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Depending on the dynamics of your relationship, walking with your significant other may or may not be an ideal partnership. “Exercise can become embedded into your relationship, which would be highly advantageous for both,” says Dave Wolovsky, MS, a psychology coach based in New York City. “It adds another layer of ‘health’ to the relationship, strengthening it, so you get both physical and mental. The Pros and Cons of Walking With Your Significant Other Experts often recommend you walk with an accountability partner to provide motivation and help each other stick to your goals. Depending on the dynamics of your relationship, walking with your significant other may or may not be an ideal partnership. Walking puts less impact on your knees and joints than running, stair climbing and other faster cardio exercises that put more extreme pressure.

You see each other every day, you are inspired to work hard, and you enjoy daily lunch dates. But is it all roses and rainbows? How can working together affect your relationship? Before you work with your boyfriend/girlfriend in the same company, you must first consider these advantages and disadvantages: Pros and Cons of Working with Your.

Though walking provided some reduction in appetite, more intense exercise modulated appetite hormones for decreased consumption. Too Strenuous Walking provides insufficient exercise for some. The Cons of Walking • Walking may fail to yield your advanced fitness goals. If you are used to all sorts of intense forms of exercise such as running, swimming and boxing, you may find that walking is not enough to maintain your objective of having an intense workout each. According to Harvard Medical School, putting one on for a walk can do your body some good: The pressure it puts on your bones can nudge your body to.

The Positives about Walking – Accessibility -You can walk anywhere in the world for zero cost. Huge Calorie burn – There is an almost endless amount of walking. may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Physical activity doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact, walking has benefits that rival those of any other fitness regimen. Not only do regular, brisk walks help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent various heart conditions and ease joint pain, but walking can also help boost your immune system and improve your. We explain the pros and cons of both types. such as how many other people in your neighborhood are using the internet at a given time and radio interference from other wireless devices in your.

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In the Walk, partners would hold onto each other, side by side, and stroll across the floor in a slow walk tempo.

“Chicago Soul” by Robert Pruter
from Chicago Soul
by Robert Pruter
University of Illinois Press, 1992

Our nightly walks are still an important way for us to stay connected, but now that we have more time, we also enjoy hiking, backpacking, and bike riding.

“Uncommon Marriage: What We've Learned about Lasting Love and Overcoming Life's Obstacles Together” by Tony Dungy, Lauren Dungy, Nathan Whitaker
from Uncommon Marriage: What We’ve Learned about Lasting Love and Overcoming Life’s Obstacles Together
by Tony Dungy, Lauren Dungy, Nathan Whitaker
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But if you’d rather have company along for the walk, stroll with your partner, friends, or colleagues.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Over the years, I’ve worn out several walking partners.

“The Daniel Prayer: Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Nations” by Anne Graham Lotz
from The Daniel Prayer: Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Nations
by Anne Graham Lotz
Zondervan, 2016

At times the walk is arduous, for both persons or for one.

“Sacred Marriage: What If God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy?” by Gary L. Thomas
from Sacred Marriage: What If God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy?
by Gary L. Thomas
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The first way of walking is weak and lacking in resolution; it’s likely you’ll be stopped by your partner’s arm.

“The Ultimate Athlete” by George Leonard
from The Ultimate Athlete
by George Leonard
North Atlantic Books, 2000

I preferred walking, and took our drogerman with me.

“White Slaves, African Masters: An Anthology of American Barbary Captivity Narratives” by Paul Baepler
from White Slaves, African Masters: An Anthology of American Barbary Captivity Narratives
by Paul Baepler
University of Chicago Press, 1999

As a consequence, walking has become more difficult and far less attractive.

“Cities for People” by Jan Gehl, Lord Richard Rogers
from Cities for People
by Jan Gehl, Lord Richard Rogers
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One woman said, “When you walk, time goes slowly, and you feel like you are doing something intimate; sitting is too intense, especially when you are getting to know one another, but walking is both a distraction, a means to dissipate nervous energy, and a way to be together.”

“Intimacies: Love and Sex Across Cultures” by William R. Jankowiak
from Intimacies: Love and Sex Across Cultures
by William R. Jankowiak
Columbia University Press, 2008

Walking side by side is ideal, but one person can also walk in front of the other.

“My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies” by Resmaa Menakem
from My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies
by Resmaa Menakem
Central Recovery Press, LLC, 2017

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    2:00 New York City Affordability

    5:12 Cleanliness

    7:38 New York City Smells

    8:27 Noise and being the city that never sleeps

    10:55 Job Market

    11:52 Traffic

    13:05 Traffic Rules

    13:45 Parking Spots

    14:55 Subway

    19:58 Public Buses

    20:42 Crime

    24:52 Weather

    27:00 Are New Yorkers Rude?

    29:00 Is NYC Overwhelming? Quiet Places

    29:50 Greenery

    32:08 Dating

    34:08 Events & Stuff to Do

    34:45 Food

    36:25 Shopping

    37:28 Diversity

    38:37 History & Culture

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    24:55 31st Street

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  • Love this video reminds me of the times I used to ride the subway and walk till the midnight in the city in my younger days. And I agree New Yorkers are NOT rude I would always ask for directions went to school there and made friends quick never had a bad experience. I miss it so much If I had the money I would move back.

