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If you want to up your breathwalking technique further try these two steps: As you count steps, make yourself more aware of your surroundings. Focus on the sun, the sky and the life around you. Choose a positive, self-affirming mantra to coordinate with your foot strikes and repeat it silently.

Breathwalking is the Perfect Way to Level Up Your Walking Workout Doing Breathwalking the Right Way. Breathwalking in the right way promotes more benefits. It is an art that you cannot Stair Method. This is all about taking a long breath and walking for about 3 to 5 steps before you take any.

How to Breathwalk. Begin a breathwalk meditation session by walking at a normal pace and concentrating on breathing, feeling your diaphragm move up and down. Coordinate your breathing so that you inhale with four steps, then exhale with four steps. Continue for at least one minute.

Breathwalk is the science of combining specific patterns of breathing. Breathwalking is based on a Kundalini yoga technique, and involves making strong, purposeful strides in rhythm with breathing. Dr. Weil’s colleague, Dr. Jim.

How To Breath Walk, oxygenate your cells and focus your mind! I use this technique when I am warming up before a workout any time of the day and I also use it first thing in the morning as part of. To teach people how to do this, where you’re seeking it with your stride, is simply to walk in cadence, where your breath and your strides follow that rhythmic count of four. It looks like this. So with the wave breathing, you use that along with.

“The exact number of calories you burn during a walk will depend on your weight. Walking briskly – at around 6.4km per hour (four miles per hour) for 30 minutes could burn up to 150 calories. Aim for a brisk walk where you maintain a pace that gives your heart and lungs a workout and where you increase your heart rate. Breathwalk is an exercise strategy that consists basically of walking with different synchronized breath patterns enhanced with a meditative episode. Physical movements in BW are combined aerobic and resistance exercises.

The first and basic tool is a conscious complete deep breathing. Breathing and walking are two of the most natural things we do. Breathwalk integrates breathing, walking and meditation into specific exercise patterns that create vitality.

In addition to every benefit of aerobic exercise, Breathwalk gives you choice. Choice over mood. Choice over energy level. Choice over mental state.

An exercise pulse oximeter measures the level of oxygen in your blood during exercise and is a useful tool for serious athletes and people with health problems. For example, athletes routinely engaging in vigorous exercise, particularly at high altitudes, may wear pulse oximeters to ensure adequate oxygenation.

List of related literature:

This level can be achieved by walking 2 miles, 5 days per week.

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You more than anyone else will benefit from having a pedometer, because the easiest and best way to move to Level 1 is simply to walk more.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
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In the wellrecognized Rockport One-Mile Fitness Walking Test, the pregnant woman walks 1.6 km (1 mi) as fast as possible on a level surface, and HR is obtained in the final minute of completion of the walk.

“Exercise and Sporting Activity During Pregnancy: Evidence-Based Guidelines” by Rita Santos-Rocha
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We propose training in walking that is continues and daily that detects and corrects the center of balance during walking.

“World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2018: June 3-8, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic (Vol.2)” by Lenka Lhotska, Lucie Sukupova, Igor Lacković, Geoffrey S. Ibbott
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Kosak and Reding investigated the effectiveness of gait training using a body-weight supported treadmill (BWST) in stroke subjects who required moderate assistance to ambulate prior to training (80).

“Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation” by Richard L. Harvey, MD, Richard F. Macko, MD, Joel Stein, MD, Carolee J. Winstein, PhD, PT, FAPTA, Richard D. Zorowitz, MD
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Given that mostly fast walking was needed to achieve the target training intensity, the authors speculated that fast walking might be enough to produce significant improvements in O2max in this population.

“Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults” by Danielle R. Bouchard
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There are other “preambulation” techniques that can be used to foster walking, like partial weight supported walking, the NeuroGym® Bungee Walker, and the Biodex Unweighing System.

“Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery” by Peter G Levine
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Walking distances covered by Parastep users vary with the individual user’s level of injury, training, learned skills, and physical condition.

“Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals” by Joseph D. Bronzino, Donald R. Peterson
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Imagining walking has been studied at the strategy level and the task level.200-202 At the strategy level, individuals poststroke imagined walking and changing the kinematics and kinetics of their movement, for example, loading the affected lower extremity and taking a larger step with the less affected extremity.

