How Walking Might Help Ease Back Discomfort


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When you exercise for prolonged periods, your body releases hormones called endorphins that may decrease your perception of pain and improve your mood. “Walking can help to treat low back pain via the release of endorphins, particularly during acute flare-ups. Watch Now. 1. Walking strengthens the muscles that support your spine.

Your trunk, core, and lumbar (lower back) muscles play a vital role in maintaining the stability and movement of your lower back. These muscles can become deconditioned and weak from a sedentary lifestyle, causing malalignment of the spine. Rest may help relieve lower back pain.

Prolonged walking or standing can tire or strain the muscles in the lower back and legs, which can lead to aches and pains. This pain or discomfort usually. The way you hold your body when walking can play a major role in your comfort level and ease of walking.

While good posture can result in little to no pain or stress, bad or inefficient posture can cause lower. As with other types of exercises, a proper progression that allows your body time to adapt in small increments is important for sustainable walking to decrease lower back pain. If you’ve been inactive, start by walking to the end of the block and back, repeating as ability increases.

If you can walk for 50-seconds and take a break for 30-seconds and then walk again for 50-seconds with no pain you’ve gone some way to reducing your lower back pain. As you continue to repeat this cycle. 1 day ago · LOWER back pain can greatly diminish your quality life by making even basic tasks onerous. If you live with the common complaint, evidence suggests an herbal ointment may provide relief. Your low back pain is severe, doesn’t go away after a few days, or it hurts even when you’re at rest or lying down.

You have weakness or numbness in your legs, or you have trouble standing or walking. According to the National Health Service of the UK (NHS), some drinks have anti-inflammatory effects that can help ease lower back pain. According to British doctors, back pain and.

In his latest video (see below), Cavaliere outlines a series of exercises, to be performed in a specific progression, that can be used to help both ease and prevent back pain issues.

List of related literature:

If you are incapacitated by your back pain and cannot walk, start out with the stretches done in a lying down position.

“Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work” by Art Brownstein
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Bed rest Nonpharmacologic interventions for managing lower back pain include continuation of daily activities rather than bed rest, in addition to local application of heat, warm baths, physical therapy program to improve strength and conditioning, and lowstress aerobic exercise—walking, biking, swimming.

“Midwifery and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Guide” by Beth Kelsey, Jamille Nagtalon-Ramos
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Walking and swimming are excellent exercises for strengthening the lower back muscles.

“Saunders Q & A Review for the NCLEX-PN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri, Angela Elizabeth Silvestri
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Exercise therapy for treatment of non-specific low back pain.

“A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine” by Vicki Kotsirilos, Luis Vitetta, Avni Sali
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In an interview some years ago, Warren Potash, author of Your Lower Back, explained how after years of pain, surgery, and physical therapy, he and his doctors designed an exercise program for long-term relief ofhis lower back pain.

“Don't Forget Your Umbrella: Forecast Sunshine, Prepare for Rain” by Carlene Ness
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For a variation that also helps reduce the pain of sciatica, try rocking your pelvis back and forth – keeping your back straight – while either kneeling on all fours or standing up.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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An ice pack, frozen gel pack, cold towels, or chemical cool pack applied to the lower back may provide pain relief for the laboring woman.

“AWHONN's Perinatal Nursing” by Kathleen R. Simpson
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Walking and swimming are very helpful in strengthening back muscles for the client suffering from lower back pain.

“AIIMS Delhi Staff Nurse 2020 | 12 Mock Tests | Latest Practice Kit” by Rohit Manglik
from AIIMS Delhi Staff Nurse 2020 | 12 Mock Tests | Latest Practice Kit
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Stretching and strengthening exercises, eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, supplementing calcium, magnesium, and micro­nutrients, and correcting spinal injuries before they become chronic can go a long way toward reducing back pain.

“The Melaleuca Wellness Guide” by Richard M. Barry
from The Melaleuca Wellness Guide
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For this reason, people with back pain should consult a physician or physical therapist before beginning any exercise program—and should expect a period of trial and error before helpful exercises are found.