  • Lived in NYC for 4 months due to my internship & been there twice for vacation. I LOVE NYC but the only thing that bothered me the most are the men who loves to catcall. It’s a daily struggle especially since I lived at Queens it’s more u know… idk how to say it like rough… hahaha

  • I love how in the US almost everybody minds they’re own fucking business, here in Spain if u try to do the same kind of video everybody will look at you like you’re crazy or sum

  • One bad thing about New York City is strict gun laws. I believe citizens who are law-abiding should be able to protect themselves in their own homes. I am on my second amendment rights person.

  • I’m not being mean but I don’t think there really made for big people there made for sporty people that like running so I thinks that’s why it’s squeaked

  • Been to NYC three times and really liked it. It’s got a unique sense of hustle, even among the major cities of the world. Not sure I could live there though because of the housing costs and I would probably age at twice the rate.

  • New York is dirty. Well, it might be in comparison with other cities’ true. But if you will compare with Russian cities i think it is pretty clean. You’ve never seen a dirty city. like Russians.

  • Everyone likes the videos of people doing flips and cartwheels and what not…they are simply throwing their own weight in the air mastering stability, control, amd explosive Excersice. Gotta start some where right. Even if its a simple 10 push ups. A simple 10 sit ups. Do it! Stay consistent. And you will be in a better place than you were the day before. This channel is the reason ive gotten back in shape after suffering a back injury (L4-L5 disc buldge and L5-S1 disc slip) i couldnt do weighted squats anymore it was hard to lay down and bench i started putting weight on because i thought “aw man im never going to be able to lift again”. After finding the “drive” again finding motivation again. My muscle is coming back ive dropped 22lbs already my muscle is more defined. And im better than i was the day before.
    Thank you.

  • I know Restaurant Depot very well, I’ve been there. It’s in Maspeth and every level of restaurant in the city shops there, at least for the basics. I think $1 pizza slices are so cheap because of the low rent of the shops combined with the massive volume of sells and the efficiency of the production (they produce only 1 type of food).

  • I’ve stopped wearing tunnels when I go out because of the mass amount of complete jerky guys who think sticking their fingers, tongue, or drink straw through a girls stretched ears at the bar is a good way to start a conversation ��since when is it okay to touch people without consent? Let alone putting an object oR finger LITERALLY THROUGH THEIR BODY.

  • In the mid 1990s the real estate prices exploded. Areas that where once the pits now have multimillion dollar apartments. Lack of Space and all the transplants that moved here caused the prices to go sky high

  • ActionKid:

    You said that the 34th St and 6th Ave area is the highest crime area of NYC. This is flat out wrong. The worst crime area in NYC is East New York/Brownsville. By far. Other high crime areas are the Bronx and parts of Bed-Stuy. It may be a fact that 34th St has pickpockets and theft, but I’d rather have my cell phone stolen or my wallet pickpocketed than be clobbered over the head, beaten to a bloody pulp, or just as likely murdered in the aforementioned ‘hoods.’

  • I noticed that there were young, well-groomed, shorts-wearing hipsters sitting on the sidewalk with cardboard signs in front of them begging for money….

    I only thought homeless people did that, but apparently I’m wrong. Shameless, scamming hipsters.

  • I have the airmax 19 in pink �� dont mind the money they are comfy for me ive had them for 2 weeks and i honestly only wear them when i go for a sporty look they are not my every day shoe im getting the black and the gold

  • Is it true that in NYC you can live a totally anonymous life which makes you feel like you don’t care what anyone thinks about you (for example you filming and narrating in public) because you won’t ever meet that same person again? Or have you ever remembered someone for something extraordinary and later on accidentally met again somewhere in the city because of that fact?

  • Stretched ears are such a part of my personality and soul now that I couldn’t imagine having no stretchings. I love them too much to take them out for a job. Now I want to be a piercer so I suppose if I do go into the profession I want to go into it won’t matter but I will not take them out to please an employer, about the best they’ll get is flesh colored plugs.

  • When I was under 18 my mom said NO to a cartilage piercing but didnt even care when I stretched my ears to 9/16. Im 21 and I think I’ll go to an inch.

  • Are there a lot of homeless people in NYC? In Philadelphia there’s so many homeless people on the streets and in the train stations. It’s heartbreaking walking around Philadelphia.

  • Are your air units in these shoes still holding up? I couldn’t see
    myself paying $200+ for a pair of Nikes that squeak or may pop the air
    bubbles so I just today bought a pair of Nike ID USA country vapormax
    for $80 and now just waiting for them to arrive. However if the air
    units are going to pop shortly with normal pavement only use then I’m
    sending them back. Thanks in advance.

  • On the subway dancers I think this is very disrespectful to the people who are sitting down riding the subway like you said you almost got kicked in the face! I think that good dick list that they do that you don’t see us Southerners in Oklahoma City dancing all over the buses.

  • Okay,your videos have been extremely beneficial on learning a lot about Manhattan,I’m simply in awe with the ambiance. Hope you do more on the other parts too.

