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Here are five steps to up your speed: 1. FIND YOUR BASE LEVEL. Before you begin working on your technique to boost your walking speed, you’ll need to know exactly how fast you can walk GET THE RIGHT GEAR. START WITH A WARMUP. IMPROVE YOUR TECHNIQUE. BUILD YOUR DURATION SLOWLY.

For running, walking, biking and hiking, you can use your fitness watch or virtually any distance-based activity app. You can also use. To boost your walking pace, you need to maintain good posture—keep your chin up, head level, shoulders relaxed, and back straight.

Your arms should be bent at 90 degrees at the elbow with a closed (but not clenched) fist. As you step with one leg, swing your opposite arm in sync with your stride. “By increasing your endurance during your long walking days in Spain, you created a number of physiological benefits internally that only come from extending the distance, while using your legs and feet,” said Jeff Galloway, the biggest advocate of incorporating walking into a running routine, and a former U.S. Olympian in the 10,000-meter run. If you want to increase your speed as a runner, it might seem like you should focus on that goal in every single run.

But, you actually want to do the exact opposite. Intentionally add speed work to your exercise routine one to two days per wee. Hip flexor stretching has been shown to help improve walking speed by itself. The amazing thing is that stretching as little as 4 minutes twice a day for 10 weeks has been shown to improve gait speed in elderly individuals.

Often when people sit more than they stand or walk, the hip flexors can become tight. Although walking is the most basic of all fitness activities, novice fitness walkers can still benefit from the following pointers: Increase your workout time gradually. Most people can start off with five 10to 20-minute walking sessions a week; after about a month, they can increase each workout by 2 or 3 minutes per week until walking 30 to. To achieve the higher goals, you’ll have to include some brisk exercise walking in addition to walking at home and at work.

If you want to go faster, instead of taking longer steps, take faster steps. Lengthening your stride can increase strain on your feet and legs. Swing your arms. Burpees are a whole-body exercise that are extremely intensive and have the potential to develop explosive strength and speed.

A May 2015 study published in Military Medicine discovered that four weeks of HIIT training using Burpees was as good as steady-state endurance training for building and maintaining fitness. Improving your walking speed involves improving the strength of your body structures involved in walking. This includes your cardiovascular fitness as well as the strength and flexibility of your muscles and nerves.

Improving your walking speed involves practicing walking in various ways that improves our brain patterns used in walking.

List of related literature:

• Increase walking speed/efficiency.

“Neurorehabilitation for the Physical Therapist Assistant” by Darcy Umphred, Connie Carlson
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As obvious as it sounds, the best way of improving the quality of walking is to walk.

“Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery” by Peter G Levine
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• You can increase your walking time each week up to 10 percent.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
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Increase the pace a little as each minute passes, going from a slow to a fast walk.

“Fitness cycling” by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
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Gradually increase the distance and frequency of walking.

“Gerontologic Nursing E-Book” by Sue E. Meiner, Jennifer J. Yeager
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Just increase your walking pace to as fast as you can go.

“The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity” by Rashid A. Buttar
from The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity
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Do not walk quickly at the beginning, but as you begin to take larger steps, increase your speed to a normal walking pace.

“K9 Schutzhund Training: A Manual for IPO Training through Positive Reinforcement” by Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak
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• Reduce walking speed.

“Store Design and Visual Merchandising: Creating Store Space That Encourages Buying” by Claus Ebster
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Increasing walking pace.

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Remember, increase only the rate or the distance of walking at one time.

“Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis” by Lynda Juall Carpenito-Moyet
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  • I’m having dark marks in Both my feet.n it’s wife says it is bcoz of bad blood circulation.can anyone hav any idea about it?suggestions would help

  • Me too..when he said he would slap me I signed up to.
    My Mom needs that sit down elliptical machine…I never knew they existed..Im going to buy her one now.. And I loved the YOGA STRAP..I didnt know that existed either…Thanks for all the info..I did the stand up exercise with you..WOW…MY LEGS AND ANKLES no longer feel painful..Amazing stuff! Thank You.

  • Wish you would write a diagram book, done like a recipe book for all these exercises so we could make a home chart system. Let me know when you do that. THANKS!

  • This video helped me a lot I did this just 5 days before my due date and I am blessed with baby girl through normal delivery with lesser pains I used to do this exercise 3-4 times a day.