“Physical Rehabilitation” by Susan B O'Sullivan, Thomas J Schmitz, George Fulk
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The effects of exercise training in children with congenital heart disease were monitored using a 6-minute walk test, the results of which demonstrated an increase in walking distance (Moalla et al 2005).

“Physiotherapy for Respiratory and Cardiac Problems: Adults and Paediatrics” by Jennifer A. Pryor, Ammani S Prasad
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  • My mom wants me to exercise but I’m only 9 I’m to young just because of this workout but I’m gonna tell you I actually love this-im only here to be healthy and I’m not fat-here because of quarantine-

  • LOVE this workout!! I’m a young 30 year old female but have back issues and these exercise keeps my back flexible and free from pain. Thank you Leslie!! AND in shape:)

  • Thank you for this post featuring Dr. Jim Nicolai…. to go deeper one may read “Breathwalk: Breathing Your Way to a Revitalized Body, Mind and Spirit” by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa and Yogi Bhajan. In my experience and teaching I’ve modified the 4 count form to reflect a non-western, aboriginal space/time…in African drumming etc there is no 4 count 4/4 time or 3 count 3/4 time. We are all born naturally rhythmical, naturally as aboriginal. Untampered with MindBody knows.

  • With the pandemia my Friend and I stared walk at Home, today we are walking 4 miles 6 days a week. MUCHAS GRACIAS, we are from Mexico City

  • Love this workout when I am in rush. What kind of sneakers are you wearing because my feet was hurting after a couple of workouts. I need more support. Thanks Gina

  • Thank you so much for your videos. They are so easy to follow and I love your personality. I just turned 71 and think you have the best videos out there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • HELLO FRESH is an awesome way to get your groceries I would suggest starting with just the two per week selection. Otherwise I think you end up eating WAY to much food. And perhaps gain weight.

  • I like ur workouts I am 70 plus,do u think I will be able to do the 20 mins,I do the 10 mins walk,u r fabulous,keep it up Leslie

  • I cannot tell you how much this video has helped me through lockdown, I am doing it nearly every day now, I’m just 60 and love it. I also love Jane so much, she is a true inspiration….

  • Few years ago, I began to do a lot of research and came across HERBAL HEALTHPOINT (w w w. herbalhealthpoint. c o m) and their COPD HERBAL TREATMENT. After seeing positive reviews from other patients, I quickly started on the treatment, i experienced significant reduction/decline in major symptoms, including the shortness of breath. Its been over 2 years since treatment, i live symptom free

  • The one thing that I see that she does that you should change or should have changed which I know now she doesn’t do it anymore the exercising is that she should cool down for a lot longer she just says okay we’re bringing it down and then all of a sudden he in a few seconds okay now we’re going to stretch. shouldn’t be like that.

  • Have always loved Jane. I find the cuing of the exercises is not very good and she keeps talking that aerobics is what we need instead of diet to lose fat. Diet is 75% of weight loss. We can’t possible work out enough, for long enough, to have the same impact as eating healthy, clean food. BUT this is not a new video so I get the teachings. It’s a good workout nonetheless.

  • Hey Leslie! My youngest daughter introduced me to your channel. Now we have so much fun working out together with you, Nick, Nadia, Rocky and Kamilah! We always look forward to walking with you! Thank you Leslie!

  • Absolutely love this and apart from walking, I hate exercise normally mostly find it tedious. But Jane is such a pro and is encouraging, without being patronising. In these times, I do my 8000 steps in the morning and try and do Jane at least 4 times a week, late afternoon. Invigorating and my aches and pains are definitely lessening with her important stretching after the routine. Wonderful. Thank you Jane!

  • Dear Jane,
    I learned your “Jane Fonda” routine when I was a single woman living in the L.A. area in the 1970s. After I married, I moved to a tiny village in Switzerland with my Swiss husband. I taught your workout on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10 a.m. to two women from the village. At the end of each session, I thanked them saying, “You’ve just done the best thing you could do for yourselves today.” Fifteen years ago, my son inspired me to work out at his gym. I was 55. I’ve been lifting weights and walking the treadmill there ever since. When the Swiss government closed down the gym due to Corona, I looked for you in the internet and found this video. I’ve been doing it along with you several times a week for the past six weeks. Each day, it becomes easier and my style improves. I now walk down the stairs without pain in my knees and ankle joints. My foot pain is gone. I feel healthy and strong and ready to take on the world.
    Your workouts have accompanied me throughout my adult life. I can never thank you enough. I love your encouragement and praise at the end of each session. I feel like I have found a new best friend even though we’ll never meet.
    P.S. I pass on your link to all my friends.

