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Here are five steps to up your speed: 1. FIND YOUR BASE LEVEL. Before you begin working on your technique to boost your walking speed, you’ll need to know exactly how fast you can walk GET THE RIGHT GEAR. START WITH A WARMUP. IMPROVE YOUR TECHNIQUE. BUILD YOUR DURATION SLOWLY.

For running, walking, biking and hiking, you can use your fitness watch or virtually any distance-based activity app. You can also use. To boost your walking pace, you need to maintain good posture—keep your chin up, head level, shoulders relaxed, and back straight.

Your arms should be bent at 90 degrees at the elbow with a closed (but not clenched) fist. As you step with one leg, swing your opposite arm in sync with your stride. “By increasing your endurance during your long walking days in Spain, you created a number of physiological benefits internally that only come from extending the distance, while using your legs and feet,” said Jeff Galloway, the biggest advocate of incorporating walking into a running routine, and a former U.S. Olympian in the 10,000-meter run. If you want to increase your speed as a runner, it might seem like you should focus on that goal in every single run.

But, you actually want to do the exact opposite. Intentionally add speed work to your exercise routine one to two days per wee. Hip flexor stretching has been shown to help improve walking speed by itself. The amazing thing is that stretching as little as 4 minutes twice a day for 10 weeks has been shown to improve gait speed in elderly individuals.

Often when people sit more than they stand or walk, the hip flexors can become tight. Although walking is the most basic of all fitness activities, novice fitness walkers can still benefit from the following pointers: Increase your workout time gradually. Most people can start off with five 10to 20-minute walking sessions a week; after about a month, they can increase each workout by 2 or 3 minutes per week until walking 30 to. To achieve the higher goals, you’ll have to include some brisk exercise walking in addition to walking at home and at work.

If you want to go faster, instead of taking longer steps, take faster steps. Lengthening your stride can increase strain on your feet and legs. Swing your arms. Burpees are a whole-body exercise that are extremely intensive and have the potential to develop explosive strength and speed.

A May 2015 study published in Military Medicine discovered that four weeks of HIIT training using Burpees was as good as steady-state endurance training for building and maintaining fitness. Improving your walking speed involves improving the strength of your body structures involved in walking. This includes your cardiovascular fitness as well as the strength and flexibility of your muscles and nerves.

Improving your walking speed involves practicing walking in various ways that improves our brain patterns used in walking.

List of related literature:

• Increase walking speed/efficiency.

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As obvious as it sounds, the best way of improving the quality of walking is to walk.

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• You can increase your walking time each week up to 10 percent.

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Increase the pace a little as each minute passes, going from a slow to a fast walk.

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Gradually increase the distance and frequency of walking.

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Just increase your walking pace to as fast as you can go.

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Do not walk quickly at the beginning, but as you begin to take larger steps, increase your speed to a normal walking pace.

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• Reduce walking speed.

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Remember, increase only the rate or the distance of walking at one time.

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  • When I begun to walk outside, my friend wrote a mark on the end of the sidewalk each 50 feet until 500 feet. First week, 50 feet and come back home. And I increased each week of 50 feet!! If this idea can help someone, good!

  • You guys seem cool. Also, I wanted to mention I have PAD with the unfortunate result of a leg amputation. I am a diabetic and had a very sedentary life style, a dangerous combination indeed. I want to say to your subscribers to take exercising seriously and save your limbs, or maybe even your life.

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