″. Sedentary life. Jessica rocks!! Beginers arms and legs engage. DON’T GIVE UP!!! Sweating bullets…

  • Hello jessica! Just completed this workout today followed by 7 minute standing abs & tank top arms! Those shoulders were burning on FIRE!! Feels great really love upper body moves along with the standing abs good combo can’t wait to see what’s in store for summer I’ve never done any of your summer challenges & I’m excited for it THANK YOU!

  • I love this one. Sometimes I find myself practicing some of the moves while I’m doing other things like filling the dogs’ bowls with food…I pitch forward and reach my hands down and try to hold it. I’m sure the dogs think I’m weird, but I’m sure it won’t be the last time they have such a thought.:) Thank you, Jessica!

  • Who’s that Peanut’s friend? A guest? What’s his/her name? Sorry I love animals and I wanna know all their names… Even though I know every dog by their names in my neighborhood ��

  • Great workout thank you so much. I noticed that you missed one exercise, you did it on the left leg and not on the right. I did it myself but I just wanted to tell other people so they do not forget it:)

  • Great workout thank you so much. I noticed that you missed one exercise, you did it on the left leg and not on the right. I did it myself but I just wanted to tell other people so they do not forget it:)

  • You are absolutely amazing!!! I love your videos and love your site. I am doing all the exercises for each day. Today is Friday and I just completed all 4, even the childrens one, and I feel energized and great!!! Thank you so much Lucy. I am so glad I found your site. I’m sharing it with some friends. I am 67 years young!!!

  • Love the stretch I felt while doing this video! I did the kickboxing circuit workout before this one and it was a nice stretch/follow-up workout! I love the pitching forward movements! Such a good balance challenge!

  • Today I managed to keep my arms up all the way for the first time during the sprinklers. So I went to pinch myself to check whether I wasn’t simply dreaming, then I realized, it’s not so easy finding some flab to pinch on me now. Am flabbergasted by how effective it is to follow along with you and Peanut, Jessica.

  • I loved this one:) Jessica it’s really helpful to me when you help with the breathing technique. Can you please do that more often? Thank you so much:)

  • It’s so good to be back. Thanks Jessica. You are still my best workout coach, I have learned so much from you. I felt every muscle working for me. Had node how everything had tightened up during my absence of full body workouts. Walking along does not do it. I may be 67, but young hearted enough to exercise like a young chick. Elly

  • Did this today too, because I am mixing up your DVDS. I also, loved this! The fusion of moves, from standing yoga, stretching and even some barre type movements was fantastic. Plus, working extensively the arms. It really helped to stretch my sore muscles. I love how you always mix up the exercises, and fuse together different types of fitness for a fun workout. This is just one example of an excellent fusion of different forms of exercise. With that you can never get bored and are always challenged. Thanks again Jessica!

  • Haven’t done this routine for a while. Whenever I need to get moving again after a vacation or other down times. I go to Jessicasmithtv. I will feel this one tomorrow for sure. Feeling good!!!!!

  • Loved this workout. I’ve been working out for years and most of these moves were new to me. I loved the standing abs work as I felt stronger yet taller rather than crunched up. I also found myself smiling a lot during the workout it was fun! Thanks Jessica:-)

  • I like this workout!! but the last part with the arms was so hard, I cheated a little bit:( Is there a workout you recommend me to have stronger arms? Thanks a lot Jessica!!

  • This was amazing!!! I was a little balance challenged, but am happy I will be repeating this in the next few weeks so hopefully that will improve. Abs feel great, shoulders feel very worked! Thank you Jessica!

  • This is too hard for me(my hands can’t cooperate with my legs lol)
    Is there any other workout can replace this?
    I’m doing the apple shape workout

  • This is my go to workout for lazy days. It takes us slowly into the groove,but makes us work too!
    At 10:45 we have to do loopy loop,which is missing. I usually rewind back to 8:00 and play that part to finish equally on both sides. Love it ����

  • Estou encantada com suas aulas, tenho 49 anos à 6 anos parei de exercitar por depressão e agora consegui forças pra viver e te encontrei no YouTube fiquei encantada com sua aaula e com os exercícios, estou amando e fazendo todos os dias de manhã. Obrigado

  • Omg first time doing the longer one been doing the 7 min. I loved this so easy plus im sweaty!! But didn’t feel hard. Loved you didn’t know how much you’d done. Thank you �������� xxx

  • hi jessica you are great
    you forgot one exercise on the right side on the 11th minute the one with the hand getting between the right arm and the thigh

  • What happened to doing the arm in and out on the right side? You missed a move, Jessica, for when extend your arm up and through your other arm and over your leg. Not really sure how to explain it, but you probably get what I mean. 

  • No one else noticed that she skipped the arm threading exercise on the second side?  8:14 she starts it on the first side; 10:40 she goes right from arm circles to sliding down the leg. 

  • Great workout. Will this help get rid of midriff roll. I wasn’t sure if this excerise program helps or need to do another excerise

  • week 2 day 2 completed Tuesday, 2/18/14 (after 4 week challenge).  Really nice abs workout.  feeling really relaxed from it. Thanks Jessica. 

  • Enjoyed this one as well, loved the 30min workout! No complaints or suggestions. I have shared with my 2 friends!!! Thank u so much!!!!

  • Did this workout his afternoon and loved it!:) I wasn’t feeling so in the mood, but if it is a barefoot workout, I can always muster up the energy, thanks Jessica!

  • Excited to do this workout Jessica! Thanks for making working out fun and not a chore. I love working out with you everyday. You have the best personality. An absolute pleasure. Thanks for all that you do and share. Keep em coming girl…