  • I really enjoying all your videos. I am so in love of them that I talk about them to my friends and shared the videos to them. Great job Leslie. ������

  • I love these workouts and Leslie S does a wonderful job… and her team of Nick, Rocky, Nadia and Kamillah! As a Doctor I recommend 15mins twice a day for most of my patients over 50yrs. I have been doing a variety of LS’s workouts for over 10years,

  • super good work out. Thank you Leslie for keeping me in shape. covid would be a lot more miserable without your program. 20 minutes went by fast.

  • Thank you for this program,i really love your walk..i hope you can help me to loose weight,im 44 years old and my weight is 90kilos,,

  • Pleased to see Jane Fonda is being responsible and is using standard exercises from cardiac recovery therapy devised by properly qualified experts. In the 1980s, her encouragement of barefoot high impact workouts on unsprung hard floors was responsible for many muscular and skeletal injuries to a whole generation.

  • Anything too intense or fast I kinda just stand there enthusiastically waving my body parts in beat, I figure I’m moving so it will help! I do love this song too!

  • Hi Jane. First time I am doing one of your exercise videos and I love it. I do feel good. Thank you so much. This video is great. I will do this and then move on to others after a while. You are so much fun.

  • Jane! You’re an inspiration to so many. Our health is our greatest wealth and we can maintain our bodies as we get older….by doing these aerobic workouts with you. You look absolutely fabulous! In gratitude. If you’re looking for a film project…I’m your woman! I worked in the industry. Am passionate about film. 3 women in the story. This is not a movie….it’s a film. Best to you!!!

  • M seven month pregnant following your videos,they are really addictive and it feels fun to walk with you daily.I am gaining all healthy weight,thanks to your videos,if possible please upload something dedicated to 3rd trimester pregnant ladies

  • Breathwalk has become a part of my walks. Can you suggest a music tape that uses a 4 count base that could be used with my walks?

  • I love that you are at an age where you can understand the limitations of those of us with replacement parts. My hips are my own but riddled with bursitis, and both knees are fake. By the way, neither knee has ever been a problem in airports!
    Something else is a problem around my neck and shoulders but we haven’t figured that out yet. I get stopped EVERY time.

  • How can you get some peace of mind if you are breathing at a rate of 15 breaths a minute?

    I start walking at 10 breaths per minute, after a minute go to 8 breaths a minute, and as long as it is flat or downhill, go to 6 breaths per minute. Any uphill at all requires this to then increase to 8 bpm, a 7% grade for me would require 10 bpm. Breathing continuously at 15 bpm would be at least a 10% grade. For really steep, you may need 20 bpm

    As an example, at 6 bpm, you would breath in for six steps, hold for four steps, breath out for six steps and hold for another four steps. 8 bpm requires a 6/2/6/2 pattern, 10 bpm 4/2/4/2, 15bpm, as demonstrated here is 4/4 and 20bpm would be 3/3

    Buddhist Mantras, or similar, are great things to mentally recite when you are walking to help do this

    But surely you would be hyper ventilating at 15 on the flat

  • I cannot do the side lunges due to back issues. I am hoping one day to be able to twist like that, but I am wondering what exercise is best to replace it? The side to side with the arms??

  • Yaaaaass! I am a new subscriber and have been loving your workouts. I prefer the shorter ones since I take random breaks during work. This one is my fave!! I levelled up! I will be doing this one again. Thank you! I subscribed and hit the bell.

  • Thank you Jane. I’m a teacher in Australia and have been doing your workouts several times a week during the pandemic lockdown. They’re a lifesaver. I’ve enjoyed them so much I think I’ll continue even when the pandemic is over:)

  • Keep coming back to this. Background music is soothing and the encouragement is gentle no shouting. It’s great for those days when I don’t feel like exercising as it eases you in at the beginning and by the end you feel good.

