This Is Exactly What Transpires with The Body on the Walk


What Will Happen to Your Body If You Walk Every Day

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See What Happens To Your Body When You Walk 30-60 Minutes Every Day

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Walk 10 Miles Every Day And See What Happens To Your Body

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10 things that happen to your body if you walk every day.

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What Happens To Your Body When You Walk 10,000 Steps?

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What Happens To Your Body When You Walk Everyday

Video taken from the channel: Bestie


Walk Every Day And See What Happens To Your Body

Video taken from the channel: Bestie

“Most of the physical activity research shows benefits from just moving more and sitting less [and] walking is a great low-impact way of moving and burning calories.” Walking offers both physical and mental health benefits. Here is what happens to your body every time you lace up your sneakers and head out for a walk: HOW TO GET STARTED. A simple 10 to 20-minute walk every day is also a great way to increase your energy and your alertness, reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke and improve your spatial memory. A 20-minute walk every day is also what it typically takes to start losing weight — if that is important to you.

Benefits of a daily 30-minute walk. Heart-related diseases are quite common in the world at present. Walking for 30 minutes, every day ensures that you do not have severe cardiovascular issues plaguing your body. A research at Harvard discovered how this activity reduces your chances of heart diseases by thirty percent. Walking is a type of aerobic activity that raises heart rate, promoting blood flow to the heart.

This strengthens the heart muscle so it doesn’t have. Excess body fat is very dangerous to your health. Walking can actually help you burn more fat, it boosts your metabolism and heart rate.

According to research, “if you walk to lose belly fat, you need to walk at a steady speed fast enough so your heart beats faster and causing you to breathe harder and deeper. The only way to lose body fat, especially belly fat, is by burning more calories than you. Walking 10,000 steps a day will boost your heart health Regular physical activity helps increase the amount of oxygenated blood being sent to your muscles—the fitter you are, the more easily this happens, and the harder you will be able to work out.

Find out more easy ways to. When you exercise at low intensity, your body burns fat for energy. As exercise intensity increases, your body uses carbs. Walking is considered low-intensity exercise, ideal for fat-burning.

When you walk, 80 percent of your energy is fueled by fat and 20 percent is stoked by carbs. When you walk a mile every day, this is what happens to your body. Racking up steps and miles by walking is arguably one of the easier forms of exercise for able-bodied folks.

Walking is something that humans have done for as long as we’ve populated planet earth. Whether you circle around the track, meander through a scenic park, or simply strut to get from point A to point B, walking. Every meridian ends in the feet which means that those who are walking barefoot trigger the basic points and indirectly massage the vital organs in the body and stimulate energy flow in.

Subscribe to the channel Do you know walking is one of the world’s best medicine? It’s one of the most overlooked activities that’s.

List of related literature:

In normal walking, a gait cycle begins when the heel of the reference extremity contacts the supporting surface and ends when the heel of the same extremity contacts the ground again.

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This unusual pattern of walking/jogging persisted through the current episode of Friends and into the next.

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Walking is a slow gait in which each foot moves independently, and at no point during a cycle of footfalls does the animal lose contact with the ground.

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A healthy-looking jogger collapses during an afternoon run, and awakens in a hospital to find that one of his legs has been amputated without his knowledge (or permission).

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It says in part: “Walking not only activates circulation of the blood, it also speeds up and intensifies respiration and enables greater absorption of oxygen…The body of the walker is absolutely free, the feet only are put periodically on the earth and rolled off.

“Enthusiasm Makes the Difference” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
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Walking is a form oftouching the earth.We touch the earth with our feet, and we heal the earth, we heal ourselves, and we heal humankind.Whenever you have an extra five, ten, or fifteen minutes, enjoy walking.With every step it’s possible to bring healing and nourishment to our body and to our mind.

“Your True Home: The Everyday Wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh: 365 days of practical, powerful teaching s from the beloved Zen teacher” by Thich Nhat Hanh, Melvin McLeod
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This is because all recreational walking is going to create changes in the natural ecosystems where it takes place.

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In one sense the walking rhythm is disrupted by the invasion of the obstacle into the foot’s movement, but what is interesting is the readjustment of the body that allows the movement to continue.

