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The short answer is, it depends. “Unless you had close encounters with other people, you don’t need to wash your fitness devices and shoes after every walk,” says Paul Meechan, PhD, a biosafety consultant and former director of the Office of Safety, Health and Environment at the CDC.Walking or running while maintaining social distancing. You might not notice an odor coming up from your kicks, but socks should be washed after every workout since most people rarely wash their sneakers and they could be holding on to harmful bacteria. You can toss them in the machine along with the sneaks, but you should wash them separately because a ton of dirt and grime collects around the eyelet, so you want to be sure that area gets maximum. Washing machines without agitators are gentler and allow more room for shoes to move freely.

Ornelas recommends wiping off as much mud as you can before putting sneaks in a washing machine. Als. 3. Hand wash method This one is obviously the most time-consuming, both because of the hands-on basis of washing the shoes and the longer dry-time without a spin cycle like in a washing machine.. Maybe your shoes are not so dirty, or they come with explicit instructions not to be washed in a washing machine. In either case, hand washing is the best way to clean your shoes.

If your gym shoes are leather, you should clean them by hand. Advertisement. Part 2 of 3: Using the Washing Machine. 1. Put the shoes in the washer with other linens.

To give your shoes more support in the wash, fill the washer with old towels or other linens that you don’t mind being exposed to your dirty shoes. To properly clean the running shoes, you not only want to rinse off the elements that gather on the outside of the running shoes, but you also want to kill that bacteria and remove the odor on the inside. First, read the care instructions tag on the tongue of the running shoes. The tag should read “machine washable” for running shoes that are.

Clean Insoles. Remove insoles from your shoes and wipe them down with a cloth dipped in a solution of one cup of warm water and one tablespoon of baking soda. Set the insoles aside to air-dry while you wash the rest of the shoe. If the insoles are particularly smelly, sprinkle them directly with baking soda to absorb odor and moisture or. Wipe the outside of the shoes with a cloth or baby wipes. An old toothbrush will help get off stubborn dirt.

Use an anti-grease soap on the outside of the shoe to clean grime. Remove the insoles, or liners, of the shoes if possible and wash them separately. You can leave the laces on or remove them and insert fresh ones. You can get them clean quickly in the washing machine, instead.

There are some important tips to follow to keep your shoes from falling apart in the washer, though. Here’s what you need to know.

List of related literature:

This requires athletes to pay close attention to personal hygiene, such as not sharing personal items or equipment, washing clothes and personal gear regularly, showering immediately after practice and competition, and regular use of shower shoes.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
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Clean clothes and shoes must be worn, and the shoes should be disinfected in a sanitizer foam spray or foot bath any time a person enters the processing or packaging area.

“Ice Cream” by H Douglas Goff, Richard W Hartel
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bacteria they carried could be transferred to the tiles.1 Now, depending on your activities outside, you may want to remove more than your shoes.

“The Allergy Solution” by Leo Galland, M.D., Jonathan Galland
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Wiping sweat quickly and wearing socks to absorb the sweat are recommended.

“Integumentary Physical Therapy” by Ji-Whan Park, Dae-In Jung
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Sports and work shoes should be as permeable to air as possible, always dry well, and be disinfected from time to time.

“Cosmetic Creams: Development, Manufacture and Marketing of Effective Skin Care Products” by Wilfried Rähse
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• Tennis shoes may be washed in the machine with soap and bleach.

“Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, Margaret A. Brady, Nancy Barber Starr, Catherine G. Blosser, Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks
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Shoes should be cleaned daily.

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Washing yourfeet is important, ofcourse, but it’salso importanttoalways wear socks withyour shoes.

“Girls Body Book” by Kelli Dunham
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Test bath water by hand, shake your shoes out before you put them on and wear new shoes only for a short while before checking for pressure spots.

