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How to Walk Faster | Power Walking

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Video taken from the channel: Up to the BEat Fit


12 Minute Walk at Fat Burning Pace | Walk at Home

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10 Minute BRISK WALK | At Home Workouts

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2 Mile Walk from the 4 Mile Power Walk Workout!

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MOVE FAST How to walk faster

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At this walking speed, you can have a conversation without pausing to catch your breath. This form of walking routine is often used as a training break. Typically, in this form of walking, your walk speed should be around 20 minutes per mile.

MODERATE WALKING ROUTINE: In this category, your body metabolism is increased slightly over the easy walking routine. While you should. As a general rule of thumb, an easy walk is around 3 miles per hour or 20 minutes per mile.

Moderate Walk: At this pace, you may be able to talk occasionally, but your heart rate and breathing are more rapid. In general, you should be able to maintain this pace for an hour or longer. FOOT STRIKE.

Aim to strike with the heel first before rolling through the foot and pushing off on the toes. To generate more speed, concentrate on the push off when the foot is behind the body. The stronger the push, the faster you’ll go.

Keep your body straight and your head up with your eyes on the horizon to help quicken your pace. 4. Bend your arms. Keep your arms bent and swing them front to back in a quick and compact motion to increase momentum. Shoulders should be relaxed and down.

5. Squeeze and engage. Squeeze your glutes and engage your core to strengthen your muscles. With your weight balanced equally on both feet and your knees bent, gently rock back on your heels and pull your toes off the ground.

Then with one smooth motion, rock forward and roll up onto your. Use the Right Ratio If you’re just learning to run, figuring out what ratio to use is simple: Start with a walking warm-up, then run until you can hear your breath, and take note of the time, says. “The idea is, over time, you increase your jogging time and decrease your walking time,” he says. You do that by setting up intervals, says Weil. Let’s say you already walk 30 minutes.

Walking briskly for one mile (brisk usually means 3.5 to 4 miles per hour) burns nearly as many calories as running a mile at a moderate pace, and confers similar fitness and health benefits. Even strolling or slow walking (about 2 miles per hour) confers some benefits. Mixing up your workout routine is the best way to make sure your body doesn’t hit a plateau, and you continue to see results from all the hard work you’re putting in at the gym.

You should pick the one that best describes your activity, but you don’t have to maintain a steady pace and you can mix speeds in either one. Choosing one for workouts done at or about a walking speed and the other for workouts done at or about a running speed will help you keep track of your workouts in the Activity app.

List of related literature:

For example, if your plan is to walk for forty minutes five times a week, map it out by deciding ahead of time when you’ll schedule your walks, where you’ll be walking (treadmill, outside, etc.).

“Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness” by Candace Cameron-Bure, Darlene Schacht
from Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness
by Candace Cameron-Bure, Darlene Schacht
B&H Publishing Group, 2011

For example, the client would walk one-half of the track, stop to do a body weight calisthenic or exercise with a band, walk another half lap, stop to perform another exercise for 10 to 20 repetitions, and so on until he or she has walked a mile.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

If you were instructed to keep up the same walking speed, then you would have to increase the effort you put into walking.

“Making up the Mind: How the Brain Creates Our Mental World” by Chris Frith
from Making up the Mind: How the Brain Creates Our Mental World
by Chris Frith
Wiley, 2013

Do not walk quickly at the beginning, but as you begin to take larger steps, increase your speed to a normal walking pace.

“K9 Schutzhund Training: A Manual for IPO Training through Positive Reinforcement” by Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak
from K9 Schutzhund Training: A Manual for IPO Training through Positive Reinforcement
by Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak
Brush Education, 2014

Keep adding 5 minutes each week until your walks last a between 30-60 minutes.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
from The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight
by Bruce Fife
Piccadilly Books, Limited, 2017

For example, instead of setting the treadmill at one speed for 45 minutes, run on that treadmill at an all-out pace for 8 seconds, then jog or walk at an easy pace for 12 seconds, and repeat the cycle for 20 minutes.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
from Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality
by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
Rodale Books, 2012

Use your average walking pace as a guide to a moderate tempo.

“Piano For Dummies, Book + Online Video & Audio Instruction” by Hal Leonard Corporation, Adam Perlmutter
from Piano For Dummies, Book + Online Video & Audio Instruction
by Hal Leonard Corporation, Adam Perlmutter
Wiley, 2014

Once you reach your target, drop back down to your original walking pace.

