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KT Tape: Achilles Tendonitis

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KT Tape: Shoulder Dislocation Taping

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KT Tape: Hamstrings

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Shin Splints

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KT Tape: Full Knee Support

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SCAM or SCIENCE? Kinesio Tape reviewed by Doctor

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KT Tape: Rotator Cuff

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KT Tape Might Be an Injured Walker’s Secret Weapon. Chances are you’ve already seen eye-catching kinesiology tape (aka KT or kinesio tape) on professional athletes. Quarterback Tom Brady used it to help him play without discomfort in the Super Bowl, while professional golfer Jordan Speith was spotted wearing it on his wrist when competing.

“By giving targeted areas much-needed support and stability, KT tape can help you start walking with confidence again after common walking injuries like runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and shin splints,” says Beldini. Furthermore, it may help delay fatigue in the newly healed area as you gradually return to your walking routine, adds Giordano. It might have looked like electrical tape, but this was something called KT Tape, a kinesiology tape designed to relieve pain and support muscle.

This special tape is an athlete’s secret weapon against strains and pains, bracing and reinforcing knee strength without restricting range of mobility. KT knee tape is crafted with a special, breathable material and adhesive that’s waterproof and incredibly flexible. KT Tape ® Pro-X is a kinesiology patch specially designed to provide targeted relief for muscle pain, overuse injuries, and tendon-related pain and injuries.* KT Tape ® Pro-X patches were developed for the on-the-go, active consumer who appreciates a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t want to be slowed down by pain or complex taping applications. The tape allowed more load to be placed on the injured ankle.

The load placed on an ankle with limited capacity then broke his ankle. This is the risk that is took when the pain response is shut off. How to Use KT Tape to Deal With the Most Common Running Injuries Just a few strips can stop IT band syndrome, hamstring strains, shin splint. In Death Stranding, the rate at which Sam obtains new gear and weapons is tied directly to his quest to reconnect America by bringing each facility and prepper. Comfortable to wear for up to 7 days Stays on in water Durable 100% Synthetic Fibers are highly breathable KT Tape strips can be cut and applied using the edema taping technique to help provide swelling and inflammation relief.

KT Tape products can be used for alternative medical uses in an emergency such as splinting and bracing. Philip Newton, physiotherapist and director of Lilleshall Sports Injury Rehab, agrees the benefits may be in the mind: “My view is that Kinesio tape probably has a significant placebo effect,” he.

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  • I had some of this stuff for back and shoulder pain and it did nothing for me. However, I have weird shaped feet which cause chronic blisters, and the stuff is magic to treat hot spots and prevent blisters.

  • I taped my shoulder after day 2 it felt like it was on fire when I took off the tape it looked like someone put a red hot iron on my shoulder in several places it took a week of antiseptic cream to clear it up.

  • Nope, I only want black tape. And yes its helps tennis elbow and golfers elbow tremendously! I was skeptic at first when my doctor put tape on it….I literally laughed. I couldn’t believe the difference in lessing the pain. As soon as I took it off, the pain was horrible let again, taped it..
    .so much better. Magic who knows. Does it work hell yes!

  • I’m a runner and my heel has been in lots of pain, my coach recommended Rock tape or kinesio tape. I was wondering how it helps the bodys natural heeling process.

  • hey i seen these on kingdom the other night hey pare these to flex patches and lidicaine worth it? i know the other two are medicated

  • Now I know cleaning the area prior is common sense but for those without this superpower, maybe you should have lead with that!! I will say I thought this stuff was a scam till they used it on my in PT and now I swear by the stuff!!!!

  • Good lord I need this I’ve had this injury for over two weeks, I usually deal with pain pretty well but this morning was the end all

  • 25 here. When I was 21 I was last in line in a 4 car rear end collision. Dislocated my shoulder. Five days ago I dislocated my shoulder again and tore my rotator cuff. KT tape really does help. If your pain level is high like mine, make sure to use a sling and rest that arm.

  • As someone waiting for a rotator cuff surgery date, that has a full tear of the supraspinatus tendon, a full SLAP tear of the labrum and a partial tear of the prominent bursal this has been extremely helpful until my surgery

  • The tape does work my left shoulder is Beyond surgical repair I’ve already had six surgeries on it there’s no good tendon Or ligament left this tape has reduce my pain by 50 percent so don’t tell people it want help.