“Type 2 Diabetes For Dummies” by Lesley Campbell, Alan L. Rubin
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If possible, clean athletic shoes in the washing machine, or replace old shoes to avoid reinfection.

“Healing with DMSO: The Complete Guide to Safe and Natural Treatments for Managing Pain, Inflammation, and Other Chronic Ailments with Dimethyl Sulfoxide” by Amandha Dawn Vollmer
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  • A little personal but do you wear thongs under your leggings for working out? I can’t seem to find any good seamless underwear that are still squat and gym proof but I can’t wear thongs everyday!

  • weird and kind of unrelated question but…right before i watched this video i was out looking at washing machines and this was one of the ones i was looking at! i was wondering if you like it and if you have the matching dryer?

  • Could you not just use a pillow case to wash stuff in that has alot of straps? I’ve never tried it I just do inside out on easy cycle

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    Would you consider making a tip video for balancing WORK, SCHOOL & FITNESS?

    Thank you for being my daily inspiration, Whit!

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  • Fabric shaver is called a fuzz buster in my family…my mom has one dang near older than me ��…I definitely need to start turning my gym clothes inside out.

  • Ty so much for showing us how you clean these nikes! I asked for this and you actually did it! Honestly the world don’t deserve you! My voice was heard! Thank youuuuu continue being great!

  • I’ve never commented on her videos (I mean I love them! lol) but this video was so helpful! I have recently been trying to grow my workout gear lately and the stuff I have now, I have apparently not been taking care of them! Glad I know now!:D

  • Can i leave my ASICS kayano under sunlight? It’s going to be 43 degrees in Melbourne! Would that direct sunlight discolour the shoes? How to dry in sunlight if at all i can do that? Thanks

  • No wonder he’s former pro! Look at him now. Medium socks! ��

    Also just take out the laces for better manoeuvrability and squeezing the dirtiness out of it.

    If you have something like a metal coat hanger, the cheap one lying around bend two of those and stick them in a dryer. With shoes on. Cheap workaround for shoe dryer adapter.:/ But works

  • Just bought my 2nd pair while on holiday in NYC….Needed to know how best to clean them…you’ve answered my question.. Thankyou!!!!!

  • Thank you so much!  Not only was this very helpful, it was entertaining.  Thanks to you and your kitty for making me laugh.  I hope you make more videos. 

  • Good old radiator. Put newspaper ON TOP of radiator, then cram the shoes on them with maybe paper too. Or better yet, have a heated closet like I lucky do:D Got some warm pipes that keeps the closet warm.

  • Yeah, some cool and logical tips there. If you’ve been running a long time and especially over the winter a lot of these tips you should already know. I, for one, always untie my laces, pull out the insole ( just so it sticks out of the shoe) and place them under the radiator. Two pairs is a must have and not just for winter. I alternate every week between shoes so my shoes can dry out properly. They don’t start smelling then, either.

  • Washing in a 15 minute 30 degrees program once per quarter doesn’t really harm the shoe…..if this gives 5 minutes of spinning at 1200 rpm, that’s a total of 6000 which is more or less equal to a 7 km run I don’t think that will harm the shoes (at least I never experienced any difference after washing), shoes look like new, dry them on a drying rack and they are good to go. My off road shoes I just hose they should be a bit ‘dirty’ anyway!

  • If I’m careful about the water temp and only air dry, can I clean my shoes too much? In other words, does the repeated soaking and drying (I don’t use detergent or soap ) break down the materials more quickly?

  • I rarely clean my cross country shoes because they usually get pretty clean when I run with them again (rain is best of course).

    If I absolutely need to clean them I’ll just use a shoe cleaning brush on the dry mud.

  • To be honest, I never really clean my shoes, unless they are really muddy. Then I just wash the most of it off with tapid water, and let it dry itself. No toothbrush, no newspaper. Usually cushioning gives up much earlier for me, than the other parts of the shoes. (I have an Asics GT1000, that has 2500+ km in it, the tread is as flat as You can imagine, but the shoe is still ok.) And also, if the shoes take too long to dry, just buy 2 pairs of them:-P Oh, and +1 to the jokes:-) Those were the things that made me spend 2 nights watching GCN videos after I discovered them.