“The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health” by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, M.D., Terra Diane Ziporyn, Alvin & Nancy Baird Library Fund, Harvard University. Press
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  • My back has been better since I used this back pain guide. This was the guidebook that proved helpful of all the some other guidelines I have attempted. I was shocked my back was better. I`m wishing this will by final treatment! Research this tip on Google, the guidebook name is Mason Κonozback
    good luck

  • Needed this bc my back is absolutely killing me, but I’m not about to stop running. I only run outside absolutely hate the treadmill…but I’m definitely making my back worse

  • I am a PT in the United States. I also have a YouTube channel was wonder if you would like to collaborate on a topic. I think it would be cool to get a different point of view from over seas

  • Thank you for your video, guys! My 11 year-old son is autistic (Asperger’s) and has low muscle tone. Getting him to exercise is difficult at best; often he will go into a meltdown if I ask him to do something new or that he doesn’t want to do. He likes walking on the treadmill I first got him to do that by letting him watch YouTube videos while walking; it’s the only form of exercise he’ll consistently do. Could you help me find some ways to help my son?

  • I have a problem with sway back posture now it’s affecting my walking and causes me to limp. I find it very difficult to walk normally because of the lower back pain. When I go to bed, drive a car, have a bath or use a cycle machine or cycle with a bike I don’t get any pain

  • Such clear instructions for those struggling with disc issues! I am also a physio so it would be great to share this with clients. Thanks:)

  • I have worked out 3 days a week for a year and a half now on top of football for my senior year all with degenerative disc disease. Pain is part of my daily life and im still looking for a fix to help my back problems. Some days my back hurts so bad i cant leave my bed. If anyone knows how to fix this please help thank you

  • Also running causes tight muscles in quads and adductors and psoas which pulls on the pelvis thereby pulling on lower back muscles. I didnt think about the glutes though thanks

  • Dang! I wasn’t sure about what my
    physiotherapist told me (In Dutch we say ‘Kinesist’) but seems he was dead on about my gluten being the root of my running-back-issue. thx for this video!

  • Running outside is what cause me so much back pain. I still get it when I run the treadmill, but it isn’t nearly as severe. My having short legs seems to be why everything is firing into the lowers part of my long torso. So frustrating….

  • I always get a little low back pain when I walk for a long duration, like 45-60 minutes. I never considered glutes part of the problem. Very interesting.

  • I have more pain when I bend backwards. Forwards is a relief. I have disc bulges but also lumber stenosis. I wish I knew what exercises I should be doing.

  • Somehow your videos always seem to arrive in the nick of time. I pulled my back earlier today and the first thing I thought to do when I got home was check your channel “wwmd” (as we would abbreviate in NY what would Michelle do)

  • Hello. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Walking more than 20-30 minutes will dramatically increase my pain and I will lose mobility. I do push through but after a decade I don’t see it helping. I’m trying to figure out how to walk it 45 minutes

  • Thanxx ma’am..plz tell can we do do these exercise.if we hv pain..or we hv to wait fr the pain to subside…as I’m suffering from lower lumber injury..thank you love from India..

  • Back pain takes real conscious effort to eliminate. You can do the right exercises but if you fall back into old habits of lifting and or remaining in the same position it will come back. it happened to me.

  • Please don’t waste people’s time with your nonsense explanations while practically you don’t show anything good and beneficial to viewers.

  • Hello… I’m 23 years old.. I have disc bulge as well as tailbone pain… Can I do these and tailbone exercise together?? I get pain when I exercise.. Is it common for few days?

  • Couldn’t walk because of my back, was hunched over, just did the first one and was able to stand up straight with ease, still abit sore but alot better, will do this everyday, several times a day. Thanks so much

  • I started getting these lower back right side pain three days ago. It’s really annoying. Could not sleep all night, took some paracetamol the next morning, pain went away and the next night it came back again. Took more medication and it went away.
    Today, I can start feeling it coming but I don’t want to take medication. Hopefully this helps.

  • My mummy has been suffering from back pain. It makes her life difficult, joint aid plus and also applied orthovita oil. She is fine.

