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This past year Holder did her “virtual walk” during the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3,100-Mile Race in New York. If it sounds extreme, that’s because it most definitely is. The race, which is the world’s longest certified road race, takes place from 6 a.m. until midnight over 52 days.

Out of 10 racers, Holder was the only walker. Essential Guide to Walking and Steps Essential Guide to MyFitnessPal Video. Fitness This 60-Year-Old Power Walker’s Next Goal: Another 3,100-Mile Race. 2018. It was love at first step for Yolanda Holder.

Power walking had always been a part of this Californian’s fitness regimen, but it wasn’t until her 50th birthday that she. 10 Common Walking Problems, Solved. This 60-Year-Old Power Walker’s Next Goal: Another 3,100-Mile Race. by Amy Schlinger June 5, 2018.

It was love at first step for Yolanda Holder. Power walking had always been a part of this Californian’s fitness regimen, but it wasn’t until her 50th birthday that she decided it was time to. The 3100 Mile Race was founded by Sri Chinmoy who initiated the very first race in 1997.

In the past 23 years, only 44 different people have completed the 3100 Mile race which the NY Times once described as “The Everest of distance running.” Sri Chinmoy at the start of the first 3100 Mile Race. When researchers at the University of Pittsburgh pooled the data from nine large studies that involved more than 34,000 seniors, they were able to correlate walking speed in people 65 or older. 11/02/2020. Congratulations to Lindsay!!!! TOP PRODUCER AND MEDICAL ASSISTANT OF THE MONTH!

You went ABOVE AND BEYOND THIS MONTH!! Not only did you go above your personal goal, you also continued to help others with calls and still continued to do your own calls. It is a place that Sri Chinmoy held dear from almost the very moment he created his Self Transcendence 3100 mile race. A place in later years that he could come and inspire his runners and he too perhaps be inspired. Even now as the 3100.

In that summer of 1995 Georgs was hungry for as much competition as he could find. He came back to New York that June and ran the inaugural 2700 mile race in 40 days. The next year it would become the 3100 mile race. Georgs had a few astonishing years after that. In 1997 he set the world record for 1000 miles for age 50.

Sarah came into the race with some real goals. She hoped to improve her 6 day split of 713km which she was slightly under. She is now focused solely on the 10 day, which she says will take an effort of 75 miles a day to do, from now until the finish. And the mongrel is just the pure competitive spirit. where you are looking at the next goal and target.

She started here just days after running another hard race in Greece just a few days earlier. 3100 Mile Race. at Sri Chinmoy RacesRace Results. Categories.

3100 Mile Race; 3100 Mile Race 201.

List of related literature:

It includes an interview between Shell and 70-year-old cyclist Michael Patterson, a retired JP Morgan Chase executive, and Brent Rudy, director of the Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism at the University of Montana.

“Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life” by Joe Friel
from Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life
by Joe Friel
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A guy who cleans up in the half mile might get interested in the mile as he gets older, but that’s about it.

“Again to Carthage: A Novel” by John L. Parker
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This will hopefully enable the 22-year-old to concentrate on winning races…

“Lewis Hamilton: Five-Time World Champion: The Biography” by Frank Worrall
from Lewis Hamilton: Five-Time World Champion: The Biography
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His loss in the Florida Derby to Gen. Duke required the latter to race the fastest one mile and an eighth ever recorded by a three-year-old to that date, 1:464, which equaled the world record.

“Thoroughbred Champions: Top 100 Racehorses of the 20th Century” by Jacqueline Duke, Blood-Horse, Inc
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Finally, on September 25, Nerud asked his three-year-old to race a mile and a quarter, and Dr. Fager defeated In Reality by slightly more than a length in the New Hampshire Sweepstakes Classic.

“Legacies of the Turf: A Century of Great Thoroughbred Breeders” by Edward L. Bowen
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By that time his anaerobic endurance will be better suited for 50-mile road races than for 100mile efforts, so the century will be done at a conservative speed.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
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By the age of 22 Walker had broken the World 1500m record, although in the process he was beaten by Tanzanian Filbert Bayi in one of the all-time great 1500m races in the 1974 Commonwealth Games final.

“Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard” by Keith Livingstone
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Coughlan dominated indoor distance running in his prime as well, three times lowering the world indoor mile record between 1979 and 1983, the latter standing for 14 years.