  • 1. Buy black shoes for trail running
    2. Spray with hose when muddy. Remember to remove insole first, and fill with a plastic bag to minimise water getting inside
    3. Dry by radiator / airing cupboard

    Separate pair for track/ indoors

  • You should collaborate or do sth with Triathlon Taren because the amount of triathlon youtubers is pretty small and seeing that happening would be great. That would also help Taren achieve his main goal for 2018.

  • Run ��‍♂️ hang shoes in shed/porch bang off mud then run ��‍♂️ repeat. If you time for all that cleaning then your not training enough. Keep your bike clean and your shoes running

  • I usually buy white walking shoes. I throw them in the washer and let them air dry. I take the laces out and hand was those. Since I live in Arizona, leaving them outside for quick dry works! But now I have colored walking shoes and will give your advice a try!! Thanks!!!

  • I don’t care too much for shiny shoes. Having multiple pairs I just reserve one pair for bad conditions. Most of the time they get the miles in before they get all too dirty. But actually, I brushed them all off a week ago before packing them up for travel. Did not even know where to look for the brush.

  • I love how all these people be thinking white things get dirty faster. It simply shows a lot more than darker colors like seriously…

  • This video does not contain all necessary information about cleaning shoes and thus I gave it a thumbs down. How can you get rid of the odor? I tried antibacterial washing liquid mixed with water and many other things to clean but nothing seems to help.

  • hi Melessa… how do i clean my child school bag. its a water proof kindaa material and she s been asking me to clean it as she says there s sme odour coming outta it n all. pll advice

  • Dear Faith: I like the glistening white sneakers on women. You did a fine job. I would like to see you wear them with modest shorts, thick ribbed ankle socks with shins showing.

  • Another tip is if you have an electric toothbrush save one of your old used up brush heads. You can repurpose it to clean your shoes easier with the power of the electric bush.

  • Should have used something different to scrub it with because it could be harmful to the fabric especially if you planed to do this more than once idk

  • So I tried this.. and it melted the glue in my trainers and now their all deformed and falling apart… and mine are the same Nike’s in this video ��������

  • Lol….6 hours?…nah…you’re just destroying the GLUE of the sole…that bottom solr of that shoe will weaken and fall out eventually. PLEASE DON’T SOCK YOUR SHOES IN ANY LIQUID FOR 6 HOURS.

  • I got pissed the moment she pressed the toothpaste from the top instead of the bottom. Really pissed. My shoes are still dirty and i am fine with that.

  • litteraly i can’t find a way to clean my white air maxes and i’m really scared to get water in the air bubble bc they were hella expensive��

  • When putting them in the washing machine, what’s the temperature you set? I’m from Europe, I don’t know how washing machines work in the USA or if they work any different. Low temperature? �� thanks

  • I just cleaned my husband’s shoes with BAR SOAP and tooth brush.
    White as snow.
    I remembered when i clean my beauty blender or my make up brushes, i cant remove stains and all those stains and grease except with bar soap. So i tried and it worked.
    Che cheapest bar soap u can get ;)))

  • I work at a super busy bar/restaurant and I’m always spilling shit on my sneakers.
    But recently I went to an interview for Dogs/cat grooming and a cat sniffed my shoe and made the most disturbed face. That’s when I knew…

  • If you just do the last step, throw in washing machine. You will get the same results i promise. Loopl why the toothpaste bleach and oxy? Whwn just throw it in a for a quick wash. It will work.

  • I don’t know why everybody is complaining about the length of the video. Lots of info in a short video and it keeps me from watching 6 different crap videos trying to piece together all of the information. Thank you!