“The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity” by Rashid A. Buttar
from The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity
by Rashid A. Buttar
GMEC Publishing, 2010

That’s how I do my cardio workouts—I do 45 minutes of walk, run, walk—divided to 1 to 2 minutes cycle.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

But to help improve your cardio, you need to walk fast enough to get your heart rate up, so pick up the pace—this isn’t a leisurely stroll.

“Implant Dentistry E-Book” by Arun K. Garg
from Implant Dentistry E-Book
by Arun K. Garg
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009

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  • Thanks, Thanks so so much Leslie!! This is just what I wanted in this loneliness of Corona pandemic!I am alone in home n just enjoyed the walk with you! N sweating n feeling very happy! Thanks Dear!

  • Loving your walking workouts to keep my steps in check after sitting at my desk for a while. Would love more 5 minute or one/two song power walks to get a few hundred steps without taking a long break. Some good 80s music! ����

  • Thank u so much Nice lady.i wonder wether this exercise of walk can help me.i feel so tired and depressed all hole Day i dont know why but i’m looking for solutions.can this help me pleaze?

  • I’m not good at exercising, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to do “easy beginner” workouts on other channels and given up in the middle cause they’re too hard. But I never give up in the middle of your videos cause they’re actually fun. Now I can do two of these longer videos in a row without quitting and it’s not much but I’m proud of myself for sticking to daily exercise for over 6 months thanks to you. I hope you keep making your videos ��

  • Wow, super-interesting! Not long ago I start to point my attention on how I walk, like what angle I tilt forward and how I push with back leg. And this video is very helpful info to experiment more and use in hiking. I also read in book that short stride is much more effective in steep ascent and even people with injury can use very short stride to conquer steep slopes.

  • YAY!!! I was actually going to request a JLo and Shakira workout. Great minds think alike, I guess! �� What a fun workout thanks!

  • I liked this video, I exercised to one of your video and it was so lively, welcoming,and your energy was great, loved the colour of your background ligting above the mirror, I had to give your vid a like and a like for this one as well, how do you get your videos to have that professional,cinema look?

  • Hi Gina, you are simply amazing. Found your channel last week, have been doing it every morning. Just want to say love your moves and you doing a great job.

  • I’m so confused about driving my back leg to use my glute. Can you provide a more detailed explanation about how that feels and how to execute.

  • I loved it.from the start I discover this training videos it has courages me to do exercise 45minutes every day.from my heart..thank you

  • Ben anlamıyorum 1mile happy walk ile başladım ama çok fazlam 1 mile 2 mile var hangilerini yapmalıyım isimlerini tam yaza bilirmisiniz ve ya linklermisiniz 1 mile 2 mile 3 mile vs gibi şimdiden teşekkürler

  • I am 63 year old woman and I started to exercise by watching these wonderful videos a few weeks ago. I never exercised in my life. I hated it but now, after sitting at home since March, I became very weak and gained a few pounds, I felt that I have to do something to help myself. It is very difficult for me but I keep pushing myself. I feel a little stronger already and I even lost the extra pounds. Since I feel better with myself I eat much less.
    Thank you so much, Leslie! For me you are a life saver!
    One of my dreams is to be able to ran on the stairs and maybe thanks to you I will be able to accomplish it. Your energy and positive attitude are really inspiring!!

  • So glad I discovered these. It beats making up excuses. Too hot for outside. Don’t feel like driving to the mall to walk. Etc. etc. These workouts are great! I have lots of room in my living room. No excuse not to get in a work out every day. I just learned I have high blood pressure. First time in my 73 years! I’m at my correct weight. Have no health issues at all and I do NOT want to go on bp medication. I’m hoping getting some exercise in will help.

  • You make exercising so much fun! I always end up doing a couple more videos because I don’t want to stop �� thank you for keeping me sane during quarantine. My husband even notices that I’m building muscle! ��

  • can’t wait to do this workout tomorrow. Looks FUN!! I like to watch the video before I do workout to see what it entails. I did walk and tone in 30 today…I liked it and it was kicking my butt the last 10 minutes but I made it!! Love your videos Gina!

  • This is a very good workout. I started in late March this 2020. I lost 5 pounds in 2 months. I was surprised as I wasn’t planning on weight loss. At the end of July, my weight was a total loss of 10 pounds. I hope I don’t lose anymore. I am only 105 pounds at 155 cm in height. My aim was only to keep fit.