“Sports around the World: History, Culture, and Practice [4 volumes]: History, Culture, and Practice” by John Nauright
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Even more remarkable was that he had started this annual race 61 times during his lifetime, completing the entire 26.2 miles 58 times.

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
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Pedaling to the mountaintop and sweeping down into the valley, McFarland developed extraordinary legs and lungs, enabling him to specialize in multiday races—and to become one of Taylor’s fiercest competitors.

“The World's Fastest Man: The Extraordinary Life of Cyclist Major Taylor, America's First Black Sports Hero” by Michael Kranish
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  • I can’t believe I’ve been doing this workout, the ten minute abs workout and the 5 minute cool down for over 3 weeks I don’t miss a day sometimes I add one or two to the mix! Before finding you I never really enjoyed exercising

  • Hi Pahla. I am 36 year old ‘non-menopausal’ guy loving your videos too. I think you have a larger audience out there you should be targeting.

  • Amazing workout. Firstly seeing the banner I was surprised how could we walk 1mile! at home! And I was sweating badly after the exercise. Thanks leslie

  • So sad. He missed it by tens of seconds in 2016. I too had a goal of doing a race per month in 2015. But my goal was a marathon a month. Then I upgraded that to an ultra marathon a month in 2015 and surpassed that goal. Wally does a race a month but he does a short race just in case he can’t finish a longer one. By short, I assume he means a 5K.

  • This was sooo MUCH FUN, Pahla-THANK YOU sooo much! Can we do this again?! Fun to see you and be along with you out in the wild 😉 I’d not done a proper 5 K like this since my late teens. This was sooo GOOD, and gives me courage to try more! My hammies and quads will feel this tomorrow, but feeling sooo good today! We were indoors today. I even did this holding my little 1 kg weights. I say we, as my hubby ran this along with me! He’s printing out our certificates of achievement!:) Again, THANK YOU! May you & yours be keeping safe and well!

  • Thank you Leslie and gang �� this is the start of my 3rd week with you and I’m really enjoying it. I look forward to my walk sessions ♥️♥️♥️

  • Thanks Paula and your son! It is rainy here in CT but jogged with you in my living room. I don’t run much anymore cause of knees but this was such a great work out even if it was just slow and steady.

  • Oh my goodness I had to really push myself through this today my body is super sore but I’m really happy that I found you and started this! I quit smoking several months ago and started exercising about 3 weeks ago and haven’t missed a day!

  • I’m following her with healthy diet and some more exercises.. I feel light and I lose 2 kgs in 2 weeks.. thank u mam.. my weight is 85 and my target is 70 within 3 months.. I hope for the best for me.

  • I did enjoy this video and plan on doing it everyday so thank you very much! I am so out of shape that I wanted to give up half way through but I stuck with it. I have had fibromyalgia for many many years, so my muscles are very weak. This video is a major workout on my leg muscles but at least I can do the movements, unlike other videos where I lose my balance or have to jump (I am too old to jump around lol).

  • With the covid 19 the world �� is changed ��you’re a blessing friend ♥️thanks for waking inside my heart and I treasure your talents Greetings from Maria Canada ����

  • Greetings Schellea, I truly appreciate your workouts. I’m 70 years and have always treasured the importance exercise. Once the pandemic started I researched the internet for ways to replace the diverse exercises the gym had provided, and you’re site was the answer. Not only do you provide perfect visuals for each exercise, your verbal descriptions are clear, motivating and so precise….all while being energizing….even when I don’t feel like exercising. Please keep new ones coming. Variety is the spice of life. THANK YOU! Mary

  • I’m so happy I found you!! I’m 49 and have had back problems for awhile but I have managed my pain with holistic ways and I’m able to keep up with your exercise. I love it!! Thank you!! I have a questionI love your shoes can you give the brand that you buy. Thank you!

  • Thank you Leslie after work and a train commute home I’m so tired. Leslie With your energy and positivity it gets me ready to work out at home and burn calories which I have no excuse not to work out. A very nice friend Patty I met on the train told me to try your videos at home and I did as of last week and plan to continue. Also a co-worker told me on Monday about your awesome happy mile walk video which I told her I’m doing your work outs as of last week. I’m gonna keep doing your work outs at home to be healthy in life. I’m letting other co-workers and friends and patients and the physician I work with know about your videos too so they can work out at home and there is no excuse.