  • Sorry for bad language but this is pure bullshit. No need for toothpaste. Just drop it into washing machine and it will cone out clean…

  • Not sure what the tooth paste does? but this is the way to clean most deep stains/dirtying:

    Stain/Oxi Spray (wait 15-30min)
    Scrub Clean w/ Paste (det., oxiclean, lil water)
    Soak, then Hand Wash in soak (w/ bleach, if ok)
    Machine Wash
    Air Dry

  • what about the inside of the boots?
    i left my boots dry but they smell like river water.
    they were fully submerged underwater a couple of times
    what can i do to clean them?

  • Wow! This worked! I let them soak overnight for 10 hours instead of 6 and they’re sooo white. They look good as new. The shoes used to have stain and looked yellow but it’s completely gone and clean. THANKYOU!!!!!

  • In India most people I know used just powder detergent and a cloth brush.I do it’s simple and gets the job done pretty well.

  • I have a pair of Adidas’s similar in style to the Mike’s. I just throw them in with the regular laundry and let them air dry. Although they’ve never gotten that dirty:/

  • Machine washing Skechers Go Walk and Skechers Go Run is not recommended. Start by removing excess dirt from the upper and outsole by using a small brush or towel. Then create a soapy mixture by combining warm water and a small amount (a few drops) laundry detergent. Finally, dip the brush or cloth into the soapy mixture. Wipe down the affected area. Apply a small amount of clean warm water with the brush or cloth and wipe/brush off the excess soap. Allow the shoes to air-dry. To maintain the whiteness of its outsole you can use white toothpaste.

  • I see that there are suggestions for using Ammonia and others for using Vinegar. Be sure not to use them together. That will produce a gas that be fatal!! Also true with mixing bleach with other chemicals.

  • Josie, thank you so much for the demonstration! That is the same color and problems of dirty I’m having on my grey skechers just like yours. I will use the washing machine on them and I’m certain it will be an improvement! Your cat is cute too!

  • I think il try handwashing it simply coz im a hygiene freak and the idea of putting dirty shoes inside the washing machine bugs me. Hmmm

  • I love these sketchers. I love them but after a few months or weeks they get stinky or smelly inside my buggy Mary Jane’s. I don’t like wearing socks. I should try put them in the washer maybe…

  • I just bought a pair today (aren’t they comfortable!!!) and the girl in the shop said to add a dash of ammonia to the washing water. The Skechers website says washing machine, but Don’t put them in the dryer! It’s normal for a fabric shoe to be snug when first washed but they will “relax” a bit in the wearing, just like your jeans.

  • The oldest pair of shoes go into the mud. I leave them muddy until the next run so dried mud falls itself. After a couple of runs a general wash in the shower does the trick

  • I am out of state in nyc and don’t want to wash them in a public washer, so I went to the dollar store and got nail polish remover pads and they cleaned the sides perfectly.

  • Thank you for the clip! My pink GOwalks are now in the washing machine.. let’s see what will come out ;).
    BTW “Performance Shoes: Most Skechers GOwalk and GOrun shoes with non-leather uppers can be safely machine washed. Using a pillowcase or laundry bag to hold both shoes, wash on the gentle cycle and air-dry. Do not place shoes in dryer” -from the link here:

  • Thank you for the video! Exactly what I was looking for, and you answered all my questions! I’m thinking maybe a very light cleaning with a magic eraser on the soles, we’ll see how they look after being in the washer.

  • I accidentally put 2 pairs of Sketchers in the dryer after she washed them in the machine.
    Of course, her favorite pair are smaller. Her toe is right at the end. HELP!!! any ideas out there to stretch them back to her size? I submersed them in cool water again and I’m trying to stretch them by hand. I’m not too sure that will work. Boy I’m in the dog house now.

  • I’ve just got into running and love these tips. Thanks for making the video. What about things to keep them fresh? Or any cleaning products/gimmicks to use/avoid?