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The first is mutual adaptation between the human walker and Walk-Mate.

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However, walking from one point to another neglects walking itself, instantiates a representation of the body without the body, in a denial of the substance that interpellates the walker.

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  • WATCH ��: Do Lunges Every Day And See What Happens To Your Body

  • When i go out to walk I walk 3to4 hrs sometimes 5hrs….I love walking….It make me happy,,,,,tension free,,,,slim body…..lots of thing……

  • When I want to impress the ladies and get some exercise, I just put on a really nice pair of speedos and go shopping for produce at the local supermarket or I go to the post office to pick up my mail. I used to be to shy to shop in my speedos; but, not anymore. Thanks to Bestie I now realize that the nasty, jaw dropping looks I receive from lesser status males are because they wish they could also shop in speedos just like mine. Bestie, you have really changed my life.

  • I am almost 73. I have been walking and running all my life.
    Plus i am very careful about my diet. I can still walk at a 4 mph pase.

  • Been walking 10 kms every day since 3 years now..transformed my life completely other than losing weight gained a lot of positive energy and think more for me n family.. try it today

  • I workout 6 days a week. My exercise routine is low-impact aerobics and walking. I walk at least eight miles every other day even in cold weather.

  • Hello, I want some videos about headache due to influenza, especially those who are in their teens 19. 20 and also the treatment and what we eat. I am a vegetarian food. I want a lot of information. Is it dangerous, and is the large number of studies the cause of the headache power?Thank you ❤.

  • On my journey with GOD like in the days of Moses get ready my vessell times for 10 years plus 6 we have done alot of walking 15 miles aday or a little less,these muscles ain’t going down like that,indoor exercise is good too to keep it,so all of it counts plus your schools days fitness,young forever.

  • Does running ��‍♀️ on the treadmill 4 days a week about 35 minutes a day count or is it only walking outside? I have social anxiety so I don’t like walking around my neighborhood since I feel rejected by all my neighbors and others avoid eye �� contact with me when I walk past them.

  • Already do!
    I make 5 laps around my house while listening to music every hour
    I do 1 plank every 5 minutes for 10 minutes a day
    I run sometimes but I lose breath easily
    And last, I’m a girl but I can do push ups like boys, and I can do 30 push ups per minute
    (All of this from 8AM to 8PM)

  • Do you walk everyday? Would you consider it after watching this video? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ��

  • Besides walking, what are some of your other favorite physical activities? Tell us about your workout program in the comments section below!

  • It may be a good idea to have different background music!!..I could not finish watching I could not take the repetitive constant beat.

  • No joke folks I’m 425 pounds.I was 320 2 years ago I stoped walking 20 to 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. This what happened to me. that’s it I’m back walking it does wonders.

  • They should use the butt girl in front of guys at the gym they wouldn’t walk they would run lol… I love walking and found this very informative thanks

  • I can only watch part of this video due to the crappy music in the background if you’re going to be playing crappy music in the background I will unsubscribe

  • In 16 weeks i have lost 4 stone 8 pounds seven days a week i go running on the treatmill for half a hour doing over 2 miles then i go swimming doing 20 length then walk 5.2 miles i feel so much better

  • Am 68 yrs. young & walk 4-6 miles every day & do a flight of 53 steps every day, 25 times up, 25 times down. I also walk my dog every day for at least 45 min. She’s in great shape too.

  • Ive been walking 10 miles every other day, (4x a week) it does take around 3 hours at a healthy paste. The thing for me is that i need better trainers, as the long walking has caused bubbles on my feet due to the friction ��.

  • I used to be physically active till I started playing video games for 2 years. I look back now and I feel like I wasted time. I like walking and getting out but i need to tell myself to do so.

  • Regular trotting/walking will soon make your clothes seem too big and loose. That is weight just falls off, especially around the stomach and thighs.

  • I started walking 3 weeks ago 3 times a day at work over 2 breaks and lunch and I get aproximit 50 min per day and average just over 2 miles per day and I am already feeling much better.

  • Recently started walking and met other people walking. Haven’t met anyone yet with their butt hanging out of their shorts. That’s an incentive for me to keep at it!