  • I got sized at David’s bridal in a size 16 so I ordered a size 14 dress �� well I’ve been doing this workout for 3 weeks and eating 900 calories a day and my dress came in and I was able to fit the size 14 dress �� in just 3 weeks �� just wanted to share with everyone,, you can do it if you want to, my weight was 220 I currently weigh 205 now just keep up the great work never give up

  • I actually worked up a sweat. Like this one. I feel accomplished even just doing this & range of motion exercises. Started slowly & doing my own pace. I hope to work up to more without blowing it!♥️��������♥️

  • Great workout for a rainy Thursday morning. It put a smile on my face and a pep in my step. I am new to your channel (3 days) and I love it!! Keep up the great work

  • Love your videos <3 Started doing them during quarantine. Honestly they are one of the reasons i stayed sane. Would you ever consider doing a power walk/dance video with Broadway songs? (Even maybe with Hamilton?:D)

  • Love the options. Love the moves. But this ol’ broad will be ending the day with a 60’s workout. Excuse me if I go fill my head with some ZZ Top, but don’t get me wrong, please don’t stop what you’re doing.

  • That was fun! It felt really natural. (The other day I knew I was getting old when I kept thinking you’d be perfect for my son. Yeah, I know you’re married, but still…) Looking great!

  • Leslie, tus videos son realmente geniales, me encanta hacerlos, los ejercicios son basicos, pero llenos de energia y realmente no habia encontrado un workout para la casa, que realmente me gustara, ahora todos los dias, no puedo esperar a hacer otro video. excelente de verdad

  • It’s amazing. I start my walk at home yesterday. Very funny& more help full. Thank u mam for giving this wonder full video. Thank u thank u so much

  • Did this workout make anyone else realise just how uncoordinated they are?! Though loved the flamenco influence. Could do with some more of that!

  • I have been doing your workout videos about three months ago I like it very much and doing every morning ma’am thank you very much

  • I went from 242-228lbs. I feel my metabolism kicking in. Trying to eat right incorporated smoothies for breakfast and try to hold out until lunch if not a light snack in between. I’m grateful that I found this channel. It’s assumed that u must be uncomfortable and jump around and go on the floor to workout and lose weight but that’s not true. Walking does wonders. My confidence has increased a bit and I want to see more improvements!!! To those thinking of giving up please don’t! I wanted to give up because I wasn’t seeing results but all of a sudden it hits u like �� BAM and you start seeing results which makes u want more. Keep going!

  • New to trying this out, would be great if someone who’s been doing these can confirm if these exercises really help in losing weight? And which videos would you suggest for daily work outs?

  • Love that you focus on the fitness rather than the wright loss! Great workout….although my husband isn’t used to being called a lady (he frequently asks to do these exercises).

  • Thanks for this.. I started now… I passed onto my friends. Can Do anytime at home saves time on travel to gym.. Excellent one.. Is there anyway we can do for Abba songs.. I love them or even 80’s songs…

  • Can I follow this walk while I’m trying to get pregnant. Is it safe for getting pregnant? I love walking with you… Love from Pakistan������

  • I’m terrible at exercising regularly so I aim to exercise at least 5/10 minutes daily with you. This video was so fun that I wanted more and did another 10 minutes with your other video. I didn’t enjoy the exercise so much in a while. It boosted my mood and my sweat was pouring down (it was so hot today) but I feel so great now. Forget gym, all you need is great music and Leslie:)

  • Been doing your 20 minute fat burning walk exercise during the lockdown. Now im back to work and this could be my new walking exercise routine since my days will be busier than before. ThANK YOU! ��

  • Mam will this help in loosing thighs & hips? Btw i’m in love with your walk walk walk speaking style ��❤️….lot of love from ����

  • Walking makes me feel so good. My body feels so light. Am doing this since one week and i can feel some changes in my body. Thank u leslie mam. Love from India….��

  • Ohkaaaa….
    Millions likes from Vani So am I from India…
    This is I don’t know,we I should say….
    But thanks all by my heart and core(lolz)

  • My children and I do this as a part of our homeschooling P.E. time (since COVID-19) in the morning for a energy boost and during the evening and let me tell u, WHO’S gone from 315 to 280 and we started March 27th! Stay encouraged everyone walking+ clean eating= better living.