  • Where can I get this from? I’ve been researching tape support for shoulders as an alternative to slings (which are bulky, restrictive and cumbersome). I damaged my rotator cuff in a fall a couple of years ago, and I also have a condition which makes my joints less stable than most people, and would love to have something which offers support without compromising my mobility.

  • I feel like you need an actual professional to do this…

    My PT used leukotape for my shoulder instability and it felt amazing not how the tape stuck to the skin (that sucked) but how it kept my shoulder at a natural position.

  • Have you all changed the adhesive you’re using since the tape originally came out? I used KT Tape several times a couple of years ago & it was very effective & helped a lot, no problems at all. Just recently bought some again to help with Frozen Shoulder & immediately I started having an allergic reaction. My skin was itching badly under the tape, then blistering. You could feel them through the tape; I thought it was hives. I removed the tape, thinking I felt hives, but they are actually very itchy blisters, all over my shoulder & my skin looks like I’ve been burned. It doesn’t hurt at all, just SUPER itchy, very red & blistery��.

  • They make it look easy lol. I hate when I feel like I put it on correctly and I find it peeling off. And only after 1 day the edges wanna peel off after a shower when most people say they use it for 2-3 3-6 days..

  • Hey Doc,it’s great for supporting any part of yr strained or injured anatomy,support being the operative word.As long as you take instruction on how best to apply to yr particular injury.Not a cure,but again gives great support.

  • Hi, can i use this method for a small tear of my right glenoid labrum or should i use the general shoulder pain taping method? Thanks.

  • Youtuber, Martina of channel “Simon and Martina”, has EDS and she heavily uses kinesiology tape to help prevent accidental injuries which she is very prone to.

  • For you non believers. This WORKS! I USE IT ON MY TENDONITIS AND MY HUSBAND ON HIS KNEE. It works!! My trainer showed me how to use it and my chiropractor loves it too. Don’t knock it before you try it. My massage therapist also is a huge advocate. It lifts the muscles an derives pain.

  • Great video! I bought me some Kinesio tape for my rotator cuff tear (Note that my tear is less than 50% according to my physio). I am actually surprised how it reduced my pain and I am able to do few good workouts. However, the only side effect this tape has is it gets so damn itchy from time to time that you wanna rip your skin apart. Other than that great tape and great method to apply. Again, thank you so much for the video. Cheers from New Zealand!

  • Hi, great videos but hard to follow anatomically. It would be really helpful if you could give accurate anatomical locations for the application sites. I assume the first point of application was anterior to the distal end of the clavicle? Please let me know if thats right. Also where did you fix the back end of the tape, spine of scapula? Thanks

  • I’ve seen another video where tape was applied on knee in approximately 50 degrees flexion. Will it matter if taping is done with knee in 90 degree flexion vs knee in slight flexion?

  • my daughter has done competition cheerleading for years and has experienced multiple injuries. her tumbling coach told her about this tape last year and we used it on her to finish out state. it was amazing. I too thought how could tape help but my daughter made it through state without coming off the mat crying and we still use today. it is not intended to heal the injury. I would recommend to any athlete who is just trying to make it through a season without being taken out and consult a doctor.

  • It’s really interesting and kind of ironic that a pretty convincing meta-analysis of the kind he makes reference to in this video was published about a month after he posted this. This is not to say that he’s completely unwarranted in his skepticism, but I also don’t think anybody here should be basing their entire opinion on kinesiology tape based-off of solely this video.

  • my shoulders are like those that guy have in that video…but when I try to put them straight…it reallly gets my shoulders tired.w.hat can I do?

  • Hello,
    I’m Face Off specialist for my Lacrosse Team, so as far as I play a to with my body strength I’m mostly get shoulder on shoulder with my opponents (playing in Germany). Last week  I had pain while working out on Military Press. My coach said it might be rotator cuffs. So my question aims at if I can work out and practice Lacrosse being taped.
    I’m looking forward for your answer.
    Kind regards.

  • I have been diagnosed with “frozen shoulder” and I have a slight tear in my rotator cuff.  Will this help the pain I am experiencing?