  • On average how long will it take a risk to heal? I’ve been suffering so bad but I’m self employed and can’t take the time off work. My job involves around 6 hours of the day bending forward and the rest working above head hight and it’s really taking its toll

  • My back starts straining after standing for a couple of hours, it feels like I can’t support my upper body?? Can anything else fix a herniated disc, wore out disc? Help please, this is sooo miserable to deal with this daily, doing your exercises now.

  • I did two shifts as a cashier (10 hours), standing in one spot, so far and my lower back hurts the same as before, when I had severe scoliosis as a child and before starting my chiropractic appointments… I can’t afford a chiropractor now ��

  • Im in so much pain iv bitten some of my teeth out. I wake up screaming and sweating and my eyes are dry from tears flowing from my now emotionless face. When i move i often pass in and out of concisness as my bones creak and grind. I shake uncontrollably in spasms and am in a state of great pain constantly. Every second of the day is battle in a war which is now my life. A spectator i have become as i push through this existence which once in a distant memory was so full of promise and potential. Everything hurts. I am in a state of constant torture and anger is creeping up on me like a lion on a lamb. I fight to survive with each breath and try oh i try so hard not to be beaten. Not to hate. Not to give in. Not to allow this dark cloud to smoother and drown me. So much relentless ever increasing horrible bitter pain. Pain pain pain pain pain. ARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrŕrrrrrrrrrrrr Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i scream in my head without making a sound and i try to smile and say nice things as every nerve in body is burning and aching. I cant hold a thought in my tortured mind i cant think i cant be. I am just going through the motions of existing. Pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain.

  • Michelle you are absouletly brilliant a very honest, thorough video.
    Is there any scope of more excersies which might be worth doing?

  • Great Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Monatalie Back Barfaroni (do a search on google)? It is a great exclusive guide for discovering how to naturally kill any kind of back pain without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate at very last got amazing success with it.

  • Walking works. I have degenerative disc disease in L5. I used to live in a place where I walked at least 4 miles a day, every day of the week. I had to, didn’t have a choice. Not only did my pain get better, but I lost 65 lbs over several months without even trying, and without realizing I was doing it. That shows that you don’t have to stress and force yourself, etc. You can get unintended benefits without trying. When you walk consistently, walking gets easier and easier. That’s an awesome thing.

  • I fall out from the stairs before 2 week. I have waist pain and I can’t able to sit continue. This exercise help me reduce or not. Plz tell… Waiting ur ans

  • I have a great pain in my SI joint and the doctor said it’s cause of my disc herniation, it caused nerve inflammation and sadly can’t do any of these stretches, not my back but my si is killing me. What should I do??

  • How’s it going Mike and here I thought that disc pain was some way for poseurs to pick up chicks at the rinks after reading the fascinating life history of Ted Bundy. Go figure huh?

  • Come india there is a village name hajimpur near sisper where three expert completely treat slip disc and sciatica pain. These people doing this practice for last 200 years, completely safe and very cheap approx 50 dollar for complete treatment. This I formation is not to advertisement but I was the sufferer from sciatica for last 4 year and I was bed ridden for 4 month but in first 7 days I get 70-80℅ relief and after 30 days it become completely cure. It’s like a miracle..

  • I think I broke my back after diving for the ball during my volleyball training. Now I have a training tomorrow and I couldn’t even bend my back

  • My L5 is tilted to the left. I’ve been working with a chiropractor and doing exercises 3x a week. I’ve recently started walking again on my treadmill. Should I be concerned that my spine starts feeling numb after a while? It doesn’t hurt.

  • Thank you Michelle, I followed along with you. I think I will go to the next set of exercises. I often pull my back lifting heavy objects, it is such a bother. God bless!

  • I popped my back while deadlifting two times n it’s been hurtin for 2 months it’s so unbelievably stiff it hurts. I’m 15 if anybody ask����‍♂️

  • i can bend my back like almost in 90 degrees with my legs but it hurts when i sit for more than an hour and i go to school so.. i have to sit there like A LOT

  • First exercise is the best ever for bodybuildiers so simple an easy reversing the energy we normally lean forward bending over an yanking the spine out to the front.

  • i was having back pain unable to sleep, al hamdo lilla by this exercise i was relived from back pain.should i continue this exercise?