  • Love this video and this channel! You’re great at narrating and are so informative and real with your opinions. I’ve lived in a city of 150k people that barely has crimes or natural disasters, so I’ve always been fascinated by bigger cities with people of all walks of life.

  • An appearance is not a pro. Yo you like your ears for all the wrong reasons. My ears are my ears. I’ve had my gauges for a long time. I see the rest of my life with my ears as I do with the rest of my body… “regular jewelry” what? It’s like you and I have a mind block honestly. Behind everything you say I can think twice what I would say back. Yo!! You are making me hart hurt. Why would you gauge your ears if you don’t love them?

  • I think to live in NYC means to be the best of who you are. This City will mold you to better yourself if you are willing, or be the opposite. There is no middle ground in this City. It will eat you if you don’t act well. With so much opportunities and less boundaries regarding race, education, sex and age, it is up to the individual to make the most of it. This is a “City of Potentials” and it is up to you to work hard to get them or ignore them. If you want to live here and be a part of a thriving community, be brave, be your best and aim high. This is a lovely City!

  • I’m so glad other people have the same cons as I do! I’m currently stretching my ears back to 25mm after a winter of not wearing plugs because my ears got too cold ��

  • I agree with you. I’ve been staying in mid Manhattan 2 to 3 times a month (for 4 to 6 days at a time) for eight years and for a big city, NY is very clean. I find the sirens are the noisiest disruption (they are very loud). It’s great to walk around Manhattan. You can walk from Central Park to Chelsea Market and enjoy every moment. It’s such a beautiful and exciting city, there’s always something interesting to look at. And with countless shops and restaurants along the way you can take a breather and then carry on. And yes, driving in NY doesn’t make sense. As in London, it is very expensive. I do love the subway (despite the noise and dirt..) though it took me a while to get used to different entrances on the same street going in different directions. I love your videos.

  • I feel a pro for me was when I finally streched my ears it gave me more confident and it was also a sense of accomplishment when I got to the size I wanted

  • Well me personally I cant stand NYC just to much people its dirty, on the flip side the only like 3 things. 1. The foreigners you can meet “if” your a social person (which most people arent). 2nd the food.
    3. Best of all I love the money I make but fuck that I live in jersey and commute via train.

  • Real life video, interestingly enough. I like your commrnts either. I live in a small town with 70 000 inhabitants in Europe and over the years I learned to appreciate that a lot. Everything is in order here, the absence of chaos keeps people calm and rather relaxed. We have a small university
    here with ca. 8000 students so that there are enough bars, clubs, small restaurants and shops. Compared to NYC its nevertheless the dark and tranquil side of the moon, I guess.

  • One day I was walking down the road in our small town my big brother and his friends were acting all crazy neighbor drunk and he started him cat calling me. Him and his friends was cat calling me and then he realized who I was and he was all my God I just cat called my own sister

  • If you have no debt and grocery shop/avoid eating out all the time, it’s doable. You have to budget your life in regards to how you spend your time and money. If single, no problem. Just pay your rent and easily eat for under 300 bucks per month.

  • Clean ya damn ears and jewelry, fams! Also, I actually sleep w stainless steel tunnels. Like Katrin said, everyone’s experience is different �� and yes, no matter what we do, people will always have something to say so do you, booboo ��

  • A one bedroom apt is not $2100.00. My one bedroom apartment is $4000.00 a month FYI and New York smells so incredibly bad especially in the summer. Also, you can’t live off $2.00 bagels and $1.00 slices a pizza. A great place to visit but not live, After 20 years I am LEAVING

  • To meet or at very least get acknowledged by your role models, Joyner is actualised. Mr. Smith you are great for that. Brick by brick.

  • ActionKid
    Dj Hammers
    Mr Railfan
    Here Be Barr
    and many Utube locals
    Im a Big fan of All of you, but please protest at the CITY Council and go to the head Andy Byford of the MTA and DEMAND ELEVATORS ON EVERY STATION!!! It will be beneficial for the disabled and for everyone else who lives far from downtown. And im not even a new yorker.

  • Its a great place to “live” but you arent “living” if you arent making 100,000 a year. Its completely over-crowded and despicably over priced.


  • Man your movies are great and so are you, people that disagree just have a problem within themselves that just wont let them be happy for another and enjoy work they tried to produce for us to enjoy.

  • Brooklyn…born and raised! I finally made my escape back in 1999 when I relocated to Los Angeles for graduate school. While there are some absolutely amazing things about the city, overcrowding, the lack of adequate services and general poor planning for such growth has, in recent years, made living in New York City simply unbearable (truly sad to see what’s happened to one of the best subway systems in the world). Going back to visit relatives, I’m always happy to visit some of my old haunts in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I still can’t believe they’re now charging $2500 a month for an apartment in Brooklyn that my mother and I moved into for $139 a month back in 1979. Insane and simply not sustainable for most Americans given the level of stagnation in wages. Living in Brooklyn during my late teens and early twenties was truly one of the best experiences I had in life. Impossible to find that quality of life in New York City today without being very financially and consumer savvy. Thanks so much for sharing…

  • This motivated me man im 14 and skinny i found ur channel and just fell in love with calisthenics and you explaining everything makes it easier i will be starting with the basics and hope to build my way up!