  • Thanks Pahla..i ran my first 5K in almost 26 years. I now weigh a lot and always thinking if i can run a minimum of 500 m, but i came across your virtual 5K run and i got motivated and did complete 5K run from my living run. But atleast i moved and ran continuously at less pace though but completed the run. You are a motivation..thank you once agian:)

  • Hi.
    I just love her way of walking.
    I have just started to walk Nd long way to go.
    Can u plz help me out with how much calories we can burn from this?

  • Goodmorning I have now started,but I really enjoy I am 59yrs of age and happy to be still able to excercise, thank you for sharing this with the world.

  • Yayyyyy! Just did all three 30 minute routines back to back and am absolutely cream crackered!!! I missed out on the 14 day challenge as had a herniated disc. Have fully recovered now and am thrilled to know that my fitness level as remained. All of this is down to you. Thank you so very very much. With much love and gratitude ����

  • Hi Pahla I love this video. I have been doing your videos for two weeks. I am 61. I starting calorie counting just over a month ago and have lost 9 lbs. I have tried every way to lose weight, keto, high protein, dash etc. Who would have thought the old way of counting calories would work! Today I ran for most of the first half of this video. I thought that was enough, because of my knees. I enjoyed it so much. I look forward to doing more running as I lose weight. I do all the weight loss videos you suggest each week. Thank you so much! You are truly an inspiration!

  • this program is fantastic, I’m on my third day and already I
    feel the benefits. I look forward to every day workout now. Than you so much for sharing this.

  • Excellent fun. I’m 61 and feel great sense of achievement finishing these “ races” with you and our friends out in the Internet. Please do more virtual runs lovely to run outside with you

  • Definitely sweating. Definitely fun. I too have made a playlist with your videos…arms and fat burning one day…legs and a fat burner the other day…Thank you

  • Flexibility is something we should definitely all concentrate on especially for the later years of our lives in order for us to have mobility, as a former dancer I needed to be really flexible, but I’ve never stopped stretched since my dancing ended because it’s become a part of my life if you’ve never done a stretch or yoga class before, I have the perfect beginners workout “stretching for beginners” to get you started and plenty more

  • Thanks managed to do it we have really hot weather in London at the moment also went for a bike ride. Hope to loose half a stone or a bit more.

  • My go to ��I’ve tried your other 30 Min ones but always come back to this one���� Thanks S �� love your vibe, your stage set up ♥ Every thing �� �� ��

  • This was Great! At 66, I am so happy I was able to run the whole way. Amazed your son could juggle a bike and record. Please offer more “just running” videos.

  • Hi there. 30 min get fit fast indoor walk was great for beginners, or over 50’s starting again!! on day 5 of your 14 day challenge.. so 10 more to go. Thanks for keeping me motivated.

  • So, what I have learned about myself: I “ran” this in my living roomno problem. In fact could have gone farther! Today I tried to run this outside. I DON’T like to run outside. Quite the discovery��. I did end up walking the entire length, but nope no running for me!

  • This was a great workout! Your videos have had me working out almost every day for 4 weeks! (Sometimes I just do the stretching or arms with weights on Sundays ) ��

  • Wow I had to really push myself today I was super sore last night and this morning from doing my exercises every day and because my Lupus is really flared up but I’m super proud of myself ��thank you for making such a wonderful difference in my life!

  • Okay…I did it. I ran outside in the sunshine. It was 24 degrees with a 15mph wind. Let’s just say that I didn’t have to worry about overheating. 😉 I did take several walking intervals….4-5 I think. I tried to keep them to a minute max. At the end, I put my hands up in the air and thought about doing a victory lap….then I decided that I could feel victorious in a warm house. I did my first outdoor 5K. Thank you for the encouragement.

    When you talked about “3 years ago and your 47 year old self” I couldn’t help but think of three years ago for me. It was B.C. (Before Cancer). It was 2 years ago in December that I was diagnosed with HER2+ Breast Cancer. My 42 year old self felt like I got hit by a mack truck. For me, having something to work toward is about survival…and thriving…and not letting the enemy win.

  • Hello there Ms. Leslie!!!
    I have so much fun following your fast walking exercise everyday, thank you so much for sharing this to everybody around the world…
    from Philippines here!!!