  • I’ll try that darned warshin’ machine method, young lady. Mine are black and should look great just in time to go to Vegas, Baby! Thanks for the test methods.

  • like mine, there are some washing machines which have a setting specific to shoes with no heat, just water. I very rarely do it, maybe once or twice over winter. What’s your opinion on this guys?

  • Great…i was going to throw my Skechers in the washing machine anyway but your vote of confidence definitely helps thanks!!
    Btw for those that don’t own these shoes it really does feel like you are walking on a fluffy cloud when you wear these

  • @YumYucky what soap did you use in the washer and does the soap make them smell beter? (Does the soap brand even make a difference? )

  • Do you think that spraying them with a prewash (on the soles too)and letting them sit for half an hour before putting in the washer might help?

  • So glad you made this video (rather well, too!) bc I’m sitting here about to put my go walks in the washer and was worried about it so I googled. So glad I did bc I feel more confident now. Thanks.:)

  • Good video, but what about cleaning the interior of the shoes? Did you find that it got all of the mud out? I recently went walking on a very muddy beach and now my shoes are gross and I’m looking for the best way to clean them.

  • Kinda off subject but does your shoe make a popping noise when you step on it? In the upper toe area.. I think I bought a defective pair: ( but I will keep buying them…sooo comfy!

  • thank you better to deep wash,than buying and wasting money for new pair of shoes,is bleach safe for shoes? as far i know,it kills all germs and bacteria

  • Yay thanks! I have them in the pinkish color and wear them to the gym daily. And everywhere else lol. I need like 5 more pairs in different colors!

  • I’m careful with my shoes. Laces always undone, tongue pulled out to let them breath, and powder when necessary. They are too expensive to take for granted.

  • A tip for getting the white rubber as clean as possible: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (or off brand variety). Just wet the eraser and scrub the heck out of the rubber. The eraser will disintegrate quickly but the rubber will come out mostly like new on the surfaces you can scrub well.

  • This is a great video. I’m going to try a spritz of cleaner on the bottom and a quick scrub. Then borrow from the post that recommended washing with a towel. I’m also going to finish them in the sun, to dry. Thanks for all of the positive comments.

  • Thank you thank you! These shoes are my life saver. I have pink, black, and white and wasn’t looking forward to all that scrubbing. Lol. Now I know just toss ’em! Great video xx

  • Thanks for this…really. i was not sure how to clean them without ruining the shape, etc. I really appreciate you posting this..thank you!

  • I just bought sum white ones for cna school and they are so comfortable bt the got a black spot on one side and i freaked out didnt knw how to wash it out bt will wash them in washer thanks for the video:)

  • I followed your method by washing mine in the washer on cold. But my left dried quicker while hanging them by a hanger. My right shoe was also waterlogged. So on a sunny day I put it on the sidewalk, in front of my front door. The sun adsorbed all of the water. Now they are clean. I own a black pair in canvas. Just be carful of sticky things, like in the grocery store floor stepped on grapes, cherries. Ucky!! Thanks, Yumyucky:}

  • So glad you posted this! I got my grey Go Walk Skechers muddy due to all the rain we’ve had recently, so I specifically was searching for how to clean them. Since they’re fairly new and only the canvas part is dirty, I think I’ll try the hand-scrub but won’t immerse them. But now I know I can use laundry detergent. Your video was very informative!

  • Dude, they are SHOES and the bottoms are going to get dirty. I love my go walks but I got black ones so I don’t really see a huge mess on the bottoms.

  • Thank you thank you thank you! I have the light blue ones and adore them, got them for mother’s day and they’ve already got little spots and even a cooking oil drip. I thought they were ruined but you’ve saved them!

  • Yall don’t have to do that I just threw a whole bunch of different cleaning stuff and very hot water and salt to speed it and than I let them sit over night then I put them in regular hot water hot water��oh yeah and tell me if it worked.

  • I find this to be helpful, thanks for sharing!