  • This is positively brilliant. I love how you break down your opinions of New York as you walk through it. It really helps make the city more accessible to people who see it as the setting of so many movies, books, games, and so on.

  • I went to the east coast for the first time last year to visit family in DC, Philly, & Baltimore, and on my last leg of the trip I visited NYC. it was my dream to visit since I was a kid. After visiting DC, Philly, & Baltimore I was honestly expecting NYC to be at least as clean/maintained as those cities, but I found NYC to have a way worse quality-of-life than anywhere I visited previously. There was a lot of reasons I didn’t like New York city but it just comes down to low quality of life compared to other major cities. Though I will say I enjoyed Queens! food was great, Queens was more laid back, and was fun to explore in my opinion! And yes New Yorkers are definitely friendly! New York City just felt extremely run-down to me, I will definitely visit again but hope to see things improve in the city.

  • I’m telling you, Jersey City around the waterfront/Colgate Center is a magical place to walk around. I would be making walking videos there if I weren’t so far away.

  • I’m planning to strech to like a 2 or 0 gauge max in case I ever want to let them shrink back or even close, so I don’t think I’ll have to deal with most of the cons:)

  • I swear everyone has a problem with my guages it’s very annoying, they also have problems with my dyed hair, and THEN they go telling kids and me to live life to the fullest because it could end any day… bruh what I’m doing is what u say living life homie.

  • Having so much almost endless opportunities and just being bombarded with so much noise people and sights constantly would become too stressful. Its exciting to have so much available but after awhile it would get old having to Wade through thousands of options when all you want is to go out for a hamburger.

  • For one there not a style shoe there meant to get beat up there running shoes ����‍♂️ so who cares what they look like and sound like that’s what’s suppose to happen

  • I took mine off when I slept but only after size 00. It shrunk but not too much that I couldn’t put them back in morning time. And at my strict job there was another manager had them but she wore nice plugs with flowers on them so they never really noticed.

  • My workplace is interesting bc my boss allows my stretched ears (I have 8/16″ but want one ear to go up one or two more sizes; the other is too thin). Anyway, my boss allows stretched ears, but not facial piercings, visible tats, or unnatural hair colors.

  • It helps to have a system for keeping most people at a safe distance. Will hit the nail on the head when he said “you have to learn how to fight and defend yourself from predators.”
    I’ve had a small dose of fame a few years ago. If you have Discord or social media, you know you’re experiencing a bit (or a lot) of fame, people will start approaching you. Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know. The only thing more dangerous than a troll is a fan, and especially a fan that has no self-control. I’ve been harassed online by a 13-year-old demon from Macedonia, simply because I’m friends with some famous Youtubers from southeast Europe. People have tried to use me as a stepping stone in order to get to these other friends I have. It sucks, and it’s not easy to shake some of these people off because of how obsessive they people can be once they find out that you’re famous.

     First, they chase you, then they touch you, and then they sue you because you pushed them away. That’s something every big celebrity can probably relate to. I hope that one day, I can educate large numbers of people on the needs, the rights and ways of celebrities, so that less people will misunderstand them when they act the way they do. It’s a hard life sometimes because of the constant pressure they face from the public.

  • The struggle between going a size up and not being able to wear the 10+ pairs of jewelry again. Also getting hairs stuck in them when putting jewelry in

  • Con: You miss out on regular jewelery.

    I have three lobe piercings and I’m only planning on going to maybe a 2g, 0g, maybe 12mm at the maximum so I could still wear regular jewelery. So you mentioning that con actually made me feel more secure in my decision to do this (have the kit, waiting on my jojoba oil in the mail) and now I’m happy and feel more comfortable which is really weird that they all happened just because of that statement but I’m a weirdo lol anyways Thank You! ��

  • The only reason why I won’t stretch my ears is the fact that if you go too far they won’t go back to normal. I might regret it one day for work purposes and stuff because everyone says it looks unprofessional. If i stretch Ill stay VERY small so it can shrink back still

  • Man you’d find a lot more fun walking down 8th av…… I came to visit nyc from miami back in 2016 and never went back, NYC best city in the world

  • Usually for me it’s “Stretched ears and tattoos? Those are permanent you know?!”

    Wanna hit back with “Wow Karen, 3 kids, those are permanent you know?!”

  • I would buy these shoes in black so they don’t get dirty and because they’re lowkey. I know that they’re expensive and not everyone notices it except me

  • About a month ago I bought two pair of these shoes being about $400 including tax and they aleady have holes in both the left and right foot toe area because the mesh is so thin!! I’m highly upset and disappointed. They’re super comfortable but that was a major waste of money for me! Has anyone else had this same issue?? And if so, does anyone know how to repair this or know if I can send them back to Nike for any kind of refund??? Please let me know. Thanks!!

  • I have 10mm stretched ears. It has taken me 3 years and two tries to get to where i am. I’m very happy with my stretched ears though:]

  • I live in a place where it gets cold a lot and I was thinking of stretching my ears, should I still do it and if so do you have any tips?

  • I hate regular earring studs because they stab into u lol my lobes are stretch to a 10mm right now and I have 4 studs going up my ears but I use 16G flat backs. So they dont stab me or annoy me.