  • Hey! i am not over 50 i am 28 years old and my cousin sent me this video a few months ago.. when she sent it i have been so unfit that i couldnt do half of the video which is not even 2000 steps.. and after doing this video for a couple of months now every day.. i am now doing 10.000+ steps every day!! i went from not being able todo 2000 steps to doing 10.000.. thank you thank you!! ❤❤❤

  • I LOVED this. Thank you to your son for helping you. I did it on the treadmill because it was cold and a tad snowy this morning. I actually kept pace with you (surprising how when you run with someone else you do that) the entire time. This was fun. I hope you do more like this.

  • Just finished with stretching for the end of my day or working out with guy Schellea!! Thank you for another great day of begetting my heath on track and blessings ��

  • Hello Pahla, I just ran my first 5k and I am so proud of myself. I started watching your videos a few months ago and I love them. Being of a certain age group, it was difficult to find exercises that didn’t kill me. Lol I came across your videos by accident and have followed ever since. I started off walking, then wogging and now jogging. I just wanted to say thank you for these videos and for keeping us inspired and motivated. This 52 young at heart woman says… Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hugs…����‍♀️��

  • You’re so amazing! This is getting harder and easier at the same time for me! The more I put in the stronger I am getting and therefore I can put more into it!

  • Sorry but this guy and the helpers should have STOPPED. The moment he needed help is the moment for him to stop. I know we all want the amazing struggle and finish. But in this case sensible people should have said enough is enough. I see this on a repeated basis in races where competitors are HELPED to the finished. This guy fell. He was NOT himself. Thus they should have stop for the sake of all people. There is NO glory stumbling over yourself in the finish. There is NO monetary rewards. This looks plain stupid.

  • I recently completed an ultra, but nothing like the Western States. To those that don’t know, a race of that magnitude (heat and massive elevation changes) would destroy 99.99% of people on the planet. It isn’t for the faint of heart. To do it at 72 is not just amazing and inspiringit is super human. Wally…I love your spirit and indomitable will. You. Are. A. Beast!!!

  • That was an amazing run by both Barton and Healy. I do hope that they were drug tested though after the race just to protect the integrity of the world record.

  • Greatness courts failure and this man defines the moment. He defines it as exceptional. He’s a ‘Finisher’ in everyone’s eyes. Everyone that matters.

  • I was bummed at first, because I’ve had to step away from running. But I jogged in place, matching your cadence. That did the trick! Definitely printing out a certificate. Thank you, Pahla!! <3

  • It’s always that last bit and all those people putting all that pressure, seems like it over exerts the mind and body, btw ur tough as nails old man

  • Really an inspiration for all of us. Well, it directly shows one thing; age is just a number and it can never become an obstacle if we are dedicated and devoted to our fitness. Respect to Wally Hesseltine!!!

  • Omg this had me in tears almost the whole way through.�������� So inspirational! My 73 year old mom won’t even vacuum.
    Even in older age, people are not the same, their true character will shine through. So much respect and admiration for this dad and grandfather!!��

  • What an inspiration. At 50 I’m training for my first half marathon after losing 70 lbs. then on to a marathon and an ultra eventually

  • When he stumbled on the track I was just bawling. These are the runners that inspire me. Yes the big name runners are cool, but it’s the people I don’t know, I love their stories so much. Did he run the 2017 race?

  • It is sad that he was not able to complete the run within the given time. I can only hope he is able to monitor his timed distances and is able to crack it in 2017. Love and best wishes from the UK.

  • hi Leslie. i am from Malaysia. done subscribe. ni nak bgtau baru start buat 7/8/20. seronok gak la. tak pyh klua rumah. buat kt rumah je. pastu taklah heavy sgt sbb dah lama tak exercise. kang terkejut bdn ni tiber nk buat yg berat2. nk keluar pn leceh nk kene bwk bag la. lagipon panas terik. nk kena pakai sunblock lah pulak kang sunburn pulak. baju pulak nk kene bersesuaian buatnye pki ketat2 nnt kena kecan ngn mak cik bawang bila berlari2 anak depa rmh mereka. alamak leceh ah. senang je kt rmh boleh pki baju pape pn. haha. walk walk walk walk. my favorite sentences out together out together ���� ni klu phm apa aku type ni phm la ye. tak phm goggle lah. haha

  • after reading some comments there’s something you have to keep in mind here. these guys were previously world class sprinters, so not your normal 50+ yr olds

  • I just ran a 4:49 at 51 three days ago. I feel like a sore as hell cripple right now. I was shooting for 5 minutes. Its faster now than when I ran track at age 17 years old.