  • The pain is only higher on my tendon. Does this mean i only use tape where the pain is, or should i put tape on two point of my tendon like in the video

  • I just tweaked my shoulder today olympic lifting. I figured I might as well put kt tape on overnight before I get a verdict on what exactly I did to it. Figured it was my deltoid or rotator cuff, felt the shoulder click into and out of the socket, but no dislocation. I found the easiest way to do this application was to apply the larger blue piece starting from the back and then coming over to the front of the shoulder, basically what you did except backwards. Seems to be the same.

  • Love KT tape for this application. Absolutely hate that no one I know understands how to put it on me, or that I actually need another person lol.

  • i wish to give an order for kinesio tape….can u please suggest me hw to approach for it…..can u please tell me d product sizes & cost

  • Within the first 1min u can tell he was going to shit on it. And u kno he’ll never use it cuz he’s not an athlete and he’s too fucking smart

  • This is a temporary fix, do eccentric heel drops for a permanent fix. If you only have a minor injury, it will only take a couple of weeks of eccentrics to fix.

  • Thanks for this. I currently have my ankle in a boot due to an injury and my knee on my opposite leg recently started hurting pretty bad. I didn’t want to have to buy a knee brace and remember I bought KT Tape awhile back to try. I’ve taped my knee and feel a little relief already.

  • Bro you just gave such a thoughtful explanation. I love that you didn’t completely dismiss this product but gave a reasonable argument for both sides. You seem like a very educated person.

  • If any of my friends complain about pain, I just say get it taped. It does nothing but they stop whining, so it’s the ultimate placebo

  • I had tarsal tunnel surgery and Achilles tendinitis they used it on me in physical Therapy and I was shocked that it actually made a difference. My doctor did say you should be careful because you can become dependent on it so I do it a 2 days on then 2 days off. And I use it when I do a lot of walking for example if I go to Disneyland. I think you need to know what muscle you injured and how to tape it.

  • Hi Brian, thank you for the great video. Are you able to let me know why do so many professional athletes use Kinesiotape? Is it being advised by the team’s physiotherapist or chiropractor?

  • I have had foot pain for 2 years. Recently I have gotten a great physiotherapist who has been giving me mental therapy. Yesterday he placed some tape on my ankle and I thought it would be bullshit and not help, so the placebo affect would not be a factor for me. But the next day I definitely had far less pain.

  • i dont use kinesio tape to heal but to provide temporary support while playing sport or doing other stuff. For me it makes the injured area more comfortable in certain positions.

  • Iv been using kt tape for 10 years since my physical therapist used it on me following a knee injury. I honestly dont know if it’s legit, but it atleast improves my mindset. Having it on may just trick the brain into thinking your getting benefits just like muscle rub does. For that reason ill continue to always use it.

  • I’ve never seen it used as a cure-all. I’ve only ever seen it as something that gives you temporary relief similar to a brace for a workout

  • This was a great instructional video, and I appreciate it. However… It might be a good idea to tell everyone the, “Before you apply the tape” part, BEFORE YOU APPLY THE TAPE! LOL! That would have been a great thing to know before following your instructions right away. I had pain relief cream on my arm and had to waist the tape I had already put on to wash my arm off and redo it. Other than that, the video was a huge help. ��♥️☮️

  • When I saw that this was being reviewed by an MD I was immediately distrustful. Based on experience.

    Regarding the pyramid they left out the most important medical factor ( to them) of all the part where they make obscene amounts of money

  • there are a lot of studies on the use of tape for neuro disorders. My physical therapist recommended it for my daughter with cp and it is working a little to help her stay aware of her body and to help her use her muscles more efficiently. there are ton of videos on youtube were before and after videos of people/children using the tape and there is a big difference n walking and posture in children. i think you should look into that.

  • As a total cure, no. But, I have an issue with ligaments in my ankles and knees. Several years ago, I had a partial subluxation of my right knee. I had been wearing a brace, using anti-inflammatories and physical therapy. I had seen KT tape. I decided to try it. I discovered that it gave me as much support as the brace but, more range of motion. I could also wear it 24hrs instead of on and off. More importantly, it was comfortable. I still used anti-inflammatories and did therapy but, now it was far less painful. After 8 weeks or so, I discovered that I had stopped putting it on regularly and after 12 wks, I wasn’t putting it at all. I haven’t put it on since. Because it was comfortable and gave my support, I believe that for the first time, I actually allowed my injury to completely heal.

