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A SMALL AMOUNT CAN HAVE A BIG IMPACT. Fifty-five minutes of brisk walking per week, or less than 10 minutes per day, is significantly less exercise than the recommended 150 minutes per week of physical activity, yet this much walking had a positive effect on study participants who experienced osteoarthritis symptoms. A SMALL AMOUNT CAN HAVE A BIG IMPACT Fifty-five minutes of brisk walking per week, or less than 10 minutes per day, is significantly less exercise than the recommended 150 minutes per week of physical activity, yet this much walking had a positive effect on study participants who experienced osteoarthritis symptoms. The good news is just 4,400 steps a day can help you live longer and to get there, you just need a couple of 10-minute walks throughout the day.

WHY 10-MINUTE WALKS ARE SO GREAT FOR YOUR HEALTH Exercise isn’t always about how much you do — the quality of your workouts is important, too. Here’s some fantastic news for people with crazy-busy schedules: You can improve your health just 10 minutes at a time. Taking a few 10-minutes walks spread throughout the day every day makes a difference. Not only is it good for your physical health, it also positively impacts your mood and mental health.

Video of the Day. Six hours of sitting restricts blood flow to your legs, which may up your risk for arterial disease, a precursor for heart attack or stroke. Just 10 minutes of walking may protect you, a new study. Relax the mind and eliminate all of your stress from the day and move your body to get some blood flowing and muscles moving.

Something as simple as walking ten minutes each evening can have amazing benefits. Imagine how much more rewarding walking around the block is than falling onto the couch and zoning out in front of the TV. If you’d rather stretch before you walk, remember to warm up first.

Set realistic goals For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity, or an equivalent combination of moderate and vigorous aerobic activity. Others fit in 10 minutes of exercise several times a day. If your walking pace isn’t speedy enough to qualify as moderate-intensity exercise, those steps still help prevent the problems that can occur from sitting too much during the day. Adding any regular activity to your routine is beneficial. How to include more steps in your day.

Adding as little as 20 minutes of walking to your daily routine has been shown to improve health. Here are five reasons to lace up your comfortable shoes and walk your way to better healt. The average walking speed of a human is 3 to 4 miles per hour, or 1 mile every 15 to 20 minutes.

How fast you walk can be used as an.

List of related literature:

Walking 10 minute/day is useful, but an otherwise healthy older client should try to walk 20 to 30 minute/day three or more times a week.

“Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN” by Diane Billings, Desiree Hensel
from Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN
by Diane Billings, Desiree Hensel
Wolters Kluwer Health, 2016

Of course, it is good to have half an hour’s walking every day, but it’s not enough.

“Letters and Papers from Prison” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
from Letters and Papers from Prison
by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Touchstone, 2011

But you also need to dedicate a total of thirty minutes a day to walking (broken up into chunks of at least ten continuous minutes if you need to).

“YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
from YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management
by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
Scribner, 2010

A guideline of 30 minutes per day is the ultimate goal although for the de-trained patient, 10 minutes of walking per day may be a good starting point.

“Exercise Therapy in the Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders” by Fiona Wilson, John Gormley, Juliette Hussey
from Exercise Therapy in the Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders
by Fiona Wilson, John Gormley, Juliette Hussey
Wiley, 2011

Rather, for instance, aim for a ten-minute walk three days a week for a month, then four days a week, then five days a week, then try walking for fifteen minutes at a time.

“Surviving a Borderline Parent: How to Heal Your Childhood Wounds and Build Trust, Boundaries, and Self-Esteem” by Kimberlee Roth
from Surviving a Borderline Parent: How to Heal Your Childhood Wounds and Build Trust, Boundaries, and Self-Esteem
by Kimberlee Roth, Limited, 2009

In this case, 20 minutes of regular walking would be vastly more effective.