  • Tried this at 38 weeks 5 days and 3 hours later my water broke while I was asleep! I didn’t use the ball tho just added more squats

  • For positive self talk saying things like “did you really come all this way just to give up”. “ in the 95 minute of the champions league final are you just gonna stop running and giving it your all?” Helps a lot.

  • Gentlemen that yoga band thingy is a little too fancy shamcy for me. I do that same stretch every morning with my leather belt around my ankle!

  • I’m young, but when I’m sitting on a table and my feet are hanging my lower legs and feet can turn purple or my foot will cramp when I go to walk right after

  • I did this exercise on 39 wks 4 days and delivered my baby next day morning itself. I had labor pains as well only for 2 hrs. This was really of great help for me

  • Is the foam roller ok rolling legs that already have poor circulation issues like spider veins/varicose? I’ve read in multiple places that rolling on varicose veins can damage the veins further.

  • Bob & Brad, I’m sure you get these wisenheimer comments every day, but I gave myself DVT/Phlebitis doing deep knee bends. Be careful out there! (full disclosure: I was severely overweight and inactive at the time)

  • I’m definitely subscribing because I doh wanna get slap�� but seriously I got up with pain in my feet and calves did a search on the tube found this vid and I’m happy I did it’s a life saver thanks guys for the invaluable info…thanks!

  • could you address the issue of blood clots in the legs that persist and do not dissolve even though you are on a blood thinner. Which of the exercises will keep me out of a wheelchair?

  • Thank you you doing wonderful work. I am suffering from planter fasciitis l feel my feet heavy when l sleep then l feel my feet heavy and tight please show sleep position make sleep position video.

  • When I begun to walk outside, my friend wrote a mark on the end of the sidewalk each 50 feet until 500 feet. First week, 50 feet and come back home. And I increased each week of 50 feet!! If this idea can help someone, good!

  • You guys seem cool. Also, I wanted to mention I have PAD with the unfortunate result of a leg amputation. I am a diabetic and had a very sedentary life style, a dangerous combination indeed. I want to say to your subscribers to take exercising seriously and save your limbs, or maybe even your life.

  • hi your video is great. could i get the exact name of that foot machine.i am interested in getting myself one. my email add: [email protected] and whats app no +27 769773253 for more images of this product. Thank You. Peter G South Africa.

  • Hubby is diabetic, and hefty. Tho’ his A1C’s are great; well managed. He gets his meds etc at the VA Hospital New Orleans, where we live. And he wears medium compression stockings for small varicose veins. I also have spider veins, (unsightly but no pain/discomfort). That said I now wear medium compression stockings for women. They really do help. Hubby bicycles, and I walk every day. Our building has no elevator so that is also a plus good stairs.. up and down! Great to see you two! It is 2019 as I write.

  • I understand if you cross your legs that cuts off your circulation.. so is it okay to cross them when you’re using the roller..��

  • For how long should I attempt some of the exercises? I know throughout the day ones include the heel/toe exercise but for example, how long should I do the bending of the knees exercises or foam rollers?

  • I am a lousy exerciser. My muscles feel like wood so I give up easily. Confused still about static stretching before exercise or after exercise.

  • Such valuable advice but sadly the audio is so bad that u either put the phone to hear what is being said or u just watch them do the exercises. But they are definitely worth doing. Thank you gentlemen.

  • I appreciate the tips. How often you hear I wish I knew what was happening as it was getting worse, for years? Now its a bloody nightmare since the slowly increasing pain caused slowly decreasing exercise until I was sitting at a computer desk almost entirely, for years. Then finally on top of all the stuff that was a clear sign I ignored, like big time calf pain walking up hills even a little bit, and increasing neuropathy symptoms I ignored until it finally hit my sciatic and put me in agony for weeks trying to get back out of that one. Got that one toned back down and I find myself OCD chasing all the other symptoms I ignored for almost two decades as they got worse. Its like a onion. Peel off one thing a little bit and the next one pops up to take its place. You guys gotta see this stuff quite frequently. Frustrating though when I try to explain all these different symptoms to my Physician, who is a 80 year old Osteopath, so you would think he would know something about natural treatments of it and even he just tosses more Gabapentin at it. Which I admit does help. Mainly to help control some of the pain so I can move more and hopefully get at the root of this.

  • in a race of 5 people i am the fastest for the fist 4 seconds and then i SOMEHOW get all the way at the back..*HOW*

    ..oh yeah..i gave up after i saw that one person pass me

  • My current weight is almost 86 kg’s. I was a really fast runner. I recently started working on it and my best recent beep test score is 9.1. Had i had 10 kgs less on my frame, I would have easily done ✅ level 14 with some practice:(

  • I was in an ROTC and during one of our mile runs I took off with everything I had, was in front of everyone in my platoon. Felt proud… for a total of 15 seconds.