  • Amazing. Ideal during this unprecedented situation. Thank you so much Leslie. Have been walking since last 2 months. Could feel the benefits.

  • EVERY DAY… Every way… A full body workout! Great instructors love the more advanced with Rocky in the first third of this walk. Thank all of the walkers in these videos. You make our day great!❤️��

  • selamlar bende 29 haziran da basladım 170 boy 59 kilo civarlarındayım eskiden 77 kiloydum birçogunu verdim buaralar boşladım gibi oyuzden baslamak istedim hedefim 55-56 bakalım öyle çok aşırı fazlam yok 20-25 gün içinde bir değişim olursa sonucu yazarım begenin yukarda kalsın <3

  • This was so much fun, like all your videos. You’ve made quarantine so much better. Thanks for the these and for your positive vibes!

  • Hi. I’m a 15 year old guy who has terrible feet and is kinda fat. (Terrible feet= flat feet, lowered arches, etc) This is perfect for me to do to get in shape! Thank you for making these!

  • Hi Lesley,I’m loving your workouts,been following you for over two years,I’m addictive to these wonderful workouts,thank you so much you are the best,I have lost over one stone in four months,thanks to this wonderful walks, you have changed my life love you and your amazing walking all the time.francesca.xx

  • These workouts help me hit 10,000 steps a day and I feel so much better after a month of these. I have a two year old and it can be hard to get to the gym or trail to run.

  • Does anyone else come to this video late at night like 11.30pm just to get more steps in for the day or reach their 100% activity target?:_;)

    P.S this seems to be 2 videos put together with no smooth editing or transition and an abrupt cool down that says 3 mins but is only a minute or more. Do you have any continuous videos -with no sharp edits of merging 2 videos together? ie a total complete workout made as 1 video? Thank you.

  • I’m walking 7 miles per day and have increased my speed to 3.7mph. Great tips. I also find by moving my arms quicker my legs follow the pace automatically

  • I’m 50 kg only…wanna gain 10 more kg…help me plz �� well I can’t afford more money for eating..�� and bdw Thanks 4 this mantra ��

  • Fanastic, very enjoyable,Have been exercising daily at home for just over two months now, it’s become part of my day & I don’t creak any more especially in the morning!

  • Thank you Leslie, first time I’ve done any of your workouts -that was enjoyable and the music tempo matched the speed of the walk.! Burnt about 100 calories and was 24% in fat burning zone as av Herat rate was 129 with a max of HR of 153.So I was more in cardio zone as heart rate was in that range but overall doing any workouts will result in fat burn especially endurance workouts at lower Hr. Thank you Walking is a lovely exercise! P.S. If anyo=ne is reading this -does Leslie have any continuous walking workouts as there is a lot of edits and cuts in this -like 2 videos combined with a active cool down and no stretches? Or is this how all the videos end seems a bit abrupt..but loved the walk itself the music tempo matched the walk, Thanks

  • I attempt to do a 5.5 mile uphill walk with some friends once a week and they go faster than me every single time, I’m hoping these techniques help me keep up.

  • Was recommended by YouTube. I was looking for a lot of dance workouts/workouts to pop music because it helps motivate me to the fullestyou are amazing, so I’m glad I just found your channel! I am hoping to lose weight by August, only very little though.:)

  • Is this safe for people who have bone on bone osteoarthritis, absolutely no cartilage, in the knees?? Or will it do more harm?
    Thank you,
    Washington State USA

  • Hello Leslie I have been following your videos & they have made a big impact towards my otherwise stubborn weight. Videos are so engaging that I don’t realize the time or the sweat)). I would appreciate if u can tell that this 12 minute drill can be compared how many miles?

  • I am enjoying walking with Leslie and crew! I’d love to hear the music a tiny bit louder. I know we have to hear you, but I need more of the beat to stay motivated. Thanks!

  • I just did this one on my lunch hour. I think these are advantageous for those of us lucky enough to work from home. Instead of just lounging on my lunch hour, or risking infection by walking outside right now, I can stay in, work up a sweat, and get fit in my living room.

  • My experience with you was a bit different from many others I guess
    I’m not fat, actually I look great, as people used to say this..
    However, I’ve never had muscles in my body!!
    So I was weak..
    I visited a doctor one day and he told me I can’t do anything about it!!