  • I have been doing Jane’s workout since 80’s now I am 60 and dealing with cancer but I am still doing exercise. It great feeling after workoout. Now i am using pump with chemo at home but I can do this kind of exercise just be careful of tube of pump. Thank you so much Jane to help me to keeping positive attitude of my cancer journey.

  • I’m on my 4th week of doing this video work out 4 times per week! I went to Curves 7 years, but when the pandemic started I didn’t do much until I saw your videos! Thank you!

  • I am 29 and can’t finish this workout! I was bedridden for several years and lost a LOT of muscle. Now I’m alive, and determined to win my strength back!

  • OMG, just happened upon this video. I was a follower in my teens, leg warmers and all and felt the burn. Think I’m ready to come back. Love Jane!

  • I just did this for the first time. I couldn’t keep up completely but enough to feel a workout without exhaustion. I’ll do it again. I like the info Jane imparts.

  • Oh, Icon, Legend and Warrior, Jane! I’m 33 this year, stuck at home in quarantine, and I wanted a way to feel better about myself… today was that day, doing this workout with you. Thank you so much, for being you and for giving us to ourselves. Onward!

  • Disappointed that you’re putting ads in the middle of the video which makes people have to stop exercising until they’re done. Move the ads to the beginning and end, please.

  • This was so good on so many levels. It was low impact, she educated us and I got a great workout and full, proper stretch! I will be sharing this and doing it again!

  • This is a great workout, but I wish she gave more warning before changing to the next steps. Also, being a musician it throws me off to watch when she is not with the beat of the music….I just look down and and continue on just listening..

  • You motivated me to do aerobics some decades ago. I then switched to daily swimming
    and, now I go for 2 hours daily walks in the woods.

  • I used to work out on your videos from the age of 16 to 33 then I left. Now I am 48 and back to your workout videos. Thanks you are such a great inspiration

  • You’re awesome! When I was pregnant I did this pregnancy DVD. Wow it was a lo g time ago! Thanks for sharing, Thanks for all things you do to ha e a better mankind. Thanks!!!! Greetings from México

  • I’ve been enjoying doing workout with you in the past several weeks. Thank you so much Ms. Shelly. God bless you for being a blessing!

  • I love you Jane. You been my best friend in this last 12 years. God bellies you. You deserve to have best love. I am happy to see you are going strong. I kiss you.

  • Love you so much Jane… I still have my original DVDs. �� I am so grateful for all you do girlfriend. ❤
    You are absolutely phenomenal ��

  • Hi I am from India. I love this video and have a number of health issues. I do this every day but would like to ask some queries. How do I contact you through email

  • I love this one!! Great music, the beat alone makes you want to move. I just love how much fun your videos are! Dancey but the moves aren’t hard to do. Love love love!! ������

  • This workout in particular has helped me get back into exercising. It is something that is easy to follow, not to hard on the body when you are just staring out and yet it still makes me sweat a good amount. I love the little chair stretching exercise she puts in the end. All around a great video.

  • I believe I can speak on behalf of all that come across this and other Jane videos: THANK YOU, lady!!!! You’re a life-saver and an inspiration!

  • this workout was AWESOME! and Im a newbie to exercise and morbidly obese. Thanks for this workout program <3 love from the Bahamas

  • This video was Fantastic!!! I said out loud at the end oh my God it’s over? This went by so fast! I added it to the end of the country workout. Thank you!!!

  • Love you Jane! I watch your serie of grace and from that I’m really fascinated with you and your life. Thank you for everything! I feel really in empathy with you

  • Thanks so much feels so good I have been doing this for 2 weeks now, feel better no more back pain. feel better now have extra energy and strength. Am 67 years old am Belle Matienzo
    Praise God a big help

  • Was looking for a workout to do with my friends and I found you Jane. Awesome video, demonstration and conversation. You are the queen of aerobics. Thank you. ��

  • Wowww Jane, that was amazing. I took a break feom yoga this morning and did your exercices, it was great. I will difinitly add this to my morning routine.. I love you. keep it up as it will kept you up. Love love love from my heart to yours. ������❤❤❤

  • I needed a video for rainy days. I checked my fitbit and she is not lying about doing a mile in 22 minutes I had a bit over 3000 steps and was showing over a mile at the end. The routine is not hard but she does change moves quickly. I really enjoyed doing it and I worked up more of a sweat than with other videos I have done. I highly recommend �� edit: stretch before you start, specifically, the legs. She warms up but does not stretch until the end. The end neck stretch hurt I won’t be doing it again. She literally jumps into lunges stay at your own pace. I still love the video and can’t wait to work up to level 2.