  • Thank you very much for the video! I definitely have made a few of those running mistakes! Now, I will fix it and work on it tomorrow morning!

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  • I don’t know why but… in training with my teammates I have bags of energy and I’m all over the pitch. But when it comes to gameday, I’m out of breathe before I’ve even touched the ball. I’m not sure whether it’s my endurance or maybe it’s because the nerves on gameday cause my breathing pattern to change ��

  • What the fuck I jog for 500meters and I’m out of breath already.. body doesn’t have any fighting power to push forward..
    My body always felt tired..

    ..I can’t even sleep..
    ..I have anxiety..

    Any recommendations out there for me to try..

  • Thank you for this Video ��
    I will try to adapt these things to my running stile.
    But my biggest enemy is my bodyweight. I paused playing football at the age of 10-13 because i wanted to concentrate on school, because i thought it would be difficult (changed from elementary school to high school) but it wasn’t! I started playing video games, don’t do sport, but ate the same amount of food as i ate when i played football. And i didn’t eat that clean like i ate when i played football. In this 3 years i gained so much weight and now, 2 years later I’m trying to get rid od these extra weights. I started playing football again when I was 13, but i didn’t thought that i have to change my diet to, but now I’m changing it and hopefully i will soon get to my dream weight

  • I suffered with Varicose Veins. I found Dr. Joel Wallach video. He said it was caused by copper deficiency. I started taking the max dose of 4 mg. a day. Took 6 months. The varicose veins shrank, and the pain went away,

  • Doing this cos I have the beep test tomorrow and I want to beat my 10 year old self record of 39.6 and I’m almost 11 and I got way faster but I need a little more stamina

  • It’s really boring to watch someone run out of stamina when I’m here highly energetic like my body doesn’t know what stamina even is

  • I guess I was bored or something and took up the task of running in 90 degree weather with a face mask on…worst/best decision I’ve ever made. I get tired quicker but it has helped me with my breathing control…

  • Do you often struggle with holding on to the football? Learn the importance of carrying the rock with this ball handling 101 for any skilled position player to reduce your chances of fumbling.

  • Hi Dylan, I’d like to know what to eat or drink before/after training as I don’t eat a lot in a day… due to my daily medication (methylphenidate = decreases appetite ��)… I just started playing Dek hokey 2 wks ago and I don’t have big stamina… I’m in my early 40’s and didn’t do sports for years… Just trying to get healthier… Thanks �� if you reed/answer this comment/question and great video btw, very well explained

  • Im the fastest runner in my class but i just dont have the stamina to run fast so eventualy i cant beat the second and the third fastest person in my class

  • 3 years ago, I didn’t even eat any sugarish packed products and had a pretty decent stamina. (I wasn’t in a football club then)
    But then it got worse, when I started to.
    Especially after Corona I’ve felt a huge back step and couldn’t keep up.

    The will you put into your training is the most important. Running till your muscles beg you to stop and focus on how you do your excercises comes second, because when you exercise, you gotta do it effectively.

  • Just checked my ideal body weight…. turns out im supposed to be 86kg… im 34kg over weight… workout and diet change here we go!!!!

  • 38 weeks. Doctor gave me a go ahead to get induced or naturally do it myself. Said baby is measuring big and don’t want me to go over by due date. Give update later.

  • Obviously much useful information applicable for the most part in developed countries. I have been afflicted with peripheral neuropathy for the past ten years of so and in the third world country where I live, we do not have any where near the advanced and variety of treatment options. I have watched. The clinics which do claim to offer either total recovery or a betterment of conditions,are way too expensive for the ordinary patient. Perhaps a simplified protocol applicable in undeveloped countries for the management of this unfortunate condition, might be of infinite value.

  • This is a theory I came up with. Obviously, running with little carbohydrates in your bloodstream will weaken performance for that specific run, but since your fuel tank isn’t full, could that train your body to metabolize what little fuel it does have more efficiently? Then when you go to do a more intense run, you actually do fill up the tank with carbohydrates. Now you have a body with high efficiency and a full tank? How valid do you think an approach like this could be?

  • Coach Holly, once again your videos are always so on point, constructive, and simple to remember when it comes time to do the workout(s). I am a better runner after each one of your workouts. Thank you.