    After only one month and a half walking with you sweet Leslie I do have muscles now!!
    Everybody noticed the change ��

    Thanks to you and your wonderful smile and encouraging words you keep saying in your videos ����

  • GinaB from da block!! Loved this!! U R A DIVA GIRLFRIEND!! laughed so hard during your little diva move!!…but kept going…warmed up with your disco walk and i am sweating but smiling at the end!!! Only you do this and god bless u for it!! Big love from Texas!!! Luv ya girl!!!

  • Thanks so much for another great workout: it’s definitely a sweaty workout for sure ��. I really loved the exercises in the middle track as it took me back to an old step aerobics move ���������������� would be great to see another 30mins workout with some dance music please with some standing abs as I can’t do floor moves due to back issues ��

  • Thank you, Leslie! I am 70, from Budapest, Hungary, and I found your workouts some weeks ago. Since then, I make these workouts twice a day, and I find them fantastic. Simple, easy to learn, and your amazing smile helps me a lot. Thanks for your work!!!!!

  • Thank you for your work outs, they are so much fun! I do 2 workouts a day and one of the workouts my 13 yr old does with me after dinner. He enjoys it and says you are so nice and fun! I’m trying to get back in shape and these workouts are perfect for me!

  • i think you are trying to hard in this video..the earlier 60’s seventies, abba were all much more joyful..less forced of trying to fit dance steps into it..less trying to make sexy moves whiles excercising (what’s that all about!?!)…and way too much make-up

  • Just wasn’t feeling it…
    In my opinion the videos are getting to choreographed in dancing..which I understand is her strength….but, from someone who has done these videos for awhile and all the videos…I’m a bit disappointed. Starting to be like the rest on YouTube.
    Again just me….nothing personal…still love gina b as a person….beautiful soul…but its come to an end for me….
    Makes me sad….

  • I love your video! Very helpful and informative…just what I needed. I also enjoyed your videos on kayaking in the past. Thank you!

  • Sadece izledim. Hareketleri yaparlarken ayrı, Leslie yi dinlerken ayrı yoruldum. ALLAHIM bize çok konuşuyorsun diyen TÜRK erkeklerinin yanına yarim saat bu bayani koysak bize ertesi gün işten gelince hayırdır hanım niye susuyorsun diyecek erkeklerin sayisi rekor sayıda artar eminim.

  • Love these walking videos… I usually walk outside, but many days it’s cloudy, raining or too humid. These walking videos are great… they’re more than plain walking. Leslie and her back crew make me feel like I’m at the gym!

  • Loved this Gina B! special request please. Can you do mamacita by the blackeyed peas? I love that song and it would be so much fun to do!

  • I did this workout but, the woman in the back with blue shirt, OMG, she is out of pace!. It was so disturbing seeing her… she is always a fraction of second before Leslie, and you have to see her because is just behind Leslie.
    I work out with all the other videos..just this one, bad!

  • Thank you Leslie! After participating with Leslie’s walking workouts I noticed definition in my middle. I said to myself,”this girl’s tough she must be a Pennsylvanian”, when I read about Leslie online I discovered she is from Pennsylvania, Me too! I am so glad theses videos are out there for all of us to do.

  • You are a treasure. The upbeat music keeps me from thinking about exercising as a chore. It is just fun. From the Disney to Madonna workouts to the Bey dance walk, thank you for bringing the fun.

  • I am from india. Loved ur workout.doing for more than 1 year. Just wanted to ask a question that when we will I loose 10 kg weight and I do it daily

  • This is not only great in quarantine, but for those who can go out and walk outside as fast as supposedly’s possible for good exercise. I am totally blind, and to use a cane, and walking fast does not go well because it’s I’m more at risk for falling. Thanks for creating these videos. I really enjoy doing these and the exercise is really effective

  • this walk was amazing..i have tried other videos also. all are so fun n full of energy. now i will combine this video with my other zumba video. hope effects on me will be seen soon. thanks leslie..

  • I have fibromyalgia and it’s very hard to find something that I like and doesn’t have bad effects on me after that stalls my efforts. I just started so far so good.