  • I was wondering how many miles is this equal to? I usually count my miles, and try to get 3-4 miles daily, not bad for 64y, huh? Thanks Leslie.

  • Acabo de encontrar estos vídeos con Jane Fonda los cuales me gustaban mucho en mi juventud y mi pregunta es si los podre seguir ahora que tengo 57 años?, formidable Jane sigues tan guapa como siempre

  • Thank you, Jane Fonda. My very first video was your Light Aerobics when I began workout in my mid twenties. I’m approaching 60. So glad I found your video on Youtube a few months ago. I’m now doing Cardio Level 2 after I complete Cardio Level 1. I feel good working out for an hour. Thanks again for keeping me healthy. Blessings.

  • Hello sweetie, so happy to see you! Haven’t seen any new videos for a while. We’re you taking time off? Anyway missed you Gina! Big hugs!:)

  • Hi.. I love ur daily walk.. And I am following u too.. Can u plz give the calories we lose and how much steps we walked.. It will help a lot.. �� thank u so much for this pattern of walk..

  • Thank you for this amasing routine! I am a mother of three beautiful children and I still make time to do this workout. I enjoy this to the moon and back! God bless your heart!

  • I been working with Ms. Leslie for over a month plus treadmill and eating smaller portions I lost nothing guys. But I hope to be a living testimony soon.

  • Thank you and always have such a positive and energetic attitude. I follow you and I really like what you do for us over 50 years and after the ignition it is harder and harder to move. You are a lady I have always admired strong women..

  • Hi, I’ve found myself paralysed from the waist down. Is there a way of doing this without walking??
    looking forward to hearing from you

  • Thank you Leslie for these walk videos. It’s been hard for me to find something to stick to over the years, and your videos have kept me exercising! I switch through your videos from time to time to keep it fresh. The music in this video is upbeat and energizing!! And I’ve got to say, Michael is fun to watch and keeps me smiling throughout the whole thing! We need more Michael’s to help us know that we each may have our own style….but as long as you keep moving and enjoy it, you’re getting the job done!

  • What´s good for your body is good for your brain!!! At 52 I quit working for a bank and did courses and trained as a Water Aquatics Instructor, I am 79 now and keep doing it, of course now can´t do anything in swimming pools, but I power walk and do exercises 3 time a week. Thanks you inspered me!!

  • I used to do Jane’s workout records with my Grandma and have loved them for so long! I’m 32 now and stoked I can still work out with Jane! Love it!

  • I am from Malta Europe. Thank you for everything. These for me are not only walking it helps me fiscally and mentally. God bless you all for helping people like us.������������

  • Im 42 and have been doing Jane Fonda workouts during lock-down…I have seen a huge difference in myself and body… I have lost weight and am toning up… now i dont feel guilty if i wanna eat a burger and chips in the week lol. I wont ever use another keep fit dvd only JF xxx

  • Wow that was amazing!! Really took my heart rate up. I’ve missed working out with you Gina, glad you are back to making dance workouts

  • Hi everybody! I had my 83rd birthday at the end of March and have “”walked” every morning since then. Its not quite like climbing mountainsthe scenery is not as good but it is keeping me fit. Thank you to Leslie and her team.

  • I began Jane’s workouts in 1984 and continued for years. My knees are not having that anymore. Lucky me, I find Jane again. These are perfect and I can do them everyday! She’s the best and such an inspiration!

  • It’s interesting to me being a walker that this sort of thing just happens naturally if you’re in touch with your surroundings and yourself still please post more it’s nice to have the reminders. Good health to you all.