  • Very good content but don’t like the background noise. And the girl on the treadmill with half of her bottom exposed is ridiculous

  • It is so true, walking and other exercise can improve your mental and physical health. I walk every day, listening to my music sometimes and I end up feeling really happy, so much so I want to laugh and run and smile. Like everyone else I have worries and they get to me but I sort of, walk them out, until soon I have forgotten them altogether. Go and walk, even if it is only for ten minutes. Soon you will feel the benefit. Most of all don’t be put off by the weather, if it’s going to rain wear the appropriate clothing, or, well anything that keeps you warm and dry. Smile, yes, smile at people when you feel it’s ok to do so. Life is worth living so go live!

  • Walking have drastically improved my general well being. I spend little time in the gym.
    The key to physical fitness is definitely Walking regularly. I’m truly reaping the benefits.
    Thanks for this encouraging reminder.

  • Liked the video, but had trouble listening to the background music. The background noise is rather nerve wracking. After a long day of working I had to shut off the volume. Sorry.
    I do walk my dog each day vigorously, or, I should say, she walks me. Thanks for your videos.

  • I walk daily 60 mins + daily / 7 days a week & it feels definitely like a million bucks.
    I look forward to my morning walks each day

  • Walking is a great way to reduce stress and get fit. With a simple diet, walking daily, in six months i got down from size 18 to size 8, i lost almost 30 kilos.

  • Improves mental health: 1:34

    2. Effectively aids in weight loss: 3:03

    3. Decreases the risk of certain cancers: 4:50

    4. Helps to boost your immune system: 5:50

    5. Reduces cravings for sweets and the need for “stress eating”: 7:42

    6. Helps with mobility into advanced age: 8:30

  • I use to walk up 330am do brisk walk n jogging really feel great. Now I feel old n feel like to sleep more due to walking up several time at night. Think should go back to my running routine again

  • I walk about an hour or more six days a week and I have lost 25 pounds so far, I combined it with intermittent fasting. Never felt better ��

  • Couldn’t finish watching the video due to the highly annoying background music. Shame… seemed like a lot of good info was being presented, but I was getting a headache from the music choice.

  • One of the best videos about this simple and easy exercise. I walk one hour everyday or at least 45 minutes and I can tell that, people who cannot do this simple things ( many say to me that, I’m going to die if I walk like you… I can’t breathe….time past….she looks so old…pimples…dark around eyes….health issues…ended up taking all sorts of medication….Well!!! It is your life….we would end up with the things we choose to live….mine, healthy life style, healthy diet, exercise, plus Intermittent Fasting 16-18 without food and feeling excellent.

  • I walk 5 TIMES A day…30 mins, eat a flexible vegetarian diet with chicken beast, sardines, salmond, organic eggs, ETC, lots and lots of water, 1 small weekly treat of choice, fruit, whole wheat pasta, bread, brown rice, sweet and red potatoes, garlic, red/green peppers, carrots, kale, and fresh pineapples, extra virgin olive oil,……no white sugar pasta, rice, bread, sodas. Never drink, smoke, drugs. Also small weight training 2 times weekly. 63 years of age….no meds, illnesses, diseases so far. It’s been 35 years.

  • You came across only 6 health benefits??? Next time try walking barefoot. It has health benefits very much ahead of what you recommend. When you walk barefoot outdoors you get plugged in with Mother Earth, who has countless number of health benefits in offer. Don’t cage your feet inside a miserable pair of footwear. Allow your feet to move freely. Do it continuesly for about 3 months and feel the difference. Your feet will grow beautifully. This is my personal experience. Your feet will love the company of soil of various nature.

  • I recently stopped smoking and because of that gained a lot of weight so I started walking after work. soon I felt that after going for a walk I had less cravings for cigarettes

  • So true! I have been walking for a month sometimes more than 10000 steps a day and have lost few pounds, jeans are loose now around my was line, the feeling is awesome!!! I encourage everybody to try it…

  • I’ve been walking for 10 lousy years ever since I had to give up my car and my feet hurt like hell! It’s excruciating to walk a block let alone to the market a quarter mile away. Oh walking’s great as long as you drive every other time!

