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While the goal of these stretches is to loosen up your body in preparation for a walk, it’s best to perform static stretches—which require you to reach and hold a position—when your muscles are already warm. Get your blood flowing by walking in place for five minutes, and then perform each of the following stretches in order. DOES IT MATTER IF YOU STRETCH BEFORE OR AFTER A WORKOUT? “Prior to your workout, it’s important to warm up your muscles dynamically,” says Giordano. However, “dynamic stretching can also be incorporated into your routine post-workout to improve mobility.”. But the best warm-up for fitness walking is just walking; it warms up the whole body.

You can stretch if you feel the need, after five minutes of walking time. Some people are inclined to skip the. Stretching Basics for Walking. Hamstring and Ankle. Sit on the edge of a chair with your right leg extended, right heel on floor.

Flex your right foot and keep toes pointed up Calf Stretch. Groin Stretch. Leg Swings.

Walking is one of the best, most underrated exercises. Some benefits include heart health, cognitive health, weight loss, and boosting your mood. Before any exercise, regardless of its intensity, it’s important to stretch. Stretching improves range of motion, mobility, and flexibility.

Stretches for Walkers. Neck stretch: With your shoulders down and relaxed, drop your left ear toward your left shoulder. Hold for 10 slow counts and then repeat to the Chest expansion: In a tall sitting or standing position, reach your arms behind. How To Stretch Before Walking 1. Stretching before walking involves preparing your calves for movement.

These muscles bear much of the burden when 2. To a lesser extent, the hamstrings also suffer when you’re out walking, so you should also work with them while 3. If you walk well and wear the. 6 Essential Stretches Every Walker Should Do 1. Ball Over Head. Why: To counteract office slump—aka, rounded shoulders. Lie on a flat surface with your feet flat. 2. Chin Tuck.

Why: A tight neck can lead to big pains. Doing this right before you walk can help the muscles in the neck 3. Calf. No matter what your middle-school gym teacher said, you actually shouldn’t perform static stretching before you exercise, especially if your workout involves the lower body.

The muscles aren’t. Before you start walking, it is important to warm up first. Increasing the temperature in your muscles and joints and increasing blood flow will make you.

List of related literature:

When should you stretch?

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Then stretch lightly after your first few walks until you become more comfortable with the stretching positions and the se

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A short warm­up activity prior to stretching can help improve the overall effectiveness of the stretch.

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The more frequently you stretch, the faster you break through

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It’s important to warm up before stretching, not vice versa.

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When is the best time for static stretching?

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I have often seen how a lot of people underestimate the importance of stretching.

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Thus, it is especially important to stretch properly after exercise.

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Perhaps the best time to stretch is when one feels as if One Wants to.

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There is no one perfect time to stretch.

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  • Hii doc,
    My problem is whenever I done long walk like 10,000 steps or more between my thighs there become red rashes and they hurt alot and I cant walk 2-4 days after this please tell me the solution…

  • Thank you for this video. Very easy and helpful.

    I’m a Zumba instructor and have been having knee pain/swelling. I just saw an orthopedist who said I have a bit of arthritis. Can you recommend stretches for knee pain/ swelling before dancing?

  • I have question, hope i get a reply. I have a torn lateral meniscus on my left knee. The pain is gone now and i have decided not to go for any surgery.
    Is it fine for me to do long runs or walks?? I want to join the forest deparment and i have to complete 26 kms in 4 hours in the extrance exam, but sometimes i get worried my meniscus might get worse.

  • In one of the reclining stretches, where you bend one leg towards the abdomen and take the lower leg up toes pointing to the ceiling, I am not able to make my lower leg straight. What may be the problem?

  • This is such great advice, thanks! Honestly, I’d love to know your secret to maintaining such a nice figure, you’re so beautiful! x

  • Some great stretches here. Though I’d recommend a short 5 minute jog before doing these. A great analogy I heard was this; Imagine picking up a cold elastic band and stretching it really far out it would snap almost instantly. But imagine moving it around and warming it up first, it would be much less likely to break! Same applies to your muscles, especially those big leg ones!

  • Can you also make a video where you explain how to let the air out of the exercise ball and show it on the ball and make it completely flat?

  • I stretch after I do all my cardio. That portion of the workout is about 30 minutes. What I see all the time. People doing cardio, grabbing their shit and leaving. Those folks are not in the gym consistently.

  • we do running at school every friday morning but we dont do any of the stretches in the video maybe the stretches we do are also good idkk

  • Hi doc, kindly help me out,
    Im having lower lumber disk disease,
    But i think kegal exercise give me more pain while doing it, kindly suggest me should i continue kegal exercise or am i doing it anything wrong, please help

  • Thank you for sharing. Legs feel amazing and loose and ready for walking. Additional benefit of no sore and stiff muscles the next day.

  • Issa gonna be sparks from me at first. Just now trying to get into running. Thanks for the advice, soon enough, I’ll be burning it up the track.