“The Instinct to Heal: Curing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Without Drugs and Without Talk Therapy” by David Servan-Schreiber
from The Instinct to Heal: Curing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Without Drugs and Without Talk Therapy
by David Servan-Schreiber
Rodale, 2004

Its helpful to start by walking 10 min 3 days a week, and can build to 30–45 min of more intense walking at least 5 days a week.

“Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications” by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
from Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications
by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
CRC Press, 2003

shoes, walking requires no special clothing or equipment, and with a little preplanning, can be worked into any busy schedule; you can break up the total walking time into several small parts and attain the same health benefits.

“Health & Wellness”
from Health & Wellness
, 2008

Getting in shape for a walking post is not always possible but once walking becomes part of your job, you should consider walking and exercising during your days off as well.

“The Professional Protection Officer: Practical Security Strategies and Emerging Trends” by IFPO, Sandi J. Davies
from The Professional Protection Officer: Practical Security Strategies and Emerging Trends
by IFPO, Sandi J. Davies
Elsevier Science, 2010

Even a short walk every day is good for you.

“The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss” by Nancy L. Mace, Peter V. Rabins
from The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss
by Nancy L. Mace, Peter V. Rabins
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017

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  • What did you think of our list? What are your favorite parts about walking? Hey, maybe you can share with us some of your favorite walking paths around your city! Let us know in the comments section below all the best parts about this awesome past-time! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ��

  • I walk for about 40 mins at the top of my house ceiling and 10 mins running. And I am experiencing the change in my body from the past few days

  • I live on the beach,and walk many miles a day as well as surfing.I have a lean muscular body because off this.I used to have high blood pressure before I retired,and needed to take 40mg of Losartan a day.I was also pretty pudgy. Now my blood pressure is 110/78 and am off blood pressure meds.

  • Walking is amazing. But weight loss will NEVER happen without a CALORIE DEFICIT. And it’s total fiction to say otherwise. Walking is ideal because it’s easy and easy to stick to AND it doesn’t make you ravenous like high intensity training.

  • Walking definitely good in every aspect of your health, but don’t think walking for merely 15 mins doesn’t makes much differences. ����

  • Hi I sell Avon so I don’t drive I deliver brochures walking sell Avon I deliver brochures off to house it’s how I do my walking and I love to do aerobics

  • Walking is one of the simple pleasures of life. It means motion, freedom, health, sights and mental clarity. I pity all the drivers chained to their vehicles. Many have been indoctrinated into car ownership at the expense of their well being. Move that Fat!

  • Walking and Imagination. I Observed that I am having a very creative ideas about lot’s of things in my mind. During walk.I observed myself and thought about the improvements needed in myself. Walking also increased my confidence in accepting new challenges, I througly and clearly thought about my goals. That’s my 2 cents, I can write a whole essay on benefits of walking and not an medical pro. but will leave the rest of experiences to Walker’s. Finally I just want to say that” We humans are designed to walk” and that we should do a lot. All the Best n��������

  • You were in my suggestion so i decided to give your workout a try. I love your workouts!!! I’m now subscribed and thumbs up all your video’s that I try!!

  • I love walking. It connects me with nature and relaxes me. It also helps with weight management, but don’t expect it to make the pounds drop off. An hour’s walking burns only about two hundred calories.

  • Been feeling out of condition and have a hard time breathing. So I’ve been walking when I can and it does feels relaxing and I enjoy the cool air and scenery. Just getting back to the habit of walking again would really help. Thank you for sharing.��❤️��

  • Ever ting there saying is. True.I lost 140 lbs in 2 years it’s not easy but it’s wrote it I have keep the whigjt of now for a year’s not just walk it has to be a way.of life from Louissina��Trump2020

  • I’m glad I remembered you had running/walking videos:) Today in the Midwest, on “Halloween Eve,” we are having icy rain. I was stepping out to run and the little ice bits were stinging my face! Grrrrr. So I got out the laptop, pulled up this video for a warmup, and I”ll be working out with you again in a couple minutes for a 30 minute jog/run 😉 YAY! Not the same as being free in the outdoors, but better than getting my face iced!