  • Thank you Doctors I haven’t been out for 5 days I thought walking would be worse as standing and sitting was so painful. I’m a slow walker as I’m kinda short but I’ll try tomorrow to walk faster. I will also get a longer dog leash as it also pulls on my arm sometimes. I’m laying in bed not comfortable at all but it’s more comfortable to lie on my right hip. Sadly I have no idea how it happened as I think I did it in my sleep but I also think it’s because I’m overweight. I literally woke up one morning and can’t sit or turn or bend over or stand or walk downstairs.

  • So uh I do t feel pain bending back or sitting or laying down but when I bend forward by lower back hurts. Do you think this is a muscle sprain because I ski a lot to

  • Mam I’m from india..I love ur tips and exercises..I consulted my doctor and he told me that I have a hair crack on disc I’m trying all these exercises from 1yr but from past 2mnths it’s very painfull can u suggest me something like change in exercise r tips to age 20 wgt 58 do weight loss reduce my pain mam? It’s very hard to bear this pain mam����

  • Hi mam
    I have straightening of cervical lodarsis due to which i have disc bulges at C4 C5 C6 C7 and at L4 L5 S1 with Stenosis on both cervical lumbar so I’m having radiating pain one side leg arm
    Please suggest exercises also plz let me how to sleep with prob do i need to use cervical pillow or without pillow?
    Kindly reply doctor I’be grateful for the reply

  • Every time I try to walk to lose weight my back kills me. And I have to stop. I’m overweight. I’m 5’8 and 265LBS I’m happy I came across this video

  • I have a L5-S1 disk herniation. Its excruciating pain to stand up or sit. Excruciating pain in butt down back of leg. Numbness n tingling in bottom of foot. My back alignment is very crooked side to side, right leg n si suspected out.
    How do I get pain down to begin walking.

  • I have a question so I don’t have disc I just have this weird back pain and I tried everything and the doctor keeps telling me that’s I need just exercises my question is are these exercises gonna help me and my last question for how long do I need to do them to relief the pain completely bc I have school and I can’t keep taking a medicine for a long time

  • The very thing I avoid like the plague….
    I’ve stopped walking my dog regularly.
    The throbbing on my low right back & numbness down my legs & feet are overwhelming. I’m going to take up the advice you guys are sharing here.����

  • In my case the pain gets worse the longer I walk. I had my left hip replaced five years ago and I still have severe pain and limited mobility.

  • Hey people nice video it helps but what really helped me is tnx to them I don’t feel no pain

  • i get upper back pain from running but only if I dont run for like a week or 2 that when I run feels like my spines affected and its hard to breathe but, when i start to continually run 3 times a week, the back henderance goes away. anyone else with this same thing?

  • Hello do you have recommendations for taxi drivers, dentists, computer programmers etc, on what chairs to use since they do a lot of sitting

  • Hi Michelle, thanks for the video, I suddenly got severe lower back pain this morning when I bent down to pick something on the floor. I took sick leave today as I couldn’t even walk properly. I did the exercise mentioned in your video feeling little better. Please give me an idea how long this pain should take to heal on an average? When should I see a physiotherapist? Thank you so much.. When I watch your videos I feel like my physiotherapist is talking to me. Please respond. Thanks

  • I had sciatica so bad that I couldn’t even walk more than a short distance… even with a cane… I was struggling across my parking lot to get my mail and the pain was so bad that I almost fell down… my neighbor saw me and she bought me out a walker with wheels on it and I just want to say that thing has been SO great because it enables a person to actually walk and gradually get you back to walking around at a normal pace…if you’re thinking about getting a cane… I would really recommend getting a walker with wheels on it instead.

  • I’m a 75 year old guy and have started using one of those big yoga balls to bend my spine. I can lay across it on my belly to stretch out my back. Or, on either side to stretch out muscles that seldom get stretched. The biggest surprise was laying on my back on the ball and relaxing the muscles in the front of my body. It had been a long time since they got stretched but I now stand taller and straighter. I imagine it is good for the spine to become more flexible by doing such exercises.

  • Thanks you so much for this wake-up call. I have almost stopped walking because it hurts me so much. I’m going to do the things you have suggested and see what happens.