  • I feel like I’m either doing the second stretch wrong or I am really flexible in that area. Is it supposed to feel easier than the other stretches?

  • Thank you very much. Started before running stretches and after running stretches. Magic the next day I’m able to walk without any discomfort else I would have hard time even walking the next day. Thank you soo very much.

  • Where have I been �� i used to walk 25k steps a day and I do crap stretches that did nothing and kept me so stiff, now I’m gonna start up again with walking only for this video to test it ��

  • Thank you for this! I started running again after a long break and it often felt like I was stumping along on stilts, my legs were so stiff. After watching your video I found the gap in my stretching was the primifomis [sic?] stretch.

  • I just ran for a little more then 1/2 a mile and I couldn’t continue lol can somebody here please tell me out horribly out of shape I am. But I didn’t stretch any. After 10 years of sitting that’s a recipe for disaster lol

  • Hi You want best warm up before running and improve your leg strength then see this video and subscribe to my channel

  • Great stretches, but that last one is impossible for me until I lose quite a bit of weight. Any thoughts on other ways to stretch the hammy when you can’t come close to touching your toes?

  • Paige, I found this video after searching for stretches to do before and after running. I am using this tutorial and the one that you did for “after running”. Thank you SO much! They have helped tremendously and I am not even sore from doing my C25K training (started back up after an injury last fall)! Thank you, thank you!!

  • I don’t doubt Paige’s credibility or knowledge of fitness, but I am confused as to why he is suggesting static stretching before exercise. Studies show that static stretching can increase risk to injury. These are the proper muscle groups to address pre-run, yet, ballistic and dynamic stretches would be much more effective for performance and injury prevention.

  • I’m only a beginner jogger:)
    Into it now for 2 months
    I do these Pre jogging and your other post jogging stretches every time I go for a jog. To me it’s EXTREMELY important to stretch as when I first started I had a lot of issues from shin splints to calf’s very tight and struggling to walk.
    My calf’s still do hurt after a jog but it’s ALOT better if you stretch!! as a beginner I’ve reached my 2 mile jog (not run yet!!) but it’s still an accomplishment to me as the first few runs I had to stop and walk after half a mile!! As knackered.
    I jog at night when less people around considering the circumstances we are all in today:( 2020
    Thankyou for your videos


  • Thank you for your videos, I have been using the pre-walk and after-walk exercises and I really enjoy them. When I do the hip lift, is it okay that the leg on the top is not parallel to the floor and my knee is pointed to the ceiling(instead of the wall)? I have not problem keeping the bottom leg at 90 degrees. I don’t want to exacerbate the misalignment in my hip as it is very tight. I have knee issues (runners knee, flat feet and I overpronate) and I am wondering if the exercise would torque my knee if I am not properly aligned. Is there a replacement exercise for that or should I just spend less time doing it and work up to the allotted time?

  • Thanks! I’m new to running and the exercises really helped me ease into it without muscle and knee injury. Also, I really like the fact that there’s no spiel; just to-the-point and straightforward instructions. ������

  • I been doing everything you have said and it has help a ton!!! Thank you so much I just have cut down on my weight right now. I’m hoping it some how comes together I’ll keep you posted ��

  • Isn’t a 30-45 second stretch considered a static stretch?
    Aren’t static stretches recommended for after workout only?
    Can’t static stretches before workout cause serious injury?

    Thank you Living Better team! Great video!

  • I may get hate… But oh well… If I can save 1 person because of that then I’m good…
    People… DO NOT do these passive stretches BEFORE running… You have to do Dynamic stretches… I won’t get into detailed… There is a lot of information out there… Decide for yourselves… Have a great day everyone.

  • I have a MMA class outside because of corona virus and my instructor makes us run a mile everyday (we go Monday-Thursday so 4 miles a week) and this helped a lot

  • Thank you so much! First time I attempted a 2 mile run, I got injured. But I’ve been beginning again, this time focusing on proper running form and stretches all while adding weight training to my weekly exercise schedule.

    I’ve been using your video to do my pre-run stretches and I’m happy to say that I’ve once again been able to reach 2 miles, this time with no injury! On my way to adding that 3rd mile so I can participate in a 5K 😉

    Couldn’t have done it without you, Paige!

  • That is excellent, Michelle.
    By the way, is there any way to contact you to share a story about my problem? It would be nice if you don’t mind, since it has bothering me for a long time. Thank you.

  • Thank You so much for sharing this. It has made a world of difference in my walking.It makes it feel like I could walk forever. I do have trouble doing some of the exercises but it still seems to work. Thanks again MaryAnn

  • A wonderful routine Michelle, which I’m going to work through in a few minutes, after I’ve shared it with my daughter who spends her days on her feet in hospital wards x x

  • Thank you for this! I wish I would have seen this yesterday before my husband and I went on a 13 km walk �� But good for the next time ����

  • These are POST WARM-UP static stretches, not to be done if your muscles are cold. Cold stretches should be dynamic (continually moving) and very short, ie. 1-3 seconds

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