  • My dogs love the walk 7 days/week 20 blocks up n 20 blocks down it takes us an hour sometimes if it’s a nice day we walk for 2 hrs. Problem is my neighborhoodthey stop in the middle n starts chatting like they own the side walk, vendors occupy so much space selling their goods that there is no space to walk, the park near me has so many huge dogs (without leashes) so I’m afraid to put my dogs in harms way. I always have to say “excuse me, please let me pass” n they get annoyed because they feel that dogs don’t have a right to go for a walk I’ve a chihuahua, Yorkie n Shih Shizu. Everyday it gets to a point that I hate walking but I cannot stop I need the exercise n my dogs love the outing. The on,y solution that I’ve right now is move out of the area when my lease is up. My apt n the rent is nice but I just cannot get myself stressed out. Wish the people think n stay on one side to chitchat.

  • 10,000 steps takes me 1 and a half hours I fit it in whatever way I can 15 minutes here and hour there I never sit to watch T.V. walking is my medicine to de-stress, etc… It’s a must.

  • I love this progressive workout sessions! �� I’m doing this exercise with my mom so we’re taking it slow but so far it’s been fun! Thank you.

  • Walking tips

    Find a good pair of comfortable trainers/supportive socks to avoid blisters

    Don’t forget sunglasses/sunscreen/insect repellent and hatif living in sunnier climate

    Think safety at all times, especially if walking alone, make sure someone knows your route. Be careful if wearing headphones around traffic.

    Walking alongside the beach is a perfect workout as you’ll benefit from the negative ions in the sea air. Also walking on sand provides a slightly harder workout

    Take your dog or find a dog to walk. Maybe offer to walk a neighbours dog, or an elderly persons dog if they are not able to walk as far. You’ll feel great, the dog will benefit and it’s also doing good for another human being.

    If you are really into your fitnesshow about a dog walking business. There are plenty of people that work during the day and for long hours. Either offer to help someone out for free to walk their dog or set up your own business

    If you are a mum, with young children, try and get together with other mums and do a buggy walk. Can plan different routes. Also, the support of others will keep you motivated. Try setting up a group near to where you live. It’s free so you’ll probably get one or two people interested. You’ll make new friends too.

    Walking at sunrise or sunset is hugely rewarding

    Try and plan different route so that you don’t get bored.

    Get out in nature and go to the beach, park or out in the countryside

    Don’t forget that if you are planning on walking far to hydrate before, during and after. Plenty of fluids

    For achy or swollen feet, soak feet in Epsom/himilayian salts with a few drops of your favourite bath oils up to your ankles for 20mins or as long as you can. Your feet will smell lovely and be totally refreshed.

    When buying trainersget your walking assessed to see if you are an over or under pronator. So that you have the right foot wear for the job

    Keep a reflective diary of your walk. Just a brief paragraph of how far you went and how you felt afterwards, any specific details. You’ll soon start to appreciate the people you meet, the dogs you see, and the sceneary.

    If you want to add some extra resistance you could always use light hand weights in each arm and swing as you walk, or ankle weights again not too heavy.

    Some people benefit from fasted cardioeg, walking before breakfast. Some research suggests you’ll burn your own fat stores more easily. Worth trying for a month to see if you notice any significant weight loss

    Be grateful for each day that you have that you can use your legs to visit new places

    Start up a walking group in your areaif it’s free then you will surely get a few people interested, especially if it’s at a time that’s suitable for most people. Eg, early mornings before work or in the evenings.

    Walking outside in the sunshine will help boost your vitamin D levels

    It’s free, it doesn’t cost anything, if you are on a budget or a student then it’s a great way to save on gym memberships. Especially if you walk each day and for an hour at a good pace. You can always add in 3 at home resistance workouts using Dumbbells or kettle bells to have a good all I’ve body workout.