  • 38 weeks here, I’ve been doing this for 3 days. I’m sorry if I’m letting anyone of you down by writing this down but I guess they come when they come.

  • Another’s excellent post
    I am 59 years old
    Time for 42 k is 3:45
    Need to come Down to 3:30
    Finally 3:00
    Any tips
    Any tips for plantar fasciitis
    U excellent coach

  • This video: talks about running
    Me, a thespian: is here so I can be able to sing and dance at the same time without feeling horrific ��

  • befor i started training my body i was able to run 5 to 10 km no stop, but after 13 month of training, wich i got alot stronger, i then notice i can’t even run for 1 min

  • I started doing these exercises at exactly 37 weeks, at 37 weeks 3 days that is the day before yesterday my water broke in the morning at 10am without any pains.. I went to the hospital at 4:40pm after few contractions and I gave birth to my baby girl at 6:05pm same evening… This really worked for me.. I pushed for less than 5min…

  • Walking lunges for 3 minutes, rest for two minutes. 2x

    Set a 20 minute timer and run up stairs. When you start to feel tired, run until you catch your breath or if that’s too hard walk.

    5x 400 meter run. Rest 2:30, 2, 1:30, and 1 minute. With focus and slowed breathing.

    Advanced: 400 m, 600 m, 800 m, 1000 m, and 1200m runs with 90 seconds rest in between.

  • I have problem with cramp, afer 7 km I I cannot feel my toes so I will stop ad walk and cont after few minutes and this numbness repeat.

  • My stamina improves but I get limited with long distance runs due to my feet burning in pain and throbbing during the run, after the run it still lasts for like 15 minutes even while walking. Tried insoles, new shoes etc ��‍♂️

  • New subscriber from London. Just found you and love this content. Would you be able to do anything on how to improve the beep test ���� any tips ���� thank you

  • Pst— consider me your good luck angel because I will tell you things you do not know, and that will really help you.

    Here are two tips: 1) to rest, assume the natural resting position (squat),!BIG difference; and 2) focus on your exhales — more important than your inhalation’s. Empty your lungs completely AND suck in your gut. Never inhale too deep. That is a rookie mistake, from all the talk about “deep breathing.” People confuse deep breathing to mean deep inhalation. It is not. The inhalation is just half — or less — of the equation. The more important is to exhale completely, and controlled. To control it, seek aid from your mind by relaxing.

    As always, learn from the pros of endurance — free divers. If you really want to build endurance in any sport, then watch free divers. Learn from them. You will see that what you are doing is more or less child play (no offense intended or expressed). If you can learn breathing techniques from very good free divers, you will be surprised how much further you can go, just by controlling your breadth.

    If you want to become even better than the free divers, the next step is meditation and mindfulness and state of gratitude. But then the topic gets too esoteric for you.

    Good luck!

  • At 40 weeks+4 days, I was feeling pretty hopeless that I would go into labor naturally. My previous two kids were late by 2 weeks and 1 week, and I needed to be induced. I did this workout before dinner, went into labor after dinner, and had a baby in my arms by 1:15am. Pure magic!!

  • Coach Holly I run 15k mon 15k wed & 30k fri & 10k sat all on hills with tue & thu swim & bike ride, after my 15k tempo on hills I’m to stuffed to do your interval work out, Any suggestions? Or do I just push on & add your workout onto my 15k tempo Runs �� I feel like the mileage & elevation I’m doing is at my maximum effort at the fitness I’m at, at the moment.

  • Thanks coach Holly, your video came at the right time, where I train is hills, so I train on hills & some flat, have never done interval type workouts, will give those workouts a go see if I can keep at it, & hopefully see some 5k 10k improvements ����

  • I’m 40 weeks, 3 days with an induction scheduled in 4 days. I really wish I had been doing these exercises earlier. I was just kind of relying on her to come when she’s ready but my patience is wearing thin already. I’m going to do them now and hope to God I have a baby in my arms by the end of the day.

  • I am 39w3d now and i did this exercise last night for 20 mins.. and had mucus plug out this morning. Also had periods like cramps.. but after 2 hours everything(pain and bleeding)settled. Still no contractions. Can I start doing this excersize again.. will it help me to start my contractions.

  • I just turned 39 weeks and feeling tired. Wondering if I will make it through this exercise but I want to give it a try from tomorrow and see what happens.