    I would like to know if anyone can share how to prevent the rubber sole from drying up in long storage? I sprayed the rubber parts and sole with Armor All and let it dry up instead of wiping off. Wonder if that is good idea before I proceed to do the same for the rest. Thanks in advance!

  • I wear these types of hiking boots every day to work, and I’ve never had an issue with the exterior of the boot needing maintenance or care.  My issue has always been that the boots tend to break down in terms of support and comfort after about a year of wear, or about 1500 miles.  I’m not bitching, though…I just buy another pair.

  • Thank you for a very clear and informative video. One question. What special waterproofing care for the area where the upper joins the sole

  • Thank you for this video! I have the bright pink Go Walks & was asking myself whether to hand wash or throw ’em in the washing machine so very glad to find your video and save the time! Also, love your gray kitty cat at the end rubbing all over since I too, have a gray kitty who I swear, is obsessed with these shoes and just loves sleeping on them.XD

  • Had a pair of Vasque Sundowners (all leather) and took immaculate care of them for a long time (with the Nikwax as shown in the video.) Hiked all over the place in Oregon and SW Wash. Then for awhile, not so much. Then I started taking better care of them again. Then they fell apart (sole separation.) Took them to a shoe repair shop and they were literally fixed good as new. Except that I think they were too far gone by that point. Even though I treated them well, they still fell apart again. Moral of the story: Treat your boots well and they will treat you well. I bought those boots sometime in like ’98 or ’99 and they’re getting their proper burial now in 2014. Good boots are built to last.

    A comment about her jacket: It looks like it’s probably synthetic, though that doesn’t really matter. I have a Solomon insulation-layer jacket that I absolutely love. I have a three-layer system when it comes to outerwear: Hard shell Gortex outer layer (something that’s light and water-proof, with a hood. I have a North Face jacket) Insulation-layer jacket (non-hooded, something that is insulated, hence the name and will keep you warm under any conditions. Relatively water-repellent so when it’s cold and sprinkling, you don’t get wet) and a soft shell basically a North Face fleece that keeps you warm, but not too hot when it’s cool, but not cold out. The three jackets together weigh less than 3 lbs in their stuff sack. My point is layering is important…

  • Thanks, I have that exact same boot…. Never would have thought to treat it since it’s has a gortex liner, but I will now….. to keep the outside in good shape.

  • Not many youtube runners shows this part of runners life. I used to clean as teenager 30 years ago a toothbrush to clean my jordans. But now as runner there is still more than dirt. What happens to �� sweat and all the smelling bacteria ��. Sure everyone runs on different temperatures and efforts but there must be better ways to clean without destroying the shoes. I washed my nike turbo 2 many times in the washer. Todays running shoes do not soak many water and are hard to destroy. You see this many next % cut for looking for the plate videos how well there are build. Don’t fear the washer and use a anti bac sports soap

  • Shove them in a pillowcase in the washing machine on a 30 wash! Done it this way for years can’t beat it for getting a brand new pair trainer’s! I used to use a toothbrush and cheap fluoride toothpaste on the white rubber sole that works a treat!

  • I have that kind of Nick Shoes it really look like that but it Mint Green color its really dirty so this vid was helpful so I will Subscribe later after i wash mine see if its effective tho.

  • What you didn’t show is how to get rid of soap once you scrubbed the shoe? Do I have to rinse it or keep scrubbing with the toothbrush? Also, what about inside shoe cleaning? Wouldn’t the entire shoe go in water anyway if inside is to be cleaned too?

  • I haven’t cleaned either my Runner’s or trail shoes. They have just got covered in mud. I did a Park Run the other week and they had some flooding so I had to run through 3-4” of water it was about 15 feet long. They are much cleaner now

  • My Girlfriend makes me wash all her Sneakers every week if she wears them or not! She told me she is the Boss and I should what she says..And I do!