  • LOVE YOUR WORKOUTS, Jane!!!.especially love your sense of humour and asides…like “shut up Jane”, “kick ass, it’s alright as longs as its your own”, “booty shot”, and “go down the street like this, they’ll know you’re with Jane” Love it! It’s what keeps me coming back…& thank you! For your many years of fab workouts, commitment to staying fit & fine �� & above all? Your fantastic sense of humour.keeps everything light & fun!..such a help during COVID-19 ❤️��✌️

  • Thank you Jane! I loved your videos in my twenties and am loving them now in my late 50’s! Thank you for all you do for others. You are one of my heroes.
    Many blessings to you….

  • Following you at this qurantin time from LONDON, Jane. I feel you are with me, I LOVE YOU, darling Jane…..from your Mimi,������������������������

  • I was so happy to find Jane Fonda workouts that I could do in my 60’s. I have gained alot of weight and need to get it off so Jane’s videos are prefect for me. I used to do Jane’s workouts in my 30’s and now I am inspired by this great lady once again to get fit and stay in a healthy weight range.

  • I started following Jane as an education so I can be a better teacher to my Older Students and Now I am a Student of Jane… These videos are Great, Fun, and Educational. Thank YOU

  • 0:39 take a look at this guy, see how happy he is. I’m wondering why is that, how can be possible? I wish I could as happy as he is.

  • I love you Jane!! I just did this with my 93 year old mum, I was so proud of her, she made it to the end. Please keep making these wonderful exercise videos for us. You are a blessing!!

  • Today marks 5 days of working out in a row. I did 3 walks with Leslie & the rest of the team and two fun work outs on another channel. I look forward to getting healthier every day! Congrats to everyone who has walked this week and keep up the great work!

  • I absolutely LOVE Jane Fonda. She is truly a fitness guru. Been following her for the past 30 or more years. Such beauty and class. God Bless her always

  • Thank u so much, it’s just perfect after been on my treadmill for 30 minutes, of course walking very slow…I just started working out and it just helps me so much finishing with another 30 minutes, I dedicated my whole life to my family now it’s time for me I want to be active grandma and a sexy wife for my husband we been married 31 yrs it our turn to enjoy life… love u Jane thank u so much ❤️

  • FOUR video ads in the middle of this workout and during the stretches at the end. Sorry guys, I used to love using your channel, but now I have to stop. You need to understand that, not only is this disruptive to my ability to have a continuous workout, but it’s disruptive to my neighbours in my condo building. I work out at 5 AM. I have to keep the volume down and do low-impact workouts so not to disrupt the person in the condo directly below me. Whenever these video ads come on, the BLAST LOUD NOISES into my condo. My neighbour complained about this. So, even if I like the workouts, can’t do them anymore. You’ve made this impossible. Maybe you have someone new running your site monetization? Maybe you need to tell that person that, for some videos, ads have to be placed only at the very beginning and very end. Otherwise, they’re useless and you’ll lose customers.

  • Hi Jane, you have been my exercise mentor since the early 80s when you produced the first ever aerobic workout, I still remember the moves and I can do them without watching the video. Now at 57 and with 18 years of polymyositis, I am doing your more advanced age walkout. I can say with confidence that your workouts have helped me emmensely with my condition. Thank you Jane Fonda and bless you.

  • I love these workouts-they feel like the good old fashioned aerobics I did in the 80s but with less impact, such a great cardio effect in a short time!

  • Alguien aquí comentó: “You truly are a good friend” y entendí que ese es el sentimiento que define mi agradecimiento por tu trabajo a lo largo de mi vida. Tengo 62, vivo en Uruguay, y siempre consideré que las tuyas son las mejores prácticas, las más seguras, las más efectivas. Nunca me lastimé contigo.
    Ojalá puedas leer estos mensajes. Sabrás que desde el sur, desde Uruguay, tenés fans y amigas.

  • 65. And I have almost all of JF’s old VHS videos, but no more VCR, so I’m thriled she’s on utubr.. She has the best pacing of any exercisor. Thank you JF.

  • I have been doing this EVERYDAY for at least six weeks now and my back pain is almost non-existent. I also do back strengthening exercises at least three times a week as well. I’m off of pain meds and take less acetaminophen. I lost a few more pounds and find that maintaining my weight is easy now. I will be 70 in two weeks.