  • My mom pierced my ears when I was a newborn (its common practice here) and now that I’m 18 I’m stretching them to a small gauge:D

  • I know I’m coming in late, but does anyone ever give you a hard time about cultural appropriation, mimicking something that has meaning to the tribes that practice it because you like the way it looks?

  • im from nj and im in nyc alot
    at most food in manhattan isnty cheap 3bucks for bagel is alot in jersey u get pack of bagel 99 cent at 1.00 store far as houseing the apt are small unless u in a condo or loft

  • We have to go across the room with all these Zombies to get to the… 3:38………Food?? who the fuck is making all that nose??

  • I moved to Brooklyn last year and you really have to watch out for the crazies. Nearly all of my bad experiences in Brooklyn have been due to crazy and/or homeless people.

  • I have 1 inch plugs. Stretched from age 15 till 32 with a full-time job and I will never take them out or get surgery to close them. I will die with them!!

  • The second, I get. Lol. I just started stretching my ears and had to go through my earring collection. I kept a few favorites just in case I ever shrink them back but damn, I got rid of quiet a bit. Lol.

  • New York was the worst place to live!!!! Lived there for 3 years and it was horrible. I am glad I am out of there. Out of that overtaxed, overpriced, broken down MTA, rat infested HELLHOLE called new York city. Visting is nice, but living hell no!!! living and visiting is two DIFFERENT things!!!!

  • one thing i’ve learned throughout the years is people will always find a reason for what you do instead of just being okay with it

  • i have 10 ear piercings total and i can confirm that they are constantly getting stuck in sweaters and scarves, toques too! it gets very frustrating!

  • my ears are only stretched to 2g but I haven’t gotten any negative comments on them (probably because they are so small in comparison to others) but my mom and I were at the airport and there was a woman who had big gauges and my mom was like “please don’t do that to yourself” referring to that woman and I was like “why are mine okay, but her’s aren’t?”

  • i wear silicone tunnels since about 5 years and honestly the never smelled except one time i rushed stretching. like honeslty, no smell. (10mm)

  • I had to take my boyfriends nephew to work one day and his job didn’t allow him to wear his plugs. I saw that he had them in and he took them out. My god the smell made me nearly vomit. I found out from another friend that the smell was from him not keeping them clean and dead skin and shampoo that just hung out in there and makes the smell! I don’t have the kind of job that would allow these and I don’t think I have the balls to do it. But I think they are cool and say if you love them and want them, then go for it and to hell with what others think or say!

  • I wear silicone tunnels/eyelets. They don’t smell, I just wash them like once a week while I’m in the shower. I take all of my (healed) piercings out like once a week and wash them all in the shower. Hygiene����

  • im 17 and i have 16mm streched ears and i love them, my dad constantly points them out and says i look like im in a tribe lol, its so annoying.

  • My ear only smelled when I was younger, didn’t knew much and used acrylic. Now with proper care, even with metal they never smelled anything

  • I always for pierced ears boring and I never found jewellery that interested me the I stretched my ears aged 15 and at 24 I still love em also I have a second lobe piercing that I haven’t put jewellery in for years and they haven’t closed lol

  • I definitely feel the wearing other jewelry (or wearing normal earrings). Lately I’ve been wearing steel tunnels with big silver hoops though and it’s a great way to still be able to get that look

  • I legit got my ears pierced so I can wear normal earrings. I started gauging my ears when I was like 5th/6th grade (my friend wanted to do them with me so we did them in secretshe stopped tho). I hate that people say imma regret them but I’ve had them for 7/8 years now and I still adore them. I just wanted to wear earrings so I got my ears pierced above my gauges and they look cute so its ok

  • Let’s be honest… Other people will be a pain in the ass with or without stretched ears… Live your life for you and for no one else. ��

  • For years I wore plugs with a gem in them and people thought they were just normal jewelry. Now I wear tunnels and people are just now noticing they’re stretched. And I’m a 00g so ��‍♀️

  • The smell most people refer to is litterly death… it is awful not everyone has to deal with it but if you don’t care for your plugs and ears properly.. they will most likely start to stink.

  • Hang on, there’s an “other people” judgement right there about it looking odd to adorn jewelry on the discs. The paradox of conformity within a supposed expression of individuality. As it was said, ear stretching is already odd looking to many. Why not add another layer if somebody truly wants it.

  • That explains SO much! I have 16mm ( am stretching to 20mm now after like 5 years havinf 16mm) and have worn wood for like a few months, and i discovered that i never get irritation etc from wood, and they dont smell! I never knew this was a thing, so the first thing I bought for my upcoming 20mm is wood plugs so at least im prepared! Lol

  • Found out that the Society of Community Service is a strong catlyst for affordable housing and the city and state is making progress. I gave a small donation. If I had a large contribution I would move back straight away. I will continue to support liberal proponents such as Sen. Sanders and Congresswoman Cortez.

  • I don’t have stretched lobes and don’t think I’ll ever start to stretch them, it’s not for me. However, as much as I wouldn’t like them on myself, they look freaking cool on others! I’m watching this video to see why people initially might start to stretch their ears as I wouldn’t myself. I don’t get how people can be so judgemental it’s not your freaking body! So keep your opinions to yourself!