  • Great video! In my past life I ran 3 marathons. My wish is to get running again for my health and stress levels.
    I wondered if you have a video on how to get back into running and ramping up without hurting myself? I feel badly knowing what I once could do and cant do now ��

  • My best in High School was a 4:28.20 mile as a Senior. These guys are unreal. My college best was a 4:17.40 mile. But I was a distance runner with a 14:01.84 5,000 meters and a 29:33.60 10,000 meters to make NCAA All-American Two-Times. My Boston Marathon best was a 2:18:16 for 56th in the World that year, and was invited to Boston without a qualifying time.

  • Wow! I loved this workout even more than I thought I would! ♥️ I kind of can’t believe I completed the whole 5k! But I am convinced it was because of your positivity, encouragement and stories that I could do it! Especially that sprint at the end felt amazing, even though I was struggling a bit before that point haha �� Thanks for making this video (and your son for filming it), it made me feel so good and accomplished. You’re awesome Pahla! ��

  • Angie, this workout makes me feel accomplished. Thank you Angie for being so selfless to rpoduce these workouts for free. You are the queen of power walking on YouTube.

  • I think both of those guys have previously run sub 4. When i saw the title i saw 5:55 and thought it might be achievable for me one day

  • Thank you Paula for the run…..i am from the Midwest. So I absolutely enjoyed feeling like I ran in CA ��. Tell your son he did an amazing job!

  • I grew up with Brad, he was amazing in high school too. Dont know how his joints still take the pounding! Love watching him run tho!

  • Tall white guy with bold head DROP just like that after 4.5 circles, n looked as though he was going to win, but never say until the last 5 yards, guy 3-4 line was waiting to strike n he did. WOW, he did not lay down even after he finished the line, sheep shape!

  • Shane was expected to break the record. He failed. The record was broken by Brad. Shane gets no record because at the time Brad crossed the line, THAT became the new record. Shane was faster than the PREVIOUS record, but never actually held the record. Multiple times I have done the very same thing Brad did; break the hearts of expected winners and shock the shit out of observers. It’s a big FUCK ALL OF YOU for counting me out. But I did my winning in X-Terra half marathons and championships and at trail races all over CA. At the age of 47, not only did I consistently win my division, but I podiumed overall. And STILL nobody knew I was a threat. I was counted out every time. Now 55, after a 7 year hiatus, I am training again. With zero training, I ran my first mile since 2007. It was a medium-hard effort 6:35 with no warm-up. I have some work to do.

  • This is incredible. I am 51. I learned late in life that I am a real good 1 mile, 2 mile and 5k runner.
    I am shooting for a 5 minute mile within the next 6 months. 4:19??����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️. Amazing. Very inspirational. Congrats men.. very cool

  • Checking my facts Barton had already broken the 50-54 world record 1 week before this race when he ran 4:22 for the mile in a meet in Portland Oregon.

  • DANG! Well, so much for that! I thought I could beat some of these guys once I hit the big 50. I’m 50 now, I THINK I MIGHT be able to run a 6 minute mile with some injury-free training. Sub 5? NOPE!��These guys are AWESOME! Middle-aged bros represent!��❤����‍♂️��‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️��������������

  • Must be on HGH!…LMAO!!!..
    Just kidding!!!..KUDOS to him and mad respect for staying with it. Those kind of times are no longer possible for most of us his age. OUTSTANDING!!!

  • Hi Wayne, is it ok if I take LSD in my first 100 miller just to hallucinate enough? I’ve heard from a running friend that it’s good to make you forget the pain

  • I really hope you enjoyed this 30 minute workout xx you should feel so proud of yourself for finishing this workout. Make sure you cool down with a stretch. I think you’ll really enjoy this 5 minute full body stretching routine which will help recovery and increase mobility⬇️
    If you enjoy these videos, please subscribe. I would love to welcome to our community ��

  • Hey Pahla…how often should you run a 5k. I’ve been onboard with you since November, but until yesterday had not done any of the run videos. What do you recommend for a newby?

  • I had to come back here to check what I did in this excercise yesterday because my butt hurt all day. It’s low impact but it is really effective.

  • I ran a 5 k on March 7th for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m glad it was early this year. First day working from home. This Coronavirus is crazy.