  • Me: trying to get ready for school fitness tests and sports i have to do
    Also me: I have to push myself? nahhhhhhh to hard (Yeah im still doing it tho ;-;)

  • I am 39 weeks 3 days I’ve been trying squats,dancing with my just dance, Eating pineapple, walking a little, been cleaning house and still no dilation no bloody show no contractions only Braxton Hicks nothing else so I gave this video now a try (will keep on updating ). 1st day: nothing 2nd day: nothing
    3rd day: went to doctor and nope haven’t lost my mucus plug and have not dilated, and that they will performed induction this Monday ���� and nothing else happened with the workout:/ I also tried to walk 45 min today besides
    4th day:
    5th day:
    6th day:

  • Im 39 weeks doing this work out once a day for five day without the gym ball.. And it works! I m so happy.. Thank you so much! Im in delivery room now.. Wish me luck!

  • 38 weeks today. Walked for about 45 minutes yesterday and woke up with lower back pain. Got up and did these exercises. I will do another set tonight. Currently feeling tired and extra pelvis pressure. We shall see.

    Update 8.19 i did the workout this morning instead of last night as I planned. My belly became super hard and pointy and i decided to skip it.
    I believe i lost the mucus plug about an hour ago. Will continue to update.

  • After a membrane sweep at week 40 and doing these exercises the night before, I went into labor the next morning at 40+2. Baby girl was in my arms by the end of the evening ����

  • I did this last night @ 1100pm. Lost my mucus plug at 5am the next morning. Went into labor at 12pm that same day. Had baby at 950pm that same day… 39 weeks 1 day. This worked for me!

  • Do not hold your breath.
    Thats good tip.If u do u are making harder for your heart.U are making heart pressure and if u continue to do it R.I P ��

  • For those trying to ‘induce’ labor prior to 39 weeks, please don’t. Your child’s brain development may not be ready…

  • 39+4

    I do this 3 Times a day.
    For 5 days now…. Still nothing ��

    My normal life was verry active. So the exercises are something i already did 4-5 Times a week (even pregnant)

    Hope the baby Comes soooooon!!!! ♥️��

  • 40 weeks today. Did the workout last night at 9pm. At around 3 am had my bloody show and have been cramping/contracting ever since and its 7pm now. Will see where it goes

    Update: water broke at 11 pm, went to the hospital and had my baby girl at 11:47 in the norting the next day natural! Thank you

  • 37 weeks + 2 days pregnant I’m just about to start this workout and will be giving updates❤️

    Edit/ Day 2 of this workout ❤️
    Edit/ Will continue doing this workout but still no labor i goes you’re baby will come when it’s ready ❤️
    Edit / Been doing this workout everyday still no labor but babies head is engaged very happy with it ❤️

  • Today I’m 39 +3 days, I started doing this workout when I was 37 weeks had no luck so far
    I did it twice tonight and just hope this will put me into labour soon!
    My first 2 kids I had to be induced at 41+2 days, my 3rd he came on his own at 40+2 days. Fingers crossed this baby will come on her own too.

  • Okay wow, I didn’t know whether to believe the comments but I tried this workout once and my water broke 12 hours later. I was 40 + 5 weeks and felt like I’d tried everything else to bring on labour. I now have a sweet little baby boy ��

  • Did them at 7 pm and I’m having contractions will keep you guys updated ������ 39 weeks, I’m so ready to have my baby we have no room ��

  • Yay… I Did it and it feels so great. For all those mamas who feel tired just looking at it. Its not that bad. I did 2 reps and feel great. I’m so optimistic that it will get things moving

  • Does Episoketren System really help to improve your soccer skills? I have read many good stuff about this popular training course.

  • 38 weeks and 3 days I have been having Braxton Hicks a lot this last week and cramps and back pains doctors say he is down and a healthy weight so I am sooo hoping this works move things along! Two exams and still not dilated so here is hoping! Doctors said to exercise to help things along. Will update if anything exciting happens! Lol

  • Hi amy..
    my baby is in breech presentation and I have started my 37 week.. please help me with it to naturally turn my baby position.