  • Get outside and clean up those yards! With all the up and down and twisting to’s arguably the most natural way to loosen up those vertebrae! No back cracking once your done!

  • I have kyphosis and scoliosis. I’m wondering if I should stop my walks. Curved spine problems suck because there’s no stretches that will make you walk/sit/lay down correctly and and nice and upright plus the surgeries look horrific.

  • You’re right about the walking. It’s helped my mid-back and low back quite a bit. You have to be consistent and not over do it. Also, do a hybrid of walking and indoor cycling.

  • Please help.. yesterday afternoon I started feeling discomfort in my hip joint on my right leg. I went to sleep and couldn’t because no matter how I laid down the pain kept getting worse. Now I can barely walk and have no muscle pain. It’s in the joint but it’s so random, should I go to the hospital?

  • Your videos have been very helpful in dealing with my foraminal stenosis, pain all the way down to my toes. Progress is very slow for me but walking has been a good gauge. I know you have no control over it but the ads before and during the videos are terrible and sometimes deter me from watching.

  • Walking and standing are tough because I have L4L5 stenosis. Some days are better but standing straight sends jolts of nerve pain down my buttocks and upper back of my thighs…this causes my glute muscles to tighten spontaneously and throws off my posture. I also have osteoarthritis in my hip, although right now, no pain there. There is no pain in my lower back ever. How can I walk more if standing erect increases my sciatic pain? I love walking and miss it!

  • All of what you say is good.  I also understand how easy it is to get somewhat sidetracked when talking about this subject because each individual and their situation is unique.  My wife recently had low back surgery and one of the things that have really helped her is the Nordic Walking Poles.  Her posture is so much better and the muscles employed in gait are starting to come back on line.  The walker she used was good to a point but her posture was terrible.  Invest in good Nordic Walking Poles!

  • Great tips. Lately I’ve been using a sciatica belt that a previous medical provider had ordered for me. Initially I didn’t use it because it was a nuisance, but it helps with good posture. Since my sciatica pain flared up on a whole new level of unbearable pain, I’m starting to learn how important good posture is when you’re suffering from sciatica pain. You both are hands down awesome. Thanks for uploading great videos.

  • My obesity is making my back problems more complicated. I do appreciate the help. I watch many of your videos for suggestions on how to make my back better.

  • I’m literally on the verge of crying thank you!!
    The weird thing is the pain never radiates/shoots down my leg leaving the sharp pain on my lower back…
    So bad I can’t afford an mri yet to pinpoint this pain!

  • Good suggestion!
    I think you could really recommend the Nordic walking using skipoles and do this in hills preferably cross country hill walking using ski poles!
    Thats will do wonders to deload the spine load

  • Have you been stopped by the police yet and told to go home? Only the homeless are allowed to walk around in public these days. This is excellent information, however, it really does work. I find assuming (imagining or visualizing) a Steven Segal posture when I walk helps me immensely.

  • I seen u r vedio on breathing its really good I loved it. Now my shoulders are round and slop back posture is little bit hunch as always fee like and I want to have straight back plz suggest me ecxerice on this.

  • It works.

    I have been operated three times for spinal stenosis and disc, neck and lower back.

    1 time in the neck and 2 times in the lower back.

    Eaten Ketogan and Tramadol for ten years.

    It took me a month to stop it.

    And started walking, after 6 months I walk 8 Kilometers ( ca 5 US mil ) 5 times a week, with very little pain.

    So yes walk, start slowly, and take care of yourself.

    Best regards from Denmark.

  • Excuse me can i do this when i have multiple protrusions. L1/l2, l4/l5 s1? What can i do for my l1l2 protrusions it causes me alot of abdominal pain

  • It’s from my left hip up to the left side of my neck. Slowly getting back in shape with walking. I’m also rebounding and building abs slowly.

  • I would like to start exercising in the mornings but I have heard you guys say that the spine is vulnerable after waking up. What kind of warming-up tips/exercises do you suggest?

  • i’m 27. i have no problems. i want no problems. can you guys make videos for young people? please? things you wish you knew when you were my age? preventative things?