  • Is walking in water equally beneficial? As I have Achilles Tendonitis in my left ankIe, I can’t walk much.

    However, I can walk in a swimming pool at above waist to shoulder level water.

  • I started walking 10000 steps a day for the last 1 year. I enjoy walking and my back pain has gone.
    My BP is 81 / 120 & sugar fasting 91 and PPBS 104.

  • Because of this video I was motivated to get up and do this challenge myself and boy this was so hard �� I just posted my journey on my channel! Thank you for the motivation ����


  • Not sure I’ve ever seen a YouTube video with zero negative comments (of 160+ total). At 71, I’ve averaged 10K steps a day ever since I bought my first Fitbit 3 years ago. I may shoot for 11K a day after reading the article ��

  • Had to comment… VA has me doing as much walking as I can (if I want to be around)… care due from Vietnam… after 19 weeks of 5 miles a day (like the postman, sun and snow) and portion control and a few core exercises (love the plank)… clothes looser and my bride of 48 years announced she will be sleeping with her cloths on from now on… am starving but surprisingly content.

  • #Talking is the worst, but walking is the #best

    In protecting our body and mind, walking is #honest

    Walking superbly does preserve our body- #nest

    He who walks finds health taking in him an #interest!

  • I run in my living room while daydreaming. It’s from my ADHD and I have they hyperactive version. (Yes you can have ADHD and not be hyper, it’s often called ADD) it’s near impossible for me to sit all day

  • I’m 70 and walk an hour a day. No medications. Sleep like a baby. Sometimes I walk so fast I almost want to run and even go longer than an hour. I always go even if back or knees or feet hurt. Within 20 minutes all pain is gone.

  • Best exercise and it costs nothing. I’m 75 and walk 6000 steps a day. I’m slim and very healthy and I’m sure it’s the reason people do not believe my age. Do everybody get walking. Just do whatever you’re comfortable with

  • Avoid walking with mobile phones on hand. Or reading while walking. It will damage your eyesight.

    I got sciatica lastyear. Coz i walk 2hrs a day with a dog and i do running as well..

  • I just retired and live in a cabin at the ocean. I walk on the beach every day and have not felt this good physically and psychologically in years. It truly is one of the greatest joys of my life! Thank you for this video!

  • I walk everyday every since I was young. Not because I want to but because I have to. I realize as I got older that walking helped me with everyday stresses and it kept me feeling young. Nowdays I dont mind walking and can get to places I need to go with such ease and little time depending on where Im going.

  • Excellent information especially in hi-tech urban chaos walking daily is rejuvenating Walking with your pet doggies are therapeutic ����

  • Yeah walking�� I walked 60 miles over four days..I walk everywhere..only cos im skint!�� but seriously love it must clock up 10 miles a day with a hard hill climb but worth it!

  • I SERIOUSLY ” BELEIVE”..Every Word of the MIND BLOWING BENIFITS OF walking..As AN Avid Fan Myself..Are You Ready For The Shock Of Your life..???….Guess Who WALKED Everwhere………??!. JESUS. CHRIST HIMSELF DID…….Therefore I Haven’t Got To Say Another WORLD FOR ALL ETERNITY….♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️��������⏰⏰⏰��⏰⏰⏰����������������

  • Benefits of walking:
    1. Healthier brain, healthier mind
    2. Better vision
    3. Healthy heart
    4. Increased lung volume
    5. Healthier pancreas
    6. Improves digestion
    7. Leaner muscle
    8. Strong bones and joints
    9. Reduced back pain
    10. Balanced mind

  • Number eleven, it gives you a great reason to adopt a dog who will love to get out, it will have places to sniff, sounds to listen and be very happy to share this time together.