    Make walking part of your everyday, park further away from the supermarket in the carpark. Walk as much as you possible can, avoid escalators and lifts. In Europe it’s very common to see people walking especially in France.

    Keep safe, keep happy and keep fit. Enjoy life. It’s yours given to you for free! ��������������

  • Yes! I needed a short workout today and I really enjoyed learning from you while I walked and jogged. Thanks for putting the timer on screen so I could do 1 minute intervals.

  • Walking is a king of exercise. In the word ‘Walking’ itself we can find the word ‘King’. The presentation was holistic & evidence based. Definitely the message conveyed would create a positive impact on anyone to take up walking as routine. Heartiest appreciation and thanking copiously for the great message. Hats off.

  • I used to workout regularly, then I got injured (darn plyometrics), and it’s been 10 years of false starts and reinjury. My PT finally said I can try some “regular” exercises instead of just doing PT, and I’m so glad I found this. A true slow start to help prevent injury—this is fantastic. Thank you! (Also, it’s awesome to have a workout led by someone with a pleasant attitude!)

  • Just realized I never commented on this one so here I am. I think this program should be getting more views and more likes because I absolutely love it! I’m up to the 30-min video now, and this was a great video to get me started!

  • The list is straightforward and comprehensive. It just makes sense that walking can do all those things, even without the studies. Side note…after I clicked that I liked the video, I noticed the don’t likes…haha…what’s not to like? Must be all those folks who don’t yet understand what movement, any movement in any amount, can do for your body!

  • GREAT VIDEO! IMPORTANT INFO! I’m ready!! LET’S WALK! WOOHOO! TFS n’ look forward to MORE good videos like this!
    In my city, Madison,WI, we have TONS of bike paths, dog parks, AND WALKING areasjust in my neighborhood, there are wonderful paths n’ areas to GET OUTSIDE & ENJOY! And GAIN THE BENEFITS of this HEALTHY activity! Again, thank you!

  • this series is like my back up for days when i don,t feel like doing other workouts cause i feel tired or im not in the mood but i can manage 10,15 or 20  minutes walking and how it clears my mind

  • Did you miss me? I’ve been sick and choosing sleep over workouts. Today I felt better enough to take this 10 minute walk with you. See you tomorrow morning, I hope!:-)

  • Well believe me, there’s nothing like brisk walking. I have been doing it for the past 21 years, 45 minuets six days a week. And I am 69. Parks are noisy and overcrowded in India, so when people start leaving in the evening, I enter the park for my daily brisk walk. Believe me I enjoy it to the hilt. If it rains or I am unable to go for some pressing reason, I feel depressed. After the walk I feel relaxed, on top of the world; like the whole world is walking with you. So enjoy walking, please.

  • Shoveling snow for the last two days. I don’t think I would have made it if it was not for doing these workouts for the last 4 weeks.

  • Man, I’m so used to the 15, 20 and 30 min workouts, but even the 10 min ones feel brutal!
    Definitely feeling this in my thighs, especially in the back.

    Thanks, Pahla!

  • This was great! I was looking for something before doing the stability ball workout for today (March 31, 2018) and picked this one. Loved it and wish I had seen your channel when you had the 100 day challenge; that is a long challenge, and will be checking your channel for it later! Thank you again for a great workout!

  • At 7:00 narrator says all the food you eat is digested in the stomach. Not true. Digestion actually starts in the mouth by enzymes in our saliva, it then continues in the stomach, then into the small intestine and finishes in the colon or large intestine.