    With my ankles, I have had the ligaments surgically repaired, strapped and casted since I was 11yrs old. I’m 56. I am a walker. My ankles are weak and will always be. When they start ti hurt, I use the tape for a week, give them time to strengthen and go on with life. If I’m going to be hiking, mowing the lawn or walking on uneven roads or ground, I put it on to us as a support or “additional” ligaments. If I forget, as I did this week…I spend a couple weeks wearing my oh so flashy mat black tape.

    They were out of my usual nude color. So much for the “flashy color” theory, lol. ��

  • Can someone suffering from Achilles Tendonitis recover completely…I have been resting since the past 7 to 8 months still not recovered.

  • For functional taping to work, you must have correct diagnosis and good taping technique. You can say the same about any medical procedures.

  • @gfqolkd yes I agree cant even believe it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. worth watch here now => bit.ly/129WvJR?=uiolps

  • I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, because like any tape, it restricts ROM but still has some give so you can move. So there’s bracing but less restrictive. If you use something like KT Tape for carpal tunnel you will find 100% your ROM is limited like in a brace, and there’s not stretch on the tape for that application, you just lay it down. Like I said, it’s just like bracing with tape except the tape has some give so you retain limited ROM. Anyone in sports med knows that it’s important for quick recovery in many cases to continue to exercise the injured muscle or connective tissue and kinetic tape allows just that, but more protective. In my opinion, it really does the trick for those more minor, irritating, inflammatory pains that get worse as the day goes by, like tendonitis, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, etc. I wouldn’t use it for something like back pain where motion is limited anyway, and it pulls on my hair in an irritating way.

  • Never heard it could improve muscle strength. ��
    I use it when my feet needs extra stabilisation. It creates a better fixation than wrapping them with a soft bandage.
    Also used it on a muscle on my arm once when I was swordfighting for a role i the theatre and I tired my muscle out. Then the tape did so I couldn’t use that particurlar muscle because of the way it was placed. That was a weird feeling.
    Of course if I gave it my all I could use it but then it would hurt like hell again and the tape almost came of.

  • I had a torn acl that made bending my knee terribly painful. I got a second opinion while waiting for a surgery date and the second doc ordered PT, where the therapist used this tape to keep my meniscus in place, which allowed me to do exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles without pain. It worked like a charm…never needed surgery, that was 15 years ago…

  • I have EDS, and KT, dynamic tape, leuko tape, and athletic tape all have different purposes, but ALL are beneficial to me. Some applications even support swelling and lymphatic drainage from my fat and subcutaneous tissues. I do not have much autonomic postural support, and it definitely cuts down on my dislocations and subluxations. KT tape is a helpful reminder to actively engage the muscles you all get to use as easily as you breath and stand with 24/7….more supportive tapes like dynamic and strapping tape help give me the extra stability and some support that you all get from your connective tissue all the time, that comes from places like your interstitium, tendons, and ligaments.

    I think they may be less effective for people who don’t have awareness of their autonomic nervous system or a lifetime of dysfunctions with it. Even with my accute body awareness though, they are all only as good as their application, which is more of an art form than a science. Also, they are still only a postural training and support tool, not a replacement or cure for anything. I have to be careful with my skin, as I can have allergic level spontaneous reactions from adhesives in general and improper application causes traction blisters and irritation. much more easily than in other people. Even with those issues, they are a helpful tool for me, and think they can especially work if you have a physical therapist or trainer help develop a proper regimen for you to follow when you apply.

  • It works really well for my sciatic nerve pain and thoracic outlet syndrome, also had a quad tear i used it for. I find if I use it for a few months when things are out of wack I usually can go a long time without using it, supports my muscles and gives them time to “calm down” I feel. If I didnt discover this farming would be alot more difficult, honestly I probably couldn’t do it.

  • As a professional massage therapist, I have to say, kinesiology tape has helped many of my clients, as it provides nice support for many injuries and it is stabilizing, while still providing free ROM (range of motion)
    It helps with the inflammatory response and supports the linfatic system.
    Of course you need to know how to apply the tape correctly, so it does not wrinkle up and stick together like in your presentation. Overall it might not be a miracle cure, but in cambination with other healing techniques it’s a wonderful alternative for not using pharmaceutical drugs.