  • I feel like for a lot of things you could just take them out and then just put then back in (like for the phone, headphones, sleeping)

  • I watched Hancock yesterday and the Will ability of not looking like the same actor blows me. Best regards from your brazilian fans Mr. Smith.

  • You could wear ear jewelry but you would have to create them.What I do is clip the post from the back of regular earrings and glue them down onto my clear gauges. I’ve made a couple of hoop earrings. If I’m feeling fancy or just need to disguise them for work they come in handy.

  • Not gonna lie ive had my gauges for a little less than a year I clean them often and they always smell. My boyfriend hates it. Idk why they smell because i only wear glass and stone and my gauges are pretty small. Maybe they’re not completly healed idk

  • I’ve never had much confidence, but when I started stretching, it helped me. I’ve always liked the look, and so I decided that I should get them.

  • I am stretching my second lobes, but only to a 8g. My piercer started mine at 10g. So only one more stretch. For me, it is kind of the best of both worlds. I also (for all my piercings) swear by my travel neck pillow.

  • thats so true am a gym guy for 3 years for now but the weights thing is rlly annoying and like chris said i got injured 2 times and even didnt get a good result in real life like sports and even normal moves going up and down a stairs didnt feel easy even after 3 years of gym weights

  • Okay, so I’ve just seen the first con but I have to rant about this right now. There’s this boy in my biology class who sits next to me and he’s constantly trying to put a pen through my stretched ears and I hate it so much. I feel like it’s so damn rude but no matter how often I tell him to stop or even shout at him he won’t stop.
    Sorry but I just had to tell this.

  • Def more hygienic. I’m a lazy POS that never changed her earrings so when I first took out my stud to put a taper in to stretch it, there was a gross ear-dirt ring on my stud. Been taking better care of my ears with the plug in now ������

  • One way to hide them that works pretty well is just using spirit gum, you can basically glue them shut and to the side of your face so it pretty much just looks like you have a big attached earlobe

    My ears aren’t big enough that it’s a problem but I have a friend who does that for work and I always thought that was a really creative way to hide em lmao

  • Im still in school and have 8mm streched ears, and people I don’t know are CONSTANTLY trying to put their pinky in them and it makes me mad bc I didn’t do it for other people’s entertainment, I did it because I like the look. Don’t touch my ears.

  • NYC isn’t a melting pot. it’s a boiling pot, a pressure cooker for peoples dreams. It forces you to find out what you are, what you are capable of. No one is alone im New York City because eveeyone is in a relationship with NYC, everyone is dating NYC. Sometimes it’s a good relationship, sometimes a bad relationship, always an interesting relariomship. The thing that is addictive about NYC is the struggle, the struggle to survive, the struggle to endure. It is so addictive. And that struggle becomes the great equalizer. Riding the subway as it barrelled underneath the East River toward Manhattan, is where I got the idea for my first novel…

  • NYC is an experience that if you are young you should definitely try it. The only reason to stay and live in NYC is that if you are making a level of money that you can’t make anywhere else or you are born to wealth and privilege. Otherwise, it is a waste of money. Give the experience a year or two and then move on.

  • My thoughts were that I started with weight training and then after some time continue on with calisthenics. Was or is this a good idea?

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  • Hello everyone i want to testify  on how I joined the illuminati  kingdom  and my life change totally. i become rich and famous.  I was trying to join this society for so many years  I was scammed before I was down i could not feed my self and my family anymore and I tried to make money by all means but all in vain, I was afraid to contact any illuminati agent because i was scam before. finally a friend of mine introduce me to the right way to join illuminati. I was initiated, surprisingly I was given an instant benefit money of $2,000,000.00 as a new member of the great illuminati kingdom  I was very happy, for those of you trying to join this illuminati society  this is your opportunity for you to join.  Contact the illuminati official email: [email protected] or call/text or + 1 (917)336 2320 on how to join, i want you all to know that it is totally free on how to join the illuminati, this is the real illuminati temple where you can join and be totally free in life and be successful.

  • You don’t achieve happiness by being famous, or by getting rich, but you can be rich in happiness by accepting yourself. You can still make a profound impact even if you aren’t very well known to people. We all touch lives around us every day, it’s up to us if that’s positive or negative.

  • Being famous is BS, paparazzi always watching yo az��, they’re worst than COD campers. You can’t do anything wrong. If u stub yo toe, you’ll be a News story, if u honk ur horn at an old lady on the highway, you’ll be a News story. If u at a McDonald’s and u drip ketchup on ur shirt, you’ll be meme on the decade. You can’t live life without the paparazzi catching u lacking��

  • I would love to be an actress. Always wanted too… I don’t really want to be famous, I want help people, motivate etc. but I don’t really care for all that fame. Rich yes!! Hi

  • I wish I could be the one doing those animations, had no idea Will Smith was on Youtube, he is just the coolest guy in Hollywood period

  • As a kid I’d always ask my mother “ok so what next?” right up until the job is done. In my downtime she’d often say something to the affect of “I don’t care what you do, just dont get hurt.” The problem with being famous/well known is that people actually DO care what you do. If I were famous, and someone saw me stumbling drunkenly down the street they’d think worse of me, but it’d be magnified because people look up to those they venerate to set an example. I want massive success in life, but not the attention that comes with it.