  • I started walking when discovered I’m type 2 diabetic. I lost over 8 kg in a year with low cabs diet and fast walking. My blood sugar is in normal range and my cholestrol is down as well as my blood pressure. I CANNOT MISS A DAY WITHOUT WALKING. ��

  • @khairuddin… I walk pratise since after study classes until now Sport Views by some workers& employees lineup home(public transport choosen)…car driven only for skill background concern(classes concern or right order)….public transport may cool condition especially after work(back home)Toilet also very near some public transport station for urine such hurry….fomerly dbs&dba student from local college……

  • I am 66 years and walk 90 minutes every day morning and 30 minutes in the evening; I do aerobics for 15 minutes after morning walk: I lost about 20 kgs body weight in 3 years; I used to be a type2 diabetic and my condition is reversed now: I no longer need medicines for type2 diabetes and I regularly walk now:

  • Whenever I feel sad i start walk with listening music.. and it immediately swing my mood ��… All benefits are realy true… It feels so good…

  • Iv walked all my life, I’m 43 today, never owned a car don’t have a licence, iv watched so many people change,
    Happy bday to me ������
    Too much walking isn’t the best for your bones I do know that

  • Yes in deed I walk for one hour and 30 miniut down and back 5 times a week keeps my head happy and healthy and sane great for everything I love two walk if I don’t i get very. Down so yes go walking x♥️

  • We all walk once in a day!!
    I mean..
    while going somewhere no??
    not as a hate comment
    may urs subscribers be trible upto next year!!����

  • I walk to work for 45 mins to 55 mins daily. At 65 years I feel so fit. No back pains, no leg pains or high blood pressure experienced by my peers. My mind is so sharp!! Indeed the benefits of walking are great and endless.

  • I,m walking and aerobic three times a week..! I,m counting my steps 4,000 or little more. ( I do fast walking ) 45 minutes. Aerobic and floor works for one hour..! Doing aerobic helps me staying in good balances..!

  • Well I spend more than six hours a day on my ass watching videos and playing games so I may as well get a Bluetooth headset and listen to videos while walking on my treadmill.

    Will edit my progress in a month if I did it and what happened.

  • I just started walking during the pandemic and I’m up to 4 miles per day. I desire to walk to cross the Ben Franklin Bridge which is 12 miles a day. I will take the train back. I don’t know how long it will take me to get there but it’s becoming a passion to try.

  • Been doing this after my neck surgery 10 miles everyday. I’ve been inconsistent for 2 weeks and consistent for one week so far. I stretch and do physical therapy every morning on an empty stomache then have a light smoothie with berries, banana,orange,spinach,raw egg,whey protein and 1 cup cooked oats. Wait an hour to digest then I’m ready for my walk. Hardest part about recovery is recovery itself for an active person who exercises everyday.

  • I’ve been walking 10 miles a day since June 1st. I turned 50 in May and realized finally I need to lose weight. I’ve been on a plateau for last week, but I’ve lost 25 lbs so far walking. Looks like I need to drink more water and eat more protein. Got 75 more pounds to go, but I’m not giving up.

  • 1 mile (18 min) daily.A committed regime for many years instead of some one time challenge.

    Think carefully what is it that you are weakest at?

    Consistency and regularity.Make a small goal.stick to it for long long time.

  • I walk 10 km everyday in evening it take 1hr 25 minute on fast speed and on easy mode it takes 1hr 35 to 40 minutes sometimes. Its being 40 days i m soing this.

  • Let me put it like this walking hiking out in nature has changed my life I am 43 and I feel like a 20 year old after 12 10 mile plus hikes every other day (let your body guide you as to when to break and water/good food)

  • I perfer walking then jogging or run

    I rather walk each other day and rest in between
    it’s my goal this summer to walk 15mi-20mi and other years +30mi ��

  • I did 22 miles in total in a day it was really good and also I felt like I toned my legs a lot because I’ve been walking more because of lockdown being relaxed

  • I like to walk but when you have find out that you have arthritis in both hips and both knees it stops you from doing what you want to do every day when you’ve ended up on crutches okay.

  • I do 10 km walk every day(6-8 pm) i’ve been doing this for the past 9 months and I skip 3-4 days a month it helped me build my immune system and lots and lots of good things happened that I can’t mention and I got in shape to,not to mention you will sleep like you’ve never slept before each and every day.