  • I’m 40 weeks and 4 days. This baby won’t come out! I’m desperate. My midwife will be transfering my file to a hospital starting next Tuesday and is already talking about induction… I’ll try anything!
    Update: so I posted this on the July birth club I’m in. Bunch of desperate mamas like me who have gone a bit overdue. We tried this together and one mama started labor 4 hours later and gave birth this morning!
    It’s my 3rd time doing this and still nothing for me BUT I’ll keep going! ��
    Update: I did this for the 3rd time on the 26th around 9PM. My son was born at 2h38AM. We also had sex right after I exercised! Then I had my bloody show and then full on labor. My labor was 4 hours and 30 minutes (but it’s my second baby) and I was 40w5d when it started. I’m keeping this video for my next pregnancy! ��

  • Is this exercise needed to be done just before the delivery? I mean, in the last month? I am 25 weeks and don’t know if I can start this from now? Help pleasee. Also, I have severe stress about my delivery. I don’t want to go for a C-section. Need some tips and exercises for normal delivery to prepare myself from today.

  • absolutely love working out with you, never feel overworked but still feel the progress ❤️ 37 weeks today started a few days ago & cervix has softened

  • 38 weeks and 5 days! Between 2-3 cm diolated and 90% effaced since my 37 weeks appt. Unfortunately I struggle with prodromal labor and have had crazy painful contractions and 0 progression for the past almost 4 days now. At my last appt a few days ago my dr told me he’d be supprised if i made it to my 39 week apt. So im gonna try this and see if this helps at all!! Fingers crossed.

  • Oh Good Golly,
    Here’s Coach Holly,
    with tips for your runs,
    Just look at dem guns!!
    She’s killin’ these uploads
    dropping knowledge by the truckload,
    igniting that fire, getting you inspired,
    so you dont give up,
    just cause you got tired!

  • from the time i wake up to the time i go to sleep, my hands and feet are always freezing. when everyone else is feeling warm or even hot, am felling cold. am always feeling cold, even when am out in the sun. after exercising, it takes less than an hour then i start feeling cold again. i literary forgot how it feels to be warm/hot/okay

  • Wonderful exercise! I started doing it on my 38th week…. It’s hardly 7 days I did continuously… I delivered a baby boy on 39th week…. Thank you so much Amy! God bless you more

  • Super recommend this video!! The next day after doing these workout I lost my mucus plug then I did the workout again that day then in the middle my contractions kicked in left to the hospital 8am!!!!!!!

  • Wow great this work is the best,was 40 and 2day watch this and tried doing at just after two hours I started feeling contraction,give birth to a baby girl. Its super good

  • Argh! Im 40 weeks + 1 day! I thought I was gonna give birth earlier than expected. I’m sooooo exhausted of trying to induce labor by eating spicy, walking around the block, tmi but having sex, warm baths u name it. I am going to try this workout without any pause ( if i can). And ill come back to give an update ��

  • I am 37+3. This is my first baby and I am really hoping that this will work��. I am a bit small and my baby is big. It feels like he is about to fall right out�� i have been in a lot of pain because of how big he is since I was 35 weeks. I just followed the video and I’m surprised I was able to keep up after not working out my whole pregnancy and not being able to move right since I was 35 weeks��

  • You guys might enjoy checking out the dvd that’s on Amazon calledThe Egoscue Pain-free workout as an at home stretching workout for your patients for days they don’t have an appointment with you two fun characters!
    I spent 3 weeks in post stroke rehab and noticed quite a few of these stretches my PT’s used. They aren’t a overly strenuous workout but I always notice better foot & legs flexibility, posture and breathing.��❤️you guys. Wealth of info.
    Can you please add that PT catalog information? ��

  • I havent even started the workout yet and I’m worn out! I would love half the energy and stamina you have amy! I’m 38 weeks and really dont want induction in 2 weeks time! I’m gunna need a week to recover from this! Wish me luck lol! ��

  • Im the fastest person in my entire school making the exception of the teachers. My only problem is my stamina and my mind, im gonna try these tricks and report if it works, im sure alot of people are like me.

  • I am 39 weeks I tried this workout twice had tightening in my stomach for an hour on the first day and nothing after. Hopefully things will kick start soon.

  • thank you for this video and other prenatal ones. these didn’t start labour for me but having done it from 37 weeks until 40 weeks, baby arrived on 40+1 very quickly.

  • 28 weeks here for my first baby. I’m doing a little bit of stretching daily. Will try this soon. I hope everything will go well. ��

  • i have been doing this workout since i was 36 weeks and 4 days and i’m now 38 weeks and 4 days and still nothing not hating on the video bc it makes me feel energized and just stretched out and just overall makes me feel better but kinda upset my water hasn’t broken yet ��

  • 39+3 just done this and praying to sweet baby Jesus it puts me in labor lol ive had really bad siatica and today was actually a good day where I was able to move without so much pain to do this ��