  • So funny! I remember how this workout resonated with me the first time and am thrilled how it resonated with me today! I must say, in regards to exercise, I truly feel I’ve found my groove������

  • Pahla
    Your workouts bring me so much joy!!!
    Furthermore you are very articulate and precise with all your explanations
    Thanks ever so much

  • Thank you for giving us information about why we should or should not think about how long we need to move in order to burn the most calories. I feel the more information you have for this better heath journey for yourself the longer you keep moving.
    Thank you ��

  • PahlaYour “speech” today really spoke to me!  first, yes, the Hot 100 was life changing!  I grew more confident in trying things I never thought I’d try, like that wall workout!  today I didn’t run the entire full 10 minutes, but most of it and more than I ever have.  I have noticed muscle definition and not only look slimmer according to friends and family, but I feel strong and slimmer!  and, I am fit and at age 52 feel stronger than I ever have in my life!  and, I am me!  As you know, one day I had a couple glasses of wine and still fit in my Hot 100 workout for the day!  I didn’t want to join instigram or however it is spelled, so didn’t join in the prize hunt!  I did this for me!  Now I have a few friends from across the nation doing the Hot 100 and/or other videoes you put out there!  And, we think the world of you!  I appreciate that you comment and respond when I ask questions or report to you!  and, I just joined the Killer Beehive and it feels like home!  so, thank you for this Hot 100.  Thank you for just being you!  And, of course, I look forward to the next challenge you put out there for us!  I am a new person thanks to the Hot 100!

  • New to exercise? �� Get STARTED with my FREE 14-day exercise plan specially designed for beginners. It’s fast, fun + effective:

  • I walk around the beach 30 mts every morning. Definitely would say, walking has its effect on your overall health and well being.

  • I was a jogger for a couple of years then unfortunately fell off after having my last baby. i was just diagnosed type 2 diabetes and had no idea what kinda of exercise to help start my fitness routine back up. Well found you..and this video.. THANK YOU! I saved it and felt it will work perfectly to help me ease back into a healthier lifestyle.

  • My story!

    Benefits of my heel and toe walking Regime

    For some time now my feet have been killing me, I did a lot of limping, I tried insoles and other stuff, no good at all, I went on line seeking help, one web site suggested what they call heel and toe walking, striking the floor with your heel, rolling the feet and taking off on your toes, I took it seriously, I think I must have been walking flat footed, here are the amazing things that happened.
    Wonderful, life changing!

    Correct walking affects the muscles in the feet, the legs and beyond.
    I don’t limp anymore the reason I started this method of walking.
    For a short while my thigh muscles ached, that is good.
    I can now wear shoes I was reluctant to wear because they hurt my feet.
    I am not at all unsteady when I walk now.
    Walking on cobbled streets in my home town I always avoided because I felt unsteady walking on them, not anymore I make a point of walking on them now.
    Steps I avoided because I felt unsteady walking up and down them, much better.
    I feel a lot more confident.
    Here is the BIG one
    The Pelvic Floor Muscle.
    I had prostate cancer some years ago and had to have it surgically removed resulting in incontinence, I did the kegal exercises but it was a waste of time so I gave up, I wear pads and change them every day sometimes twice a day, after doing my new walking regime after not very long I noticed one night when I took one off it was dry, never happened before, now they are either dry or not very wet, also every morning about six I need to pee, I had to grab my willy to stop myself peeing on the floor on my way to the toilet, not anymore, if I was caught short often I would wet myself as I undid my pants, not anymore, I wore my pads for three days with hardly any leakage!

    One problem was drinking beer, bitter/real ale, if I tried a pint it was as if my body was a drain pipe, I quickly wet my pants, it’s a diuretic, Guinness and wine were OK, after the improvements with the pad I decided to try and drink a pint to see what would happen, I stayed dry, next day I had two pints, I stayed dry!
    As I said wonderful and life changing.
    Not bad for a man who is 79 years old!

  • This is an old video but I just wanted to say that the message of this video is very encouraging. My mental health has taken a nosedive lately but I’ve tried to keep up with my workouts despite having to take time off work. Thanks for the great advice it can be applied to a lot of things (◍•ᴗ•◍)

  • I just did week 1, session 2 (cha cha) and I really like this series so far. It reminds me a lot of Zumba, which I did for several years so it’s easy for me to follow along. I’m coming out from a year of cancer treatments so this series is perfect for me to gradually build up my stamina. Keep up the good work!