  • I started to walk 10-11 miles/day since shelter-in-place began! Walking up to 12-15 miles on rare days. Walking for 3-5 hours/day on the beach, in Golden Gate Park, and around my neighbourhood is encouraged; plus, long walks reduce my stress and anxiety. ☺️�� ooommgeeee! I shall continue these long walks after quarantine! It is definitely cheaper than monthly gym fees! ⭐️������✨⭐️�� and if I am unable to go far, I walk around my block whilst listening to audio dramas!

  • If your 40 and under then don’t walk, download a c25k app and do the program, I’m a 15 year old high school football player and my legs and ling capacity are insane compared to before, I’ve lost 12 pounds in April and I’m trying to lose 20 more to get to 170 by august (I’m 5’ 11) I started drinking a lot of green tea everyday, I feel better and I’m on my way to being fully confident with my body

  • my friend and I been doing 10+ miles a day for the past four days! we aim to get to 20 by the end of this week, and hopefully in two or three weeks, get to 40. it usually takes us about 2.5-3hours to walk 15miles. I personally lost 3lbs, and my friend is still wanting to weigh in but will do so tomorrow, as she don’t want the fresh water weight from working out to gyps her Weigh-in. but, she said she feels like she lost a few!
    also, I been doing some butt workouts, but boy! let me tell you that walking sure does make your butt muscle working! it’s only been four days, and we are in LOVE!!! I 37/10 will recommend you to try it if you can! it’s fun, and just like this video, and my own experience there is soooooo many amazing benefits!! STAY HYDRATED!! <3 <3 <3

  • WATCH ��: How Walking 15 Minutes Per Day Can Change Your Body

  • I walk 5 miles a day every day since the coronavirus pandemic. That is half the 10 miles so does this still count? It takes me about 75 minutes to walk 5 miles.


  • How can suggest to walk 1 hour or more or less daily if we in crisis right now we are lock out. People get fine from $1000 up to $2000 police are everywhere. People aren’t aloud to go out doors just medical or food shopping. I used walk a lot as my daily exercise. But nobody can’t.. The coronavirus CVD19 has taking over to keeps indoors.

  • What if one has a bladder problem and needs to use the toilet frequently, it is hard to walk 10 miles if you are a senior citizen drink water and stay hydrated.

  • 10miles so tiring in my age…I can only walk for 1 hour,and that’s everyday…Do exercise to fit your body but not to tire yourself❤

  • There r a lot of things to do other than walking in life. For a normal person one hour is more than enough for running, walking, exercise, etc. We should always be at the middle of everything.
    If someone is an athlete or sportsperson or fat person, or health enthusiast, he should run 10 miles of course as per his need

  • So are you planning to try out this 10-mile-walk? Do you know anyone who does this? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ��

  • I’ve noticed that some people walk like they’re a cabinet with legs…. they have a stiff pelvis and midsection and just their legs move.
    I’ve seen people like this walk for years without result other than muscular legs and better lungs and some complain about their back.
    I would assume that they are not as effective as people who employ their stomach muscles and hips like in dancing.
    And the kind of shoes they wear is real important too… and sometimes even when there is plenty of clear grass to walk on in urban areas, they would rather walk on the concrete or sidewalk or Road…. in some cases get walking rage because they are angry at transportation…. which probably takes their focus away from being healthy….perhapse.
    and for the people that want to make excuses because their joints hurt, they should stretch and wear braces just as a protective measure for preventive maintenance.
    Ahhhh….. the multi-faceted science of walking:)
    We take it in stride:)

  • I injured my knees in January of 2018, more than a year ago. They never got betterin fact, they’re worse every day. So I can’t take walks anymore �� And toxic, addicting pain meds won’t heal me. Nor would I trust a doctor do to surgery. THere’s no hope.

  • I walk every day, I got rid of my car just to do so, I average about 4 miles per day, I’ve lost weight, but I can’t seem to ever get rid of my tummy I also eat well, no junk, no sugar, no soda or juice drinks. Water, coffee and tea for me. In shape after 3 years, sure. I can do a lot more with out being out of breath. Feel better too, but don’t expect to get a flat tummy, it don’t happen walking alone, no matter how much you do.

  • Seriously! 6 people thumbed down this video!?! Why? This is a great video and unless you’re paralyzed I don’t understand anyone not liking it! Just saying