  • Videoda çok kolay görünüyor ve ilk başta “Sadece yürüyorlar ne kadar zor olabilir ki” diye başladım amaa videoyu t-shirt ve ben ter su içinde kalarak bitirdim. Gerçekten etkili

  • I tried this months ago but didnt finish was to busy that day but, today I decided to do it to the end and did, feeling great now I plan to do it three times a week so heres hoping ��

  • My mom had heart surgery I’m wondering if these simple exercises will help her loose some weight and wondering if maybe these are two difficult for her. I care about my mother I love her so much going to try and see if she could do it. I’m happy I came across this page

  • Yes l love walk away the pounds this workout really helps me.l was working out every morning,evening,and night.l was in good shape,health,and just feeling good.But l can say l stop doing it so now lmma looking at myself and saying l need to start back like ASAP.

  • Hi Leslie
    Today was my first day. And I really felt so could after doing this 2 mile walk. Will continue as I am targeting to loose weight like about 15 kg. I generally do walking n jog for an hour in the park. As I live in UAE it’s kind too hot now. So I got ur videos from a friend. Thank you so much for this helpful videos for the society. Stay blessed. Much love ��������

  • I found you yesterday and I’m obsessed with these videos. I love walking and dancing and these are the perfect mashup of the two with GOOD music!

  • I love your videos! You make my exercise routine very exciting! Keep it up! You should do a Janet Jackson walk and Britney Spears!

  • Hieeee…
    Your exercise are so stylish and I love to do it
    I want to ask you that I am doing
    5 mins belly fats 1 time
    15 mins easy walk 2 times a day
    Fast burning pace walk 1 time
    Is this much is enough for me..
    Am 5’5 inch,75 kg
    Please reply me.. ❤❤❤❤

  • question!!! i’m currently at my highest weight and I would like to start doing something to lose a few pounds, what would you recommend as a good daily workout? if I did this video or another one of your walking video’s once a day, will that be enough to make me shed some weight? or is there anything else that you would recommend doing alongside this? I know diet is a big part of it so i’m slowly trying to change my eating habits (since that’s not easy for me to do) but exercise is the hardest thing for me, as I typically choose something that is either too difficult for me to do, something that I don’t enjoy doing, or I feel is not enough. i’d just like a happy medium where I can exercise while truly enjoying it but also seeing results!! your walking videos motivate me and I feel so good while doing them!! is that enough you think? I hope this made sense haha thank you! <3

  • Happy walking friends! Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, new videos on the way!

  • Thank you for the quite helpful video on power walking form. Coming into this as a competitive runner for 37 years, this represents a new challenge of learning and fitness improvement. Power walking feels more natural than race walking form, to me. However I realize that’s a highly subjective matter of opinion. Thanks again.

  • Thanks for a great workout!i did the ABBA one first and then this one and now I feel so good. Definitely worked and sweaty, but not like I’m going to fall over. ��

  • Gracias por estos ejercicios para quemar las calorías.Leslie. Thanks for this exercise to burn calories Leslie even though I am In my sixty I enjoy it!!! ������

  • Love these thank you. We did them in hospital together recently as well! If not having much time doing in jeans and substitute knee lifts for double side steps ����

  • I wasn’t a fan of this mix, but that’s just my taste. The cardio was very present, though! I didn’t have too much energy so it did not feel like I was dancing but I was still working, that is for sure! Thank you, Gina:) Oh, and what about a tropical summer songs cardio?

  • Thank you very much for the workouts. I was struggling to do any workout after my night hospital shifts. Yours are perfect, fun, helping to rid of the stress and make me sleep like a baby after:)

  • Guys please im bere to warn you guys Jesus is coming back soon repent and trust in Jesus admit you’re a sinner and in need of a saviour God sent his one and only begotten son into the world not to condemn it but that all should be save from our wicked ways bad news we all are sinners and the good news is that you dont need to go to hell if you believe in Jesus that he payed the debt for our sins love you guys ❤

  • Ben sizinle yapıyorum daha yeni başladım yanlız arada konuşmalarınız oluyor ama hiç birşey anlamıyorum. Türkçe altyazılı olabilirmi teşekkür ederim

  • Super fun workout! I paired it with your 2000 Steps Latin Beats workout (one of my favorites) to get a 30 minute workout. Thanks, Gina!

  • There’s so many amazing tracks that make you move!!!! I appreciate these videos….Gina, my favorite step is skipping rope jump. I love that. Gina, check out a move called “hug a tree”. A lot of fun to do as well!!!!!

  • the thumbnail says its for 18 minutes though the video is only 13 minutes. thought i’d let you know in case you missed that! looooove your channel, you have saved my life with those progression walk videos. thank you so much.