  • Rich and famous life always comes from ties to dna notice every celebrity has some sort of passive genetic ties to the beginning of America

  • I’m a VM addict..forget the “cons” no shoe is “perfect”…they are light perfect for summer days and mad comfortable so I’ve bought 5 colors so far and will get the wolf’s grey asap for summer..noise as the drawback? I’ll take it..makes people look down and ask about my shoes…lol

  • Will have done so mutch work for her self and for us to enjoy, Music, Movies and series. The most people that i hate are those who try to sue people without real reason.

  • You don’t capitalize the word native when calling yourself a native of some place! And yes, that also applies to you being a native American! A native American is ANY American BORN IN America!

  • Thank you for the advice on not letting people turn you dark because of their actions. I’ve struggled with this for a long time. Sometimes letting the fear and pain control me because of these attackers. It’s hard but I’m still here �� Thank You! Mr. Smith for the STRENGTH

  • im going to move to LA when i am 18 to chase my dream of becoming a actor, im from europe wish me luck. ty god for giving us will he is my hero

  • Why don’t I believe him? I don’t think anybody in this world is truly happy certainly not someone with that amount of fame, money and power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

  • If Will Smith would be a game, he would be Minecraft! Everyone loves it, it never gets old, it’s hella fun and is over-all epic!! Respect Mr. Smith

  • Had the same issue and read online that maybe the insoles. I just took mines out after watching this video and it seems to sound fine now. At first I couldn’t even walk on carpet lol. Hope it works for yall too.

  • I ripped my tongue in the vapor max I mean not all just a little. Gust got then 2 days ago and this happened, just my luck I guess

  • I like these types of reviews, they are done after usage, instead of unboxing or wearing them for just a day, one month gives me a better feedback and idea of whether I want to buy them or not.

  • As a Dutchman, I’ve only been twice in New York and I found it a very busy city. But I have also met wonderful people there en had very nice conversations. It has been a long time since i was there (1975 and 1989). I love Your videos so I can see wat changed and what is still the same. Actually it still looks the same. More modern but still busy and noisy! And a lot more advertising on Times Square! Now I’m a pensioner, and we have been in Florida in 2014 to take a cruise, but there are still plans to go once again!

  • If someone has smelly ears they probably have poor personal hygiene practices. Also, if you have “big” ears avoid high winds flap, flap, flap, flap.

  • I wish I saw your video a week ago I just got the Vapormax Plus and the squeak was so loud, to the point of embarrassing. Literally, people turning around to hear me walking down a hallway. Super comfortable and loved the style, but how did nobody at Nike say, “hey, these make everyone sound like they are running around a basketball court…maybe we should do something about this? *bleh*. And yep, I feel like I’m not walking like i usually do heel to toe, feels unnatural. They are going back.

  • in the beginning of my ear-streching, I only had stainless steel jewelry. and especially in summer, my ears and the plugs tended to smell really bad after only a day, or so. even my girlfriend smelled it, just by sitting on the couch next to each other. by that time I had about 4-8mm. a few years ago, i switched to wooden plugs as well. not only that I like the style of them a lot more, they don’t smell anymore. I think, wooden jewelry is kind of breathing. it constantly lets fresh air to your ears.

  • I have a question and if you do not want to answer this I’m okay with that. I’m kind of wondering are you married? I’m just curious that’s all but if you think that’s too personal and you don’t want to answer that that’s totally cool.

  • The problem is, nowadays it very difficult to trust the opinion of youtube bloggers. The reason is that most of them are into the pockets of the big manufacturers. The youtube is the new frontier of the advertisement industry. The same applies for fragrance reviewers, if they do not receive money from the company, at least they are getting lots free products in the name of review. The bottom line is, you are pushing this product way more than your counter critics.

  • I would be guessing what body exercises are best to do if not for guys like you Chris. After a week of wall handstands, my balance is improving. Starting to walk away from the wall a little bit!

  • Just received mine and the noise is making me want to run very fast….Away….lol. Love the shoe itself, just hope the noise calms down some.

  • I agree with Bodyweight training and love it, but I think it’s better to do both lift weights and bodyweight at the same time while training.

  • I haven’t decided on what color I want. I would love to break my wallet on a bunch of vapormax but I want to experience them with something fire! Any personal recommendations on colors?

  • I have a pair and mine don’t squeak at all!!! I love them. I think they are sooo comfy. I’m not sure what you’re talking about bc mine don’t have that give in the heel you’re talking about.

  • Yeah the squeaking is crazy, seen that 1st hand. I think the Air Max 720 is a much better platform for a full length air unit. I copped the More Uptempo 720s and it’s become my favorite pair hands down for walking around in. I’m not a huge fan of the regular 720 upper but the Uptempo upper is dope on the 720 tooling. Just my opinion and I definitely ain’t no one special.

  • I wanted these, but I noticed how some people’s pair or vapormaxes kind of curl upwards at the front which is kind of wack. (In my opinion)

    Anyone know what the cause of that is?