  • You are awesome, Angie, and this workout has it ALL. LOVE those miles, the beats and the high rep weights!!
    Wow… create the best workouts!!

  • This was exactly what I needed today. Holy ankle weights, they add so much…especially after a bit of a break. My knee is performing exactly as it should and feeling so much better. YaY. It’s just kinda frightening how much I lost in my two week recovery time. ��The upper body sculpting at the end was perfect and also what I needed. Super format, thanks for another awesome workout, Angie. What’s next?

  • I really like Leslie, her personality and her workouts! They’re perfect for someone like me, just getting back in the routine of exercising after having three children! Looking forward to weaning my last and documenting my weight loss journey on my channel��! I’ll definitely be utilizing these workouts, thank you!

  • I just join with you.���� and so many happy and enjoyed. May I know how much calories can burn during this 20.17 minutes? Iam Shavi from Sri Lanka ����

  • Dang it girl you beat me by a minute per mile! My excuses: I am an older woman (63) and running a hilly high-altitude (6,000 ft) trail. On the other hand, YOU were running in cold rain and talking coherently the entire way! You rock!

  • Hi Pahla! I actually cried tears in the the last 1/10 of a mile. Thank you for bringing back my days of event running and training. Didn’t realize how much I missed it. Thank you for doing what you do and bringing your passion for movement to the masses (without feeling like we are killing ourselves or this is first and last thing that is happening for the day). You are adorable (love your laughter) and absolutely inspiring. Thank you for being here

  • I actually did it. I didn’t think I could. With you talking the whole way helped me with my breathing because I was focused on what you were saying. OMG!!! My elbows are dripping. Thank you Pahla!!! ☺️

  • This has been a truly soulful experience.. Awesome efforts by you and your son.. Really enjoyed running with you.. This is my everyday routine workout and I love the way you keep encouraging while running. Looking forward for your next virtual run of 10k.. ��..

  • I loved this virtual 5km. Felt really good to run ‘outside’ with you today! Thanks so much for thinking of this concept and I hope you make more like this:)

  • I did this one and really liked it. It’s nicer to run with someone. I did run inside but with no walking breaks. My goal is to do my first 5K in the fall. Thank you Pahla for being such a great workout and running partner. I am going to start running outside because it’s so different than inside. Looking forward to more.

  • Hats off to you Pahla! I don’t see how he can run and talk and not run out of breath. I’ve been running for 2 1/2 years and I seem to be backsliding. I could run a 5K without walking at one point. Now it seems like I can’t run a quarter mile without needing to take a walk and break because my lungs hurt. I am perfectly healthy and do not have any long or heart issues, and yet I seem to be having to take a whole lot more walking breaks. It’s a little bit different at an actual 5K race because I have the adrenaline pushing me, but still I am taking more walking breaks now than before. I’m going to have to seriously work on that. On the treadmill I’m doing a little bit better than outside

  • Thank you Pahla B!! I just found your workout videos in January while looking for something new that was non-impact. Then with the distancing, my husband and I decided to try getting back into running together. Today, I decided to try an indoor run because the wind and the pollen is so high today, I wanted to avoid the outside. This fit the bill for me, and I am sitting here sweating while typing this. Thank you again!

  • that was fun! your son did an awesome job bike riding and recording. i enjoyed the scenic route with u instead of looking at my living room and jogging in place. i took my walk/drink stops but proud of myself for crossing that finish line!!!

  • When the lockdown started I discovered your channel and became hooked to it ever since! I know some videos are a year or two ago but what matters is the fitness programme that is good for home. My daughter and I do this 5-6 times a week it made us more active and we see improvements in our physique and health! A big thanks to you Leslie and to the team! We are sisters in sweat! ��

  • Hi Pahla! I’ve just finished this funny and challenging 5k running at home. I usually go outside for a 7k walk, but nowadays in Italy we cannot go out that freely. So I decided to run with you in your lovely town today and I’m really happy now!

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    “I hurt myself today
    To see if I still feel
    I focus on the pain
    The only thing that’s real”

  • Awesome!�� Your story reminded me of this summer, when I thought I was going to win a 5k race. I was on the last third of the race when a girl (about 15 years younger) came up behind me. I won in my age group, but was second place overall. However, because I was running so fast in the last third, I got my best PR so far! �� Competition really helps all runners to improve.

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