  • I have run nearly every day for most of my life. I am now 66 years old and after turning 60 I slacked off on the running and began to just walk. My knees are in great shape but I don’t wish to press my luck.
    Nearly everything in this video is something that I am experiencing. I am in perfect health, body weight is excellent, digestive perfect, sleep is great, blood pressure is 108 over 78 last time I checked, completely alert and can still nearly beat my 15 year old grand son in a 50 yard dash. I walk for nearly 2 hours a day and don’t set any records. Just over 6.3 miles. I have always felt that the secret to life was on the track. Wife is starting to catch on and is beginning to walk on a regular basis. A regiment of weight lifting is also recommended.

  • I’m loving these classes… Recovering from coronavirus (attempting to!) for ages I was out of breath just going to the kitchen, I just managed 10 mins! Doesn’t sound like much but it’s making a huge difference to me I feel like I’m finally making progress ���� thankyou ������

  • Busy day today and at 12 midnight I remembered I need to work out. This was perfect after a hard day today. Work out was harder but manageable for a short period of time. Loving your videos!

  • Loved the tip about breathing…something I’ve needed! I need to get my feet up and back, but I have a hard time pulling to the back of my booty. Sometimes when running outside I find myself almost tripping over the front of my shoes….thoughts?

  • Here in the States schools are closed do to Covid-19, it’s currently snowing outside, so I had the kids (9&11) join me in a walking workout! We had a great time!

  • Probably my first time doing a Hot100 on the day it came out! Lol! I probably could’ve run straight through, but I took two 1 minute walking minutes after 3 minutes to be sure! Great run! Thank you! ��������

  • My boyfriend didn’t want to workout with me today so this came right in time. I have anxiety so it helps to have a workout partner it helps me stay calm while working out. Thanks again for this amazing video❤️☀️����

  • Your so inspiring and I honestly love your whole aura it’s so beautiful!! That’s why I work out with you daily not the calories burned!!! ����

  • Humans are definitely supposed to be walking a lot more, not just sitting all day. If you look at cultures that still live out in nature, they walk a lot to gather food.

  • I actually thought you were wearing a dress! Lol either way it’s very cute. I feel like you made this workout just for me. It spoke so much to me and how I feel about myself �� thank you for a great run and talk. It was an added exercise to my cardio and the best way to end my workout. Thanks Pahla ��

  • thanks for this workout.. I am not a runner & this was just what I needed, I might even do this a couple timres.. I am learning just how important HIT workouts are for us middle age women. I started following your work out at X-mas & have noticed now every morning my body is craving them before starting my dAY. LOVING YOUR STUFF.. hugs

  • Debbie Rabe,, Walking is most helpful when you swing those arms and walk fast. Leisure walking will not be effective in a weight loss scenario. More importantly,,, you need to watch your consumption of food. Perhaps your calorie levels too high. Also,, avoid night meals.

  • I think you hit the nail on the head. We all might be a little timid at 1st. Picking and choosing which workouts we can do. I know I did. I remember see the levels listed and thinking “Oh I’m not ready for that”. Until one day I just tried and I still modify quite a bit because I don’t like jumping (knee issues) but I TRY whatever workout and most of the time I can do it!

  • This is the first time I tried “kicking” back with my legs instead of my usual forward, as you suggested in this video and what a difference! I can certainly feel it, thank you!

  • TESTIMONIAL: This is one of those rare days where I really only intended to do one Hot100 workout. I admit I was frightened when you said running, no GYm Boss and no intervals, but thought I would just do as much as I could. To my surprise, I ran the entire time. When we got to the end, I felt like I could do more so I rewound the video 5 minutes and kept running!! Those last few minutes were so tough I had to turn my back to stop staring at the timer, but with the help of your encouraging stories and your soothing voice, I ran for just over 15 minutes!! YAY me! And YAY you, Pahla! You are a godsend. Off to get ready for church, with one more thing to add to my long list of things for which to be thankful!