  • I would say it is an s hole for those who sometimes get extremely hot from some rude people, which unfortunately there are many.. i live in upstate, but iv e been to the city/ manhattan over a dozen timesi find that if you repect the city and other people then it will respect you.. many times i went there and had a little smile all day, just out of keeping positivity and happiness, bc it spreads. It is sometimes seemingly easy to shift the mood of the city, but like many nyers id like to keep it positive, bc its also home. It’s crazy yea, if you’ve never seen anything like it, but just about everyone who chooses to make a living there in some sort of way obviously knows it.

  • The video quality is gorgeous! I feel like i’m right there with you…thank you for explaining the pros and cons of NY living in a realistic way….no place is 100% awful or amazing all the time.

  • Having grown up doing a very leg-intensive sport (figure skating), I can still do pistol squats even if I’m 50 pounds overweight and not in great shape. When I tried to get back into shape at a conventional gym, I used to try doing barbell squats, but it was really tough on my knees and ankles. But now, thanks to you, I’m incorporating explosive pistol squats into my workouts. Thanks Chris! Much love from an athlete-in-training:D

  • im 46 years old just started calisthenics and just because i could blast out 50 push i foolishly thought this training was easy hahaha how wrong was i.
    It is very very dificult thankyou chris for your brilliant videos and advice

  • 9:03
    Chris: you’ve been walking on your legs since the day you were born
    Chris on the day he was born: Strolls right out of the womb��

  • Puts on weighted vest
    ” You merely adopted the calisthenics. I was born in them. Molded by them. I didn’t see the bench press until i was already a man.”

  • Hey bruh I’ve started and gotten to a point where my wrist and palms sometimes hurt probably need to invest in some wrist straps or would it happen that I’m doing something wrong?

  • Damn chris, those explosive pistol squats are to much fun for me��
    I did like 3 and then couldent stop laughing and had to go take a break

  • Just came across this channel and the THENX app today. I’ve been looking for a switch-up in training styles as I’ve been getting really, really bored with weight training. Going to give this a shot!

  • I never moisturized until starting to stretch. I’m already moisturizing with the jajoba, might as well get out the body lotion while I’m in the mindset. And genuinely, I feel a lot healthier when I do.

  • Press Up’s “Too easy?” People say.
    Wel they’ve been doing it wrong, 100% can imagine their hands are by their head and not in line with their chest!
    I thought Press Up’s were easy, but I found out I was doing it wrong, not it ACTUALLY hurts my Triceps, which is good because I’m progressing properly.

  • Best things about calisthenics that weight training has no answer for:
    1. Looks awesome and unique
    2. Can do it anywhere
    3. Explosion in ab strength

  • I know this video is a little old but I’m just starting out so this helped me out. Cool building, a lot better looking than my basement where I exercise.

  • True, also calisthenics is more impressive, being able to control your body so well
    and do these things such as the front lever or the human flag and most of all, it’s all natural.

  • 20 reps with 135lbs on the bench is eassssyyy. I’d go 20 reps with 225lbs.
    That said I still prefer calisthenics. Triple clap pushups etc

  • Discrimination in the workplace is ridiculous, we are now in a time we’re where body modification is more accepted. I work in a hospital and my job is tolerable of plugs but you cannot wear tunnels. Me being the rebel that I am…. I wear what ever the fuck I want

  • I had a cousin who went to New York City for some reason said that people were rude. But he don’t understand though New York City’s culture is a lot different from the deep south. People just don’t talk to people they don’t know I live in Tulsa Oklahoma and I don’t stop and talk to people I don’t know. Doesn’t mean that they’re being rude or just being Street Smart. I told my cousin this not to take it personal

  • So who has the right of way, cars or pedestrians? If pedestrians, when are cars allowed to make a turn because there are never any gaps when nobody is crossing?

  • When he said “I love being me” I got it. His life is congruent with what he wants, and if not he strives to get there. It is in line with his personality, who God made him to be. He’s not living a life that bores him but one he likes to have and chose to work towards. I hope I can have a life congruent with who I am in every sense. Right now I know I’m living below my wants, needs and potential. I’m making changes going in that direction. Here’s to coming back to this comments years later and hoping I can say “I love being me”.

  • You can’t excuse yourself if your too old
    I was doing some calisthenics at the beach in Australia and a 70/80+ man came around and did 7+ chin ups!

  • Okay, today was my first time watching your videos. I was more intrigued by your tattoo s. As I was watching your videos. You impacted me, you said better to do less and be perfect than more and not. Wow, so today I focus on bending and really concertrate on touching floor with both hands. Today only did 2 but I did it. Wow, I am impressed with you. I usaually find fitness pros and trainers to be numb nuts lol. But your words rang true. I was doing push ups with bended knees. I tried and was able to do three like you did. I hope you don’t mind if I share your information on my blog talk. Thank you Sir.
    Who did your tattoos.

  • also if you have multiple ear piercings you can just wear the normal jewelry you cant wear because of your stretched ears in the other holes

  • How do I win that. Thank you OfficaialThenx for this workout and i want you to be my long time fitness couch. Can your app be on the computer? From: Kaley Baker