  • how long to dry? I just came home from soccer practice and i have a game tomorrow but my shoes are very dirty, and i want them to be clean cuz i kinda have ocd

  • The only reason why I buy new shoes is because they stink up eventually. What shoes are washable in a washing machine that you could wash probably every week? What a waste of money and using tooth brush is just making it look pretty, doesn’t get rid of the smell from sweat

  • Thanks for this tutorial. Very very helpful. Can u teach us how to properly wash sexy lingerie pls…that would help me and millions of women around the world. Thanks ��

  • I have same pair of shoes in cre color and I wash like u…but the stain near toe area is still there..even in ur is visible after cleaning as well I noticed, how to get rid of that

  • This video was so helpful!! I wasn’t sure how to clean my shoes and now they are brand new! It took a little longer for me though because my shoes are a light blue.

  • Most friendly and upbeat shoe cleaning video I found! Watched a few others, and this one is simple and to the point. Plus, hearing you be so happy when talking about it makes me want to try this too! Thank you for the help.:)

  • When I clean my rubber shoes it turns white when I washed it, but whe. It get dry it leaves yellow stains on top circle area and front poin of the shoes:( always messing mt shoes

  • I throw my Skechers in a delicates bag and wash it on the delicates cycle in the washing machine. I also dry them in the delicates bag afterwards by simply hanging them in and closing the door of the dryer by holding a bit out so they‘re hanging on the inside of the door. No annoying tumble noise too �� I‘m doing this for years with my and my boyfriend’s Skechers/sneakers and we never have smelly shoes or feet ��

  • Good video. As for wearing those shoes with nice outfits, I wouldn’t do it. As an office manager I wouldn’t want my professional staff wearing tennis shoes at work. On break, go for it.

  • Hey how can you get a light yellow stain off light colored Nike sb solarsoft portmore ll shoes??? I need help I just got these shoes on Christmas and Idk how to get this stain out help!!! Plz???

  • do you wash all of the different activewear fabrics together? (more delicate fabrics like the aligns with more rough fabrics like the flex or camo seamless)

  • Ok so I have Jordan 32’s and the top worked decently well, however I need to clean the bottom cause they are literally yellow, like baige, ya got any recommendations to try? So far I’ve tried salon 40 and 50, sole sauce, and baking soda with water, this shit isn’t working man:/

  • Thank you for your insight it worked perfectly! My children’s shoes look almost brand new! I used dish soap mixed with baking soda. It worked great!

  • Discovered Liquid soap used for and in a “dishwasher”. I use it for tubs occasionally too. In the tub, I cover my flip flops, or bottom of tennis shoes with liquid dishwasher gel and walk away! Come back later and rinse. Scrub with nail brush if needed. Oh yeah.

  • This did work temporary for me, but it seemed like the dirt just sunk into the next layer of fabric. Even if i even got a small drop of water on my shoe it would make the dirt rise to the top a little and you could see a obvious spot. So this does work just if you can hand wash your shoes do, it works better.

  • Josie, thanks for putting up this video, though I know it’s three years old. Good info. And a time saver too. Now I’m going to check out what else is on your channel.

  • YumYucky, I’m thinking if you put them in with towels, or something heavier that will keep them moving around & brushing up against something, it will help. I’m about to find out. Definitely NOT going in the dryer.

  • The original GO walk version comes with washing instructions attached to the shoe. they have been tested and approved for washing, just follow instructions. The key is NOT to put them in the dryer, just let them air dry, this keeps the glue and adhesives in tact. Great Job YumYucky! GO LIKE NEVER BEFORE, 

  • I love the trend! I can walk the city and look cute without the pain of an uncomfortable cute shoe. The sneaker designs these days are so trendy that it doesn’t even look bad

  • How do I remove perspiration stain from white sports hat? I brushed on hydrogen peroxide/dish soap for 5 min then hand washed the hat. Stain is still there. Do I try again?